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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  March 7, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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a massive manhunt in san jose for an inmate who fought off deputies and escaped and he slipped through their fingers again. plus two security screeners accused of a security breach. what the duo was allegedly smuggling into the bay area. plus online shopping with a twist. instead of websites offering discounts, customers are naming their own price. good morning saturday morning march 7th. thanks for joining us,. >> i'm mark kelley. a beautiful day for the chinese new year parade later tonight. let's take a live look outside from our camera you can
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see it is a clear morning looking at the city of san francisco. a little chilly in some spots, santa rosa only 36 degrees, livermore 32, concord 44 and san jose 46 degrees. it is going to be mild to warm for everybody this afternoon and sunshine as well. some changes coming up in our 7- day forecast. we'll have a look at that, coming up in a few minutes. a manhunt is underway in the bay area for an inmate who fought off deputies and escaped. the inmate apparently faked an injury to be taken to valley medical center in san jose. that is where he slipped past deputies. with search dogs and helicopters overhead police searched the perimeter near the hospital for janel carter. it is not clear if carter planned his escape or had help on the outside. >> we will go back and do investigation work, and see if it was a planned escape. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says carter was arrest in march of last year on
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five counts of molestation. for the second time in less than three weeks, an attempted kidnapping in heyward. according to police the teenage girl was on her way home from school in broad daylight when a man grabbed her on whitman avenue near the pedestrian bridge. the suspect tried to force her into his car. she was able to escape and run to a neighbor's house. meanwhile two weeks ago a similar incident. another measles scare in the bay area. if you visited a berkeley library last week you may have been exposed. the person who may have measles visited the west branch library last friday and the central library saturday. symptoms can develop 21 days after exposure. anyone unvaccinated should monitor themselves until march 21st. these images from the oakland protest in december went viral. according to chp, the officer was in the right when he drew
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his gun. the 2002 officers were working undercover at a march against police brutality when protesters outside the officers and they were attacked. that is when the officer drew his gun. the chp is on alert after a patrol car took a bullet yesterday in san jose. the routine traffic stop turned dangerous when shots were fired from an unidentified vehicle. the incident occurred along highway 101. one officer was inside a squad car but neither was hit. the highway was shut down for 30 minutes. it is not clear where the shots came from. two security screeners at ffo, are facing 15 years behind bars for their alleged involvement in a smuggling scheme. claudia and amanda lopez arranged for 20 pounds of methamphetamine to pass through the x-ray machine unnoticed.
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an bell ramirez was arrested on charges of transporting the meth. road rage all caught on camera on a southern california freeway. reporter peter daut spoke with the man who led police to the suspect. >> reporter: road rage on a pasadena freeway. this driver, who did not want to know his face, recorded the incident tuesday on his cell phone. look at the small car in front of a lexus suv, which he says had been tailgating the lexus then passed it on the shoulder of the 144 freeway. the driver slams on the brakes, causing the lake-effect us is to nearly hit a car. you can see the driver even throws bottles at the lexus. the guy was a stupid guy, there was no reason to drive like that. >> reporter: eventually the driver speeds away at 100 miles per hour, driving on the
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shoulder. >> chp officer manuel rodriguez says investigators used the video to track down the suspect, described only as a pasadena man in his 20s. but the story quickly changed one investigators pulled out the video. >> his attitude is, he was unaware anything that happened is dangerous. >> >> reporter: tonight the witness who recorded the video described what happened to the chp, which is still gathering evidence before deciding to move forward with charges. he wants the driver to answer for his actions. chp investigators say they plan to speak with more witnesses, and the suspect could be charged with highway violence, reckless driving and assault with a deadly weapon. peter daut, cbs-2 news. more and more unemployed americans are going back to work. california's unemployment rate dropped to 6.9%. employers added 67,000 positions in january, the
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largest monthly gain in more than a year. nationwide the unemployment rate fell two tenths of a percent last month to 5.5%. wages continued to lag, though, increasing less than 1%. harrison ford apparently asked where am i, after crashing on a santa monica golf course thursday. >> aviation experts are abin ladening the way ford maneuvered the emergency landing. >> reporter: investigators still not have had a chance to speak with actor about his remarkable crash landing on a santa monica golf course. the fact that ford, who received his pilot's license in the 1990s survived without engine power, has been the talk among pilots. like joe justice, faa examiner. >> in a circumstance like this it is the ability to keep your wits about you, don't let fear overcome your decision making
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there was the distress call thursday afternoon. witnesses say they saw ford's vintage plane clip trees and drop about 100 feet like a rock, onto the green. >> surgeon dr. sanjay cran know was just not far away. >> we dropped our golf clubs on the ground and were stabilizing him, assessing him. i think that is when we realized it was harrison ford. >> reporter: it took three to four people to pull ford from the wreckage. >> my concern was it was going to ignite. we motioned to have some volunteers kick dirt on the fuel. >> reporter: pilots say in most cases, someone in ford's situation may not have been that lucky. juan fernandez kpi x 5.
