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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 10, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the question becomes did the nfl drop the ball, or because the nfl willfully ignore ant about what was on this tape? >> nfl commissioner roger goodell speaks about the rice scandal. in an interview with cbs's norah o'donnell, he expresses rice's future and the handling of the investigation. >> we didn't get this right. that's my responsibility and i'm accountable for that. president obama takes on isis. in a prime time address to the american public tonight the president outlines his strategy to fight the islamic militant group in iraq and syria. >> you need to be real. this fight ain't over. it's just started. and anger in ferguson,
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missouri, city leaders meet for the first time since violent riots last month and hear it from outraged citizens. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, september 10th, 2014. good morning. i'm marlie hall in for anne-marie green. the national football league is playing defense regarding the suspension of former baltimore ravens running back ray rice. the league's disciplinary action of rice for assaulting his then fiancee shifted this week after new video surfaced that shows the actual attack. his original two-game ban was replaced with an indefinite suspension. on tuesday nfl commissioner roger goodell spoke exclusively to "cbs this morning's" norah o'donnell about how that new video impacted the league's decision. >> what changed? i mean on the first tape she was lying unconscious on the ground, being dragged out.
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did you really need to see a videotape of ray rice punching her in the face to make this decision? >> no, we certainly didn't. i would tell you that what we saw in the first videotape was troubling to us in and of itself. but what we saw yesterday was extremely clear, extremely graphic, and it was sickening. and that's why we took the action we took yesterday. >> but there are still questions about how much the commissioner and the nfl knew and when. susan mcginnis is here in new york. susan, good morning. >> marlie, good morning. commissioner goodell admitted he didn't get it right when he originally suspended ray rice for two games, but now that the new video has been released, many are wondering if the nfl did enough in the early days of the investigation. roger goodell said he learned of the second videotape monday morning. it shows ray rice knocking out the woman who is now his wife inside an atlantic city hotel elevator.
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>> did you know that a second tap had existed? >> we had not seen any videotape of what occurred in the elevator. we assumed there was a video. we asked for video. but we were never granted that opportunity. >> goodell maintains no one to his knowledge in the nfl saw the tape before monday, but that's opened the league to criticism for not gathering all of the evidence. the website tmz sports obtained both pieces of video showing the attack and its aftermath. >> i don't know how tmz or any other website gets their information. we are particularly relying on law enforcement. that's the most reliable. it's the most credible. >> norah o'donnell asked point blank if the nfl intentionally ignored the evidence. >> did the nfl drop the ball or was the nfl willfully ignorant about what was on the tape? >> we have certainly did not know what was on the tape. we were perfectly honest when i acknowledged two weeks ago we
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did not get this right. >> that sentiment was echoed by ravens owner steve bisciotti. he sent a letter to ticket owners tuesday saying, quote, we should have seen it earlier. we should have pursued our own investigation more vigorously. we didn't. and we were wrong. the team released rice on monday hour hours, leaving him without a job and suspended him from the league. norah o'donnell asked if rice had a future in the nfl. >> i wouldn't rule it out, but we want to make sure he's addressing the issue clearly, he has paid a price for the actions that he's already taken. >> now, ray rice and his wife spoke publicly on tuesday. rice told espn the couple is in good spirits. his wife janay blasted the media for showing the attacks. marlie? >> susan mcginnis here in new york. susan, thank you so much. you can see more of norah o'donnell's interview with roger goodell on "cbs this morning."
