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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 26, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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78 in gilroy. wow. >> look at that. not going to feel very thanksgiving-y, huh? out the door we are expecting lighter traffic for the morning commute but you know later on this afternoon, especially between 2 and 5 and 6 just before the evening rush really picks up we are expecting the heaviest getaway travel a lot of people leaving town for the thanksgiving holiday. right now obviously very quiet though with the golden gate bridge. san mateo bridge traffic westbound 92 still looks okay in both directions. westbound 580 the roadwork cleared in the livermore valley, just the eastbound ride where we are seeing slowing approaching north greenville but again coming out of the altamont pass no delay westbound and just a few brake lights out of tracy. bay bridge once again could get very crowded later on this afternoon but for right now, pretty quiet at 5 a.m. just kind of your usual stuff. >> who is getting away at 2:00 today? [ laughter ] >> hello? >> i am! >> michelle: i'll be hitting the road. >> grocery stores will be packed, as well.
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>> good luck, ladies. developing news out of ferguson right now. racked by another night of violence in the wake of the grand jury decision not to indict darren wilson for killing michael brown, 44 arrests were reported last night police using tear gas and pepper spray. there were more national guard troops on the scene and less violence than monday night. another night of vandalism and unrest here in the bay area as protestors take to the streets in the freeways of oakland another night. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in oakland with the latest. anne. >> reporter: here's some of the damage on 42nd and telegraph in oakland, this kelly-moore paint store, they broke the windows in the front and then looted the store taking some of the paint, making a real mess inside the store as you can see. there are several businesses
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that were hit by protestors last night. many demonstrators took to the freeways. >> shut it down, shut it down! hundreds of protestors stopped traffic on street freeways around oakland. 880, 580 and 980, police officers formed lines to push them back. traffic was a mess. one protestor tried to answer the question, why the freeways? >> if the police won't do something about their own internal problems, and if they're not going to protect our lives, then we will mobilize and protect ourselves and we will take control of the streets of the city infrastructure and whatever else we need to in order to ensure our lives and longevity. >> reporter: oakland police and the chp were chasing these demonstrators from freeway to freeway all night long and on 40th and telegraph avenue protestors lit trash bins
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creating a sort of wall of fire one of several fires on the streets last night during several confrontations with police. protestors threw bottles and rocks at officers and on telegraph and 34th, protestors smashed windows and looted a walgreens drugstore. they also sprayed graffiti on several outside walls and back out here live now, you can see some of the paint that was presumably taken from the kelly- moore paint store was then thrown into the street just one of several spots of damage here in oakland this morning. back to you. >> what a mess, anne. what about the protestors' tactics? are they changing? >> reporter: the protestors seem a little more organized. they say they have so-called rules. one of them is to not hit small businesses or trying to instead hit chain stores. they are not taking video of
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each other. they don't want evidence of lawbreakers. manage mac kpix 5. -- anne makovec, kpix 5. in dallas a group marched on a downtown freeway and shut it down for almost two hours. there was also a peaceful protest at police headquarters. it was the same situation in los angeles. protestors shut down highway 101 in the downtown area, traffic backed up for miles. there was also a march on los angeles police headquarters. and in new york, protests were peaceful. a large group marched to the united nations building. officer who shot michael brown darren wilson is speaking publicly about the incident for the first time. it occurred last night in a nationally televise the interview. andrew spencer reports. >> reporter: a day after a grand jury found no probable cause to charge him with a crime, officer darren wilson broke his silence about how he shot and killed 18-year-old
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michael brown. >> the reason i had i have a clean conscience, i know i did my job right. >> reporter: two audios could be heard recorded during a bystander's video chat. wilson told abc he fired the first volley as brown charged at him. >> after that, i paused and i yelled, stopped, get on the ground giving him the opportunity to stop. and he ignored all the commands and he just kept running. >> reporter: then wilson says he fired again back pedaling as he did so. wilson's first words publicly come as protests spread all over the country after monday's announcement that he would not face charges in brown's death. while most demonstrations like this rally in washington, d.c. have shown no sign of the violent scene in ferguson monday night -- >> there have been isolated incidents. in ferguson protestors overturn a car. then after rolling it back on its wheels, a few try to set it on fire before being chased off
