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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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alk. sometimes a mile or more in to the park. some even pushing a baby stroller. >> we haven't quite figured out how we're going to safely walk to the park. >> reporter: safety is a concern for people who live here now and feel the illegally and unsafely parked cars could prevent them from evacuating during a disaster. 4,000 people were here saturday and sunday. the park figures fewer people today but there's still only 150 legitimate parking spots. what's a nature lover to do? >> we had to wait three different times so i think third time is a charm. >> the rangers here have a tip on how to enjoy your visit to muir woods. my favorite, number two, visit other redwood parks. ann notrarangelo, kpix 5. video just in of a fire along i-680 in san jose. somebody in a car head ed northbound caught this tree fully engulfed in flames. the fire crews have blocked off two
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lanes to fight that fire. no word on how it got started. check this out. a driver stopped to admire the scenery got a better view of the bay than he bargained for. his van was stuck near the toll plaza. the driver declined offers of help from cal trans and chp. he told them he'd just wait till the tide went back out again. we have new aerial video of the aftermath of a suspicious fire at an oakland school. it ripped through claremont middle school. a district employee later flew his personal drone over the scene to help assess the damage. here's how it looked when the fire erupted just after 2:00 a.m. investigators are pretty sure it was no accident. they say a window in the building was broken and a door was open. they're still looking for the exact cause of the fire. in the meantime the school is scrambling to come up with a plan to feed the kids. >> it's gutted. it's blackened and really not useable.
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>> damage to the building is estimated at $1 million. developing now a fire burning out of control after a train derailment and explosion in west virginia. amateur video taken right after the accident shows flames and that thick black smoke billowing in to the air. that train was hauling more than 100 tanker cars with crude oil aboard. 14 of those tankers are on fire. that of course ignited the hillside. one tanker ended up in the river. 100 families nearby have been evacuated. the area was under a winter storm warning. but it is not clear if that played any part in the derailment. japan issued a tsunami advisory after a 6.8 earthquake shook the northeast part of the country. it hit at 8 a.m. local time near miako. no immediate reports of damage. the quake struck in the same region as a
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tsunami in 2011. we're learning more about the deadly terror attacks in denmark. thousands gathered tonight for a candlelight memorial outside the copenhagen cafe where the shooting started saturday. another person was killed outside a synagogue. ken bastida tells us the suspects gunman was released from jail just two weeks ago. >> ap sources identify the gunman as el-hussein. investigators released these images from 2013 when el-hussein was accused in a stabbing on a subway train. in this photo you can see what appears to be a knife in his hand. this video also emerged today showing elhussein competing in a kick boxing match earlier that year. he's the guy in the black and blue short on the right. investigators are questioning two men suspected of helping him, hoping they can shed some light on his motives. >> reporter: denmark's red and white flag is flying at half staff across the capital to honor the victims of the
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weekend's terror attack. >> we will not accept any attempt to threaten or intimidate our liberties and our rights. >> reporter: police killed the 22-year-old suspect in a shootout early sunday after he gunned down two people in brazen attacks the day before. witnesses say that gunman fired about 200 rounds at a crowd gathered in a cafe for an event on free speech. then nine hours later, authorities say he shot a jewish security guard in the head outside a synagogue. >> two innocent people have lost their lives and five police officers are injured. >> reporter: investigators believe the suspect who had a history of violence and gang connections may have been inspired by islamic extremists. his face is on every front page and some in copenhagen say they're still scared. >> i want to be here in my country and walk around and feel safe but i don't.
