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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 17, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the terminal and rebooked on other flights expected into san francisco tonight. united is inspecting that specific airplane. we'll keep an eye on it. >> allen martin in the news room. work is already happening to transform candle stick, and the area round it into an urban hot spot. kpix tear has an -- it will create thousands of jobs. phil. >>reporter: at least that's the hope. veronica, for years people said this whole idea was crazy and it wasn't going to happen. well, today it looks like they've been proven wrong. here's the story. >> we talk about electrifying candle stick park. >> the plan is to turn this into this. and finally underway with mayor ed lee in the leonard corporation unveiling the shopping center and housing that's going to go up on this
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san francisco icon >> as painful as it was to have the niners leave us, we're ready to fulfill the prom -- we want to fulfill that promise. >> 12,000 new homes and 5,000 jobs. >> i see shopping in everybody's future. [laughter] >> good quality shopping. >> and the real promise that i get to oversee, 50% local hiring of our people here beginning right here. >> it all sounds great, but are people really going to shop and live next door to one of the city's toughest neighborhoods? >> it's mixed incomes and people are going to live side-by side and you won't notice it from the exterior. >> is it going to be safe? >> it's going to be safer than what it has been >> we promised jobs and parks
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and promised housing. >> housing for who. 2 to 4 bedroom condos are selling from 500,000 to $900,000 and a third of that housing will be below market price to keep it affordable. >> when you're in the half million range, not beginning with a million dollar range, it's going to be affordable to working families. >> this is the same promises the neighborhood has heard before. >> these houses we can afford and jobs. >> it sounds good. we'll see what it comes down. >> meanwhile inside the stick, the deal is marching on and the mountain of seat and memories, all piling up to be taken away and made room to turn candlestick into shopping stick. >> and as you recall, the voters approved an idea of tearing this down and putting a shopping center up years ago and that included a replacement for the
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candlestick. that doesn't workout. that's in santa clara. crews hope to tear down the stadium in the spring. they haven't decided whether to dismantle it. you can blame the birds. they're what's going to delay the demolition of the bay bridge by six months and it's because of netting birds that refuse to leave. cal trans has tried a number of things to gets hundreds of the bird to leave. it will spend the next six months trying to figure out another plan. throw a rock in san francisco, and chances are, you'll hit a car with a disabled parking plaque. mike sugarman found out that the problems were parked at the state -- >> mark has a disabled plaque, but so do thousands in san
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francisco. >> maybe your grandmother is using auntie's placard, but someone is taking a place that we'll have the disability limitations that we can't use. >> people get to park for free for three days in a parking meter with one. >> the numbers are ridiculous. there's twice as many placards as there are meters in the city of san francisco, and at any given time, half of the spots in the city are taken up by people with placards. >> we've been doing these stories for years and nothing ever gets done. here's what the city told us in 2012 when we pressed them. >> there's a problem with disabled parks in san francisco and that's why we're taking a hard look. >> yeah. two years later, nothing has been done. >> we have to have legislative support to get this done, and there hasn't been interest to do that.
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>> the city made proposals, no more parking. tougher requirements to get one, and big changes and now it's the state that won't move. >> advocates chew anybody up at the drop of a hot to gain what they have for disabled people. >> no one wants to touch it and san francisco sing the blues over blue placards or as the advocates have said to those cheating, you have taken my parking space, would you like my disability too. >> meter rates in many areas vary based on the number of spaces available. authorities announce an arrest in a hit-and-run case. the driver was trying to speed away from police. christian heartnet says the suspect has a lengthy wrap sheet including animal abuse.
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>> this man has spent much of his adult life wracking up -- here's the mug shot taken while sunny anderson was in a hospital gown. a k-9 unit captured him. he was 18 when he made headlines first. that was back in 1989. the police report says he slash slashed a goat, stabbed a horse and killed a chicken and a turkey. he's being accused of murders after deputies said he mowed down ivan cruz during a police chase last year. the alameda police had this to say. >> it's bittersweet. it's nice to have him in custody, but it never brings ivan back, and that's sad. >> now, investigators actually arrested anderson last wednesday, a day after the hit-and-run.
