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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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like that work should be wrapping up. a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. chp has their own high wind advisory for bridges. we said at the top of the hour this is starting to stack up in the fast lanes, no meet meter -- metering lights. quick check along the peninsula, so far, no delays along 101. sound good. it's 5:00 now. events are planned this week to mark 50 weeks until super bowl l in santa clara. and big game now 349 days away. we are live at levi stadium where the super bowl will be played. it's going to be a busy week, i guess, right? >> reporter: yeah, it's a busy week, busy year when you think about it, so they are calling it 50 weeks until super bowl l celebration, and it starts with a count down clock, around this
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is no ordinary clock. people from all over the bay area are encouraged to send in a photo of themselves, holding a number, and that is made into a downtown clock, and if you look yes, that is our very own vern glenn holding up our favorite mum number. this is up on sf bay super bowl website. on tuesday, it's san francisco, wednesday, san jose, friday oakland. prizes are worth thousands of dollars, and they include gift certificates, gift cards, museum passes, winery tastings and so on. >> now we are launching a celebration, if you will, to officially kick off the count down to super bowl l. so we'll be launching another fun and creative initiatives this beak to get the region excited about super bowl l. >> and the committee likes to say they are redefining the super bowl. one way is with the so-called 50
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fund that, means 25% of all money raised with this super bowl will go to local charities. so, yes, let the hype begin. they say this will be the biggest super bowl ever. we're live in santa clara, kpix 5. for more on the run up to super bowl l, go to down. one of two food vendors hit by a car in east san jose has died. police say he's a 40-year-old man. he and his wife were at the food stand on white much white road on saturday when a car slammed into them and keeps going. here's a look at the driver who was arrested and charged with dui. he's 25-year-old marco shumali. woman who was hit is expected to survive. a san jose main is accused of ripping a cash box from the arms of a girl scott. cody gintz took the box from a 10-year-old selling cookies in front of a safeway store.
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offers tracked his car down, and they arrested him. cash has been returned to the girl scout troop. an alleged prostitute blamed for the defendant of an executive is due back in a courtroom today. alice is charged with manslaughter in the november 2013 death of for hailing. the hearing is about evidence gathered from the home of her parents. security is being increased at some malls in the u.s., london and canada, in response to a video said to be from al shabaab, a group based in somali. the narrators urges muslims to attack major shopping malls. >> we have a situation where groups like isil, al shabaab, aqap are calling for individuals to carry out attacks in their homeland. and in my judgment, that represents a totally new
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environment. among those specifically mentioned are the mall of america, minnesota, and the west edmonton mall in alberta. u.s. officials say there is no credible evidence of an imminent attacks, but precautions being taken. president obama says he's open to negotiating with congress on parts of his request for military action against i eye cyst. after -- isis. the proposal includes a 3 year limit on military action and restrictions on the use of american troops. the nation's governors meet with president obama at the white house this morning. the meeting comes as days before the department of homeland security's budget is set to expire. the standoff is off his action on immigration. the appointment of a new special trustee for the city college of san francisco. the current trustee is retiring. the new trustee will oversee the governance back to the locally
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elected board of trustees. the stayed board of's accreditation voted strip them of their accreditation almost two years ago. it is 5:05. the stars are out for the 87th 87th annual academy awards. a man and woman get off a bus, and then this happens. details on what caused the ground beneath them to give way. from the kpix weather center, we are tracking the possibility of rain returning to the bay area. we'll tell you when. the commute has just begun on highway 4 out of antioch, we will show you the slow spots and where the wind might be causing a slow-down for your morning drive. but what drives you crazy during your commute? ask a question or share a gripe:
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on this monday, february 23, looking out the door right now, we do have a wind advisory in effect. see the wind whistle around in the palm tree from treasure island. today with the sunshine, highs in the 60s, rain returning? we'll talk about that. unplenty surprise for a couple people getting off a bus in south could re.
