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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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lar outcome. >> we would like to get our wine back. i wonder if they have our mouton or others. i wonder where they went. >> reporter: there is usually not much hope of recovery in these cases because the wine is easy to hide and goes into a cellar into a private cellar usually and then it's gone. live in walnut creek ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> investigators might have found most the french laundry wine but so far they haven't made any arrests in the case. police are stepping up patrols around two churches in livermore after they were hit multiple times by vandals. the holy cross lutheran church and the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints are neighbors on mocho street. both churches have had to cover up derogatory comments spray- painted on their buildings and on the ground. the off white patch freshly painted there this morning to cover the vandalism. police are investigating the incidents as hate crimes.
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oakland police are looking for the driver who hit and killed an 84-year-old woman and then drove off. the intersection of 18th avenue and east 15th street was closed down for much of the morning. police say the woman was found in the street just after 8 a.m. she was unconscious and bleeding. authorities think she may have been disabled because a cane was found nearby. police think a green honda may have been involved. this crash early this morning on 580 in castro valley killed a san francisco woman and injured three others. the chp says the driver of a kia hit a guardrail near the 164th street off-ramp. it flipped over several times, throwing the driver and passenger from the car. the passenger didn't survive. then a honda crashed into the kia causing it to then burst into flames. both drivers were injured. someone who stopped to help in the first accident was also slightly hurt. health officials in santa clara county are aggressively spreading the word. get your children vaccinated
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against the measles. christian hartnett reports from san jose. >> reporter: the county office of education and the public health department sent out a letter today to parents telling them to check the status of their children's immunity to the measles. santa clara county as a whole is good about getting kids vaccinated but some schools not so much. >> i'd rather do the vaccination and, you know, cover my bases. >> reporter: jim moore has two kid at rocket ship spark academy charter school in san jose part of the franklin mckinley school district. moore says it was an easy choice to get his children vaccinated at an early age for measles, mumps and rubella. >> i was vaccinated. i didn't have any problems with it. we have been doing it for a long time. >> reporter: santa clara county's vaccination rate is high overall around 95% for kindergartners. but here at rocket ship spark academy, a state report on the vaccination rates shows only
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83% of kindergartners at the school are vaccinated. by law, parents can choose not to vaccinate their children for personal or religious reasons. and that leaves some parents frustrated. >> can spread to other kids, too. right here they come to school, you know, and it can be huge. >> reporter: schools can only do so much to increase their vaccination rates. like try to educate parents about the facts. but for those parents who choose to exercise their legal right not to have their children immunized, that's another challenge. >> if measles hit the school, okay, my kids don't get 'em. why? because they are vaccinated. their kid gets them. >> reporter: and the administration here at rocket ship spark academy is just telling us that the 83% in the state report has changed since that report was released. they have gotten that number up to 93% so more on par for santa clara county. now, changing the minds of some of the parents that feel strongly about not getting
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their kids vaccinated is not easy. we'll have more at clock. christian hartnett, kpix 5: more at 6:00. potential republican presidential candidate jeb bush is wading deep into democrat waters today giving the keynote address at a san francisco convention. this comes just a day after he was in salt lake city to meet with mitt romney. like bush, romney is also considering a run for president in 2016. meetings i like to between potential candidates are pretty rare. we'll hear from jeb bush coming up at 6:00. now, reports today indicate florida senator marco rubio will ender the presidential race soon. a recent cbs poll of fellow republicans shows him behind jeb bush and mitt romney. rubio has hired a fundraiser and is planning a trip to california. san francisco mayor ed lee is joining 29 other mayors supporting president obama's executive action on immigration. the mayors are filing a friend of the court brief opposing a lawsuit to block the
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president's action. lee and the others say letting undocumented workers stay in the u.s. will benefit their cities. the mayors are in washington for the winter meeting of the u.s. conference of mayors. saudi arabia has bid farewell to their king. the 90-year-old monarch died yesterday after nearly two decades in power. today in riyadh, the newly enthroned king the half-brother led prayers at the burial. the king's body was in a beige cloth in line with unmarked tradition and buried in an unmarked grave. the king's death is adding to the uncertainty in the middle east in the wake of terror attacks and the turmoil in yemen. earlier today bob schieffer told me the war on terror is going to be a hot topic this weekend on "face the nation." senator dianne feinstein will be a guest. >> yemen, of course, is the place where al qaeda in the
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the arabian peninsula one of the deadliest wings of al qaeda is located. i think we'll need a threat assessment and i'll be anxious to get senator feinstein's thoughts on that. >> you can watch bob schieffer's interview with senator feinstein on kpix 5 at 8:30 sunday morning. we're following breaking news in san francisco right now. chopper 5 over a multi-vehicle wreck involving a muni light rail. it happened a short time ago on 14th an ulloa. we are told a 11-year-old is among those injured. the child was ejected from a car during the accident. he was rushed to a hospital. we'll provide you more details when they come in. warmer weather means a lot of people will head to bay area beaches this weekend. but that has rescue crews a little concerned. kpix 5's len ramirez in half moon bay with details on a high surf warning for the entire bay area. len. >> reporter: that's right. high surf, great weather, warm temperatures.
