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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 14, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> good afternoon everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. we begin with some developing news over in the east bay. bullets fly near a high school in richmond. one student was rich. fire trucks, police officers blocked off the area in front of kennedy high school.
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kpix5's cate caugurian has been out at the scene all morning and joins olive. >> reporter: to give you an idea of how close this happened to the school. we are standing in the park where the student was shot. he walked across the street to kennedy high school where he got help. we will also tell you some parents are not convinced their children are safe. they have been coming to the school and taking their kids home. >> i can keep him safe. i'm not saying they didn't, but they did. but i can keep him safe, too. >> reporter: sylvia whitley raced to the school after hearing about the shooting on the news. the students were getting into their classrooms when they reported shots nearby. a group of people were fighting in the park across the street from kennedy high school and that is then a suspect fired a shot at a 14-year-old boy, a student at kennedy. the boy was shot in the leg and taken to children's hospital in oakland. administrators put their emergency plan in place locking down the school and a nearby elementary school. >> we have emergency
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preparedness strategies in place. school was locked down. teachers were told to stay in their class until all was clear and the kids would be kept safe. >> there are a lot of people in the area, not just students, so it will take a little bit of time for our detectives to get everybody interviewed so we can piece things together. >> reporter: richmond police say the other people involved in the fight ran away including the suspect. police don't have a description of the suspect just yet other than he is male. unsure if he is a student at the school. investigators are working on interviewing witnesses and the boy was shot to piece together why this happened. we know the boy is expected to be okay. reporting live, cate caugurian, kpix5 news. the heat wave will take temperatures into the triple digits. people heading to the as game dressed in shorts and t-shirts.
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the highs are partially to blame for a third day of spare the air day. you can see the haze is visible for miles. let's get right to meteorologist lawrence kamow on where these dangerous temps will top out. >> they are used to some of the hot temperatures inland, but we will see them in san francisco today. check this out. well above the average. usually in the 60s and the 70s this time of year. about 30 degrees above the average in san francisco. 93. if they hit that, that will be a record high. expect a high of about 94 in oakland, 96 in san jose, and 96 degrees in santa rosa. even some triple digits showing up in some of the valleys. so heat advisories are in effect for the afternoon and the evening hours. temperatures topping out in the 90s and the low 100s . there are some changes in the works. i think a cool sea breeze will be coming back to town.
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we'll tell you when in a couple of minutes. >> thank you lawrence. you can check on the forecast any time on and remember to send us your hot weather pictures. you can post them on instagram or on our facebook page. if you want to know how hot it is for you are, watch the bottom right of your screen where we will post the temperatures. and this was the scene yesterday along kirker pass road. there was a brush fire. and thousands of san diego residents are back home after being pushed down by a wild fire. the santa ana winds forced them to evacuate in the rancho santa fe area. a red flag warning remains in effect until 8:00 tonight. oakland has a new permanent
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police chief. it is shawn wind. his appointment doesn't come as a surprise. he took over last may when howard jordan abruptly designed. whent is credited with helping the department cut violent crime and carry out reforms. the mayor is expected to make the official announcement this afternoon. checking bay area headlines now. police executed search warrants at the hell's angels clubhouse early this morning. one person was arrested at the frisco local chapter of the club. the warrants are in connection with a felony assault investigation. a mountain view police officer has been arrested for possession of child pornography. they arrested kevin nguyen.
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a seven-year-old fremont boy will be sent to another school after he was accused of sexually harassing an eight- year-old classmate. after the mother of the girl passed out fliers, the district told the boy's family he would need to find another school. a museum for the womens of 9/11 preparing to open its doors. a look at the exhibit more than 11 years in the making. >> and another controversial move impacting the san jose fire department. how city leaders explain plans to reduce the number of people on fire trucks coming up.