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tonight president obama will lay out for the american people his new plan for going after islamic militants in syria and iraq. the broader counterterrorism plan includes strengthening elements of the syrian opposition and security forces in iraq. secretary of state john kerry arrived in baghdad this morning to meet with iraq's new prime minister. mr. obama briefed congressional leaders yesterday. mark albert is in washington. mark, good morning. >> good morning, marlie. in his rare evening address, the president will not lay out a timetable for defeating isis or the total cost to taxpayers, but he is expected to ask congress for $500 million to train syrian rebels. that would avoid american combat troops. in a prime-time speech from the white house tonight, president obama will tell the nation his strategy for degrading and ultimately destroying isis. so far the u.s. has carried out
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more than 150 air strikes against isis targets in iraq. the president may announce that air campaign will now expand into syria, the terror group's stronghold. republican peter king thinks the president needs to have a comprehensive strategy. >> that would involve at the very least all out air attacks against isis in both iraq and syria. >> on tuesday the president briefed top congressional leaders. democrat nancy pelosi called the meeting a valuable opportunity for consultation, and republican house speaker john boehner said he would support the president targeting isis leadership. president obama told the leaders he has the authority to broaden the military campaign against isis without congressional approval, but some lawmakers here on capitol hill disagree. >> i don't believe that the president has the authority to, quote, go on offense and wage an open-ended war on isil without congressional approval. >> it would be to his advantage and all of our advantage for congress to be, in effect,
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approving a plan for defeating isil. >> secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east today trying to build an international coalition to defeat isis. president obama is expected to stress that u.s. military action alone will not be enough to defeat isis, and its support from allies will be crucial. marlie? >> mark albert in washington. thanks so much, mark. you can watch the president's address right here on cbs beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. this morning more severe weather including the threat of flash floods is expected from the great lakes to missouri. yesterday there were tornadoes and heavy rain and flooding in nebraska and missouri. people trapped in cars had to be rescued. meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz has more on the severe storms and some cold weather headed to the northern u.s. >> we've seen some tremendous rainfall rates especially across iowa into northern missouri
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overnight, even reports of a couple of tornados. this rain could be a very serious and potentially life-threatening situation here waez head through the overnight into wednesday morning. a lot of flash flood watches headed out. many spots picking up 2 to 4 inches of rain. locally we've already seen 4 inches of rainfall and that's where you have the biggest issues. so taking a look at the future radar as we head through the morning, some of the heavier rainfall in the milwaukee and chicago areas. this is going to be a big issue for the morning drive stretching back down toward st. louis. then more storms fire up in the afternoon. you're going have to keep a close eye out, especially from the indy area back down toward the ohio valley. this is where severe storms are most likely as we head through the afternoon and eechk. straight line wind gusts and very heavy rain fall and areas of flash flooding. those are going to be our concerns. behind all this, the cold coming in. winter storm warnings and watches are out. some of the higher peaks of the northern rockies, snow. a foot of snow over the next 36 hours.
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some of the snow, albeit lighter, all the way down into the plains by friday morning. i'm meteorologist eric fisher for cbs news. angry residents of ferguson, missouri, called on the mayor to resign during an emotional town hall meeting. it's been one month since michael brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot to death by a white police officer. as omar villafranca reports, city leaders laid out their plans for a change. >> black people, we must unite. >> reporter: protesters shouted at tuesday night's racially charged meeting of the ferguson, missouri's city council. a black teenager was killed by a white officer exactly one month earlier. >> when are we going to get rid of ferguson city council, mayor, and chief? >> reporter: on august 9th michael brown was shot at least six times by officer darryn wilson. wilson said he acted in self-defense. the incident sparked weeks of demonstration, some of them violent, and charges of race. and police brutality.
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last week the justice department announced it is opening a civil rights investigation into the ferguson police. this is the first ferguson city council meeting since last month's shooting. city officials were expecting a large turnout, so the meeting was moved to this church which holds about 1,300 people. some noted that for a town that is 70% black, its police force and government are overwhelmingly white. >> up there for me it's taxation without representation. >> reporter: they promised a police review board and grader transparency to increase trust in the town's police force. >> we need to get ready. this fight ain't over. it's just started. >> reporter: it's not going to be easy. omar villafranca, cbs news, st. louis. coming up on the "morning news," bigger better iphones. apple unwraps larger screen phones at its much hyped event
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nature valley crunchy granola bars give you energy from 1/3 of your daily whole grains, so 1/3 of this commercial is dedicated to what you could do with all that energy. energy to take the road less traveled. consumers and investors today are reacting to apple's unveiling of its new mobile technology. that includes two larger iphones. as bigad shaban reports, apple finally made its entry into wearable technology. >> reporter: apple's ceo tim cook unveiled what he called the the most personal device apple
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has ever created, the new apple watch. >> it is the next chapter in apple's story. >> reporter: with the tech giant's first true wearable computer, users can get instant directions, access their calendar, or use the built-in fitness tracker. the apple watch works wirelessly with your computer. apple pay allows you to swipe your watch across the scanner to buy items in the store. apple says it's iconic iphone is getting bigger with two new versions. the iphone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen and the iphone 6 with the 5.5-inch screen. >> they are without a doubt the best iphones we've ever done. >> reporter: it comes from a cyber security scare involving the online storage system known at icloud.
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cnet says apple needs to convince consumers their information will be safe. >> if people don't trust apple, they won't put their data in the system's devices. >> reporter: the apple i phone goes on sale early next week while the apple watch hits stores equity next year. bigad shaban, cbs news, cupertino, california. how did apple do in the launch? details ahead. and another surprise involving one of rock and roll's biggest acts. one of rock and roll's biggest acts. t fighting wrinkle, turn to roc® retinol correxion®. one week, fine lines appear to fade. one month, deep wrinkles look smoother. after one year, skin looks ageless. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. after one year, skin looks ageless. can this decadent, fruit-top pastry with indulgent streusel crumbles be from... fiber one? fiber one streusel. available at walmart.
