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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 3, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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do lots of things for the community, one thing they don't do is protect the environment. >> as you might imagine, the oil giant has a different take on this. it has spent $300,000 to defeat martinez. >> they see me as a threat because i'm someone that will stand up to them. >> reporter: chevron made it clear through billboards who it does support and in an e-mail a spokesperson said they are hopeful for leadership that will promote their modernization project. >> reporter: why do they like you? >> i'm responsible and levelheaded. >> reporter: long-time school board member charles ramsey is running for counsel and says he is not a lackey for chevron, which spent $260,000 to help them get elected. he has not put up signs and opted for mailers. >> do you think chevron is helping you? >> i can't say. i have not seen their polls.
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i don't know what their data shows. i don't know what they are doing. they have not had any contact with me about the race. i don't want any contact with them about the race. >> reporter: but overall, it has gotten ugly with campaign signs on both sides. some argue big money is not new. casinos, soda campaigns and unions have poured money into politics. chevron says the amount of money we spent to inform voters must be viewed in context of the taxes, spending on local vendors from chevron over the past five years. >> ramsey says what he hopes happens tomorrow is that voters can tune out the outside influence and focus on the messages of the candidates. ken. >> a very, very interesting debate going on. the race will be fascinating. thank you. both sides say the money in this race is a result of the supreme court decision that
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struck down limits on campaign donations. >> both candidates in the fight for the south bay congressional seat are making a final push. there is a plan for education and the economy. incumbent mike honda make the rounds today, shaking hands with voters. he says voters will support him on his accomplishments, like bringing 23,000 jobs to the valley. one of the hotes issues on the ballot is proposition 45 that gives the insurance commissioner to veto health insurance rates he thinks are too steep. support for 45 has dropped to 30%. the no vote has dropped and 28% is undecided. this summer, the support was at
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69%. no votes were 16% and 15% undecided. allan is here to talk more about what has become a very expensive fight and why those poll numbers have changed so dramatically. >> reporter: undoubtedly, a reason for the change in the poll numbers is advertising. the advertising has been relentless. what fuels ads, the money? those endorsing proposition 45 is trial lawyers, the state insurance commissioner and some in the democratic party. on the no side, giving one sacramento politician. >> doctors, and a powerful democrat. >> join nancy pelosi. >> under proposition 45, the state insurance commissioner would have the power to deny health insurance rate increases that he or she decides are too high. it is the same authority that exists in 35 other states. the same power that prop 103 gave the california
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commissioner over auto and property insurance. using street art to promote prop 45 in san francisco, backers refute the opponent's claim the insurance commissioner would have too much power. >> i think if you ask californians who they think has too much power over their health care, they will say it is the health insurance company. >> dr. john ma agrees with what the newspapers have said. prop 45 with interfere with the affordable care act, which he believes will make coverage more transparent. >> it is competition. and that is what has happened. much more work remains. to the individuals who are very concerned about their insurance claims increasing, i understand. i would ask them to be patient. >> reporter: the money being spent on this issue has become an issue itself. atlas count, $57 million has gone to the "no" campaign with more than $45 million from two
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of the largest health insurance companies in caser. >> as a consumer, you have to think what are they so afraid of, what is going to happen in their estimation that warrants this kind of expense to defeat this measure. >> prop 45 only applies to about six million californians, people who buy their own insurance. >> interesting, what is being decided. >> a lot is confusing, the way it is written to begin with, you know? >> it is. there is at least one surprise in the governor's race. a lot of voters don't realize jerry brown is running. a new poll found about 4 in 10 knew that the current governor is vying to keep his job. only 1 in 5 could name his republican opponent. brown is about 20 points ahead in his bid. the election might be a surprise to voters.
