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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 6, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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on assignment. we start with breaking news good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. michelle is on assignment this afternoon. we stash with some breaking news right -- we start with some breaking news right now. there is a shooting in east san jose in broad daylight. chopper 5 live over the scene. police say one man was shot and injured. he was taken to a local hospital. he is now being treated right
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now. dozens of police officers have swarmed the scene there. they are blocking off the area around center road and tully road. the shooting happened about a block away. red tape surrounding the crime scene, police marking the evidence on the street. the shooting was reported around 10:30 this morning. police say the suspect fled the scene in a car. we'll have more information as can comes in. ' number of police officers -- a number of police officers are on the scene. one man was hurt. he is at a hospital. dozens of police vehicles are on the street. most people switch to hybrid cars to save money on gas. now lawmakers are considering making drivers pay per mile on
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the roads. kpix 5's cate caugiran with why lawmakers say it's needed for the state's infrastructure. >> reporter: state lawmakers and reps from the mtc say this is the best option we have with declining gas tax revenue. right now road projects are falling behind as well as improvements. but still drivers say this is a bill they don't want to sign off on. drivers in the bay area willing to go the distance for their daily grind. >> i commute like about 90 miles. >> 30 miles one way so 60 miles a day. >> reporter: but for a potential tax on how far they drive? >> terrible! i think it's a bad thing for me. i mean, for people that are driving so much every day. >> reporter: state senator mark desaulnier of concord just introduced a bill to test out a vehicles mile trapped, or vmt, tax. the idea is to tax drivers for every mile they rack up. the voluntary program would get rid of the state's gas tax.
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it currently stands at 52.9 senses per gallon. that's the second highest in the nation behind new york. the reason behind the push for the new tax? state leaders say the gas tax is no longer bringing in what it used to because more people are driving fuel-efficient cars. these drivers say this is more of a punishment than solution. >> this car is more incentive than the regular car because, i mean, consumes less gas. >> ridiculous. what's the point of having a car and buying a fuel-efficient car?! >> reporter: supporters say the state is falling behind on road repairs and the money to maintain them. the bill would replenish the reserve money and allow policy makers to find solutions for cutting down greenhouse gas emissions. >> what we want to do as washington and oregon has done in a much bigger state with longer commutes and more impactful to our economy to make sure that we find out whether it would work, whether the public would like it or not. >> reporter: how are the miles tracked? right now a gps tracking device
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is installed in the drivers' cars, raising privacy concerns. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. right now, crews are scrambling to clean up a big mess that shut down a major stretch of a major interstate in southern california. an overpass along interstate 15 in san bernardino county, a [ indiscernible ] collapsed on the freeway. both directions of i-15 do remain shut down. danielle nottingham on the debris clogging the main connector between l.a. and las vegas. >> reporter: firefighters battled flames this morning at an overpass construction site north of los angeles. >> you could see the bridge continuing to burn here. this is ranchero road. >> reporter: the bridge passes over interstate 15. authorities had to close the busy freeway in both directions. the blaze erupted monday when a construction worker's blow torch ignited wooden supports. high winds fanned the blaze an
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instant traffic nightmare quickly following. >> 30 to 40 miles of traffic congestion. >> reporter: i-15 is the major road connecting southern california and las vegas. drivers were detoured around the fire this morning. some were stranded all night. >> i was just coming through and got stuck in this mess. i got a load on this to denver, colorado coming from vernon, california. >> reporter: the fire is now out but crews have a huge clean- up ahead. as you can see, large sections of wooden scaffolding collapsed on to the freeway. highway officials are hoping to re-open northbound lanes later today and the southbound lanes by wednesday morning. danielle nottingham, cbs news hesperia, california. >> also in southern california, investigators are trying to figure out what caused this massive fire to break out in hollywood during the morning commute. flames and black smoke could be seen for miles there. it's a commercial building housing several businesses. it took two hours for firefighters finally to knock it down.
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nobody was injured. some developing news here in san francisco. poisoned meatballs discovered in another neighborhood. people now worried about someone out there trying to kill their dogs. as kpix 5's mark kelly reports, dog lovers have simply had enough. >> reporter: the sunset reservoir is a clean safe place for a morning stroll and where kevin likes to walk his dogs. >> you can see a lot of dog walkers here. >> reporter: or so he thought. >> i don't know why someone would want to target these wonderful creatures. >> reporter: monday morning, a woman walking her dog in this park spotted meatballs laced with pills sitting on a plate. san francisco police collected the meat to investigate and when we told john, he was clearly upset. >> that's not human. >> reporter: it's not human? >> yeah. >> reporter: and when we told these dog owners just to save, they wasted no time picking up their animals and going
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somewhere safer. unfortunately, this is not the first poisoned meatball sighting in san francisco within the past year. these were also found in the richmond district, diamond heights and twin peaks. one even killed a dog. the police have made no arrests. marina has had just about enough of the poisoned meatballs menace. >> i don't have any children. this is my baby. this is like killing our children. they're going to catch you so just stop. >> reporter: hopefully to speed up the arrest, san francisco police are offering a $5,000 reward to help catch the person responsible for setting out these poisoned meatballs. mark kelly, kpix 5. >> another dog a 9-year-old border collie named timber was forced to throw up at the vet but recovered. sonoma county supervisors are meeting and several are demanding the resignation of board member efren carillo the first meeting after he was acquitted of attempting to peek into his neighbor's bedroom.
