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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  May 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> jeff: tonight, should the white house do more? >> we need the white house, the president to come forward. >> as more evidence of treatment delays at v.a. hospitals emerges, the president is put on the spot. mark albert is in washington. >> in california, firefighters make new progress, but carter evans says approaching weather brings new dangers. >> a disease in coffee beans has done a billion dollars in damage. ann marie green says there is now a campaign to fight it. and new orleans newest saint. 20 months after devon walkers darkest day, a weekend to remember. >> one of my dreams comes true. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."
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>> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor with a western edition of the broadcast. congress will vote this week on whether the secretary of veteran's affairs should get new authority. some believe he should be stripped of all authority. and this weekend there is increasing pressure on his boss as well. the controversy continues over the long delays at v.a. hospitals across the country. the v.a. lead by eric shin schecki says at least three people have died waiting for care, a new report out today says the number is well over 100. and the government has already made millions to settle claims. >> mark albert is in washington. >> nobody is more outraged about this problem right now major than the president of the united states. >> white house chief of staff denis mcdonough in an interview with major garrett on sunday's "face the nation" defended president obama's handling of the v.a. scandal. three weeks ago, in the philippines, the president said he had ordered an investigation as soon as he learned of allegations that delays in treating veterans were being hidden on secret waiting lists. >> we take the allegations very
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seriously. >> but the president has not spoken publicly on the controversy since. garrett pressed mcdonough to explain why. >> almost three weeks, nothing from the president publicly. where has the president been? >> the president has been an active voice for increased resources and reform at the veteran's administration since he joined the veteran's committee in the senate over seven, eight, nine years ago. >> american legion commander daniel dellinger whose organization is the largest to call for the resignation of v.a. secretary eric shinseki said the president must do more. >> we need the white house, the president to come forward. he needs to make a statement to show the employees of v.a. that this needs to change now. >> the "dayton daily news" reported sunday it's review of a va database found delay in treatment was a factor in 167 deaths since 2001. the v.a. paid $36 million to settle claims of treatment delays. daily news reporter josh sweigart broke the story. >> there are a lot of veterans
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who rely on the system and they deserve as much transparency as possible. >> all of this is building up to a vote on wednesday in the house, on a bill that would make it easier to hire or demote high ranking v.a. officials. so far only one is left and he had already announced his retirement, jeff. >> jeff: mark, thank you very much. in california, evacuation orders were lifted today as cooler weather helps firefighters. but the reprieve from wildfires may be brief. 100% of california is now officially listed as being in a stage of drought. carter evans is in escondido. >> the fire break crews are cutting to fully contain the san marcos fire is nearly complete. firefighters have spent the last six days battling 11 wildfires around san diego, battalion chief nick schuller. >> there is no doubt crews are fatigued. they have been working 24, 48 hours prior to any relief showing up. >> with evacuation orders
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lifted, there are signs of gratitude everywhere. when todd smith returned home, he saw his burned backyard and could tell someone had fought hard to save it. then he saw this note. >> it says, "i helped put your backyard out." not a fireman, 17-year-old boy chris simons vista high school. >> it was written by 17-year-old chris simmons, a boy scout who went to san marcos to help. >> i just started going house- to-house putting out the fires. and my mentality was just to save as much as i can. >> he grabbed several fire extinguishers and worked with firefighters to douse flames in todd smith's yard. >> what he did really made a huge difference. i mean with my house, my fence was burned to the edge of my house. i could have lost my home. >> you knew you shouldn't have been here. >> oh yeah. my mom just always told me help out others, you know. do for as many as you can. don't be selfish. and just kind of give back to the world. there needs to be more people like that out there. >> they met for the first time today.
