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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 14, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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there is friday! >> thank you very much. >> yeah. >> we made it. >> yes, we did. >> it's looking good. we had the rain yesterday and because of that we are seeing dense fog around the bay area this morning especially in the north bay valleys. we'll have your friday forecast and, of course, what comes after that? the weekend. [ laughter ] >> that's coming up. >> wow. >> i know. we are easy to predict on a friday. there is a major injury crash in san jose. i have been watching the sensors going from green to yellow. we heard they were going to have to block several lanes of traffic southbound one at tully it was a car that overturned landed upright so we'll talk about that coming up. >> and tomorrow is? >> saturday? >> very good. [ laughter ] >> playing along well. >> very good. the time now 4:30. asiana airlines will appeal to
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an order to suspend flights to sfo because of the crash last year. they say they violated safety regulation when the boeing 777 crashed at sfo in july last year. three passengers were killed. more than 180 were injured. there is one flight per day from south korea to san francisco and back. the korean government says it will ask other airlines to pick up the slack. dream weddings nearly ruined by their wedding planner. as andria borba found out, the planner took the couples money but didn't do anything after that. >> my wife is saying how on earth did we pull this off? >> reporter: this is the moment when joe and irene went from bride and groom to husband and wife. it was a wedding that nearly didn't happen not because of cold feet but because of this guy, stanley kwan, their wedding planner owner of chinatown's "to have and to hold" > for us it seemed like a
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gigantic undertaking. we planned. wrote him two different checks. and shortly after that, no returned phone calls, no -- couldn't find him. >> reporter: suddenly, two months out from the big day, joe and irene found out they had been had and were out $4,000. >> we don't really know what he was going to put together. it didn't get that far. he even told us that he had a celebrity chef whose name i won't mention who was available in san francisco and he said, if he is not doing anything, he will make the food for you. we thought wow, this is great. >> reporter: they weren't alone. the san francisco d.a.'s office says stanley ripped off more than 30 couples to the tune of $60,000. >> obviously, we're not rich people. we don't throw $4,000 away. >> reporter: stanley was arrested in 2012 and pleaded guilty to grand theft in april. he traded his wedding planner hat for jail stripes yesterday.
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>> my wife seemed very surprised. [ laughter ] >> reporter: eight years later, joe and irene are still happily married. >> my wife had the cutest vows. >> reporter: with a wedding story they won't soon forget. you might be wondering why you didn't hear from irene in our story. she is visiting family in hong kong. joe says she is very excited this is finally ended. as for stanley, we're told that he only paid back a fraction of the restitution that he owes all of those couples. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. >> and the d.a.'s office is planning to file a lawsuit now get back the rest of the money that kwan owes. the city of san francisco admits it has a problem with trees planted decades ago. several ficus trees split during the rain yesterday morning. falling trees hit cars and sent one man to the hospital. many are 40 to 50 years old. they are top heavy and probably not the best for an urban environment.
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you can take them out but it will take a lot of resources. so we want to do this smartly, methodically. we want to make sure our urban forestry remains strong and expands in san francisco. >> the city doesn't let people plant ficus trees anymore because of the risk. maintaining these trees and keeping them regularly pruned doesn't guarantee they won't fall. part of the problem is the way they trim them. you don't want them hanging over your car in the sidewalk so it's like this big plant up there, you know, with all the foliage up top. >> i have a couple of those trees. do i water? do i know the? they're very particular. >> the rain, the weight of the rain on those leaves on that triaded up and there you go. -- tree added up and there you go. today out the door because of the rain we are seeing thick fog. the clouds moving through the behind that we are seeing some dense fog now developing in some of the valleys especially in the north bay. dense fog advisory has been issued until 9:00 in the north
