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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  June 13, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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,, your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. a country in chaos as cities fall and the capital is the next target. now president obama is weighing in on the crisis in iraq. good afternoon, i'm michelle
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griego. frank is off. developing news this noon. the islamic militants are posing the biggest threat to the country's stability since u.s. withdrew from iraq. as craig boswell reports, the obama administration says the troops are not going back. >> reporter: sunni militants are continuing their advance toward iraq's capital. the al qaeda-inspired fighters captured two new towns northeast of baghdad and are about 60 miles from the city. the insurgents known as the "islamic state in iraq and syria" are vowing to destroy shiite mosques and shrines. during friday prayers, a spokesman for iraq's top shiite cleric called on all iraqis to defend their homeland. volunteers are flocking to army recruiting centers. these men will receive one day of training before being deployed to fight alongside iraq' troops. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki called on washington for help. president obama addressed the unfolding crisis as he departed the white house friday.
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>> we will not be sending u.s. troops into combat in iraq but i have asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options that could help support iraq's security forces and i'll be reviewing those options in the days ahead. >> reporter: the president said the fact that many iraqis' security forces are not willing to stand and fight is evidence of political problems inside the country. he said this should be a wake- up call for iraq's political leaders who need to figure out how to make the government more inclusive. craig boswell cbs news, washington. >> iraq's former enemy iran has sent troops into iraq to help fight the insurgents. iran is predominantly a shiite muslim country. right now army sergeant bowe bergdahl is back in the united states after five years as a taliban hostage. he arrived in san antonio, texas overnight where he will begin the next phase of recovery. the 28-year-old will undergo psychological treatment at an army medical center. he will be reunited with his family in texas. the army is still investigating allegations he deserted his
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post and has yet to determine if he will face prosecution. san jose police are investigating the city's 19th homicide. a man was found shot to death on south 12th street around 10 p.m. was night. a large group of men was fighting across from happy hollow. when officers arrived last night, one man was dead. no arrests so far. a hayward man is dead after a fire ripped through a mobile home overnight. anne makovec on the search by investigators into what happened. >> reporter: fuchsia court here in hayward was closed down for much of the morning as firefighters tried to figure out what happened. firefighters got the call at about 3:00 a.m. and when they got hereby the home was engulfed in flames. they had to break in through the front door and they found a man lying close to the entryway, obviously deceased. but at first, firefighters did not know if he died in the fire or before it. no other homes were damaged in the fire. >> they are closely packed inside there and we did have concern initially of what we
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call an exposure which is an adjoining unit and we made surefire did not extend to that. so fire was only contained to the one fire unit. >> reporter: firefighters will now determine how that man died and what exactly started the fire. they do say, however, it does not appear to be suspicious. in hayward, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the fire was knocked down in about 20 minutes. no one else was in the home. new at noon, governor chris christie of new jersey is in san francisco to raise money for his fellow republicans. this morning, he stopped at a flower shop warehouse on 7th street along with neel kashkari the republican nominee for governor in california. christie saw the to play up kashkari's chances against incumbent jerry brown even after a bruising republican primary. >> when the republicans who supported his opponent look at the difference between neel and what he will do for california versus what governor brown has done for california, they are
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going to vote for neel. his job will be to reach out to independents and democrats. >> this noon christie is at a $10,000 a plate fundraiser for the republican governor's association. it's also an effort by christie to repair his reputation after a bridge closing scandal in new jersey. christie proving he has a sense of humor. last night on the tonight show he danced with jimmy fallon in a father's day edition of the evolution of dad dancing. so in his dad khakis and polo he busted some moves like the belt grabber and the lawnmower. and he also did his impression of dancing at the republican and democrat conventions. quite the difference there. when fallon closed with a dance called this bridge is closed, as part of the act, christie walked off stage. in bay area headlines, prosecutors may file additional charges against a north bay teen accused of credit card theft. 19-year-old [ non-english language ] of rohnert park was in court today but didn't enter a plea. he already faces accusations of
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fraudulently renting a $240,000 sports car and two vacation homes. now prosecutors are also considering charges of underaged drinking and identity theft. former bart police officer johannes mehserle is back in court today. he is expected to testify again in a civil lawsuit filed against him by the father of oscar grant. mehserle served a two-year prison term for shooting and killing grant at a bart station in 2009. grant's father is seeking unspecified damages from mehserle and bart. florida prosecutors have decided not to file charges against 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. a woman had filed a complaint after what she described as a wild night of partying in miami with kaepernick and two other nfl players. but prosecutors say there is "no" evidence of any crime. los angeles clippers owner donald sterling is going after the nba and other team owners. the ap reports sterling's lawyers have hired four private investigation firms. they will spent the next month trying to dig up dirt on the
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league. ap's source says they will check owners of the 29 other teams for reports of any off- color jokes or racist or sexest remarks. sterling is suing the nba $1 billion for trying to oust him. frank mccourt had no comment for reporters as he made his way to a courtroom for bryan stow's beating trial in los angeles. stow's family is suing the team and mccourt saying he skimped on money for security at the game when stow was beaten. mccourt told the jury he was not heavily involved in the implementation of game security. the defense also said there was more security than at any other dodgers opening day. today is the first full day of competition in the world cup soccer tournament in brazil. just a short time ago, mexico defeated cameroon 1-nil. the crucial play happened in the 61st minute. a ball was drilled into the left corner a and the mexico goalkeeper made a late save on a header to preserve the lead and so far latin america is on
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a roll. brazil beat croatia last night. a dramatic end for a dangling mansion. the home was set on fire. >> reporter: we have recently discovered what homeless people have known for years. those monthly storage units make great temporary housing. i'm kiet do with the story coming up. >> live in the embarcadero i'm roberta gonzales on this 13th day of the month of june. it is seasonal. it is bright! and we have your father's day forecast as the news continues right here on kpix 5. any flavor of ice cream...
