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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 19, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> if you want to see it, hurry up and run outside because it's going away! [ laughter ] >> going away in a hurry. we're watching the storm system fall apart as it leaves leaving behind sprinkles and drizzle. we'll talk about that coming up. >> the roads are still damp. here's a live look at 880 in oakland where you will find some overnight roadwork approaching fifth. we'll talk about that coming up. day 2 now for people. >> yes. >> some pele had monday off. >> not everybody. [ laughter ] it must have been the scariest flight ever for more than 300 passengers. we have new video from hong kong where several passengers were rushed to the hospital after they arrived from san francisco. the cathay pacific plane hit turbulence for two minutes. that happened 8 hours after they left sfo about noon on monday. the plane hit the violent turbulence over japan. joe vazquez talked on the phone
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with one of the 321 passengers. reporter: >> very scary because it was throwing you up and down sideways. quite a few people were thrown up from their seats and hit the ceiling of the aircraft. we had a couple of the baggage bins opening up and the bags flying out. >> photos from the flight show all the ambulances on the runway waiting for the plane to land in hong kong. they took six passengers and two crew members to the hospital. a flight attendant appeared to have been most seriously hurt with a neck injury. you can see the mess that was left in the aisles. here's another picture from on board the plane. this kind of thing is one reason they suggest keeping your seatbelts fastened while flying. live images from the ukraine where there are deadly clashes in the capital of kiev. at least 25 people were killed yesterday.
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hundreds more were injured. cbs news' susan mcginnis explains how tensions between the u.s. and russia are now fueling all that violence. reporter: it's another day of violence in kiev after overnight protests failed to end the fighting. security forces raided the protestors' campsite yesterday using tear gas, stun grenades and water canyons. protestors responded with rocks and mollive to cocktails. the two sides clashed over the future of ukraine. >> this is a direct consequence of u.s.-russian relations both competing for a sphere of influence and also souring in terms of relations. >> reporter: the protests began in november when ukranian president victorian cove itch rejected a plan to work with the european union in favor of i $15 bailout from russia. the state department is closely monitoring the situation. yesterday vice president joe biden called ukraine's president to urge him to find a
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way to stop the violence. >> we continue to condemn street violence and excessive use of for the by both sides. the force will not resolve the crisis. >> reporter: but this morning, the president of ukraine said the protestors were wrong to take up arms. opposition leaders say they will continue to defend their base in independence square. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> today, one man from ukraine is urging both sides to lay down their weapons. he is president of the country's national olympic committee. here in the united states, the state department has issued a travel warning to americans that are visiting ukraine. they are urged to maintain low profiles and remain indoors at night. the vote on a proposed surveillance hub to monitor the city of oakland is postponed for two weeks. the domain awareness center would be a 247 surveillance system designed to help police monitor the city through videocameras. the city council took up the issue last night but didn't
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vote on it. plenty of opponents spoke out against the plan during yesterday's meeting. >> the reality is that i will never have enough police officers, we're trying to get to 900, i only have 600 a day, we'll never be able to fund that level so we need other tools to monitor some of the activities that's currently happened. >> i'm in favor of things which solve crime but as well as those that protect privacy and civil rights. i'm in favor of a compromise that meets both goals. >> if the center is approved, opponents are ready to sue to stop construction. some people in richmond are calling for the firing of a man who heads the city's housing authority. as kpix 5's christin ayers reports, some homes are crumbling and crawling with bugs. >> roaches come out. >> reporter: francis clay welcomes us into his home in richmond's hacienda housing project and pulls out the refrigerator. a few days after pest control sprayed, the floor is crawling
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with cockroaches. under the sink, there are more insects, most of them dead, and then there are the rodents. >> people got five or six mice in their house. >> reporter: it is so bad that clay has to store food in a grocery cart in his living room to keep the roaches and rodents from getting them. >> this is not equality. >> reporter: another tenant showed us pictures of her body riddled with bedbug bites. how bad is it? >> i have had to go to the doctor twice it's so bad where i have had bites. >> reporter: one of the problems in this complex the elevators. people who live here told me that there are tenants who are elderly and disabled who have been stuck in these elevators for hours. people who live in hacienda and nearby nevins plaza packed a council meeting with more horror stories. >> raw feces and everything in your unit, poop just sitting in my living room. >> reporter: they blame tim
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jones who runs the richmond housing authority. >> please accept our apology. >> reporter: he claims the housing authority is now on the right track. christin ayers, kpix 5. caltrans faces a new deadline about the new bay bridge. the metropolitan transportation commission wants to know about all potential problems on the bridge by march 4. the "chronicle" reports caltrans knew about a problem on the span for two months before it let the mtc know about it. >> it is 4:36. if you like rain and drizzle, go out now. >> enjoy it because by the afternoon this is all gone. looks like a lot of sunshine, breezy conditions developing outside but right now still some clouds moving on through, a little drizzle early on. looks like throughout the day we are going to watch your skies clearing out very nicely. hi-def doppler radar showing you things fairly dry at least we're not seeing any rainfall. still some drizzle down below and you can see some of that on our camera lens towards sfo right now. we have some cloudy skies there
