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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  May 25, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. new information tonight on that deadly college town rampage. the previous encounters they had with the police and why they did not arrest him before. now, less than an hour ago we got word that three of the victims of friday night's rampage are from the bay area: they are from san jose and one from fremont. the santa barbara sheriff's office says the three were stabbed in their apartment bielliot roger before he went on a shooting rampage. we -- by elliot roger before he went on a shooting rampage. >> reporter: good evening. we are at the deli where one of
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the victims was shot dead. behind me, over the shoulder, this are plowers plugging the holes -- flowers in the holes plugging the bullet holes. the mother walked into the deli and stood in the spot where her son was standing where he was shot and a friend performing cpr. that mother, herself, a prosecutor, to see for herself earlier today. >> reporter: new video releases from one of the crime scenes showed college students ducking for cover inside of a deli as a gunman fired shots outside. the deli's owner knew the gunman, a 22-year-old elliot roger and he knew martinez, who was killed inside of his store. >> that could have been any of us. that could have been any of us, me, my friends, other employees here. >> reporter: sheriff, bill brown, says roger first stabbed three of his roommates to death before getting in his black bmw
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with three handguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. when he was through, 4 men, two woman were dead at 10 crime scenes. the sheriff says rogers was found dead in his crashed car with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. the police have three encounters with rogers in three years, the most recent, a few weeks ago. that was after his parents called the police because they came alarmed on videos he was posting on his youtube channel. >> i hate all of you. >> he was able to make a very convincing story that there was no problem, he was not going to hurt himself or anyone else. and, there -- he did not meet the criteria for further intervention. >> reporter: the sheriff is deneglecting criticism that his deputies could have done more. >> we wish we could of turned the clock back and change things. >> reporter: his parents are cooperating with the investigation. >> there are published reports tonight that right before the
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shootings started here, the parents of the shooter got a head's up. they apparently were able to read the manifesto and read the videos that the shooter posted on-line and the parents allegedly called the authorities. so, what happened? we will have more on that coming up tonight at 6:30. we are live innocent santa barbara county, brian, back to you. >> all righty, david, thank you. >> more now on that deli owner where this chilling video came from. you can see people diving for cover and hiding in the aisles and making a run for it as bullets were running outside. as joy benedict joins us, that deli owner is now trying to move forward. >> reporter: as the memorial grows, shoppers return to the vista mart, reopening for the first time since a gunman shattered windows and lives. >> you never exfect exfect -- expect it to happen in your store. >> reporter: they have been running this store for years in
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this college community. on sunday, people stopped by to check on them. the person who died inside of this store friday night was 20- year-old chris martinez. >> people came together in, he was the last to entrepreneurer the store. >> reporter: sam was not here but surveillance caught it. customers hiding, a refrigerator door shattering from a bullet. a young woman calling 911, reaching out to someone we can not see. that is because the third camera, we will not show you, captured chris martinez, dying. >> two of the friends were trying to revive him. trying to give him cpr and all of this but it was not successful. >> reporter: martinez was a regular in the store and so was the gunman, elliot roger. >> you never expect this guy to do this. he was quiet. very, very friendly. >> reporter: the store has been a staple in this college community for more than 13 years. and they say it will take several weeks before they can replace all of this broken
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glass. >> we are part of the family. we are. they are part of our family. so, it is tragedy. >> reporter: that is why his thoughts are with his students that witnessed the unthinkable and the families that lost so much. >> it was -- including his family, elliot's family, it is their tragedy, too. >> we have continuing coverage on the rampage on our web site a 9-year-old girl shot while playing in front of her east oakland home is paralyzed from the neck down. the shooting happened on may 16th. the police say two men came up and fired more than 10 rounds. jacqueline was hit in the neck by a stray bullet and remains hospitalized in critical condition. another man who the police believe was the intended target was injured in the shooting. the police are still looking for leads on the suspects. a chp officer is hospitalized with serious injuries after his car was
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rammed from behind. by somebody who may have been drinking. the officer pulled the driver over at 8:00 this morning. the officer was looking at his comput computer on the passenger side. the driver pulled over, jumped out of his car and rushed to upon help the officer. >> they had to keep the door open. it is dry. get out there. took him out of the car. told him i needed to get away, gas was leaking. hi to think fast. i grabbed him, i pulled him out. another guy came up and dragged him out. >> the officer suffered a broken leg and fractured skull and had to undergo surgery. the chp says the driver that hit the patrol car may have been impaired by alcohol and drugs. speaking of impaired drivers, the hospital says a lot of californians have been driving drunk this holiday weekend. the chp has arrested 822 people statewide for dui's so far. 147 of those arrests have been
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in the 9 bay area counties. a peaceful protest over an officer-involved shooting that left a man dead earlier this week. hundreds of people walked through the streets of careying flags calling for respect. dignity and justice. the so called march against salinas police brutality started this morning. >> they are asking for change. that is what you see here. hundreds of people coming out. popular messages, asking for answers and justice. the leaders were here to support the efforts, we want to see positive messages. the police have a difficult job here. >> reporter: tuesday's deadly shooting was captured on video. the incident prompted a ryeiot on wednesday. still ahead, a progress report on a closed section of a busy bay area freeway. the race to reopen for tuesday morning's rush hour. imagine walking for 24 hours straight, that is what a group of students and their
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parents did in oakland. the message they are sending.
