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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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jor damage to one of the entrances there. you have to assume the car is inside the building. four people are hurt. we'll keep an eye on the situation in newark in newpark mall. we'll get new information as soon as we get it. the protest known as "occupy" turning into occ upa. the legal payouts costing oakland dearly $9 million. the city's mayor is vowing never to go through something like this again. phil matier with exactly how thousands every protestors cost oakland millions. >> reporter: that's right. you know, veronica, you hit the nail on the head when you say it's not just "occupy," it's occupay. it's and pay and pay more. here's the story. three years since the "occupy" movement wronged oakland and the bills are still coming in
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since the "occupy" movement rocked oakland. $1.3million being paid to protestors who claimed they were illegally detained for days after a nighttime confrontation with police in front of the y. >> they did not give the people they arrested an opportunity to leave. and they were kept at santa rita for as long as 3 1/2 days. >> reporter: it's not even the biggest settlement. in july 2013 police paid 1.7 million to protestors hit by beanbags fired by police. last year the city paid out $4.5 million to iraqi war vet scott olsen when he was hit knit head by a police canister. and now this latest one. add in the estimated $2.5 million that the city paid on police overtime and that's 9.4 million and counting! >> it boggles the mind. >> yes. we have a lot of other things i'd prefer we spend money on.
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>> it's here. >> that's a lot of money. >> it was a wasteful expense for the city of oakland. i'm so committed to never having to go through that again. >> reporter: now, since then the police have tightened up on their crowd tactics but that led to criticism that we wind up, the demonstrators, attacking businesses more easily. as for businesses, here's a bit of an irony, veronica. they can't sue. there's no law that says if they aren't protected they can claim damages. >> thank you. more demonstrations being planned for this friday and monday. >> they have the best record in the nba. they could win their 15th straight game against the heat and it's the 100th consecutive home sellout for the golden state warriors. will that fan base follow when the team moves across the bay? if these are the warriors' best
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of times, it's important to remember the worst of times. it was like an empty cave in the remodel in 1996. for 1 years tony christopher is one of the extremely loyal season ticketholders. >> and from '98 to '02 they never had more than 21 wins. so it wasn't hard to get them. >> reporter: and you better believe the warriors front office realizes loyalty is not a slam-dunk. >> a special level of fan support that these fans bring every night through a lot of good years and then through a lot of bad years. >> reporter: tonight's 100th consecutive sellout, while it might not come close to the numbers put up by the bulls, celtics and lakers, it is quite an achievement for the warriors. and now with a team on the
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verge of building a new 18,000- seat $600 million arena in san francisco's mission bay area, will fans follow across the bridge? to some people, it might be an obstacle. how do you take those fans with you? >> the good news is we are the bay area's team. san francisco has been our home. san jose has been our home. and oakland has been our home. >> reporter: also in the warriors favor, 7,000 fans on the season ticket waiting list. >> they keep reminding us they have this waiting list of people, you know, to take our spots. >> reporter: rick wells says the san francisco 49ers have given them a few pointers about moving a bay area team. >> the 49ers have been an amazing partner to us in helping us through the process. >> reporter: it's a process too for the season ticketholders. >> how much the prices are going up? right now it's 2015, the arena opens in three years. i don't know. i would love to, i have young kids, so my entertainment dollar is thinner than it used
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to be but i would love to follow them but i don't know if i will be able to. >> reporter: the warriors say they capped the number of season tickets sold to keep some available for every home game. keep in mind the new arena is going to have 1500 fewer seats than oracle. that means if the team keeps the number of season tickets the same, there will be fewer per game tickets for sale, too,. new video just into the newsroom capturing history in the making in yosemite. two men completing what many call the world's toughest climb. take a look. the crowning moment late this afternoon when both climbers reached the top of el capitan's dawn wall. onlookers cheers and they hugged. it took the men 19 days to climb the half mile face. they are the first ever to free climb el capitan meaning they used only their hands and feet to climb the granite. they had a rope to catch them when they fell. we are expecting to hear from the men as soon as tomorrow.