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>> thank you very much. >> no problem. >> even though this fire is nearly out, there is little time for rest for these crews. the driest months are still ahead. governor brown is reinforcing the ranks with an additional 300 firefighters. jeff, it's all in preparation for what could be california's worst fire season ever. >> carter evans, thank you. >> it is a huge deal in the telecom world. at&t is buying directv. at $95 a share the deal values directv at $48.5 billion. cbs news business analyst jell schlesinger is here with more on this. jill, at&t kicked off 2014 with its best first quarter subscriber in five years why are they interested in directv? >> at&t wants content, directv has content. directv also has 20 million customers here in the u.s. and a lot more in latin america, a place where at&t would like a
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nice foothold. from directv's standpoint, they've been losing business to places like amazon prime and netflix. in fact, if you look at the subscriber growth at netflix it was up over 22% over the last year, compared that with directv, less than 1% growth. >> jeff: so much happening in february, comcast said they were going to buy time warner for $45 billion. what is happening in the business right now? >> you know, we're changing the way we consume our television. people want the tv when they want it and they are willing to cut cord with the cable companies. in april, it was reported that 6.5% of households cancelled their cable services. and these cord-cutters are just trying to save some money. they're saying, i can pay $10 a month, that is a heck of a lot cheaper than 40, 50 or 60 a month. >> and the government is responding. >> well, the f.c.c. are finally getting into this. they've been talking about it for a while. last thursday, they took a vote to talk about whether or not they could advance the talks of, will there be new rules? are we going to let internet service providers, the ones who own the big pipes, can they charge content providers extra
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money to get faster access? it's called the fast lane, right? and what we're really worried about from a consumer point of view is, will that mean we end up paying more? >> and it likely will in the long-term, at least, one would think, jill, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> three people have been arrested in connection with that mining disaster in turkey that killed over 300 people this week. the disaster sparked protests across turkey after the government originally said negligence was not a factor. the last victim was buried today. record floods in the balkans have now killed close than 40 people in and triggered as many as 3,000 landslides. but that is not all. allen pizzey says there are fears landmines from the balkan wars could be on the move. >> as fast as people are rescued, more become victims. but helicopters could only rescue one at a time. the flooding has hit croatia as well as serbia and bosnia. the death toll has more than doubled since yesterday. serbia's main power plants are in danger of being swamped by what one rescue worker described
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as, "a monster." many of the flood victims were dislocated in the wars that ravaged the former yugoslavia in the 1990's. and the flood has brought it all back. there are fears that the raging waters have moved landmines and torn away the signs that mark some 9,400 fields sown during the war. a municipal official described the situation as, "a disaster." >> "water is up to the roofs," lucic said. "there isn't a single house that hasn't been flooded." >> estimates of the damage are running into hundreds of millions of dollars. but the real cost is one that those who already are paying it cannot begin to comprehend, never mind count. >> "we have nothing left," zlata ahmetspoahic said. "what shall we do, what shall we do?" with more flooding to come, it's a question no one can answer. allen pizzey, cbs news, rome. >> jeff: tuesday's primary day
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in half a dozen states across the country. with more on what to watch for alex burns of "politico" joins us from washington. alex, thanks for being here. what are you watching on tuesday? >> you know, jeff, i think this is a big day for the tea party. and potentially a real setback for the conservative wing of the republican party. you've got big republican primary elections in kentucky, georgia, pennsylvania and idaho, in all of those states, you have significant tea party candidates as that are likely to go down to their establishment-backed opponents. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell in kentucky, how does he do? >> you know, at the beginning of this election cycle, the tea party looked at mitch mcconnell is sort of the ultimate prize. if you could take this guy down, you just rock the party from top to bottom. it now looks like mcconnell will win that primary handily. there was a poll out in the last couple of days with him up 20 points on his challenger matt bevin, in the end, he will probably have a tougher time with his democratic opponent in the general election, even in conservative kentucky, than he
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has with his tea party challenger. >> jeff: in georgia, michelle nun, the daughter of sam nunn, is the front-runner for the democrats. she won't know her opponent for some time. why is that race of interest to you? >> when democrats talk about this senate map, they have very few opportunities to go on offense in states that are currently represented by republicans. but the two places where they justn offense are kentucky, the mentioned and georgia. an georgia. and in georgia it's just all about candidate quality. they really feel like with michelle nunn, a former non- profit executive, close actually to the bush family in some respects, they have a candidate who can make a state that is trending purple, flipped to the democratic side this year. >> alex, quickly, you're also watching what the tea party does in idaho. >> we are. there is a congressman up there, mike simpson, an establishment republican who has been attacked by all these outside groups on the right. if he manages to pull through it's going to be a big win for an ally of john boehner, the speaker of the house. alex burns from "politico", thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> the spacex dragon is back on earth. it splashed down in the pacific ocean carrying nearly two tons of equipment from the international space station. there was a five hour journey home. this is the fourth dragon vessel told successfully reenter earth's atmosphere. swiss voters today overwhelmingly rejected a proposed minimum wage of roughly $25 an hour. the highest in the world. business leaders argue the wage would hurt the swiss economy. later here, the blight on coffee crops that threatens to force up prices. and graduating college students in iowa have families watching in china, when the "cbs evening news" continues. ing news" continues. sfx: car unlock beep.