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bay valleys and some of the visibilities less than a quarter of a mile there. so be very, very careful if you're driving there today. all right. out over the bay doesn't look tabbed. it's hazy with partly cloudy conditions. temperatures are in the 40s and the 50s outside now. by the afternoon, still a cool day a little hazy sun and temperatures in the mid-60s into oakland. 67 in san jose. and about 66 in the napa valley. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. once again, our hot spot is san jose. it was an suv that flipped before landing upright. southbound 101 at tully road. so it is counter-commute. when the accident was first reported, just about half-hour ago slightly more than that, we did see some slowdowns on our sensors. no locker the case. so -- no longer the case. so it looks like traffic is getting by okay. several lanes are blocked and there are major injuries. this is just affecting the southbound lanes. northbound is clear from morgan hill straight into san jose. here's a live look at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. the overnight roadwork continues. they have been doing a lot of overnight roadwork all week from the center anchorage to the fremont street exit. you can access the fremont street exit from the upper deck of the bay bridge but you have to veer left for a while. at the bay bridge toll plaza, still clear just some slight delays like we often see at this time of the morning in the far left cash lanes. 880 in the east bay, this time it's northbound 880 between marina and davis, they have various lanes blocked for the next 20 minutes. so caltrans tells us this should all wrap up by 5:00. no big delays between san leandro and oakland. san mateo bridge traffic also looks great out of hayward. and even the commute through the altamont pass and the livermore valley most part in the green, still seeing a few slugish spots but still looks clear between the dublin interchange and the altamont pass. mass transit is all on time. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. 4:36. oakland police looking into the
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death a pedestrian who was struck by a car in the city's north side. the man was hit just after 6:00 yesterday evening at market and 62nd streets. witnesses say they believe the victim was blind. there was a cane at the scene of the accident. police say the drive is cooperating with the investigation. people don't usually fly with raw meat in their checked bags but tsa screeners were suspicious when they found meat in a suitcase at mineta san jose international airport. the beef was stuffed with cocaine in three vacuum sealed packages. 24-year-old salvador samaya is under arrest. there are new questions about the i.t. chief at the santa clara county registrar of voters who apparently had had enough and just quit. on election day. nobody has seen him since he was. len ramirez has learned a key piece of equipment is missing, too,. >> reporter: when the registrar of voters abruptly quit on election day morning sources say he failed to turn in county
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property including a badge, cell phone and computer hard drive. the sheriff's office says the registrar of voters alert law enforcement on monday and while the situation has not risen to the level of a criminal probe, it is being investigated by county counsel, labor relations and the registrar of voters. neighbors at mr. lei's evergreen area home say they haven't seen him for several days but has reportedly been in telephone contact with the registrar's office although according to one source he has not made himself widely available. the sheriff's office gave us no comment when it came to questions about a missing hard drive but that's a crucial part of the story because his computer within loaded with information and programs designed to help him do his job to count votes in santa clara county. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> len talked to the registrar of voters last night. she says if the secretary of state recommends a recount, there will be one. san jose's police chief is catching some flak for
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accepting i free ticket to a 49ers game. chief larry esquivel went to a preseason game. but a member of the public complained that was a conflict of interest so esquivel and an assistant chief have repaid the 9ers for their tickets. new reports shedding light on how an intruder made his way past several security checkpoints and got deep inside the white house. more now from craig boswell. >> reporter: the white house fence omar gonzalez jumped last september was about the biggest obstacle between him and the inside room of the executive mansion because a series of flaws in white house security allowed gonzalez to enter the front door and make his way deep inside. a homeland security report blames the incident on communication problems, muted alarms, unlocked doors and inadequate training of secret service officers. investigators found after
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gonzalez had jumped the fence, initial security radio reports were muffled and several officers didn't see gonzalez because their view was blocked by a construction project and by fading daylight. another agent didn't hear the alert because he was on his personal cell phone. his backup radio was in his locker. an officer who was stationed outside the north portico doors raised his weapon but didn't fire because he didn't think gonzalez was armed or posed a threat. the officer assumed the doors were locked. but by the time he realized they weren't, gonzalez was inside. the report also found that an emergency response team did not follow gonzalez inside because they were unfamiliar with the layout of the white house. gonzalez overpowered the lone female officer inside but was eventually subdued. the department of homeland security says based on the initial findings in this report, it has implemented or is implementing changes to improve training, equipment, staffing and communications systems.
