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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 15, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> there cease going to be a problem. >> tonight, the new dispatch recordings from ferguson that has police all over the bay area on high alert. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. they are preparing for possible protests when the grand jury decides whether or not to indict the officer who shot michael brown in ferguson, missouri. several riots have happened in bay area like the one following the george zimmerman trial. and when oscar grant was shot to death. that officer was later convicted but served less than a year behind bars. the preparations follow the release of new audio tapes in the ferguson case.
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>> we have a stealing in progress from 90101. subject may be leaveing the business at this time. >> reporter: what you are hearing is a radio call from a police dispatcher and officers following a convenient store robbery. just after 11:53 a.m., a description of a suspect is given. >> a black male in a white t- shirt. he took a whole box of swisher cigars. >> reporter: four minutes later, more details. >> he is with another male. he has a red cardinals hat. >> reporter: police were told the two men later identified as brown and a friend, dorian johnson had left the store. at noon, officer darren wilson joined the hunt. at 12:02, wilson spots brown and johnson in the middle of the street and asks for backup. moments later, a scuffle reportedly broke out between brown and wilson.
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shots were fired and brown went down. according to the saint louis post dispatch, the encounter lasted lest than 90 seconds. a backup officer arrived. >> 911 units over here, there is going to be a problem. >> the decision on a possible indictment is expected in the next couple of weeks. the coast guard has a big mess on its hands at the port of oakland. three shipping containers fell off a cargo vessel in the oakland estuary. they contained nothing hazardous. a woman is in the hospital with life threatening injuries tonight after being hit by a pickup truck in san francisco. happened just before 6:00 this evening in a potrero hill area. the woman was at a crosswalk at 25th and utah when the truck ran into her making a left turn. police are investigating what happened. bay area fisher machine are
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pulling in their first catch of the crab season. if this first haul is any indication, it will be a bountiful year. good news if you are saving room on your thanksgiving for fresh crab. mike sugerman is at the docks. >> reporter: we have live crabs, local crab, fresh crab, and for a lot of people, that is cause for celebration. normally fisherman's wharf belongs to the tourists. today, it shifts back to its original name sake. crab season has begun. >> crabs! >> reporter: it doesn't get fresher nor more local than this. >> they look good. you know. everything is looking good. good volume, good quality. >> reporter: crab season has opened and the first boats are coming back. and the first locals are out for a bay area tradition. >> it doesn't get fresher.
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>> what are you going to do with those? >> boil them up. cook up two ohm. sunday, we are going to boil more up. >> reporter: he came here from livermore because that is what you do when it is the opening of crab season. >> i don't know when it started back 100 years ago, but i think it just goes along with the concept of a feast. >> reporter: this is crab season opener number 51 for him. a good one he says. >> says. >> it is really nice we got to go at the beginning of the year. everybody will be able to have their crabs. >> reporter: so many people are excited. that is the old time san francisco and bay area way of life. >> there is nothing better than having crab with your turkey in the holidays. it is just something that we live for, we look for ward to it. it is a tradition. >> reporter: and keep it simple says captain james smith. don't overdo it. >> cup of sea salt.