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by police. two dozen volumes of transcripts detail 70 hours of testimony before the grand jury from 60 witnesses and three medical examiners. legal analyst mel robbins. >> what i found having read almost every, single word of the grand jury transcript is there was no case here. there was no case that you could prove beyond a reasonable doubt. there was no case that you could indict. >> reporter: she says brown's family does have a civil case for wrongful death and emotional distress. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> stay with kpix 5 and for the very latest as we watch the protests continue. we'll show you any important developments. breaking news in san francisco. six people were wounded after gunfire rang out in san francisco's mission district. evidence markers showed the locations of bullet casings. officers got the first reports of shots fired shortly before 1:00 this morning at 13th and mission streets. they found four victims, two
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have life-threatening wounds. after those victims were taken to san francisco general, two of the victims went to the hospital on their own. parents in fremont are looking for a new place for their preschoolchildren. that's because the enlight preschool on warm springs boulevard is closed for repairs. a 3-year-old girl was seriously hurt friday when a cabinet fell off a wall and landed on two children. code enforcement says the cabinet was not properly installed. >> it's very serious. i was quite disturbed when i saw the report of what it happened. >> we did not receive any, like, email or newsletter announcement about it. >> there were other violations including firewalls that were removed and emergency exits that were chained. time now 5:07. a zoo in the netherlands celebrating a rare birth a triplet polar bears. why zookeepers were old off before they let the cubs interact with their mother. >> and the busiest travel day
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of the year is under way. i'm kiet do with a live report on what the data says is the time of day you should stay off the roads. >> and speaking of holiday travel, just another reminder bart is offering direct service now to oakland airport. we'll take a check of bart's schedule over the thanksgiving holiday all coming up. >> and speaking of travel, yes, today the weather is just perfect for heading out of town. but it certainly will be very dicey heading back. i'll tell you just how much rain and snow to expect as the news continues on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. this is the embarcadero 17,000 lived lights lighting up the skyline in the city by the bay with today's high 68 degrees. in minneapolis, a van hit a protestor the woman was among sowell hundred people marching and blocking traffic outside the police station there. the driver plowed right through them and officers were right there to make an arrest. well, this is the busiest travel day of the year all across the country. >> and that includes both air travel and movement across the nation's roads. >> and it turns out the bay area is one of the worst areas for road traffic at this time of year too. >> kpix 5's keit do joins us
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now with more. >> reporter: in a couple of hours getting into and out of sfo will be some of the first delays of the country. san francisco is in the top three for worst prethanksgiving traffic. they say the evening commute will take up to 34% longer than normal. southbound 101 to sfo will be bad in the afternoon and early evening and here's the best driving tip you might hear all day. if you can, avoid driving between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. today. that's when a lot of people are going to be making an early exit from work. a cold weather system is going up the east coast bringing thunderstorms to florida, and rain and snow to new england. the worst will hit between 2 p.m. and 11 p.m. eastern time. according to flightaware, 2400 flights have been delayed and at least 93 have been canceled
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already. for united it's all hands on deck for the network operations center. >> what can really hurt us is if the snow comes earlier or if we get a wintry mix with some freezing rain. obviously takes a lot more to de-ice airplanes and keep them clean and safe. >> reporter: and thanks to an improving economy, it's estimated that the number of people flying today will jump by 1.5% over last year. the good news is that the storm should be over by thanksgiving. >> with that in mind, what about fees to change flights because of the bad weather back east? >> reporter: a lot of airlines are waiving fees everybody from alaska to virgin doing it in select cities like new york and boston logan. so before you have to change those fees, ask. they might just save you money. live at sfo, kiet do, kpix 5. >> that's nice because they charge you for everything else. >> people are going to be hitting the roads, elizabeth. it's going to be packed.