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he was arrested in new york on parole violations. they had a warrant for his arrest. he has been in custody since then. they waited to announce the arrest for the hit-and-run charges until today because it took them that long to find out he was their suspect. police in walnut creek is looking for the hit-and-run driver who put a pedestrian in the hospital there. there, john ramos spoke with neighbors who said it was a matter of time before someone got hurt on that stretch of road. >> it's quiet on a monday morning on the corner of walnut and hutchinson road. a man crossing walnut avenue was struck by a westbound car and herled 25 feet to the side of the road. the dark sedan did not stop. nancy says she some her husband heard the impact from our backyard.
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>> we heard the noise sounding like two cars hitting and, i ran to see what it was and i was su surprised to see a -- i was surprised to see a man lying on the ground. >> he was running full speed out into the street before getting hit and the man was supposedly not in the crosswalk. there are lights in the area -- >> they don't stay on all the time, so sometimes it's pitch black, and sometimes the lights are on. it's odd. >> with four schools nearby including north gate high school which was hosting a football game that night, neighbors say they're not surprised something bad happened. >> especially if you run across, well, the cars that are driving are not going to have a chance to stop and they see them dash across them. >> what happened on saturday night is clear, and the question
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now is why it happened. john ramos, kpix. >> there is no description of the driver. 14-year-old vaz -- vazuez. he was carrying a green backpack. the chp says that vaz questions was grabbed. they don't know where they were headed. 49ers got a surprised inspection from the drug enforcement administration, but the coach says his team has nothing to hide. >> in terms of being an open book, all medications are documented to my knowledge. any medication that we have. jeff ferguson spends a lot of time in
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terms of documentations and inventory. >> the dea agents visited the team's locker room after the 49ers win over the giants. they're looking at whether nfl teams properly administer painkiller to their players, follows a lawsuit by former players who says they were regularly supplied with drugs to keep them on the field. inspectors checked the tampa bay buccaneers and the seattle seahawks and there were no arrest. still ahead, hope out of the ashes of a devastating fire. fire crews made a different rescue. the drought has gotten bad in this area, they have to truck in the area. there's no water falling from the sky. kpix doppler, nothing on it. that's going to change. wait until you see how many days we have with rainfall and the little yield it will give us. >> mainly cloudy over san francisco. your forecast next. plus a version of face book, that's made for the office. how it's tailored for you to use it
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at work. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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was destroyed by a fire ovee weekend. well, south bay -- a south bay congregation is coming together. a sign of hope is rising from the ashes there. len, pretty amazing. >> a church named after the holy cross. the cross is giving people hope. somehow that cross made it through the flames and the smoke of yesterday's fire without a crash. they saved the cross in case the building collapse. they put the cross up and brought it to the ground.
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some called it a miracle and some as a sign of faith. >> it's not a scratch on it. it's like the day they made it. the whole wall surrounding the cross is charred and the cross is untouched. >> the cross was made in italy a long time ago. went missing for several years after it government lost during an early restoration. it was found in someone's garage. the tabor knackle were saved from the garage. we don't know if the church can be rebuilt. they were looking at it, and they're make a report as whether or not it can be rebuilt or demolished and have to be rebuilt from the ground up. len ramirez, kpix. the mass will be held in the church hall adjacent to the church. a parking garage sparked a fire that trapped and killed a
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driver. it happened in a garage across from santa clara superior court. the driver smashed into a pillar and another car and couldn't get out. investigators believe the driver may have suffered a medical emergency. several other cars were also damaged. police in san mateo wants you to take a look at the man in this sketch. they said this man harassed a 19 year old man outside of the san mateo adult school. and tried to get him to leave with her. he's described as asian, medium built and short spiked car. he was driving a dark blue or black sedan. the government is offering off bit coins seized from the silk road marketplace. it served as a drug bazaar. the virtually currency was seized last year, silk roads owner, ross was arrested. the cash of big coins are worth $19 million.