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analysts are predicting the turnout could be the lowest ever in state history for a general election. the current record was set in 2002, when just 50.5% of voters cast ballots. just 25% turned out for this year's june primary. to find your polling place and for realtime results tomorrow after 8:00 p.m., go to chp officer who confessed to stealing explicit photos from cell phones of people he arrested appeared in court. shawn harrington was in front of a judge before his arraignment was postponed. he confessed to forwarding the nude photos, calling it a game. his attorney says his client is sincerely sorry. >> what is your client's message to the women involved. >> a heart felt apology to them for the insensitive tee of his conduct, the indignity of it
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all. >> harrington's attorney also apologized to other law enforcement, whose reputation is tarnished because of his client's behavior. san francisco and new york police departments worked together to take down a woman behind a chinese blessing scam. she was caught in new york and will be extradited back to san francisco. the victims in the scam were allegedly told a doctor could cure a variety of diseases by blessing their money and jewelry. the suspects would then take off with the valuables. other bay area headlights right now, bart is running smoothly after delays when police found a body on the track. it was found between the concord and north concord station. service was stopped in both directions. and power is back on for all but a few customers that lost it in downtown san francisco. pg&e says some underground equipment failed at 12:30 this
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afternoon. the outage affected a thousand customers in north beach. three days after a hash lab explosion leveled part of a wall nut creek amount complex, the shock is still being felt. john ramos show us how residents are trying to rebuild their lives. >> reporter: when michelle white returns to her apartment, the front door is not the only thing unhinged. >> it was not an earthquake. it is not shaking. >> reporter: michelle lives across from the four apartments that were torn apart in an explosion friday morning. two young men were critically burned in what police say was a hash oil operation. after spending the day at a church, the evacuees got the word. it blew out windows in the
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kitchen and bedroom and the jammed front door kicked in by firefighters is now a sheet of plywood that only locks from the outside. the kitchen cabinet and counter were knocked loose. >> this is four days after. i thought everything would be calm by now and it is not. we can't sleep. i mean, it is very -- i would never have thought. >> and now the red cross is cutting off her motel, forcing her to live in an apartment with a door that will not close. michelle has been traumatized and her neighbor, who saw one young man run out on fire, says he cannot shake the pictures from his mind. >> i didn't think i was traumatized but then i realized that i did have some, you know, it did affect me. >> as renters, they must rely on landlord to make repairs, and who knows what unseen damage the explosion may have caused to these buildings and to the people that lived through it. in walnut creek, john ramos.
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the red cross will only provide a motel room for three nights, but michelle says with a broken door and windows, she does not consider her apartment to be habitable and does not know where she will stay tonight. still ahead, on the chopping block, several new bart stations may not be built. we talked to neighbors about the potential cut. and it is anyone's race to win. candidates for mayor of oakland make their final election push. sunshine in sausalito and santa rosa, how long will the sunny weather last? any much-needed rainfall coming? the weather is next.
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eliminated. the two stations on the chog block are at 28th street ne highway 101 --- and the onet across f
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. bart's plans to expand to the south bay may have to be cut. the two stations set to be eliminated are the one by santa clara university. neighbors who have been promised a bart stop now feel betrayed. glenn. >> well, that is right. veronica. you are looking at bart of the silicon valley right behind me. it is here and being built. the question and the fight is over future bart stations in san jose and in santa clara. >> bart to silicon valley has been a grand plan. but the partner, bta, may be cutting the project down to size. >> definitely disappointed and frankly feeling betrayed by bta. >> this man says it feels like they are getting abate and switch. early plans called for a station at 28th and santa clara and they spent a decade planning it with a plaza,
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housing and retail. >> bta bought in our plan. they assumed it as their own. now, we weren't even told directly by bta that they were changing direction. and that is betrayal. >> but the bta says budget cuts are looming because of more competition for federal funding and less tax money than the project was planning on. two planned stations may be on the clock. besides the station that is under construction, they planned for four more. the santa clara station would connect bart to santa clara university, the airport, and may be cut from the plans. >> this is part of the original project. people expect it and we need to deliver on it when people vote on it. >> the mayor says the santa clara station is why people in the city voted for the project.