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tonight, of course, there will be a private celebration. coming up in 25 minutes, a closer look at what makes this climb so difficult and why no one has done it this way before. the raiders and the 49ers have new hopes tonight. one is a surprise. the raiders are going with jack del rio who was the defensive coordinator for the denver broncos the past couple seasons. before that testifies of the head coach of the jacksonville jaguars. it is a bit of a homecoming for del rio. he grew up in hayward, went to raiders game when he was a child and his parents are season ticketholders. and after a nationwide search the next 49er head coach was already in the building. jim tomsula is being pro mosted from defensive line coach. he has a long resume' but has never been a head coach of any nfl team. he is viewed as being popular in the locker room with the players. we'll have more in sports. raging fires at a few homes
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in martinez. neighbors say these flames are the work of a man getting evicted from one of the townhouses. he is under arrest suspected of torching at least five homes along ashwood drive. some quick thinking neighbors put one fire out before the firefighters got there. >> the three every us grabbed the hoses and start putting the fire out. we could barely breathe. but we did it. >> police have been called out to the neighborhood earlier in the day. we are told one of the suspects' family members was worried about him. the mother of a young man shot to death in san francisco's hayes valley let her emotions show today. she recalled the phone call from police telling her that her son was dead. >> but the most distraught thing that he said to me was, your son died with his work uniform on.
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he had on his nice black slacks. he had on a nice buttoned up shirt. >> she says her son was on a dinner break from benihana and had been picked up by friends and was trying to find a place to cash his paycheck. the men were all gunned down last friday night as they sat inside a car near laguna and pag street. the car was stolen. the mother says her son was not a criminal and had nothing to do with gangs. a death on a bart tracks was found around 8:00. the station was closed immediately so the medical examiner could investigate the death. thousands had to find other ways to get around. >> got on north concord took me about three hours. >> they transfer us to another car and then we went back to another car because it was some delays was with that. it was a mess. >> authorities say the person threw himself in front of the train. other bay area headlines now, an abandoned warehouse in
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san jose was intentionally set on fire early this morning. it took about 60 firefighters an hour to put it out. homeless people were squatting in the building. no one was hurt. are you missing a bike in mountain view? well, the police may have it. officers spotted two men with four bikes this morning and arrested one for receiving stolen property. the other took off. officers are trying to track down the owners of the bikes. if you believe one of these bikes is yours, you can contact the mountain view police department. tonight, a big bay area school district is reporting some good results with a new approach to discipline. instead of punishing students, they are forcing them to face their issues head on. ann notarangelo is in oakland tonight to tell us how it all works. >> reporter: allen, suspensions at this middle school are down considerably. this year so far they have only had four. last year at this time, they already had 14. and the principal here says it's in part due to a program
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called restorative justice. >> we like start out with a checking question. >> reporter: i sat down with six peer mediators at edna brewer middle school who showed me how restorative justice works. instead of the knee jerk reaction of suspending a student for something like fighting they are sent to a circle. >> we bring the two people in the room along with witnesses that seen the fight to say their side of what happened. >> reporter: they also deal with bullying and social media issues. >> people are willing to talk about it. >> last year we had a conflict where two people got in a fight and to this day i see like them hanging around each other. >> reporter: oakland unified says it's working district wise. after 10 years of gradual implementation the district released its first report that points to results. creating a sense of community at schools has dropped absenteeism, increased reading levels and reduce dropout rates. it's also more fair. >> clearly we see suspension rates going down and, in fact, we have even seen racially
