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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> lava from a hawaiian volcano destroys a home for the first time. the flow almost came to a stop last week but a small stream of lava reached at house yesterday. dozens more are now in danger. >> victim as lack of cooperation is a factor that led to no charges. >> 49ers defensive end ray mcdonald won't face charges. he was arrested in august after his fiancee accused him of abuse during an incident at his san jose home. prosecutors say there's not enough evidence to bring charges. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00. thousands of kaiser permanente nurses are set to walk off the job in about an hour for a two-day strike. ryan takeo joins us live from walnut creek with what patients can expect the next couple of
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days. ryan. >> reporter: well, they can expect a lot of temporary nurses to try to fill in the gaps. we are talking about 18,000 nurses in total across the kaiser spectrum. now, keep in mind the nurses union they are focusing on the lack of ebola preparedness at kaiser. kaiser says that the union is working without a contract. now, that's why they say as many as 18,000 nurses will go on strike starting at 7 a.m. the issue of money hasn't come up yet in contract talks. the stalemate after three months of bargaining, operational issues. one big one, the union wants kaiser to fill about 2,000 open nursing spots from the past couple of years. the nurses rallying today will focus on poor training procedures, specifically for training to deal with ebola. the california hospital association says that's a pr stunt and the nurses are being selfish. >> frankly irresponsible from our perspective. >> kaiser is earning $12 million a day in profits and we
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want them to put that money back into patient care. >> reporter: kaiser has nearly 3,000 temporary traveling nurses to fill the gap. all locations will stay open. live in walnut creek, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> kaiser permanente says some of the surgeries and woo teen appointments could be -- routine appointments could be delayed during the strike. a missionary who just returned to the u.s. from west africa is being monitored for ebola in the carolinas. he treat a patient diagnosed with the disease. >> john is meticulous. i'm sure it impacts your life like nothing else. >> fankhauser is not showing any signs of ebola but will be
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closely monitored for 21 days. almost a week after the time vote was cast there's finally a winner in san jose's mayoral race. dave cortese conceded yesterday still trailing sam liccardo by 2%. thousands of ballots haven't been counted but the cortese campaign conceded to mr. liccardo. 6:03. let's check the morning commute with elizabeth. >> traffic is still way down from a normal commute over at the bay bridge. they activated the metering lights so that means now we are seeing delays across all the lanes including fastrak ones. it was actually a smaller fender-bender in the far left fastrak lane. it was cleared. that's gone. heading into san francisco, you have a little bit of a break even though the metering lights are on, it's not quite as backed up as it usually is. an important tweet from "kcbs traffic" if you are heading into the city today, those meters will be enforced today
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even though it's veteran day. monday through friday street sweeping zones will not be enforced for the holiday. let's check other roads around the bay area. here's a live look at a very quiet richmond/san rafael bridge. the approach to the toll plaza still moving so far at the speed limit. we'll show you other bridges and roadways coming through the livermore valley. 22 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. so this drive time is actually down from a typical commute usually by this time of the morning already up to a half- hour or so. highway 4 in antioch, brake lights approaching "a" street and then a break there obviously coming into pittsburg and more slowdowns at willow pass in concord. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. lawrence is already gearing up for next week's seven-day forecast. >> i keep looking down the road and think next week looks very promising for a chance of rain. dry today but drizzle at the coastline. a lot of clouds to start out
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sweeping onshore. not seeing dense fog like yesterday but plenty of low clouds, and high clouds to come. this afternoon a mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures cooler in the 60s inside the bay. 60s maybe couple of low 70s well inland and 60s and cloudy near the coastline. overlooking san jose mostly cloudy skies. temperatures running in the 50s all around the bay area this morning. i think toward the afternoon, it will be cooler still okay. 66 in fremont. 65 degrees in oakland. and 63 degrees in san francisco. but some rain may not be far away. we'll have more on that coming up. >> a 4-year-old boy is at children's hospital in oakland after a dramatic rescue on the sonoma county coast. the boy fell off a 225-foot cliff at bodega head as he walked with his family. it took rescuers about an hour to find him on the beach under the cliff. then they had to get him up to safety. they strapped him in a basket and hauled it up the him. he was crying as they got him to the top and into an