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>> it makes it difficult for people to vote for things if we don't follow through on the promises of the pass. this is a long-standing pro miss. >> bta says they need to shave $1.3 billion off the project. that is why some stations may be cut. they say it is not definite and they will have future public meetings to let the community have its side of the story aired out. len ramirez, kpix. the candidates for oakland mayor are making their push for vote. there is a ranked choice voting system, so anybody could win. they wasted no time taking on each other in their final showdown. >> i'm the only person up here that has worked in every neighborhood in the city. >> we have one city in oakland that has incredible opportunity. and another city where we have not invested very much at all. >> we need to go after violent
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crime. >> i am tired of people asking me whether or not i feel safe living in my city. >> liby said would you hire a doctor that didn't know how to operate. my question is would you continue to hire a doctor to do surgery when they failed in the past. >> the rank choice system allows voters to select up to three candidates in order of preference when marking their ballot. it is meant to eliminate the need for a runoff and how mayor quan got elected. one candidate running for san jose mayor is doing all he can to drum up votes, today, he visited the jungle homeless camp. he says he will eliminate the homeless problem. >> i believe we can stabilize people by getting them into micro housing and getting them the kind of services they need. >> cortessi says he is committed to the homeless.
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someone must have needed some heavy equipment. a mini excavator was stolen from a construction site in petaluma. it was stolen between saturday and this morning from the site at east washington and paren street. neighbors saw a truck in the parking locality. getting around got a little easier for some bay area commuters. the san francisco bay ferry is now accepting clipper cards on its service routes. you can purchase and load cards at the terminal ticket office. the new eastern span of the bay bridge has been open a year. costs are still soring. the chronicle reports the project could be running a deficit of $35 million, due to a lot of unbudgeted work. making matters worse, tearing down the old span could end up costing $100 million more than
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originally estimated. new week, new forecast. paul deanno here, sporting a shade of something on the chin. >> for movember. i posted a link to my movember page. i'm raising money for men's health issue and growing some hair. i'll take a peek outdoors. it is park. what went on. this is the first weekday after we mel back and it got dark quick. the sun set was at 5:08. it has been dark for an hour. gill roy 72, oakland 71. san jose 69, napa 68, daley city 66. all that rainfall on halloween and not a drop in site on the doppler. there is a good reason for it. it is the big h you see on the division skein, a building area of high pressure. june, july, august, more rarely in november.
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but it is here, it is going to be here for a while. if anything, it will inch closer to us, exert its influence up to the pacific northwest, so it will be very sunny, very dry. that's the beginning of the wet season, we don't want to see this but this is what is happening. the ridge of high pressure will be here a week. the storm track is up in british columbia. chilly night, mild afternoon. san jose, 72 tomorrow. concord 72. livermore 72. san francisco 69 degrees with sunshine tomorrow. we can go ahead, mother nature had a repeat button, not sure if she does, if she does, she is pushing it six times. the weather you get tomorrow will be very similar to the weather you get wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. mid to upper 70s inland and low to mid 70s near the bay. set it and forget it. we are done for a week. >> i thought we were supposed to be in the 80s in the east
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bay. i could not find it. >> 79, 80. 78. >> as long as we round up. >> november, let's round up to 80. it will be beautiful outside. you will enjoy it, i promise. thank you. san francisco wants residents to find out how many birds are hitting houses and apartments buildings. the collision monitoring program is timed to coincide with fall migration. first, residents answer questions on hazards, then they monitor the perimeter of their building, especially under the windows for dead or injured birds. well, in northern california, they are reaping the rewards from the giants world series win. coming up, the quick work it did to be a part of baseball history. and the feds say they got an unfair advantage. why these two car companies are paying the price. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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million sugary beverages in . san francisco and berkeley are trying to pass the first taxes on sugar beverages in the
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united states. both have measures on tomorrow's ballot and kpix tells us most eyes are on the city of berkeley. >> reporter: if the soda tax has a chance of passing anywhere, it is in berkeley. >> berkeley is probably the most progressive city in america. >> former labor secretary is supporting a one cent an ounce tax on sugar drinks called measure d. he says it is time to promote health choices. >> diabetes is a huge public health crisis and costing the nation a lot of money. >> reporter: medical costs for treating obesity are $190 bill a year according to a recent study. attempts to tax high sugar drinks have failed. they want it to fail here too. >> you think it is confusing?