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>> kiet gave a good tip. he said between 2 and 6. maybe those are the hours that you should avoid the roads because people take off work early, they spend the morning packing on whatever it is and right around that hour just in the kind of later afternoon early evening hit the roads. your worst areas the bay bridge, eastshore freeway, 580 through the altamont pass. so here's a live look now. we are kind of forecasting that it will be lighter traffic this morning. people have to start taking time off soon. westbound 580 is clear. not bad in tracy a few delays approaching mountain house but definitely not as bad as usual. at the bay bridge we are not seeing anything. no delay in the cash or fastrak lanes. they haven't activated the metering lights. if you are heading out of town maybe getting a jump-start and so far everything is clear now on 101 san jose, san jose to morgan hill, no delays.
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it looks like a smooth ride down into gilroy. so bart could be busy over the next couple of days or at least today as people may be heading out of town. tomorrow they are going to be on a typical sunday schedule on the actual holiday. regular service on friday. you will have to pay for parking and they are even offering longer trains for folks going around the bay area trying to hit up the malls. right now everything is on time though. everybody mass transit on a regular schedule today. ace train one looks great out of the central valley. we haven't seen any issues, golden gate ferries are also quiet. if you are heading through oakland in the east bay, 880 right now is fine. no major roadwork projects to slow you down. 15 minutes or so between 238 and the maze or maybe heading to oakland airport should be a smooth ride in both directions. that's the latest from here "kcbs traffic." i know roberta is tracking a storm this weekend. and looks like chains. >> chains for the high sierra definitely at one point or
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another from saturday through monday especially by monday and also of great concern is it will start off as rain in the high sierra on saturday. remember the burned scarred areas from the past summer? we coastline flowing debris and flooding. so if you are heading to the high sierra, be prepared for inclement conditions. out the door for the big travel day right here in the bay area, good morning, everyone! look at the embarcadero! i just love it this time of the year. i just love seeing those 17,000 l.e.d. lights lighting up the skyline of the city where currently it's 55 degrees. numbers are spanning right now from 40 degrees in santa rosa to 50 in oakland. the winds are nonexistent because of that stagnation. we have yet another "spare the air" day and i got to tell you folks there's a good chance we are going to see a "spare the air" day for our thanksgiving which means no wood-burning. we have to protect the air that we're breathing. unhealthy levels of particulate matter in the atmosphere in the north bay today. sunny very mild temperatures. it will be fair through thanksgiving then friday is our
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transition day as we cloud up and the temperatures drop and then we welcome rain back into the bay area on our saturday. right now we're looking at this mess. anywhere from florida drifting up north to boston today. rain and snow. we'll have that travel forecast. we are looking at this, that storm number one, storm 2 is upstream. storm 3 is way back here. we're tracking all of this. so for right now, dry conditions through friday. and then by monday, we could see up to 3 full inches of rain in the wettest locations of the highest elevations of the north bay and also the santa cruz mountains. couple of inches of rain in the eastern portion of our bay area. maybe even up to a couple of inches of rain in the city of san francisco. but we're going to get it in small increments, not all at once causing flooding. 60s and 70s throughout the central portion of the state of california. we do not have any tule fog for your traveling. 63 today in the high sierra. but again snow over the
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weekend. we have clear skies at sfo, oakland and mineta international airport and so far no local airport delays but where you will see some snags the east coast. new york snow today. but sunshine for the macy's thanksgiving day parade although breezy. chicago just downright freezing at 31 degrees. today our numbers are averaging up to 10 degrees above normal. 60s and 70s. typically we should be at 61 in oakland. today 72 degrees. slightly cooler for your thanksgiving day. otherwise, we'll bring down the numbers gently on friday and we'll cloud it up on black friday. rain in and out saturday all the way through monday. again, your thanksgiving forecast 60s to mid-70s. wow! hey, if you want to keep track of the storms that are coming this way into the bay area we'll make it easy, just get the cbs bay area weather app check conditions in your particular neighborhood. and you can get realtime radar, search "kpix" and download the cbs bay area weather app now
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available for both iphone and android, which is new because it was available to iphones. and i love it. i love sharing pictures with everybody. >> or we can just watch you in the morning. >> or we can do that. we can have both. >> we can have our cake and eat it too. thank you. well, a wildlife park in the netherlands is celebrating the birth of polar bear triplets. a bear named freedom gave birth to her cubs on saturday. zookeepers are watching the family with closed circuit cameras. so far keepers have not approached them to avoid upsetting the mother so at the moment, they don't know the gender of the triplets or exactly how much they weigh. >> keep matt ma happy. it is 5:19. a man is arrested after another major security breach at a bay area airport. and now some new video giving us a much clearer picture on how the suspect was caught. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up reaction from pablo sandoval in boston and can the golden state warriors make it 11-2 to begin the season?