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craig boswell cbs news, the white house. >> and domestic issues are a high priority for president obama as he continues his brief tour of asia. today he responded to house speaker john boehner who said the president would be violating his oath of office if he uses executive powers for immigration reform. the president's plan could protect up to 5 million illegal immigrants from the threat of deportation. >> if in fact congress failed to act i would use all the lawful authorities that i possess to try to make the system work better. and that is going to happen. >> meanwhile, in myanmar, also known as burma, the president met today with opposition leader [ non-english language ] he said myanmar needs further reform in its move towards democracy. he met earlier with the country's president. 28 schools in santa clara and san mateo counties are severely underperforming. innovate public schools a mountain view-based group says
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more than 15,000 students attend the subpar schools. the group says many of the students are from latino or low- income families. >> there are schools that have significant amount of challenges and that they need more resources. they need very effective practices and very effective teams in order to reach their students. >> so what we have to do is be willing to admit that we need to do better and hopefully we can come up with some, uhm, program, uhm, some ideas that are going to make a meaningful difference. >> the report also singled out five high performing schools. four of those five are charter schools. it's a friday! and it's 4:42. up next, lots of drives getting an early holiday present. how about cheaper gas? how long will it go? we'll tell you coming up. >> all right. what is so cool about your school? email us at we may come and feature your school on the show. of
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the country. some schools
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are dealing with heating sys that are 4:44. it's freezing across much of the country this morning. some schools are dealing with heating systems that aren't working. temperatures are 20 to 40 degrees below normal from the plains to the mississippi valley. it's from an arctic front that's crossing the country. and there's a new problem for hawaii because of the lava flow on the big island. all the smoke from burning vegetation and asphalt causing pollution. people with lung problems are being told to stay indoors. the lava is not threatening any more homes at this time after one was burned earlier this week. it is 4:45. some long-term weather forecasters seem a little more doubtful now about a wet el nino winter. they are meeting in los angeles to discuss what may be in store coming up. despite yesterday's rain in northern california, the experts are no longer very optimistic.
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>> earlier it came on like gangbusters. it was warning up. but through the summer into the fall, the el nino faded. it's-it could increase chances of wet weather for california. we need it. >> it may be nothing at all. but still, we could still see some good rainfall. not giving up on it yet. yesterday, of course, we had that rain out there. today, kind of a quiet start to the day but we have a lot of fog around the bay area early on. and it is going to take some time to break up. and it's a thick fog especially in the north bay valleys in through the delta. we are seeing some of the visibilities down to a quarter
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mile or less. so be very, very careful traveling today. hazy sunshine by the afternoon temperatures going to stay cool. looks like it will be a dry weekend on tap. a weak ridge of high pressure just beginning to build in. you can see it's not strong. but building in behind that system that brought us showers yesterday just enough to bump the jet stream to the north and keep us dry. if you are traveling today in the central valley watch out for low clouds and fog there. 69 degrees hazy sunshine by the afternoon in sacramento. about 70 in fresno starting out with some of that tule fog early on. throughout the day today the clouds are going to start to break up. we'll see that hazy sunshine. but the temperatures are going to stay down. that ridge is not very strong. occasionally some high clouds move over but not a bad start to the weekend as you will see a lot of sunshine and some slightly warmer temperatures. this afternoon, about 67 in san jose. 63 and cool in pacifica. still a couple of patches of fog there. 67 in pleasanton. 66 in concord. inside the bay, 65 in alameda. and 64 in san francisco. looking toward the weekend
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right now we are going to keep things dry partly cloudy toward sunday. high degree of uncertainty as we head in toward the middle of next week. some of the models are pointing toward rain, some aren't. right now just partly cloudy and we'll have a few days to figure it out. liz has traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. out the door we have two overturns and as lawrence said it's dry so not sure what's going on, but watch out, out there. this is the latest one blocking the off-ramp in fremont northbound 880 approaching fremont boulevard south. it looks like the main lines of the freeway are okay. not much delay on the sensors. but just a few minutes before that, we of course have been watching this major injury crash in san jose. this is counter-commute southbound 101 at tully road. three right lanes are reportedly blocked. emergency crews are out there. and again, the driver is someone in that vehicle with major injuries could be out there for a while longer. here's a live look out the door if you are heading to the
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dublin-pleasanton area. headlights westbound still looks good as you can see the drive times definitely if the clear. 15 machines or so from the altamont pass and 680. we are beginning to see delays coming out of tracy on 205 sluggish from about 11th and then this accident also reported. a lot of accidents for this time of the morning. this one in the center divide. westbound 580 at north flynn but you can see the sluggish traffic there just behind it. once you get past north flynn, everything does clear out though. it looks okay approaching vasco and the dublin interchange. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. all clear maybe if i kind of step out of the way you can see a few delays in a couple of the cash lanes but not much to bog you down on a friday morning and that roadwork i mentioned between the center anchorage and fremont street still out there. 880 in oakland very quiet. in san leandro the roadwork should be continuing for the next about 10 or 15 minutes between marina and davis. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys. >> all right.