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and the temperatures running pretty mild this morning some 40s and some 50s. by the afternoon, you should see plenty of sunshine today. those temperatures up in the mid-60s inland. 50s and windy toward the coastline. but much warmer weather is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. and the roads are a little wet. got reports of people coming through the macarthur maze this morning a little bit of drizzle out there so just a heads up. the bay bridge toll plaza, the left lanes are blocked like they often do at this time of the morning midspan. it should be picked up in 20 minutes as well as this overnight roadwork both directions on the approach to the antioch bridge. closed actually on 160 until 5 a.m. san mateo bridge looks good. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. the feds have shut down a central california slaughterhouse that supplies beef to the national school lunch program. the central valley meat company in hanford didn't meet cleanliness standards. and this isn't the first time
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it's been in trouble, either. this is the same facility where this video was taken two years ago. the footage showed workers torturing cows with electric prods and also showed downer counsels led to slaughter. the facility was shut down so the usda could investigate. also petaluma's rancho feeding corporation slaughterhouse is now recalling nearly 9 million pounds of beef. that slaughterhouse processed meat from sick animals and didn't go through a full inspection. the recall includes meat possibly sold at walmart, raley's, food for less and other chains. we have all the information at, click on the consumer tab at our website. there's a new push for the federal government to put stricter standards on olive oil. a recent u.s.-uc-davis study suggests 70% of olive oil labeled extra virgin is not. a retailer in berkeley who sells high-end olive oil says the labels on some bottles are misleading. >> it could be just a cheaper
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seed oil cut with extra virgin. they are getting a lower grade oil that's refind and lost all health benefits and getting lied to beauty street. >> the california olive oil council says the false labeling hurts the domestic industry. doctors are calling a new treatment for hepatitis "c" a revolution. the problem, who can really afford $1,000 pill? kpix 5's elizabeth cook has more. >> reporter: here's the pill that is drawing praise. >> we have a cure! >> reporter: and protests. >> the price is staggering. >> this is the start of a new future. >> reporter: sovaldi is a breakthrough drug for hepatitis "c." the wholesale price for the recommended 12 week treatment, $84,000! that's $1,000 a pill. >> the thought of dropping one on the floor and not being able to find it, you know, is very scary. >> reporter: but experts call the once a day pill a game changer. it cures 90% of patients
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infected with the most common strain of the liver-destroying virus. >> i have had two liver transplants. and i still have the virus. and this offers me the possibility to actually be free of this illness. >> reporter: sovaldi cuts treatment time in half and in some cases eliminates the need to inject interferon, a drug with severe side effects. >> the results was spectacular. we have been able to cure many more people with very simple very short durations of therapy. >> reporter: even though it's made by a u.s. company, pill for pill, americans will likely pay the highest price. the $1,000 pill will cost less in europe. in india, while not finalized, for certain patients, a single pill could cost just $12. patient advocates in the bay area are upset. >> who can afford to pay this?! will the insurance company put it on their form layers? >> reporter: many insurers require americans to shoulder higher cost for specialty drugs
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that could mean hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses a day. patients may also be forced to try a less optimal cheaper treatment first. >> that's of course very frustrating to patients. they have insurance. they have a network that's agreed to carry their insurance. they have a disease. its clear what the best treatment for them is. they may not get it because of the exorbitant cost. >> reporter: the drugmaker gilead sciences of foster city believes the pricing is fair. sovaldi may prevent liver cancer and the need for liver transplant and that saves money. the company also offers financial assistance for patients in need. >> very glad my insurance picked it up. >> reporter: for tom espinosa, this pill may be his last chance. his doctor at the oasis clinic had to jump through hoops just to get it. >> it's appalling in many ways. but the cost of many medications is appalling. >> reporter: with the free market economy, that won't change anytime soon no matter
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how loud the protests. elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> the cost varies from country to country based on the healthcare systems there. as for india, the price there hasn't been finalized yet. gilead says it's looking though to lower the cost in order to make it more accessible there. time now 4:42. think your house looks better than this? we'll show you why you might be sitting on a fortune and not even know about it. >> and one mom thought one store's display was too sexy so when they didn't take it down, she did it for them. and you won't believe how she did it. it's all coming your way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rammed a stolen car through front this was quite the beer run. a couple of thirsty thieves ran a stolen car through the front door of this houston convenience store. they ran in and stole one thing. it was an 18-pack, i guess, of bud light and there they go. all this for beer. a utah woman has gone to great lengths to get rid of a t-