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ambulance. he has broken bones and was last reported in critical condition. this morning a south bay high school is mourning the death of a popular student after the plane she was riding in crashed in the back hills in gilroy. kpix 5's kiet do is at lincoln high school in san jose with new information about a young girl a senior at that high school. >> reporter: good morning. judging from the outpouring of emotion on social media, kiely vaca was a very popular and well liked student here at lincoln high school in san jose. people are posting photos and expressing shock. some saying they are heartbroken at the loss. kiely was on board the cessna 140 with her grandfather when it went down saturday night in a remote area of santa clara county. the faa says the cause of the crash is unknown. the pilot, 69-year-old john richard dennis from gilroy was flying from frazer lake airpark in hollister to watsonville. the flag in hollister was at half-staff to honor the pilot
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who flew there for many years. >> to hear this happen, it always takes you back. and then to hear the news that a younger person was on board, it's very heartfelt for us. airline pilot with this -- a lot of hours. so nobody escapes safety hazards and things to look at regardless of how many hours we have. >> reporter: the ntsb has taken over control of the investigation. live at lincoln high school in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the. >> a high school basketball star is gunned down outside his east bay home. investigators say the shooting death of 16-year-old rodney frazier may be mistaken identity. the richmond high school basketball player was outside fixing a bike when he was killed on friday. >> but this one here is extra special because this is a kid that was doing good. >> a rally against violent crime is planned for tomorrow
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at 5:00 in richmond. the city's police chief is expected to attend. new this morning, public health officials now certain an outbreak of the norovirus caused dozens of people to get sick at a hotel in redwood city. 60 people got sick at a state naacp convention at the hotel sofitel there. more than 10 were hospitalized including the former oakland mayor elihu harris. so far it appears the hotel did not violate any health protocols to cause the spread of the disease. sweeping changes are aimed at getting the department of veterans affairs to service patients better. the plans include hiring a customer service officers, making it easier for vets to apply online for benefits and services and creating a network of veteran advisory councils. the changes follow revelations that thousands of veterans waited months or even years for medical care. president obama has a new deal with china to eliminate tariffs on high-tech products. the agreement was reached during a private meeting
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between obama and china's president. mr. obama is in china for a meeting involving 21 asian pacific nations. earlier in the day he took to the white house website to urge the fcc to keep the internet free and open. >> should major it clear whether you use a computer, phone or tablet, internet providers have a legal obligation not to block or limit your access to a website. cable companies can't decide which online stores you can shop at or which streaming services you can use. >> and that is not what internet service providers wanted to hear. they want fast lanes where certain websites would work faster for a fee of course. many large websites including google oppose that plan. time now 6:09. disney movies have taught lessons to generations of children but a bay area couple says they fall short in one critical area. how their young daughter is inspiring a push to change all that. >> it is the largest veterans day parade north of the golden
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gate bridge. good morning. i'm roberta gonzales live in petaluma and i have all the parade details. >> and it should stay mostly dry on this veterans day. but that dry weather may not last long. we have some much-needed rain coming in our direction. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and even though it is a holiday all mass transit is on a regular weekday schedule. vt south africa doing some rerouting around the san jose veterans day parade in downtown. we'll take a check of the roads after this break. ,,,,,,
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welcome back to "kpix 5 this morning." low clouds are surging onshore. we are not seeing dense fog. cooler temperatures headed our
