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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 16, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> bay area tech giants accused of making a secret deal to keep salaries low. tonight, it will cost them. a huge windfall for tens of thousands of workers. apple, google, inter, and adobe. >> i know i would have been paid more. >> reporter: michael used to work another adobe as a senior computer scientist. he is one of 64,000 tech workers who filed a class action lawsuit against four of silicon valley's top tech firms accusing them of making secret illegal deals.
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that kept salarying from rising to 2005 to 2009 in a new settlement, the companies agreed to pay $415 million to settle the antitrust lawsuit. >> it is a victory. >> reporter: a quarter of the money goes to lawyer fees. after it is spread among thousands of tech workers, we are talking $5,000 each. >> 5,000 or 20,000 is not going to make that big of a difference to a tech worker. they see quarterly bonuses of that scale. so in a way, for the tech worker community, it really is largely symbolic. >> reporter: tech analyst rob says this means companies can't abuse their power to keep employees from betting what they are worth. >> the case is protective of the worker to get them a wage consistent with how valuable they are. >> reporter: a judge will have to approve this deal. it is $90 million more than the previous offer which a federal
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judge in san jose rejected because it wasn't enough. in los gatos, betty yu, kpix5. tonight, apple, google, and adobe are not commenting. intel denies the allegations. a close call in burlingane tonight. this car ended up wedged on the cal tran track. andria borba has the story. >> reporter: well, the good news is no one on the train was injured. the people in the car weren't injured and there was one little boy on board that first car you saw who wants to tell you the whole story. the video of this hyundai versus caltrain is self- explanatory, but we will let fourth grader neil alexander tell you what happened. >> it came on the track. it missed our target of turning by a few meters. >> reporter: and ended up on
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the track. wheels and all pointed south. >> i was like wait a minute. i need to get out. i need to get out of here right now. or else i'm going to die. >> reporter: five minutes later, he and his nanny were safely on the platform when the train slammed into the hyundai. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: the car ended up nearly a quarter mile down the track. the train was cleared. no one was hurt. and that sign you are seeing in the hyundai? leo wants to tell you about that. >> that baby on board, i'm glad it was not telling the truth. >> reporter: leo would have been sitting in the backseat. >> the trunk is kind of in the backseat now. >> yeah. >> reporter: this fourth grader knows it is easier to repair the car and not him. >> it would cost like a thousand something in repairs. but eh. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix5. heads up if you are
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planning on taking bart tomorrow morning. a protest could cause major delays. protesters plan to gather on the platform of san francisco's montgomery street station at 7:00 a.m. bart is warning riders that travel could be disrupted especially through the city. protesters want charges dropped against 14 people who were arrested during a different bart protest back in november. new details tonight about a police shooting in richmond. police say the suspect was carrying drugs and a semi automatic handgun. investigators found bags of meth and marijuana as well as the illegal gun at the scene. it is laying on the ground between the two tires. a police officer approached the suspect at 20th street this afternoon. officers say the suspect pulled out the gun and that is when the officers shot. the suspect is in critical condition tonight. alts, the san jose nightclub where five people have been shot has been shut
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down. grammy winner chris brown was performing that night. duck for cover when the bullets started flying this weekend. authorities suspended siesta nightclub's liquor license for 60 days. a judge has also revoked brown's probation. three members of the women's basketball team at solano county community college are behind bars accused of coming after another student with bats and crowbars. nick james shows us what happened next. >> reporter: we met larry at the fairfield auto shop where workers patched up his daughter's car. the sedan had broken windows and dents and his daughter has a broken bone in her eye. her face cut up and bruised from the attack. >> it makes me want to cry. that is my only little girl and she means the world to me. >> i'm doing good. >> reporter: her right eye is
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still swollen shut. a student at solano community college, she explains she went to allen whit park monday night to help her friend settle an argument. instead, she's the one who got jumped. >> i kept saying that i didn't know. i didn't know. i kept repeating that. >> reporter: and the suspects? three members of solano college's women's basketball team. justice robinson, janice robinson and kiara beecham were arrested. people delana thought of as close friends. >> for them to just, like, watch me get beat, and be a part of it, it is a sad thing. >> reporter: delana's father feels lucky that her injuries are not worse. >> she is an a student, in college working two jobs. she doesn't do anything to nobody. and nobody's kids deserves this. >> reporter: in fairfield, nick james, kpix5. >> well, those three people
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were arrested. the school expelled five players. fairfield police say their investigation is ongoing. 49ers officially introducing jim tomsula today. he is a newcomer to the head coaching ranks but he has been with the team since 2007. dennis o'donnell tonight on tomsula's rise to prominence in santa clara. >> my journey has taken my family on three continents and nothing has been the norm. so i am used to not normal. and i'm very comfortable in not normal. i didn't say i was not normal. [ laughter ] >> reporter: normal was not a word that described the 49ers last season from the win loss record to all of the drama off the field. but tomsula is comfortable with the lofty superbowl or bust expectations. >> this franchise has quite a few, and yeah. i got it. tough act to follow. i understand that.