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shirt display at a shopping mall. judy cox says the shirts from visuals by van styles are sexually suggestive to displayed at a university mall so photographs of women in bikinis are displayed on the shirts and cox says it's pornographic so she spent $567 to buy out the entire stock at the local store. >> if the buttocks shows without an opaque covering, it's illegal. two of these, they clearly cross that line. >> cox says if the company gets a new shipment she will buy them again. what is she doing with all of the t-shirts. >> we go on ebay and making money. >> kidding. >> who knows. >> good for her. she has more on the way. i'm sure the company just loves it anyway. >> no kidding. another shipment coming our way. scattered sprinkles out there light drizzle as a cold front pulls through town but kind of just falling apart as it moves on through. our hi-def doppler radar showing you things pretty quiet right now. boy, there's not much out
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there. so i think this system going to move through quickly early on today and then in the middle of the morning and the afternoon, skies clear out and a whole plot lot this afternoon. maybe the big concern will be the winds late in the day. it's going to be breezy especially at the coastline and through some of the mountain passes. but then as we head in toward the next few days into the weekend, much warmer temperatures headed our way. here's one weak cold front sliding through. as it kicks by, high pressure builds in behind it. that's why we are going to see some of the winds kicking up around the bay area today. and then things settle down becoming more offshore winds as we head in toward the next few days. still, you will find some 60s into the central valley, almost 70 sunshine into fresno. 49 degrees in lake tahoe. this system right here is going to move on out of town in a hurry so if you are sleeping in, you're going to miss it. this afternoon, skies clear. warmer weather on the way. temperatures for today should be in the 60s in the south bay, 50s and windy toward the coastline. you'll see 60s into the east bay. then inside the bay today, some
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sunshine this afternoon, about 61 degrees. breezy into san francisco. next couple of days more sun on the way. by this weekend temperatures popping up into the 70s in some of the warmest spots. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. as lawrence just mentioned, the ride to work a little drizzly this morning. but everything is still at the speed limit on westbound 237 and southbound 880 on the drive to milpitas. everything looking good. hey, a little bit of moisture as well in our dublin cam. all those headlights that's westbound 580 traffic. so that's the commute direction. 14 minutes out of the altamont pass. we haven't seen our usual delays beginning to build yet. and out to the bay bridge now, some of the overnight roadwork is still blocking lanes because it's not quite 5:00 yet including the left lanes from the incline out to about midspan getting into san francisco but it's not causing any delay at all between oakland and the city. and here's a live look at the nimitz. 880 in oakland, near the oakland coliseum, still very quiet as well here northbound
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238 to the maze even though you will find various lanes blocked approaching fifth as you get closer to downtown. your other drive times still in the clear. 880 the eastshore freeway which was definitely the hotspot yesterday, no problems carquinez bridge to the maze. all bart trains are on time and on regular schedule. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." frank, michelle, back to you guys. >> all right, liz, thanks. it's 4:48 now. california secretary of state has cleared a way for a tech billionaire to move forward with a plan to split california six ways. most of the bay area would become part of the state of the silicon valley. supporters can start collecting the 800,000 signatures they need to put this plan on the ballot. even if voters approve it, though, lawmakers would have to sign off. the whole thing is highly unlikely to happen. six different ways. >> yeah. >> probably not. well, surprise windfall down in the silicon valley. kpix 5's andria borba reports on the sticker shock for home sellers who are asking for $1
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million for a fixer-upper. >> reporter: for $1.6 million, you, too, can have a train in your backyard. welcome to 202 emerson street in palo alto, snapped off the market for a cool 1.6 million. that price will get you bars on the front window, missing bricks, 1100 square feet, and cracks in the foundation. but most importantly, it's three blocks off university avenue. >> location, location, location. >> reporter: the last time this place sold it was 40 years ago for 25k. this time? no loan necessary. >> these two homes sold for cash. >> reporter: the house next door same size with no parking is in escrow for $1.2 million. parking is pricy no matter the condition. that garage worth 400k. >> that is correct. the value of this home is $400,000 more because of the garage. parking is a commodity in palo alto. >> reporter: like any good cash
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crop, you need dirt. that's it. it's a common theme in many older neighborhoods, cash poor but land rich. >> you know, some of these people have lived here 25, 30, 40 years and all of a sudden find themselves sitting on you know -- in a place that they would like to love, they would love to live in, and they are thinking, wow, you know, if i sell now i could retire comfortably somewhere else. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> you know, that is just mind- numbing, the sellers were getting up to 30 calls a day for that house. >> those calls were coming from all over including shanghai, tokyo and hong kong. 4:50. a wildlife warning up in the sierra. why they are telling college kids to back off from the bears. >> plus, what makes this couple's road trip a journey of a lifetime? ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. checking out some temperatures around the bay area today, skies going to clear out the winds kicking up coastside, mid- 50s there. 57 half moon bay. inside the bay, a little wind sheltered temperatures up into the 60s. i think in the east bay some sunshine after clouds this morning, about 65 degrees in pleasanton. should be about 63 degrees in fremont today and 64 degrees in danville. as you make your way around the bay, you will see those winds kicking up the closer you get to the coastline through some of the mountain passes. still we'll squeeze in some 60s in a good part of the north bay. into san francisco a little cool as you make your way toward the sunset, about 58 degrees and windy. about 61 downtown san francisco. and a quick look at your ride to work. everything is quiet. nearly empty right now towards the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza on 580.