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the 6-hour auction will be held december 4th. people -- those along the san mateo cost has to track in water to deal with the shrinking supply. don ford is there. >> >>reporter: this family of sx has to truck in water to their ranch. the animals know how bad it is too. the monkey guard ranch is just about out of water. >> this is the first time in 25 years that my husband has been running cattle that all of the ponds have dried up. >> usually this pond looks full, helping to sustain this -- already years of hard drought, it's dry. >> mid-summer hit us hard and we had to make some big changes. >> only these two headers are on the ranch and the rest have been
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moved north. the water well almost dried too. only enough water for a few animals. the family water is trucked uphill to this tank and has to be refilled every three weeks. everyone is learning to do with very little water. >> when we take a bath, we'll save the water and flush the toilet with the bathroom water. >> the kids are sharing bath water too. >> the kids take their bath water too. and the cleanest one bathes first. >> the garden is dead and the redwood trees, one planted for each child, so water, so they're dead too. like of us, the family is hoping for rain this winter. they say if it doesn't come, they'll have to substantially reduce their heard. don ford, kpix. >> according to the national weather service, the area has gotten 40% of its normal rainfall so far this year. it sounds like a broken
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record. we've been talking about the rainfall in northern california. we got to have it so bad right now. not just one year, two years, not just two years. this is a three year, now beginning a fourth year. this is a big problem. most of us live in cities where that city water supply has not had issues, but if you're dependent on the water under the ground, it's running out in many locations. we could use rainfall. we have a few chances of rainfall. today the cloud cover in the afternoon -- pittsburgh are warm spots. foster city in the 60s. 64, the high for you. in lake port, your high 63 degrees. you maybe noticed an east to -- they call that the santa ana winds. the winds kick up to 40, 50, 60
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miles an hour dust. rough weather, not because of rainfall that we need, but because ftd gusty winds and red flag warnings in southern california. nothing on the radar currently, but when wednesday morning, here comes the first of three chances of rainfall. that sounds on the surface, so amazing, and are you half full or a half empty kind of possess on. if you're half empty, three rain chances. if you're half full, you'll be encouraged that each one will not tap into the moisture we have. the moisture is going to give us light to moderate showers at most. things moving west to east which means the quantity of rain chances will be high. but the quality of rain chances, pretty low. wednesday, the first one comes by scattered showers and thursday, the second one comes by, and another round of showers and on saturday, another round and we add it up, and it equals to one descent
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rainfall. 71 in oakland tomorrow. san francisco, 68. concord, 67 degrees. if you look at this forecast, looks like wow, look at that rainfall and scattered showers each day. that's wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday. download our bay area weather app that's available for iphones and android phones. search kpix in the app store. you'll need this because this is the weather where it's going to rain a little bit and stop and rain a little more, so the weather app will be helpful. do you need the umbrella or not. >> it's not a substantial amount of rain. >> this is not the big rain we need. >> okay. well, they may not admit it, but a lot of people check facebook at work. now the social media giants may be working on an office friendly -- stop looking at me like that,
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ken. we'll see how uber is letting you customize the radio on your next ride. ,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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open enrollment began we tried to slow going as collars have backed up the cover phone line. open enrollment begins on saturday. we tried to call and we have heard this. >> we're experiencing high call volumes and unable to take your call at this time. >> a spokesperson from covered california says while the experience delays, the current wait time for people is 2 minutes, but they'll add 600 new reps to get coverage and that starts on january 1st. you need to get it done by december 15th. the website is working fine so far. you keep tracks of your friends, not the kind of things you want your boss to look at. >> it depends where you walk.
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julie is saying how facebook is trying to change that. >>reporter: facebook is developing a business product to allow people to use facebook to collaborate and share documents at work. now facebook is -- facebook at work is being developed out of the london's office and tested by the employees. it's intended for sharing data, but not know -- it's not intended for sharing photos of your cat. with facebook 1.3 billion users each month, the insurer says that facebook at work could change the way we communicate at work. >> e-mail is -- is this the next step in replace being e-mail at work? >> a lot of us would not debate there's too much e-mail at work.
6:25 pm
and why they're trying to fix this. if you look at slack and hip chat and convo are reducing the mets ages we -- they're reducing the mess-- they're reducing messages. >> this could be the next step, but almost every environment i've been in, there's no way to get away from e-mail. it's the right message for the right tool. >> according to, 20% of workers say they use facebook during work hours and veronica is one of them. the profiles are publicly index by goggle. they could become competition. in veronica's defense, she has to use facebook at work. >> i have clearance. >> many of us in media are required to use social media. this is separate. this is not social media. it's a business
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product to collaborate with coworkers. >> for those not allowed to use facebook at work. >> yes. >> got it. uber is teaming up for our riders to bring tunes alone. it includes san francisco. customers will be able to connect to their accounts through the uber app and when their ride arrives, their music will be playing. national guard traps getting ready to go to africa. pilots flying over your neighborhood at all hours of the night, and federal rules may be leaving them in more danger than other pilots. plus, breaking for the worse. the nervous calm as those in ferguson, missouri wait on word for that police shooting
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case. ,, every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ mission. this time -- they'll be fighting ebola now at 6:30, national guard soldiers getting the call, but not for the typical mission.
