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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  November 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> jeff: tonight multiple threats. plotting dangers increase following a massive snowfall. severe storms it in the south, and a storm could hit the east coast just before thanksgiving. >> so help me god within the man of extreme comebacks and controversies. bill plante on the death of former washington d.c. mayor marion barry. >> outrage on the university of virginia campus after startling rape allegations. julianna goldman is there. >> it's called zombie-- jill schlesinger on the information that stays on credit reports even after bankruptcies. an one of the smallest victims of washington state's wildfire season is getting a second chance. carter ef apps on cinder. -- there is the "cbs evening
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news". >> jeff: h captioning sponsored by cbs i, everyone, i'm jeff galore. an all that snow has to go somewhere. this is what it looks like from overhead in south buff lo. here's a look the west seneca but that is changing quickly. temperatures climbed over 50 degrees today and all that snow is meltinging creating potentially dangerous flooding. buffalo has prepared evacuation plans. at the same time, the south is facing tornado threats this evening. and even bigger storm could badly disrupt thanksgiving travel this week. we'll have more on the forecast in just a momentment but we begin in western new york. >> as mounds of snowmelt away, people across the buffalo area are bracing for flooding. throughout the week, temperatures have been below 20 degrees. today they reached near 50. rescue equipment sits ready to go. the national guard is loading up essentials. flood lights, generators and rescue boats are available if needed.
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>> if we have dramatic warming, that seven feet of snow turns into a lot of water. >> governor como visited south buffalo that got mar than seven feet of snow. he was there to check the creek that runs through several neighborhoods hit hardest by recent snowstorms. he says there is no need to evacuate now, but residents should have a plan. >> be ready to leave the house amount of and if it does happen, and you see a flood coming, don't wait too long because often people wait too long and then we can't get to them. >> karen lives in a low lying area. >> we spent the day getting all the cars out so we could move them off the street in case it floods, because our street is prone to flooding. >> the governor estimates the storm has cost the state at least $30 million. not including damage to businesses and homes. >> 14u7b% of streets are passable. >> buffalo mayor byron brown says towns are strapped. >> some communities have spent their entire winter budgets, that would be a
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three month budget, in three days. >> for residents who thought the worse was over, officials are warning them the worst could be on the way. >> when a home gets flooded, a whole life can be gone. it's important papers, it's pictures, it's pemries, it's everything. >> tomorrow major melting is expected. temperatures could reach the 60s. and jeff, because of the concern for flooding, officials have been working with the red cross to set up shelters. >> thank you very much. >> we're joined by eric fisher of our boston station. a couple of things to talk about here. first let's talk about the storm tonight. what is it doing? >> jeff, we've been watching potential tornadoes come across the state of georgia, surveying the damage of what is left behind as we head through the evening into tomorrow. 's keeping an eye out across southern georgia into southeastern south carolina and coastal north carolina, potential for a couple pore tornadoes if damaging wind gusts. this storm is moving its way to the north, toward the
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midwest and a lot of wind, cold on the backside, snow around for monday here. especially across the upper midwest with temperatures pushing the 60s along the east coast. >> speaking of the east coast, then the storm that might make a mess of things just before thanksgiving. >> yeah, this will be the big story over the next couple of days, watching a developing storm along the coast. 95 corridor. at the moment looks like it will hug the coastline, heavy rain, wind, near the coast on wednesday, busy travel day. but jeff, we're also watching the potential of significant accumulating snow inland and that could be a big headache for a lot of thanksgiving travelers. >> eric fisher, thanks very much. >> cleveland police this weekend shot a 12-year-old boy who was seen waving a gun at a local playground. the boy later died. the gun turned out to be fake. >> a little black boy. >> the shooting happened at a cleveland recreation center after this 911 call saturday afternoon. >> there was a guy with a pistol.
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he was pointing it at everybody. >> the officers, a veteran and rookie responding to the call say they never got the information the gun might be fake. they say when they arrived, they saw the boy pick the gun up off a table and put it in his waist band. >> cleveland's deputy police chief tells us what happened next. >> the young man had the weapon in his waist band. he pulled the weapon out. one of our officers fired two shots, striking the young man. >> it was only after the boy was shot did they learn he was 12 years old. and that his gun was an airsoft replica bebe gun. he never pointed it at officers or verbally threatened them it was a rookie officer who fired the fatal shots. the boy has been identified as tamire rice, he lived across the street from the rec center with his mother. >> the police officers who responded to the call at the playground have been placed on administrative leave. the cuyahoga county prosecutors office is investigating the shooting.
