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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 26, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and we're going to get a check of traffic and weather as soon as roberta gets back over there. there she is. >> i'm looking for my clicker. i need my clicker in order to change the maps. >> we could draw some graphics. >> we can. imagine this. we currently have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. and that's elizabeth's live shot actually right there. i'm just borrowing it to stretch. obviously we have clear skies, patchy fog inland but fog-free for traveling and we have the details coming up. >> we are hoping for a later commute today maybe more people are hitting the airport but as far as work goes people are taking today off or starting the long weekend. bay bridge is quiet with overnight roadwork cleared early. >> is it a holiday tomorrow? >> yes. >> i'll be here. >> sorry guys, i'll be home. [ laughter ] protestors staged another night of demonstrations in ferguson, missouri over the
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grand jury's decision not to indict officer darren wilson over the killing of 18-year-old michael brown. officer wilson has spoken publicly for the first time since the decision and he says he has a clear conscience and was just doing his job. cbs news reporter susan mcginnis is in missouri this morning and joins with us more on the protests in ferguson live. good morning. reporter: hey, good morning, frank and michelle. it was a noticeable difference last night compared to monday night on the streets of ferguson. protestors did turn out for another night of protests but they seemed to number in the hundreds and not in the thousands. there was looting. there was arson. there was breaking of windows even at city hall. a police car was torched. but it was nothing compared to the damage, destruction, 12 different buildings burning to the ground that we saw on monday night. a lot of this had to do with a greatly increased police and national guard presence. [ screaming ] >> reporter: protestors faced off against police standing steps away from officers in
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full riot gear. [ screaming ] >> reporter: but the relative calm of the night was interrupted by violence yet again. the tension led to looting, a lone police vehicle was attacked and set on fire. [ screaming ] >> reporter: authorities rushed into the crowd and released tear gas. compared to one night ago, the national guard is a larger and much more visible presence here tonight. protestors are being ordered to disperse or face arrest. >> get out of the street. >> reporter: the threats did little to ease the overwhelming sense of injustice expressed by some demonstrators. >> darren wilson was able to murder someone in cold blood, if you ask me, of a unarmed teenager and nothing was done. >> reporter: following monday's grd jury announcement, officer wilson broke his silence. in an interview with abc's george stephanopoulos, wilson described firing a series of shots at brown after a foot chase and an initial altercation in his squad car. >> he gets about 8 to 10 feet and he starts looking forward like he is going to tackle me
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and i looked down the barrel of my gun. >> it hit him in the head? >> yes. >> reporter: questions are raised about how the prosecutor's office present the case to the grand jury. >> a first year law student could have did a better cross- examination of the police officer shooting a unarmed person than this prosecutor's office and this is just troubling to this family. >> reporter: attorneys for brown's family hope an ongoing federal civil rights investigation will lead to charges against wilson. there's also a federal investigation into the police force here to determine whether they used racial profiling or excessive force. frank and michelle, the thanksgiving day parade for the area has been canceled because of the unrest. >> what's expected after this? >> reporter: well, we expect more protests. we expect them to be under control now. we have 2200 national guard here and increased police presence so we don't expect the protests to stop but we expect them to remain under control
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but people do still feel frustration and anger over the grand jury decision. we don't expect that to go away. >> susan mcginnis live in ferguson, thank you. cities across the country had no another of protests. in dallas a group marched on to a downtown freeway there shut it down for almost two hours. there was also a peaceful protest at the police headquarters there. same situation in l.a. protestors shut down highway 101 in the downtown area. traffic backed up for miles. there was also a march on the l.a. police headquarters. and in new york city, protests were peaceful. a group marched to the united nations building there. demonstrations in oakland were out of hand for the second night. protestors lit trash bins on fire and that created this wall of fire on 40th street and telegraph. it was one of several fires set last night. they were apparent attempts by protestors to keep police at bay. they clashed with police at times and in some cases the protestors threw rocks and bottles at the police.