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they fell right through this collapse. this is from a surveillance camera. the two were treated at a hospital for minor injuries, and then released. >> that's incredible! this is credible, "birdman," the big winner last night at the academy award. the film stars michael keaton as an actor trying to escape his past as an on-screen superhero won the best picture oscar he eddie redmayne won best actor. >> eddie redmayne was so pumped up. for some people, the awards are less when what the stars are winning and more about what they are wearing. >> terry owe keep -- owe keith has the rundown. >> reporter: jennifer hudson scarlett johansson, the red carpet star last year scored big
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again, in white. as did best actress, julianne moore. laura determine shined silver rita ora assistant, and jennifer lopez proved plunging neck lines are the trend. >> do you feel like a princess? >> reporter: the red carpet can boost not only a celebrity's career, but also their stylist, and the designer. >> the brands, make sure the brands are out there. >> reporter: critics can -- male stars took some bold risks with textured tuxes, white jackets and unexpected colors! how long did it take to you get ready today? >> like shorter than my answer. >> reporter: but perhaps best dressed went to the accountant.
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your favorite? jennifer aniston, right? >> she was one of the last present terse, and she was -- presenters, and she was beautiful. >> did you know they all collaborate months in advance? >> and some of the dresses, really? i'm no style expert, but you can say why would you wear that? how about the one with all the balls on it? >> with the shawl? >> yeah, i know, but you know what? i was in favor of a lot of them. >> jennifer aniston looked gorgeous. let's go out the door, and show you what's going on. take some time to get back to work after watching. you can see the slow-downs to about gas co, and then more
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flowing from -- here is a live look, at least it's not foggy. wick -- we can show you this camera. and everything, yeah, looks good, except for the high wind advisory that is in effect for the altamont pass. here is a live look along the peninsula, if you're heading to sfo no major issues or 111, or 280. all parts of the bay, we're not seeing any hot spots, but the bigger areas of congestion highway 4 is definitely picking up. every 10 minutes or so, i check the sensors, and they're growing long better and redder by the -- longer and redder. you can see here where it's heavy, and it loosens up to pittsburgh bay point. here is a look at golden gate bridge. they are getting another southbound lane open in the commute direction, and if you're heading through oakland, near oakland airport, the coliseum
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we can show you a live look between 66 and high, everything looks great. and they had the road work northbound, at san leandro, southbound earlier, this morning, it was in the northbound direction, but good news, if your heading to work is because it is all picked up. mass transit looks good, it's is is -- ace is fine, bart, system wide, no delays. tune to our radio partners kcbs, 106.9, or 97 fm. what's in store next? it was a pretty, sunny weekend. as you head out the door, we still do have clear skies, we have the dryer air mass in place as well. but we have some pretty gusty winds at this hour. currently air temperatures from the 40s in san jose, to the 50s in oakland, and in livermore, it is currently 51 in santa rows. let's take at santa rosa. let's look at the wind, north
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northeast up to 11 miles an hour in san francisco, 12 in san jose, and 12-mile per hour speeds. we have an actual wind speed at 12 in vallejo. in the higher elevations to the north and east bay is where we see some wind gusts overnight up to 50 miles per hour, and that's why the national weather service has issued a wind advisory until 10:00 a.m. for those portions. here is the golden gate bridge it's like a double white knuckler, the bay bridge and golden gate bridge, because it's a higher elevation. so breezy out the door, mild temperatures this afternoon. and looking ahead, with a chance of rain returning by the end of the workweek. this is some lingering wrap around moisture as you watch the academy award, you know it was raining significantly in southern california. all this activity is lifting to nevada, and we have high pressure that continues to build for the bay area. 70s at the capitol, 58 in
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fresno. a dusting of snow in the highest elevation of the high sierra. also little of rain/snow mix this morning in the yosemite area. temperatures for us locally into the 60s, and yes, the numbers are still averaging at least 5-7 degrees above normal for this time of the year. 64 in redwood city, and also be in the low to mid-60s in mountain view. the extended forecast, ran in the offing on -- rain in the offing for friday and saturday. if you want to track the chances of rain returning here to the bay area, you can get the cbs bay area weather app, you can check conditions in your own area, get real-time radar, and i've had people that have had difficulty. you have to search kpix, and that downloads the bay area weather app. you can shares photos from me
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take pictures of the daffodils that are blooming like crazy. >> on the east coast, no. >> it's winter in the east coast! >> it is, and it's getting nor blast of winter weather out there. the deep south, including texas and tennessee are dealing with ice and power outages. you the latest storm is linked to more than 20 deaths. northeast is getting more snow and bitter cold, the national weather service says temperatures will be '02 25 to 30 degrees bee -- 20 to 25 degrees below normal. a 40-ton humpback whale is in trouble off the coast of hawaii. the whale is caught up in some fishing line that's wrapped around its tail. today, a team of marine biologists are going out to try to free the whale. there's a man who not only confront the dangers of the ocean, but photographs it. more now from carter evans.