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>> reporter: security teams are on high alert across the country. although the prime minister says there are no signs this weekend's attacks are part of a wider terror cell. >> really nothing new to denmark. they've been a terror target since 2005 when a danish newspaper published a dozen cartoons of the prophet muhammad. that triggered violent protests. egypt didn't waste any time striking isis targets in libya today. war planes bombed weapon storage sites and training camps, killing at least 50 militants. swift retaliation came hours after isis released another gruesome video online. it appears to show the beheading of 21 egyptian christian hostages on a beach. the egyptians have traveled to neighboring libya for work when isis kidnapped them. egypt is calling for international intervention against the terror group. in the east bay the police board in kensington is deciding whether the chief should be
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punished for a sex scandal involving one of his detectives. he allegedly paid to have sex in reno last may. police chief suspended varo, but some of the community want the police chief to resign for letting the investigation to drag on so long. the police board will hold a closed door meeting tonight to discuss the case. napa's famous wooden moose head has reappeared. it was cut from a eucalyptus tree new year's eve. now it's sitting on the mayor's driveway. the moose head is actually a growth from the drink of the giant tree on dry creek road. over the years it's been decorated and painted. police don't know who cut it off or why nor do they know who put it on the mayor's driveway. panic in the terminal. airport passengers run for their lives. the announcement that sparked mass chaos at l.a.x. >> fired shots. she's gone. and i don't have my wife.
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>> road rage leaves a family shattered. the victim, a mother teaching her daughter to drive. what triggered the deadly confrontation. >> five. five consecutive days with widespread temperatures at or above 70 degrees. in february. we are talking about a weather change that will cool us down. we'll talk about that and one tiny chance of rain in the 7-day forecast. >> a supermodel with cellulite? the strong re action to this untouched photo of cindy crawford and the debate it's sparking about beauty standards.
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passenger were set in to a panic at l.a.x. because of a false announcement. people ran out on to the tarmac from terminal 2 and somebody on the public address system said there was a gunman on the loose. airport officials say the
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announcer was uninformed. police were searching for a man letening to -- threatening to commit suicide. new clues in the senseless killing. a mother gunned down after a driving lesson with her daughter. this car was caught on surveillance video moments after tammy meyers was shot thursday in las vegas. she died over the weekend. meyers and her daughter were coming home from a driving lesson when they knot in to a near-collision with a car and verbal argument. meyers drove home, calling for help. minutes later a car pulled up and shot her in the head. one of her sons fired back. >> i'm home sitting down relaxing i hear that my mom got shot in the head by a dude that doesn't even care. >> hug your wife right now. tell them how much you love them. because you get to do that. i don't. >> meyers' family says they've donated her organs and are raising money for her funeral expenses. police released this sketch of the suspect. a memorial is growing
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outside a san jose strip mall where a security guard was killed. manny alvarez was shot to death saturday night while chasing thieves from a liquor store on north capital avenue. police were studying surveillance video to track down the two suspects who ran off. u.s. labor secretary tom perez is on his way to san francisco to try to break the port stalemate. a bitter contract battle between longshoremen and their employers is crippling west coast shipping traffic. 29 ports including oakland have been shut down for the past two weekends. cargo has been backing up for months. secretary perez plans to bring both sides to the table to try to help them broker a new deal. no edits and no airbrushing. a supermodel's flaws shown for all the world to see. why it's touching such a nerve with women around the world. >> a bay area restaurant finds out it is 30 minutes away from hosting the president. how they kept it cool for the commander in chief.
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it's the photo everyone is talk about. supermodel cindy
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crawford. >> we're talking about cindy crawford consistently voted one of the most beautiful people on earth. now in spite of this photo or probably because of it, a lot of people decided they haven't changed their minds. >> reporter: cindy crawford most recently has been promoting workout videos. >> everyone thinks i have a perfect body because i shoot swimsuits and lingerie and that's definitely not true. >> reporter: in fact, it's an imperfection that's going viral. this picture was apparently leaked after a shoot from marie claire magazine. it's not photoshopped or retouched. joanne tweets, if we have to endure a mainstream representations of womanhood and beauty at least them them be real ones. another, people need to realize our bodies change.
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it's a beautiful transformation. stop expecting flawless. >> it's real. as a photo journalist i like authenticity. >> reporter: she says when it comes to photojournalism you can alter a photo but only minimally. you can crop it or make it brighter or darker. >> within our industry you can only do what you could have done in the dark room. now there's fashion and photography that's a whole different world and things are photoshopped on a regular basis. >> there you have an important reminder from a pulitzer winner. if it's journalism, it's scarcely altered. if it's fashion photography they'll go out of their way to alter it and most of the time do. reporting live joe vazquez kpix 5. a day after the untouched photo was leaked, cindy crawford's husband instagramed this photo of his wife. he wrote in the caption she got flowers and i got her.