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way and rain, too. we'll talk about that coming up. a wintry storm is pelting the rockies and upper midwestern states. cold arctic air is invading the region before it spreads to the rest of the midwest and eastern u.s. some farmers in minnesota and south dakota are concerned the snow will delay their efforts to getting the corn crops out of the fields. up to two feet of snow is expected on the upper peninsula of michigan. today is veterans day. and events are planned all over the bay area to honor those who served. snow-free, i might add, as well. the 96th annual san jose veterans day parade starts at 11:00 this morning. it starts at the s.a.p. center. other events include ceremonies at the uss hornet museum in alameda and the marin veterans memorial auditorium in san rafael and the veterans memorial over in the east bay in antioch. and another veterans day parade happens this afternoon in petaluma. our roberta gonzales is at fourth and d street in petaluma
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and has more. >> reporter: good morning, guys. i'm a winner here. i'm the first to arrive through the parade and the las to leave, yes. we are here in petaluma currently. 54 degrees going up to a parade high of 66 with sunshine. you know, they call this parade the largest veterans parade north of the golden gate bridge bridge. so why is this the largest parade north of the golden gate bridge for veterans? >> we definitely honor our veterans in petaluma with everything we do on behalf of the veterans for this parade. we are excite >> how many people will watch the parade? >> we anticipate about 15,000. it's on a tuesday it's a workday but people take off work and get down here to support veterans. >> kids are out of school? >> i heard they are and we invite them all. it's a family event and we invite everybody down. >> reporter: i have a little exclusive that not only will there be one grand marshal but
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three who were born in petaluma and served in world war ii. >> one was a purple heart recipient and one was in pearl harbor, as well. >> reporter: what else can we anticipate in your parade, a huey helicopter that comes over as well in the middle of the parade so we're very excited. >> reporter: and i hear that some of those big clydesdales horses? >> yes. kids should be excited to see those. at 2:45 we'll have a little ceremony as well to honor all those after the parade. >> reporter: that's at the gazebo across the street? >> in walnut park. >> reporter: my mom was in the marines for 40 years and my father was in the air force in the philippines. if you want more information about veterans day and all the activities going on in the bay area, visit us online at and click on "links and numbers." from petaluma with mike harris, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> good to know that people are going out there to honor vets in the parade. >> 15,000 people will be there. >> a lot of people. >> maybe some traffic in
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petaluma? >> i know. and san jose with a big veterans day parade. i think everyone is sleeping in for now and gearing up for the parades later. it's quiet on the roads even quieter than yesterday so some schools have today off, as well. here's a live look at 880 where we are hot spot-free still around the bay area. and our usual congested areas are just not as congested as usual. here's a live look at the bay bridge. here's one example. the metering lights are turned on at 5:44. but you can see even as you approach the pay gates, the far left lanes are already clearing out. it cleared out early actually by 8 or 8:30. the traffic had really quieted down approaching the bay bridge toll plaza yesterday. so it could be the case again today. you can continue to watch us during the "cbs early show" and we'll keep you informed. also if you are traveling around san francisco maybe parking in san francisco, unfortunately the meters are enforced today so just a heads up good reminder the street sweeping zones in san francisco are not enforced for the veterans day holiday so you just heard roberta talk about the big parade in petaluma.
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we also have one in san jose. a number of street closures around downtown, they are rerouting vta. the opening ceremony starts at park and market at 11:00 and the rest of the parade starts around noon continues all along santa clara street. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. a few more headlights heading southbound only 14 minutes out of san rafael. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. with the forecast, here's lawrence. looks dry for the parades. we are seeing drizzle at the coastline line but for the parades looking good. it will be cool around the bay area as high pressure weakens a lot of low clouds and fog surging onshore. we have a couple of high clouds coming our way, too. so as we head toward the afternoon, the clouds are going to begin to break up. temperatures will be down quite a bit, as well. cooler temperatures all around the bay area. then possibility of some showers as we head in toward tomorrow night. so the weather pattern just about to go. high pressure holding on for now but off the coastline we have this system going to take a while for it to get here but toward tomorrow evening may begin to pick up showers in the north bay.