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>> the law is filled with loopholes that will raise grocery prices. polls show two-thirds of berkeley voters favor a soda tax. beverage companies have poured $2.3 million in their campaign, outexpanding their opponent 7 to 1. >> we don't feel at the end of the day the voters will stand for it. >> reporter: opponents say they will beat a similar measure in san francisco, but things could be different in berkeley, the first city to ban styrofoam. it only needs a majority to become law, which could make the city the turning point in the battle over sugar drinks. >> and that was frank mallicoat reporting there. the soda tax measure on san francisco's ballots needs a two- thirds majority to pass. if you don't succeed, try again, a san jose did that and won $3.75 million. alexander gwynn took the top
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prize in the second chance program after entering a nonwinning scratch ticket. he says he plans to take his wife on vacation, clear their heads, and decide what to do with the rest of the money. soon, giants fans will be able to commemorate the 2014 world series win with a limited edition book. a sacramento company is responsible for printing it. >> new at 6:00, we learn how they beat out companies nationwide for the unique opportunity. >> reporter: the celebration didn't end in the locker room after the giants won the world series. it continued all the way to sacramento to the offices of dome printing. >> it has a cool factor. >> reporter: it is more than the cool factor for bob poole, one of the owners of the family owned printing company. it is a dream come true. >> to do something related to sports memorabilia is a passion for me. >> they got the call on
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wednesday and had proofs going on the printing press the next morning. >> the phone was ringing off the hook. looks like we are doing a world series magazine. >> they produced a 144 page booklet and distributed 145,000 copies. this is the third time they produced the special issue. they had the honor in 2010 and 2012. they beat out of street competitors for the gig after the giants won their third world series in five years. >> to produce something like this is priceless to us. the special booklet hit store shelves this week. in our next half hour, spending hundreds of thousands of his own money. why one candidate for the water board says he is so passionate about getting this job. transportation officials weigh in on what may have gone wrong in the deadly crash of a space plane in southern california. on the hook for a hundred million bucks. why the u.s. government is cracking down on these two car
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companies. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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. you're watching kpix-5 news. now at 6:30, a south bay candidate is spending big
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bucks, $400,000 of his own money to try to win a position at -- that pays 30 grand a year. >> a water board race is gaining a text. we talk to the tech entrepreneur who is putting on himself. >> reporter: have you ever been to a santa clara water district meeting. >> it is unsexy, these meetings. i think people think of water and think it is something that is really boring. >> reporter: this is far from a boring election year for district 7 due to the historic drought and lots of money flooding in the race. >> welcome. >> reporter: we met gary crmmen in water view. he is an entrepreneur that sold a handful of tech companies for millions of dollars. documents show he spent nearly
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$400,000 on his campaign, much of it out of his own pocket. that is five times more than ever spent in a water district election. >> nearly $400,000 for a job that pays $30,000 a year seems a little crazy. >> well, i'm not doing it for economic reasons. unlike my opponent, i have other things to do. this is his only job. he is living on his per meeting fee. >> we met the incumbent, brian schmidt at his 1100 square foot home in mountain view which doubles as his campaign headquarters. >> there is the main headquarters. >> he is an environmental lawyer and running for a second term. documents show schmidt's war chest is around $18,000. he says concern about his opponent's money is not sour grapes. >> i can imagine some folks out there say that to the guy who is complaining because he doesn't have the money to spend. >> maybe they will think that. the problem is whether or not it is fair. so i think if you look at the