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put your water in, 13 minutes for reboil. cold water, five minutes, the crab is done, ready to eat. >> reporter: and this guy is kind of on his last leg, so to speak, we have had boats coming in, 14,000 pounds a boat. coming in a couple of hours, we will have 60,000 pounds. that is a lot of money. $3 a pound for the fisherman. you will be paying $5 to $6 at the store. come down tonight to the wharf. >> where is the crab going now? [ laughter ] >> reporter: it is going into my refrigerator. lunch tomorrow. >> i had a feeling. thanks mike. >> okay. >> fringe benefit from doing the live shot. tomorrow also marks opening day for covered california. the deadline to enroll for a new coverage plan is february
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15th. and if you want to change an existing policy, you have until december 15. the state is hoping to sign up hundredsover thousands of new enroll lees. the exchange is adding locations an extending hour to get the help they need. tonight, there is a new case of ebola in america. a surgeon who contracted the virus while working in sierra leone arrived in nebraska today for treatment. dr. martin salia is a citizen of sierra leone who lives in maryland with his life and children. he explained in an april interview why he returned to help his country men. >> i took the job because i wanted to. this is a calling. >> the fact he left here to go back to his country, that made me worry a little bit, especially when he said doctor. >> it is unclear how dr. salia contracted the deadly disease since his work did not involve
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ebola patients. comedian bill cosby is staying tight lipped about the latest rape allegation against him. scott simon asked him about it point-blank. carter evans reports the response was radio silence. >> this question gives me no pleasure mr. cosby, but there have been serious allegations raised about you in recent days. you are shaking your head no. >> reporter: cosby and his wife were being interviewed about the donation of their art collection no the smithsonian in washington dc. but that is not what is making headlines. >> i'm in the news business. i have to ask the question. do you have any response to these charges? shaking your head no. >> reporter: the allegations date back to a 2005 civil lawsuit claimed he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman? his home. he denied the accusation, but dozens of other women prepared
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to testify against him. the case was settled before trial. now one of those witnesses is speaking out. actress barbara bowman says cosby assaulted her multiple times after agreeing to act as her mentor. the headline read bill cosby raped me. in it she said i will never no get the clicking of his belt as he struggle to pull his pants off. according to bowman, it happened in 1985. >> hey, hey, stop that. >> reporter: the height of the cosby show's popularity. the statute of limitations has run out, but he may be facing a battle in the court of public opinion. >> cosby was scheduled to appear wednesday on the late show with david letterman. that was canceled and regis philbin will be there instead.
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leaders of japan and america are going to attend a summit in australia and they will discuss the conflict between russia and ukraine. there was also a lighter moment today at the summit. that is tony abbott and president obamaholding koalas. each of the world leaders got to hold one. even vladimir putin cracked a smile. they are taking the time to enjoy being in australia between meetings. open your stores on thanksgiving or face a fine? that is what a mall near buffalo new york is telling store owners and some are not happy about it. the mall is opening at 6:00 for black friday, but 6:00 for thanksgiving day. store owners could be fined up to $200 each hour if they don't comply. >> it is their choice they want to open or not.
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some businesses may not do well, but they have to open. >> to ask people to break up the holiday and woman in and work, it is like, going to be pulling teeth. >> store owners say the decision was made a week ago which makes it harder to find employees willing to work on thanksgiving on such short notice. still to come, one of the most significant crime fighting tools to come along since dna evidence, but is all that video evidence an invasion of privacy? >> and all the pain staking effort, a big oops in outer space. why the probe on a comet has already conked out. and change is in the air. ,,
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degree river of incandescent rock has now seeped through chain- link fence, >> that on again off begin lava flow on the big island is on again. the 2,000-degree river of rock has seeped through a chain linked fence and onto the driveway of a trash transfer station. here is the view from the air. you can see the lava pouring over a hill. the town of pahoa is threatened tonight still, but the lava has slowed. the probe that landed on a comet might never be heard from again because it landed away from the sun. the solar panels can't generate
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enough power to recharge the battery. scientists have rotated the panels hoping to catch enough sunlight to bring the probe back to life. it could be a year before the battery is recharged ant it is possible it may never work again. speaking of the sun, everybody knows that sunscreen can keep you from getting burned, but scientists now say it could also keep you from having a kid? researchers from the national institutes of help studied couples struggling to conceive and the men had high levels of a uv filter chemical in their urine. those chemicals are the ones found in sun blocks and sunscreens. scientists say one thing you can do is wash sunscreen products off after every use. well, from surveillance cameras to cell phones to body cams, we are being watched everywhere we go. linda yee shows us all that video evidence has revolutionized the way crimes are investigated and
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prosecuted. a warning, some of what you are about to see is graphic and disturbing. >> can we go back to the park? >> reporter: first, she calmly tucks to the driver. then, the passenger stabs the driver in the neck. an attack captured in all its horrific details on the cab's surveillance camera. slam dunk evidence handed to san mateo county prosecutor evan fitzgerald. >> the video shows it and reveals it. >> reporter: the case never went to trial. she pled guilty. like dna, telltale video is a game changer. >> standard procedure. check the neighborhood to find out if anybody has a surveillance camera. and the number of cases that we have come up with, good, strong evidence, is in the hundreds an hundreds. >> reporter: cameras at this san jose luxury cool dealer tracked a band of thieves breaking in and helping themselves to five luxury cars
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on the lot. eight mercedes were stolen from this belmont dealer. the video tapes have led to three arrests. cameras are a neighborhood's cell phones and dash cam. it is standard procedure for police to check for video evidence. it is hard to be a bad guy these days. could a judge or a defense attorney say wait, they have a reasonable expectation of privacy and you violated their privacy with this hidden camera? >> there could be cases where that is the case and it has to be analyzed in each one. but the bottom line is, most of these surveillance cases, it is not the police doing it. and the forth amendment only applies to governmental action. if someone has a surveillance camera in hair home catching someone going on next door, that is not subject of suppression. >> reporter: prosecutors say video can also help a defendant. remember the disturbing attack on the taxi driver.
