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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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super bowl 50 next year but oh my gosh what a game that was last night. good morning, it's monday, february 2nd. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 4:30 -- in fact it's 4:30 right now. get you out the gates a little traffic and weather. what a game even if you didn't have a dog in the fight and a lot of people didn't. it was such a good super bowl. >> right i couldn't stopwatch that game and the halftime show as well. and yesterday if you were outside before the super bowl, you probably noticed a considerable cool dow in comparison to on saturday when we had boy a dozen record high temperatures in and around the bay area. not quite a dozen but very close, today partly cloudy skies into the 40s and 50s and later today temperatures still well above average. in the low 70s and the warmst location. that full forecast is still straight ahead but good morning elizabeth. good morning roberta. everyone is sleeping in today i guess after the big game last night. we have no major accidents, no major overnight roadwork, no stall. what else is there? >> give it a half hour. >> yeah. everything looks okay so far at the bay bridge but we'll break
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down the rest of the morning commute it's all coming up. >> did you watch the game any of it? >> i did. i watched it all beginning to end. >> really? >> commercials halftime show. i think -- >> i only watched about ten minutes of it but i saw the end. the end was crazy. accounted for the deciding score for the new england patriots. tom brady found redwood city's julian edelman for a touchdown with just over two minutes left and then the seattle seahawks marched down the field with the help of a miraculous catch. have to watch that a couple of times. but no, the patriots intercepted the ball at the goal line sealing a 28-24 win. it's new england's fourth super bowl victory by the way. the game action was exciting, the super bowl also had an ugly ending. some players might be facing fines and suspensions for a huge fight as the patriots try to run out the clock. players started pushing and
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shoving and all-out brawl erupted. punches were thrown and one seahawks' player was ejected. the crowd could be heard booing as the referees try to break up the brawl. [ booing ] this was the scene at gillette stadium in foxboro, massachusetts the moment the patriots won the game. you can tell many people were happy about it. just a few minutes earlier though the crowd was quiet when it looked like seattle was going to win. and take a look at the space needle in seattle. it was lit up last night in seahawks' colors. city decided to set off fireworks anyway even though their team lost. they should still celebrate the team. >> absolutely. well next year's super bowl will be played at levi's stadium in santa clara and other parts of the bay area can expect to cash in on that as well. events will be all over the region leading up to the big game and san francisco mayor lee is expecting huge crowds and some big business.
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>> every hotel. restaurant, bars all be filled. all of the activities will be up here. there's no parade. there's no big expensive item so much as the nfl having it at moscone center. >> down arizona separate from the host committee to see how organizers handled all of the events. >> and kpix 5 is the home for super bowl 50. and we're the media partner for the super bowl 50 host committee. four-time super bowl champion joe montana and his wife jennifer will join kpix 5 as special contributors, they will be featured members of our team throughout the year as the bay area gets ready for this very high-profile event and we will be covering a super bowl like no one has. it begins with the kpix 5 special with ken bastida and jennifer montana. countdown to gold, a superstart, that's tonight at 7:00 on kpix 5. don't want to miss that. we got another year though before it -- that one kicks
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off. and welcome back by the way i now you were a little under the weather last week. >> just a little yeah but thank you so much. >> thanks for welcoming me back. >> and weather-wise? >> we had record high temperatures across the bay area just as forecast on saturday. we had a little cooldown yesterday due to increasing clouds and today still above average temperatures all the way through midweek. right now we have partly cloudy conditions. temperature-wise, ranging anywhere from 44 in livermore to 47 degrees in san jose. it is 50 now in oakland and the winds are calm. we will have a north-northwest wind today 5 to 10. otherwise partly cloudy conditions and 64-degrees in pacifica to nearly 70 in oakland. low 70s 234 san jose when the average high is -- in san jose when the average high is 59 degrees, you see how above average we are during this winter day right here on the second day of february. here's your extended forecast i think you're going to like it. we have the dry conditions all the way through midweek and introduce rain on thursday night through friday. a chance of rain continues on
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saturday through sunday. that complete forecast we'll talk about that rain, that's still straight ahead but first things first. this one is the quietest start to a morning commute that we've seen in a while. like i said no major overnight road work. the chp report shows zero as far as accidents go so here's a live look at a very quiet golden gate bridge. a couple of cars heading southbound but you can tell everything moving fine out of sausalito. a few slight delays heading into the cash lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza. but we're not seeing the usual overnight odework from the -- road work from the center anchorage to the harrison street off ramp. nothing on the incline either. your drive times from hayward right now is 13 minutes on westbound 92. and up and over the high-rise heading up to the east bay that drive time should be pretty similar from foster city. -- foster city. 880 not even seeing the usual roadwork between oakland and san leandro. so yeah everyone was out late celebrating the super bowl and here's a live look near the
