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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 20, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PST

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area just hit the powerball jackpot. 425 million bucks! >> >> it's happened. tonight someone in the bay area just hit the powerball jackpot. $425 million. kristin is outside the dick son landing chevron in milpitas where that ticket was sold. >> reporter: it was sold here. someone walked into this gas station, bought a ticket, matched all five numbers including the poweller ball for that 4 -- powerball for that $425 million jackpot. that was the only ticket to hit that jackpot. so far no one has stepped forward to claim the ticket but the buzz is all around that gas station. the owner here in milpitas
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looking at a $1 million payday just for selling the ticket. customers here in shock. >> my coworkers just called me said did you buy your ticket at the chevron i was like no. she said oh, my god someone just hit it there. crazy. could have been me. >> reporter: here are those numbers 1-17-35-49-54 and a powerball number 34. we do know there were two other tickets that matched five of those numbers, 1 sold in el segundo another in in modesto. a lot of excitement and buzz out here. just waiting to see who that multimillionaire could be. >> interesting to see if him or her will come forward. maybe they are watching right now. >> i think everyone out here is wishing they were the one.
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>> definitely a lucky place to be. this is the second big bay area jackpot in just two months. back in december a mega millions player hit it big at jenny's gift shop in san jose. $324 million. not too is shabby. that winner chose to remain anonymous. >> we have just learned two suspects accused of beating brian stowe into a coma. they are due in court tomorrow. l.a. times is saying they may own up to the brutal beating in the parking lot at dodgers stadium. stowe is permanently disabled. a cnn reporter caught up with him 8 months ago. >> this i got from some kid. >> that was from his daughter tabby. >> he can't remember. his now elderly parents were taking care of him after his
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insurance company decided it would no longer be able to pay for full time care in a rehab center. he still struggles to talk or think clearly his family posted on a blog they just celebrated his 45th birthday. tonight we have proof that recalled beef is still on store shelves around the bay area. betty. >> reporter: wal-mart and several major super market chains have already pulled frozen items off shelves because they contain beef that may have come from sick cows. but that is not the case at hundreds of smaller stores. at this market in alameda our visit came as a surprise. >> don't know. >> reporter: the owner had no clue some of the hot pockets have been recalled the beef came from rancho feeding corporation in pet at that lieu ma. near -- petaluma. nearly a thousand mom and pop stores are still selling
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potentially tainted products many don't know it. >> it is possible they are a customer of a customer. >> reporter: with the north american meat association says that is the way recalls work. rancho feeding corporation compiles a list of clients who then called their clients and we are talking about a years worth of meat. >> it would not be totally surprising to me that they are having to go back in time to communicate with folks that maybe haven't carried it for months. >> reporter: information has been spotty but here are the recalled products we know of so far. two versions of hot pockets, philly steak and cheese and packaged hamburger patties and jerky. >> we tried to get answers from usda. we found out the quality control manager has been laid off. >> why some of the most high end meat in the stores is also
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being recalled even though it had nothing to do with the sick cow. tonight some bay area firefighters are putting everyone on notice. andre borba is in pittsburgh. andrea. >> reporter: well, we are talking about pot grow-op rations here in contra costa county. firefighters will put water on the flames to make sure the water gets out but they will do it from the outside and their priority will be neighbors houses. up in smoke that is what contra costa firefighters will happen when an illegal pot grow catches fire from now on. >> these are not the kind of operation where some body is using it for their own purposes for medicine, but rather large, if you will, commercial farming operations. >> reporter: this home in pittsburgh, is just the latest of 35 pot houses that caught fire in the past two years in
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contra costa county. the homes are a tangle of wiring, well, pot growers often agent of the cartels are not master electricians making it exceptionally dangerous for firefighters to go inside now they just won't. the fire will be fought from the outside with an eye toward protecting the neighbourhood. >> if they get into a residential grow-op ration, take a defensive stance. fires will burn longer, hotter until we can get pg&e there to secure the power. >> reporter: so the cash crop [ audio difficulty ] fires.. but because leaving pot plants in plain sight apparently led to more burglaries and break-ins. (new1) it's morning in ukraine... d fires are still burning in kiev's main square -- despi word of a truce between protestors and the governme. >> fires still burning you can see the smoke there.