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six people in san francisco have brand new kidneys, surgeons have completed the final operations in a challenging organ donation clain. it is the largest donation clain at california pacific medical center in 44 years. it all started with one woman who wanted to donate a kidney to a stranger. that stranger's brother was not a match so he found another recipient. same cycle happened four times. >> you don't want a donor to back out at the last second and stop the chain where you know, somebody already donated and then their recipient doesn't get an organ. >> doctors say all the donors and recipients are recovering well. many are already up and walking around the hospital. we all love a good bargain. now bargain shoppers have the option of naming their price. >> as omar via franco reports it is the latest shopping craze to hit the internet. >> reporter: it is a new twist on the online shopping trend.
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a handful of new websites have popped up, allowing consumers to name their own prices for everything from gadgets to furniture. these are not auction sites. one called agree toe, takes an offer and tries to find someone willing to sell it at that price. customers can save around 20%. >> there is a secret out there. the secret is if you ask for a lower price, you can get it. >> reporter: scott chair found the guitar he wanted on green toe. he eventually settled on $200, using green toe's make an offer guide which calculates your chances of getting accepted. garment also has the same scale. stacey is hoping to sell this cabinet and lamp on the furniture resale site via, where buyers name their own price. >> something is only worth what you can get someone to pay for
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it anyway. >> reporter: online shopping expert katy hill says people are attracted to this form of digital haggling. that is why these sites are expected to increase in popularity. cbs news, dallas. >> i'm never really one to haggle. i hate doing it but more so in person. it might be easier online. flu shots save lives. and how the vaccine is given.
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welcome back. here is a beautiful live shot of dublin this morning, a nice, clear start to the day. happening today in san francisco, the largest chinese new year's parade outside asia. the floats are ready to roll. san francisco's china town will be transformed into a clog of colors and celebration this evening. the floats will begin their
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descent down market street at 5:15. in selma, alabama, president obama is making preparations for his speech marking the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday. the president and first lady will be in selma, where 50 years ago police attacked marchers demonstrating for voting rights. both events eventually led to congressional approval of the voting rights act a year later. this weekend marks the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. 50 years ago tomorrow on march 8, 1965, u.s. marines first came ashore in vietnam, launching the vietnam war. let's take a look at our forecast for today. today a lot of us are going to
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the chinese new year parade, later on this afternoon, 5:00 in san francisco. mostly clear and 62 degrees. expected to be a good time there. so here's a live shot, golden gate park you can see clear this morning. mostly sunny today, mild to warm temperatures. night tomorrow as well. looking like a good weekend all around. we are going to see a slow coming trend as we head on into the week. our highs for today the south bay, santa clara 73. ical become 75. 68 in heyward. as we slide over to the east bay, antioch 74, brentwood 73. san ramone and danville both 71 today. 73 in pleasant hill. as we head over to san francisco, 67 degrees today and in the north bay, mill valley 71. 73 up in santa rosa. so today, looking good for the chinese new year parade.
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tomorrow also looking nice as well, a lot of mid-70s in the bay area for tomorrow. a little bit cooler and some fog along the coast. but as we head on into the week the cooling trend is going to continue for most of us. don't forget to spring forward tonight. we are losing that extra hour of sleep. flu shots, they of course save lives. >> allow the vaccine is given comes with potential risk few people know about. the results can mean months or years of excruciating pain. >> you could do this normally. over here that is as far as i go. >> reporter: raul dejesus has debilitating pain in his arm. he takes several medications,. >> oxycodone. hydrocodone. >> i knew something was wrong. i could be move my arm. >> reporter: debby russo need surgery to fix the damage to her shoulder. both suffered serious shoulder
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injury, not from an injury, but from theraflu shot. according to intext with us disease specialist dr. robert duncan, this kind of injury can happen, usually because the shot is given too high in the arm. >> i thought he stuck it in my bone. >> reporter: shoulder injuries just started recently. >> reporter: attorney paul brazil is talking about the federal government's compensation program. the program recently added shoulder problems to the list of injuries eligible for cash damage awards. it is called shoulder injury related to vaccine administration. the government has paid dozens of brazil's clients. >> most cases fall somewhere in the $20,000 to $150,000 range. >> reporter: while any injectable vaccine can cause this damage, most cases involve the flu shot. >> in my personal experience a lot of the vaccine petitioners get the vaccine at a pharmacy.