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around the country cooler here. look at these numbers. 10 degrees for a high in billings. 23 in denver. 21 in minot. about 27 degrees in minneapolis. that doesn't include the wind chill down to about minus 35 degrees! around here we'll see more clouds coming our way especially into tomorrow. and then into the evening hours, here we go, a chance of showers by about 8:00, 9:00 in the evening in the north bay and then the whole system moving across the rest of the bay area overnight into early on thursday morning. temperatures for today will be cooler. 69 degrees in concord. 68 in livermore. and 63 in san francisco. your sunrise time 6:46. sunset is at 5:01. the next couple of days unsettled weather showers coming our way. looks like we dry out on friday. a chance of more rain coming in our direction by next monday. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> we thank you, lawrence. parents of a girl in antioch with down syndrome plan to petition disney. they want the movie studio to include princesses with disabilities. keston ott-dahl says her 15- month old delaney loves watching disney movies with her
6:20 am
sister especially "frozen." delaney has down syndrome and mom says there are no characters she can relate to. >> and not to make a movie that's about down syndrome. but just to make it incidental that a character a hero or heroine has down syndrome. >> she wants children with down syndrome to feel good about themselves without feeling different. and now more than 66,000 people have signed the online petition. the family will deliver it to disney offices in burbank very soon. 6:20 now. prosecutors will not charge 49er ray mcdonald with domestic abuse. why critics. decision say the investigation was tainted from the very start. >> ,, ,,
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good morning. that was a big win for san francisco in new orleans. but they are likely not going to win the nfc west. that's because san francisco is three games back of arizona but there is news there. quarterback carson palmer is out for the season with a torn acl. the cardinals have the nfl's best record at 8-1. palmer was very emotional talking about suffering the injury for the second time in his career. >> not going to lie, i cried like a baby last night. and -- and i'm not an emotional guy. i don't cry. the last time i cried like that was when i lost my friend and teammate chris henry in 2009. >> it's another bump in this road. you know, it's been a bumpy-ass road. like to get the potholes fixed but, you know, that happens in these seasons. another quarterback in the news. mark sanchez starting for the eagles his first start since 2012. philadelphia leading carolina 17-7 in the 2nd quarter.
6:25 am
sanchez hits jordan matthews. sanchez threw for 332 yards and 2 touchdowns both to matthews. philly cruises 45-17. they are 7-2 under chip kelly, who is giving a rebirth to mark sanchez. steph curry is the nba player of the week. warriors back in action tonight against san antonio. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. okay, dennis. thanks. play of the day, some hockey. we got bruins, we got devils, we're at the garden and take a look at bruins center seth griffith. he is going to score the goal between his own legs. that's beautiful. boston beat new jersey 4-2 thanks to your play of the day. 6:25 right now. a huge boost is on the way for the bay area's job market. the new project from google expected to create tens of thousands of new jobs. as many as 18,000 nurses
6:26 am
are striking today. the problem isn't money -- yet. it's ebola preparedness. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪[ music ] live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. 49er ray mcdonald will not face domestic violence charges. why victims advocates say it was impossible to get a fair and impartial investigation. [ pause ] >> on this veterans day a new push to make sure homeless vets in the bay area have the help they need to get back on their feet. >> plenty of clouds a cool
6:30 am
breeze coming our way and some rain, we'll talk about that coming up. >> and if you ride ace train, want to let you know we will see delays through tracy. they did some track work yesterday. the delays are lasting through the afternoon all the details on your commute coming up. >> thank you, liz. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, november 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. a terrifying time for a family in the north bay. a 4-year-old vanished while walking with his parents along the sonoma county coast. the boy suffered several broken bones after he fell hundreds of feet down a cliff. christin ayers reports. >> reporter: paramedics climb a 225-foot bodega bay cliff. a rescued 4-year-old boy in the basket conscious and crying after taking what could have been a deadly fall. the boy missed the water and landed on the beach. he was stranded for about an
6:31 am
hour before a firefighter spotted him. the boy's family was on a hike and he was throwing rocks near a trail when his mother said he disappeared and she realized he had fallen off the cliff. authorities say the child had major injuries and was being transported to a santa rosa hospital. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the. >> thousands of kaiser permanente nurses set to go strike in a half-hour. ryan takeo reports. >> reporter: this is affecting kaiser hospitals in the bay area, also across the state. nurses say the hospital system is not ready to deal with ebola. that's one of the big reasons why they are striking. now, on the other side, kaiser says that's a scare tactic and a pr ploy. >> frankly irresponsible from our perspective. we think it's very unfortunate that this union has decided to move in this track. >> reporter: the california
6:32 am
hospital association says it's selfish for nurses to strike during flu season an unnecessary worry for patients and their relatives. >> she won't have the care that she needs because they will be bringing in new nurses and, you know, it's not the same. >> reporter: as many as 18,000 kaiser nurses are protesting asking for safer staffing levels, better resources and interactive ebola training. >> kaiser is earning $12 million a day in profits and we want them to put that money back into patient care. >> reporter: the chief operating officer at roseville kaiser says they plan for strikes and will use temporary nurses. >> we work with agencies that work specially to provide traveling nurses during work stoppages such as this. >> reporter: some nonemergency surgeries have been postponed and frank, that two-day strike starts this morning at 7:00. so a little less than 50 minutes away. >> i understand money has not even come up yet in the contract talks. is that right? >> reporter: that's right. that's a surprise.