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disproportionate discipline of african-americans eliminated in some of our schools. >> reporter: a researcher sat in on the interview as this form of discipline gets national attention. the principal says the bottom line. >> punishing the bad out of kids doesn't work. >> reporter: but it's not necessarily touchy feeley either. >> it's more difficult than being punished to sit across in a circle from the person you harmed. >> reporter: they don't see many repeat offenders maybe because what students learn in the circle they are using in the halls. >> they get to understand what they did wrong and what the other person did wrong. they get to come up with agreements of what they can do better. >> reporter: the schools across the bay area are implementing their own restorative justice program. here in oakland, 27 of the 86 schools in the district are already participating. and they plan next year to expand into more elementary schools. in oakland, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. now, the state stillman dates suspension for sexual assaults or bringing a knife,
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drugs, gun or explosives to school. still ahead, an animal mystery in the south bay. bobcats turning up dead. the details one woman noticed to help track down what is killing the big cats. >> an emotional reunion for both sides. a little boy faces the rescuers who saved him after a 200-foot fall. >> as of tomorrow, we're halfway through the month of january and it still hasn't rained. any rain in the seven-day forecast? i'll update it live from (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground
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don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ breaking news from the south bay. this video just in from the san jose fire department. look at the fire and smoke pouring out of the carport. firefighters have nearly put out this fire. it's on northlake drive. got started about 5:15. no word yet on a cause or whether there were any injuries. well, the 4-year-old boy who fell off a 23-story cliff
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and got a chance to meet his rescuers today. ryan takeo tells us the firefighters were thrilled to see that boy doing so well. >> reporter: sebastien waves to his heroes from his wheelchair. their lips quivering as they saw him get up and walk. >> good to see you now. >> reporter: they once wondered if they would ever see him again. >> wasn't really conscious and talking. >> reporter: marco last saw the boy after he just had fallen 230 feet off a bodega bay cliff. marco has a boy the same age as sebastien which gave him an idea for a unique pep talk. >> i was just thinking of my kid he loves spider-man all these superheros and saying hey spider-man is proud of you. >> reporter: he channeled the superhero's mindset and made it to children's hospital oakland's. here's what he looked like two weeks after the fall. at the time doctors didn't know how extensive his brain damage might be. [ laughter ] >> reporter: today, he was walking and talking. and acting like a normal 4-year- old. >> glad he's doing so well.
6:16 pm
just a lot of emotions coming down here. but i'm glad i did. >> reporter: sebastien met his heroes today. but they think he is the strong one. sebastien is the hero to be able to survive that call and to be able to be walking now is amazing. >> reporter: sebastien's family thinks he will be out of the hospital in a couple of weeks and then have a long road of rehab. in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> sebastien still is going to make frequent trips back to oakland once he is out of the hospital. the family is continuing to raise money for his care through a "go fund me" account. tonight wildlife experts say they know what's killing bobcats in santa cruz. several were found dead on the road. new at 6:00, kpix 5's len ramirez said they all appear to have been poisoned. >> reporter: the people who live up in the hills around uc- santa cruz say they actually
6:17 pm
enjoy seeing the wildlife including bobcats roaming around. but now some of the homeowners who may also have a rodent problem inside their homes may be accidentally contributing to the death of the bobcats. the dead bobcats started turning up as road kill back in september an unusual spike of three cats found dead or dying around the campus of uc-santa cruz. this wildlife expert was called to dispose of the carcasses bundy she sent some of the animals' organs to a state lab for testing. >> i sent up a liver of a bobcat and coyote to be tested just out of the blue saying you know what, let's test them. >> reporter: turns out the cats including an adult female may have already been dying when they were hit by cars. tests show they had rat poison in their system. >> they were identified the second general rodent sides have anticoagulants so they hemorrhage. they cause the rodents to hemorrhage inside. when these predators eat the