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>> reporter: debby got her shot from a pharmacy and was awarded $108,000. >> i tell everyone, do not get a shot of any kind at a pharmacy. >> reporter: the journal of american pharmacists association published an article last year outlining this danger and giving pharmacists tips on proper procedure, including the ideal spot for an injection. >> i think it is a lack of awareness. i think if people knew, if it was publicized more, people administering vaccines might be more careful. >> reporter: raul wished that was the case. >> this case affected every single aspect of my life because of a single flu shot. >> reporter: these victims developed serious orthopedic injuries. helping the homeless
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because he knows what it is like. how a struggling teen in the world rose to someone who is now giving back. drivers don't have to say a word. we'll be right ba
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what a nice soup, just to make you feel good inside and also good for you.
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>> very good for you because we are using kale. loaded with nutritional value. added onion in there chicken stock, totally any. we put the kale in last, you don't want to cook it too much to hold on to as much nutrition as possible. >> we don't want to cook the tomatoes too much, just stew them. chicken stock is no sodium. >> we are adding your own salt. that way we can season as we go. >> i love coarse salt. i can't perfect and then that is it. >> look how beautiful that looks. that is a picture. thank you bella. >> soup's so. we first profiled our student rising above six years ago. >> like many he was growing up without his parents, financially, on his own. but today he is a college graduate and we get to see the man he has become.
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>> reporter: nathan porous works with homeless people with the envision network. when we first met him, nathan was homeless. he has come full circle. >> instead of being that kid, dealing with those issues, i'm now that man, that's helping. >> reporter: nathan was 17 years old, a senior in high school when we first profiled him. totally on his own financially, working to support himself. no welfare, no government support. his parents were in and out of his life. he was living with a friend. >> it's hard. it's not an easy job. but i get it done, because you've got to make a living. >> reporter: there was a little sister he helped raise, but she was sent to live with relatives. >> me and my sisters were just going into a room and lock the door and hold each other and hug and tell each other
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everything was going to be okay. >> reporter: school was one level playing field. college was another matter, until he was accepted into students rising above. >> before i started s r.a., i thought there was no chance that i was going to be a college graduate. >> reporter: but his s r.a. advisor, lisa, was there every step of the way. >> we met every week. >> checking up, making sure i was going to class. >> reporter: she was like a mother, nathan says. in 2014 he graduated from sonoma state with a degree in economics. >> the reward of watching him walk across that stage. >> reporter: and there was another accomplishment. he always loved his parents, but he used to blame them for his hardships, until now.
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>> i forgave them. >> reporter: your parents? >> both of my parents. >> reporter: and that has allowed him to begin a truly new life. >> i started finally realizing i could be happy. >> reporter: and he is. >> reporter: 90% of s r.a. students graduate, that is three times the national average for low income first generation kids. if you want to help them out go to kpi r.a. as david tells us hot and dry could be the new normal. >> reporter: california's historic drought has placed a strain on resources. we need to prepare ourselves for what could become the new
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normal. warm and drier weather. >> the drought we are in now is the most severe on record. >> reporter: the study interaction between human behavior and climate change. combined with lower than average rainfall will add up to more frequent and persistent droughts. >> what our research is showing is global warming is causing california to warm and that warming of california is increasing the odds that years are hot, like this one. >> reporter: the professor says recent rains have barely put a did he want in the drought which is entering its fourth year. only a storm of biblical proportions could catch the state up but also warmer weather would mean we have gotten a lot more rain than snow. >> very low snowpack in california. we really rely on snowpack as a natural water reservoir. we still have some window here
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where we could get more rain and snowfall before the summer. >> reporter: and california is once again bracing for what could be a long, hot and very dry summer. >> we'll really need to see a lot of precipitation to be in the situation come summer, where we are not still starting out dry. well there is a new dating app out there. it describes itself as tinder bein us in the poor people. and speaking of no rain, here's a live shot of san francisco, beautiful and dry this morning. we'll have your full forecast in our second half