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live pictures from kiev's main square. protestors and the government agreed to that more than two dozen demonstrators have died in violent crashes with riot police. today, they broke apart the streets they have occupied for months, digging up bricks to use as missiles. so many powerful images coming out of these demonstrations including one video that has gone viral. >> i am yukon rain yanks native of k -- ukranian. native of kiev. >> it has had more than 3 million hits on youtube. >> city leaders, heard public comments well into last night for plans on a surveillance center which would link cameras
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all over the city. privacy advocates hate that idea. the council was supposed to vote last night but now plans to vote in two weeks. tonight, hearing it is possible the city could scrap the idea all together. the private security guard who shot at a suspected burglar in oak more has been reassigned. neighbors were upset he had a weapon. others want him back. >> it is a little vigilante but what is necessary to protect ourselves. >> about 60 households in that neighbourhood paid for the private service. tonight the family of a 93- year-old woman who was attacked by another patient at sf general is questioning the hospital's security. mary perez was being treated for breathing problems when a psychiatric patient tried to choke her and hit her with a pole. she has bruises on her arms from trying to protect herself. the man was arrested. dozens of l.a. county jail inmates suffered
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minor injuries when the bus they were in got into a fender bender. they were headed back downtown after making their court appearance. new shoe bomb warning has the airlines on high alert. u.s. intelligence officials say terror groups have been chatting lately about possible new designs, they are warning the airlines with international flights to the u.s. to be vigilant but the department of homeland security says at this point there has been no specific threat. joe vazquez just released video of a bombing, the u.s. military never expected us to see. take a look. >> reporter: september 2012 in eastern afghanistan. >> there it is. >> yep. >> reporter: american aircraft were supposed to bomb the taliban. >> oh, bleep. gee what the bleep. >> reporter: instead the camera attached to a soldiers helmet
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captures the explosion at ground level. as the american 500-pound bomb blows up next to barracks of an american military out post. >> this was a major mistake from a targeting perspective. the way targeting works you have to get coordinates right. >> reporter: the air crew had the wrong coordinates according to a military investigation that recently came to light. >> that was the bird. >> yeah, i know. >> reporter: the troops rushed through the camp to make sure everybody was okay. >> you guys all right? >> bleep. >> you guys good? >> bleep. >> hey, sergeant. >> yeah, we're good. hey, we're straight. >> they're good. >> what the bleep man. >> reporter: no casualties no body hurt. they will be punished. investigators concluded it was a mistake. the first sergeant ordered a stand two everyone to your battle stations.
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so these guys were not in barracks they could have been killed if they had been. >> they had a little protection. wow. close call. >> very narrow escape. >> thanks joe. >> we caught bay area stores selling recalled beef that is not even the scariest part. see what else we uncovered next. facebook just made a $19 billion gamble on a guy it wouldn't hire four years ago. >> tonight we discover why >> tonight we discover why perfectly healthy trees all ,,,,
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that massive beef recall ou sonoma county. it's now expanded nationwide. but betty yu has learn not ju we are now on hamas sieve beef recall sonoma county has ex-- that massive beef recall sonoma county. it is not just hot pockets it is pricey steaks. organically raised beef. a lot of it is being recalled. >> reporter: we were shown the damage, 30 boxes of frozen beef put on hold. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: because the cows on her small ranch in sonoma county are grass fed and as healthy as can be. >> the thing about grass fed beef is that you will have a lot more nutrition. >> reporter: her cows were butchered at a local slaughter house that is under investigation for processing diseased and unsound animals.
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this is just one of dozens of local grass fed beef producers hit hard by this recall. >> everything from this case comes within 25 miles. >> reporter: he sells the meat at his butcher shop and says it has given his grass fed industry an undeserved black eye. >> this is a burgeoning movement in northern california and our county of bringing the highest quality, grass fed, well raised, well cared for, humanely butchered beef to our local consumers. >> reporter: local ranchers don't believe they should be included in this retail. they says the too vague. their grass fed cows were in the minority. rancho feeding corporation is mostly in the business of slaughtering retired dairy cows. >> jeremy russell says older dairy cows are used to make cheaper ground beef products. >> that is exactly why the u.s. sets minimum standard for any animal that will enter the food
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supply. >> reporter: the usda has an on site office at rancho but in a statement says the processing of the diseased castle was done without the -- cattle was done without the benefit of federal inspection. adam says he knows locally raised beef was properly inspected. >> we can prove our animals are safe. they are done on a separate day. >> all it has done is shut down a plant that will really hurt all the local grass fed beef growers here. >> reporter: we don't know anyone who has gotten sick from any of the meat processed in petaluma. tonight apart from the processed product like hot pockets we can't tell you exactly what grass fed meat has been recalled. we know this is all very confusing but the feds are being cagey about the details of this recall. >> so for our viewers for people wondering, if they have some in their refrigerator or freezer how do they know? >> right now there is a list of
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particular item that is are being recalled like a hot pocket, go to our website for more on that but again there is a lot of stuff out there we just don't know whether it is good. >> might still be on shelves too. thank you. there are plans tonight to let california college students get a bachelors degree from junior colleges. the idea by a state senator is create one bachelors program per campus and only in a few districts. students see the upside. >> myself and my parents, they paid for me but i pay additional education supplies like books and stuff so in a way, benefits me not to transfer when i can stay with my friends and not go out of state. >> this could save the state money in the long run making it easier to get a degree. governor brown is tapping into california's check book to bring drought relief his $687 million plan would provide food and housing for workers.