6:33 am
it's always about the money, right? well, so far, throughout the three months of bargaining, operational issues, that's the main stalemate and that's what they are going back and forth on, a big one is how kaiser is going to fill and if kaiser is going to fill 2,000 nurse openings from the last couple of years. live in walnut creek, ryan takeo, kpix 5 let's check the weather. some changes in store for us. >> and i love it! >> you're already -- [overlapping speakers >> i'm thinking that the storm door may be opening here very shortly. haven't been able to say that since last year. last year there wasn't much of a door there at all. but today looks like low clouds out the door. not seeing dense fog. we are seeing a little drizzle. how about that for a neat shot early on today as you can see over san francisco, clouds extending well onshore. looks like it's going to be a slow burnoff, too. so got a company. high clouds coming our way and that means temperatures are going to be down a bit. let's plan on 60s inside the bay. 60s maybe a few 70s well inland and cloudy skies and 60s along the coastline. yeah. it is cloudy over san jose too
6:34 am
as those clouds have surged well inland. the temperatures starting out in the 50s. this afternoon it will be a cooler day. about 69 in san jose. 66 in fremont. and about 63 degrees and breezy in san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. first off we are going to talk about mass transit. everything is on a regular weekday schedule today. but if you ride ace train you will find some extra delays today. they did some track work yesterday out of tracy and so they say to expect some slight delays coming through that area. they have to reduce speeds from like 75 down to 25 throughout the day. again, right now ace trains 3 and 5 are 10 minutes late. vta will reroute around the san jose veterans day parade. it is obviously veterans day around the bay area on the roads super quiet. they may even deactivate the metering lights only backed up to the very first overcrossing in the busiest lanes. haven't seen too much traffic at all this morning. they activated those lights around 5:44. but since then, it really
6:35 am
hasn't stacked up on the bridge or even anywhere near the maze. and westbound 580 also a much lower drive time through the livermore valley. that's your "kcbs" drive to work. police want to know why it took so long for someone to realize that a man inside a berkeley frat house was dead. the body of vaibhev loomba was found on sunday hours after a party saturday night on zeta psi. this is a picture of the mess inside the frat house sunday afternoon. >> it's a little unusual that, you know, somebody may not have seen him for a long period of time. >> we do want to try to figure out, you know, why he was there, who he was seen with and those kind of things. >> loomba was not a berkeley student. he went to uc-davis and was from antioch. authorities are checking into what role drugs or alcohol may have played. vandalism during last month's giants world series
6:36 am
celebration was expensive for san francisco's muni system. 28 buses got hit to the tune of $140,000 for the broken windows and graffiti not including the labor costs or the money muni lost while the damaged buses were not in service. 49er player ray mcdonald will not be charged with domestic abuse charges. andria borba looks at the complicated situation at that football player's home. >> reporter: even in a 7-page memo from the santa clara county d.a.'s office, what really happened inside ray mcdonald's home on august 31st isn't clear. the 49ers defensive lineman called the team's head of security who told him to call this man, san jose sergeant sean pritchard, when he was worried about women texting him. the first call came at 2:39 a.m. from mcdonald to pritchard. i need to get this female out of my house. two minutes later at 2:41, jane doe mcdonald's fiancee called 911. hello, i'd like to press for a
6:37 am
domestic violence. my fiance is trying to pull me out of the house. he's drunk. i think he is calling the cops. he -- he's trying to get me out. san jose pd arrived, pritchard was already there. mcdonald was arrested but two days later jane doe wouldn't let officers take pictures of the bruises on her arms and neck. >> the victim's lack of cooperation in this case is just a factor that led to our charging decision. >> reporter: cathie black executive director of la casa de las madras says it isn't surprising. >> victims don't usually want to cooperate. >> reporter: also the question is pritchard moonlighting for the 49ers. >> how can you be impartial to investigate? i think it's difficult. you have to have a clean investigation where officers come out with all the tools they need in order to document visible injuries. seems like a failure of the system. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5.