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total amount of money, if you think -- i think it is a problem to have this amount of money in politics. >> reporter: money aside, each candidate has hot button issues. >> potable reuse of recycled waste water. that is a water supply that can be half or more of the supply. >> this is a board with a thousand employees and a $400 million budget and there is no person with any business experience and there is no person with any technology experience. >> we should also mention that gary cremmen paid for a poll and found the two candidate are in a dead heat with half the voters undecided. >> many times candidates spend money on their campaigns because they see it as a stepping-stone. thousands of law enforcement officers gathered to honor a fallen deputy. danny oliver was killed in a
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shooting rampage last month. here is the emotional service. >> reporter: deputy dan oliver's casket arrives at the church. men and women in uniform started filling the grounds, some from out-of-state. we're told even a few from overseas. >> there is a bond in the law enforcement profession. we understand what we see, what we go through. when one of us is injured or hurt, we all feel it. >> reporter: for nearly an hour, you could hear a pin drop as officers got in formation for the oliver family's arrival. during the ceremony, people told what a selfless family man he was. >> he loved life, adored his wife, and wanted nothing more than to be by her hide. >> we learned danny turned down a promotion to continue working
6:34 pm
in the problem oriented policing unit. >> he made our department crowd. the ultimate goal you can earn, he made the community feel safe. >> coworkers are thankful his partner, scott brown, survived the shootout and called him a hero. >> danny would not want any other partner there that day covering him. he did everything humanly possible to help his fallen brother. >> those that knew dan oliver know the difference he made in his career as a deputy. >> they could not know how many people he touched. tomorrow, a large turnout expected as a memorial for michael davis. he was shot and killed by the same utah couple, now charged with both murders. a system designed to slow an experimental spacecraft may have deployed too soon, causing a deadly crash over the mojave
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desert. they are looking at the feathering system on the ship. 39 year old copilot died, and the pilot ejected and is being treated for serious injuries. the spaceship ii is designed to take civilians into space. it will take months to determine the final cause of the crash. >> stocks mixed after last week's major surge, the dow dropped 24 to close at 17,366. the nasdaq added eight points and the s&p was unchanged, closing at 2017. it is the largest penalty of its kind on our consumer watch tonight. julie watts says two major car makers will pay $100 million for overestimating their car's gas mileage. >> hyundai and kia agreed to the settlement. they found the car makers were choosing favorable results rather than average results
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when testing for mileage. the overestimation means drivers are paying more at the pump and it gave them an unfair advantage. it amounts to 4.75 more metric tons of gas than the auto makers claimed. as a result, they will forfeit $200 million in greenhouse gas credit. hyundai blames the epa's complex rules governorring testing. the penalty is expected to set a precedent. if it seems like it takes forever to pay off a new car loan, that is probably because it does. according to edmund, the average american takes five and a half years to pay off a car, some are taking up to eight. longer repayment periods generally mean lower monthly payments but there are downsides, because you pay more in interest and it takes longer
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to build equity. a restaurant in iowa is rewarding customers for actually talking to each other during dinner. the chicken restaurant gives diners 10% off if they hand over their cell phone. they started a temporary promotion, but it was so popular they decided to continue it. they put their cell phone in a box. they came up with the idea after noticing fewer conversations and more customers preoccupied with cell phones. >> i love that idea. >> you don't say. >> it will be interesting to see if it results in higher profits for the restaurant because people are talking to each other, are they eating more, bigger meals. >> they are eating faster because they are not taking time to take pictures of their food, to post it to facebook and twitter. >> what is it called? micky's? >> but it is in sioux city. >> although, you know, it might
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be a good idea for a local restaurant. we're known as a foodie town here. still ahead, they got their diploma. now what. >> the college grads more likely to find job actually related to what they study. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the field they studied. bu . for many people the goal after college is to land a good job in the field they studied. >> cbs reporters shows us these days, that is happening less and less. >> this man got a full-time job after graduating from college with a degree in media studies. unfortunately, it is not the job she wanted. >> i got stuck waitressing. >> she waits tables at night, but applies for media jobs. nothing comes through. >> a lot of resumes and hearing nothing back. it is discouraging after a while. >> a new survey looked at recent college graduates with a