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highlights an reaction straight ahead. >> and in today's jobs report steven greenberg has tips on how to find those bay area jobs that aren't always advertised. reporter: every month in good times and in bad, millions of people get hired nationwide. in california, that amounts to more than 400,000 people. but up to 80% of all open jobs may never be advertised. the key is knowing where to find them. california pacific and ucsf medical center are among the largest employers in the bay area. they do a great deal of hiring every year. and they're not just looking for doctors and nurses. ucsf medical center has more than 300 openings. they are looking for directors of finance, analysts, hr managers and administrative assistants. go directly to the hospital's own careers page to find the jobs. employers may list a few positions on paid job boards but they will list all open jobs on their own sites. check the hospital sites often. the goalle is to apply the day the jobs are listed. that will greatly improve your chances of landing your next
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job. i'm steve greenberg, kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,
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bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ...ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend. good morning, pablo sandoval was one of two big free agents signees by the red sox? >> the other was hanley ramirez. now that they are teammates it looks like the former rivals
5:24 am
are long-term friends. sandoval was introduced in boston yesterday after signing a five-year $95 million contract. pablo is already making friends with the red sox panda, he said he left san francisco because he needed a new challenge. >> the giants fans, though, one of the best. but, you know, in that time, i want to close the circle, i want new challenges so i want to be in boston because i need a new challenge. nba news. steph curry and the warriors facing the height minus dwayne wade. golden state down by 12, chris bosh makes it a 15-point miami lead. bosch had 26. then 3rd quarter curry took over putting the warriors up by 3. the next possession curry pulls up, knocks down a 3, one of his eight threes to make it 85-80 golden state. miami did take a 95-93 lead in the 4th. but warriors go on a 14-0 run. curry hit another 3 to make it
5:25 am
104-95. steph had 40 points his 7th career 40-point game so warriors win 114-97, six wins in a row, 11 wins to start the season. a big, big thursday of football in the nfl including the 49ers and the seattle seahawks. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. okay, play of the day, college hoops villanova-michigan. watch. >> gets it on a back door -- inside! he got it! >> how about that. michigan was down one, they got the inbounds play, but nova says not tonight. how about that? zach irvin driving denied by pinkston. the block seals the nova win and grabs our play of the day on this day before thanksgiving. 5:25 right now. google wants to make eating easier for people with
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tremoring hands. the new spoon that allows you to enjoy a meal without spilling your food. >> reporter: protestors take to the streets of ferguson, missouri for a second night after a key grand jury decision. i'm susan mcginnis in ferguson. i'll have the latest coming up. >> and business owners in oakland are cleaning up after a second night of protests. we'll take a look at some of the damage on city streets and the freeways. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from l-a to new york and do of cities in between: thousands are rallying for justice after the ferguson d decision. we have from l.a. to new york and dozens of cities in between, thousands are rallying for justice after the ferguson grand jury decision. we have live team coverage this
5:30 am
morning. >> i'm kiet do with a live traffic report. >> and we'll show you what the roads are looking like so far for the morning commute and where we expect to see the worst travel hot spots this afternoon all coming up. >> and weather is pristine for traveling out of town today. but we have big weather problems for the trip heading back home. we'll pinpoint the timing. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, november 26. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. we're following breaking news in san francisco. police are investigating a shooting that injured 6 people in the mission district. evidence markers showed the locations of the bullet casings outside the brick and mortar nightclub. shots were fired around 1 a.m. at 13th and mission. cops found four victims, two with life-threatening injuries. after they were taken to san francisco general, two more victims went to the hospital on
5:31 am
