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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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prayed with him. >> reporter: west is the 18th homicide this year. reid knew west and with tears in his eyes said it makes him want to quit. >> i promised to my district i would make this a safe place for this to live and raise their families and give them a sense of hope. i guess in 18 years i've been a failure because i've not been able to stop the violence. >> reporter: genie west believes one of the problems is parents are too quick to quit when their child goes stroy. -- goes astray. >> he said the other day some of his friends have never worked. getting up in the morning, getting ready and going to work. >> she said these lives are just being thrown away. oakland police would not talk about this but councilman reid said at least when they are more officers on the street they have a better handle of managing the crime. ann notrarangelo, kpix 5. antioch police helped u.s. marshals search for a suspect today. the suspect escaped near
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antioch high school prompting a lockdown around noon. officers surrounded the area and did arrest the man. the lockdown was lifted about an hour later and classes resumed. three men pleaded not guilty to holding a woman hostage as a sex slave. police say the 22-year-old woman was held captive for almost three months. charged against one of the suspects include rape and torture. the two other suspects face conspiracy charges. investigators say the victim was able to escape through an open door last month. some uc santa cruz students created a traffic nightmare along highway 1 this morning in protest of tuition hikes. protesters chained themselves to bins filled with concrete. the chp had to use jackhammers saws and sledge hammers to unwind a mess of wire and chains the students were tangled in. southbound lanes in santa cruz were shut down for five hours starting at 9 a.m. six students
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were arrested. skate borders in the east bay may have to find other spots to show off their tricks. board of supervisors voted to ban skateboarding on all county property. skaters who violate the new rule will be cited. other bay area counties have similar ordinances. supervisors in contra costa county are giving themselves a raise after all. it is not the 33% that they approved late last year and was the target of public outcry. instead it will be 7% and the board is also considering a raise structure that would be proportionate to what state judges get paid. that way they can avoid the situation of voting on their own pay hikes. napping on the job as congress mike honda is finding out again it is tough to get away with when cameras are pointing at you. kpix 5's len ramirez is live for us in san jose with the fallout over a little shutout. >> that's right. congressman mike haund -- honda is one of the most
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popular politicians in the south bay. it's been that way for decades. he was re-elected last november in a blistering campaign. but what he did last week in congress has even his most arden supporters shaking their heads. >> reporter: congressman mike honda was in a nearly empty house chamber but on camera listening to a california colleague speak on homeland security spending. a few seconds later the silicon valley democrat tilted his head and went to sleep. he was awakened about 20 seconds later when another member walked by. is it a big deal? >> he's certainly not the first person to fall asleep during a congressional hearing but the bigger problem is he just came out of a bruising political campaign in which his opponents painted him as ineffective and lazy. it certainly plays right in to that. >> reporter: it wasn't the first time mr. honda has apparently napped in public. two years ago at his own town hall meeting on obama care he was captured on video dozing off for about 30 seconds. the latest incident went viral on
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social media but honda tweeted out a snappy response confirming that he was asleep but adding, quote, i'm tired of the gop playing games with our national security. today his dc staff offered no further explanation. at 73, honda's age and energy became issues in his successful re-election campaign against the much younger roe cona. >> they're already thinking of the flyers and the slogans they can come up with. >> reporter: now with pictures like these it's sure to come up again when honda runs for another term in 2016. >> does it mean getting an intern to follow him around with a cattle prod to make sure he's awake at all times? that's what he needs to do. he simply cannot let this happen again. >> spoke to his supporters and they agree this can't happen again. while they say this doesn't kill any re-election campaign hopes it does make that job a bit more difficult. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> and just last month supreme
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court justice ginsburg was caught on camera nodding off during the president's state of the union speech. justice ginsburg admitted she was not 100% sober during the speech. the 81-year-old said she drank wine during dinner before the sleep. israel's prime minister blasted nuclear talks with iran as a very bad deal. >> a deal that's supposed to prevent nuclear proliferation would instead spark nuclear arms race in the most dangerous part of the planet. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu outlined his concerns about the proposed nuclear agreement with other world powers and iran. he said it would allow iran to continue secretly building a nuclear bomb. president obama didn't watch the speech but did read a transcript. >> the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives. >> dozens of democrats boycotted the speech. many