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at telegraph avenue and 34th street, protestors smashed windows and looted a walgreens drugstore. the vandals sprayed graffiti on the building. several other buildings were damaged including this classic car dealership at telegraph and 42nd. vandals smashed their way into the building but it's unclear whether any cars inside were damaged. several protestors were arrested in oakland during the night. there are no reports of major injuries. and those protestors in oakland are using different tactics than they have in the past. more now from kpix 5's christin ayers. reporter: for the second night in a row, a peaceful protest devolved into this. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the doors of a walgreens kicked in, fireworks set off as protestors scrambled on to a freeway. as chaotic as it was, protestors told me there was a plan. >> everyone is organized,
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everyone is together, everyone is following rules. >> reporter: the protests looks the same. the same vandalism and graffiti. but protestors say they have a different strategy this time around. they are not targeting small businesses. our cameras captured several protestors tagging but small businesses went virtually unharmed. the next rule, no taking video of vandals in the act. protestors tried to wrestle away our cameras when we took video of one vandal. >> don't touch the camera! >> reporter: the consensus, they agreed no incriminating lawbreakers by showing their faces on camera. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> you can log on to for the latest on the protests both in oakland and ferguson and elsewhere. and switching gears now let's take a look at the weather. you know, thanksgiving is tomorrow. and so many people want to know what the weather is going to be. >> i think the most important days today is it's a getaway day weather-wise and also tomorrow for thanksgiving and we have a big shift in gears coming up. >> coming home day is going to be tough. >> very dicey. so it's going to be heads up
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and give yourself some extra time. out the door, a chill in the air. numbers are in the 40s and 50s. the only thing that's been notable is a little bit of patchy fog inland. more like the tule fog. otherwise, it is a second straight day of a "spare the air" day, the third one of the winter season. a little bit of pollution in the atmosphere as it gets close to the surface. it's trapped at the surface so pollution in the atmosphere. today's numbers going up in comparison to yesterday. in fact, today will be the warmest day of the workweek. in the 60s and in the 70s. 71 degrees in fremont through union city. my outside number today will be 78 degrees. that will be in gilroy and morgan hill. slight cooling and partly sunny thanksgiving day. we cloud up, gray skies on friday and then rain on saturday through monday. elizabeth, that means snow in the high sierra which means -- >> skiing?
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sledding for me? chains? chain requirements, too. aim little slow on the up take tailed. thank you, roberta. we're bracing for a wet morning commute monday. today the roads are quiet. a lot of green sensors out there. but in oakland eastbound 580 at golf links we have an accident blocking a lane. we are not seeing any delay on the sensors in either direction so right now it looks like traffic can get by okay. and if you are heading to the bay bridge, i noticed the roadwork scheduled to clear at 5:00 wrapped up near the fremont street exit before 4 a.m. so everything look good from end to tend. no delays in the cash lanes. all the approaches are really quiet and they wrapped up some roadwork that was just north of the golden gate bridge early. it was coming into sausalito approaching spencer. all lanes are back open just a couple of headlight there heading on to the golden gate bridge trying to get into san francisco this morning. and the roadwork through the livermore valley also gone. westbound 580. the only roadwork is eastbound
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approaching north greenville but traffic is light so maybe people are taking time off. we are not seeing delays even out of tracy. looks good on 205. that's the latest "kcbs" drive to work. breaking news in san francisco police investigating a shooting that injured five people in the mission. evidence markers showed the location of bullet casings. officers got the first reports of gunfire shortly before 1 a.m. at 13th and mission street. they found four victims, two have life-threatening injuries. after those victims were taken to san francisco general, a fifth victim walk into the hospital. we are getting a good look at the latest security breach at mineta international airport in san jose. surveillance video showing 39- year-old miguel saragosa racing across a ticket terminal and then got into a stolen maintenance truck after breaching security in an area where private jets fly.
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he was arrested. this is the third big breach there since april. parents in fremont are scrambling to find new daycare because the center closed. kpix 5's ann notarangelo explains that's because two young children were hurt by falling furniture. reporter: before school got out, fremont's code enforcement team was posing notices at en light preschool. children 2 to 6 are not allowed in until structural fixes are made. >> it's serious. i was disturbed when i saw the report. >> reporter: friday afternoon a wall cabinet fell on two sleeping children. a little boy had minor injuries but a 3-year-old girl had a significant traumatic injury and was airlifted to stanford. code enforcement says the cabinet wasn't properly mounted to the wall. >> they had too much weight in them and they fell over. >> reporter: it doesn't end there. the city found other
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violations. fire walls had been removed and emergency exits have chains. the school didn't want any outsiders in, rushing children in the doors and keeping out even code enforcement. the california department of social services is investigating friday's incident. parents told us they still haven't been formally told about what happened. >> we did not receive any email or newsletter announcement about it. >> reporter: the last inspection of enlight preschool was january 2012 the day before it was licensed. there haven't been any complaints or citations. police say the 3-year-old will need significant time to he recoup rate from her injuries but is -- to recuperate from her injuries but is expected to make a full recovery. ann notarangelo, kpix 5. san francisco teachers will get a 12% raid over the next three years. if ratified elementary school teachers will get more preparation time and high school counselors will get more work hours.