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weekend is moving along on schedule. caltrans workers are caltrans says the construction that shutdown highway 280 this week send moving along on schedule.
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caltrans workers are replacing bridge hinges and installing larger and stronger ones. the hinges allow the bridge to accommodate expansion and contraction as well as movement caused by a earthquake. 280 is closed southbound from 6th street to highway 101. this is an ongoing process. and, we have not done this type of operation before. so, we will -- actually nothing is going to surprise us what we are trying to do is just maintain the schedule right now. caltrans says there say lot of work to do but right now they are on track to reopen at 5:00 on tuesday morning as scheduled. dozens of students in oakland spent the weekend working out during a 24-hour relay. the group called the everforward club. hosted the event at oakland technical high school. students and adults formed teams of 10. each member walked around or walked a mile around the school tracked for 24 hours. and, yes, they did have tents to camp out in to take a break.
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-- >> it is about upon upon helping out the community. all about helping, like, give being them a challenge. exciting. >> this was the group's 10th annual event. all funds focus on achieving academic goals and improving their community. i was in the neighborhood and thought i would stop by. honoring service members this memorial day. president barack obama makes a surprise trip to afghanistan under the cover of darkness. meanwhile, we are in san jose looking live. a lot of blue out there. the surprise of our own, ahead in the extended forecast, that is coming up, after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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thunder motorcyle rally was heard throughout the nation's capi start your engines for the rolling thunder motorcycle rally. that thunder was heard throughout the nation's capitol today. 4,000 bikes took part in the ride for freedom from the pentagon to the national mall. president barack obama surprised the troops for memorial day with a surprised trip in afghanistan. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> the president got a welcome from hundreds of soldiers at the airfield this morning. nobody there knew he was coming until after he landed. >> i was in the neighborhood and thought i would stop by. >> he promised limited u.s. military in afghanistan starting next year. >> america's war in afghanistan will come to a responsible end. [cheers and applause] >> the u.s. has been in afghanistan for almost 13
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years. with 33,000 troops still there. mr.barack obama invited afghan president to the base to meet but he declined. pope francis is wrapping up his trip to the middle east with a stop in jerusalem. for the first time ever, a pontiff flown directly to the west bank instead of israel. the sign of the vatican support for a palestinian state. >> reporter: pope francis arrived in israel international airport on sunday for the final leg ofs his pilgrimage to the holy land. the top officials lined up to shake his hand as he walked a red carpet complete with an honor guard. he says he is hoping and praying for tolerance and an end to violence in the region. the president thanked the pontiff for his strong stand on anti-semitism. >> believing in coexistence within our borders and continue to search for piece beyond it
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them. >> he arrived in televiv following a visit where he celebrated mass at major square. that is close to where christians believe jesus was born. he made an unexpected stop praying at the wall. francis reiterated his wish that leaders on both side of the conflict work towards peace during a meeting with the palestinian president. the mostly muslim community of 14,000 refugees welcomed the pope and see him as an advocate for peace. the pope told hundreds of children from refugee camps they are a gift that must be protected. >> he actually paid much, much attention to what we said. he listened carefully to us. >> he finished where he met with a matriarch. someone in san francisco is rich stkp-pbt -- rich tonight
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and may not know it. that person bought a winning ticket. here are the winning numbers. but first, let's take a picture of a person we know who did not punch that lotto ticket and not rich. >> there he is. yes. but we do have -- we have these glad tiding in the bay area tomorrow. plenty of sunshine and the temperatures will range. this is summer time for you. that is appropriate. memorial day marks the unofficial beginning of summer. it will be from the low 60s along the shorelines to near 90 degrees inland. before we begin by looking at current temperatures around the bay area it is 87 still if concord and 92 in santa rose a. the temperatures just sky rocketed today. and, it is kind of along that thinking that we begin with
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this, a hurricane. a hurricane not in the atlantic but in the pacific, a mand a. the reason we are showing it to you. not a threat to land. it is off shore from cabo san lucus because it had 155 mile- an-hour winds making it the strongest hurricane ever to form in may in the eastern pacific. interesting with all of the talk that we had about global warming and it has been a dry year in california. we got unusually strong hurricane this early in the season, again, poses no threat to land. high pressure over nevada keeping us high and dry. warming for memorial day, then, this low pressure kicks in, mild conditions beginning on tuesday with a stronger onshore push with the cooler sea breeze. numbers coming down on tuesday. they were up today. getting one more warm day and cooling down on tuesday. nearly normal weather for the week ahead.