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>> reporter: just south of san francisco, the waves are legendary. towering walls of water, some 60 feet high. >> you couldn't describe this if you didn't take a picture of it. >> reporter: to get the shot frank has to get close. taking his jet ski offshore where the surf is unforgiving. >> there's not many of us that do it, and there's a reason why. it's so dangerous. >> reporter: the images capture the beauty and peril. >> some of the best shots are before the wipe out? >> most of my best shots were before the wipe out. you don't talk about so much but some situations are life and death. >> reporter: and that's when he assumes his other role, one honed by years of lifeguard training. >> he switched from photographer to rescuer. you get the shot, and you go through the process of geoghan geoghan -- going out to rescue.
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>> reporter: kim is one of the franking a best subjects. >> i -- frank's best subjects. >> it's the motion perfect wave best angle, and picked me up. >> reporter: each big wave is a potential magazine cover, and life-saving rescues. >> it looks like the big clamp, it's just ready to crush you, you know, and people see it and they're like oh, my god. >> reporter: it's what makes the art so unique to capture the peril. he has to face it himself. the pictures are so amazing. it almost looks unreal. >> 50-foot waves, 60-foot, are you kidding me? i hope he has a good medical plan, and good catch a to boot. 5:18. how deep you have to dig the next time you visit disney.
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>> reporter: coming up, -- what's cool about your school. a way to
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got to get to work on time here is a live look at the san mateo bridge commute, high wind advisory is in effect for the san mateo bridge, and others we'll show you what it's doing to the morning commute. it is all just minutes away. good morning, the warriors started a 6 game road trip without curry who sat out last night with an ankle injury. curry hoped to return on tuesday. they could have used him in indiana. miles hit the dagger for the pacers, they beat the warriors 104-99. jeff gordon led for many. logano took the lead, and 24-year-old held on to become the second youngest driver to win the daytona 500. this woman, the seniors for
5:23 am
27 points in the second half to lead the bears to a 63-53 win to split the season series with the cardinals. golf, the pga final round at riviera, former cal golfer has the birth at the -- birdie putt. had a chance to extend the match if he could sink it. but he couldn't. so with that, hahn won. to put it in -- he got a job at nordstrom selling shoes. now, he's on top of the golf world. great story. vern glenn is in arizona, reporting on spring training. we'll see you in the 6:00 news. have a great day, everybody. thank you. play of the day on a monday. we will go to the nba hardwood. the cavaliers and knicks in new york. i think eventually that's
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what he wants to do. >> a beautiful pass! the two former knicks connect. oh, man! >> that is an alley-oop. the cavs won 101-83. your play of the day. the count down is on until football's biggest game at levi stadium. the special campaign kicking off for super bowl l. and bye bye to low gas prices, at least for now, more on what's driving prices up
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poison birds popping up around the bay area, it's not
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being done on purpose. what experts say is making the birds sick. >> reporter: only 50 weeks numb the next super bowl. we'll tell you how to win free stuff. good morning, monday is here, it's february 23. let's get a look at weather and traffic. >> we are wrapping up the month of february on a breezy note as we enter the last week of february. good morning, heading out the door, we have wind swept skies, clear, but a little cool due to the wind, 49 degrees in san jose, to 54 degrees in oakland. the national weather service has issued a wind advisory for the highest elevations and also the more exposed areas of the bay area where overnight we had you gusts up to 50 miles an hour. the winds will be the same out of the north and northeast, 10-20 miles an hour. numbers are still averaging above normal for this time of year, into the mid-60s, and