6:38 am
>> the fight apparently began when someone woke mcdonald's fiancee up and told her ray was flirting with other women in the house. we learned from the report that she hit ray first and the report also said her injuries were consistent with someone being restrained, not attacked. meanwhile, 49er linebacker aldon smith will be back at practice today. he has been on a nine-game nfl suspension for violating the league's personal conduct and substance abuse policy. smith is expected to play sunday against the new york giants. a popular senior from san jose's lincoln high school is being remembered by her classmates. 18-year-old kiely vaca died saturday in a small plane crash near gilroy. she was flying with her grandfather 69-year-old richard dennis from gilroy. they had flown from the airport at hollister. kiely's friends and family are taking to social media to express shock and disbelief. dennis had flown out of the hollister airport for many years and they were going to watsonville when they crashed east of gilroy. almost a week after the
6:39 am
final vote was cast there's finally a winner in san jose's mayoral race. dave cortese conceded yesterday afternoon just after the latest numbers were released. he still trails sam liccardo 51- 49%. thousands of provisional ballots have yet to be counted but the cortese campaign determined he won't be able to catch up. cortese called liccardo to congratulate him yesterday. liccardo praised cortese for running a strong and spirited campaign. liccardo will replace the termed out mayor chuck reed on new year's day. some homeless veterans are getting services to help them reintegrate into civilian life. a new center opened on monday in san francisco that will not only provide permanent housing, but also valuable services. everything from meals to medical and mental health treatment all in the same building. >> for the first time, i'm going to have permanent housing. i have been homeless since 2011. and i won't have to worry about
6:40 am
where my next meal is coming from or where i'm going to be staying. i don't have to worry about being assaulted living out on the streets. >> most of the cost are covered by housing and urban development as well as the department of veterans affairs. the facility will have space for 130 vets. they will have to come up with 30% of their adjusted income to pay rent. for a full list of veterans day events in your area, go to and look for the link on the homepage. the bay area job market getting a boost from google. >> and a california man goes to the movie theater and ends up with a face full of pepper spray. why a fellow movie-goer hit him with a blast of mace. ,,
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slow burnoff inside the bay sound temperatures down, 67 in redwood city, 67 mountain view, in san jose warm up the temperatures a little more near 70. about 70 in morgan hill and 71 in gilroy. into the east bay, we'll cool you off as well starting out with plenty of clouds early on. about 71 degrees in antioch one of the warmer spots. 69 in walnut creek. and 64 degrees in alameda, 64 the sea breeze keeping you cooler in berkeley. 68 degrees in the napa valley. 66 petaluma. downtown san francisco a little chilly today grab a jacket heading there. 63 degrees. the 2,000 degree river of lava in hawaii has burned its first home. the homeowners have been watching the lava inch toward them for months and had already
6:45 am
packed up and left. in a half-hour it was destroyed. dozens more are threatened. 17 days until black friday and america's retailers are making some big plans. here's jason brooks from kcbs news, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: target looking to get a jump-start on the black friday festivities. the company did a one-day-only sale online for special in store pickups. it will also offer some limited black friday specials a day before thanksgiving on november 26. this after target earlier announced it was waiving shipping fees for online orders, $50 and above for items -- or $50 and below on items until december 20. target looking for a better holiday season last year. they had the massive data breach. that's really weighed on the company's sales in 2014. big leadership change in the silicon valley. sunnyvale-based network gear makers juniper networks has a
6:46 am
new ceo, [ non-english language ] the company's long time director of research and development taking over for [ non-english language ] who resigned under pressure after just a year on the job. juniper networks shares down slightly. going to be a quiet day of trading with veterans day. the bond market is closed. started out with new record highs for the do you and s&p -- for the dow and s&p. it's been quite the run. dow down by 15. nasdaq is down by 7. s&p moving lower by 1 point. back to you. 6:46. the moffett field landmark hangar one will be restored as part of a huge deal between nasa and mountain view-based google. the internet giant has agreed to pay nasa believe it or not $1.16 billion to renovate 1,000 acres of the base over the next 60 years. planetary ventures plans to renovate three hangars and create an educational center on
6:47 am
the site. the project is just part of a big spending spree for google. the company is expected to hire nearly 30,000 people over the next five years. and as kpix 5's betty yu reports, the company is buying up more property in sunnyvale, mountain view and redwood city. >> reporter: google is doing some big-time spending outside of its mountain view home base. it bought six buildings in the pacific shores complex on the redwood city waterfront and leased an office campus under construction in sunnyvale. >> if you want to make the rents go up, it's also going to help businesses. >> reporter: rick says redwood city was just a tiny town 40 years ago. once google moves in, it will be a certified tech town. >> i think google made a great choice in choosing redwood city. it's midpoint between san jose and san francisco. it's close to the ferry terminal, which is going to be a major factor for regional transportation going forward. >> reporter: robert pedro runs signature realty based in redwood city. he says the downtown area is
