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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  August 16, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year. all beds on sale! with 50% off the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. a massive dual purpose demonstration is moving across oakland at this hour. police don't know what to expect next. good evening. >> i'm brian.
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donna has been following the crowd. don, what's going on at this hour? >> reporter: a lot of protestors have been going home leaving about 50 to 60 people at this bart station. at least 1,000 protestors marched from oakland. along with the protestors, police noticed some anarchists as well. a lot of the protestors were palestinian supporters. they came to the port to block an israeli ship from unloading. because there were so many anti- police protestors, they joined it into a palestinian and anti- police protest following the shooting in missouri. >> we stand shoulder to
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shoulder and hand in hand with every youth who is targeted for their ethnicity. because we as palestinians understand what it's like to be targeted for the color of our skin. >> a lot of police officers, dozens and dozens of officers over at the port watching over that large group. still quite a few police officers watching over this group, especially following the vandalism that took place last night. mean while, clean up is still going on after a big protest in oakland last night. it started downtown at 14th and broadway, wound all over the place. there were several scuffles
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between protestors and police. oakland says one officer was assaulted and two others were hit with pepper spray. battle lines are being drawn over a proposed new cemetery in the east bay. hundreds of people hit the trail in san ramoan today. they're protesting a big development plan to that area and it includes a cemetery with up to 150,000 plots. it would be built on the hills between long leaf circle and camino [ indiscernible ] >> we think it's a bad idea. we want to kill this project off once and for all and folks are going to continue to make people aware of the impacts of this project and how bad it is for our community. >> the developing behind the
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project told kpix5 the area needs the project and the opposition is misguided. police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who killed a 2 year old girl. this late model camry or lexus hit and killed the child last night near mission and 4th. the car has a dark colored and mismatch front bumper. the toddler was with a family member between 4th and 5th street. today flowers mark the spot where she was hit. if you saw anything or recognize the car, san francisco police want to hear from you. another two year old girl was killed in oakland when a car hit her near a city park. it happened yesterday afternoon. the driver was turning into the lot and apparently didn't see the child. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police.
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fire works thrown from a moving car started several small grass fires along 580. they sparked about a half dozen small fires between grand and 14th avenue. fire crews put them out before they could do any damage, but the arsonists got away. a back pack give away was the highlight of a back to school celebration in san francisco. students get a back pack filled with school supplies. families also received free school uniforms. >> it's a great program for the community. it's building community and bringing people together from all races and ethnicities. >> more than 50 businesses and organizations took part, including the 49ers and the golden state warriors. robin williams fans
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remembered the warrior today by joining to watch some of his films. fans who had been mourning williams' death all week remembered the joy his work gave him through the years. >> people are really enjoying themselves. there's a lot of laughter. he was funny, so that's great. >> i'm honoring robin williams by dressing as my favorite character, patch adams. the count down to kickoff is on. just hours to go before the first football game ever at levi's stadium. fans are ready, but is the stadium ready for them. as we look at mount diablow. the forecast is coming up
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touches have been put on the field. the stripes, numbers we're counting down to kickoff at levi's stadium. the finishing touches have been put on the field. the stripes, the numbers, the logos have all been painted on and the team takes the field in less than 24 hours. kpix's mark kelly on what the
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fans can expect. >> reporter: just hours until the 49er's first game in the new stadium and they are rolling out the red carpet for fans. greg anderson brought his son to see the new digs. >> i like this one. it's nice. but candle stick is original, so they're both really good. >> you can tell they've spent so much money and time and effort to make it perfect. >> reporter: some who did not snag a ticket to the big game stopped by saturday for a sneak peek. >> they've been seeing it being built for years and years so the fact that they come in here as a final product, it's pretty amazing. >> reporter: when it comes to security, santa clara pd says expect it to be like going
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through an airport. multiple agencies will handle safety. signs outside make it clear keep that big purse at home. only nfl approved clear plastic bags, one-gallon zip lock plastic bags are allowed past the gates. >> we're hoping to get everybody in by kickoff and everybody has a good experience. >> reporter: at levi's stadium, mark kelly, kpix5. it should come as no surprise that a stadium at silicon valley is high-tech. the stadium has its own app. you can order food from your seat and if you miss any action, it can get you caught up. >> the simple fact that the app allows you during the game to
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check out replays, that's exciting to me. i'm looking forward to take advantage of that. i live in the silicon valley. i love technology. >> the stadium is also green and uses recycled water to water the field. our count down to kickoff starts at noon and the game gets going the 1:00. i've been doing this my whole life. >> still to come, a california swimmer gets back in the water just a month after a shark attack put him in the hospital. ,,,,
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it helped me a lot. comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. flood. u.c.l.a. is offering help to hundreds of students and staff who lost their cars in last month's massive flood. a broken water main sent about 20 million-gallons of water gushing on to the campus and into underground garages. the school is making interest- free loans and emergency relief funds available to the victims. steven robles faced his fears this morning and went swimming near the pier in manhattan beach. robles is a competitive swimmer
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and says he needed to get back in the water. >> this is really about getting back up and going again. and i've been doing this, like i've said, i've been doing this my whole life. of course this is a different event this time, but i think it's important that i get back out there. >> great white sharks are frequently spotted in the manhattan beach area, but usually they're juveniles and rarely attack humans. he's a better man that i am. don't get in. don't get in, a poem written by -- rudyard kipling. numbers are set to drop a couple degrees a day for the next few days. traffic moving nicely, by the way. concord, 87 degrees. oakland is 20 degrees back at
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67. 66 at san francisco and 76 in san jose. we have northwesterly winds at the airport, 20 miles per hour. blows pretty good too up in napa. a little bit of a breezy finish to your saturday. and the forecast is a breeze as well. the high temperatures you see today, just about the same tomorrow. we'll just cut them down a notch or two. 90 at concord, 90 in fairfield and 85 in santa rosa. for tonight, we'll be looking at numbers in the mid-70s by 8:00 o'clock inland. here's the view from the satellite up top, which is the visible part -- as opposed to the infrom red pictures taken of the clouds. you can see they're pouring into the sunset district. we're going to bring in low
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pressure from the pacific northwest tomorrow. here comes a cooling trend. not a dramatic one. just to shave a couple degrees off your highs. future cast shows by tomorrow morning, plenty of fog rolling in and then also down along the peninsula. inland looks guard tomorrow morning. buyer the entire bay area, we get sunshine except for the sepeninsula la. temperatures right about where we should be. tomorrow, morgan hill is still warm. milpitas, it will be in the mid- 70s. 72 at benicia. 78 at petaluma.