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happy valentine's day. president obama is due to touchdown outside washington, d.c. in less than half an hour. he left palm springs earlier today after a weekend of golf and a couple days of fundraising here in the bay area last week. while the president was in san francisco, he made a surprise visit to spruce restaurant near the presid io for dinner. the general manager said he had 30 minutes warning that the president was coming. so were he and his staff star struck? >> i would say yes but you try to not show that. we take care of all of our knests the same -- our guests the same. we tried to do service just as normal but of course when a guest like that in the building, everyone is a little more aware of their surroundings. >> the president stayed and dined for two hours. no one was allowed to talk about what he ate but there are reports he had the duck. the northeast is in a deep freeze tonight.
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wind chills have hit minus 20 in some areas. in boston they got another 16 inches of snow over the weekend. that makes about 7 feet in three weeks. now a new storm is slamming the southern states. it could dump a foot of snow in some places before it heads north. they certainly don't need anymore snow up there. take a look at this door in plum island, massachusetts. it's open but there's no way out. the snow piled up all the way to the top. the homeowner eventually tunneled a path to freedom. in new york the hudson river is frozen over. these boats are literally locked in place. >> you can't do much about what we have here because we have it great. let's rub it in. our president's day spectacular. meteorologist paul deanno upstairs enjoying the last bit of sun of the day. >> the weather is pretty gorgeous around here. you've seen the pictures. it's all over social media.
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we showed you some of them. they're talking about temperatures 20, 30 40 degrees colder than normal. whereas we have been 10 to 20 degrees above normal. the only thing we needed to make it feel like summer, or the temperatures be a little summertime fog. guess what's rolling through the golden gate right now and heading to berkeley and emeryville? that's fog. because the onshore flow has returned. hat is a lot of low cloud cover and fog currently. oakland, you're at 71. in the fog with the onshore flow returning san francisco 61. and san bruno, only 57. in between we find 68 for livermore, san jose, 68. santa rosa 66. it will stay foggy along the coastline tonight. that's you in marin and san mateo and san francisco. all the way down to santa cruz. 52 tonight for san francisco. concord, 46, and livermore 45. the fog will not push inland but it will be chilly away from the water tonight. got to show you the snow pack not doing that well. this is supposed to be a big ski weekend in the sierra.
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the central sierra only 29% of average. as a whole the state is sitting at 27% of normal when it comes to the snow pack. want to know where all the snow is? it's back east. yet another big snowstorm heading toward virginia, washington, d.c. philadelphia new york city, and yes, boston. anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow. they cannot get a break whereas for us, a huge ridge of high pressure sits over top of the west coast. as a matter of fact it will split in to two areas of high pressure and the one to our south is critical because that has brought back the onshore flow. that's why we have the fog. that's why the next couple days will not be as warm. highs for the first time in about a week will not hit 70 degrees tomorrow. we'll still stay dry but won't be as warm. our only chance of rain, and a tiny one at that, that will come sunday as around the northern ridge of high pressure, we'll have a weak storm system move down the spine of the sierra. that may clip us and give us a few showers on sunday. right now i'm keeping the forecast dry but fingers
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crossed may get a little bit of rain or mountain snow over the weekend. tonight it's about the fog. widespread fog along the coast. temperatures will take a step back. we did so today near the water. as for rain, i don't see it. we're going to be dry all week long and mainly sunny. we're cooler tomorrow but we are still above average. the average high in concord is 61. tomorrow you'll hit 66. san jose power degrees above average with a high of 68. take a look at the south bay temperatures. sunnyvale, 66. hayward. east bay, walnut creek, 68. antioch, 68. livermore, 68 degrees . sausalito, 62. you'll be foggy tomorrow morning. sonoma 64. away from the fog we're still in the 70s but that's you in lake county. we'll stay mainly dry all week long. it will be cooler especially along the coastline for the next couple days. we do return to the 70s coming up thursday and
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friday and you notice temperatures taking a little bit of a dip toward sunday and monday. i'm also trending things cloudier. as of right now, not putting rain in the forecast just yet. so changes yes. they're tiny changes. we're going to stay warmer than average. we'll stay dry for a while. wouldn't it be nice if we get a little bit of the moisture they have back east? just some of it. of course not snow. but just a little bit. they are just getting punished this winter. punished. >> they're asking for a little bit of our warmth. just a little bit. >> we can work out a trade but mother nature is saying no, they're keeping it all right now. >> thank you. we see it all the time. maybe even we other it. if you can't fight the temptation to text how an app can save you from