6:48 am
getting ready for a flood of tech workers. as it is, apartment rents have shot up at least 30% in a year. >> right now we have experienced tremendous upward pressure on rental prices. >> reporter: over the next two years, the city has plans to add 10 new apartment buildings. >> the only concern i have is the traffic issue that we have down here because we are pretty congested especially at lunch hour. a lot of the local people, it's hard to find parking. >> reporter: the two big real estate deals here in redwood city, the other in sunnyvale, aren't move in-ready but insiders say google intends to hire 5,000 workers every year over the next five years. in redwood city, betty yu, kpix 5. all right. let's get a check on our roads now with elizabeth. >> i know. guys, it's been so quiet today. it's much quieter today than yesterday. so obviously today a lot of people have off. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is getting lighter as we go into the
6:49 am
morning commute then heavier, when can we say that? now it's backed up to the middle of the parking lot in the busiest lanes. five minutes to get you on the bridge. and all the approaches still look great as well only 20 minutes or so from the carquinez bridge to the maze if you are traveling on the eastshore freeway. if you are heading into san francisco, the parking meters will be enforced. we have our san mateo bridge cam back. it's a little is sluggish approaching claw wetter westbound 92 but -- clawiter westbound 92 but drive times are down through the livermore valley, even the altamont pass still looks okay, only about 16 minutes or so between those wind turbines and the dublin interchange. highway 4, a touch of slow traffic approaching "a" street but nothing like a regular commute. completely clears out in pittsburg and a little slowing coming into concord on the approach to 242. a mini backup right now at the richmond/san rafael bridge. not too much though. all right. hopefully a lot of people are heading to a parade today to celebrate our veterans and we'll check the forecast. see what it will be like
6:50 am
outdoors for everyone. >> if you just take a light jacket you should be fine out the door. it will be cooler if you are going to a veterans day celebration. out the door right now, we have those clouds that have moved well inland and even some drizzle along the coastline. out over the bay now, toward alcatraz, we are going to break that up into the afternoon but temperatures are going to be noticeably cooler outside today. in fact, you see that big swirl off the coastline that's a storm system developing that could bring rain to the bay area as early as tomorrow evening. but for today, we'll keep it mostly dry and mostly sunny as we head toward the afternoon lingering clouds out along the coastline with some cooler temperatures all across the board. and then the possibility of some showers by tomorrow night. high pressure now starting to weaken. you see this broad trough beginning to build itself in and make its way toward the west coast. that will bring a big change in the weather pattern not only as we head in toward wednesday but i think latter part of the weekend, too. you think it's cool here? high of 10 degrees in billings today. 23 in denver. and 21 in minot. wind chills of up to minus 35 degrees. clouds going to continue to
6:51 am
filter on and off throughout the day some high clouds up above and patchy fog along the coast then tomorrow evening 9:00 we have some showers in the north bay then spreading across the rest of the bay area into early thursday morning. so looks like cooler day ahead for today. it should stay mostly dry in the 60s. next couple of days we are going to see a big change in the weather pattern. chance of rain by wednesday night into thursday. another chance of rain looks like now on monday. and i'm starting to get excited. this could very well open the door to a series of storms coming our way i think starting next week. so looks very promising now. still a ways out. but looking very promising. i'm excited. it's been almost a year. >> thank you. new this morning, the south korean boat captain accused of leaving hundreds of passengers to die on board a sinking ferry is sentenced to 36 years in prison. today's sentence is for negligence and abandoning his passengers but not homicide. he was acquitted of homicide. more than 300 people mostly
6:52 am
teenagers died when the ferry sank back in april. survivors say they were ordered to stay on the boat instead of being told to evacuate. a man was reportedly pepper sprayed at a movie theater in hollywood. he says it happened after he asked the woman to turn off her cell phone inside the theater. witnesses say the woman sprayed the man in the face after he tapped her on the shoulder. she claims he assaulted her. people in the audience were apparently upset with the woman. >> this kind of violence to do during texting -- texting shouldn't be done. you shouldn't be pulling out your phone anyway. that he was one person's reaction. i know what i heard was people saying, oh, da, da, da, police, blah blah blah blah. >> the man left the theater shortly after the incident. several minutes later security escorted the woman from the theater. time now is 6:52. as the nation pauses to honor our veterans today a major effort is launched to give them better access to medical care. >> reporter: 18,000 nurses are
6:53 am
striking in just a matter of minutes. a big reason is a lack of ebola preparedness. coming up how hospitals are filling the gap. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. right now, you can save $400 on the c4 mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. silent night not so silent? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that.