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i fully understand that. i fully understand that, you know, that's what is wanted and anything short of that, we did not achieve what we were expected to achieve. >> coming up in sports, dennis will be talking one on one with coach tomsula. plus, what the players find so compelling about this new coach. as for the raiders? they will be introducing their new head coach jack del rio tomorrow. del rio is a bay area native. he played basketball, baseball, and football at hayward high school. tonight, the two climbers who made history at yosemite are back on solid ground telling their incredible story. one of them is so hoarse, he can only whisper. >> reporter: after 19 days clinging to the 3,000-foot granite wall, tomny caldwell and kevin jorgeson were able to
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walk to friends and family. >> we were very dirty and smelly. i wanted to wrap myself around my wife and hold my little kid. >> reporter: today their fingers were still sore and caldwell's voice was gone. >> i was yelling, a couple hundred feet away from your partner. >> reporter: as they challenged the wall, photographers hung on ropes nearby and crowds watched from long lenses below. but the struggle was theirs below. >> you seemed to be defying gravity. >> that is what we do up there i guess. it is vertical in a lot of places. you can get away with hanging onto very small holds. >> we have seen those falls. are they frightening? >> i feel like when i start to fall, my mind is still doing the moves. it is like a lag to the fact that i'm actually falling. and then, you are on the end of the rope. and you have to try again. >> reporter: the crowd watching from below were just small dots
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but two of those were caldwell's wife becca and their son fitz. >> she says you are more comfortable hanging off a mountain than being on flat ground. >> i am pretty comfortable up there. i'm super clumsy, not very smart. >> you are super clumsy? >> not very smart. i forget stuff all the time. >> but on the wall, there? >> it all comes together. >> reporter: john blackstone, cbs news, owe similar yosemite national park. >> it is hard to believe they lived on that wall. they got to enjoy a little bit of whiskey, chocolate, and indian food. a car plows through a macy's and drags a teenager across the door. she tells us how her ugg boots saved
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>> wild ride for that honda crashing into macy's. kept right ongoing. plowing right into some shoppers at new park mall in newark last night. six people got hurt. tonight, joe vasquez sat down with one young girl who says she is lucky to be alive tonight. >> reporter: the victim is 19 years old, lives just a few minutes from the mall. she was inside applying from a job at macy's when it all came crashing down. >> i go to open the door, the car comes through and just smashes me and drags me through the floor. >> reporter: she was dragged 30 feet into the store. both of alyssa's feet are broken. she says the worst part is that her friend was standing right next to her and then she wasn't. >> it sounded like a bomb. all i cared about was looking for my friend. that's it. >> and what did you find out?
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i'm sorry. >> reporter: alyssa's friend also suffered a major friend injury. >> so you were looking for her? >> yeah. and i couldn't find her. i was terrified that she was gone. i wasn't paying attention at first when i got hit. i was worried about her and the officer said did i look at my foot yet? i said no. and both of my feet were gushing blood. all down the aisle. my whole shoe ripped off. i had the thickest shoes you could wear on. >> reporter: she was wearing ugg boots. she says the doctor believed the uggs may have saved one of her feet from being amputated because it cushioned her being dragged. most importantly for alyssa, her friend is going to recover. >> 24/7, all she kept saying is i love you. i love you too!
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but i'm glad that she is okay. >> reporter: in newark, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> one of the victims is still in the hospital recovering tonight. police believe the driver of the car had a medical episode. a surprise announcement of the pope. he plans to make father sarah a saint. he was a spanish missionary who brought christianty to early california. he founded the first nine of our 21 missions. he is also known as the father of california wine because he founded the first winery. pope francis will visit the u.s. in september and there is talk he could come to california. well, contenders for next month's oscar awards are out, and the nominees are ... all white people. white actors. tonight, there's a lot of public outcry over the so- called white oscars. a group of entirely white actors and actresses, even from the best picture nominated
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movie, selma, were not nominated. >> i think we are just going to keep on plugging away. the only way to put the dent in the very real fact that there is a disproportionate amount of people who do not look like me doing what i do is something that i'm just going to fight with doing the best i can with the roles i get. >> reverend al sharpton said in a statement, it is ironic they nominated a story about the racial shut-out around voting while there is a racial shut- out around the oscar nominations. sharpton is calling for an emergency meeting in hollywood next week. tonight, the hash tag oscars to white is trending on twitter. someone tweeted this quote. epic photo of the oscar noms. a box of all white crayons. well the movie selma may have been snubbed for nominations, but it is not lacking in support. christin ayers is in oakland
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tonight with a widespread push to help students see the movie for free. >> reporter: i'm here at grand lake theater. one of a dozen theaters in oakland allowing students from seventh to knight grade to see the movie for free. here in this theater there were certainly students coming here to see it. emilio forbes came to the theater tonight to do some school work. >> my teacher told me for extra credit so why not go? >> reporter: he walked into the theater, flashed his school id and got a free ticket to the movie selma. >> it is great to see. >> reporter: the film followed dr. martin luther king jr. during a few critical months in 1965 as the fight for equal voting rights intensified. >> selma it is. >> here is the next great battle. >> reporter: thanks to a fund that began in new york city, kids all across the country will have a front row seat at theaters. >> the big idea was that middle