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forget the endless summer. it's this winter weather or so- called winter weather that has a lot of people excited around here. now, we're at pillar point on the san mateo county coast. this is what it looks like. we're talking about sunshine, warm temperatures and big waves all weekend. this is what surfers have been waiting for. a lot of surfers in the water near perfect conditions but as the weekend progresses, things could get a little dangerous. a high surf advisory with 15- foot waves is in effect for bay area beaches over in santa cruz, big waves and big crowds are expected at steamer's lane and all along the santa cruz coast. >> i think it's mostly a danger on the roads. it will be packed this weekend. instead of going to the slopes people are coming to the coast this strange january we're having. so super dry, spring-like conditions. and, you know, the surfers will love it because usually they are freezing out there so -- >> reporter: the national weather service says beaches from sonoma to monterey will be
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affected by large swells and even riptides. they caution people to stay off the rocks due to the possibility of sneaker waves which can come up fast and sweep people into the water. air temperatures will be about 75 to 80 degrees. how does that sound for your weekend? a lot better than some of the summer temperatures around here. reporting live in pillar point, len ramirez, kpix 5. surf is up and so are the temperatures. we'll have a look ahead at what could be a record-setting weekend as we look live toward the bay bridge. forecast coming up after a break. >> "deflate-gate" not all hot air. what the nfl is saying for the first time and the quarterback who isn't buying tom brady's denial. >> rat boys, the avalanche of destruction of two ski resorts. inside the wild weekend of partying. >> this, my good people, is what we get from a good nice's hustle. >> rolling in the cash.
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but, um, have these guys not heard of
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we are finally hearing from the nfl about the investigation into the deflated footballs used in the patriots-colts play- off game last weekend. the league isn't sure if the patriots did anything wrong. ryan nobles tells us all the attention is shifting to patriots quarterback tom brady. >> reporter: the nfl is busy at work conducting nearly 40 interviews in an attempt to figure out if the new england patriots intentionally underinflated footballs. something quarterback tom brady denied. >> i feel like i have always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> reporter: in a statement released friday, the league confirmed that the game balls used by the patriots were not properly inflated. the nfl also said the footballs weren't the correct standard for the second half of sunday's game. the league made it clear their
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investigation is continuing. saying, quote, we have not made any judgments on these points and we will not do so until we have concluded our investigation. >> reporter: meanwhile, brady's teammates are standing behind him. >> tom is a big boy. he know how to handle all situations. >> this team has a lot of trust in tom. >> reporter: despite brady's denial, hall of fame quarterback troy aikman believes the pressure of those footballs was by brady's design. >> or the balls then deflated, uhm, that doesn't happen unless the quarterback wants that to happen. >> reporter: brady's teammates are ready to move on. >> do you believe him? >> does it matter? i'm -- i'm -- i'm kind of past all that. >> reporter: the patriots say this distraction will not impact their super bowl preparations. a job that may be tough with this controversy still unresolved. in washington, i'm ryan nobles, reporting. >> tom brady says the nfl has yet to talk to him about the
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deflated footballs. he did it. a bay area man completed 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. tired but triumphant, tim durbin posted this picture to his instagram today excited to announce his accomplishment. he said he finished his last marathon in sydney, australia, in under five hours. durbin was the only american taking part in the world marathon challenge. earlier this week, he ran the 26.2-mile race in antarctica, chile, spain, florida and dubai. well, the damage looks like an earthquake hit. but a ski resort is blaming this on frat brothers. the serious consequences after a raging weekend of partying. >> superhero meets star power. the oscar winner helping bring batkid to the big
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this makes animal house look tame. three michigan fraternities are accused of trashing two ski resorts last weekend. tonight and inside look at the wild parties that caused tens of thousands of damage. >> we had a group visiting and excessive partying, too much fun and created a disturbance and damage for the resort. food, beer, alcohol, all over the floor on the walls, carpet
