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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  May 10, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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an a close call for a tiny k-9 struggling to survive on a busy bay area freeway. his recovery in an east bay shelter. good evening, i'm betty yu in for ann notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. kpix 5's brian web with the story of one lucky and one frightened dog. >> reporter: you know it was rush hour when this happened on the 680 so a lot busier than it is now and it tack a brave -- took a brave officer and a protein bar to rescue this pooch on the loose. inside the contra costa animal shelter a chihuahua shivers in the back of a cage after surviving a frightening friday night. >> appears to be about 2 years old. very frightened. has you can imagine. -- as you can imagine. >> reporter: friday evening during rush hour, the little
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guy got loose on the freeway near walnut creek. the dog darting in and out of heavy traffic. basically running for its life. >> multiple citizens called in. there was a dog on the median. the dog appeared in their opinion frightened. >> reporter: about that time california highway patrol officer john franzen spotted the troubled pooch while driving by in his patrol car. he pulled over and using a protein bar, coaxed the canine to safety. this picture captured the moment when dog met cop. >> and we will do whatever we can to stabilize the animal. there's no injuries but just to kind of get her nerves back together. >> reporter: the dog is now resting in the h. ward of the shelter taken but not shut -- shaken but not hurt. it wasn't this chihuahua's time to go just yet. so the shelter will try to figure out if the dog has an
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owner and how it got loose on the highway. eventually it will go up for adoption. brian webb, kpix 5. >> as you might imagine is shelter has already receivedcalls from people hoping to adopt the dog. crews have found two bodies from a hot air balloon that caught fire and crashed in virginia. but they are still looking for a third person. as well as the wreckage from the balloon itself. reporter erin mcpipe with what witnesses saw as they looked on in horror. >> possible mass casualty incident reported multiple hot air balloons have crashed into power lines and the balloons are now on fire. >> we have visual of the airborne and hot air balloon. appears to be still smoking and still pretty high in the air. >> got a report that the basket has come off and we're trying to find that now. >> the airborne balloons aren't the issue, we need to locate the basket. >> reporter: crews combed the
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wooded area around dogwell, virginia. 25 miles north of richmond for wreckage. after a hot air balloon with three people on board hit a power line and then caught on fire. witnesses described seeing debris fall from the sky. >> and all of a sudden my boyfriend you know he -- he was like ohmy god look at this sky. he's like the balloon is on fire. and all we seen was just stuff like falling from the sky. the basket. the balloon. everything was on fire. >> reporter: the balloon had taken off with two others, those landed safely. but when the third balloon was on approach to land, it burst into flames. >> there were witnesses telling us they heard two explosions from the -- from the hot air balloon and at one point, the gondola and the balloon separated. and then the balloon took off at a rapid pace. >> reporter: that's when witnesses say the two passengers jumped out. >> you could hear them screaming please dear god sweet jesus help us we're going to die oh my god please help us, please help us. >> reporter: the plan festival has been canceled for the rest
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of the weekend. grief-stricken parents are still hoping for news of their daughters almost a month after they were abducted in nigeria. tearful mothers pleaded for help during an emotional gathering today. islamist extremist took more than 300 schoolgirls on april 15th. 53 of the captives escaped. [ people chanting ] and a bring back the girls rally in chicago is one of many around the world today to bring attention to the kidnappings in africa. first lady michelle obama used her husband's internet address to call for the return of the young girls. >> barack has directed our government to do everything possible to support the nigerian government's efforts to find these girls and bring them home. in these girls barack and i see our own daughters. we see their hopes and their dream. >> she posted a photo on the
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twitter account with the sign and the hashtag. the remains of hundreds of 9/11 victims who could not be identified have been released by the medical examiner and returned to ground zero. as alison harmelin tells,, many of -- us, many of the victims' families don't agree with today's move. >> reporter: the remains arrived to ground zero escorted by new york city police and firefighters. there were lights but no sirens. also silent were some victims' families who gathered in protest placing black bands across their mouths. a message to the city that their voices have gone unheard. >> family members do this whole -- through this whole process have had virtually no input as to how the remains of their loved ones would be interred. >> reporter: thousands of pouches containing unidentified remains of those killed on 9/11 have been stored by the examiner for more than a decade. in what the mayor's office called a ceremonial transfer, police lowered three flag trapped caskets to a -- draped caskets to a room below the memorial museum.
