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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 24, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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one passenger is dead... afa tour bus overturned, on interstate five in shasta county. k-p-i-x five's ryan takeo js us from the newsroom with details on the red flag raid . . good morning, everybody. i am michelle griego. >> and i am frank mallicoat. well, more on the deadly tour bus crash. >> one dead and 30 others injured. passengers crashed twice yesterday. the second ended up like this, the bus crushed and the body upside down. bodies spilled across i-5 north of redding. the crash killed a 33-year-old man from a fresno area. the bus company, yellow line, has no federal safety ratings. that raises a red flag. passengers and the chp think the driver may have dozed off. >> he may have fallen asleep a little bit. i am not sure.
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>> a little earlier in the day the driver crashed into this denny's while picking up passenger and took a chunk off the roof. the bus driver is from l.a. where the trip started. so far there so no word on whether he will face charges. live in the newsroom, ryan o'neal,. four -- ryan turksko. crews are looking for someone seen face down in the water at rockaway beach. a lifeboat and helicopter was called out to assist in the search. no updates as of yet. and in weather, we have high pressure overhead. a lot of sunshine coming our
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way the temperatures will be hepatitissing up nicely. mostly clear -- will be heating up nicely. mostly clear skies. a lot of 60s inside the bay and hazy sunshine along the coastline. clear at the bay right now. the temperatures cold in inland spots. 39 in santa rosa. 37 in the napa valley, 31 in san jose and 48 in san francisco. this afternoon enjoy sunshine and weak offshore winds. 69 in the napa valley, 68 in santa rosa and now back to traffic. yes. there is lumber in the road at westbound 580 at north flynn. you can see it the bumper-to- bumper right now approaching the 205-580 split all the way north. if you are heading to the dublin interchange, it is better after that.
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there are unusual back ups involving that traffic. the bay bridge looks good and the golden gate bridge looks fine. >> 580 is always packed. >> yes, it is. and another security breach at the san jose international airport. we have more near the arrangement where a suspected trespasser was arrested yesterday. kit, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this happened just a little past the aviation area.
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police spotted him and escorted him to the lobby, but then he took off and fled by stealing a maintenance truck and drove around the airport perimeter until police stopped him and arrested him. >> there was no operational impact or threat to public safety. our layers of security worked and he was apprehended right away. >> i mean, this doesn't make any sense. >> not good. >> and this is the third security breach there this year. the first happened in april when a 15-year-old jumped the fence at terminal a and stowed away on a wheel well on a flight to hawaii. then a woman with a long history of sneaking past security did so at san jose and made her way to the airport before she was caught. the incidents were invested by the tsa and they are changing and implementing policies and will do the same after this incident. >> thank you. san jose says the incidents
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are unrelated and the airport does use tsa security standards. window washer who fell 11 stories from the roof of a san francisco bank is still in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. he landed on the roof of a moving car at california and montgomery on friday. witnesses say they saw something blue fall from above and heard a loud thud. the driver of the car that broke the man's fall was not hurt. breaking news out of san francisco. police are investigating a fatal shooting in the triangle area. a person was shot just after 12:30 this morning and the person reportly died on the way to the hospital. neighbors say they heard several gunshots. police have not provided a motive and we don't know the identity of the victim who died. tensions are mounting in ferguson, missouri, as people are awaiting for the ground jury decision on whether a white police officer should be indicted for killing an unarmed
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black teenager. there have been protestors since the august shooting. some have turned violent and people are being urged to stay calm. >> we are calling on our members and members of the community to respond in a non- violent fashion. >> once the decision is reached there will be a 48 hour warning before it is announced. the house intelligence committee says there was no deliberate cover up after the terror attack at the diplomatic post in benghazi, libya. more with susan mcginnis. >> reporter: a two year investigation into the 2012 attack in benghazi's american compound is finally over and cleared the white house of wrong doing. >> there was no effort to politically spin the talking points. >> reporter: the committee led by republicans found the cia and military acted properly in
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their response and did not miss an opportunity to rescue four americans killed in the attack, including u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens. >> i think is report is still of crap. >> reporter: despite the findings, white house senator lindsey graham believe they overlooked opportunities for attacks. the report found the state department compound was not adequately protected and there was contradicttory intelligence about who carried out the attack. the report found neither rice, now the national security advisor to president obama or other officials misled the public about the nature of the attack. susan mcginnis, cbs news,
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washington. time now is 5:07. general motors is finalizing a new high-tech system, how this hand free experience is designed to make your life behind the wheel easier. and a continuing series on holiday healthy tips for you. >> and a lot of people traveling this week and lots of sunshine coming our way today, but there is rain in the forecast, too. we will talk about that, next. >> and if you want to ride bart this morning, the 39 trains are all on time. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask questions or share with us by emailing "crazy" to or watch right here to see if your question gets answered on the air! ,,,,,,,,,,
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i gooh fitting the tree through the door, that's feast-worthy. so celebrate with the kfc festive feast. a bucket of the world's best chicken, our famous sides, biscuits and our new pumpkin cake. the kfc festive feast.