their own. a witness described the gunfire. >> everybody walking out pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, going in. we didn't know. we saw everybody running, mayhem, chaos, people bleeding, not a good situation. >> this happened close to the monday fatal shooting at duboce and noe in th triangle. national guard reinforcements helped contain protests over the killing of michael brown overnight in ferguson, missouri. there was trashing and vandalism. police used tear gas and pepper spray made 44 arrests. officer darren wilson spoke with abc and said there was nothing he could have done differently in his confrontation with brown. demonstrations in oakland were out of hand for the second night. take a look. protestors lighting trash bins on fire and created a wall of
5:32 am
fire on 40th and telegraph. it was one of several fires set last night in the city. the fires were apparently an attempt to keep police at bay as they clashed with protestors and in some cases the protestors threw rocks and bottles at the police. more now from kpix 5's anne makovec who joins us live from oakland. anne. >> reporter: it is such a frustration to see businesses that took the brunt of these protestors' wrath even though they had nothing to do with what happened in ferguson. this is a kelly-moore on telegraph and second avenue. windows were broken. protestors got inside and stole paint and trashed the place. it created a mess. they also again tied up traffic on the freeways. >> shut it down! shut it down! >> hundreds of protestors stopped traffic on three
5:33 am
freeways around oakland. 880, 580 and 980 at each location police officers in riot gear formed lines to push them back. but traffic was obviously a mess. one protestors had this statement. >> if the police won't do something about their own internal problems, and if they are not going to protect our lives, then we will mobilize and protected ourselves and we will take control of the streets, of the city infrastructure and whatever else we need to in order to ensure our lives and longevity. >> reporter: oakland police and the chp were chasing these demonstrators around from freeway to freeway all night. elsewhere on city streets, demonstrators lit fires. they went to several neighborhoods in the area around telegraph avenue lighting fires, breaking windows, getting into confrontations with police. some protestors throwing bottles and rocks at officers.
5:34 am
and over on telegraph and 34th, protestors smashed windows and looted a walgreens drugstore. they also sprayed graffiti on several outside walls. back out here live on 42nd and telegraph, you can see some of the paint that was stolen from that kelly-moore store. they decidedded to throw it into the roadway and i also talked to the owner of one business cafe where they also brought the paint over and threw it into his business. we'll hear from him coming up in the next half-hour. but as far as the protestors tactics, they seem to be more organized than they have in the past last night. hopefully, that's going to be the final night of what was a very difficult one here in oakland. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the number of police arrested is not known yet. the protestors in oakland are using different tactics than in the past. they have been hitting areas outside the city's downtown.
5:35 am
they are targeting larger companies rather than locally owned businesses in kland. they have also tried to prevent acts of vandalism from being caught on camera. chopper 5 was also over demonstrators in san francisco's mission district last night. about 150 protestors made a sweeping circle near 24th and valencia. they marched around for about an hour and ended up back at the bart station there. many told our crews there that they were heading over to oakland. and there were more protests in cities across the country. in dallas, a group marched on a downtown freeway and shut it down for almost two hours. there was also a peaceful protest at police headquarters. it was the same in los angeles. protestors used barricades to shut down highway 101 in the downtown area. traffic backed up for miles. there was also a march on los angeles police headquarters. and in new york city, protests were disruptive but peaceful. thousands marched to the u.n. in ferguson, missouri there were fewer problems last night
5:36 am
as more national guard were called in. officer wilson has spoken publicly for the first time since the decision. >> cbs reporter susan mcginnis is in missouri this morning with more on a second night of violence in ferguson. [ screaming ] >> reporter: protestors faced off against police standing steps away from officers in full riot gear. [ screaming ] >> reporter: but the relative calm of the night was interrupted by violence yet again. the tension led to looting, a lone police vehicle was attacked and set on fire. [ screaming ] >> reporter: authorities rushed into the crowd and released tear gas. compared to one night ago, the national guard is a larger and much more visible presence here tonight. protestors are being ordered to disperse or face arrest. >> get out of the street. >> reporter: the threats did little to ease the overwhelming sense of injustice expressed by some demonstrators. >> darren wilson was able to murder someone in cold blood, if you ask me, of a unarmed teenager and nothing was done.