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>> good morning, marlie. it was a roller-coaster day for apple's stock with shares up as much as 4% as apple unveiled its new products, but investors lost enthusiasm and apple lost 37 cents by the close of trading. it was a down day across the board here on wall street. the dow lost 97 points. the nasdaq was down 40. the s&p fell 13. well, the two trump casinos in atlantic city go bust. trump plaza is already scheduled to close next week. the forest will close next year and the taj mahal will also close. the trump plaza has financial problems and will close in november. he has a percentage but doesn't have control or involvement in it. on tuesday the company filed bankrupt i have prosectioning citing $100 million in liabilities.
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one final note from tuesday's big apple event. ♪ rockers u2 performed and also surprised fans by dropping their new album on itunes. it will be free to a half billion itune users until october 13th, making it the biggest release in history. >> thanks, jill. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thanks so much. bob suter never played in an nfl game but his achievement on the ice will be remembered by a generation of hockey fans. suter was part of the miracle on ice playing defense for the 1980 u.s. olympic hockey team. the squad beat a heavy favored soviet team and went on to win gold in the classic games. his son ryan made it to the nhl and has represented the u.s. in two olympic games. bob died suddenly at the age of 57. he's the first member of the 1980 team to pass away.
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area student. a local professor makes a homemade earthquake alarm.. just a hundred bucks! how h "cheap" device works. new insight into the ray ri abuse case... from the n- f. the commissioner speaks out the first time about what t league knew... and when. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 ,,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. broadway says good-bye to joan rivers. theaters in new york dimmed their lights in tribute to rivers last night. an online petition to give her that honor gained more than 5,000 signatures. rivers died last thursday at 81. and fashion week in new york ends today, but last night there was a big celebration in brooklyn. ♪ usher opened the fashion rock show last night. it blends music and fashion and
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in iraq it triggered u.s. air strikes against isis targets last month. scott pelley is in erbil where he spoke with kurdish intelligence about the possibility of expanding those air strikes. >> reporter: barzani's intelligence service helps pick targets for the u.s. forces on the ground. are the u.s. strikes now enough to defeat isis? >> i think it's very useful and we are very thankful to everything that the u.s. is doing so far, but i don't think it's enough. we believe that the strikes should target the nerve system and the leadership of isis, wherever they may be. >> i think you're talking about
4:26 am
syri. >> even in syria. >> you would like to see u.s. air strikes in syria. >> we do, yes. >> reporter: barzani told us the kurds are talking to the white house about major support for the kurdish army known as the peshmerga. >> we are asking the united states that they should help the peshmergas with heavy armament. >> are we talking tanks and artillery? >> why not. tanks, heavy artillery, and mraps. >> reporter: many raps are armored tanks and it looked like the peshmerga could use them. there was evidence of a battle one, but all the weapons they loaded were light. no artillery, no effective armor. you can imagine how they feel about the sound of american jets. >> thank you, america. thank you, obama. >> reporter: iraq had been building a future, but its aspirations are now occupied by a past it cannot escape.
4:27 am
we found families, what's left of them, running from isis's brand of religious extremism. nadia told us the men of her village were herded behind a school. there was shooting, and a boy came to tell the women what he saw. >> what did the little boy say? >> all the men were being kill bud we didn't believe him because he was just a little boy. with the men, more than 100 in a mass grave, nadia told us the women were loaded into dump trucks and taken to a city to be given away as prizes to isis soldiers. she escaped. she told us, my friends are all captive. i don't know anything about my brothers. but most of all, i want my mother. tell them i just want my mother. >> that was scott pelley reporting from iraq. coming up after your local
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news on "cbs this morning," more of norah o'donnell's interview with nfl commissioner roger goodell. plus the parents of kidnapped american austin tice speak about their son who was taken in syria two years ago. and dr. holly phillips on the link between sleep and anxiety drugs and alzheimer's. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm marlie hall. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- --
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september 10th i'm michelle griego. and i'm frank mallicoat time is 4-- here's meteorologist lawrence with check of w good morning, everyone, it's wednesday, september 10. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 4:30. the weekend is out there.
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we can see it now! isn't that right? >> this is the time where we go to our director, mike, and we go, mike, mike, mike, what day is it? >> "hump day"! >> he is not playing. [ laughter ] >> out the door, check out the current conditions we are in the 50s across the board but later today, big jump in temperatures. more straight ahead. >> a lot of overnight roadwork out the door is causing slowdowns right now heading out of livermore. hacienda to san ramon road. various lanes blocked. travel times out of the altamont pass, we'll tell you when it's expected to clear coming up. >> i did see a camel in the newsroom, though. [ laughter ] >> "hump day"! a 16-year-old stormed out of the house after a fight with his father. that was days ago. well, this morning, there is still no sign of him. the search is moving from hayward to san francisco. kpix 5's andria borba reports an electronic marker from the boy's facebook account came fr


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