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schoolers should see this movie. that they should have access to see it. there should be no barriers. >> reporter: charles collins, president of the ymca of san francisco helped spearhead the fund locally along with the yerba buena art center. >> this was just stupendous. >> reporter: within days, the cause went viral. bay area donors gave $150,000 and they are still giving. collins was so pleased with the response, he was unfazed when selma was snubbed at the oscars. >> the movie speaks for itself. the history speaks for itself. even snubbed, it draws attention that this is an important film that everyone should see from every community. >> reporter: that, collins says is more important than any award. christin ayers, kpix5. well, you know, if it were raining right now, this would be a great night after the news
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to sit down and put in a dvd and watch one of these fine films but it is not. >> i know. >> and we may never see rain again. >> no rain in the year 2015. >> i don't know. >> i think it will. i'm just not sure if it is going to happen in january which is a scary proposition because it is the 15th. we have two-and-a-half weeks to go. we had cloud cover, made it to the 60s . we are mostly cloudy looking beyond the pir immediate tonight in san francisco. vallejo, 44, cloudy and foggy inland again. concordings livermore, low 40s . san jose, 44. micro climate forecast, cloudy, but no rain. san leandro, mostly cloudy. 61. limited sunshine with a high of 62. we had one change today. the big strong ridge of high pressure plopping itself over the top of us has moved to the south. the ridge is flat. there is no jump in the jet
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stream. look at all of that rainfall. tons of rain. lots of much-needed rainfall. not here. it is up to the north. we have the cloud cover, but hot the rain, will that change? will the ridge move away more? the answer is no. soaking rainfall, far northern california. all of oregon, all of washington, but the ridge even though it moves away is still strong enough and still close enough that the rainfall will not make it here. we get the cloud cover. it will be cloudy, but we will not get the rain. a fineny chance of the shower in the north bay tomorrow. that is the only rain chance for the next several days. look at the future cast. up to 6 inches of rain in the oregon coast, but it doesn't make it south of ukiah. cloudy tomorrow. cloudy over the weekendful it will look like rain, but it won't. san jose mostly cloudy. 65 degrees tomorrow. mostly mild in sunnyvale. union city 63. low 60s . morning fog.
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afternoon cloud cover. 62 in san francisco. right around 62 from marin, sonoma. you may get a few showers in lake port, but that is as far south as it close goes. cloudy through the weekend. next week, what changes? the clouds go away. highs in the mid 60s . this is just not our month. three of the five driest januaries ever have happened over the past five years. something about january and rainfall. it is like oil and water. they are not mixing. >> we have to think positively. rain in february is coming. >> we will do
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>> well, an aspiring night in san francisco. >> volunteers around the bay area where honored for their service to the community. 55 men and women received a jefferson award. cate kelly and sharon chin posted for the events. a daughter accepting the award for her mother said this. >> it doesn't take an incredible person to do something incredible. you can just be ordinary. you can just be yourself to make a big difference in this world. >> a very articulate young lady. six honorees will be eligible for a national award. ly be taking on cate kelly
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>> once upon a time, jim tomsula lived in his cadillac with dog and cat. had four jobs at the same time.
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he got the 49ers job the old fashioned way. he earned it. but he won't forget his roots. >> you once said you are jim nobody from nowhere. you are somebody now. you feel good? >> yeah, i still have to come take out the garbage. [ laughter ] >> before he talked to me, tomsula spent an hour talking with the media along jed york. he wasn't exactly evoking memories of his predecessor at the podium. but some of his players think he is more like general patton during the sidelines. >> i would find myself sneaking to the defensive line huddle just to hear him talk. just to hear what he had to say. so as head coach, he will be a lot of fun. >> you know he is one of the coaches that keeps spirit high. it is a great opportunity for him. >> a good legalling in the locker room along the players. sharks, tyler kennedy.
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rebound, soars. 1-0 san jose. we are not going to edit the video, we will speed it up. the sharks get to the faceoff circle. 15 seconds off the clock. then a score. 2-0 sharks and they win 3-1. give me hoops here. saint mary having their best season since matthew left for the nba. the big man scored 25 on 11 of 13 shooting. saint mary wins 70-58. they improved to 14-3 on the year. take that man to the roundup. i have in my hand the top five. ohio state called the press conference to announce a life changing decision. after winning the national titling he is going back to school. smart man. the price is wrong george. oh. have a nice trip. come on down is right. very good. lakers ...
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[ laughter ] it will happen in a roundup if you have too many. where is the defense there? arm wrestling. this is how tomsula should have acted! [ screaming ] yeah. [ laughter ] miguel jimenez at the abu dhabi championship. he is eight shops back of martin timer, but that is the most interesting man on the golf tour. jim tomsula. this is a press conference. this is the first time this guy has ever been in front of the media and a lot of national media there today. so, you know, there's a good excuse why he was a little nervous. a little camera shy. he will shine eventually. >> will the players play for him? >> yeah. right. >> that is what it comes down to. >> well bill belichick never bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money
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>> letterman is next with larry davis. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. se
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