6:18 pm
rodents, they too get these chemicals inside them that cause them to bleed out. so there's one right there. >> reporter: she showed us how common rat poison traps r there were two outside this santa cruz fast-food restaurant. rats enter the traps, eat the poison, get sick, slow, becoming an easy meal for bigger animals although rodents and bobcats are often seen around campus uc-santa cruz says the poison must be coming from an off-campus source. >> we don't use this kind of poison. we take an exclusion first approach when it comes to, um, dealing with pests. >> i'm so sad about it. and i'm also outraged. >> reporter: but one neighbor who did not want to be named told me poisoning rats is common where she lives. >> i live in a neighborhood in the upper west side of santa cruz. i know there are people who have poisoned rats. do have rats and poison them and probably will keep on doing it. and i'm really sorry that they don't just trap the rats. >> reporter: as of the first of the year, here in california, certain types of rat poisons have been banned for home use
6:19 pm
but not for commercial use. and as we just have seen, they are very commonly used by businesses. in santa cruz, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the most recent bobcat that was found had three times the amount of poison in its system than the first two cats. the napa county airport control tower is back in business after being closed for several months from the earthquake damage. controllers are returning to work in the 6 story structure after operating out of temporary towers for the past few months. here's the video that shows the napa quake had blown out the damaged, damaged equipment and cracked the tower. paul deanno has the forecast from treasure island. >> reporter: the mobile weather lab is 54 degrees here on treasure island one of the many treasures of the bay area. the view here is spectacular any direction anywhere you look there's something great to look at. right now we'll focus on the beautiful bay bridge and bay lights. not always your favorite if it
6:20 pm
comes to being stuck on it in traffic but from here it's spectacular leading to the financial district of san francisco. temperatures in the water in the mid-50s. another great day to get out. i know we talk a lot about the drought and we will continue to but after that fog burned off, we did warm up again. mind you, january, oakland 66. hayward 64. morgan hill 67. we also hit the 60s in santa rosa and san jose. san francisco today 59. the coolest spots were inland because your fog came from the east. we have a holiday coming up on monday. martin luther king, jr. day. if you are planning on taking part in any of the activities on that day, mostly cloudy skies upper 50s to mid-60s. high pressure been with us for a while it's going to hang on for a while longer. it will slide to the south over the next couple of days giving
6:21 pm
us cloud cover but not widespread rain. mainly dry. rain in the north bay. otherwise we are staying dry. par for the course for january the past few years. highs tomorrow cooler than today. there will be morning fog but not as widespread or as dense as what we had this morning. extended forecast, cloudier over the weekend. really beginning on friday then through the weekend slight chance of a shower in the north bay especially friday. that is it. that is it, folks. we will stay dry next week, as well. there is one computer forecast model as we look live at the beautiful bay bridge. one forecast model guy goes out 16 days. that takes us currently to january 30th. that forecast model is predicting zero rain. none between now and january 30th. we have never gone 0 for january. we got close enough last year it was an all-time record. we may beat that record this
6:22 pm
year. looking bone dry. >> not a record we want. >> i know we need it but it's been so nice. >> reporter: there are other records i would enjoy that we break more than that. >> all right. 0 for 1. we don't want that. thank you, paul. still ahead a bicyclist is nearly killed in a crash and thieves steal his wallet. >> coming up as he fights for his life, we are hearing from the man's mother about that brazen the
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
tonight we are hearing from the mother of a bicyclist nearly killed in a crash in oakland. thieves stole the man's wallet while he was unconscious on the ground yesterday. but his mother tells our joe vazquez all that matters to her is her son's survival. >> when you were up there with him just now and you looked at him what was going through your head? >> that i loved him and didn't want him to die. >> reporter: margaret' son greg is still unconscious with a traumatic brain injury and now she learned a heart condition he has had since birth is complicating his recovery.
