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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  June 29, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> glor: announcements from the department of veteran's affairs and they want a surge across the border in washington. >> who is winning a battle for a north of baghdad? charlie d'agata reports iraq. he lanage barrier that some health professionals say is becoming a matter of life or death. >> what's at stake? >> and this orangutan is the first of its kinds. a break through that scientists hope will save a species. >> they are so quickly and we need to save what we can while we can.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening everyone i'm jeff glor with a western edition of the broadcast and the weekend is off to a run at the white house. word today of two major announcements coming monday. the first, president obama has picked a new head of the struggling va. former procter & gamble ceo robert mcdonald will be the next secretary of veterans affairs. he is 61 years old, he's a 1975 west point graduate. the va has been without a permanent leader since the reservation of former secretary eric shenk sheikh on the 30th. they do need senates approval. the second piece of news the white house also tomorrow will ask more than $2 billion to handle a surge of illegal immigrants. more than 50,000 children without parents have been stopped by u.s. agents in the past nine months. for now, they're being housed in overflowing shelters. the question is how to return them. mark albert has more on that.
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>> the sudden influx on children has left them scrambling for options from college campus in virginia to an empty wal-mart in new york. republican congressman michael mccaul said the numbers, unprecedented. >> it's a crises like nothing i've ever seen before at the border. we have refugee camps and my and your home state of texas. it's a very serious concern. i don't think the flow will stop until the message of deterrent is sent. >> with broader immigration reformed stalled until after the midterm elections, president obama will now ask congress to take emergency action. his request will include at least $2 billion for better screening and housing. fast track authority for faster deportations. and tougher punishment for those caught smuggling children. the administration is also trying to stop a pervasive rumor that children who cross the u.s. border will be allowed to stay. the president delivered this message to central american parents during an interview with abc.
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>> do not send your children to the borders. if they do make it, they'll get sent back. more importantly, they may not make it. >> the white house calls this an urgent humanitarian situation, and says it's request to congress will include a border security surge and significant increase in immigration judges. jeff. >> glor: mark al bert, thank you very much. the battle for the control of the iraqi city ot tikrit stepped up today with government forces posting additional air power while sunni militants made new claims of their own. charlie d'agata is in baghdad tonight. >> the iraqi military says it's troops have continued to push toward crete and handed out this video as proof that they're gaining ground while isis militants and sunni insurgents in a streak northern city. military spokesman said today, "we can confirm the morale of the enemy has started collapsing completely." but that may be an optimistic assessment, and meant to boost their own morale. local security sources say
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fierce fighting from militants for government troops to pull back to around 15 miles south of the city. the iraqi military has insisted what's needed most is air power and repeatedly criticized the united states for not doing enough to provide it. iraqi air force for years has used small propeller aircraft, most recently loaded with u.s. hell-fire missiles to hit isis positions but it hasn't been enough. so iraq made something of a show of it's delivery of used fighter jets that came from russia and all the way these secondhand jets may look a little worse for wear, but iraqis say they'll have them flying bombing missions as early as tuesday with the help of russian experts. that's if they find the pilots qualified to fly them. what is clear is it's going to take more than a handful of aging fighter jets to defeat isis militants.
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a source told us today that the iraqi military may have severely under-estimated the strength and determination of isis saying in the past you had terrorists or you had an army. in this case, you have both. jeff. >> glor: charlie d'agata, thank you very much. isis by the way, short for the islamic state of iraq and syria changing its name to is for the islamic states. claims its creating a come tree on the land it seized. iraq was the focus of secretary state kerry's just completed diplomatic mission to the middle-east margaret brennan was there and has this reporter's notebook. >> traveling with the secretary of state always has a sense of urgency to it. but this trip had a different level of intensity. in part because of the rush to stop the advancing radical sunni insurgents from seizing territory in two stops in iraq were kept secret. in baghdad, kerry flew in via u.s. military plane, unlike our
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last trip there, kerry wore a helmet and flap-jacket. here inside the u.s. the largest diplomatic outpost in the world seems virtually empty. all about essentially u.s. personnel have been moved into safer locations, some safer locations, some outside the country. >> this is a critical moment for iraq's future. >> in meeting with iraqi leaders, kerry was emphatic. the u.s. would not act their airport, a political solution was necessary. he stopped short of asking prime minister nouri al-maliki to step down, even though an obstacle to forming a new unity government. that complicated his pitch to leaders in northern iraq who refused to work with maliki. kerry maintained a grueling schedule. six cities in five days. kerry's job here in paris was to get arab ministers to help him persuade the iraqi government to do what's necessary to quell the violence. they're worried it could spill across their own borders. on his last stop, he consulted
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with the king of saudi arabia the single most important voice. the hope is the king will help persuade iraqi leaders to follow through on their pledge to form a new government as early as tuesday. margaret brennan, cbs news, washington. >> glor: heavy rain have been pounding parts of tennessee this weekend. sections of memphis are flooded. officials say at least seven people had to be rescued from mobile homes and others had to be evacuated. rain is expected to continue into the evening and that's not the only severe weather out there. eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our sister station wbz. what are you looking at? >> another evening for big storms. big storm over southern canada right down across the plains. that's what we'll be watching for tonight. across iowa, northern missouri eastern nebraska. we could see large hail and damaging winds -- wind gusts and of course the threat of the heavy rain.
