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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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flames shooting through the roof of an east bay school destroyed a building on campus and now investigators believe the fire may have been set on
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purpose. kpix5 rhyme the tail on the telling clues they founded clermont middle school. >> the two alarm fire ripped through clairmont middle school's cafeteria, at driver on nearby highway 241st saw smoke this morning before 2:00 a.m. and called 911. the flames were so intense and fire fighters cut holes in the roof get at the fire. they also saw something that showed it did not look like an accident. >> at 2:00 a.m. with an open door to school is unusual. >> especially unusual because there's no school because of the presidential holiday. fire fighters also found a broken window near the open cafeteria door. investigators are looking into whether anything was taken. >> why would someone want to do this to our kids. >> school board member joe to london says about 60% of claremont students come from low-income homes and qualify for free or reduced price lunch. she thinks the cafeteria is as good as gone. >> flooded, it's got it, it is
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black and it's not usable. >> if there is school tomorrow, another school in the district will need to make lunch and bring it here. >> i don't know how long it will be out of commission but it is not usable. >> fire fighters were able to contain the fire to the cafeteria building. the early damage estimate for the fire department is at $1 million. >> there's no word yet on the exact cause of the fire. the district is still deciding whether the school will be open tomorrow. the school district is using a drone to help assess the damage. the man flying it is a special projects manager with the school district. it's his personal drama that he figured would be a useful tool to help jumpstart the rebuilding process. this driver got more of a view than he bargained for when he pulled over to take in the scenery near the bay berridge
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toll plaza. the tide came in and he got trapped out there. cal tran and chp went out to check on him. the driver gave them a thumbs up and said, i'm fine and he said he plans to wait until the tide goes back down. police are looking at surveillance video to try to track down to man who killed a security guard. >> friends and family hold each other close as they lay down candles. flowers, cigarettes, and beer in the parking lot in memory of tran10. >> i'm pretty happy,. >> many was shot and killed saturday night outside a liquor store next door to the bar he worked at as a security guard. the manager says two men came inside and stole boxes of cigars off the counter. many try to stop them but shots were fired and one of the bullets left a hole in the liquor store window and many was hit as well. he later died at the hospital.
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the suspects are still on the loose, and as friends and family try to make sense of what happened there hoping it doesn't last long. >> try to find out who it was, they have to pay for what they did. >> saturday night shooting was the third murder in san jose this year. police in denmark have arrested two men suspected of being involved in that deadly shooting spree in copenhagen over the weekend. they are accused of helping the gunman who helped carry out attacks at a free-speech event and outside a synagogue. two men were killed and five officers injured in saturday shooting spree. the gunman was killed in the gun battle with the police. >> we will not accept any attempt to threaten or intimidate our liberties and
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our rights. >> security teams are on high alert across denmark, although the prime minister said there are no signs this week and attack are part of a wider sarahso. egypt struck isis say hours after the release of another gruesome video to make video from a militant group. the video appears to show the beheading of a group of egyptian hostages. >> in egyptian television showed warplanes taking off on a mission to strike isis targets in libya monday. in libya, smoke rose from one of the areas bombs. the swift retaliation came hours after isis released another video online. it shows men dressed in black walking 21 egyptian hostages on the beach. they are forced to kneel down and then it appears they are beheaded. the egyptians had traveled to neighboring live libya for work. they were kidnapped in december and january. in their egyptian village relatives cried and prayed, damnest to mike devastated by
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the senseless killing. >> egypt called for international intervention against isis in libya including political and material support from u.s. coalition targeting the militant groups stronghold in iraq and syria. the call for help comes as congress is debating president obama's formal request to authorize the use of military force against isis. the egyptian air strikes target isis weapons storage sites and training camps in libya's eastern city. lydia says the strikes were coordinated with its armed forces and the 50 militants were killed. >> egypt said it will start evacuating its citizens from libya and has banned all travel to the country a. during saturday's all-star three-point contrast in your,