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your favorite style of cake. endless possibilities.
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baskin robbins father's day cake. pick one up today. priceline is buying san francisco-based "open table the online ticket site will
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tech sector pushing stocks higher. dow is up 50 points. priceline is buying san francisco-based open table. the online ticket site will pay $2.6 billion to help it branch into new businesses. open table helps more than 15 million subscribers a month with dining reservations. and where's home to the happiest workers? the south bay's san jose is number one. that's according to a new glass door survey on employee satisfaction. 50 of the nation's biggest metro areas were rated for things like hiring, career opportunities and compensation. no surprise, san francisco places second followed by washington, d.c., norfolk, virginia and salt lake city. time is running out on crafting a new state budget and lawmakers face a painful consequence. governor brown is proposing a record $107 billion in spending. but he also wants to beef up the rainy day fund and pay down debt. the budget could include money for preschools, courts and the bullet train. but if lawmakers do not pass a
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balanced budget by sunday, they forfeit their pay. time is running out for muni workers whose contract runs out at the end of the month and union negotiators have left the bargaining table. they were urged to return by community leaders. if there's no deal by the end of the month, the current contract will be extended for another year. there are some surprising places people are calling home in the south bay. kpix 5's kiet do is in san jose with the story. reporter: at central self- storage in downtown san jose this is the closest thing some people have to a home. it's a phenomenon service providers have heard about but not really seen until now. the homeless using monthly storage units as shelter. you hang out here during the day? >> some days i do. >> reporter: we found bill francis cleaning up his 5 by 10- foot unit. he lives off social security and a small pension. the rules here are strict. no sleeping overnight, no dumping trash, and doors must stay open. bill's unit costs $98 a month and comes with a light bulb which he uses to charge his cell phone.
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>> i wouldn't call it injury rigging. -- i wouldn't call it jury rigged. that's just an extension cord. that's all this is, this is an extension cord. >> reporter: you don't feel sorry for yourself? >> no. >> reporter: nick martinez recently started renting his 5 by 6-foot unit for $64 a month. he survives on $825 a month in disability by sleeping in his van. is there a temptation to sleep the night there sometimes? >> you know what i tell you the truth, people have done it before. >> reporter: this man, who didn't want his face shown, has hung out every day in his 100- square-foot unit for the past 7 years. >> the stress is on you every night, where you're going to stay, it's kind of scary, survival. >> reporter: the city's code enforcement unit says they have gotten zero complaints and as long as nobody is sleeping or cooking here, hanging out at these storage units is not illegal. >> we have 5,000 people homeless on any given night. >> reporter: project manager ray bramson says the isolation is unhealthy. >> the idea that people aren't being connected to services regardless of where they are in the community, it is something that we want to support.
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>> reporter: the company released a statement saying, we do not discriminate against customers that abide by the company policies which includes strictly prohibiting anyone living within the unit. bay area rent is at an all-time high. and storage units have become one more way to get by. >> everybody trying to survive no matter where they are. >> reporter: we have visited other storage units in the city and as far as we can tell, this is going on widespread in san jose. but the city has no idea exactly how many people are doing this because it's so hard to count them. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> san jose officials don't know how many people are using storage units for shelter as it's spread out over the city with people coming and going at all hours. a luxurious texas mansion on the verge of sliding off a cliff is getting a fiery send. >> off. owners set it on fire parts of it tumbling down the cliff.