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welcome back. it is just about 7:30 on this saturday morning. good morning i'm mark kelley. and it is going to be another lovely weekend around the bay area. plenty of sunshine. let's take a live look outside from our trail america camera. clear skies, the bay looking gorgeous. chilly out there, concord, 44 degrees. san francisco 52 and san jose
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46 degrees at 7:30 this morning. going to see sunshine today, mild to warm temperatures. a few changes coming up in our 7-day forecast. but first, new this morning, police are investigating a fatal double shooting in san jose that happened around 2:00 this morning at oak street. when officers got there, they found two adults who had been shot and one of them died at the hospital. police say the shooter or shooters fled the scene in a getaway car still on the loose this morning. a massive manhunt on the way in the bay area for an inmate who fought off deputies and then escaped. the inmate apparently faked an injury so he could be taken to valley medical center. then he slipped past deputies. police searched a neighborhood perimeter near the hospital for janel carter. investigators say it is not clear if carter planned his escape or had help on the
7:31 am
outside. >> we'll go back and do investigation and see if it was a planned escape. >> reporter: the sheriff's testimony says carter was arrested in march of last year on five counts of child molestation. for the second time in less than three weeks an attempted kidnapping in heyward. according to police a teenage girl was on her way home from school in broad daylight when a man grabbed her on whitman avenue. the suspect tried to force her into his car. she was able to escape and run into a neighbor's house. a similar incident involving a similar suspect. another measles scare. a person who may have measles visited the west branch library last friday and the central branch library saturday. symptoms can develop 7-21 days after exposure. california's unemployment rate has dropped to 6.9%.
7:32 am
employers added 67,000 positions in january, the largest monthly gain in more than a year. nationwide the unemployment rate fell to two tenths of a percent last month to five and a half percent. that is the lowest since the great recession began. employers added 295,000 jobs in february alone. in selma, alabama president obama is making preparations for his speech marking the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday. the president, along with the first lady and 100 members of congress, will be in selma where 50 years ago police attacked marchers demonstrating for voting rights. it preceded the famous selma to montgomery march led by dr. martin luther king. both events eventually led to congressional approval of the voting act one year later. 50 years ago tomorrow on march 8, 1965, u.s. marines first came ashore in vietnam, launching the ground war.
7:33 am
special observances are planned across the country to honor vietnam vets and those killed in the conflict. happening today and only in san francisco, the largest chinese new year parade outside of airasia shaft the floats are ready to roll and we got a sneak peek as they were putting on some of the final touches yesterday. downtown and china town neighborhoods will be transformed into a clog of colors and celebrations. the floats will begin their descent down market street and 2nd at 5:15. don't be late. organizers expect a million people to help bring in the year of the ram. dwi checkpoints can save lives but they can also be rather inconvenient for sober drivers. >> now one lawyer is exposing a loophole in the law. >> reporter: at a dwi checkpoint on new year's eve,
7:34 am
police waved a driver through without asking him to roll down his window. the driver? a florida attorney who is holding up what he says is a loophole in the sobriety checkpoint law. and warren red lick believes it is a legal loophole. >> the checkpoints require you stop and show the police your driver's license. you are doing that. >> reporter: red lick says he was tired of defending people who were wrongfully arrested after going through checkpoints. >> there are genuinely drunk drivers that need to be taken off the road. unfortunately a lot of innocent people get caught up in it. the idea is to help people protect themselves by not rolling down their window and by asserting their rights. >> reporter: red lick's website has tailored these websites to laws in individual states. >> we are approaching a dwi checkpoint, we are testing the
7:35 am
fair dwi flyer, we are doing this intentionally. >> reporter: but in the bay area you might think twice about using a flyer. an attorney advised her clients against it. >> firstly you should not drink and drive. that being said, even if you are completely sober you may not want to have contact with an officer. you may not want to participate in a dwi checkpoint. and that is okay. in california you don't have to. there needs to be an alternative route. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies we contacted in the bay area haven't seen the flyers being used. but they along with mothers against drunk driving are concerned an intoxicated driver could use the flyers to avoid getting caught. red lick doesn't think that is likely. >> drunk people are not good at following instructions, not good at being silent and not good at being patient. those are all required. >> reporter: he says drunk you are probably not going to pull it off. >> the attorney we spoke with also points out california law says your license has to be presented for examination,
7:36 am