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high 60s. 69 degrees in oakland today, mid-60s in san jose, the extended forecast, we have a chance of rain returning right here to the bay area. the last couple days of the month, we're holding outs for miracle march. we will talk about that straight ahead, but first, back to liz. we haven't seen any major hot spots or accidents. we are receiving the congestion filling in, especially on the bridges, bay bridge toll plaza no exception. typical for before 5:30. the cash lines are filling in. a high wind advisory positioned for the bay bridge, the richmond san rafael bridge. and the san mateo bridge. so it's gusty outside. and chp drove around the bridges early this morning, and said they are going to issue their own high wind advisory. 92, should take you 12 minutes
5:30 am
to get to hate wood or foster -- haywood or foster city. just sluggish all the way out, and loosens up been, and slows closer to the dublin interchange, which we can show you live. and looks good through the dublin grade. mass transit off to a great star, no delays for bart, and others. heavy rain in southern california is causing concern about possible landslides. a wildfire last fall left the hills of silverado canyon barren. the downpours have left the area vulnerable to landslides, and residents preparing with sandbags. and with just one road out, some are preparing preparing to evacuate just in case. u.s. intelligence experts are sketch california that a group could -- skeptical that a group to carry out attacks. al shabaab called on muslim to
5:31 am
do that. mall owners animators are on -- and operators are on alert. >> reporter: fbi officials are working with the mall owners nationwide, boosting security after al shabaab released this video saturday, calling on muslims to attack shopping centers. specifically, naming minnesota's mall of america. >> we now have a situation where groups like isil, al shabaab, aqap are publicly calling for individual actors to carry out attacks in their homeland. and in my judgment, that represents a totally new environment. >> reporter: al shabaab is an al-qaida linked group that responsibility for the 2013 attack on the west gate mall in nairobi kenya that killed more than 60. authorities say there is no credible evidence a u.s. mall attack is imminent, still, shoppers at the mall of america are on alert. >> i'm scared, i have two lift
5:32 am
ones. >> reporter: the video comes days when funded for homeland security is set to expire. dave johnson says that could furlough workers he needs in the fight against terror. >> it's bizarre and absurd we're even having this discussion in these times into experts say the video shows al shabaab is trying to keith with groups like isis. officials are urging shoppers at mall of america, and malls everywhere to be have vigilant. many republican lawmakers say approval of a measure to fund homeland security must include provisions that overturn the president's executive actions on immigration. gas prices have taken another significant leap. the lundberg survey says the national average for a gallon of regular is now $2.33, that's $0.13 more than just two weeks ago. it's blamed on high crude oil prices and labor strikes to some
5:33 am
refineries. here are the average prices according to gas buddy. $12.88 in san jose, $2.87 in oakland, and $2.96 in san francisco. and despite the recent increases, the prices are still about $0.85 less than a year ago. a troubling report is out on the dangers of trains carrying crude oil or other fuel. the federal government predicted the trains could re rail on average of 10 time a year in the next two decades. the department of trance sayings says derailment -- development of translation says it could could you billions in damage and if there's a serious accident, hundreds of people could die. this prediction comes at a time when there's a heated debate over driverred crude by rail. the dee investment in west virginia just adds to the dee based. storm this past week have kept crews from getting to the site. it derailed during a snow storm last monday, more than two dozen
5:34 am
cars went off the tracks and 14 caught fire. the train was carrying three million gallons of crude oil. a plane heading to stockton cashed in eastern washington -- crashed into hurricane washington. it lost power and went down. the pilot was critically injured. he's believed to be from canada a witness says the plane banked left, and eventually crashed much. it got hit by a cargo vessel. as many as 140 passengers on board. one survivor said many people in the lower deck were trapped when it went down. several passengers are still missing. animal activists in marin county are concerned about turkey vultures that are eating too much of the wrong thing. workers with the advocacy group wild care say turkey vultures are getting sick after savaging on euthanized animals.