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after the driver escaped, she climbed into the front seat and drove off. >> she turned the radio off and was playing music. she certainly bebopping to the music. >> reporter: diasorbing signs of a mental illness that got her into a state hospital instead of prison. >> the driver survived the attack and prefers to remain anonymous. well let's switch gears and head up to the sierra where if you can't deliver it by mother nature, we will deliver it from the snow making machine. that is the philosophy at heavenly mountain. they have ski season opening with a little help from their snow making friends. mother nature may help by the end of the weekend. first, let's look live at san francisco where the numbers right now show 51 at
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concordment livermore, 50 degrees. san jose, 47. we will start with high clouds around the bay area. numbers in the low 50s . here is how it looks. offshore, low pressure that is generally out in the mid pacific high. pressure is generally over the west coast and the high is going the keep everything out to sea for the next few days through at least tuesday, and then tuesday, things begin change. showers arrive early wednesday as this low pressure works its way toward the shoreline. as for what we expect tomorrow, high clouds will be filtering in over the high pressure ridge. we call that a dirty ridge in the weather business. but don't tell tout anybody. 11:00 tomorrow night, you will see the high clouds persist. we will probably get a sense of milky sunshine tomorrow. some sun, mild temperatures, mid to upper 60s . here is what we expect. fair and mild conditions for tomorrow. lit be breezy in the morning because high pressure sets
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itself up over in nevada. that is a breezy situation for the north and the east bay. so expect it to be windy tomorrow and a chance of rain coming in by wednesday. so, it is going to be a good day for ice in the bay area. at least the artificial kind. holiday ice. there is also the holiday ice rink at union square. out in the east bay, we are looking for walnut creek on ice rink. 65 degrees out there. and san jose, downtown ice, the only struggle here is to find an appropriate name. 67 degrees down at san jose. it will be a nice day to take the kids out to do that or do it yourself. temperatures will range from the low 40s to 43 degrees tonight. to the low 50s . 53 degrees in san francisco. everything else will be in between. tomorrow, we are not too far off average highs with readings in the mid 60s . certainly holds true in san jose. 67 degrees for mountain view.
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67 at milpitas. temperatures will be in the mid 60s . north bay, not bad. near 70 degrees. so a mild day in the north day. 57 degrees at ukiah and 60 degrees at clear lake, extended forecast, we are looking for a few high clouds tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. monday and tuesday, we have increasing sunshine. for wednesday, a chance of showers moves into the bay areaful it won't be a big deal. then thursday, we go to break. friday, saturday look wet. stay tuned on that. in the meantime, if you want to be up to date, 24 hours a day. get your weather on the go. available for iphones and androids. search kpix5 in the app store and it also working on google play. i know that ann and vern have downloaded theirs. >> we are all set to go. but with you, we have our own personal. >> 75 degrees in san diego when i get there for the raider game? 76. not 5. 6. >> money back guarantee.
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>> nice. nice. hey, injury news. good and bad for the 49ers. and, the warriors. looking good! and their new slate colored jerseys. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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them apart... >> nba up top. no stopping the warriors tonight. they led charlotte by as much as 34 points while they just tore them apart.
