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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people international airport. the bumpy ride into the south bay. a small plane comes tumbling out of the sky makes an emergency landing at mineta san jose international airport. the bumpy ride into the south bay. hi, everyone. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat. michelle griego michelle griego
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is on assignment. kpix 5's kiet do is on the ground at the san jose mineta. tell us what happened. >> reporter: a sight to see here at the airport in san jose. on one side you have business as usual planes taking off and landing. on the other side you have this. a swarm of san jose fire trucks that made an emergency landing a half-hour ago. this view from chopper 5 shows how the right landing gear didn't deploy or collapsed upon landing and the aircraft is leaning to one side. the pilot landed on runway 3-0 left this morning. it came to rest in the center of the tarmac in front of the control tower. no injuries to the three people on board. no fuel has spilled or is leaking either. this is a picture of the plane the 1970 beech a60 with six seats registered to him llc in las vegas. it will have to be checked out
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before it's removed. it is not affecting other flights. kiet do, kpix 5. >> this just into the newsroom. we are get, word that just 15 minutes ago a caltrain crashed into a pedestrian at the palo alto station. that person was apparently on the tracks at the time. no word on that person's condition. the train is stopped at the station. we are following this closely and we'll have more information as soon as we get more. meanwhile, firefighters are dousing some hot spots left over from a deadly house fire in sunnyvale. flames erupted in the home at 5 a.m. around burned for some time before anyone noticed. by the time 911 was called the fire burned through the roof. an elderly man was found inside dead. heat damaged homes next doors forcing evacuations. >> shocking. that much fire? i mean, that is scary. investigators still trying to figure out what caused the
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fire. so far they don't suspect any foul play. a terrifying scene in southern california this morning when a commuter train derailed after colliding with a tractor-trailer. dozens are injured. reporter teri okita explains why the truck may have been on the tracks. >> reporter: several cars of a metrolink train lay on their sides after an early-morning crash in oxnard, california. officials say the train was on its way from ventura county to los angeles before dawn when it hit a tractor-trailer on the tracks. the truck caught fire. >> look at the debris, the moldering debris there. >> reporter: more than an hour later, firefighters were still hosing down the charred wreckage. 28 people were taken to the hospital some in critical condition. but no one was kille. >> the injuries were significant head trauma as well as neck and back injuries. >> reporter: police say the driver of the truck survived the crash and took off but was
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later arrested. investigators are trying to figure out why the truck was on the tracks. >> in this area around this time of the day pretty common to have farm equipment going through. >> reporter: officials say the train crew noticed there was something on the tracks right away and slowed down as much as possible before impact. teri okita for cbs news, los angeles. >> officials with the national transportation safety board are investigating that accident. well, two state lawmakers want an investigation into working conditions at four catholic high schools in san francisco's diocese. at issue are those so-called morality clauses the archbishop is adding to the teacher contracts. they call for all teachers to live by church doctrine in their private lives and that includes opposition to abortion, contraception and homosexuality. two assemblymen say the clauses set a bad precedent for workers rights. here in the bay area, caltrain workers are still repairing a menlo park railroad crossing damaged in a deadly accident.
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kpix 5's kiet do has more on a crash that happened yesterday afternoon. >> i saw the car, my girlfriend and i were walking and we're like -- [ gasp ] oh, my god, that's horrible! >> reporter: this is all that was left of the car that collided with the train, beyond recognition. a caltrain spokesman says the driver of the car got stuck on the tracks as a train barreled towards the intersection. >> one of the things we try to tell people is don't stop on the tracks. you don't start across the tracks until you're sure you can get all the way across and she got caught in traffic and, um, apparently wasn't paying real close attention. >> reporter: the fire department rescued the woman from the car. she went to the hospital in critical condition and she died there. passengers say that crossing is a busy congested intersection, an accident waiting to happen, some say. >> the traffic backs way up and people try to sneak across and hope that they clear the intersection. and in this case, the gal was
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just sitting there. >> traffic all the time. i see people stop on the tracks all the time and i wonder why are they doing that? >> reporter: the crash destroyed within of the guardrails that's supposed to prevent cars from driving on the tracks when the train is approaching. southbound trains were stopped during the accident investigation and clean-up stranding passengers during the evening commute. kiet do, kpix 5 >> in a separate incident a caltrain hit and killed a man in a tunnel in san francisco about 9:30 last night. 6 people have now died on the tracks this year compared to 10 all of last year. well, state regulators are meeting today to decide whether to lower the gas excise tax. if the plan is approved it would reduce the tax from 36 cents to 28.5 cents starting in june. it's only part of the tax on gas in california. drivers pay 64 cents a gallon in texas and fees in california. baseball stadiums in the state could soon ban an