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criticized john boehner's invitation to netanyahu just weeks before elections in israel. the showdown over homeland security is over. congress has sent president obama a bill that would keep funding the department through september. it's seen as a major defeat for conservatives. the house passed the $40 billion spending bill without language blocking the president's executive order on immigration reform. congress will look in to whether hillary clinton broke the rules by using her personal e-mail account during her time as secretary of state. the new york times reports clinton did not have a government e-mail address and only used her personal e-mail during her four years at the state department. that may have violated federal records laws. clinton's camp says she was following protocol under past rules. current secretary of state john kerry is the first person in the role to primarily use an official state department account. former cia director david petraeus has agreed to plead guilty to mishandling classified
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materials. the four-star general's career was destroyed by an affair with his biographer. the justice department says petraeus gave her classified material while she was working on the book. that material included the names of covert operatives and war strategy. petraeus led u.s. forces in iraq and afghanistan before taking over the cia. under the deal he won't get any prison time. how about a missing leg which is the talk of the town. do you know who it belongs to? why police are having such a tough time finding the owner of this pricey prosthetic. >> pregnant women paying big bucks for a baby born in the usa. the major crackdown on maternity tourism right here in california. >> mixture of sunshine and clouds today throughout the bay area. beautiful day for are mt. vacca looking south. we'll get even sunnier and warmer.
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the s60 sedan. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo s60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. federal agents are raiding dozens of home in southern california thought to be used to help foreign children travel to the u.s. to give birth. three separate maternity tourism schemes are getting busted from l.a. to orange county. agents say these businesses provide travel and lodging for pregnant women to come here and give birth, securing a u.s. social security number for the baby. the cost, $30,000 to $50,000. >> while it's not illegal to come to the u.s. to have your child born here, it is illegal to lie about it during the visa application process and while applying for admission to the united states. >> the search warrants say the
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women are coached to lie about their travel plans and to wear loose clothing to hide their pregnancies. the organizations are run by chinese nationals. we first told you about these schemes back in may. some of the maternity boarding homes have moved here to the bay area. we talked to several women who lived in a san jose maternity home. chinese couples told us it's expensive but worth the price. >> the kid is a u.s. citizen. then he can get the education in the u.s. as well as to get the benefit that a u.s. citizen can get. that's why we decide to do it. >> the price of the so-called maternity tourism does not include plane tickets visas and doctor's or hospital fees. an investigation found the ferguson missouri police department has a pattern of discrimination. the justice rights report says the police discriminated against african americans. it found officers along with the courts targeted
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african americans disproportionately for traffic stops, use of force and jail sentences. the probe was ordered after last summer's police shooting of michael brown. the justice department is expected to require the city of ferguson to make changes. new details about a homeless man shot in a confrontation with los angeles police. he was released from federal prison last year. [ gunfire ] >> surveillance caught the moment officers opened fire on charlie robinette sunday. officers say he tried to grab one of their guns when they shot him. his friends say he was living on skid row for six months struggling with addiction. he recently spent 14 years in prison for robbery. about 200 protesters marched this morning at the spot
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where police killed robinette. three investigations are underway in to the incident. lapd had officers had activated body cameras and they will be reviewing the footage. lawsuits have been filed in the isla vista rampage that left six uc santa barbara students dead. the parents accused the sheriff's department of ignoring warning signs that the shooter was violent and unstable. elliot roger shot and killed six students injured 14 other people in isla vista last may before turning the gun on himself. three of the victims were from the bay area. the mystery behind this missing leg. no one is stepping forward to claim the fake limb. the case has become the talk of the tenderloin. >> and a world series champ fires back at his daughter's bullies. how this proactive dad taught some twitter
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everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ san francisco police have an unusual case on their hands. kpix 5 mike catalana on the -- mike sugarman. >> police found a leg and no one has claimed it . >> wow. >> reporter: this is the leg. it's a pros thetic leg. no one seems to want it.