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oakland coliseum. oakland airport maybe you're heading that way. those headlights that's southbound 880 and everything is moving fine toward 92 and hayward. and here's a look at our b.a.r.t. map. so far all b.a.r.t. trains up to a great start this morning, all trains on time in fact all mass transit looks good. that's your latest kcbs traffic. back to you guys. thank you liz. hundreds of oil refinery workers went on strike including here on the west coast. >> what do we want? >> fair contracts. >> when do we want them? >> now. >> this was the scene yesterday in l. a. county where some 800 members of the united steel workers union went on strike at a facility in carson. it's among nine refineries most of which are in california and texas where workers are striking. >> well, it's the biggest strike we've been in since -- in 35 years since 1980. >> strike is in response to a breakdown in contract talks between the union and shell oil which is serving as the lead company in national negotiations. the strike is also affecting a refinery in the bay
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area. the plant in martinez employs more than 400 people. they plan no join the strike as soon as the refinery can be shut down safely. and that's likely to happen sometime today. one local expert says gas prices will not likely go up immediately but if the strike drags on, expect to pay more. >> if the strike goes on for a while, the refineries probably can't continue to run at their normal level. and we may start to see a splay shortage. -- supply shortage. >> the topics include wages, health care costs, safety the use of contractors, and staffing. chp looking into a fiery car crash that killed two men and a woman in east san jose. it happened just before 2:00 yesterday morning. right off highway 101 near the 280/680 before change. it crashed into the -- interchange. it crashed into an embankment and burst into flames. san francisco's dealing with a rash of port a potty fires. a witness shot cell phone video
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of the latest fire yesterday afternoon on bryant street. firefighters got to anytimes under control -- the flames under control quickly. no one was injured. it's unclear ifs if is related to other fires at san francisco last month. a man faces a charge of unlawful entry after getting too close to the white house. the secret service says the man climbed a bicycle rack on pennsylvania avenue just outside the white house grounds yesterday afternoon. agents say the rack is set back from the white house fence making it unlikely that anyone would use it to jump over the fence. the secret service later turned the man over to district of columbia police. president obama says that an american is being held by islamic state militants. he says it's a 26-year-old woman captured last year in syria while working with aid groups there. mr. obama says the u.s. right now is doing everything in its power to try and release that woman. and today dozens of people took part in an interfaith prayer in tokyo for two hostages killed
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by islamic state. about 40 people held a prayer vigil outside the office of the prime minister. journalist kenji goto was killed on saturday and another hostage was killed last week. today president obama is calling for new taxes on corporations and the wealthy as he seeks to ungrade the nation's infrastructure and boost the middle class. susan mcginnis has details on the budget being unveiled today. >> reporter: in the $4 trillion budget plan, president obama unveiled today nearly half a trillion would repair the nation's highways, bridges and transit systems. >> we talked about how important it is for us to rebuild our infrastructure in this country and put people back to work all across the country. >> reporter: to combat climate change the plan spends billions on clean energy technologies and encourages power plants to cut emissions and extending tax credits to help the wind and solar industries. it gives tax cuts to the middle class expanding child care
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programs and offering free community college to some students. >> all of the proposals that i put forth in the state of the union we can pay for by fixing a tack code that's riddled with loopholes for special interests. >> reporter: footing nearly half the plan? u.s. businesses. new taxes, $238 billion worth, would hit companies earning profits overseas. while it cuts the broader corporate tax rate from 3r5% to 28% -- 35% to 28%. wealthy americans shell out more in capital gains taxes as the plan increases that rate to 28% for couples earning more than half a million dollars. republicans criticize the plan as more of the same failed obama policies. >> this topdown redistribution doesn't work. we've been doing it for six years. look they may make for good politics and doesn't make for good economic growth. >> reporter: the mt. be unveil -- president will unveil the budget later today at the department of homeland security. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the white house is casting the budget as a fight for middle class economics and
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president obama says if republicans don't agree with his approach, they should make their own proposals. well, the final sunday service for historic san francisco church held yesterday. the metropolitan community church long considered itself the spiritual heart of the castro neighborhood. well now it's moving to a new space on polk. the church is moving because the century old building on eureka street has become too worn down and is not earthquake safe. the pastor is staying positive. >> i will be honest, i will not miss the difficult parking in the castro. it's really hard to park here. i mean many of our people said wow they know the new neighborhood better than this one and they already gave me advice on where to park and the clever tricks to have neighborhood they wanted me to -- of the neighborhood they wanted me to know. >> the parish will hold its final wednesday service in the old building this week before closing down for good. it is 4:41 on this monday morning. talk about being in the right place at the right time.
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how three hikers who tumbled down a mountain lived to talk about it because of where they fell. >> and what is cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at and we may come and feature your school on the show.