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unhealthy tradition. chewing tobacco. bay area assemblyman is introducing the legislation today. it would require bans announcing the ban in dugouts, locker rooms and other entrances. smoke is already banned in stadiums but chewing tobacco is long associated with baseball. your tax dollars are funding more than 100 commercial airline flights a day to some of the nation's smallest communities part of an essential air service program. reporter kris van cleave says critics are asking what if anything is actually essential? >> reporter: row after row of seats on this 50 seat commercial flight are empty. it leaves denver twice daily for two remote north dakota towns. in the day we landed in devils lake there were only four other passengers. >> there's not a huge rush to get to north dakota in the middle of the winter but this flight goes whether it's full or empty because of a government subsidy. >> reporter: the department of transportation shells out more than $6 million a year to fund
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this route one of 113 paid for by the federal government's essential air service program. it was created in 1978 after the airlines were deregulated. the idea was to make sure carriers continued serving rural communities. it was supposed to be temporary but instead it's grown from $50 million in 2000 to $261 million this year. government data shows on average 44 routes flew at least two-thirds empty last year among them the flight to devils lake. mark zimmer flew with us. how much time does it save you in your travels? >> probably about two hours each way. parking is a lot easier here. >> reporter: mayor dick johnson estimates the airline service helps drive $10 million a year to the local economy. >> it helps drive that economic engine and keeps us viable. without that, we'll' die off and fade away. >> reporter: a california congressman has been trying to ground the program since 2011. >> when we're having to make cuts in essential programs, to continue increasing the amount
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of money in this program is obscene. >> reporter: a flight between kansas city, missouri, and an town in kansas cost the government more than $2,700 per passenger, carrying only 523 people. kris van cleave, cbs news, north dakota. >> congress has increased the requirements to participate in the essential air service program and capped the number of routes but all the efforts to end the program have failed on capitol hill. santa clara county supervisors are considering a plan to buy a new cell phone tracking device. the sheriff's department wants to use the stingray to track locations of suspects' cell phones but say it would not eavesdrop on private conversations. critics claim law enforcement underreports the use of the devices and few seek public input before buying them. santa clara county board of supervisors though expected to vote on that idea later today. today marks since months since the earthquake in napa
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valley. 6.0 quake caused significant damage. one person was killed hundreds injured. the quake knocked down buildings in parts of napa and nearby cities including vallejo. recovery is still ongoing. there may be an end in sight for the funding battle over the department of homeland security. senate republicans are changing their approach in an effort to pass the bill. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: senate republicans say they will no longer use a bill to fund the department of homeland security as a tool to stop president obama's actions on immigration. >> my preference remains with the legislation that's already passed the house. it's still the simplest way forward. but as long as democrats continue to prevent from us even debating that bill, i'm ready to try another way. >> no. >> reporter: after a house bill linking funding to blocking immigration changes failed a fourth test vote in the senate, majority leader mitch mcconnell introduced a stand-alone bill
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to block the action allowing congress to consider a clean funding bill. they have until friday to pass it or government workers will go on furlough. even a temporary shutdown could have harmful effects, according to democrats. >> our message to these "terrorists" cannot be that we're going to be shutting down the department of homeland security. that cannot be the message coming from this senate. >> reporter: congress is also watching the immigration fight now play out in court. the court battle has some house republicans digging in insisting the immigration language must stay tied to the homeland security budget. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. >> the department of justice filed an appeal yesterday to end the court decisions blocking president obama's executive actions. for the first time it the measles outbreak that started at disneyland last december appears to be slowing down now. health officials say the total number of infected patients in california is 123. that's the same as last friday.
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this is the first time in weeks there are no new cases to report. today a five-year-old boy who got to be a superhero in san francisco in the spotlight one more time. according to it's batkid. the movie about miles scott will be aired at the cineplex complex. julia roberts will star in a movie featuring the child. pets are feeling the freeze. the importance of keeping our four-legged family members warm, as well. >>emojis are being diversified by your fingertips. the new faces to choose from while you text coming up. >> how low will it go tonight? it was chilly. we'll have the complete forecast as the news continues on kpix 5.