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this time, they'll be fighting ebola. welcome back, i'm veronica dell la cruz. >> and i'm ken bastida. >> some specially trained soldiers are preparing to deploy to west africa. mark. >>reporter: that's right, ken. the fight to stop this ebola is taking a new turn. the president has called this the national guard reserve of west africa. >> these are the images out of west africa. those volunteering to fight the epidemic. >> our soldiers are well prepared to do this. >> its soldiers specifically deployed for their ability to speak the language. >> we know they won't be directly providing care too folks who have contracted ebola, but we expect them to have some language support for that mission. >> the soldiers will enter a different kind of battle.
6:31 pm
many signed up for active combat, but it's humanitarian work. washington served in the marines. for him, whether terrorist in the middle east or ebola in west africa, it's about serving your country. >> it didn't matter whether our function was to be previsional company or to do humanitarian work. >> the danger doing humanitarian work in west africa is just as real, and no one knows that better than a veteran. >> it's your duty to go to where they send you and that's where you have to go. >> and go they will this spring and their leadership has the confidence in the world in the six soldiers selected. >> if they can handle the combat in baghdad or afghanistan, theyi
6:32 pm
think they can handle it. >> they'll be monitored 21 days when they get back before they'll allowed to return back to their day-to-day lives. mark kelly, kpix. the second ebola patient died today after contracting ebola in west africa. martin got sick while working in his native sierra leone. he was in critical condition when he was brought in. doctors put him on dialysis. gave him an experiment drug and a blood transfusion from an ebola survivor. they couldn't save him. he leaves behind two sons and a wife in maryland. they're keeping the peace on that deadly police shooting. omer frank says it could come any day now. >>reporter: the mayor is hoping the guard will help keep the peace when the grand jury's
6:33 pm
decision on whether to indict police officer daren wilson for the death of michael brown is announced. in saint louis, the mayor says -- >> we do what we can to keep people safe and property safe and let people express their rights. >> violence broke out in the weeks follows brown's death. with temperatures below freezing, more than 100 activist marched through the streets of clayton monday, and that's where the grand jury is meeting. >> our goal is to march for justice today, and we're here because we believe our voices matter. >> emotions were running high. >> go home. go home. >> it goes both way. >> patty canter held a sign as activist marched by. >> they have the right to be here.
6:34 pm
i - i wasn't trying to stop them. >> omer, cbs news, clayton missouri. in boston and los angeles have been discussing potential -- everyday dozens of cargo jets fly over our neighborhoods and the pilots who fly those jets say there's a danger that you probably don't know about. federal regulations don't require them to get as much rest as pilots who fly passengers. when they're tired, accidents can happen. >> part 12, did you see that? >> that was a crash, ups :00, did you see that? >> that was a crash, ups 1354. >> august 14th, 2013, 447 a.m., cargo plane flying to alabama crashes and burst into flames short of the runway. two pilots onboard do not survive.
6:35 pm
but their cockpit recordings do. their first topic of discussion, sleep. when my alarm went off, i mean, i'm thinking i'm so tired says the first officer. i know, says the captain. >> fatigue is apart of the job. >> captain bob flies for ups on huge planes like this. >> we accept it and it's managing that fatigue. that's where the challenge lies. >> like the gruels anchorage to alaska to ontario, back to oakland and back to ontario and back to anchorage routes. >> what about the people on the ground. you're flying over their house at 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m. with big loaded jets. are you concerned about that? >> of course. you're not just concerned about yourself, but the people that are underneath your landing path. >> he says the alabama crash is
6:36 pm
proof that federal regulations need to change, and that's because the faa did not include cargo pilots when it tightened up the rest rules for pilots. passenger pilots can be scheduled for 9 hours, but cargo pilots can be forced to work up to 16 hours, almost twice that. yet, as this time lapse video shows, cargo pilots, -- >> the cargo industry gets them carved out and excluded for complying with better rest. that needs to be changed. >> with respect to him, he's wrong. this is a legal procedure conducted at the faa.