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>> vincente, thank you very much. another day of anxious waiting in ferguson, missouri today where the grand jury in the michael brown shooting case is scheduled to reconvene tomorrow. michelle miller is there. >> the sunday before thanksgiving in and around ferguson began with prayers and questions. >> pastor tracy blackman of christ the king church sits on the governor's commission to find common groundment she saysity wait on a grand jury decision is making a tense situation even worse. >> it's not just the delay. it's a delay with rumors. it's a delay with limited relief of information. the anxiety level in the community as a whole is off the charts. >> a ring of security is tightening around ferguson as 1,000 local police officers have received extra training in handling protestors.
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>> our chief has said multiple times if we never have to use the riot gear, we won't. but sergeant brian shellman with the st. louis county police department says over the last several days, police have clashed with protestors and made arrests. two more early this morning. >> we have to make sure that we preserve life, property and make sure we know that the constitutional rights of those who are protesting are not tramped upon. >> yesterday the father of michael brown, jr. handed out donated thanksgiving turkeys in the town of pinelawn where his son was born and raised. >> this is a to and just to give back, it makes me-- it still feel feels-- still feels -- >> for transparency, the prosecuting attorney said that he wanted to release all evidence to the public once a decision was made. but jeff, the court administrator said that the judge in this case has yet
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to agree to releasing those documents. >> michelle miller, thank you very much. >> the deadline is closing in. talks aimed at rolling back iran's nuclear program continue in vienna. and making-- may continue tomorrow. both sides are making their voices clear in tehran. elizabeth palm certificate there. liz, what are you hearing? >> well, one of the main news agencies here quoting iranian negotiators is saying there will be no deal by the deadline. and that is going to come as a huge disappointment to millions of iranians who are really feeling the pinch of sanctions. in fact, we were downtown near the main bazaar in tehran today and universally people were saying they wanted an agreement. not only because it will revitalize the economy, but because they just generally want better relations with the world. on the other hand, there are iranian hard-liners. they were demonstrating today. they have no interest if
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thawing relations with the west. and they are, in fact, waiting for these negotiations to fail so they can attack the guy without got the ball rolling, that is the moderate current president of iran hasam rouhani. >> liz, thank you very much. a suicide bomber has killed at least 45 people in eastern afghanistan. this happened in paktika province where a crowd had gathered to watch a valley ball game. at least 50 people were also hurt. more than four months after shot down over eastern ukraine workers recovered the last pieces of wreckage from malaysia airline flight 17. the operation began a week ago under the supervision of dutch investigators and european security officials. the material has been taken by train to land controlled by the ukrainian government. >> "the washington post" wants-- to understand the district of columbia, one most understand marion barry. the controversial four-time mayor died early this morning. and bill plante takes a lack
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back. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. (cheers and applause) >> a hero to his constituents, but considered divisive by many others, marion barry was one of the most charismatic politicians in washington d.c. history. but his legacy is forever tainted by one night when he was famously seen lighting a crack pipe in a downtown washington hotel room. during the arrest, he referred to a younger woman in the room with an expletive saying she set me up. he served six months in prison on a misdemeanor drug charge. cbs affiliate wusa bruce johnson has reported on barry for decades. >> marion barry never took responsibility for the bust because he felt to the end that he had been set up. >> he moved to washington in 1965, as a leader of snick, the student nonviolent coordinating committee. but barley-- barry leaved government could help those
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most in need. he was elected mayor four times, even once after serving time in jail. it had earned him the title mayor for life. in never campaign, he used the slogan he may not be perfect, but he's perfect for d.c.. >> barry is ed:itied with lifting entire generations of low-income residents into the middle class. >> he delivered jobs to people. people who had mortgages to pay. he delivers a summer jobs to their children. and many instances. it was the first job for those children. and enabled them to establish their first bank account. >> in a statement today, president obama noted barry's tumultuous life and career, but wrote that marion barry helped advance the cause of civil rights for all. >> barry, barry! barry, barry. >> god gave me a gift of courage, tenacity and vision. >> mayor for life marion barry was 78 years old. >> bill plante, cbs news, washington. >> at least one person is dead after a tour bus
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crashed in northern california. the bus from los angeles landed upside down. two other passengers had to be airlifted. according it to the california highway patrol, no other vehicles were involved in that crash. >> a campus shaken by rape allegations, all frat activity has been suspended. and the christmas tree that even the hometown crowd is calling ugly. when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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>> jeff: students at the university of virginia continued protesting this weekend after an article in rolling stone described a brought an-- brutal on campus sexual assault in 2012. the school has suspended all greek life until january. but as julianna goldman reports, the problem may go well beyond that. >> reporter: the article published last week goes into graphic detail about an alleged gang rape of an 18-year-old woman at a ph kappa si that attorneyity
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party in december 20126789 the woman dieded-- identified only as jack-year says some of her friends discouraged her from initially reporting the rape because they thought it might tarnish the school's reputation. she says, quote, one of my roommates said, do you want to be responsible for something that's going to paint uva in a bad light? alex pingelton is a uva junior who is a friend and a survivor of an on campus secretary all assault. >> because we have this honor system where we do trust that if we leave our back bag somewhere, if we leaf our laptop out that no one will steal it but if we go into a party, greek or not, we do not trust that we're to the going to be sexually assaulted. >> this weekend the school announced that it will be suspending all greek life on campus until students return for the spring semester. but pinkleton says it won't solve the problem. >> with one fraternity gone or all of them gone, there are still going to be sexual assaults. there are still going to be be parties where this is happening. if there is not that cultural change.