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tag: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. we need your help to do more. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people. do,. is we are looking at a nice, clear start to the day and lots of sunshine in the forecast. we will talk about the holiday weekend, as well, coming up. well, there you go, one direction last night. that was the scene at the american music awards in l.a.
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the british music band one direction sought out the most coveted award of best new artist of the year. katy perry and pharrell won for a pop rock duo or group. the fans vote on those winners. >> yes. it is very popular. with new technology cars can now parallel park themselves or alert drivers if they are drifting into another lane. >> and now general motors plans to introduce a feature that enables a car to take over the driving, at least during parts of the trip. omar got a look at how it works. ruising at 51, hands up, nothing is on the pedals" super cruise combin cruise control..with steeri. when the technology is engad - with a push of a button .drivers can cruise on down road...without touching the steering wheel. (natsot) jo capp: "go ahead and turn yo head this way for 2 or 3 or seconds." omar villafranca: "it's really nerve wrackingi feel like i just went a fool field." -- a camera keeps t car in the correct lane..and down if it sens . . >> reporter: not so far down the road, drivers will be enjoying super technology. here is how it works. this is super cruise.
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it combines cruise control with steering. when the technology is engaged, with the push of a button, driver cans cruise on down the road without touching the steering wheel. >> turn your head this way for two or three or four seconds. >> it is nerve racking. >> reporter: a camera keeps the car in the correct lane and slowed the car down if it senses the vehicle in front of you is not going that fast. gm says the technology will allow drivers to take their eyes off the road while the car does the driving. >> you get in my lane and hit the brakes. >> i stayed in my lane. >> reporter: the car will only do the drive federal government the super cruise is engaged and the seat will vibrate to alert the driver if he needs to take over. >> the seat vibrated. it is slowing. >> reporter: gm is still fine- tuning the software on a test track and in traffic.
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they plan to try it on a cadillac first, the first hitting the road in 2017. cbs news, milford, michigan. >> i don't know if i can do it. >> you could tell he was a little nervous about letting the car take control. i would be really nervous about that. >> i like the alerts if you make a lane change and there is someone there. that would be nice, but this, yes, that is a little whacky. >> what do you think, elizabeth? >> parallel parking, well, i am all for that! you don't want to see my parallel park! lar lar. well, let's go out the door. all lanes are back open on westbound 580 at northglenn. we are still seeing delays for this time of the morning, jammed up from grand line. everything is clear once the north grand exit, though, to the dublin interchange.