5:35 am
they are not properly cremated or buried. at first they were found comatose and barely breathing, but they're doing better. a cam page of 50 weeks until super bowl l is kicking off. you can see our count down clock. the game is 349 days away. and we will show that super bowl number 50. kip is live where two teams will take the field. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, yeah, we know the super bowl just ended but the hype machine has already begun with that event. they call it the 50 weeks until super bowl l celebration, and they have their own count down clock but this is no ordinary clock. people are encouraged to take a picture with a number on it, and turn that photo into a count down clock, and yes, that is our very own vern glenn.
5:36 am
also part of the kickoff, the committee is giving away free stuff in each city, starting today in santa clara, and tuesday, in the city, wednesday, back down to san jose, thursday santa rosa, and friday in oakland. prizes are worth thousands. they include gift certificates gift cards, and so on. >> the eyes of the world will be on the bay area for that ten day period leading up to february 7 2016, and we want to take advantage of that. we want to show off the bay area for all it has to offer. the city of san francisco, silicon valley, the wine region technology, and innovation that's on display here on a daily basis every day, we want to capture all of that, and put it on full display for the world to see. >> reporter: and levi stadium got some more practice for the big game over the weekend. the nhl game featuring the that and l.a. kings had 70,000 fans
5:37 am
in attendance. that is your -- surpasses their use cat. they will have -- there their usual capacity. they will have more practice crowds later. >> they have to get the ice arena out. thanks, for more on,, go to down. target is making a push to expand the green offerings in stores, and samsung is playing up its latest smartphone. we are live in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, thank you, michelle. the s & p and dow will open at new record highs. the dow jumped 154 points, the nasdaq was up 31. samsung is trying to get some buzz for the new smartphone with this youtube video. we don't get a good look at the
5:38 am
phone, but it promises it will be powerful. and target it, is doubling down on the mush to go green. -- target, is doubling down on the market to go green. target bay dude items like bleach free diapers and non-aerosol air fresheners. new products are children's soap, and veggie pachecos -- pouches. something near and dear to my heart. something is going going on with one airline. they are giving you more leg room. >> not a big deal to you. >> are your feet touching the ground? >> reporter: i can relate michelle! well, feet guru has compared coach seats on major airlines they found jetblue offers the most space, about 34 inches.
5:39 am
that followed by southwest and virgin america. delta, american and united in the middle. there is bad news though. things could be changing for jetblue. it recently announced it is adding seats, and frank, unfortunately, we know what that means. less leg room, even less than there is now. >> jill, you and i can still fly on jetblue, so we're good. >> one time i don't mind being short, that's right. >> that is right. thanks so much. have a great day. >> thank you, jill. the happiest place on earth may not make you smile when that bill comes. disney announced it is racing ticket prices -- raising ticket prices. it only affects one day tickets which in some cases is over 100 bucks. the price increase varies from park to park. disney would not say directly why, but that's a strong demand for the company's attracts and
5:40 am
entertainment. 5:39, hollywood's biggest stores were honored last night -- stars were honored last night. relief could be on the way for peanut allergy sufferers. the new game-changing patch that could be a life saver. a look at 880 oakland, looks likes thing are moving fine, but that could change. liz has an update on traffic, and roberta is standing what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit
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welcome back, if you look carefully at the palm tree, we have a ripple there, because of the wind. a wind advisory is in effect for portions of the pay area to the north, and the east, as gusty wind have been clocked up to 50 miles per hour. the double white knuckle commute
5:43 am
over the bay bridge is windy as well of the your complete monday forecast as the news continues. the academy awards kept us up late. had some surprises and a few political statements. >> a pretty good show though. danielle nottingham has a run-down of the top winners. >> reporter: "birdman." >> reporter: "birdman" flew away with the award for best picture. the film's director, alejandro gonzalez inarrito, also took home an oscar. >> and we are here, i don't know how that happened, but it happened. >> reporter: julianne moore won best actress for the movie "still alice." eddie redmayne was given the best actor award for his portrayal of steven hawking in the "the theory of everything." >> this oscar -- >> reporter: i got a chance to talk to him before the show. >> i knew it was a special story, i didn't dream it would have gone this far.