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curry wrote messages on both of his shoes. once said # rip da the other # curry for dear. curry said he had heard that they followed his career see enthusiastically. >> it was really kind of a cool deal to be able to use a platform yesterday to honor the family and i'm going to send them the shoes i wore yesterday, and hopefully they know a lot of people are thinking about them. >> bearcat was shot to death along with his wife and sister- in-law. what may have been a hate time, the suspect is in police custody. their cats sister works at san francisco general hospital. facing pressure from the community, kensington's police board is weighing whether to take action against its police chief. they're holding a closed-door meeting tonight to discuss the scandal involving sergeant keith barrel. the sergeant paid to have sex with a prostitute in reno last may, and then had his badge,
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handcuffs, and gun stolen. community members are calling on the police chief to resign for leading the investigation drag on. armenta said last month that the discipline should be suspension. president obama is sending labor secretary to help broker new deal between dockworkers and shipping companies. it's causing big concerns about long-term effects on the nation's economy. california's citrus growers say the dispute is costing them millions of dollars every week, and they have been forced to cut employees hours. >> even if it does get resolved soon you have the backlog, and that will have to be worked through. >> secretary perez is expected to meet with both sides tomorrow in san francisco. a good samaritan pulled a woman to safety from a crashed just outside the west district two in alameda. the accident how the mac happened around 6:15 p.m. last night forcing the closure for more than an hour. the woman's car was rear-ended
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by a suspected drunk driver and flipped on its side, trapping her inside. a passing motorist stopped and helped to get her out. she suffered minor injury. a small plane that was in trouble came close to hitting homes in hayward before safely landing on a golf course. the pilot lost power shortly after takeoff a hayward executive airport yesterday afternoon. he did manage to set it down on hole number 10, one of the links was damaged but the pilot walked away without injuries. a witness who was near the airport saw the emergency landing play out. >> i saw the plane pretty lonely couldn't figure why was so low and i couldn't hear the engine. it pancaked itself right in the middle of the fairway. >> the faa will be looking into what happened at that golf course. a deadline has now passed to enroll for health insurance through covered california.
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however if you have started an application you have until friday to finish it. yesterday workers for covered california man an outdoor booth in oakland lake merritt area. everyone who does not have insurance will face financial penalties under the federal affordable care act. millions of americans admit to cheating on their spouses, but it isn't what you might think. some of the most common secrets couples keep. talk about fired up, this meteorologist just cannot get enough of the brutal weather in the northeast. why he is literally jumping up and down. we are jumping up and down like that at the beach, where we have record high temperatures for four straight days. this is the scene in san jose, we are going to talk about the
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getting ready to walk down the aisle? new stats show couples are shelling out an average of 30,000 dollars on their big day and that doesn't even include the honeymoon. that figure is up 5% from the year before. money is a common reason for couples to argue, and it turns out many people are making spending decisions without telling their spouses. a new report from credit found a large number of americans keep financial secrets from their loved ones. roughly one in five americans in a relationship admit they've spent $500 or more with other partners knowledge. >> if my wife is going to spend more than $200, we can take a quick picture of it and text the other and say you know is it okay, are you okay five by this? >> the study also says about 6% of americans have a hidden
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credit card or bank account. a man traveling the world on a rick showers making his way to the bay area. >> it inspired him to set out his journey around the world. he cycled in the london olympics to the eastern china and now he hopes to get to the rio de janeiro for the 2016 games. right now is making his way down i 5, the reason for his journey, to spread the olympic message of international goodwill. it is only mid-february and the city of boston has already recorded its third snowiest winter ever. >> dangerously cold temperatures are making it even tougher for people in boston who are trying to cope with record snow falls. the city got another 16 inches over the weekend, that makes about 7 feet in three weeks. windchills overnight hit 26