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the cleared out incident may loosen things up now in that area. but that area gets backed up early anyway, so it may take a while to fully recover. here is live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, so far so good. at 880 and 237, westbound, so far still all in the green head into sunny vail and northbound and southbound 101 in the area looks good around the peninsula. if you want to ride mass transit, bart is problem free. same thing for the ferries and
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caltrans. that is the latest from here. let's get a check of the forecast. starting today there is a lot of sunshine out there, maybe low 70s. we will be seeing plenty of sun through the next few days and probably right through thanksgiving looking good. clear skies but a chilly start. temperatures dropping off in the 30s and 40s in the valleys. hazy sunshine expected by this afternoon, nice weather with a possibility of rain returning and maybe a series of storms as we head into toward next weekend. right now the ridge is too strong. any chance of rain is staying well to the north. maybe they pick up showers toward eureka today but it is as close as it will get. we are seeing patchy fog in parts of the southern san joaquin so if you are traveling in that direction down i-5 be very, very careful. weak offshore winds will keep the skies mostly clear throughout the day and we will
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start that way tomorrow as well. temperature-wise we will warm up nicely to 68 in san jose, 67 in fremont and about 66 in redwood city. east bay temperatures in the 60s and also the low 70s. then as we look toward the coastline, plenty of sunshine there. about 66 in sonoma and 67 in alameda. the next couple of days we have plenty of sunshine coming our way. maybe 70s as we get into toes, cooling down toward thanksgiving -- into tuesday, cooling down toward thanksgiving and the possibility of rain by next weekend. if you want to get weather on- the-go, download the weather app at the app store at kpix. you can find the current temperatures, hour by hour forecasts and more. it is good to go. but, hey, this week ahead looks nice. probably above normal temperatures through the next couple of days, then a series
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of storms rolling in for next weekend that could be pretty good storms. >> all right. we will cherish these next few days. >> yes. well, the holiday season is looking good. >> and people are trying to stay healthy during the time of potential stress, and of course, all the food. >> yes, the food, the stuffy, the turkey. rob rob has more -- roberta gonzalez, you have been doing crunches! >> yes. michele and fred, i saw you friday height night at the holiday lighting ceremony. it was so fun. you did an awesome job. >> well, guys, i want to talk
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about experton eating through the holidays. what is the first thing we node to know if our goal was to -- we need to know if our goal was to get in shape for the holidays and we aren't quite there. >> 80% is nutrition and 20% is exercise. >> is it too late to get into the gyms? >> no, not at all. >> what would you recommend? >> i would recommend portion control with food, the size of your hands, or carbs. >> really? i love my carbs. >> yes. and two hands for equal veggies. >> and water. >> tons of water. >> i walk into the gym and i get a little intimidated. tell me what, do i do when i see this, something like this ball right here? >> the ball can be scary and the gym can be scary but all the equipment is user-friendly. you can get on this and use your core and support your back
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at the same time. >> quickly, can you show me something? >> oh, yes. >> that already takes balance. >> yes. lift your hips and then take that chin to the sky. >> okay. chin to the sky, use those hips, get in the gym. it isner too late. get information on -- it is never too late. get information at "links and numbers" on >> thank you, roberta. there is a story this morning that the giants have lost their bid to pablo sandoval. apparently heading to the east coast. he has knew agreed to a deal to play for the boston red sox at fenway. the report says sandoval will get close to $100 million for five years. that news is just coming out. we will have more details as soon as we get more information. ,,,,,,
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for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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. welcome back. let's take a look at sports. golden state up 3 in the final seconds of this first game here. he air balled it. the warriors hang on to win 91- 46, 10-2, the best 1-spades
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game start in -- best 12 game start in franchise history. >> and check out this rookie, o'dell beckham, jr., a stretch from, john how he does this, one handed and smear that is thing in like spiderman. by the way, good for a touchdown. look at this. he goes up and all the way back with a couple of fingers on the ball. pulls it back in. what a catch but the giants ended up losing the game to the cowboy, 31-28. wow! >> he bent it like beckham. >> there you go! it is 5:25. a popular l.a. hiking trail is going high- tech. and how they hope to end parking wars at runyon can con. and this is one of the old
5:26 am
-- runyon canyon. and the dmv has a good explanation for how this story coming up happened. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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are being raised on how safe airport really is. plus-- students protesting n to raise tuition . a man steals a maintenance vehicle off a tarmac at the san jose airport and now questions about how safe the airport really is. >> and why tax payers may be left to foot part of a bill. >> and a big travel week ahead. we have high pressure now. will that last through thanksgiving? we will talk about that coming up. >> and an earlier crash in the