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4:44 am but to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. it was case of good timing for rescue crews the top of oregon's mount hood. they were going through some training drills saturday when two hikers came tumbling down the slope some 500 feet not far from them by way. the woman broke both an cals and the -- ankles and the man broke his leg. >> a lot of ice and a lot of rock fall and we've got two patients there and rescuers trying to attend to them with you know cantaloupes and bowling balls of ice. flying down. >> well, during the rescue another climber tumbled down and he slid into a big ravine but managed to walk away without injury. a little bruised up though. the climbers and the rescue crews were stuck in the snow for hours until the national guard helicopters could bring
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them to safety. another winter storm is about to pelt the northeastern u.s.. yesterday, it hit parts of the midwest dumping up to a foot and a half of snow in the chicago area. it grounded flights at both of thesy's major airports -- city's major airports. >> until tuesday, so we're kind of hoping that we can get out sooner rather than later. >> more flight delays and cancellations are expected today. boston is expected to get nine to 16 inches of snow. parts of new york, vermont, new hampshire, connecticut and rhode island are also expected to get good amounts of snow. >> they're feeling good about the pats though. it's a weather first for the city of san francisco but this really isn't anything. it's celebrate city didn't see a single drop of measurable rainfall in the entire month of january and was first time that's happened in recorded weather history. 150 plus years. records keep dating back around the gold rush era. now but as roberta mentioned a few minutes ago, there is some hope on the horizon for friday
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coming up with a strong chance of rain in our forecast. and boy do we need it. >> no kidding. we'll keep or fingers crossed on that one. this is groundhog day yes and punxsutawney. pennsylvania and the center of all the action. >> if he sees his shadow six more weeks of winter and here's the verdict just a short time ago. >> yes a shadow i see. you can start the sweaters hashtag #sixmoreweeksofwinter. >> yeah, well, they're feeling it in the east. and there you have it right there. winter not over just yet. >> you can tell from the boos they weren't too happy about that. >> just had their share of snow. >> they have seen 50 inches of snow in the last nine days and that's usually the winter total. so it goes to show you how extreme it is for them there and yes more snow again today and actually it's a bitter cold
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that will affect the northeast and all the way back to chicago today. well, here we're above average at least all the way through about thursday. good morning everyone. heading out the door we do have a few clouds lining the horizon. otherwise our numbers are in the 40s and 50s. not as cold as it was yesterday morning when you woke up and headed out the door. it's 43 in santa rosa. it is # 53 in san francisco. looking out to the golden gate bridge. we have relatively clear skies. we are fog free. we have calm winds this morning. it will be pretty calm throughout the day today. partly cloudy and we will have some mild temperatures, rain returns by late thursday evening. we do have some precipitation lining the northwestern quadrant of the state of california right now. the clouds spill over into the bay area. that's why we'll call it partly cloudy today. high pressure kicks out in the easterly direction and low pressure descends from the north and the end result is we will have rain late thursday evening. we will have rain on friday with some gusty winds especially on the northern coast side.
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and also the higher elevations of the bay area. now we're not talking about a whole lot of rain. it's not going to be a -- a gutter washer. but nevertheless it will be much-needed. meanwhile today around the state 70 degrees in fresno. 66 monterey bay through caramel. we did see some record high temperatures over the weekend as well in lake tahoe. today locally numbers average -- locally the numbers we're going with 66 in san francisco. we should be at 59 in san jose so 71 that tells you just how mild it is for the winter day. 69 in throughout the tri- valley. we'll cloud it you up by thursday leading to the potential for rain showers late thursday evening into your friday. with gusty winds and daily chances of rain over the weekend. hey you know what? let's track all the together. all you have to do is get the cbs bay area weather app. you can check conditions in your own area and you indeed can get realtime radar. this is important. you have to search kpix 5 and
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then that download the cbs bay area weather app. it's available to all on iphone and android. liz? thank you roberta. and let see this has been one of the greatest starts to the morning commute we've seen in some same. caltrans workers easing on into the week no major roadwork projects. we'll show you usually one of the first spots to slow down that commute out of tracy area altamonte pass and that's actually picking audiotape little bit of steam within the last ten minutes. you can see the yellow sensors popping up on 205 all the way out to about north flynn. it's not enough to affect the drive time yet. and once you hit the livermore valley, everything clears out all the way to the dublin interchange and we can show you a live look. all the headlights that's the commute direction and everything continues to move well into the dublin grade. you just missed it the zipper crews were out there trying to get another fourth southbound lane open in the commute directionment it doesn't matter much at this point. everything is great out of sausalito. bay bridge, just slight delays now in the far right cash lanes and we were seeing it stack up in the left cash lanes.