6:25 pm
it just won't pump enough blood. >> i seen him with more tubes and wires and -- than he has today. but, um, i have never seen him completely out of it like he is. >> what did the doctors tell you? >> that he might die. >> reporter: they said that? >> yes. >> reporter: they are homeless living in the west oakland encampment since margaret lost her home last year. >> somewhere in the bible it said that god doesn't give you anything you aren't strong enough to handle. i wish i wasn't so strong. >> your son is in critical condition right now. >> a lot of people are upset right now though about the robbery on top of that. the insult to the injury. you don't seem very focused on that. >> that's petty baloney. west oakland is some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet and some of the worst. >> reporter: for example, even though her son was robbed as he
6:26 pm
lay unconscious on the street, there were others neighbors who recognized him and eventually chased the robbers off. in oakland, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the driver who hit greg also had his wallet stolen when he got out of his truck to help. police say he is cooperating with the investigation and so far, he has not been charged. we continue to follow breaking news of a vehicle slamming into the macy's store at newpark mall. several people are hurt. we have a live report from the scene coming up. >> also ahead, history in yosemite. more on that treacherous free climb of el capitan and perspective from a man who scaled the summit his self. >> about-face from a north bay beer company why it is dropping its lawsuit against a competit
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we have an update on our breaking news. andria borba is live in newark where a car slammed into a macy's. andria. >> reporter: well, veronica, allen, it happened about 4:48 this afternoon. i want you to take a closer look. you can see a blue honda fit about 50 feet inside this macy's store. we are told that there is an
6:30 pm
older woman and a juvenile inside the car when this crash happened. there are in fact some skidmarks inside the store. it's unclear at this point exactly how the car got into the store if there was braking involved ahead of time exactly how this all went down. the driver and passenger were taken to the hospital as were three other shoppers inside the macy's store. that car will be in there for hours at this point. as the crash investigation wears on they try to figure out what happened. two people were taken to hospitals in san jose. one with significant injuries we're told. there's another person who was treated here at the scene for a bit of a panic attack after the crash happened because when you see a car coming flying through a store, it definitely freaks you out a bit at this point. but we're told the crash investigation will take several hours at this point. they will need a tow truck to get that car out of the macy's. we don't know the condition of
6:31 pm
the driver or how old they were. we are told it was an older female. we don't know if there was any kind of medical condition that led up to the incident here at the newark park mall at the macy's. veronica, allen? >> all right. andria borba, thank you so much. let's hope they're all okay in that. a big celebration, though, as two climbers make history reaching the top of the el capital. they are the first to free climb the treacherous dawn wall considered to be the world's toughest climb. with rope only to catch their falls, tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson scaled the granite face in 19 days. of course at the top there were smiles and hugs all around. caldwell hugged his wife. jorgeson hugged his girlfriend. the climbers sprayed champagne in celebration. they deserved it. president obama took to social media to congratulate them. he tweeted out to caldwell and jorgeson saying you remind us that anything is possible. >> do you want more proof of just how difficult this was? even the best climbers in the
6:32 pm
world are a little amazed tonight. because as mike sugerman shows us, rock climbing doesn't get much tougher. >> my experience on el cap is i like to go fast and kind of no rules, speed climbing. >> reporter: when champion climber hans fluorine takes it on, he likes to do it in a hurry. >> so i hold the record for climbing the center of el cap in two hours 23 minutes 46 seconds alocks with alex connell. >> reporter: but they were shooting for speed. they spent 19 days on the rock face doing it the hard way. there are about 100 routes up el cap and the dawn wall is a most difficult, vertical face thought to be the most challenging climb in the world. >> it's kind of like even climbers are at a loss for words how difficult this route is. >> reporter: and then there's the art of the free climb meaning they never used a rope to pull themselves up. >> they are not allowed to use metal or any other gear other