5:44 am
>> reporter: in a year that was criticized for having a lack of diverse nominees, an emotional high point when the song glory won for the movie selma. it was based on events from 50 years happening, but we say it is now. >> reporter: the stars were out here on the red carpet before the show, which got a little soggy at times. rain showers were too heavy for the giant tent covering the red carpet. but that didn't dampen the spirits of fans who cheered for their favorite stars. nominee robert duvall made a prediction. >> i don't think i'm going to win. >> reporter: he turned out to be right. but for him and all the stars that came up a little short there's always next year. danielle nottingham, cbs news hollywood. >> the one thing i learned that lady gaga can really sing. my gosh. the tribute to the sound of music, and julie andrews was
5:45 am
weeping. and whip lash, i've never seen that movie. >> now you have to. >> the performances were great. i even liked everything from the lego move, too. >> i missed that one! thanks, guys. let's hit the roads. so show you what's going on things are getting a little hectic on the roads now. you'll notice all the red sensors popping up through the livermore valley and livermore pass, i think they are slower than normal because we have a chp wind advisory along 560. and then, as you get closer to the dublin interchange, it gets sluggish, but this crash is not helping the compute. westbound 560, two car crash on the right hand shoulder, but you can see the delays, we're not even seeing a break from the at month pass. which is one line of continuous slow traffic. from 205 out to 680, unfortunately, and it does clear out a little pass that. a live look at the bay bridge metering lights are on, and it looks like they're going through
5:46 am
them slowly. the car is barely budging. there haven't been many accidents reported, but they are traveling slowly for some reason. it is stacked up beyond that the first crossing. if you want it ride mass transit, everything has been rolling along on schedule. bart has 41 trains on time. regular schedule, nothing to mention from. and if you're heading along the peninsula, 101, sfo, everything has been cruising along. highway 4, i just keep watching this line of sensors grow and grow. highways are backed up, still between hillcrest and -- but even past, beginning to see slow downs. that's your latest kcbs traffic. let's get an update on the forecast. did you hear the wind blow last night? i sure did. did you? and because of the gusty wind we have a wind advisory in place, we'll talk more about that.