6:41 pm
job. like maldonado, half are working in a field that does not require a degree. >> 4 in 10 students say they don't feel like college prepared them for the real job. >> they say college needs to do more to help students prepare for a career. >> academia has to work with business to figure out the curriculum for when the students come out they are able to be placed in jobs that meet their skills. >> they found graduates that major in health care, science or technology found work. internships also gave new gaza leg up. >> i paid a lot of money for a degree and want to put it to news. >> maldonado has $40,000 in student loans. ousand dollars their first year out of still ah . the survey found 56% of college grads expect to make less than $30,000 their first year out of school. still ahead, definitely not
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a halloween treat. >> what a woman accidentally handed out to trick or treaters that she is trying to get back. mother nature is handing out some chilly evenings. it will be in the 40s tonight. if you like sunshine, you will like the seven day forecast. and coming up, why is a baseball manager buying the first round? >> where is the bartender? >> the 49ers could use a drink after yesterday. >> it is not frustrating at all. >> frustrated is what jeff gordon was after the race. >> the way he races, i don't know how he ever won a championship. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. the kpix-5 weather is sponsored by lexus. popular shows, car talk, has died. tom magliozzi, on the le . one of the hosts of npr's most popular shows, car talk, has died. tom, on the left, was one-half of the brother duo bantering with callers about their car problems for years. tom and his brother, ray, stopped broadcasting live shows in 2012. the network ran reruns.
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he died of complications from alzheimer's. he was 77. an arizona woman pulled a trick on herself this halloween while passing out candy. she accidentally gave away her wedding ring. she says he put the ring in a candy jar while helping her daughters carve pumpkins and it must have ended up in a trick or treaters goodie bag. she has posted flyers over the neighborhood to find the ring. on that note, drugs were found in a girl's bag of candy. we'll tell you what city was affected at 10:00 on the cw. but right now, we switch to weather and we're almost back to summer again. >> yes. it is strange, because this is the time, this is like the week when we turn the corner. >> we joke, it rains all the time on halloween. that means that it is time for the rainy season, mother nature says the calendar may say one thing, but i have the final
6:47 pm
thing. you will see why coming up. here is a dark look at the south bay. where did the sunday go. it is dark right now in san jose, the sun went down at 5:09. in pleasantton it is 39 lafayette, 41, menlo park 41. and at stanford stadium it is 49. that will continue. lots of 40s out there especially away from the bay. san jose 49, san ramon, alamo, concord in the 40s. napa down to 44 tomorrow. so we talk about the rainy season. what does that mean? in october, we average about an inch of rainfall. in november, we triple that. three inches of rain is the normal for november, or an inch a week. in december, the three wetes months are december, january, and february. the first couple days, you get
6:48 pm
this. san leandro, sunshine, mild, 71. sunshine, mild again. on wednesday, 73. here is the reason why. it is something that ken mentioned. feels like summer. this is a summer-time pattern, where did you find pressure, off to the west. the storm track to the north. that's the forecast for tomorrow. wednesday, thursday, friday, keep counting the days all the way to the top of next week. the ridge is not moving, getting stronger and closer, which means sunny and dry. it is headed to canada instead. it will be a huge ridge of high pressure that will be with us a while. the nights will be clear. that will lead to chilly or cold conditions depending on your tolerance. sunny and mild in the afternoon, without rain in sight. the first couple weeks of the rainy season will not be rainy. tomorrow, nice day in san jose,
6:49 pm
72. cupertino 72. pleasanton. mill valley 72. and it will be in the low 70s in lake forest. there is no multiple choice here. sunshine across the board. 70s inland, low to mid 70s near the bay. we need the rainfall but mother nature is dishing out sunshine, niners talk next. ,,