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>> aboveground is where they belong and it's where everybody can honor them. not to pay a fee to enter a museum. >> reporter: the remains will only be accessible to the families of the dead. the scientists who are still working to match bone fragments to more than 1,000 victims who never returned home and have never been identiffed and many families support the transfer including charles wolf who lost his wife katherine on 9/11. >> this is important that all of the remains are back to where they were found. >> reporter: underneath a brand new monument honoring all that was lost that day. alison harmelin for cbs new york, news. >> almost 8,000 fragmentary remains were located today. the examiner hopes that future advances in technology will identify more of those victims. well, the washington mortgage cruelty is set to reopen on monday. nearly three years after an earthquake rocked that landmark. tourists were inside when a 5.8 magnitude quake hit. tourists made it out safely as
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stones cracked and crumbled while the monument shook. the iconic building held up but there was a lot of damage. on top of it the monument shifted. >> most of the damage was at the top. >> at the top. obviously. because the -- it magnified as it went up. >> there's one little spot where the monument just shifted a little bit as the whole thing above it just -- >> the restoration project cost $15 million. crews had to build special scaffolding of course to do that job. well, the three day nfl draft ended earlier this afternoon. and it finished on a historic note. tears of joy for michael smith. >> the st. louis rams select michael sam. defensive end, missouri. >> tears of joy for michael sam as he got the call from the st. louis rams. the call makes him the first openly gay player in nfl history. sam then celebrated the big news by sharing a cupcake and a kiss with his boyfriend. sam played at missouri and came out as gay in media interviews
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earlier this year. a southern state breaks down the barrier to gay marriage. today the first same sex couple there gets a license to marry. >> and intense search for a suspected murderer who once worked for cal fire. his last text to his wife. these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
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girlfriend to it will search is still going tonight for -- the search is still going tonight for a chief accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death. authorities believe orville mo fleming may be hiding out in the santa cruz mountains, the sierra or even yosemite. investigators say fleming's outdoor skills make him difficult to track down. a retired fbi profiler thinks fleming may be headed for mexico. >> his only best chance is to find a big crowd to blend into and try not to stand out. >> fleming has keys to hundreds of state fire buildings and storage facilities. also of concern, two guns registered to him haven't been found. fleming acceptability text messages to his estranged wife moments before investigators say he killed sarah june douglas. the first was can we put us and our family back together? she replied you already hurt me so bad.
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i'm over it. never going back to a cheater. never. well, the first same sex marriage has come to a southern state now. kristin and jennifer kissed outside the courthouse in fort smith, arkansas. becoming the first gay couple married less than a day after a judge tossed out arkansas' voter approved ban on gay marriage. kim robinson and her partner felicity are one of 11 couples who sued to get a 2004 voter approved constitutional amendment overturned. >> going into this, we had the expectation of arkansas being one of the least likely states for this to have been approved in. it's just one more reason for us to be proud of our state. >> but the arkansas attorney general says he will appeal the judge's ruling which allowed marriages to begin immediately. what makes your blood boil? the factors we live with that make two bay area cities among the most stressed out in the country. >> well, it may not make your blood boil but it sure will be
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hot. another heat wave due in this week. we have got the forecast as look live at san jose after a break. ,, to prepare our kids to compete main today's economy?way woman: a well-rounded education that focuses on science, math, and career training for students who don't choose college. man: and that's exactly what superintendent of public education tom torlakson has been working on. woman: because every student needs the real world skills for the jobs of tomorrow. man: torlakson's career readiness initiative is helping schools expand job and technical training across the state
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because it makes a difference. woman: so tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for the career and technical training our students need.