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the owners would have had to pay $200,000 if the home crumbled into the lake below. burning it down only cost them $50,000. it was purchased a few years ago for over $700,000. let's go now to roberta gonzales. she is enjoying the sunshine and the warmth on the san francisco waterfront. i'm a little jealous. >> you should be, michelle! it's glorious out here. a perfect day in june. we are at 67 degrees. numbers in the mid-60s to the mid-70s in the santa rosa area. otherwise, concord, livermore and san jose all low and mid- 70s. interesting enough, take a look at this. there is no june gloom at all. we have a little finger of fog off the redwood city coastline there from san mateo coast all the way into santa cruz. otherwise, your weather headlines for this friday, sunny and warmer, more sunshine over the weekend and it's going
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to be nice for dad's day. why? check this out. a pacific satellite high pressure anchored offshore area of low pressure to the north of us is going east allowing high pressure to expand. so the bottom line, we are going to see warmer temperatures this weekend starting off with sacramento at 88 degrees. low 90s in fresno. mid- and high 60s in the greater lake tahoe area. monterey bay, clearing of the skies, mid-60s. your numbers in and around our microclimates, 64 degrees in pacifica today to 60s and 70s across the bay. mid- to high 70s in the santa clara valley, low 80s not north, mid-80s to the east with a west weather 15 to 20 on the seashore. by the time the sun goes down tonight at 8:33 we'll see patchy fog along the coastline but clear inland. sunrise at 5:47. there is your extended forecast. notice the numbers very similar each day over the weekend. and then gradual cooling through tuesday. we are live here off pier 22 and a half outside fire station number 35 because this
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is the home of the 60-year-old fire boat by the name of phoenix and that's what we're talking about in today's "where's roberta?" [ horn ] reporter: in the early 1900s, the city of san francisco operated two fire boats and the tradition continues today. although the original boats have been replaced, the phoenix is the city's oldest boat and it's based at firehouse 35 at pier 22.5 at the port of san francisco. >> it's been around since the 1950s and it still plays a vital role in protecting our waterfront and in helping out in emergencies out in san francisco bay. >> not a lot of people know that it's here until they walk by on the embarcadero and they will see the two fire boats tied up and all of a sudden they realize that, you know, they got a couple of fire boats. it's kind of like an undiscovered treasure, i think. >> reporter: this is so cool! am i a good driver? >> very good. >> reporter: you get paid for doing this? >> yes! [ laughter ] >> the phoenix is a movable hydrant, very large hydrant, that's sitting upon an
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unlimited water supply. >> reporter: how much water does it pump out when we see those sprays? >> about 9,000 gallons per minute. >> from a boat that's 64 years old. >> 5 degrees port. >> reporter: what's the best part of your job? >> this view right here, it's pretty nice. the times we come out here, you just consider how lucky you are to be able to serve in this role. [ foghorn ] >> reporter: and the phoenix was extremely instrumental during the loma prieta earthquake back in 1989 in which it pulled up to shore and it pumped water on to the marina district to extinguish fires. as a result, anonymous donors donated $300,000 for the purchase of a second fire boat which is right behind me here and its name is the guardian wave to the firefighters who did assist in those firefighting efforts at loma prieta earthquake. they are from station 35. if you want more information
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visit us online at click on "links and numbers." have a great weekend, everybody! we'll be right back after this. ,, ,,,,,,
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one concern is itching... a it's not always just a flea problem... there are other causes that can make your anim summer is coming and potential problems with your pets. itching is not always just a flea problem. there are other causes that can
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make your animals miserable. and joining us today to talk about this is veterinarian dr. sandy hazanow. thank you for coming. >> thank you, michelle. >> all right. so first of all, causes. what are some of the causes of itching in pets? >> well, itching is one of the biggest problems that we have in dogs and cats. the number one cause for both is fleas. once you have the fleas eliminated and you have to do it effectively, once the fleas are gone on all pets, then you can figure out the other causes. the ones i most commonly see are bacterial or parasitic or fungal skin infections and also allergiesen to environmental allergens like pollens or dust mites. people think food allergist are the number one thing but they are very rare. dermatologists feel that less than 10% of itchy dogs and cats are associated with food allergist. >> how can you tell what's
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causing the itchiness? >> it's actually a pretty difficult task to figure it out. one of the things that's important is a thorough history that the veterinarian can get and usually one of the things i find out is how long the pet has been itchy, if there's a seasonality to it. the age of onset is important. usually with allergies such as inhalants or environmental allergies they start itching sometime between one and three years of age. we also do microscopic examinations of the skin and either biopsies or impressions to look for organisms. and skin scrapings and such. and then, you know, figure out what's going on. it takes a while. it's a frustrating problem for everyone, owners and veterinarians. >> but once you figure it out then you can treat it so that's great. thank you for coming on the show. if you have questions about your pets, post them on our facebook page or email us at we'll offer answers fridays at noon.
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we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rattlesnakes-- after a bay man gets bit. why more of the reptiles are slithering bay coming up tonight at 5:00 a warning to look out for rattlers after a bay area man is bitten. why they are slithering into bay area homes. that and more at 5:00. finally, it's ail summer job like no other. some college students in wisconsin have been trying out for a job delivering mail.
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it requires speed and dexterity to jump off a boat, stuff mail into a box on the dock, and then get back on the boat while it's still moving! more than a dozen people trying out for one of four slots and they learned if you mess up, you not only don't get the job, but you get left behind. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. have a great afternoon, everyone. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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