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then tomorrow we'll watch from detroit and chicago southwestward down through the southern plains. main threat for monday is damaging wind gusts and blowing segments of storms, but not are resulting in tornadoes. it's been a month for rainfall, significant floowe're shy of the wettest june ever recorded will just take a little bit more. from thrunder storms to the tropics, now we're watching a squirrel off the southeast coast from florida up through the carolinas, want to monitor the hreat and by mid-week, jeff, we could have tropical storm arthur. >> glor: thank you very much. firefighters are watching a significant fire in eastern arizona tonight. the san juan fire has eight mountains. it hasn't grown any bigger since friday but it's far from contained. halted repeated efforts. tomorrow marks one year for the wild fire in yarnell, arizona killed 19 men.
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today a ceremony remembered the sacrifice of the hot shots. the men were protecting the yarnell fire was the deadliest in arizona history. over eight people signed you under the affordable care act but some are finding their healthcare coverage lost in translation. there's a shortage of interpreters and in states like california, where 40% speak a language other than english at home, the prognosis is not good. >> the affordable care act communities relations director chavez says the surge is leading to a shortage of interpreters across the state. >> we've seen an influx in five patients per week and how many of those are non-accomplish speakers? >> about 70% of those folks are
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not english speaking. >> this doctor has been practicing in california for five years. how long did you have to wait for a translator. >> at best 30 minutes at worst up to two or three hours. >> too often patients rely on family members to translate. >> that's one of the big ones. often times they summarize things in an attempt to convey information faster. that actually loses a lot of the detail that we need to make decisions in clinics. >> it could get worse with the spike in insurance sign ups among non-english speaking patients. >> what's at stake. >> healthcare, people's rights, people's well being. >> in california some relief may come from a bill now before the state legislature that would add 7,000 licensed medical interpreters. there are currently just 800. >> do you take medicines normally? >> no. >> this doctor has heard 11 different languages in her examine room. how difficult is it to give your patient the care they they had if you can't understand each
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other? >> it's impossible. >> can the state or federal government step in and provide, unfortunately i think it's up to each provider hospital clinic to in the meantime i guess bear the burden, right. >> and to put on a band-aid until a cure arrives. cbs news los angeles. >> glor: oscar pistorius returns to court after a long break for psychiatric testing. deborah patta says his murder defense could fall or stand base on what doctors found. >> it's been nearly seven weeks since the defense witness suggested in court testimony that oscar pistorious has an anxiety disorder prompting the judge to send the amputee away for a evaluation. this has not been a holiday for pistorius. he would have gone tests from four mental health experts including one to determine if he
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is exaggerating or faking mental illness. on monday the court will hear the expert finding from the states of pistorius' mental health. and if this impacts on any way on his guilt or innocence. dr. alexander barday is a psychiatrist. >> is this malingering, is this an act of intense emotions associated with this particular situation or crime. >> they believe defense introduced the anxiety disorder to detract from pistorius' performance on the witness stand but the prosecutor called for a psychiatric evaluation. >> the prosecutors by forcing this helps to pull the gut out of oscar's already destroyed credibility. >> despite his month-long hiatus he will most likely be found fit to continue standing trial. and the case will proceed with a calling of up to three more
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we're averaging over 200,000 jobs a month. that's good. we're expecting another reading of about 220 and for the unemployment rate to stay at 6.3%. that would be putting us on the right track for the rest of the year. >> the markets continue to roll six months into the year. do you expect that to continue and what are you looking at in the next six months. >> the economy's not the stock market, the stock market's not the economy. we know that and part of the reason that stocks have been able to give us such good performance, 6.1% hire on the s&p 500 is that companies have not had to pay higher wages. when we look at wage growth it's only been 2.1% from a year ago.< we usually average around 3%. now i think that's about to change in the second half of the year. it looks like companies are getting ready to give us raises. that's good but it may not be for the stock market because the raises are good for us, not so good for companies. >> glor: news for workers. jill, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> glor: next up here, can