6:33 pm
than their hands and feet to climb those sections in between the anchor points of the pitches. >> reporter: so add it all up. the hardest possible route up the toughest climb in the world using the single most difficult climbing technique. >> you think of a really powerful climber can climb three hand movements on a boulder problem and then there's climbers that do endures things. they can climb mountains, right? well, this is like the perfect blend of everything. these guys are doing the 100- meter dash and the marathon at the same time. >> reporter: mike sugerman, kpix 5. after much deserved rest tonight the two climbers say they will hold a press conference tomorrow morning. california representative eric swalwell announced he will now be serving on the house intelligence committee. today we also asked him about barbara boxer leaving the senate and whether he is interested in her seat. > very, very big shoes to fill. and i love my job in the house
6:34 pm
of representatives. i believe i have brought new energy and ideas in the two years. the prospect of serving the state that i love and helping more people with new energy ideas is something worth considering and i'm considering. >> if he does consider rubbing for the senate he will be up against california's attorney general kamala harris. other possible candidates could be former mayor antonio villaraigosa and tom steyer. an ohio man is under arrest for allegedly plotting a terror attack on the u.s. capitol. court papers say 20-year-old christopher cornell planned to travel to washington and attack the capital with guns and pipe bombs. fbi agents arrested him today after he allegedly purchased two semi-automatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition in an undercover sting. prosecutors say cornell is a sympathizer with isis. "al qaeda in yemen" says it planned and financed last week's terror attack in paris. a video emerged online today from one before its leaders. in it the man claims the
6:35 pm
massacre was payback for a charlie hebdo cartoon about the prophet mohammad. the attack at the newspaper's headquarters left 12 people dead and several others injured. the two brothers behind the bloody assault were killed. the first edition of charlie hebdo since the massacre quickly sold out today. crowds waited outside stores in paris to buy it. formally it would print up -- normally it would print 60,000 copies. this edition there are 5 million printed. it's also going international. cnn reports 300 copies are being shipped to the united states and some of them are supposed to be headed to san francisco. a dismal retail spending report drove stocks down today. the dow was down 186. at one point it was down nearly 350. the nasdaq, s&p also posted double digit losses. a bay area company dropped its lawsuit against a rival brewery after some social media
6:36 pm
backlash. lagunitas brewing company sued sierra nevada over the label on sierra nevada's newest beer. lagunitas say it was too similar to its own label. fans started berating lagunitas over the lawsuit leading to the owner to drop the lawsuit in et cetera intirety. just have a beer and relax. the lawsuit was dropped in its entirety. he nearly died twice while serving jury duty. now we are hearing from a man zaid by a deputy in
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ as we told you earlier, you were probably late for work on bart this morning. friday could be a mess. i'll have the details on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. we are hearing from the man who nearly died not once but twice last week while on jury duty. darrell hertz says everything
6:39 pm
happened so fast when he suddenly collapsed at the sacramento county courthouse. the deputy who saved him said he wants going to give up. he had to revive him twice after his heart stopped. >> he didn't give up. i just, um, i want to thank him, but, um, you know, i haven't had a chance yet. >> darrell is close to getting out of the hospital. he says he wants to do some fishing but first he would mike to shake the hand of the man who saved his life. and shake it twice. wow. he has come a long way and helped hundreds of students. >> we catch up with our very first bay area jefferson award winner. that's next. >> kpix 5 mobile weather lab is checking in at 52.5 degrees. we are live on treasure island tonight. great view of the skyline. will there be any rain falling on san francisco in the bay area? we'll have the seven-day forecast. i have updated it for you. that's next. and i'm dennis o'donnell.
6:40 pm
coming up reaction pouring in over the new bay area head coaches. >> i don't think coach tomsula will be as up as the others. >> will they get an intro like this? ♪[ music ]♪ >> remember the sacred heart interview last night?