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warriors brand new look. saturday night unis had an answer for every roadblock. steph curry, klay thompson doubles up, 14. thompson with a team high 21. third quarter, they can hit you inside. they can hit you outside. harris and barnes off the ball movement. barnes with 17. warriors up 23. the last play of the third quarter? curry. a little buzzer beater. three of his 19. 112 to 87. they are 7-2 for the year. on the ice, joe pavelski and the sharks in columbus. cam atkinson putt it by them. they bet the sharks 2-1. san jose 2-3 so far on the road trip. nfl, 49ers jimmy ward on season ending injury reserve with a foot injury. alden smith takes his spot on the roster. some good injury news for the
11:24 pm
49ers. navarro bowman has been cleared to practice starting next week. now he tore his acl and mcl in last season's championship game. that was a nasty injury. when he starts practicing, the team has 21 day to activate him. all right, we are just getting started. still to come, you got to see the record breaking performance in wisconsin and, utah and stand ford took double overtime to find a winner. ,,,,,,
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>> college football. cal and stanford's 117 big game is going to be some buildup. 1:00 p.m. kickoff from berkeley by the way next saturday. both 5-5. both looking to become bowl eligible. why is that? well, because david shaw tonight in stanford tried to avoid back to back losses and not an easy task. not with utah up a touchdown late to keep the game going. kevin hogan to austin hooper. 14-yard play. tied at 14-14. so we fast forward to the second overtime. stanford kicker jordan williamson. if utah found the end zone, it is over. travis wilson, kenneth scott.
11:28 pm
game winning touchdown. 20-17 the final. stanford falls again. 5-5, going into next week's big game at 5-5 cal. how about san jose state? a big loss today. just the only way, against hawaii, it was all rainbow. look at joe gray picked off by dan lewis. they got a penalty on the play. but they still retain possession. late first half. scored from a yard out. yeah, he fumbled into the end zone. he had broken the plane. and the spartans, they lose 15- 0. it was ugly. the miami hurricanes, oh, the mascot talking smack looking for an upset of rival florida state. cain is off a great start. up nine. and brad kaya to wofford. miami leads 23-7 over the third
11:29 pm
ranked team of the nation. threemen minutes left. delvin cooke. get out of my way. run, from 26 yards out. and florida state comes back to win it 30-26. seminoles now 10-0. how about the national game today? that would be mississippi state with prescott against alabama. cooper, quick hit. they led 12-0, crimson tide. tide by six. that is a tough seven yard run. and the crimson tide hold off number one mississippi state, 25-21. lack for bama to move up 9-1 for the year. wisconsin running back melvin, the king of madison against nebraska. last play of the third quarter. wisconsin up big and gordon makes it a lot worse. 26 of his 408 yards.
11:30 pm
yeah. that salia record. he had four touchdowns and the badge eres win a final of 59- 54. badgers? we don't need no stinking badgers. >> thanks very much, we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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ob posting... >> wanted, drone pilots. amazon needs engineers to test out its new delivery service. according to the job posting, candidates need five years experience with drones. a pilot certificate recommended. amazon wants to use the unmanned planes to deliver small packages. lest redrone on too long. that will doubt for us. our next newscast tomorrow at 7:30. >> goodnight! silent night not so silent? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. where you'll find our lowest price ever on the c4 queen mattress-just $1499.98. ends sunday.
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okay, how about this? if you let me have jake this easter, you can have him the fourth of july and labor day. no. no, that doesn't work for me at all. uh, how about i give you all the jewish holidays? when did we become jewish, alan? they're still holidays. your brother's a schmuck. what are they arguing about now? it's actually kind of ironic. they're arguing about who gets you on what days. that is ironic. you know what ironic means? no, but i trust you. what's ironic is while they're arguing about who gets you, i get you. and you know what? it's not such a big deal. ha ha. no offense, but let's face it, you're 10. i can't take you to vegas, we can't double-date, and when's the last time you picked up a check, you mooch?


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