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. the mobile weather lab, powered by toyota. test drive the redesigned 2014 highlander at your local toyota dealer. the 49ers are at the midway point of their season with a 4- 4 record. that is the worst half season record under jim harbaugh. ten points against the last place rams team that had played searching for answers. >> we have done stuff, and they took advantage of it. penalties, dumb blocks, dumb techniques, dumb schemes. >> they were not even talking about kaepernick's fumble at the goal that cost them the game winning touchdown. the offense was held to under 300 yards for the first team all season and kaepernick was sacked 8 times, but not
6:53 pm
everybody was that depressed. >> the ship didn't sink. we are still in it. it is not frustrating at all. you try to be optimistic. i'm excited about the next game. i'm sure my teammates are as well, even though we have a bit err taste in our mouth with this loss. but, you know, we always have the next one. >> you had to take on what vernon davis said. >> i asked him if he was disappointed, and he said i was so mad that i couldn't see straight. if you are not somewhat disappointed in the loss, i don't get that one bit. as a professional you have to be mad that you did that. you play that poorly, you have to be mad about it. >> jeremy unplugged on the fifth quarter. the giants offered pablo
6:54 pm
sandoval a qualifying offer for 2015. his response? othe . >> the qualifying offer was considered a procedural move to negotiate with other teams starting tomorrow. the twins announced that former star paul molitor will be their next manager. he has the 10th most hits in league history. the organization is hoping it will put an end to four straight losing season. the cubs introduced joe madden as their new skipper. he got a five year, $25 million contract and immediately started to spend it. >> one more thing, where is the bartender? bar keep anywhere? i got the drinks right now, okay? what do i got? they said i have one round. i thought about that. one round is on me, please. >> that's a shot and a beer,
6:55 pm
that's the hazelton way, shot and a beer. >> what would it be in the bay area. if you were recovering from little sleep in kansas city, here is what you missed this weekend. the lakers 0-4 right now, but kobe has not given up. he took a shot at the rim, but the warriors beat l.a. georgia had a 7-0 lead over florida, but momentum shifted when the holder executed a field goal -- fake field goal to perfection. florida won is upset yesterday. they snapped this photo of mcneily at his job. chiefs and jets, alex smith tipped at the line. the chiefs beat the jets. more fluky football. the bucs and the brown. joe haden bats the pass to donte whitner. that is an interception. cleveland thinking playoffs as
6:56 pm
they beat tampa. indiana state trailing missouri state. they pull off the hidden ball trick on the kickoff. that would lead to the game winning field goal. beautiful. and nascar, jeff gordon upset at brad keselowski for knocking him out of the race. a big fistfight ensues in the pit. >> i mean, the way he races, i don't know he ever won a championship. i'm proud of jimmie johnson for winning that race. >> gordon was in the lead. keselowski saw a spot to try to move between the cars and take the lead and knocked gordon out. the passion of racing. >> you won't be able to buy a ticket to the next one now. the news is always on ,,,,
6:57 pm
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good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins!
6:59 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show, folks. thank you very much. how are you all? i appreciate you, now. thank you all very much. thank you all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody, i'm your man, steve harvey. boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day, with a total of 20,365 bucks, from st. petersburg, florida, it's the styles family! audience: [cheering] steve: and from naperville, illinois, it's the leclair family! audience: [cheering] steve: everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand new, stylish ford fusion hybrid. right there, folks. let's go, baby!
7:00 pm
give me brea, give me melanie. 's go! audience: [cheering] steve: ladies, top 7 answers on the board, here we go. name something the pillsbury doughboy likes people to do to his buns. [buzzer] >> squeeze them! steve: squeeze them! [bell] >> eat them. steve: eat them. [bell] >> we're going to play, steve! steve: they're going to play. audience: [cheering] steve: well, brit, let's get to it, name something the pillsbury doughboy likes people to do to his buns. >> butter them. steve: butter them. >> good answer! steve: butter. [buzzer] audience: aw! steve: that was a good answer. miss minnie, the superstar. >> yes, darling. steve: yeah. name something the pillsbury doughboy likes people to do to his buns.


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