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and nearly normal looks like this. 72 degrees in burling game today and 82 at redwood city, down in the south bay, lookinga it coming in. 85 at campbell. 84 for san jose. down to 101 and then. >> in gilroy. in the east bay, near 100 degrees again tomorrow. 89 for livermore. 84 for less antton. raindrops fall in bakersfield. it will fall out of the strait. the temperatures 79 degrees, that was a nice transition. [ laughter ] 63 at bodega bay. north bay, low 80s, for the most part along the shoreline, 68, the extended forecast is calling for things to remain nice and warm on monday. tuesday we cool it down and then by the end of the week we will be in the middle 70s. so, one thing we can pretty much guarantee, it will not
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rain on your parade, ann? >> nice. >> that is what they are talking about. sanfrancisco's weekend long carnival wrapped up wrap -- carnaval parade. it takes place in rio next month. in is the 36th year for san francisco's carnaval party. latin-american and caribbean culture and traditions. giants are playing, maybe we can plan a parade of our own. >> well, you might have one the way they are going in october. the best record in major league baseball right now. they can not wait to leave the bay area after their series with san francisco and the indy 500, folks, you did not see this, stick around ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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spectacle in american racin but its been since 2006 tha american h .. the indy 500 is the greatest spectacle in american racing. it has been since 2006 that an american actually won it. [singing] mostly a clean race, but wi0 laps to go, townsend bell hs red flag comes gomer pile still doing his thing. most he a clean race, 10 laps to go. bell hit the wall and red flag comes out to clean it up. now, ryan was the leader when the race resumed. but, with 5 laps to go, he was passed on the inside.
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but then, 4 laps to go, hunter ray, a dangerous but gutsy move down low, clipping the grass, reclaims the lead. three laps to go. the lead was taken from hunter ray. then the white flag comes out just in time for hunter ray to reclaim the lead for the final time. with his girlfriend looking on. she can not believe it. hunter ray comes to the finish line with hunter ray out in front. the second closest finish in the history of the race. he was denied his 4th career win for the american ryan hunter ray. [ laughter ] >> i can't even think. we did every willing right today. that is what it takes to win this race. i have been watching this race since i was in diaper. that is what my son did today. >> it was great tv.
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i was having a great time. unfortunately, 2nd it is good but 2nd sucks. [ laughter ] >> yes. great race today at indy. the last time minnesota visited at&t park, they allowed 8 runs in less than 1 inning. the worst start in his career. after this week, the twins wanted to get out of town as fast as they could. you know, you are hot when stuff like this continues to drop in. scoring 1-0, giants take the lead. he allows 1 run off of three hits in 7 innings, he struck out the star, meyers, he had 10 strike outs today. bottom of the 3rd, now, taking the starter. ricky, going deep for his 6th home run of the year. sanfrancisco. bases loaded, that is a fair ball. down-the-line. going to clear him. make it 7-1. more 3 for 3. they
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win 8-1. they get the squeak and their major league best 32nd win. the hero loves the home cooking, giants win. >> a's trying to avoid a sweep in the house that joe carter built. a little over a year ago, he was hit in the head, he has come back strong. struck out a season high today. now, he would not allow a run in in 18 straight innings. in the 4th. the streak is over. hit in the upper deck. the bluejays take the lead. bases loaded in the 5th. now, he singles to left off of johnson, one run scored. but, coming up throwing. he has jose at the plate. having a run. 3-0 on it. and hitting one halfway to buffalo. cutting the lead to 2. that was the only run they came up with today. they scored 5 times in the
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series. suddenly, the a's, who had the best record in baseball, had 4 straight. >> how about josh beckett. an out away from a no hitter. >> the first, now on 3 and 2 to utley. >> now. the first no hitter. >> yes. the first in dodger history since 1996. today, he did it. jason in the colonial in texas. the second play off hole. to the edge of the green. gets the birdie. and we go to a 3rd sudden death. on the next one, another birdie putt for the win. scott, just took over the number one ranking in the world from tiger woods gets the first win of the year. he was a late entry into that tournament. >> that is incredible. that is it for us at 5:30. we will see you back here in half an hour. >> with updates always on
5:58 pm "cbs evening news"es is next ,, -- is next ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> jeff: tonight new details and new questions. police investigate ten different crime scenes after that mass shooting in santa barbara. but what about the visit they paid to see elliot rodger's apartment. the president lands in afghanistan for a surprise visit. >> al qaeda is on its heels in this part of the world, and that's because of you. >> jeff: major garrett will have details. pope francis in jerusalem, tonight, bethlehem earlier, extending an invite to israeli and palestinian leaders to meet at the vatican. allen pizzey on what's next. and they'll feed your parking meter just to make a point. >> we're all working towards having a freer society, i would say. less government, more personal freedom. >> jeff: don dahler says not everyone is happy. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cve


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