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>> doctors and zoologists have been trying for more than 20 years and finally one team achieved success. one baby orangutan could be a major step towards saving a species. here's marlie hall. >> maggie is as loving and protective as any mom couldn/4c. k[ó) 22-year-old orangutan is ty inseminated. to see this mother and son interact is anything but artificial. mark lawn dryers is where maggie's healthy baby boy -- she doesn't put that baby down for a second. >> she doesn't. she's so gentle and so careful with it and it's just really precious. the birth of maggie's baby came at a critical time. many experts estimate orangutan÷ could become extinct in the next
6:22 pm
25 years because of the destruction of their natural habitat. >> these animals learn so quickly, so quickly. and we need to save what we while we can. >> when you first found out that maggie was in fact pregnant, what did you think. >> if i could do like a cart wheel, i would. >> that's because researchers have had no luck m predicting te reproductive cycle. for two years they used this sperm of pat trick one of the male orangutans at the center. he's a fertility specialist whose patients are usually:bghu. orangdid it surprise you how sir the human anatomy to that of an orangutan. >> if i didn't know i was doing ultrasound on a big hairy red head so to speak it's like every day in my office. >> at six weeks old maggie's son doesn't have a name yet. the center is looking for a
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special name befitting one that is the first of his kind. you are sharing your research with other institutions. >> everyone who wants it, yes. >> around the world they are increasingly reproductive technology to breed other endangered species. while maggie's baby marks a first for orangutans it won't be the last. marlie hall, cbs news, green witch, connecticut. >> glor: more ahead. more than 40 years a very new different home coming for a group of vietnam veterans.
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>> glor: friday is july 4th, independentance day. tonight a special look at a group of vietnam veterans who reunited recently for the first time since 1969. it was a much different scene and a surprise some never expected. danielle nottingham has the story. >> it's a dull boom. >> that was the last day michael gudeéon a land mine in the jung. the last image you had in your head was. >> he ran there. >> glor: his fellow soldier bob bodeman tried to comfort
6:27 pm
him. >> i knew when his eyes closed, he was gone. i thought he was gone. i came back vietnam veteran, i just wanted to get away from it all. i isolated myself and lived with it. >> it took more than four decades before he finally began a seauyqr and found two other mn in his unit. grady fox and howard hunt, jr. but he wondered most about michael gude. >> i got to find him and help him. i needed to know whoever didn't make it. >> hmedia. gude's son responded. >> i didn't believe it. it was like wow. they say he's alive. >> i cried my head off. they saved my life. >> in an airport terminalnlos a. >> god bless all of you. >> hello. me made it buddy. >> unlike that bitter return in 1969.
6:28 pm
they were greeted by flags and cheers.d$3ñ >> it was the home coming we headed up. we acted like we didn't need it, but we did. we saw theamerican soldiers gro. american soldiers. >> old. but hardly forgotten. danielle nottingham, cbs news, riverside,"w=>> glor: that is s evening news tonight. later on cbs, "60 minutes." and first thing tomorrow, cbs this morning. i'm jeff glor, cbs news in new york. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night.j captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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dress rehearsal at the 49erw stadium today. plus: when does free speech... go too far? the b bay area city looking to sl ban... on hecklers. and hundreds of thousands of people pack the streets of n francisco... for pride. kpix 5 news is next. levi's stadium in santa cla ,, ,,,,
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tonight -- the question is:l they be able to get there? go hackney. levi stadium will open its doors if a little over a month. tonight's question is, will they be able to get there? good evening. the stadium is just about finished and k about pix reporter mark kelly there was and shows us the big first dress rehearsal happened


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