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damage, a lot of ceiling tiles broken down, some furniture damage. >> reporter: crews are still cleaning up a path of destruction leavitt at treetops resort from the sigma alpha mu fraternity. they say police had to escort the students out after they wreaked havoc in these rooms and hallways. like here, the ceiling tiles were ripped down and destroyed. >> they had a couple of floors of rooms and there was enough damage probably in the $50,000 range. >> reporter: this person saw damage from two more frats and up to 12 separate private condos throughout the resort. >> we are the stewards of the property, and the people that own them are our partners. so that's why it's very disturbing to us and we have to protect their investment. and we're following up with the university and they promised us swift action. >> the university of michigan said it plans to hold those students involved accountable. the sigma alpha mu chapter has been suspended indefinitely. the fraternity says it's
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ashamed and is working with the resort to pay for all the damages and cleaning costs. >> you wonder how many selfies were posted of that that. two men were arrested after their photographing their loot was posted online. >> this is what we get on a good night's hustle. >> i feel vindicated. >> they posted the video to youtube. didn't take much for randy schaefer to track down the suspects. they stole $5,000 cash and an ipad out of his truck. the suspects took photos and videos on the stolen ipad. which then sync'ed with his icloud account and they were caught. brilliant. sky mall is about to be canceled. the magazine filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
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the in-flight shopping catalog is a mainstay on airlines for more than 30 years but apparently passengers prefer high-tech distractions such as tv screens and in flight wi-fi. >> i love that magazine. >> find something. well, for the first time, california marine scientists are getting a rare look at the habits of a nursing sea otter. the mother named clara was pregnant in the wild. she gave birth while in captivity in november at uc- santa cruz's long marine laboratory. scientists are now able to study the caloric needs of a nursing sea otter. the research could give insight into a post-nursing syndrome that plagues sea otter mothers often leading to their deaths. >> very cute. thank you to brian hackney for being my voice the past couple of days. you speak for all of us when you speak. >> worried about you. >> it's better. >> much better. >> the plague is going around. >> it is. >> we hope you have it surrounded. we are going to start by going out live where len ramirez was at pillar point. beautiful scene as the sun sinks slowly into the west.
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we're right around sunset tonight. gorgeous at, you know, a little bit north of half moon bay out there right above mavericks beach. there are supposed to be some good breakers today. time to wander off with that fellow and have his evening tea. here's the waves today at ocean beach. not bad for some of the surfers who got a day off. that's the view from the beach at ocean beach and here's the view from way up top looking from the cliff house south along the strand of the shoreline. the numbers right now around the bay area, san bruno 59 degrees. livermore 61. and 65 degrees in san francisco. santa rosa 66 right now. pretty mild temperatures for this time of the night and much warmer than last night at this time. we have the high surf advisory posted for this weekend until 3:00 in the afternoon on sunday. it's posted for the entire bay area coast. waves up to 12 feet with 18- second breakers, sneaker waves possible with this kind of a
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configuration so be careful at the shoreline. the entire weekend you will be drawn there to it because the temperatures are going to be very warm. overnight lows chilly. 47 degrees in santa rosa. 40 fairfield. 46 in san rafael. and in san jose, 45 degrees. sun-up tomorrow at 7:20 a.m. low pressure in the gulf of alaska but all of that moisture that's just south of the gulf is being pushed up into western canada. and way over the top of a ridge that's building off of the west coast and will give us temperatures that will be near 70 degrees by tomorrow in some places even warmer. so gradual warming for the bay area today and tomorrow. and sunday and monday the temperatures just climb a few notches a day with temperatures in record territory by saturday more likely on sunday. so for tonight, we get a mostly clear night. patchy valley fog and weekend sunshine for everybody. it will be unusually warm for the last week of january. and how. with numbers that look like this. forecast in san francisco 67 degrees for tomorrow.