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to boost trade with asian a pacific nations. the presiden five things to know at the :55. president obama continues his push to boost trade with asian and pacific nations. the president is among 21 world leaders meeting in beijing this week. they agreed to eliminate import export taxes on some proceed. the va is going to be overhauled making it easier for benefits and services. the changes come after an investigation revealed thousands of veterans were forced to wait months or years
6:57 am
for medical care. snow is piling up and temperatures are plunging in the upper midwest. the season's first major snowstorm pounded some areas with a foot or more of snow. the powerful storm system is expected to bring frigid temperatures to much of the deep south and east in the next few days. and san jose finally has a new mayor. dave cortese conceded to mayor- elect sam liccardo yesterday afternoon. the latest vote count hasley accardo leading by 2%. -- has liccardo leading by 2%. cortese was waiting for the outcome to be clear to conceit a 4-year-old boy is recovering after falling 200 feet down a cliff. he was walking with his family near bodega bay when he fell last night. rescuers say the boy was conscious when they got to him. he was last reported in critical condition. i'm tacoma tack live in walnut creek where 18,000 kaiser nurse are striking across the state. here are nurses who work at the
6:58 am
walnut creek hospital. the rally and strike starts at 7 a.m. it's a two-day strike. the nurses union focus is on ebola preparedness. but there's more to it than that. the union is working without a contract. the issue of money hasn't come up yet in contract talks. the stalemate off three months of bargaining, operational issues. one big one, the union wants kaiser to fill 2,000 open nursing spots from the past couple of years. the nurses rallying today will focus on what they say are poor training procedures, specifically for biebs. the california hospital association says that's a pr stunt and the nurses are being selfish. >> frankly irresponsible from our perspective. >> kaiser earning $12 million a day in profits and we want them to put that money back into patient care. >> reporter: kaiser has nearly 3,000 temporary nurses to fill the gap and all locations are staying open. ryan takeo, kpix 5. no big accidents around the bay area. but if you are riding mass
6:59 am
transit, ace train will be delayed by 10 minutes for the day. they did earlier track work around tracy. so in and out of tracy that's where you will hit some snags. vta is rerouting around the big veterans day parade in san jose. there will be street closures later on and right now just slowdowns on northbound 101 approaching capitol expressway. low clouds onshore overlooking san jose right now. you have mostly cloudy skies although that will be breaking up a little later on but the temperatures are going to be cooler. plan on 69 in san jose. 67 vallejo. 63 breezy cool in san francisco. chance of rain tomorrow night. showers probably overnight into thursday morning. another chance of rain on monday. >> thank you. we leave you this veterans day with the united states navy band at arlington national cemetery playing a musical salute to all of our vets. ♪[ music ]
7:00 am
captions by: caption colorado ♪ good morning. it is veterans day, november 11th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a powerful storm blankets part of the country in snow causing a nightmare morning commute. president obama and vladimir putin hold private talks as russia sends more tanks to ukraine. and only on "cbs this morning" -- new military technology giving our troops a leg-up on the battlefield. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> kind of a behind landslide of cars. >> we are going to have another long winter like last year. >> millions dig out from a massive snowstorm. >> temperatures in some places dropped as much as 40 degrees in 24 hours. >> more than a foot snow has fallen, minnesota, wisconsin and


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