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fastrak users no delays and no road work to slow you down between oakland and san francisco. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge that drive time is still the same as about ten minutes ago. it's still about 14 minutes in both directions between san mateo and foster city if you're heading to the peninsula. 880 to overnight road work is not there this morning. we're not seeing it between oakland and san leandro. usually hit it before 5:00. everything is gone. 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. and is silicon valley commuters, westbound 237 still looks great into sunnyvale and mass transit still on time. we do have some news about golden gate ferries hold on that to and make you stay tuned for another ten minutes. in the meantime back to you guys. all right liz thank you. the federal government has announced another major autorecall. it involves more than two million vehicles made between 2002 and 2004. that could have faulty air bags. the recalled vehicles are the
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acura mdx, honda odyssey. pontiac vibe and three toyota models. and call your dealer for more information. a push to build another b.a.r.t. tunnel under the bay is gaining momentum. san francisco mayor ed lee and officials in alameda have recently talked about adding another transbay two that would allow b.a.r.t. to offer 24 hour service and would help ease delays if there's a problem in the other tunnel. but it won't come soon. and it won't come cheap. it could cost $12 billion to build and take decades. even the first steps in the planning process aren't likely to begin before 2017. well, a bizarre case of alleged dui in the upper midwest. a guy arrested for drinking and driving on top of that a zamboni machine. it happened during a high school hockey game in fargo, north dakota. fans noticed the driver waving all over the ice and spectators
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calling the police when he crashed into the boards. >> a very strange call and i was very surprised to receive it. obviously we have zero tolerance for situation like this. i mean this just cannot happen. i'm extremely grateful that no one was hurt because someone could have been seriously injured or possibly even killed in a situation like this. >> so how did someone get busted for dui without being on a public street? well in north dakota their law says anybody who's intoxicated while operating any motor vehicle can be arrested and that man was arrested. time now 4:52. this can't be good for business. the extensive damage to a building when a massive boulder
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a boulder the size of a car did some serious damage to a rental business near san diego. the rock about ten feet in diameter came tumbling down from the mountainside in alpine yesterday. no one was inside the shop at the time so that's good. but there's extensive structural damage to the building. the boulder sheered off a -- shears off autobus meet -- sheared off a gas meter. dozens of ambulances caused a stir in san francisco over the weekend. there were not being used for emergencies, they were actually being used to transport patients yesterday from uc san francisco's medical center's older facilities to the new mission bay campus. the new facility includes a woman's center, a cancer center, and a children's hospital. >> i really like it. a lot more movies and a lot more channels. just making sure it's the most comfortable space when you're in a very uncomfortable time. >> the new campus also is a fleet of robots, programsed to
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deliver things like meals and medication linens and lab specimens. looking into the death of a man whose body was found along a walking path. investigators say the man in his 70s was found dead about 4:30 yesterday afternoon on the west street pathway near delaware street. police consider the case suspicious because so far, there's no obvious cause of death. happening today, all three of the giants' world series trophies on display in san mateo. these are scenes from hayward last week. today anyone can see the trophies and take a picture starting at 4:00 p.m. that's at the san mateo elks lodge on west 20th avenue. next stop is tomorrow at municipal stadium in san jose. it's 4:56. super bowl xlvix ends with -- super bowl xlvix sends with dramatic -- ends with dramatic fashion and now all eyes are on the bay area
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60 minute game. and just -- proud of that, proud of the way everybody played. >> the new england patriots are celebrating their fourth super bowl title. the quarterback tom brady led a fourth quarter comeback to beat the seahawks 28-24. brady named super bowl mvp. what do we want? >> fair contracts. >> the refinery martinez is this shutting down. a total of nine are affected mostly in california and texas. can't get us back out until tuesday. >> a winter storm that's already blank etc.ked parts of the midwest now moving east. the storm could now give 16 inches of snow in new england still digging out from last week's storm. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> interception at the goal line! good morning everyone, taking a live look at the bay
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bridge toll plaza right now. liz said about a half hour ago she thinks everyone is sleeping in after the super bowl. maybe, yes that could be the case because not too much of a backup. i'm michelle griego. >> and hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 on your monday. and wow, what a dramatic finish super bowl xlvix last night. a bay area connection decided for the deciding -- accounted for the deciding score for the patriots. tom brady finding redwood city's julian edelman there in the end zone for the touchdown with just two minutes left. and seattle marches down the field with the help of this catch right there. the circus grab. it appeared seattle might win in the final seconds but the patriots will pick the ball off on the goal line. sealing a 28-24 victory. new england's fourth super bowl winner. in six tries. now there's a year to go until super bowl 50 and it's going to be played right here in the bay area. >> and members of the host committee traveled to arizona to get some insights on what works and what doesn't.


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