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they have been working without a contract since july 1. the epa is expected to propose tighter restrictions on a common air pollutant. the epa apparently wants to lower the limit for ground level ozone to 65 or 70 parts per billion. that's down from a 75 parts per billion standard set back in 2008. the move would fulfill a campaign promise by president obama. time now 4:42. it's the day before thanksgiving. and if you're trying to get around the bay, good luck. how slow the roads are expected to move. what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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travel. a st information firm san francisco is ranked as one of the worst places in the country for thanksgiving travel. a study says it will take 34% longer to travel this afternoon
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than usual. only los angeles and portland rank worse than san francisco, worst time to travel today between 3 and 4 p.m. holiday travelers along much of the east coast will have to con tepid with a snowstorm. the more easter could dump up a foot of snow on some areas. a lot of air passengers left for their destinations yesterday in an effort to beat the rough weather. several airlines are waving their standard fees for changing flights to and from certain airports. it's an effort to ease the crowds during the busiest times this weekend which could also be the times most affected by that harsh weather. >> 4:45. the weather could affect getting home and looks like it's going to be good. >> i was taking a look at the latest observations. definitely difficult getting home here locally. if you want to wait until monday you're going to be in worst condition and if you are traveling east, yes, we have snow in new york city.
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it won't affected the macy's thanksgiving day parade where we'll have sunshine but breezy. let's head out right now take a look at the current conditions. clear skies looking out over the bay bridge, air temperature wise into the 40s and 50s. san francisco we'll have to double-check the number. last time i looked at the observations it was 55 degrees. air quality suggests this is the second day in a row with the "spare the air" day you will see brown haze in the atmosphere. that's a particulate matter very close to the surface getting trapped there as high pressure acts like a big giant lid but the bottom line is today sunny very mild temperatures. it will be fair through thanksgiving. and then we will be in and out of the rain through monday. friday will be our transition day as we notice the increase in cloud cover. back here on the west coast we have this area of high pressure right there. the ridge is holding steady for now. but upstream this right here look at how impressive this area of low pressure is. it's textbook perfect. looking like a giant comma.
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this is going to shred off just a bit as it breaks down that ridge of high pressure. that's storm one. back there is number three. so it's saturday, sunday and monday a triple punch towards the bay area. meanwhile today for this getaway day 60s and 70s throughout the central valley. 63 in the high sierra where you will need chains over the weekend and heading back home, as well. 74 monterey bay, 73 ukiah. sunset 4:52. tomorrow morning high temperatures in the 60s and 70s. average high this time of year in oakland is 61. instead 72. low 70s in the santa clara valley. average high in san francisco near 61 degrees. today flirting with 70. the winds will be out of the north about 5 to 10 miles per hour. here's the extended forecast.
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again, thanksgiving day will be pristine. friday cloudy skies, gray skies for and then the rain showers accumulating elizabeth up to perhaps by 3 inches of rain in the wettest location by monday. >> chains may be required in the sierra. got it this time. they will be required. let's go out the door and show you what's going on. we mentioned that earlier accident in oakland. it is now clear so all lanes are now back open in the westbound lanes of 580. they did a slight location change. it was westbound 580 approaching he is ska dio. san mateo bridge traffic flowing nicely out of hayward. no major delays on the bridges. bay bridge toll plaza they cleared the overnight roadwork with three lanes closed between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. but they wrapped up early today
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so everything is good. the approaches only 19 minutes. mass transit is on a normal schedule today. oakland airport has the new expansion mass transit to the airport. golden gate ferry, caltrain and ace are quiet. back to you. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. 4:49. it was a simple spelling mistake on a very public freeway sign. it was hanging over the 710 freeway in los angeles. it says, olympic but without the y. a black tarp was thrown over the sign. the subcontractor will pay for a new one. t-mobile customers will soon get clear warnings when their data speeds are slowing down. they have reached agreement with the feds with how it
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handles customers who hit monthly limits. t-mobile allows them to continue using data when they hit the limit but at reduced speeds. t-mobile must change the practice within 60 days to prevent further confusion for its customers. the first 3d printer in space has made its first creation a replacement part for itself. the printer comes from a northern california company called made in space. it was delivered to the international space station two months ago and will print out about 20 test objects over the next few weeks. nasa hopes to one day use 3d printing to fix broken equipment in space. and google has mapped the moon, invented a driverless car and now it's throwing brain power at something much simpler, the spoon. this isn't just any spoon. it helps people with parkinson's. it keeps them from shaking the spoon too much and spilling food with tremors. it was created by a startup that google acquired recently. >> that's incredible. i have a friend that has it and