6:37 pm
>> steve with the airline association says cargo pilots don't need the extra rest. >> they play half the time that the passenger pilots do, so it's a different business model. >> not so says bob mashet. >> we fly the same equipment and land on the same runway and flying over the same neighborhoods. >> the discussion of that alabama crash found that yes, pilots fatigue was a contributing factor, but they concluded that it was due to poor personal time management on the part of the crew not on the hours of service. a union that represents ups cargo pilots has filed a lawsuit against the faa and a final decision is pending. >> wow! when you get a new cell phone, you wipe the old one clean. that might not be enough. >> the information experts were able to pull up and one common misconception when your screen
6:38 pm
breaks. plus, saving a million gallons of water. what sea world is doing to save the drought and it's a concept that has been there all along. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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because you've deleted your that a warning before you toss out your old smartphone. just because you've deleted your information doesn't mean it's gone forever. >> chris with what a firm was able to find when they bought dozens of phones online. >>reporter: holding your smartphone is like holding your life in your hands. a phone recyclers have -- 100-0000 are disregarded and may be loaded with information. >> if you do things on your phone, they're not gone forever. >> we recovered photos, contact information, calendar passwords.
6:41 pm
with a special computer, they can pull update that and information deleted off a discarded phone. >> you can see this column right here shows these things have been deleted from the phone. as far as this person was concerned, all of this information is deleted. you have a home number, so someone interested in theft, you get information off the call log. >> just because you can't use the phone anymore doesn't mean people can't get your information off it. >> hick says older older models do not -- >> you do not recycle your phones. >> you keep my own phones in a safe place. >> unlike these he bought online full of data. chris, cbs news. still ahead, felt water is ever where at sea world. why not take advantage of it. >> you'll see how the park is using salt water to conserve during the drought.
6:42 pm
speaking of the drought, we could use rainfall. we're seeing signs. clouds on the increase. the great shot from the berkeley hills. how many days until rain? you'll be surprised. coming up, guess who has the largest contract in the history of american [inaudible]. >> sometimes i don't want to share it publicly. >> will he cash in too. >> there's not many jim eyeballs around. >> the raiders can tell you about that. >> a winner sports cast coming up. ,,,,
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tonight: the bay area's brand new drive- thru solut. for your d okay. are you too lazy to go to church? tonight, the bay area's brand new drive solution to your divine solution. i'll have that on bay area night beat. join us on our sister station at 10:00 p.m. sea world san diego tapping into a new idea to conserve during the drought. this construction zone inside the park will be california first
6:46 pm
ever salt water restroom. that's right. water pump from nearby mission bay will be filtered to run the toilets and sinks. >> it's a really big deal to us here. it's 1.3 million gallons of water saved, and that's important during the drought here in california. >> sea world has been using the same system for years to fill sham mu's tank. paul joins us with a look at the forecast. we finally have a little bit of rain in the forecast. >> it's building. i can see something changing here, but we have to look at a long perspective. last week, we had one chance of rain. this week, several chances of rainfall, but if you add them up, it's not going to amount to much. here's a live look out side. we have mostly cloudy skies. i love this shot. there's a camera on top of that look down on the city, and the east bay. you can see towards oakland and '
6:47 pm
em emery -- you can see it in emery. san bruno 63. there could be some frost with a low of 38 in santa rosa. 39 in napa. san jose, chilly, 47, and red wood city, 45 degrees. so the pattern is changing. we had a descent amount of sunshine, but there's several rain makers coming, but don't get your hopes up. it looks impressive on the satellite. you can see that swirl, but notice i've drawn arrows in here. even as the pressure moves out -- we'll have three different rain chances over the next six-days. the not so great thing is the flow is moving from west to east.
6:48 pm
we get a few showers on wednesday. here comes the next system. a few showers on thursday. a next-- a next system and then another shower. it's a descent week when it come to rainfall. if you're watching down in south bay, good evening, a quarter of an inch for you. the east bay, by saturday, i'm adding all the storms together. 3 tenth of an inch. the north bay will get the most. you could see close to an inch of rainfall by saturday. the numbers i showed you is what we should get in a normal week in november. the showery pattern doesn't begin tomorrow. it starts on wednesday. it looks impressive on the 7-day. but there's not really that much bike because the unsettled weather will be there, but no one storm is juicy. concord, 67. cloudy for you in san hoe
6:49 pm
jose. 71 degrees. sunniville, 69. and dan ville ville and fairfield, a chilly start in santa rosa with a high of 69. you may see showers tomorrow evening. 60 degrees. we have a few shower s s wednesday and thursday. notice i'm not saying rain. we have showers moving in again on saturday. we have dennis moving in. he's got sports coming up in two minutes.