6:41 pm
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female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. through sunday choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows and free same-day delivery. are you next? but hurry! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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it's been 10 years since kpix 5 first began profiling bay area jefferson award winners. stories about quiet heroes who show that one person really can make a big difference in our community. >> quiet heroes, that's true. tonight kate kelly and sharon chin have an update on our very first recipients. reporter: we are at eastside college preparatory school in east palo alto home of principal chris bischof. and a lot has changed in the 10 years since he won the very first jefferson award we profiled in the bay area. but one thing has stayed the same and that's that every east side graduate makes it to a four-year college. in 1996, east palo alto didn't
6:44 pm
even have a high school. so chris cofounded eastside as a private college prep school for sixth through 12th grade. his first class convened at a park bench. >> defense, one, two, three! >> reporter: when i met him in 2004, there were 100 students. today that number has tripled. each gets a scholarship. there are nearly 500 alumni most of them their family's first college graduate. >> it's been exciting to see but it's still, you know, once you see it you still kind of have to pinch yourself a little bit. >> reporter: when we first profiled chris a decade ago the school was using portable classrooms. since then, they have raised $18 million to build this new campus. one of the highlights is this theater. it's the only one in east palo alto and it's open to other community youth groups outside of the school. another big difference, about 100 students now live at the
6:45 pm
school along with 10 faculty members. dormitories offer a supportive place to live and study. chris himself still lives on campus. >> many of our students refer to the school not as eastside school but the eastside family. >> reporter: and the family focus has expanded. the goal? not only to get kids to college but make sure they succeed in college and beyond. cofounder and vice principal helen kim says chris leads the wayne. >> with all of the progress that we've made, the successes of all the graduating classes that we've had, he always has a sense of, we can do better. >> reporter: one new thing they're doing is having alumni serve as mentors. >> franklin matthews is an eastside graduate who has come full circle. >> i grew up around drugs, gangs, a lot of violence. >> reporter: but chris helped him fulfill his goal to become the first in his family to graduate from college. >> i can call him at any moment, 3:00 in the morning,
6:46 pm
email exchange, and he has always been there for me since day one. >> reporter: when i met franklin was attending sonoma state. he is now head coach of girl's basketball at woodside priory. his wife is eastside weekend dorm supervisor so they live on campus. franklin himself now a role model. >> i think the biggest thing that i've learned from chris is giving back. >> this campus that you see today is really a dream come true. >> reporter: he learned what can happen when you start small and dream big. chris says there's a waiting list to move into the eastside dormitory. it has room for 60 more students but the school needs for faculty living in the dorm -- more faculty living in the dorm to supervisor them. in 2004 it was an acre of land and it's now five acres. a lot can happen in five years. a lot of changes. speaking of changes after 31 years of reporting and anchoring at channel 5 i have
6:47 pm
decided to add more flexibility to my life so i'm retiring. sharon is going to continue to bring you our weekly stories. i'll stay involved with the steering committee. and i'm thrilled to announce that elizabeth cook is joining our jefferson award team as well in addition to her anchoring the 5:00 news. so you're in good hands. >> all right, allen and veronica? >> welbe shedding a tear but we're sure going to miss you an awful lot. thanks, kate. all right. well, let's go ahead and take a check of the weather. paul deanno is live for us at treasure island. >> paul? >> twinkling lights behind you there. yo a gorgeous san francisco skyline. everybody in san francisco says thank you to kate kelly for her decades of service most of which were right here on kpix 5. we were lucky to have her.
6:48 pm
oakland 58. san jose 53. santa rosa 52. we were foggy today and it wasn't as warm although many made it to the lower 60s. san jose 42. there will be fog again tomorrow but not as dense or widespread. tomorrow will be a "spare the air" day. unhealthy air quality in the area. high pressure holding on. it will stay close. it will slide down to the south and east friday through the weekend. that will not yield widespread rainfall but it will give us a mostly cloudy stretch of weather friday, saturday and sunday each day with more clouds than sunshine. number one, tomorrow morning the fog coming from the east. not from the ocean but from the strat valley. that will keep you foggy especially inland tomorrow morning. we now fast forward to about lunchtime on friday. that's the closest path to any
6:49 pm
showers making it to us north sonoma county. and then north 95% of us will stay dry throughout the seven- day forecast. partly cloudy night tonight. there will be areas of dense fog. hazy sunshine tomorrow. then more clouds coming up on friday and through the weekend with those widely isolated showers up toward the north bay. everybody else staying dry. oakland tomorrow 64. san jose 64. santa rosa 62. napa 63. so perhaps not as warm. but the average highs are in the mid-50s for january. and we'll be much milder than that. extended forecast, mid-60s through the weekend. both near the bay and inland. we'll stay mainly dry aside from the north bay and next week, there's not going to be a big change. we are going to have high pressure in control. and we'll stay dry through the middle of next week. beautiful shot of san francisco. beautiful we
6:50 pm
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let the jim tomsula era begin. >> i'm jim nobody from nowhere. >> nowhere man jim tomsula will quickly become someone. the 49ers long-time defensive line coach is jim harbaugh's successor and will be
6:53 pm
introduced at a press conference tomorrow. the team president said this. jim tomsula clearly is the right man to lead this team. jim is a great teacher and a tremendous mentor who conducts himself with great class and integrity. last two words interesting. tomsula's first task will be finding new assistants. defensive coordinator vic fangio will not return after being passed over for tomsula. he also needs an offensive coordinator to replace roman. >> he has a good feel for the locker room. not saying that coach harbaugh didn't because i felt like he did, as well. but, um, i don't think coach tomsula will be as tough as coach harbaugh was. >> at least it's a smooth transition. raiders have reportedly agreed to a four-year deal with former broncos defensive coordinator jack del rio. he is a hayward high alum and played 11 seasons in the nfl.