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>> uva is one of more than 80 schools under investigation by the department of education for alleged title 9 violations including the mishandling of secretary all assaults. it's also one of a dozen schools under was's called a compliance review. the most serious type of investigation the department conducts. on saturday, uva president teresa sullivan issued a statement saying she has asked the char lotsville police department to formally investigate the 2012 incident and that the school is determined to address the issue of sexual assault on campus. this will require institutional change, cultural change and legislative change. and it will not be easy. we are making those changes. the university's governing board is meeting here on char lotsville on thursday to discuss the school's policies regarding sexual assaults as well as these latest allegations. jeff? >> jeff: julianna goldman, thank you very much. up next here, the zombie debt that even bankruptcy can't erase.
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>> americans are filing for bankruptcy at the lowest rate since 2007. but tens of thousands of people are still being haunted by something called zombie debt. here to discuss is cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. it sounds scary. what is zombie debt? >> it is debt that simply will not die. so think about this. let's say your credit card is stolen. someone runs up a tab. you don't have to pay for it, but somehow this debt remain as live in the debt collection universe. or in a bankruptcy, a judge can release you from paying the debt, but some of those debts are coming back and haunting people years later,
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showing up at debt collection agencies and on their credit reports. >> so why is this happening? >>. >> this is big business, i have to say. banks are selling old debts to collection agencies, collection agencies are hoping you pay for testimony. the problem seems to be that a lot of people, even though there is an error on their debt, they are still making paymentsment they are scared their credit scores will be negatively impacted and they want to borrow money. when it is the bankruptcy, the problem seems to be that some banks are not reporting that these debts have actually been released. the justice department is actually investigating this right now. they're trying to figure out why are these reports being held up. >> so if you have zombie debt on your credit report, how do you get rid of it? >> under federal law you have the rit to force a collector to prove that you owe that debt f it is a bankruptcy, you should contact your attorney to try to fix the problem. if it goes on too long, do talk to the consumer protection financial bureau and report that mistake. >> jill, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> still ahead, the christmas evergreen that has
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towns people seeing red.
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>> the international space station is getting three new crew members. >> we have liftoff of the so i use rocket with tma. >> they lifted off from kazakhstan aboard a soyuz rocket and should arrive after a six our journey. among the three crew members, italy's first female astronaut. formula one racing has crowned a champion, lewis hamilton won the title after nikko rosberg drifted out after a bad start. among those in attendance
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were royal racing fan prince harry frchl now until christmas the postal service will deliver packages on sundays. seven day service will take place in major cities and high volume areas. the government says the u.s. ps estimates they will ship 470 million packages this holiday season. a 12% increase over last year. >> many in redding, pennsylvania, are wris bristling over their city's scrawny christmas tree. here is what it looks like. the 50 foot spruce needs more than just sprucing up, according to critics. they are tring to raise money for a replacement tree. >> coming uping cinder the bear, on the mend.
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>> finally tonight, among the bears heading into hibernation this winter, a little cub named cinder. cinder got attention across the country after she was badly hurt in a wildfire. she has since made a remarkable recovery. and today reached a new milestone. here's carter evans.
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>> this summer's carleton complex fire was the largest ever to hit washington state. nearly 300 homes were destroyed, as well as 400 square miles of wildlife habitat. it's unknown how many animals may have died but some how this little cub survived. >> her rescuers named the beenee black bear cinder. her paws singed with third degree burns, her face and chest were also badly burned. sinner's road to recovery began when she was airlifted to this wildlife care centre in lake tahoe, california. >> 38.9. >> she was scared and mall nourished when veterinarians began the process of rehab. with lots of tlc. bandages were changed every other day and she consumed a steady diet of fresh fish and fruit. >> 97.5. >> three months later, her weight has nearly tripled and her paws have healed. >> this is great. >> on friday came the announcement via facebook. cinder is going home.
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>> first thing she wants to do when she wakes up is eat her grapes. >> first up, a rehab center in idaho, and then come spring back to the woods of washington. the landscape here has changed significantly. but at least one resilient cub is proving you can't go home again. >> carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs 60 minutes. and first thing tomorrow, cbs this morning. also don't forget our new digital network, cb-- i'm jeff galore. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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about the security at san je airport. stolen truck in terminal b. another perimeter breech is raising serious questions about the security at san jose airport. demonstrators march on levi stadium to protest the 49ers opponent. kpix news is next ,,,,
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