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your favorite style of cake. endless possibilities. baskin robbins mother's day cake. pick one up today. department may have it. well, if your bicycle was stolen recently the fremont police department may have it. they found dozens of bikes inside a vacant home all of them likely swiped from their owners. police have been running the serial numbers through data base, but haven't had any matches. they've posted the photos of the bikes on their facebook page. if you're missing yours, check and see if they have it. and if you think living in the bay area can be stressful,
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you might be right. two bay area cities made the nation's ten most stressed list. real estate blog movado measured stress using seven criteria including commute time, unemployment, high cost of living, and crime. coming in at number one, washington, d.c.. you might think it would be new york. that was number two. san francisco came in fourth. oakland was number seven. los angeles number ten. a wild giant panda who was injured is doing much better after being rescued from a mountain in china. the panda ate last night for the first time in three days. her rescuers and veterinarians are happy to see that. she is much lighter than pandas normally are at her age. she's being given intravenous fluids of abouts and -- antibiotics and vitamins to help her recover. it's unclear what caused her to get sick. she doesn't look loot all well. -- at all well in that shot. but she's on the road to recovery let's hope. i guess it's unofficial to see a panda on a stretcher. as we head outside right now.
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we've got mostly clear skies around the bay area from the shoreline all almost all the way to the sierra. but blue skies and temperatures in the 60s and low 70s around bay area, what a difference 200 miles makes. as we head east and over the sierra, they actually had snow today. this low pressure center that moved over nevada is now in the extreme southern part of the state right around las vegas. produced rain and snow up around tahoe and in the higher reaps of the of reach -- reaches of the sierra. in the meantime look at that for this late in the season. where were you in january? later tonight by the way if you're going to the game, the a's you taking on the nationals. and it will be breezy and clear. but the winds will be out to about 20 miles per hour out of the northwest and game time temp of 64 degrees again that's coming up at 6:00 tonight. tomorrow morning, if you're heading out the door, we'll see plenty of sunshine and numbers in the mid 50s around the bay area. by tomorrow afternoon, a warming trend begins. we'll see inland areas in the low 80s. around the bay we'll be in the
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upper 07s and at the coast, the mid 60s. so if you're looking for something to do on sunday, how about alameda? gorgeous town. sunny and warmer on sunday. 74 degrees forecast for the park street spring festival and by the way, it's the san francisco zoo for moms, free admission, again 67 degrees our forecast for there. here's what's happening high pressure is kind of battling with that low that produced all the snow out in the sierra. and as a result, we've got winds that are gusting up to about 30 miles per hour through the san bruno gap and breezy conditions elsewhere. as as well as. but those winds will ease up overnight because finally this low heads south and out and as it does the high pressure behind it begins to move over the west coast. and as the heights build in the atmosphere the temperatures come up as well. we've got warm weather beginning tomorrow but really warm weather by midweek. we'll show you that in a moment in the extended forecast but here's what we expect. the winds to ease up and temperatures to come up and heat wave midweek actually beginning on tuesday in the bay area. we'll be in the 90s for muff of the inland areas in the mid 80s
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around the bay. 48 in fresno tomorrow. 66 yucaipa and for mother's day temperatures range from the upper 60s along the shoreline to the mid 80s inland and i have to work, mom is -- not happy. down in the south bay the numbers are mostly in the upper 07s and low 80s. 88 morgan hill and 77 at mountain view and 66 at pacifica and 75 degrees at heyward. in the east bay things are beginning to worm. numbers in the 70s and 80s tomorrow. 79 pittsburg and at walnut creek 82 degrees. and way up north, still on the mild side. but beginning to get there clover dale the hot spot at 83 degrees. extended forecast we're going to be looking for numbers to look at this by tuesday in the mid 90s inland around livermore and walnut creek. wednesday in the upper 90s as well and then thursday, friday and saturday, we begin to ease up a little bit but not much. so a warm week ahead and warm nights ahead as well. in the bay area as we approach near record highs. betty? thanks brian.
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well, here's something you have to see to believe. meet 16-year-old taco fall from florida. he's the tallest high school basketball player in the nation. he's 7'5," that's four inches taller than shaquille o'neal and taller than anyone currently in the nba. his hands are nearly a foot long. his shoes? size 22. and he's still growing. >> we went to a doctor just to check in and he said that might add a couple more inches in a couple months. >> by the way, he also has a 4.0 gpa and wantings to be a biochemist if basketball doesn't work out. >> forget the canned anchor toss bettyment we're on tight -- betty. we're on together at the same time. look here we are. live. see? it's really her. >> you're too kind vern. unbelievable. hey it's over folks. the 2014 nfl draft. day three today in the books.
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and there was a time when all i had to say was giants and dodgers. and viewers would just lean forward, betty. oh you want to do it again. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [doorbell rings]
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hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. was placed on the d-l toda baseball loves top giants business, i got bad news and i got bad news. which one first? well, brandon belt was placed don dl today with a broken -- on the dl today with a broken left thumb.