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below. >> exhausted, and pretty sick and tired. >> in the boston suburbs, workers are using snowblowers to clear the tops of buildings to avoid roof collapses. >> i've never seen snow like this ever. >> the deep-freeze extends across the midwest to the northeast. here in new york's bryant park it is so cold the fountain is frozen solid. temperatures are not expected to rise above freezing all week. the brutal weather is also taking aim at the southern states. snow began falling overnight in kentucky, and much more is on the way. a wide swath of 6 inches-12 inches from areas of kentucky stretching east towards virginia. >> this morning's freezing wavesrated hazardous driving conditions across the south and with temperatures dropping, forecasters say will only get worse. back in boston it his all
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hands on deck to get public transportation back up and running. the transit authority is offering $30 an hour to anyone willing to grab a shovel and pitch in. the city's transit system shut down completely on sunday, rail and bus lines are still operating on a limited schedule today. about the only person who is thrilled about the storm is the weather channel's gym can tory. >> he loves the stuff. he was reporting in massachusetts when he suddenly at the meteorological jackpot, thunder snow. >> oh yes. yes. we got it baby. we got a baby we got it. we got it. we got it. >> that guy loves his job. there were six lightning strikes while he was out there. extremely rare in snowstorms. jim can tory certainly didn't hide his enthusiasm. i know jim pretty well he is a
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whether not. >> i was like that in chicago when i saw my very first snowstorm i'd never seen a before and then i when outside with a pot and plant and a killed was snow in every came back inside is a looker but it's snowing. i want to show you our big change, take a look at that. what you guys see here? >> not much. >> this signals big time cooling right here in the bay area. currently 69 degrees in the sacramento area you saw the chilly temperatures on the eastern seaboard. let me kick this backup see you can see again the fog and ocean beach and the temperatures were at their 67 degrees in livermore, 67 and san francisco. this temperatures are already above average for this time of year. compare that with the average this time of year that fog is trying to go underneath the golden gate bridge it will saturate the bay overnight tonight and the temperatures will cooldown as a direct result. you can still go to santa cruz were still a full on sunshine
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and 74 degrees variable winds at 10 miles an hour. the surf is mainly about chest high. today around the state, 71 actually at the state capital. it is currently 67 degrees, 73 in fresno today where we started off with some very dense fog, it's 55 degrees with a high 56,in the greater lake tahoe area. sunrise was 6:50 a.m. and by the time it sets at 5:50 p.m. will have these temperatures served up across the bay area. 74 degrees in oakland down from yesterday's 80 degrees. it's more of that marine air that's pushing into the bay area that's knocking back these temperatures. we were at 73 would set a record in san francisco, today upper 60s, 74. these numbers are about 13 degrees above where we should be this time of year. here we have the extended
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forecast, widespread fog tomorrow and wednesday. there's an offshore flow thursday through saturday temperatures go back up and the potential for fire danger will be high to with breezy conditions. using technology can solve the world problems. how 3 d technology can help with healthcare
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works.
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it's one of those leafy green veggies that often gets overlooked. >> were talking swiss charred. >> all the cooking greens, all greens taste better. the nutritional value is added and the red chard is great especially mixed in with the white charred, the colors out of this world. when you buy, words read has to be read, very read all the way through. you see the veins go through the leaves? very important to see those are nice and red. locale vibrant and fresh this is. when you bring it home put it in the refrigerator right away, i like to sautied these sauti
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them with extra virgin olive oil a little bit of garlic, red pepper flakes and there you go, a wonderful appetizer. always remember to refresh and stay healthy, this is also a superfood. the latest advancement in 3 d print technology is on full display at san jose's tech museum. >> the 3 d print cameras give an opportunity for local teachers to show their students this layering process. it also highlights advances in healthcare. >> if you imagine there are no figures you put it in your and then you flex your risk it bends it down and fingers close. >> other displays distler how 3 d printing can aid in disaster relief and help create economic opportunity in developing countries. there's been a big break in
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the napa moosehead mistry. someone dumped the iconic piece of eucalypt it in the mayor's driveway this morning. vandals lobbed it off of the so called moose tree near alston park on new year's eve. the famous deformity was a local landmark. mistry is so popular it even has its own facebook page. a reminder to you if you have a consumer problem or
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coming up at 5:00 p.m., she's known as one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world. the untouched photo sparking a conversation about unrealistic beauty standards. that will do it for kpix5 at noon, did you work on your
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