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a bounce house -- with three children inside -- is caugh the wind and blown up into e
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>> a terrifying sight in up state new york. a bounce house with three children inside is caught by the wind and blown up into the air. a little girl fell out before it got too high, but two little boys fell from more than 15 feet above the ground and were seriously hurt. >> i look out and i see the bounce house go up. and it spun and the first little boy came out and landed in the middle of the road and the other little boy is the one i saw. he came down, hit his head off the back of my car right there. and then he landed on the ground. >> witnesses say the bounce house blew hundreds of feet into the air. the operator say it was properly installed and staked securely to the ground. riots have broken out in turkey after a tragic mining accident. over 200 workers have been killed by a mine explosion and over 100 are still trapped in the mine. the explosion knocked out power
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so the elevators didn't work. meanwhile, protesters are blaming the government. turkey had a worse mining disaster in 1992 when 263 workers died. new details about the president's plan to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on road and bridge repair. president obama is speaking minutes from now where he wants an infusion of infrastructure cash. he wants to make $700,000. he will announce a new executive order to streamline the process for federal projects. nearly 13 years after the september 11 attacks, the 9/11 memorial museum is set to open in new york city. this is a look inside where the stories and the images are displayed. there are also pieces of the twin towers to see. the museum will be dedicated to the victims tomorrow and officially opened next thursday. and now a story you will
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only see here on kpix5. san jose has one of the most thinly staffed fire departments because of budget. now there is talk of reducing the number of fighters on each truck to improve service. >> reporter: it could be san jose's unofficial motto. do more with less. >> we do less with less. >> reporter: doesn't matter whether it is a huge blaze or minor medical call. but with a tight budget, mayor reed said it is time to rethink four-man teams. >> another option is to deploy three firefighters on the engine. >> reporter: he is talking about the neighboring counties that sign just three people for ingin. they have 30 fire stations shown with the red markers. if you take a firefighter from each station and regroup them,
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you would have 30 firefighters to put on ten engines to deploy. >> that allows us to open all of our fire stations, eliminate our brown outs and improve response times in medical emergencies. >> reporter: the san jose firefighters union is fighting back with a media complaint. san jose has one of the lowest numbers of firefighters per capita and fire stations are on average six miles apart. >> you cannot reduce from four to three because firefighter safety will be compromised. fires are going to get bigger and the true outcome is we are going to continue to not make response times. >> reporter: the fate of the fire department could be determined by the next mayoral election. county supervisor dave korse is the only one who thinking reducing down to three is a bad idea. >> we shouldn't be playing that kind of russian roulette with
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people's safety. >> reporter: on the other hand, they say that because most of the calls are medical, they are overdeploying. >> san jose city leaders and the firefighters union do agree with the new teams. a poacher has been arrested. danny garcia of oreck has been cutting and stealing from redwood trees. they are after the burls because they are needed for highly prized furniture. new at noon, the iconic tower in san francisco reopens today. >> the land mark has been closed for months. a live look at the tower up onal on telegraph hill.
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anne makovec says it looks better than ever. >> reporter: it is open after six months of restoration work inside and out. >> it is almost beyond belief that this day would come that the building would be restored. >> reporter: ruth has a special connection to the tower. her father helped paint some of the 27 art deco murals inside. this little girl is modeled after her. >> it was done in a matter of a few weeks. >> reporter: the tower was built in the 30s by money donated by lily hitchcock. >> people know the tower is part of the city. >> reporter: the tower has been closed since november. they have upgraded everything from the plumbing to fixing cracks on the outside walls to fixing the windows to keep out moisture. >> it was in pretty bad
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disrepair. >> reporter: the renovations cost $1.7 million paid for through a ballot initiative nay san francisco voters approved in 2012. the most intricate work of restoring the murals depict scenes of life in california. the first publicly sponsored art in the country. >> i would like people to realize when these murals were panted, how much time has gone by, and yet how prophetic so many of the murals are. >> okay, anne makovec reporting there. there is a fee if you want to ride the elevator to the top. i highly recommend the elevator because the stairs take a long time. especially on a hot day. if you are going up there, bring a water bottle. >> maybe an ipod. >> it will be a long trip up there. all around the bay area, we have record breaking temperatures as high pressure is sitting overhead now. sunshine all the way to the
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coastline. we have those blue skies. the big changes are on the way. this will be the peak of the heat today. look at the numbers already. 92 in livermore. 86 in san francisco. 89 degrees in san jose, 86 in santa rosa. we are looking at the hottest day ahead here. the offshore wind continuing, but tonight, things begin to change. likely going to stay mostly clear, but see a cool sea breeze outside and a cooling trend beginning tomorrow. i think much cooler as we head toward friday and the weekend. but not before. we see one more day of record heat outside. this will be the hottest one. many records going to be shattered all around the bay area today. and of course, the air quality has been suffering. high pressure overhead trapping all that heat. another spare the air day.