5:47 am
but first, lets look outdoors, a ripple on the bay waters, but we have a small craft advisory in place. 49 in san jose, 56 degrees in san francisco. parts of the bay area have a wind advisory in place until 10:00 this morning. right now, we have wind at 11 miles an hour in san francisco. this is real-time data coming so i need to look at it along with you at home. west/northwest winds at 12, 12 in vallejo. up to santa rosa, wind are did i minuting. -- diminishing. we have the advisory in place, for the highest elevations of mountain ranging here in the bay area, and more exposed regions. across bridges today, very breezy conditions. golden gate bridge is looking good. mile temperatures slated for today, and i'm keeping my fingers crossed for a chance of rain on friday, and on saturday. rain in earnest across southern
5:48 am
california of the you saw that significant downpour if you were watching the academy awards. 71 degrees with the sunshine today, state capitol, 71. and a rain/snow mix in the yosemite area. sun up is at 6:50, sun sets at 5:57, smack in between, these numbers are still above average. typically, we should be about 61 degrees in san francisco instead, 65. 69 in oakland, mid-60s coming around the peninsula. north/northeast breeze during the day, 10-20 miles per hour. and yes, i am placing that chance of rain in the forecast on friday and saturday. and we have to hold out for the miracle march. models are suggesting it's certainly on tap, at least a good 10-15 days of rain, we're
5:49 am
hoping for more. >> in a row? two weeks in a row? >> not in a row. we'll get a day to dry out here and there. >> bring in the arc. >> i was at the local nursery, and they said hey, our growers are say a good miracle march is slated now. people are coming in, planting flowers in anticipation. >> ski resorts are clapping. forget 409 yoga for these folks. so cold in minneapolis, they are breaking occupant the snow gear and doing the -- out the snow gear. they are raising money for charity, presumably without breaking a sweat. some promises news for the millions of american who are allergic for nuts. a patch has shown good results in testing. people with the allergies wear it and it release peanut protein into the skin. it's supposed so familiarize the
5:50 am
skin cells with peanuts. the only side effect researchers have seen is slide discomfort. but nothing dramatic. >> i think the convenience is with safety and convenience, there were no systemic reactions. >> ment study has been going on for a year but it could be years before it is available. americans biggest tobacco companies say they are ready to release factual information about the ill effects of smoking. back in '06, judge cigarette makers to admit the connection between smoking and
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everybody deserves $73 fares. because wedding season can get expensive. book your low fare now at good morning, you're watching the mornings news. here is a look at the week ahead, the last week of february. and we do have a chance ever rain returning to the bay area.
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we will talk about the chances as the news continues. we're in the red through the altamont pass, because after high wind advisory, and a crash near the dublin interchange, so it's contributing to slow traffic. a dozen people are homeless this morning after a huge apartment near in san francisco's castro district over the weekend. investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of the fire. right now, they think it was an electrical problem. the good news, no one was hurt. sheriff's deputies in placer county are trying to put an end to some dangerous and possibly deadly trend. people have been flocking to a bridge in the foothills there, to take selfies. hanging on to the bridge, it's in auburn. sheriff's department says just this weekend, they caught 30 people trespassing and look some of the selfies. the bridge is over 700 feet high, almost as high as the golden gate bridge. photos and videos of the stunts
5:55 am
they are all over youtube, and the sheriff department is adding extra patrol because so many people are doing this. and considering putting up barbed wire it make it tougher to get on that bridge. dozens of people volunteers in the oakland hills to prevent a wildfire from ungulfing homes. they are pulling an invasive bush called french broom along skyline boulevard, enough to fill four dumpsters. it's a major fire has hard, and with the warm weather and drought, the fire department is worried about the dangers, pulling it rather than just cutting it is hard work, because it's a must to kill the plant. >> if this were here, what would you see? >> you would see an inferno going up the hill. it would be difficult to stop a fire with this type of fuel load
5:56 am
here. >> the weeds like these make fires burn more intensely. one man is dead after a home invasion robbery leads to a tense standoff. coming up, how a good samaritan was caught in the middle. live at levi stadium. you know it's never too early to talk about the next super bowl. yes, it's coming up in 50 weeks. we'll tell
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0 this is kpix 25 -- 5 news. it's monday, february 23. nearly 6:00 and we begin with breaking news. one suspect is dead after a home invasion in santa rosa.
6:00 am
ryan is live in sonoma county with the latest developments. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are here at the kaiser campus off 101, and this parking lot is one of two crime scenes. we're being careful not to zoom in too much into the parking lot, because there is one man's dead body in the parliament. one man dead, one injured, one taken in for questioning. investigators say this all happened at about 1:00 on the 400 block -- the homeowner shot at least one of the robbers during a home in vase robbery -- invasion robbery. police told nearby agencies to be on the look out for anyone comeing into the emergency room. the an hour later, the driver of an suv waves down a sheriff's deputy, and led to a stand off for at least 30 minutes. deputies fired tear gas into the car, and two men came out. deputies said they


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