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we've all seen people do it. texting while walking. >> if you can't kick the habit julie watt shows us there are a
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handful of new apps that can keep you from looking like a fool or worse. >> reporter: who can forget this woman toppling in to a fountain, or this guy almost walking in to a bear? these texting while walking fails may be good for a laugh but the multitasking can be down right dangerous. it sends as many as 1500 people a year to emergency rooms, so engaged they fall off platforms, walk in to traffic they're even hit by cars. >> flying through the air thinking what the hell. >> reporter: texting while walking has become such a phenomenon it prompted a stony brook university study. 33 participants were tested on their ability to walk and text. each first asked to walk to a certain spot. then asked to do it again wearing a hood and the third time wearing a hood while texting. most hit their mark while walking blindly. but 61% couldn't do it while texting. >> with texting he was here and here. >> it really is altering what
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you're doing. it's a potential you could get yourself in to a dangerous situation. >> reporter: in the uk one company tried to prevent that by putting bumpers around lamp posts. in china they created special texting lanes. here in the u.s. many are turning to technology in an effort to save people from, well, technology. there are a growing number of apps that can help you walk and text even surf the web by making your screen transparent. a group of cornell university students created an app that connected phones to crosswalk signals via bluetooth. they believe the app could save lives. but others say there's a much simpler solution. >> if it's a really important text that you're getting stop. read the text. then continue on. >> texting while walking is so common there's now a word for it. wexting. >> we've never done that.
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>> never ever. >> in the back of my mind i'm thinking someone is going to catch this on camera and i'm never going to live this down. [ laughter ] maybe just put the phone in your purse or pocket. >> good idea. drivers in the santa cruz mountains about to take a major detour. the stretch of highway 9 that goes from santa cruz to felton that will be closed for six months for road work. traffic will be diverted on to highway 17. that is not just a pain for drivers. could be bad for businesses along highway 9 of course. in this video the highway was partially shut down during last week's storms. now business is very concerned. they'll be cut off from their customers during the busy spring and summer months. however cal trans is saying the winding mountain road is just too narrow to keep open during construction. a chinese farmer traveling the world on a rickshaw is making his way to the bay area. the man says the 2008 beijing
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olympics inspired him to set out on his journey around the world. a few years ago he cycled from the london olympics from eastern china. now he hopes to get to rio de janeiro for the 2016 games. he's making his way down i-5 from redding. the reason for his journey to spread the olympic message of international goodwill. now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelley is in new york. >> great to be with you in the bay area. bank robbers have made off with as much as a billion dollars. we'll take you inside that investigation plus we're at the scene of a fiery oil train derailment that has forced two towns to evacuate. we'll have those stories tonight on the western edition of the cbs evening news at 5:3
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you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
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veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 news room. here's what's new at 6:00. no guns or holdup needed. now robbers are hacking in to banks. how the cyber crooks are getting millions of dollars handed to them. >> a bay area county wages war on measles but finds itself in an uphill battle. join us tonight at 6:00. >> we'll see you in 30 minutes veronica. enjoy your evening and that great weather that paul was talking about out there. the cbs evening news with scott pelley coming up next. >> remember the latest news and weather on our website
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>> pelley: tonight, frozen solid, a wind-chill of 85 below with a snowstorm hitting the south and heading east. we're at the scene of a fiery oil train derailment that has forced two towns to evacuate. bank robbers make off with asllio much as a billion dollars, and e an amazing end to a marathon by a runner who just wouldn't quit. >> you are one tough young lady! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. we'll begin with breaking news. this is getting worse by the minute.


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