5:30 am
has traffic backed up out of tracy. and good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 24th. i am michelle griego. >> and i am frank mallicoat. we are hearing the giants lost their bid to keep 3rd baseman pablo sandoval heading to the boston red sox. >> yes. he is wearing the orange panda hat there. pablo had it all, it is reported, and inked a deal, receiving close to $100 million for five years with the red sox. the giants offered pablo the same contract, five years, $90 million, saying he turned it town the last off season but when the offer came after the world series sandoval countered asking for a 7 year deal and it was likely the boston red sox
5:31 am
saying they were 90% in favor of the red sox and toronto was in second place. it didn't seem like the giants had much of a chance at that point. really, it is a shocker. sandoval had the gloves, there are concerns about his weight, but he played great 3rd base defensively and was clutched through the post-season run and was a centerpiece as far as the last two wins for the giants, so that is the initial report we have right now from baseball insider from cbs sports. other outlets are being more conservative in their reporting, saying they don't have the sourcing or they are talking to the agent of pablo sandoval and he is saying it is not a done deal yet to them but some saying it is. >> my phone was lighting up 10 minutes ago. >> he is getting a lot of money, but more importantly,
5:32 am
i think giants fans waking up and hearing this news will be very disappointed. >> yes. he is a little quiet in the locker room but very affable, everyone loves him and he has like 26 hits in the post season report, 11 hits during the world series, who could forget the three home runs against detroit. >> panda hats of his are all over the place. >> yes. and he play as mane 3rd place in boston. they will hold him to the number. you make $20 million, you have to be a star. if not they will ride him a little bit out there with buster behind plate. sounds like he is off. $100million, good luck, five years, see you later. >> maybe we should start calling you the panda now! >> there you go! well, you will see a lot of sunshine around the bay area today. it is a little chilly as you
5:33 am
are heading out the door. temperatures dropping off to 30s and 40s in the valley. the high pressure is billing in and it will make for a beautiful day ahead here as we head toward a very busy travel time. temperatures in the 60s, even a couple low 70s. clear skies out over the bay but it is chilly. temperatures around the bay area right now is 39 degrees in santa rosa and 48 in san francisco. clear all the way to the coastline today. 6535 pacific ocean can a, 70 at fairfield -- pacifica, 70 in fairfield and 68 here. >> let's go outside and check 205 and 580. it is pretty slow because of the earlier accident at north flynn. you can see on the red sensors, if you are commuting at tracy, expect an unusual back up right
5:34 am
now. the latest times were 19 minutes from the altamonte to 680. >> elizabeth, thank you. for the third time another breach at the san jose airport. more with yom more here. >> reporter: police stopped a man who took off from security after they walked away and then
5:35 am
jumped into a airport vehicle and road around the tarmac until he was stopped. four months later the serial stow away, marilyn hartman, got past security on to a southwest flight at lax before she was arrested. she was arrested previously seven times for trying the same thing. >> there is no operational impact or threat to public safety. our layers of security worked and he was apprehended right away. >> the two previous incident this is year were investigated by the tsa and meet policies put in place. another investigation will happen after this one. and the suspect in this round will face charges of at the scene passing and possession of a stolen vehicle. live near the airport, kiet
5:36 am
do, kpix 5 news. >> the incidents are unrelated they say and the airport meets tsa security standards. investigators in ahead are trying to deryl whether a police officer was justifyed in fatally shooting a 12-year-old boy. a man called 9-1-1 saturday saying the boy was pointing a gun at people in a cleveland playground. police were unsure if the gun was real. they ordered him to drop what appeared to be a semi- automatic weapon but the boy refused. >> the officers ordered him to stop and show his hands and he went into his waistband and pulled out the weapon. >> that is when the officer opened fire. the boy died yesterday. the gun turned out to be a replica. the orange safety marker meant to show it was a toy had been removed. and possible charges in the police shooting in ferguson, missouri, can be announced any
5:37 am
day. there have been protestors almost every day since the august shooting of michael brown by darren wilson. people are being urged to stay calm. >> we are calling upon our members and members of to the community to respond to this decision in a non-violent fashion. >> once there is a decision there will be a 48 hour warning before it is announced. if european union wants to break up google into two different parts. the google search engine division could be separated from the rest of its business in europe. it is trying to rein in the dominant google search market which is at 90%. trading will begin for the new week this morning. >> a short week it is. let's go to jill wagner from cbs money watch on a monday. >> reporter: good morning.