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thank you, elizabeth. 4:49. caltrans has a new plan for fixing the expansion joints on the bay bridge and this one should not create a big traffic problem like the one a month or two back. last month crews laid down plates on the upper deck to make the repairs but the plates and the warning signs caused some massive backups. now caltrans plans to do the work without the plates in the middle of the night and with some different material, as well. >> so what we decided on was to use rapid setting concrete. and this way, we feel that the concrete can cure in about roughly 90 minutes give or take. that way, we can go ahead and do this and be done in time for the morning commute. >> the new strategy will mean overnight lane closures for the next couple of months fore weeks now we have been enjoying surprisingly low gas prices. they are now at a four-year low. kpix 5's cate caugiran looked into how long the bargain will last. >> reporter: cars lined up down the road. do you think it's worth waiting
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in line? >> yeah, definitely. i mean, it's a huge amount of money like when you fill up your whole tank. >> $2.89 it's worth taking that inconvenience. >> reporter: yes, you heard right. $2.89 for a gallon of regular. no. this isn't the year 2000. >> we have experienced the biggest drop in gas prices nationwide. >> reporter: cynthia harris with aaa. >> we are producing more crude oil than ever before in the united states. there's ample supply. >> reporter: she says costs have dropped more in california because we started with the highest prices in the nation because the state requires uses to have the cleanest fuel. >> you have to realize that california has the most stringent regulations on the production of gas and that's to avoid pollution of the air. >> reporter: but no one in this line at the mill valley arco is complaining because the reality is -- >> it's a nice little tax cut. >> reporter: especially when food prices are going up, utility rates climbing and education becoming less affordable. >> things are tight as it is for everyone. and the gas prices are definitely maybe have a little
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extra something for it. >> a nice little gift at this time for checkbooks and family accounts. >> reporter: in the past month gas prices have dropped 40 cents for a gallon of regular. and that's just here in the bay area. in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> shows a station in east san jose selling gas for $2.81 a gallon. >> it used to be almost like 50 bucks. now it's 38, 39. >> you go in and get a drink and snack instead. >> of course. >> and you fill up your winnebago. >> pretty much, station wagon, sure. 4:52 now. butterflies are disappearing from the bay area. what you can plant to save them. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. nearly two dozen people were arrested outside a walmart last night during a labor protest. workers want $15 an hour and full-time schedules. demonstration started in the parking lot but moved into an intersection and then started disrupting traffic there. police cited protestors for unlawful assembly and failure to disperse. the 4-year-old who survived a fall of more than 200 feet at bodega bay is now coming out of a medically-induced coma. his father told us doctors are worried sebastien johnson might have brain damage but it's still not clear. the boy was rescued on monday night. we talked to his father, who wanted to thank rescue crews. >> coast guard went down -- a firefighter went down there told him you know think of spider-man. he loves spider-man so it was like perfect. and just said to think about it all the time and, you know, i really thank him for doing a good job. >> darrell says he thinks those words helped his son find his
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courage. he is being treated at oakland children's hospital. monarch butterflies are disappearing from the bay area. the food supply apparently is running low and now an east bay woman has come up with a plan. oakland park supervisor wants everyone to plant milkweed. it's an end cue a bitter and food for the monarch. >> teaching people to become a monarch waystation. >> oakland's lake merritt is leading the way and it seems to be paying off, too. there are caterpillars all over their gardens. 4:56 now. police could be spying on your phone calls even reading your texts right now! the new top secret surveillance device. this morning we uncover which bay area cities are using it. >> reporter: the south korean government tells asiana airlines to stop flying to sfo
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a punishment for some pilots. coming up why passengers might pay the price. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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for me, this is not a burden. this is manageable. >> a 21-day quarantine ends today for the stanford doctor who treated ebola patients in west africa. dr. colin bucks has spent the last few weeks in his redwood city home. dr. bucks tested negative for the virus. >> much of the country will be experiencing temperatures at below freezing by tonight. snow has made for treacherous travel in the midwest and mid- atlantic region. the frigid cold will stick around into next week. >> want to do this smartly, methodically. >> san francisco reassessing its ficus tree policy after several of the trees split during yesterday's rain. many of these trees are up to 50 years old. trees are regularly pruned but dpw may have to take further action. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that
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matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. and good morning to you, i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle griego. >> happy friday, i'm frank mallicoat. asiana airlines under orders now to stop flying to sfo at least for a little while. kpix 5's anne makovec is at sfo with details of the airline's punishment for last year's deadly crash-landing. anne. >> reporter: and the next flight, the next asiana flight from here at sfo to seoul, south korea, is still scheduled to depart at noon according to the asiana airlines website. flight 211 is still supposedly on time and set for today. so when this suspension goes into effect is unclear. this news all came down from a south korean news agency saying this is punishment for the asiana plane crash here at


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