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>> who will reclaim it? >> reporter: steve in a wheelchair doesn't have a fake leg but he knows plenty of female who -- plenty of people who do. >> i don't know who owns that particular leg but usually they would hold on to it. >> reporter: police found it in the corner of 8th and market last week. it has a brown shoe attached. so far no one has stepped forward to say it's theirs. >> someone was here just a minute ago. they were talking about it. >> reporter: it is the talk of the neighborhood. he pointed to a magazine he was reading that might help. >> he made his own bionic arm for $250 using a design he came up with and a 3d printer. >> reporter: it could have been stolen somewhere else and brought here to sell. it's valued at $7,000. for such things that's pretty cheap. a well heeled sole could spend up to six figures on one. seymour gives tours of the tenderloin and likes to look on the bright
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side. >> because we don't care about crutches and walkers every day all around. finding a prosthetic is nothing new to the tenderloin. >> reporter: if it's yours and you left it for some reason, it's currently being held in a san francisco police locker waiting for you. >> the prosthetic leg won't be of much use to anyone but the owner. they're carefully designed to fit perfectly. advocates of a bike lane on a busy san francisco street say the newest idea doesn't go far enough. the mta is set to decide whether to add the lane part of poke street. it's one of the most heavily traveled bike routes in the city. there have been about 150 accidents involving bicyclists in the past eight years. supporters of the lane aren't happy with the latest plan. they say it needs to be longer and more parking spaces need to be eliminated. a legendary restaurant in palo alto may be closed but
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today the owners held a one-day public auction. the items up for sale include equipment furniture, serving dishes. ming's ended its 58-year run in december. a couple twitter trolls are learning motto mess with former pitcher curt schilling and his family. it all started when schilling posted this tweet congratulating his daughter gabby on acceptance to college where she'll be playing softball. when lewd tweets were posted about his daughter, the former red sox pitcher went dad mode. he took screen shots of the tweets from two twitter users and didn't let them get away with it. >> my daughter will remember this for the rest of her life. as a father, i have two jobs. to provide for my family and to protect them. >> schilling says he did a little internet digging and found out the twitter user's names, where they worked, and where they went to school. this is what he had to say about their identities on his personal website. quote, the sports guru yeah, he's a dj named adam
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nagle. how do you think that place feels about this stud representing their school? the other clown he's vp at montclair university. i'd prefer to have no one i know in it. the two twitter users are already facing consequences. one guy was suspended by his community college in new jersey. the other fired from his job as a part-time ticket seller at yankee stadium. >> oh, yankees fan. of course. >> i can't believe that just went down. californians, we slipped in our water conservation last month. 9% in january compared to the same month last year and december people saved 22%. the difference they say we can partially blame that on the fact january was an unusually dry month. but we do have an update on the snow pack in sierra and it's looking pretty grim.