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for concord we'll be at 68. san jose 71 degrees. and in oakland 71, as well. those numbers 13 degrees above average. morgan hill 70. milpitas 70. hayward 67. pacifica tomorrow at the beech 65. half moon bay, wow, 70 degrees. same thing for palo alto. at the stanford theater which is showing a hitchcock festival all weekend. in fact into next week. tonight they are doing dial m for murder. 67 degrees at walnut creek. 67 at vallejo. up in the north bay we'll be looking at numbers in the upper 60s and low 70s. and in the far north bay we're looking at 77 in ukiah, 78 in cloverdale. warm weekend on tap with numbers in the mid-70s. cools a little monday. next chance of rain which is only a hint of a glimmer of a chance -- >> that's not much. >> qualified, qualified, qualified. >> might happen. >> but there's a chance. >> yes. in the meantime it looks warm this weekend. >> beautiful. >> thank you. well, the story of batkid, you remember him?
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it's about to get the hollywood treatment. in november 2013, 5-year-old leukemia patient miles scott got his wish to become a superhero as san francisco turned into gotham city for a day. now oscar winner julia roberts is set to produce a film about him called batkid begins. supposedly a dramatic adaptation of a documentary with the same name. >> interesting to see that. >> batkid lives. >> we thought the mortgage crisis was over. but now, a new headache. banks selling off your loans to companies you have never heard of and they aren't playing by the rules.
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just when we thought we were seeing the foreclosure crisis kind of fade away, now there's this new concern for homeowners. big banks are transferring home loans to companies you probably
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have never heard of. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains these relatively unknown newcomers are generating thousands of complaints. >> reporter: marcia gibbs had never heard of a company until it purchased a home loan from bank of america but now she can tell you plenty after a simple transaction trying to pay down the principal on her home turned into a time-sucking audit tree of endless phone calls, unreturned calls. >> the only way to reach them is an electronic submission and/or write them by mail. >> reporter: and no accountability. >> it shouldn't be put on the consumer to have to do this. >> reporter: and nearly 8,000 other people know how she feels. that's how many complaints the consumer financial protection bureau received about nation star over the past few years. add to that another 3,000 complaints to the bbb and an f rating. but nation star is not alone. >> we have been fielding a large number of complaints
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about mortgage servicers. >> reporter: kevin stein of the california reinvestment coalition explains it was a mortgage servicing company not a bank a less regulated group. >> there's a lot of finger- pointing for years and we need our policymakers and the regulators to say, enough is enough, and to start holding institutions accountable. >> reporter: gibbs is lucky. she is not facing foreclosure like the many who are falling through the cracks in spite of laws intended to protect them like the homeowners bill of rights which among other things requires a single point of contact for those facing foreclosure. nearly half of all the complaints filed with the cfpb involve mortgage problems and servicers and while the agency says it can't comment on any action it might be taking, it recently issued its first enforcement action for servicing actions against flagstar bank a step in the right direction for advocates. >> you have no control over who services your loan. >> reporter: although marcia is working to take back control by
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paying off her mortgage with her credit line. >> my ultimate hope is to transfer it away from nation star. >> reporter: nation star explains that it does provide a single point of contact for those facing foreclosure. however, marcia's issue was a consumer problem which it has offered to assist her with. if you are facing an unresponsive mortgage servicing company contact a nonprofit hud approved housing agency and file a complaint with the cfpd. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news," scott pelley is in new york. scott? >> reporter: coming up, of the nfl has broken its silence and confirms that the patriots used underinflated balls in the afc championship. we'll have more on the investigators who are scouring evidence including emails. plus, winter makes a comeback. we are tracking that storm. those st
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coming up at 6:00 no girls allowed. a bay area church makes a controversial decision saying only boys can be altar boys. why the priest says the future of the church depends on it is. plus this park is a haven for the homeless. the mayor's solution, shut it down. what the city plans to do next to clean things up. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news" is next.
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>> pelley: tonight, the nfl investigation: the league announces early findings in its probe of whether the rules were broken in sunday's a.f.c. championship. anna werner has the latest and a look at the damage to the nfl brand. winter makes a comeback. eric fisher on the storm that's pounding the south and headed north for the weekend. there's a new safety alert for u.s. airlines. jeff pegues reports e-cigarettesga in checked baggage have touched off at least two fires plus one evacuation. and on the road with steve the r hartman. something magical happened when ashlynn wrote a letter to heather. >> she gave me faith and hope again and reassurance. it's pretty amazing. captioning sponsored by cbs


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