5:37 am
>> reporter: following monday's grand jury announcement, officer wilson broke his silence. in an interview with abc's george stephanopoulos, wilson described firing a series of shots at brown after a foot chase and an initial altercation in his squad car. >> he gets about 8 to 10 feet and as he does that he kind of starts leaning forward like he is going to tackle me and i looked down the barrel of my gun and i fired and what i saw was his head and that's where it went. >> right in the top of his head? >> yes. >> reporter: on "cbs this morning" the brown family said wilson was out for blood. >> he didn't do what he had to do. he wanted to kill someone. >> reporter: they are hoping on ongoing federal civil rights investigation will lead to charges against wilson. this area's thanksgiving day parade is postponed to december 13th because of the unrest. michelle and frank? >> susan, what's the difference today in ferguson? >> well, now that it's daylight we are going to see all the clean-up that we saw yesterday during the daylight. but so far, you know, of course it's peaceful during the
5:38 am
day but the town is bracing again hoping that there are not more protests, more, um, you know, more violence, more looting, more arson, more dangerous things happening here. they are hoping for more peaceful protests. we do expect more protests but with this very, very large national guard presence now 2200 troops here guarding this area, we expect it to remain under control. >> susan mcginnis live in ferguson, thank you. okay. we are going to switch gears because tomorrow is thanksgiving and a lot of people are going to be on the road. we need to know the weather. >> she is on the road today. >> i'm on the road today. >> and when you drive through barstow, wave to my family. [ laughter ] we couldn't ask for better weather for this big travel day right here in the bay area. we have pristine conditions. but heading home will be dicey and you have to plan ahead of time. now, right now we have numbers in the 40s and in the 50s. it's currently -- whoa! it dropped to 39 degrees apiece
5:39 am
in santa rosa and san rafael. this is up to the minute weather observations. now 44 degrees in livermore and in san jose. it is still in the 50s in vallejo. it is yet another "spare the air" day and i must tell you that it really seems likely we'll have yet another "spare the air" day for your thanksgiving as high pressure keeps a lid over the bay area. so we have a lot of pollution trapped close to the surface. so be very mindful of that if you have another "spare the air" day tomorrow, that means no wood-burning on your thanksgiving day. today numbers in the 60s and 70s, just additional warming today by a couple of degrees. 73 in san jose. 74 degrees in mountain view. average high in oakland 61. but instead, 72 degrees. outside numbers 78. that will be experienced in gilroy, otherwise on thursday, for your thanksgiving, we bring down the numbers slightly. we cloud up on friday, we consider that a transition day. in and out of the rain on saturday through monday. and elizabeth, when it rains
5:40 am
here, it means snow in tahoe. people may be heading up to tahoe for thanksgiving. we have been monitoring routes do we think will be the busiest especially later on this afternoon. and probably 80, 101, 580, your major routes getaway routes. expect those to see some extra busy conditions especially between 2:00 this afternoon and 6:00. for right now, though, we are actually beginning to see some congestion through the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. for a while it was quieter than usual. i know it's still early so it's difficult to tell if people are beginning to take some time off for the holiday but westbound 580 it is a little sluggish now coming through the altamont pass to the dublin interchange and the livermore valley. the drive time jumps to about 18 minutes or so and we're also getting word of what sounds like a stalled big rig approaching north greenville so that's not helping that commute either. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. we are getting a better look at the latest security breach at mineta international airport in san jose. surveillance video shows 39-
5:41 am
year-old miguel saragosa there he goes racing across a ticketing area in terminal 2 on sunday over the weekend. police say he got there in a stolen maintenance truck after somehow breaching security in an area where private jets fly. he was arrested. this is the third big security breach at san jose's airport since april. 5:41. jill wagner of joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here on wall street investors will be watching some data on consumer spending. yesterday the market finished mixed. the dow lost 3 points. the nasdaq gained 3. opec ministers will be meeting tomorrow in vienna talking about the steep decline in oil prices. they have dropped 32% in the past five months. gas prices have dropped because of this. we got to love that. but opec could decide to cut production in order to stop that price decrease. it comes as oil production outside opec nations is