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four supervisors demanded he step down. he is refusing. >> i have no intentions to resign. >> you lurked, you trespassed, you tore and you terrorized a young woman! a virtual stranger! a neighbor! and you treated her like an object. and sadly, you know, i've heard stories since this from many other women out in the community who also felt object fight by you. up next, flying like the win but he couldn't run away from the police. the technology that led to the arrest of a reckless motorcycle rider and warren buffett's big surprise for a young bride-to-be. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. speaking of wind, we're going to see some whipping winds around the bay area but some
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and it's now threatening tol them into slav an extremist group in nigeria has claimed responsibility for kidnapping 300 teenaged girls and now threatening to sell them into slavery. it's an hour-long video. the leader of boko haram takes credit for abducting the girls from a high school three weeks ago. there are now unconfirmed reports that some of the girls have died or have been forced to marry their abductors. some of the girls's parents and their supporters have been protesting in public and in the presence of the president's wife. an organizer says two protest leaders were arrested right after meeting with patience jonathan.
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you see it every day on bay area freeways people driving too fast and endangering lives. kiet do has the story you'll see only on 5, of a man who learned the hard way, police are always watching. reporter: the story of how corey mcdonah ended up in the hayward hall of justice is a high-tech tale that is equal parts dumb luck bad choices and good police work. >> i put down no contest. >> reporter: with sweaty palms and a bewildered look, he pleaded no contest to reckless driving and gets a lecture from the judge. >> as bad as all this may seem to you right now, this might be one of those things that might save your life. >> reporter: on april 2, air 37 was on routine patrol over the east bay. it flies at any time of day with a gyro stabilized thermal camera and lens capable of zooming in from several miles away. something caught officer tony jackson's eye a tiny speck blowing past traffic. >> he is riding wheelies high speed. >> reporter: it was him on a motorcycle weaving in and out of cars at nearly double the speed limit.
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>> 120 miles per hour doing a wheelie. >> reporter: why were you going so fast? >> the bike is stupid fast. >> reporter: so you're saying you couldn't help yourself? >> i'm not saying i couldn't help myself but, you know, that's --you buy a bike for certain reasons. you know, sometimes they get you in trouble. >> reporter: officer jackson shot the video from more than a mile away. >> if you're pulling a stunt like this, you never know when we're going to be overhead. >> going into a driveway. >> reporter: the plane followed him for miles to his home in san leandro. >> at 2,000 feet and a mile away, that airplane is a speck in the sky. but with their high-tech cameras, they can see fine detail down to the color of your shoes. >> and that is him. >> they called me out and asked me if they knew why i was here and then i said no and they point to the plane, and then i knew. >> reporter: mcdonah was arrested. he said he was rushing to go home to the bathroom. this is not the first high- profile arrest using the chp airplane. in 2010, sacramento kings star tyreke evans was caught on camera driving 130 miles an
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hour and arrested at gunpoint. after mcdonah arrest, motorcycle chat forums have lit up with comments like wow, could have been me. and, that has got to suck. make it home, crack a beer, get arrested. >> it was dangerous and reckless. he put himself and innocent drivers at risk and his sentence reflects that. >> reporter: as for mcdonah, he was still smug and somewhat apologetic. are you sorry? [ pause ] >> yeah. >> reporter: what's your message to all the guys who are thinking about speeding out there? speeding out there? >> big brother is watching. i don't know. >> reporter: he has been sentenced to three years' probation, 20 days on the sheriff's work squad, 40 hours of community service, a $500 fine and he must either take a motorcycle safety class or sell that motorcycle. kiet do, kpix 5. >> chp says its aircraft could be on patrol in the air at any
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time even at night. big brother is watching. well, one new jersey man knew exactly how to make his girlfriend say yes to his proposal. he just needed a little help from a billionaire like warren buffett. the couple traveled to omaha, nebraska, for buffett's annual berkshire hathaway weekend and hit up all the billionaire's favorite spots before ending up at buffett's jewelry store. that's where the business icon tried to interest them in a necklace but pulled out a big surprise. >> might be more interesting. >> let's take a look. what do you think of that? >> after a few moments, the shock and a little nudge from the man himself, eric la font got down on one knee. >> will you marry me? >> of course i will! >> thank you. >> yay! [ applause ] >> she had to say yes. maybe warren will buy them a nice little present, too,. >> he owns a diamond store, too?