6:54 pm
del rio has been a head coach before spending nine seasons in jacksonville but here in oakland he will have his own rooting section including his parents who have been raider season ticketholders. >> i speak to my boys back in hayward, they're thrilled. i was talking to jack's best friend this morning, he said he couldn't even speak. so it's huge excitement, huge buzz in the bay area. >> suarez grew up with del rio. they were classmates at hayward high and even won a sectional title game at the coliseum. but their relationship goes back even further when del rio made quite a first impression. >> in third grade we played north ymca which is what we did back then group flag football. i was a better player on my team. i picked out the biggest guy on the team and i'm going to hit him the first play and go from there. so i run at him full speed as hard as i can. i hit him and i hit the ground and might as well hit a tree trunk. i was wearing a number 44
6:55 pm
jersey and he looked down at me and said smiled and said good hit, 44, and kept going. and then i knew he was a man amongst boys. >> jack del rio the new raider head coach. the bills wrapped up their coaching search when they hired rex ryan who wasted no time making his presence felt in buffalo. >> this thing on? [ laughter ] >> because it's getting ready to be on and that's the truth. i know it's been, you know, 15 years since the bills made a play-offs. well get ready, man, we're going. >> ryan didn't stop there. he also defended his new offensive coordinator greg roman who 49ers fans often blamed for the team's offensive struggles. >> never seen a guy get criticized more than greg roman for going to three championship games. you know? he is an out standing coach. we have the exact same philosophy. we're locked in line. >> last night on this show, we took it on the road for the bruce mahoney game where sacred
6:56 pm
heart cathedral at st. ignatius definitely lived up to the hype. >> five seconds left, brown for the win! >> how about it. comcast hometown network dave lewis on the call amar'e brown capped off the come back for the irish and kept the wildcats from winning the first mahoney trophy. >> safe to say is that maybe the highlight of your young basketball career? >> um, so far, i'd say yes. yes, it is. >> when it left your hands, no doubt? >> no doubt. it was going in. >> great moments for sacred heart. >> i said to kate kelly who will make the eggnog from now you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: what's up? [indistinct] >> [shouts, indistinct] [cheering and applause] steve: how y'all? thank you very much. i appreciate you now. thank you very much. thank y'all. i appreciate it. thank you very much. all right. thank you very much, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day from vidalia, georgia, it's the wardlaw family. >> yeah! steve: and some old friends from the bronx, new york it's the rosado family. >> whoo! steve: everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and a possibility driving out of here in a brand-new fuel-efficient ford fusion
7:00 pm
hybrid, everybody. [cheering and applause] it's the champs. it's the wardlaw family. >> [cheering] steve: tony. >> what's happening? steve: i ain't even gonna mess around. y'all got to hear these boys sing. go ahead, man. >> ♪ whoo-oo-oo ♪ >> ♪ oo-ooh ♪ >> ♪ whoa some people may say you can't but you can ♪ steve: sing, martin luther. >> ♪ but you can ♪ >> ♪ some people may say you won't but you will, yes, you will ♪ >> ♪ ooh >> ♪ some people they might laugh at you ♪ [cheering and applause] steve: ♪ ooh ♪ >> ♪ ooh ♪ >> ♪ but you must believe that every dream you have come true only believe ♪


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