5:42 am
surging. u.s. production has risen 70% since 2008. that increase by itself is more than any opec member produces other than saudi arabia. apple hit a milestone yesterday, its market value over $700 billion in trading. it backtracked a bit but it is still the most ever for a u.s. company. exxonmobil has the second highest market value at about $400 billion. apple stock is up 47% this year. we know customers just can't seem to get enough of apple's new iphones. frank and michelle? >> wish i knew that in january of last year. >> no kidding. [ laughter ] >> information that would have been helpful then i agree. >> tomorrow's paper today would come in handy. tomorrow is thanksgiving, of course. when it comes to recipes, of course, turkey is the most popular in all 50 states. right? but now apparently there's a new study about some of the most distinct dishes in every state? >> reporter: yeah. exactly. the "new york times" looked at which are the most distinct thanksgiving dishes. it's all based on google
5:43 am
searches over the past 10 years. so in california, people are four times more likely to want the recipe for persimmon bread and also barbecued turkey. that's another big pick. other regional choices, people in nevada and colorado are searching for frog eye salad. that's something i have never heard of. and then in texas, a big choice is [ non-english language ] cheesecake. >> frog eye salad is good. it's prunes and marshmallows, no frog involved. [ laughter ] >> pretty good. >> have a great holiday. thanks so much. >> thank you. i'm kiet do with a live report on prethanksgiving day traffic. we have some of the worst of it here in the bay area. and it's about to get a lot more miserable. ,,
5:44 am
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a hectic day good morning. it's wednesday, november 26. today big time travel day across the bay area. boy, you could not ask for better conditions, dry skies, fog-free, highs today in the 60s and 70s. but prepare for rain and heavy at times for your trip back home. all right. now, a hectic day is likely at airports and freeways on this the busiest travel day of the year. >> yeah. got to get back home. and icy pre-winter weather will make the situation more complicated in parts of the country. >> even though our weather is moderate, the bay area is still one of the worst areas for road traffic at this time of year. >> i guess. kpix 5 reporter kiet do knows. he is at sfo watching people take off. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, if you can play hooky from work and get off early today you might want to do so. that's because san francisco got some of the worst traffic in the nation today getting to
5:47 am
and from sfo. check out this new report that puts san francisco in the top 3 for the worst prethanksgiving day traffic. it says the evening commute today will take up to 34% longer than normal. that means the stretch on southbound 101 from the city to sfo will be especially bad in the afternoon and early evening. so here's the best driving tip you might hear all day. if you can, avoid driving between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. today. a lot of people are going to be getting off work early. on to air travel delays a cold weather system is making its way up the east coast bringing thunderstorms to florida and rain and snow up through massachusetts, maine and new hampshire. united airlines has all hands on deck. 1300 people at its network operations center preparing for snow or worse, ice. according to flightaware, 2400 flights have been delayed and at least 93 are canceled. >> if you could complete your travel plans today, you would be far better off than you would waiting until tomorrow at
5:48 am
least based on current forecasts. >> reporter: the governor of connecticut is saying that you might want to avoid traveling between 2 p.m. and 11 p.m. tomorrow night on thanksgiving day eastern time. thanks to an improving economy they are estimating that 1.5% more people will be flying this year over last year. that storm should be done by thanksgiving. back to you. >> kiet, i know you're standing outside right now. but how are things looking inside the airport? >> reporter: we went through the domestic terminals. not too bad now. it did pick up in the last hour. no big flight delays or cancellations here at sfo. but so far, so good. kiet do, kpix 5. we understand it's going to be bad from about 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. if you are traveling around the bay area. so, liz we'll have you come in and do cutins from 2 to 6. >> every hour on the hour. that same report that kiet mentioned i saw they say the worst hour in that time block is between 3 and 4. so there you go.