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>> reporter: it's called coffee rust, a fungus that is devastating some of the best arabica coffee beans in latin and central america. coffee growers in guatemala, el salvador, honduras, panama and costa rica have been hit the hardest. >> this is a disease that has been around for a long time. we believe that hotter and dryer growing conditions related to a changing climate is making it more prevalent. >> rajiv shah is the administrator of the u.s. agency for international development. >> in it's worst form it actually destroys the trees and prevents the future years from having agricultural output on those farms. >> reporter: many high-end coffee beans are grown on small farms by farmers who can't afford fungicides and lack the special training needed to avoid contamination. researchers say that coffee production in the affected areas will decrease by 15% to 40% in the coming years, severely impacting families. >> millions of kids would go hungry. economies throughout the region
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would face significant strife and the loss of the basic economic activity that supports 20, 30, 40% of their populations. >> large u.s. coffee companies like starbucks have been able to secure enough supplies avoid price increases. but it is the smaller boutique coffee houses that are so popular with coffee connoisseurs that may have to increase their prices if they don't get the fungus under control. >> tomorrow the u.s. government will announce a $5 million partnership with texas a & m university in an effort to stop the fungus from spreading and the coffee industry in latin and central america from rusting away. anne-marie green cbs news, new york. >> the commencement ceremony at the university of iowa business school had a new feature this year. it was live-streamed to china. >> today many emotions. >> translation was provided. the school took the unusual step because one in five students there are from mainland china. the number of international
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>> jeff: aaa says more than 36 million americans will travel 50 miles away from home memorial weekend. if you are not sure where to go, there are 50 state tourism departments eager to host you. each has their own idea about how to get you there. including a new one out this week. "visit nebraska, visit nice." here is vanita nair. >> the state of nebraska wants you to visit and they've spent three months and $75,000 researching their new slogan. here's what they unveiled earlier this week. >> and experience all the wonderful things our state has to offer. >> do you like it? >> the purpose of this campaign is to get people come off the interstate highway when they are driving through nebraska as fast as they can. but nice isn't going to get them off the highway. >> sharr prohaska teaches branding and tourism at new york university. she says, there say technique in creating a successful slogan.
6:21 pm
>> we have to catch them, it's like fishing. you have to have something that catches them right away. >> how can a state even know if it's ad is successful? >> for every dollar that goes into their advertising, the return on that dollar can be anywhere for some states as low as 48, some states around $330. >> some ads have been so successful they've gone international like virginia's ad for claiming it the state for lovers. and new york's famous "i love new york" campaign. >> ten years ago advertising firm r & r created the "what happens, here stays here" slogan for las vegas. it isn't just that ads are clever, they can generate tourism dollars. from 2012 to 2013, all 50 states combined spent more than $450 million for advertising and promotion. nationwide, tourism generated $888 billion in direct spending last year. an unsuccessful ad gets pulled almost immediately, like washington state's "say w.a."
6:22 pm
campaign that was retired in just six months, or alaska's "before you die" ad that lasted about 30 days." >> prohaska says branding a state in just a few years isn't easy. >> so much competition. you have to stand out. you have to distinguish yourself. >> her fear is that people who see nebraska's new ad won't have anything nice to say. vanita nair, cbs news, new york. >> jeff: california chrome's bid for the triple crown may have hit a bump. for the last six races, the horse has worn a nasal strip to help breathing. allowed in most states, but not in new york where the last leg of the triple crown is held. the trainer said today if belmont officials won't let california chrome wear the nasal strip, he may not run. >> still ahead, the incredible story of devon walker. one of our favorite things to do is going to the dog park together. sometimes my copd makes it hard to breathe.
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eric legrand speaking at rutgers university today. in 2010 legrand was paralyzed from the neck down while playing for the school's football team. since then, he has regained some movement. legrand wasn't the only player whose life was changed forever on the football field. he also wasn't the only player who inspired this weekend. >> devon walker was a senior safety for tulane university when in september 2012, he collided head on with a teammate and went down. >> definitely concerned about devon walker. >> jeff: the impact fractured his spine, leaving him paralyzed below the neck. >> charges say okay, next play, let's go. but i couldn't move. >> jeff: walker spent three months in the hospital. the courage and endurance he once applied to the game, he now used for his recovery. >> just being able to get out of bed and get dressed, you know,
6:27 pm
something that might have taken me 20, 30 minutes takes two hours now. >> his comeback winning him new fans along the way. this weekend, only a year and a half after his injury, walker was back in front of a packed stadium. devon walker, congratulations. >> he graduated from tulane with a degree in molecular biology. then he was invited to a mini- camp tryout for the new orleans saints where he heard his name called for a second time. >> we're signing devan walker to a contract today with the new orleans saints. even though will never take the field, coach sean payton says he earned the jersey. >> he's been an inspiration to our region, our community, new orleans, the tulane family and it's carried over to us at the saints. >> just to be a part of the team, just to be around the players, is more than i could hope for. >> jeff: a dream come true for new orleans newest saint. that is the "cbs evening news" tonight.
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later on cbs, 60 minutes. i'm jeff glor, cbs news in new york. join us for "cbs this morning," first thing tomorrow and scott pelley will be here tomorrow evening. good night. night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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han ever. why humidity is oeu -- is on a collision course with mother nature. a smelly situation only a sea lion can love. as millions of dead fish float to the surface, the question is, why? there is a problem, why california chrome's race for the triple crown could be in jeopardy now. kpix5 news is next ,,,,,,,,
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common in the near future. e warning from the governor --- as california prepares for its worst-evere seas events like this could be more common in the future. the warning from


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