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he's out an estimated six weeks. then there's this from the dodger game today. former dodger dusty baker invited back for a look. to say pablo sandoval is struggling is an understatement. struck out with a bases loaded in the 1st. his average is .174. top 2nd, buster posey at the plate and it's a blooper to right. puig dives no, he got the catch. it's 2-0 giants. matt cain now off the dl and left them loaded in the 6th. and jeremy affeldt came in and couldn't clean it up. matt kelp gets through. kemp gets through. puig scores the tying run but they're not done. uh-oh. 7th inning. d gordon, oh it's a little slapper past the drawn in infield. giants' bullpen allowed four runs. giants did have their chances against brian wilson the former closer for the giants loaded them up. but hunter pence popped it up and dodgers go on to win 6-2.
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the giants' lead in the west for now is a game and a half. a's under the lights tonight. nfl draft stanford tied a school record with six players picked in the nfl draft. incredibly enough, not linebacker shane scov. reportedly he has just signed with the raiders as an undrafted free agent. quarterback david fails became the first san jose state quarterback to be drafted since mike perez back in 1988. don't call in. jeff garcia went undrafted folks. fails was picked by the chicago bears in the sixth round. he threw 66 touchdowns in just two seasons with the spartans. and as we told you earlier in the newscast, linebacker michael sam has become the first openly gay player in the nfl and the missouri story won't have to go very far as it was selected in the draft's final round by the st. louis rams. as the 249th overall pick. 49ers, went on the defense
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with five of their seven choices this final day including three more defensive backs. here's a fun note on fourth round pick bruce ellington -- he was also a point guard for the university of south carolina basketball team. just to save that for a cocktail party or not and just throw it out. the raiders got a new car friday. second round pick derrick carr already touted as the quarterback of the future for that franchise. if you wondered for the star is little happy about being picked by the silver and black? >> i'm so happy. you know i'm a california guy. and -- you know, i'm happy to be here. you know i can't tell you like i said -- words can't express how happy i am to be an oakland raider plus i think my wife looks good in black. it will be a good thing. >> uh-huh. the raiders went all defense on the final day on the draft with three defensive backs and two linemen. will get our first look at all of these guys next friday for rookie mini camp.
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the browns, they feel johnny football is their guy. but other teams? not so much. on the former heisman trophy winner. the patriots were very critical of manziel's work ethic in a scouting report, that surfaced on the internet. something bill belichick didn't exactly deny. >> what's online -- i mean, go talk to the geniuses that are online. i don't know. my face, your face, instant face. go -- go talk to whoever you want that does that stuff. i don't know. >> yeah thank you coach. hey the familiar islands, 17th green tpc sawgrass. the players' championship. shot of the day. stuart sink from zoo yards out. he's -- 140 yards out. he's got a 9 iron and hits the eagle. he's six shots back. those other contendest like 20- year-old -- contenders like 20- year-old jordan spieth sank that putt to grab a share of
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the lead. bases loaded. 6-year-old trevor grabs one -- that's one out. stepped on third, that's two outs. pads the runner, that's three. that's how they do it in the little league. unassisted triple play. take that. little web gem. by that little fella. >> that's great. >> yeah. >> good for him. thanks vern. >> thank you vern. >> sod good and an hour from now we can probably see it again. also new at 6:30 -- campaign the save the bay area hospital is going into emergency mode. >> we don't get seen. the care would be delayed. and lives would be lost. >> why the hospital's serving a sizable community is flat lining. the simple thing it needs to do to stay alive. that story and more in a half hour. >> that's it for us at 5:30. we'll see you back here at 6:30. news updates always at [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,
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>> axelrod: tonight, the world is watching. nigeria steps up the hunt for hundreds of school girls as the cause and the victims. anger mounts worldwide over the slow response. debora patta has the latest. a police officer in texas fights for his job after shooting3- year-old woman allegedly armed with a gun. anna werner at the townhall meeting that decided his fate. and a master class for the next generation of jazz musicians. turns out they've got something to teach the master himself. >> reporter: this is about a lot more than music. >> yes, it is, much deeper than music. captioning sponsored by cbs


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