5:49 am
that's the hour to really avoid. so at least we are getting a little bit of a break for this morning's commute. this is how we know that it's actually lightly traveled right now. it's that highway 4 ride at the speed limit. we don't see this except for holidays. usually by this time of the morning it's red sensors in antioch. but approaching "a" street, maybe just a tiny bit of brake lights there. you can see a few yellow sensors but overall it is clear right now into concord. even at the bay bridge it may look crowded to you but at 5:49, they always have the metering lights on by now or they usually do for a typical wednesday commute. usually those middle lanes would start to fill in the fastrak lanes but yeah, if you have a fastrak pass everything is great. maybe all people are heading to sfo not used to commuting in the morning just the cash lanes stacking you up and it looks great hitting the spano delay from end to end. unfortunately we are seeing congestion through the altamont pass, this is not helping this commute. there's a big rig that's stuck
5:50 am
blocking the north greenville off-ramp. anyway, you can see some delays from the 205/580 split but overall lighter than normal. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. we have a storm on the way. dry for today for travel day but it's coming. >> we're all going like this. we are watching you go, gosh, she is so good. >> nice job. >> thank you. >> you know what, you're absolutely spot on. we have a storm on the way. we are going to be hearing on monday all these people are going to be snowed in at tahoe. we have details on that but right now out the door this morning, good morning, everyone, isn't that beautiful? lots of clear skies over the city of san francisco as we take a look at the l.e.d. lights. 17,000 of them lighting up the embarcadero center. currently in san francisco, it's in the mid-50s. but it has now dropped to the upper 30s in santa rosa through cotati, oakland 50. it is the second "spare the air" day. it's the third on tap and trust me tomorrow for thanksgiving
5:51 am
could be the fourth where you're not allowed to burn any wood. the golden gate bridge planning on sunny today through thanksgiving. then friday will be our transition day where we begin to cloud up and cool down and then in and out of the rain all the way through monday. that's saturday through monday. the heaviest sierra snow is slated for late sunday afternoon all the way into monday. okay, this is just a mess from florida up to southeast of the eastern seaboard. that's where you will be experiencing airport delays today. we have storm 1, 2 and 3 stacking up heading to the bay area. breaking down that ridge of high pressure between saturday and monday we're talking the possibility of in the highest elevations of the bay area up to 3" of rain and that would be in the north bay and also the santa cruz mountains. 60s and 70s today an throughout the central valley it is fog- free. otherwise flying out clear skies in the sfo area as well
5:52 am
as and other airports. we have delays in new york city at 44 and snow. 60s and 70s today. a north wind to 15. outside number 78 in gilroy. slightly cooler for thanksgiving. >> so we have liz coming in from 2 to 6 tonight, thanksgiving and, of course, on sunday when people are coming home we need to know what's going on. >> i think that's an important news story. they need extra help. >> all about traffic this weekend and black friday. >> i'll be out of town. [ laughter ] 5:52 now. google has mapped the moon and invented the driverless car and now taking on something simpler. the spoon. >> this isn't just any spoon. it helps people with parkinson's. it keeps tremors from shaking the spoon and spilling food. the spoon was created by a startup that google acquired. we'll be right back. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:55 am
feather river canyon northet of oroville. a derailment shut down the tr yesterday today freight trains should be running northeast of oroville. a derailment shut done tracks yesterday morning.
5:56 am
11 cars off the tracks. they were carrying corn. some of that spilled into the river. but it's not expected to do any harm. same tracks are used for bakken crude oil heading to the bay area from north dakota. it's 5:56 right now. an east bay preschool is closed today after a cabinet fell on a 3-year-old. the violations inspectors say contributed to the accident. ,, ,, television announcer: mattress discounters' mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale is ending sunday, thanksgiving weekend. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale!
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[ screaming ] protests take a violent turn once again in the streets of ferguson, missouri and here in the bay area. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we're going to have much more on the protests in ferguson and around the bay area in just a moment, but first some breaking news in san francisco. six people were wounded when
6:00 am
gunfire rang out in san francisco's mission district. evidence markers showing the locations of the bullet casings there. officers first learned of the shots that were fired shortly before 1 a.m. at 13th and mission streets. they found four victims, two had life-threatening wounds. after those victims were taken to san francisco general, two more victims went to the hospital on their own. a witness described the gunfire at the brick and mortar club. >> everybody walking out pop, pop, pop, pop. we need to know. everybody started running, chaos, mayhem, people laying bleeding you know what i'm saying it wasn't a good situation. >> it's all happened close to monday morning's fatal shooting at november and henry streets in the duboce triangle. no arrests. developing news from ferguson, missouri. racked by another night of violence in the wake of the grand jury decision not


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