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it would fund conservation projects if someone runs out of water it would pay for emergency supplies. >> we don't know when it is going to rain or if it does rain we don't know how long it will rain and therefore we really don't know how bad the drought is going to be over the next year or two or three. >> paul you have discovered even a new drought related problem. >> this is a big one. something that could impact everybody who has a yard or live in the city. as you are about to see the evidence on this one is literally falling out of the sky. >> yeah, people think tree limbs are only going to fall in a significant wind event. >> reporter: unfortunately that is not always the case. >> i came out and saw this. >> reporter: for arbourist scott wheeler dead trees mean good business. we caught up with him at the site of one recent fatality a death no one saw coming.
1:58 am
>> took up a good chunk of the sidewalk. >> reporter: trees can have all kinds of pre-existing conditions, bugs, top heavy, rotten and it makes sense a drought would make those problems worse but what experts cannot figure out how a drought can destroy a perfectly healthy tree. >> they are reclassifying it but no closer to figuring out why it happens. >> reporter: last time we saw sudden limb drop was during the epic heat wave of 206. >> falling on -- 2006. >> falling on cars. >> reporter: they thought they were drawing up too much water. 8 years later that is still open. >> we can't figure out why it is. we know it is related to weather. there are many so theories. >> reporter: those same experts think it is effecting trees in much the same way. >> severe and long drought like this can have many potential impacts on trees some of which
1:59 am
we won't see for a season or two seasons down the road. >> reporter: that could mean sudden limb drop is back and for more on the just a few weeks in july. >> droughts taking a toll on everything and everyone. >> reporter: our particular weather pattern makes it worse because when a lot of rainfalls on extremely dry ground like two weeks ago the soil itself can fail. that is why you will see trees like this topple over. no rain then a tonne then no rain then a tonne and that may be the pattern next week. long range looking wet. next week bone dry. partly cloudy skies, breezy in the city. san francisco 48, tri valley, liver more, pleasonton, 40 degrees. sunrise, 6:53 a.m. no rain in hayward. micro climate forecast, 67 degrees. 68, pushing 70 by friday.
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mainly sunny skies, mild all because the ridge of high pressure is coming back. not even seattle right over western oregon they are getting pummeled with storm after storm. heavy mountain snow. we would love that but we are not going to get it. all the action, all the rain, all the mountain snowfall will fade to our north through the weekend, first after next week, warm, sunny, crime when this ridge moves out it will -- dry, when this ridge moves out it will scoot under it next several days looking warm, sunny and dry. not a problem in most parts of the country but for us it is. breezy spots, clear, cool, mild tomorrow mixture of sun and clouds. filtered sunshine. it will be dry and sunny and mild. for now at least for the next week. concord, 7 degrees above average. same for san jose. you will hit 70.
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campbell, saratoga, redwood city 67. 70 tomorrow, sunshine walnut creek. 68 antioch. 63 san francisco, san raphael, 68. 70 high for clover dale. weather tomorrow exactly what you will get next several days. topping next week still warm, clouds by next wednesday. rain moving in by next wednesday night. much dry weather between now and then. >> thank you. you've heard the phrase you can't have your cake and eat it too. check this out. surveillance video shows a california guy stealing a whole cake and walking out. the owner of the madonna inn, love that place, posted the video on facebook. someone later came in and paid for the stolen cake. >> wow. >> coming up facebook's huge >> coming up facebook's huge gamble ,,,,,,,,
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and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. trad well, many of you felt the warriors needed to make a big move before tomorrow's trade deadline. two were traded for steve moore. here is the gm looking stressed
2:07 am
out. perhaps because they watched their 15 point lead get wiped out. isaiah thomas standing around. fancy moves of his own, warriors up 8 on the board, curry up 13. golden state out scored the kings by 10. lee to green for the 9 point lead. lee at 23, warriors win. man did they lay an egg. jordan adams had five steals. 86-66 forget second place. cal drops to fifth in the conference with five games to play. baseball, brandon was at camp today, $2.9 million havier in the wallet. more from scottsdale. >> reporter: thanks. you smell that?
2:08 am
smells like baseball. giants first full squad work out. >> i put it on early today. a little earlier than everybody else but i feel good. you know i like these colors. >> reporter: that was from the newbie michael morris. for the most part the band is back together. >> looks like he is breaking in a new glove. >> looks like he is wearing a brick. let's be honest. i told him it must have rained in puerto rico you had some rust on that glove. >> at a team meeting he said this was better than the 2012 world series champs. >> we are excited. i had a good time working out and getting ready for this year. >> more sights, sounds and smells of baseball coming up tomorrow when we are with theas in phoenix. that will do it from scottsdale. dennis back to you in studio. >> oh, that was bright there.
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time for the pix olympics. tonight's event, ski jump. >> ouch. oh. >> i think that is a gold medal effort. >> yeah. >> cut the composure. that hurts. >> silver medal for that. >> polina edmunds is in 7th place after the short program. >> she is the high school kid from -- >> exactly very good performance. >> so [ laughter ]
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usa doing great. >> david letterman is next with >> david letterman is next with olympic gold
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