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when they "win" there's drama...49ers linebacker ahd what is with the 49ers, even when they win a football game, there's drama. 49er line backer brooks reportedly took himself out of yesterday's game in new york because he was unhappy about his playing time. coach jim hall mark characterized his problems like this. >> we're working through something. i'm done. i answered the question. i answered the question. we need to win a championship. i feel that cold heartily. >> the phrase "there's no i in team" doesn't a fly to the 49ers. michael complained about his role in the offense. brooks was traded earlier this month,
6:53 pm
but he indicated that everything is fine. >> we've addressed it, and had those conversations. >> can you be specific? >> um -- >> you said you had the conversations. >> i can be specific. being be very specific, but it's something i don't want to share with you or share publicly. >> do you expect him to play this week? >> yes. >> okay. so everything's hunky dorry between him and brooks. there's the strain between -- omer has yet to get his contract extension am i asked former nfl dick romel about that on game day. >> i offer advice to the coach and their front office, what would you tell them? >> i would say find a way to work together because there aren't many jim's around and you may think they are.
6:54 pm
there aren't many jim hartballs around you. you work it out. >> right now, that guy a cross the street is looking for win. there is a milestone in oakland today that nobody's celebrating. [ music ] >> yeah, we baked a cake for the raider's one year anniversary since they last won a football. it was a 5-point win against the texans. yesterday's loss against san diego was a 16 straight. tony has some ideas about fixing it. >> in order for us to start winning, we have to stop losing. >> excellent point. >> marlins -- marlins slugger stanton is on the verge of signing a contract that even rod tidwell could not imagine.
6:55 pm
>> stanton was shown all the money. the marlins finalized a $325 million contract. the deal is the largest in north american sports and includes an opt out clause after six years. he has 154 career home runs and he's 25-year-old. wow! intimidation, minnesota, the coach snacking on ice cream in the driving snow. left tackle barely raleigh gets to catch a touchdown and that's why he celebrated in style. he plans on giving the football to a bangles fan, instead it's ripped away by a saint's fan. really! portland wanted to kick a field goal, but the snap was bad. it's turned into a team winning touchdown as time expires. that's a mistake. kansas receiver, king hits the ball to him self, and goes 78
6:56 pm
yards for the touchdown. they had -- wisconsin melvin raced into the record books with 408 yards rushing and he did it in three quarters. he had a shut nout his debut. check out his father scott in the stands overcome with emotion after watching his son turn back 45 hurricane shots. the most in a shut out debut in nhl history. his son was thought not to be good enough to be a goalie, he wasn't drafted. >> how do you know it wasn't onions in his hot dogs. >> it could have been. >> none of the raiders -- they didn't give up playing time. >> have a good night.
6:57 pm
right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. it's customer appreciation at subway! we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six-inch sandwiches for $2 each! the meatball marinara and the cold cut combo. join our customer appreciation celebration today. subway. eat fresh.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: hey, welcome to the show! come on, man. how's everybody doing? [applause and cheering] how are y'all? how's everybody? how are y'all doing today? i appreciate you, now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. we got a family here returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000, straight out of h town, that's houston, texas, it's the noris family! [cheering and applause] and from my old stomping ground, brooklyn, new york, it's the limite family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, head-turning ford fusion hybrid, folks, right there. [cheering and applause] let's play to get it!
7:00 pm
give me tina. give me crystal. [music] [clapping] hey, ladies, top 8 answers on the board. here we go. we asked 100 men: fill in the blank. i wouldn't want to date a woman who had more "what" than me. [ring] steve: crystal? >> looks. steve: more looks than me. [applause] [buzzer] >> money. [applause] steve: yup, money! [bell] [cheering and applause] pass or play? >> we're going to play, steve! steve: they're going to play. [cheering and applause] louie, what do you do, man? >> i'm a detective in the new york city police department. steve: cool. i like detectives, man. i work well with detectives. 30 years ago, i'd be sweating, right now, my man, louie, the detective. >> [chuckles] steve: are you ready to play? >> i'm ready to play. steve: all right, louie, we talked to a hundred men, fill in the blank. i wouldn't want to date a woman who had more "what" than me.


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