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your hands just shake uncontrollably. >> it's a little tough. >> hard to take a sip of water or eat. that's cool. >> yeah. something like that will help out. >> leave it to google. >> time now 4:51. the san francisco -- san francisco is making changes after the death of a baby gorilla. how officials are hoping to make the system safer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is wednesday, november 26. high temperatures 10 degrees above normal in many locations. you can count on mostly sunny skies into the 60s across the peninsula. check out the santa clara valley all the way up to 78 degrees. the warmest locations. in gilroy numbers in the 60s and 70s east of the bay today
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with the north wind 5 to 10. northern portion of the bay area numbers will stream from the 60s near the seashore and inverness and bodega bay to 70 in clearlake. average high in san francisco 60 but we're forecasting 68 degrees with plenty of sunshine. >> it is getaway day in advance of the big thanksgiving holiday. trips out of town could be 25% longer than average. to avoid the worst congestion avoid later this afternoon between 2 and 5, that's the worst traffic conditions. traffic and weather is a few minutes away. freight trains should be rolling through the feather river canyon today. a derailment shut down the tracks about 3:00 yesterday morning, 11 cars as you can see went off the tracks. they were carrying corn, some of that spilled into the river but it's not expected to do if i harm. there are worries about similar accidents involving trains that carry bakken crude oil through
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the canyon once a week. >> that's a concern with the public. it's a concern with our agency with these trains that are carrying the crude oil that something like this could happen. >> crews have worked around the clock to get the tracks repaired. it's likely to take a week to get the railcars out of the canyon. the cause of the derailment northeast of oroville is under investigation. plans to charge pedestrians to cross the golden gate bridge have run into an obstacle. two state lawmakers say they will file legislation to block the bridge district's proposal. they say the toll is at odds with california's goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions. >> a toll across the golden gate bridge is antithetical to everything that california stands for and what the bay area represents. >> we know that the bridge has a potential plan of 45 different options to actually look at raising revenue. so we just like to have them take these two options off. >> the bridge district is trying to close a five-year deficit of $33 million. any decision on the toll is
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probably years away. death of a baby gorilla at the san francisco zoo is leading to changes now. 16-month old can was crushed under a closing door. the zookeeper was working alone as she moved the gorillas into their nighttime enclosures. after reviewing what happened an expert made some recommendations to the city including adopting a buddy system for zookeepers during transfers, the use of headsets between the workers so they can hear clearly at the zoo and dedicating a trainer to teach the gorillas to stay away from the doors. backlash after the ferguson, missouri grand jury decision and now the officer who shot and killed michael brown is breaking his silence. what he is saying about the moment he was forced to fire. >> reporter: more vandalism and looting after oakland protests against the decision in ferguson, missouri.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. protests taking a violent turn once again in the streets of ferguson, missouri and back here in the bay area. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. let's get you out the door with the weather and traffic, a big getaway day. roberta has the weather. >> we are talking about clear skies in the bay area. some hints of some patchy fog inland. you got to keep in mind it's a "spare the air" day today and probably again tomorrow on thanksgiving. it won't make people happy because you want to burn the wood. well, right now, we have a lot of haze particulate matter in the atmosphere temperatures out the door in the 40s and 50s up to highs today all the way to
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78 in gilroy. wow. >> look at that. not going to feel very thanksgiving-y, huh? out the door we are expecting lighter traffic for the morning commute but you know later on this afternoon, especially between 2 and 5 and 6 just before the evening rush really picks up we are expecting the heaviest getaway travel a lot of people leaving town for the thanksgiving holiday. right now obviously very quiet though with the golden gate bridge. san mateo bridge traffic westbound 92 still looks okay in both directions. westbound 580 the roadwork cleared in the livermore valley, just the eastbound ride where we are seeing slowing approaching north greenville but again coming out of the altamont pass no delay westbound and just a few brake lights out of tracy. bay bridge once again could get very crowded later on this afternoon but for right now, pretty quiet at 5 a.m. just kind of your usual stuff. >> who is getting away at 2:00 today? [ laughter ] >> hello? >> i am! >> michelle: i'll be hitting the road. >> grocery stores will be


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