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and finally it will still be warm at ukiah. 79 degrees. mid-80s inland all week next week. and the coast, low clouds and sun in the afternoon. >> come on, brian, we have no secrets here. >> yes we do. it's the end of an era at 6 flags magic mountain in southern california. its curtains for colossus -- when it opened in 1978, it was the largest wooden roller toaster in the world. now 12 others are taller. >> this was such a big deal when it opened. we had friends that were too afraid to ride it because it was so big for its time. >> it's sad. this is a landmark for
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california. everyone rides colossus. >> and the park chose today as colossus' last because it's national roller coaster day. >> so it was no. 1, now it's no. 13, it's no longer a thrill? >> well, everybody needs big and he faster. that's why we have levi's stadium. good segway. the giants, boy, they rised up at third and king street today. ,,,, ...we need to break up.
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braves...story on the late show... meantime the giants. ...just when s baseball up top. a's wrapping up business at the braves during the late show. meantime, the giants, just when some folks were starting to write these guys off, this happens. first of all, roger stallbeck in the house. brian howard shoots one through. that's going to score two. it was 5-1 philly, and it looked bad. the giants rallied and scored 4. brought home michael moores. it's a one-run game. tied it with a sac fly to right. bottom 8, blanco struck again. joe panic scored the go ahead
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as the giants come back to win, final of 6-5. the raiders last night, the quarterback got a concussion from that game. meantime we're dealing with levi's stadium. they're calling it the field of jeans. after dealing with the candle stick visitor's locker room as an indianapolis colt. >> i wasn't in the last locker room, but if it was anything like the visitor's locker room, we're all going to be happy with this. >> guys that are tired in camp usually looking around in every room they walk in to, evaluate it to take a nap if they have
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the time. greens borrow north carolina, the brad championships. theresacramento native nick watney says not so fast. lpga championship past winners. birdie on the 4th hole. tied for 2nd, 3 under 69. 9 under total. but they're chasing brittany linthicum. no relation to tim, different spelling. now i call this one a big story. >> reporter: usually a high school football feature revolves around the back field. not at redwood where three of
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the giants' feature performers are -- well, giants. left tackle, alex kazinski. 6-5, 285. and on the other side, right tackle, jake curran, 6-7, 315. collectively, almost 900 pounds. they're so big -- >> sometimes i can't see over them. i'm 5-11, 6 foot on a good day. which is kind of short for a quarterback. so when i try to dump it off to my short running back, sometimes i can't find him. >> honestly, i haven't seen three guys of this size in one place. at least not around here. >> if you get your mind set ready that you're going to just
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destroy a kid right off the ball, then you're probably going to do it and do it well. >> these huge holes right in between us. then jake, he'll do a tackle pull. >> we're lifting together, playing video games together, and it's a great time. >> reporter: in the case of alex, the arizona wildcats took notice. alex committed last spring. >> check this out. i've always wanted to do this. >> that shot did not take long. blown right out of the screen. they start their season august 29th in santa rosa. they're certainly growing them big out there. >> i guess. >> so big, check this out. they also do damage at the
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restaurant. collectively, the three of them went to in and out. each ate two 4 by 4. 4 meat, 4 cheese, the equivalent of 4 cheese burgers in one sitting. >> are you excited about tomorrow? >> bring it on. the field of jeans. >> i think we're airing that game. we'll see you at 11:00 o'clock. appreciate you watching. ,,,, latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it...
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>> oh hello, everybody. sorry you caught me there. i was just taking a photo for our instagram page. welcome to california bountiful i'm your host tracy sellers. you know, we get to travel across california and find some pretty unique farms like this one right off i-80 here. but we recently found one in the bay area that's one of the most unique ones. it could, could be the farm of the future. in silicon valley everybody and everything seems to be high-tech so why shouldn't their farms be as well? with that in mind, welcome to the heart of the high-tech south bay it is innovative farming my grow greens grown under l. e. d. lights. it isn't surprising given the


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