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what else does he own? apparently everything! >> apparently all of omaha, nebraska! we have some winds whipping around the bay area today. i think that will be the big weather story into the afternoon. some of those gusts maybe 30 maybe 40 miles an hour. weather system slid through in the sierra nevada bringing some showers up there. even a couple of lightning strikes. you can see as it's making its way across the tahoe area and sliding to the south now toward yosemite, some more scattered showers in that direction. here in the bay area we have some clouds early on but now our skies wind-swept as we're seeing lots of sunshine into the afternoon. and the temperatures beginning to warm up. 68 degrees in concord, 69 in livermore and 66 in san jose. winds have been breezy this morning. and well, as we head throughout the afternoon just picking up now to 17 as sfo, 16 in san francisco, but much stronger, it's going to to intensify in the latter part of the day. so as you head out the door this afternoon, gusty winds developing, mostly sunny skies, clear inland and patchy fog toward the coast.
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this low is going to continue to make its way southward. high pressure building in behind it. that's causing the wind conditions for today but should start to calm down. 70s into the central valley for highs today a little windy there, as well. of course, the high country still a little unsettled. those winds will continue to pick up throughout the afternoon. sustained over 20 miles per hour. you see the red and the orange on our map, those are some gusts over 30 to 40 miles per hour. then begin to calm down as we head throughout the night tonight. so with that in mind, blustery at the coastline coastline 50s and low 60s. 70s and 70s in the south bay, 70s into the east bay. inside the bay mild temperatures but a little breezy too, about 60 into daly city. your sunset time for tonight 8:05. sunrise 607. and looking out over the next couple of days, the winds calm down a little for tomorrow. and it should be warmer but then another system drops in on thursday to bring a couple of clouds. friday and saturday and sunday, those temperatures start to warm back up and in fact, we could be talking about some 90s
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as we head into the beginning of next week so toasty weather to go. >> the weekend looks great. >> just a little windy today. okay. we are just getting some information, some breaking news. the golden state warriors have fired their head coach mark jackson apparently following a meeting with the team's ownership group. according to a statement just released, jackson recently completed his third season as the head coach of the team. the warriors had a 51-31 record this year and lost in the first round of the play-offs to the clippers, took it to 7 games but mark jackson is out and the warriors are now looking for a new head coach. and here's the statement right there. we appreciated all of his dedication and commit mint since his arrival and are extremely grateful for his contributions. however, as an organization, we simply feel it's best to move in a different direction at this time." as for the general manager, the golden state warriors bob myers that quote. mark jackson is out. coming up, throwing a 50- yard pass is one thing. catching it, too?
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that's entirely different! and this kid did it. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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future hall of fame qb peyt manning yuckin it up and chuckin it up on late id letterman... sphere he is used to hitting moving targets but a new york
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cab? come on. future hall of fame quarterback today today chucking it up on late night tv with david letterman. >> stand back! oh, very good! oh!! oh, ho ho! >> still got it. >> let me try it one more time. >> he still has it, all right. peyton manning, three cabs, three hits. he is about to enter season 16 with denver now and, of course, letterman the longest running late night tv host in history 30-plus years, there's another one, retiring next year. this kid got quite an arm, too. texas high school footballer gary haynes throws a 50-yard pass and catches the ball himself. a 50-yard bomb and a lot of running. he is a top college prospect, not surprisingly, and reportedly has a scholarship offer from the university of houston both as a quarterback and a wide-out. time to eat now. it's the perfect warm weather side dish and so easy to make.
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tony tantillo is shopping for court. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is yellow corn. right now, the quality is fantastic! and so is nutritional value but selection and storage are so important because corn once it gets thick the super sweet variety after a few days, that sugar turns into starch. so buy it and enjoy it right away but selection is very important. let's talk about selection. when you buy it, make sure, make a window in the corn nice and yellow very important. nice and plump the kernels and tight together free from shriveling. in the refrigerator right away and store for two or three days and that's it so you get all that freshness. sweet yellow corn in the market. it's beautiful. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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renter shows us the shocking letter from her landlo coming up at 5:00 making $100,000 a year or move out. a bay area renter shows us the shocking letter she got from her landlord. is it legal? that and more and the warriors firing of head coach mark jackson at 5:00. it's not the boardwalk's giant but it's the next best thing. a 10-year-old boy has a roller coaster powered by gravity in his backyard in orinda. the project started after lyle pemble took a right on a full- sized coaster in new jersey. he convinced his dad to build one. young lyle helped out with the physics putting pencil to paper. the project took about six
12:27 pm
weeks. look at him there. costs about $3,500 to make it. lyle says the only thing that would make the coaster a little better is if he had a loop deloop to ride upside-down. >> do you think lyle is the most popular kid on the block? >> he will be running his own startup. >> that's impressive. >> 150 feet long. >> cool. >> very good. we're out of time. enjoy your tuesday. we're back tomorrow morning bright and early and that's it. see you tomorrow. bye. he captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> katie: you want me to marry you? >> ridge: yes. i want you. i want this. i want whatever comes next. i want you to be my wife. say you'll marry me. >> katie: [ chuckles ] >> bill: it doesn't get any better than this. rocking my son to sleep. this is how it's gonna be from now on. hanging out with daddy in his office, spending weeks at a time together. and all because of you. and you did this at great personal expense, brooke. >> brooke: oh. katie was being punitive. and i was really concerned about what it was doing to you. i had the power to change it.


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