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
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checking wall street on this tuesday. good news so far. up 100 at this hour. texting is about to become more diverse. apple is testing new options including different skin colors and same-sex families and couples all in an effort to reflect its users. apple has been criticized in the past for a lack of diversity when it comes to its emoji options. the extreme winter heating [ indiscernible ] pets are taking the brunt of the cold snap. this dog was found in austin clinging to life. someone found him on the street and almost nonresponsive from all the cold. animal centers are urging people to be vigilant about keeping pets inside overnight. >> animals around here aren't used to it and people don't think about it and they leave
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their pets out overnight and that's a long time in the cold weather. >> pet owners are required to provide shelter for pets they leave outside or will face animal cruelty charges. what do they say, pets, plants, pipes and people? >> i have my dog in bed with me. >> bring them in, man. >> in chicago we call it a three dog night. >> we dipped down to 29 degrees early this morning in the napa area. that means it's been the coldest morning so far in the year 2015. hi, everybody. let's go outside. we a beautiful view for you from oakland looking out towards san francisco. clearing air mass we have beautiful visibility. temperatures currently from 53 in oakland to 64 degrees in san jose and the winds are nonexistent at this hour flat out of the northwest up to 5 miles per hour. air quality is good and we're
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looking at rain chances through saturday. it's obvious by this satellite imagery that we are under the influence of this huge dome of high pressure. it's a blocking ridge of high pressure that keeps the jet stream well to the north of the bay area so that storm track continues to leave one storm after another up towards the pacific northwest and towards alaska. but we do have this area of low pressure and it's to slide down the california coast. it's got a big job to do to put a dent in this ridge of high pressure increasing cloud cover on friday and then it has to moisten up the air mass. it's dry at this time. so we are seeing a chance of rain on friday more likely on saturday and it will be limited moisture only .25" of rain expected at this time. meanwhile, across the state today 71 degrees in sacramento through davis and stockton and merced. 63 in monterey bay backing through pebble beach. springtime skiing in lake tahoe. our sunset tonight 5:58. i'm loving that. i'm loving each day additional minute towards that sunset.
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the days are getting longer and tomorrow morning sun-up at 6:49. today's high temperatures across the bay area into the 60s. we are averaging about 8 degrees above normal in oakland. above average in san jose. mid- and high 60s north of the golden gate bridge. tonight overnight not as cold as last night due to a few increasing high clouds. temperatures into the 30s and the 40s. meanwhile the extended forecast, numbers go up on wednesday, thursday. they come down with increasing cloud cover on friday. i got to tell you, frank, now i was the first one saying, i'm looking at a miracle march. not looking so good. >> come on. i thought 15 days? 5 days? 4 days? >> maybe 5. yeah. it's going south right now. >> okay. we'll keep working on it. thank you. an unusual rescue mission lasts into the morning after a dozen manatees get caught in a sewer pipe. rescuers finally set them free coming up next. and we want to invite all you pet lovers send us your
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questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon.
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tony tantillo shows us how to shop for apples. >> reporter: i did a tip on gala apples not too long ago about two months ago when they first started coming around. i'm going to do a tip on them again because the quality is incredible. let's talk about storage. beautiful color all the way around, the dark pink and yellow. that's what you want to look for free from any shriveling whatsoever. any give don't buy them. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator. apples look so beautiful on the counter on the bowl so festive but you know what? you're going to ruin all the nutritional value and flavor. they will get mealy. keep them in the refrigerator. royal gala apples, one of my favorites all the time. the flavor is outline of this world. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer, and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy.
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it's a happy ending for more than a dozen manatees who became lodged in a drainage pipe in florida. don champion shows us the amazing rescue. >> reporter: crews lifted the final manatee to safety just before 2:00 in the morning marking the end to a dedicated and delicate rescue effort. >> it's crazy. i have never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: neighbors in satellite beach, florida, near cape canaveral gathered monday night to. what the rescue after a marine biologist discovered them in the drainage pipe. neighbors had seen them earlier in the day. >> this morning i saw about 10 of them go back throughout and then a little later a saw another five or ten go out. so i thought they were going in and comin out. >> reporter: they are known to congregate in beach-side canals in cold weather.
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one by one they pulled 19 out of the pipe using heavy equipment. some had minor scratches but were healthy. onlookers cheered as crews released them into a nearby pond. [ applause and cheers ] >> it was absolutely awesome. they got the whole community out here all the various agencies working together and to have the final one come out, that was awesome. >> reporter: don champion kpix 5. >> florida manatees are an endangered species. if you have a consumer problem or a question, give our hotline a call. at 888-5
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they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle.
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coming up tonight at 5:00 hillary clinton's message. the pep talk at a time when more women are leaving the tech industry. that and more at 5:00. see you tomorrow.
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>> ridge: oh, ricky. i'm gonna have to stop you. you think you've won, but you haven't. >> rick: easy, ridge. i'll make this right. >> ridge: make it right? how are you gonna do that? another performance for dad? it is just for him. he's the only one in the audience. if you want to make it right, go back to international. >> rick: why would i go do something like that? the numbers are up. i've got dad's full support. >> ridge: the numbers are up because of caroline and me, and he doesn't support you. he just believes your lies -- maybe because he'd feel bad if he didn't. >> rick: ah. that's a crock, and you know it. >> ridge: is it? >> rick: i guess we're just gonna have to agree to disagree on this. and you know what? it's time for me to wrap things up here. >> ridge: wow. we're not -- we're not done here. i'm taking you down. i'm not sure how, but i will. [ ce


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