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but as lawrence said, the roads are slick. a full look at your "kcbs traffic" coming up. squirrels are taking over a popular park in berkeley but their days may be numbered. cesar chavez park is on top of a former landfill. clay covers the top of the old landfill to contain methane gas and other toxins. the problem is, ground squirrels and gophers like to dig. >> if the squirrels and the gophers should penetrate that clay cap, that when it rains water from the former landfill could leech out into the bay. >> berkeley has tried to control the squirrels for the past five years with no luck. now the city hired a contractor to trap, remove and possibly kill the rodents. some folks around town oppose that idea. speaking of animals, students at a college up in incline village, nevada, are getting too cozy with their neighbors. rob mcallister shows us the school wants them to back off from the bears. reporter: astounding pictures of a student hand
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feeding a bear. >> not the best idea i have ever heard. >> reporter: the picture posted on a social media site was quickly seen by just about everyone on the sierra nevada college campus. cell phone cameras captured several encounters including a bear in a dorm room. administrators say the student left the window open. the black bear crawled in to get food. >> i think that they are putting their own safety at risk. >> reporter: so the school started a campaign, a fed bear is a dead bear. >> we never want to see a bear put down so we want to let them know if you leave your trash out, if you feed a bear, you're going to get that bear killed. >> reporter: the department of fish and wildlife eventually kill the bears as they become accustomed to domestic food but some say the message isn't sinking in. >> people are still feeding bears and taking picture. i see it on facebook a feet of all these bear shots behind people's glass windows and property. >> reporter: and sierra nevada college is also making it difficult for bears to get on campus so they have installed these trash recycling bins that are difficult for animals to get into. in the sierra, rob mcallister, kpix 5.
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you got, oh, say maybe a couple of years to spare? you might want to try this. >> i wish. the couple from argentina is on the road trip of a lifetime. they put a bed and a mini kitchen in a limousine and now they are driving it from argentina all the way to alaska. so far, they have seen 16 countries in two years driving 22,000 miles. and now, they are seeing the sights in southern california. >> it's the best two years of our life. we live so many stories, so many adventures, we met so many people. >> costa rica, ecuador, all are beautiful. >> the writer and photographer are helping pay for the trip with the book called america sin limites. 4:56. deadly clashes between government and opposition leaders in ukraine continues this morning. violence spirals out of control. >> reporter: passengers say it felt like they were on a roller
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coaster and they thought they were going to die. hear their descriptions of the turbulence aboard a flight that left from sfo this week coming up. ,,,,,, one of the best things is that millions of peopleia will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive.
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passengers describing it as two minutes of terror. a flight out of the bay area runs into severe turbulence. >> eight people were hurt when a cathay pacific flight from san francisco to hong kong hit strong turbulence as it passed over japan on tuesday. >> it was throwing you up and down sideways. >> ukranian protestors prepare to confront police again after the another bloody day. >> people are standing for their future. >> a 15-year-old girl makes her olympic debut this morning. >> nervous, of course, because i want to skate well.
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but i'm just excited to go and show everyone what i can do. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00. a little drizzle, a little rain won't be around long. >> no. sleep in another hour or so you may miss it. in fact, this cold front dying as it moves through the bay area right now. you can see it outside and sliding on through. a lot of clouds out there right now but most of that just some low clouds and the system begins to fall apart. hi-def doppler radar showing you, yeah, we're not seeing any true rainfall out there although the roads are slick. we have seen some drizzle early on this morning. in fact, you can see some of that on the lens there as we look toward sfo. that is going to start to clear out throughout the middle of the morning. 40s and some 50s right now. by the afternoon some wind- swept skies, breezy at th


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