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90s in palo alto. it could be up to the century mark in morgan hill. going to see many triple digits this afternoon. 99 in dublin. 100 in danville. very hot temperatures in the north bay. this will be the last day of the heat. tonight, we will get a little heat relief. you see the sea breeze kicking in later tonight. downtown san francisco today, 93. if it hit that's number, it will be a record. how about this, sunset at 8:12. sunrise at 6:00 in the morning. we will see the temperatures cooling down. more clouds, looks like we are headed back to normal on saturday and sunday and guys, it is going to feel so good to get the sea breeze going the next couple of days. >> no kidding. thank you lawrence. roberta gonzales with mobile
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weather. >> take it away! >> reporter: currently 79 degrees and as lawrence was alluding to, we are now picking up a sea breeze out of the west at nine miles an hour. do i have some as fans here? >> yeah! go as ! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: well, i did want to ask them if they were a little hot. but nay are talking about a sweep here today. game time is at 12:35. we want to bring in bob rose to tell us about the game today. very hot conditions. are you guys prepared? >> of course, of course. this is baseball weather. it is just a matter of fans staying hydrated. big hats, sunscreen. but it is really great baseball weather. it will be beautiful. we are trying to get seven in a row today. the we are hoping we can give our fans what they want which is a sweep. very creative. yeah. so it should be a nice day out
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here. >> reporter: sew not only is the weather hot, but the team is obviously hot as well. we have been really impressed with the attendance as of late. >> we have been scoring a lot of runs. bob melvin says it is the first time this year we are on all cylinders. pitching, hitting. so this is what you need to do. >> as you come up on the game today, visit us online on reporting from the coliseum. we will be right back after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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christopher columbus set sao discov the santa maria sa >> well, some explorers are pushing for the speedy excavation of what they believe is the remains of christopher columbus' santa maria. >> barry clifford says his family found the ship near haiti. he used a diary written by columbus to find the iconic vessel. >> the reason this has not been found is people were looking in the wrong place. but with the new location, we extrapolated the distance. found what we were looking for. >> the remains were found in just 10 feet of water. the haitian government will have to approve any excavation plans. and tony and stephanie have
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a cauliflower recipe worth trying. >> we are going to do a great dish with cauliflower. >> and salami. >> you asked me if i was crazy, but it is really good. heat up the cauliflower, then throw in the salami. it produces a nice flavor overall. >> and saute with a little bit of olive oil and chicken stock. roasted garlic. i'm adding pine nuts. >> a little bit of parsley. >> there we go. >> a little bit more parsley. >> let it cook together for just a little bit. >> turn the heat up a little bit. i'm adding some green olives. let's plate this. look at this. >> wonderful. >> that looks so cool. beautiful. thank you bella. this is my lunch by the way. dinner, breakfast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cameras popping up in a baya city. and we now know what ng.. but some >> coming up tonight at 5:00, mysterious cameras popping up in a bay area city and we know now what they are filming. some neighbors don't want them near their home. that story coming up at 5:00. finally, bruno, a beloved dog is hanging up his badge.
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>> the german shepherd got a good-bye ceremony in anaheim. he is credited with saving the lives of three officers and his police partner will now be his official owner. >> he gets to play. >> he does. >> and guys before we go, we wanted to say a big thank you to the christian academy journalist class. there they are, the future of television. you guys look great on tv. oh my. a handsome group. are you ready? >> okay. [ laughter ] ,,
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>> aly: how do i do it, taylor? how do i forgive you for killing my mother? >> taylor: >> aly: i'm not saying i can. or ever will. but you're the famous psychiatrist. so tell me how it's done. >> brooke: thorne! >> thorne: hey, brooke. >> brooke: hi! when did you get into town? >> thorne: earlier today. >> brooke: business? >> thorne: no. how are you? >> brooke: i guess you've heard. >> thorne: the rumors about you and bill spencer? >> brooke: and katnd


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