5:38 am
happy monday here on wall street. the s&p 500 ends the dow opening at a record high, bringing the dow to 17,810. that means we are now within striking distance of the 18,000 mark. the nasdaq finished at about 11. and we know gas prices are at the lowers level in four years because of plenty of supply, much coming from here in the u.s. this thursday americans are celebrating thanksgiving and opac leaders will be meeting in vienna considering cutting oil production to boost prices. and for people that don't feel like battling the crowds on black friday, they can shop online, especially on cyber monday. this year wal-mart will be rolling out what it calls cyber week, twice as many online deal as last year and it will start on saturday and run for five days. no need to stand in line for
5:39 am
the doorbuster deals anymore. >> why don't we just start shopping in july. >> some people do! well, speaking of the holidays, jill, we are only a few days away from thanksgiving. for people that don't get enough turkey and stuffing, they can now have dessert and have it all. explain? >> reporter: that is right. an ice cream shop in portland called salt & straw whipped up six new thanksgiving-themed flavors, one is salted care medical thanksgiving turkey. that flavor is made with real turkey, turkey fat and fried turkey. they will ship it for $65. sounds like you will pass over there! >> i don't need turkey in my ice cream! >> i like the chocolate! >> all right, jill wagner from cbs money watch, thank you. and today a walkout will be
5:40 am
held at cal tech berkeley high school and berkeley city college. a student organizers say education is a right and tuition hikes are turning it into a privilege. if the tuition hikes do happen tax payers will end up paying part of the bill, that is because as tuition goes up, the tax payer funded financial aid. last year the state spent about $770 million on cal grants for uc students and it rose even at budgets were cut during the recession. and phrases making their way on license plate and now everyone is not necessarily noticing them. >> plus, people in up state new york are digging out from last week's winter storm. the new danger they are being warned about as the snow starts to melt. ,,,,,,
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after dealing with an epic early-season snowfall, peop in western new york ar . welcome back to kpix 5 news morning. people in new york are now bracing for potential flooding and evacuations in the buffalo area. temperatures there could hit 60 this week, quickly melting several feet of snow accumulating over the past couple of weeks. the national weather service issued a flood warning for today. in addition, trees could come crashing down since they have been weakened by the heavy snowfall and saturated soil there. there is a new service for people using a popular park in the hollywood hills. hikers can now get valet
5:44 am
parking. there are many days when there are more cars circling runyon canyon than hikers in the park. there is a new app that allows people to check in ahead of time to access the trail. the idea seems to be taking off. >> we love hiking runyon canyon, but we always fought the parking issue. >> i am terrible at parking so this is like the dream. >> the new valet service costs $5 per car. well, a driver spotted recently in the south bay will have to get a new license plate. >> only on 5, kiet do explains why. >> reporter: one of the foulest and most volemia phrases in the vietnamese language is blank -- which means blank your mother. if you are having trouble visualizing it, here is a little help from the dmz. this license plate is misspelled, the i should be a y, but you get the idea.
5:45 am
the driver claimed it is an innocent phrase, and we play along. >> what does your license plate mean? >> it means i love your mom. >> really? >> reporter: we showed the license plate around san jose, home to more than 130,000 vietnamese people, more than any other city in the country. reaction ran the gamut from disgust to high 5s. >> i said to myself, wow, how can anybody miss it. >> you speak vietnamese, correct? >> yes. >> so, therefore, if you have somebody that doesn't speak that language and trying to figure it out, you can see the difficulty in understanding some of those words. >> reporter: the dmv joins us from their sacramento headquarters. when it comes to personalized license plate, the department gets 500 applications a day. drivers must explain and justify the meaning of the
5:46 am
phrase and researchers check it across 150 languages, using special distinctionary, online translators and the database to weed out drug or gang or unrelated sexual references. >> you saw one in the san jose area and notified the dmv. it is people like you that help us make sure the license plates out there are acceptable to society as a whole. >> reporter: the dmvers on the side of caution. a firefighter that uses the jaws of life to cut victims out of recs with denied cut you out because it is a term for murder. as a million personalized license plates on california roads right now, just two or three are recalled every year. this one included. live from san jose, the dmv has
5:47 am
begun the process to recall the offensive plate. >> keit has a pretty good eye. >> yes. that was great. the gal that asked that question, do we know who that is >> she is our traffic producer, claudia. well done, claudia. >> it is important to know the driver will have a few days to appeal, but if he loses the appeal, elizabeth, he will have to give up the license plate. claudia it is behind the screen. they were coming back from a san jose game with keit when they spotted the license plate. there you go, always a journalist working! well, you can see delays stacking up here a little slow on the sensors from treasure island into san francisco. we had one earlier accident
5:48 am
approaching north flynn backing up the commute earlier. we are still seeing unusually heavy traffic on 205 and 580. everything is loosened up now past and through the dublin interchange. 880 in oakland is not seeing any delays near the oakland coliseum and the peninsula looks good. we are waiting to see if traffic overall will be lighter this thanksgiving week, but so far we haven't seen much of an indication of that. southbound 680 leaving pleasanton is slowing. that kind of cropped up on the sensors in the last few minutes but overall a good ride for now. 880 and 237, this is what it looks like right now. that is your latest drive to work traffic. another check of the forecast coming up. looking good. starting out a little chilly.