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thumbs down paul says. the department of water resources says water content of what snow is there is 19% of average for this time of year. the state is now close to the lowest snowpack on record. i think snowpack, we're around 5% but the water content is different than the actual snowpack. we had our fingers crossed for an amazing winter. >> here's where we're going to make the comeback. december it poured. it petered out. now we really need a miracle march to add to the rainfall totals and snowfall totals. in this particular pattern forget about it as your friends back in new york or philadelphia would say. not going to happen. high pressure building back in. today mild, not warm. mild. upper 50s. beautiful shot of mount diablo. partly sunny skies outside right now. san jose and santa rosa, 60 degrees. chilly tonight. 38 in fairfield. concord, 39. i'll throw in
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dublin livermore castro valley, santa rosa, st. helena all communities that will wake up tomorrow morning in the 30s. definitely a jacket for the kids tomorrow. as it looks like with the computer snow pack record where we get data every day it was the lowest march 1st snowpack on record in the state of california and we just wrapped up the warmest meteorological winter ever. it was the warmest winter on record. when it comes to snowfall, the least amount of snow we've had up until this date. we need something to change. if anything it's going to get drier and warmer over the next couple days. rain for vegas and portions of arizona. that's the thing that got us yesterday. that's sliding off to the east. what's replacing it is a building ridge of high pressure. again this thing will get closer over the next few days. as it does temperatures will bump up a few degrees every day with the warmest weather coming up over the weekend. kids are starting baseball practice and softball practice,
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year-round soccer going year-round. you want to get outside and enjoy some sunshine, you can do that coming up on saturday and sunday with temperatures likely in the mid 70s. we'll climb a few degrees every day. today was 50s and low 60s. by thursday we'll be back to the 70s and we'll stay there all the way through the weekend with a pattern change, wetter and cooler pattern change possible by the middle of next week. that's our next chance of rain. eight or nine days away. for tomorrow, con cord 67. san jose your high tomorrow is 68. wednesday in los altos mid 60s. concord 67. tying you with fairfield, pittsburg and san ramon. pleasanton 68. sunny skies in sausalito. 64. pet -- petaluma 66. we'll make it to the 70s by thursday. we'll stay there on friday. we'll get warmer on saturday and sunday. as we head toward next week, signs that there may be a pattern change around next wednesday and thursday.
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it's always bothersome when i have to talk about our next rain chance. can't even put it on the 7-day forecast. it is what it is. >> now it looks like once every two weeks. >> we need a change. this almost doesn't look real but look at the photograph. a photographer catches this incredible moment in nature.
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one of san francisco's landmarks is about to be lit up for a centennial celebration of the world's fair. looking at live pictures right now the ferry building in just 5 minutes, the numbers 1915 will illuminate on the tower you're looking at. it will look similar to what the 19 million world ferry attendees would have seen back in 1915. the lights will stay on until december of this year, the exact same year the world fair closed one
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century ago. >> except for tesla will probably drive by. a dramatic volcanic eruption in chile prompted more than 3,000 people to evacuate their homes this morning. the volcano spewed heavy smoke and lava in the small city of picon. the volcano erupted about 3 a.m. local time. officials closed off roads leading to the area. residents moving in to shelters. it's considered one of south america's most active volcanoes. check this out. a weasel got a little too big for his breeches when he tried to eat a woodpecker for lunch. he jumped on the back of the bird as it took to the sky. a photographer in lennon snapped this incredible image. the photographer says the woodpecker eventually shook off the unintended passenger. as for the embarrassed weasel, he disappeared in to a bush with an empty belly. >> so much for trying to be a
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flying squirrel. [ laughter ] in tonight's jobs report, jill looks at the fast growing opportunities for social workers. >> reporter: the national association of social workers is marking its 60th anniversary this month and the government has some good news for the occasion. employment for qualified social workers will grow by 19% from 2012 to 2022. faster than the average for all occupations. social workers must have compassion, empathy and fine tune listening skills to help clients cope with their problems. for entry level positions, a bachelor's degree in social work is the most common requirement. some employers may hire workers who have degrees in a related field such as psychology or sociology. clinical social workers who diagnose and treat mental, behavorial, and emotional issues must have a master's degree as well as two years of post-master experience in a supervised clinical setting. they also must be licensed in the state in
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which they practice. a great resource for social workers or anyone interested in the field is the california chapter of the national association
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i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 news room. new at 6:00 tonight, college students striking back. they claim they got duped in to borrowing thousands of dollars and never got the education they were promised. only on 5 their risky act of civil disobedience. join us for those stories coming up tonight at 6:00. >> thanks for watching us at
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5:00. cbs evening news is next. >> rose: a damning report from the justice department. it finds a pattern of racial bias in ferguson's police department and courts. also tonight, the president and the prime minister debate a nuclear deal. >> it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> it is the best way for us on prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> rose: the new hillary clinton drama-- saving private e-mails. and when pandas part. >> this is the stage where the panda needs to go and be a big panda. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose, and this is our western edition. the police department and court system in ferguson, missouri engaged in racial bias against


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