5:49 am
temperatures in the 30s and 40s in some spots but by afternoon, high pressure overhead with offshore winds warming up temperatures nicely, a mild day ahead after a chilly start. sunshine it looks like for the better part of this week. then the possibility of rain and maybe a series of storms headed our way as we look toward the weekend. right now the ridge just beginning to build in but strong enough holding the jet stream to the north. nice and dry here. maybe showers in parts of northern california toward eureka, otherwise staying dry in the valley. watch out. a little fog in the central valley along i-5. you may see that, lifting by the afternoon, hazy sunshine and 67 in fresno for the latter part of the day. mostly clear here though with weak offshore winds clearing off the skies to the coastline. it will probably stay that way through tomorrow, then we will note changes toward wednesday and thursday when the cooler air and seabreezes will kick in. 68 in san jose, 67 in hayward,
5:50 am
65 in pacifica, east bay is seeing 60s and low 70s. inside the bay sunshine and 58 in oakland, 66 in san francisco and 65 in sausalito. the sunrise time is 6:69, sun set is 4:53. a nice forecast. lots of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70s on tuesday. slightly cooler on wednesday. on thanksgiving temperatures dropping off and staying dry. then this next weekend a series of storms start to roll back in. we are looking at serious wet well into next week, too. the next few days look great and a lot of folks are traveling across the state -- >> and the country because we will be eating turkey. >> you have to stay moving. >> yes! >> thank you very much. well, country singer joey chestnut gobbled up nearly 10- pounds of turkey before the
5:51 am
thanksgiving holiday. >> can you imagine that? 10-pounds! >> no! >> he polished off a half a 20- pound bird at a turkey eating contest in connecticut. chestnut took a $5,000 prize for his record-setting efforts. the previous record was held by a woman that ate a mere 5- pounds of turkey. >> that is amazing. >> i am comatose after thanksgiving, anyway. >> i know! >> there you go! we will be right back. ,,,,,,
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i gooh fitting the tree through the door, that's feast-worthy. so celebrate with the kfc festive feast. a bucket of the world's best chicken, our famous sides, biscuits and our new pumpkin cake. the kfc festive feast.
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bay. (nat (scanner--"on scene in northbound lane. advise chpo close freeway northbound.") stigators say the . welcome back. drunk driving is suspected in a deadly wrong way crash on highway 101 in the north bay. >> he was in the northbound lanes crossing the freeway northbound. >> investigators say the 61-
5:55 am
year-old man entered the highway near novato around midnight saturday night heading northbound in the southbound lanes. minutes later he collided head- on with the nissan. the collision killed both drivers and the passenger in the nissan was seriously injured. >> and a mass had members gathering near the remains of a building near red bird after the church burned down. an investigator will decide now if holy cross can be saved or leveled and rebuilt. a holy cross was survived in the fire. experts it's 5-- giants fans...
5:56 am
bad news. cbs sports says 'the panda is leaving for e east coast. coming up... where he's headed... . giants fan, ambassador news. cbs sports say the panda is leaving for the east coast. coming up, where he is headed. >> and i am kiet do live near the airport at san jose where there is another security breach, the 3rd one this year. so mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. veteran: i live independently because of what all it provides for me. and it's huge! there's a lot of wounded, ill, and injured out there just like myself, who just maybe need a little bit of help. tag: you can lend a helping paw too. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people.
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. police are questioning a driver of a tour bus that flipped other on i-5 north of sacramento, killing one and injuring dozens more. the bus was traveling from los angeles to washington state. >> there was no effort to politically spin the talking points. >> and republicans are investigating the benghazi consulate attacks now finding no evidence of a deliberate
6:00 am
cover up following the attack that is killed four americans back in 2012. >> and student walkout is planned at uc campuses today in a response to race the tuition. students protestors will skip class and march through the streets. the regent voted last week to raise tuition 5% in each of the next five years. from across the bay to around the world, the story that is matter on kpix 5 news this morning good morning, everyone. i am michelle griego. >> and happy monday, everybody. i am frank mallicoat. it is 6:00 and we begin with breaking news in the baseball world this morning. it appears the giants are losing one of their more popular players. >> yes. more on the deal that has pablo sandoval heading to boston. >> we should not be surprised. the red sox led the pack in the panda sweepstakes,


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