which means actually handing it over to the officer, not just showing it through the window. in developing news, it is a case of lost and found. but it is not often that the lost item is a prosthetic limb. an officer found this leg on market street. now we know it belongs to a half moon bay man. he said a couple of guys jumped him and stole the leg. some called it kinder for snobs. >> a new dating app out of silicon valley that requires users to have a minimum salary. >> reporter: money can buy a lot of things. fancy clothes, houses, cars. but love? creators say why not? >> >> reporter: an app geared toward the 1%. >> i would describe the average member as somebody who makes a lot of money, military tippal cars, art collections, big
7:37 am
fancy mansions. >> reporter: in order to join men must make at least $250,000 a year. women, well you just have to be attractive. >> it is sort of like that pear you have in high school where the men get in for $2 and the men get in for free. >> reporter: on your app you can share your favor high-end designers. >> a lot more members are joining out of san francisco than just about anywhere else in the world. >> reporter: who is the ceo and mastermind? no one knows and darren won't tell us. >> he does get a lot of interesting e-mail and phone calls from people that are unable to get on to this app and are unhappy about it. >> reporter: people say this is a website that done care about poor people and it is pretty shallow. how do you respond? >> the response is don't join. >> reporter: and the reality is, most of us couldn't afford to. in san francisco, kpi x 5. >> the app has gotten 850 new
7:38 am
bay area sign ups in the past month. guys they are not joking you have to verify your income with tax records. an important warning for people taking antibiotics. how a southern california firefighter's life changed forever after he followed doctor's orders. she is serving more than meals. how this week's jefferson
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7:40 am
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a little hazy out there. it is going to be a nice day. we'll have your full forecast in just a minute. elizabeth cook introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner, who has made it her mission to give back. >> reporter: mindy okay lou works 12 hours a day seven days a week at her restaurant in richmond. what she is serving up today you will find on her menu. >> you have to sit down straight.
7:42 am
no elbow on the table. you have to be, here, it is very important. >> reporter: several times a year mindy hosts an etiquette class. she hosts a crash course in table manners and life lessons. >> she told us she went from her life being really hard to rising to like this positive role model. >> reporter: raised by a single mother in either i don't knowia, at age 10 she witnessed her own mother's murder and later became a victim of domestic violence. this restaurant wasn't just a job, it was a second chance. >> i am so fortunate. i am so blessed, i'm so lucky. >> reporter: she quickly rose through ranks, became a manager and with the help of a generous patron was able to buy the restaurant. so she wanted to pay it forward. >> reporter: just last year
7:43 am
mindy served 1300 people for thanksgiving. she provided free flu shots and medical checkups. it is a commitment to giving back she holds close to her heart. before she came to america, she was homeless. after escaping a husband who almost killed her she was forced to live in a women's shelter run by mother theresa when she was nine months pregnant. >> every day, i remember how it was. a shelter life. being homeless. >> reporter: so, for making a difference one meal at a time, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to mindy okay clue. let's look at your forecast today. looking like a beautiful day, a beautiful weekend in past. of course the chinese new year
7:44 am
parade today 5:15 in san francisco. it will be mostly clear, 62 degrees. that is a perfect temperature for that parade. here's a live shot this morning of dub palestinian, clear and sunny skies. not a lot of fog, looking good. here's what you can expect heading out the door today. mostly sunny today, mild to warm temperatures. it will be nice tomorrow as well. we are going to see a slow cooling trend as we head on, into our work week. here are some of our high temperatures today. santa clara 73. 74 in san jose. palo alto 74 degrees as well. walnut creek will sit at 72. pleasant hill 73. 74 in antioch. san francisco 67 degrees today and in the pouring bay, kent field 74, 73 in so norman bow diageo ga bay 63 degrees today. today looking nice. fog along the coast. cooler into the week but of
7:45 am
course, before you go to bedton, change those clocks. we are losing an hour of sleep. >> spring forward one hour. i'm going to set mine as soon as i can today. start getting used to it before we lose that hour. and an important prescription alert about drugs that millions of americans use. >> for one firefighter, it wasn't a drug-resistant super bug that took him down. an antibiotic itself turned out to be prescription for danger. >> i have wanted to be a firefighter since i was a kid. >> reporter: for nine years chris jones battled flames in his yellowjacket, saving lives as a paramedic. >> people call in their worst moments. >> reporter: but chris hasn't worn his uniform for five months. >> my life got flipped upside down. >> reporter: chris says he can't climb ladders, can't lift gurneys, can't even lift his own children. >> i was poisoned. >> reporter: poisoned by a
7:46 am
medication millions of americans take every year. a powerful antibiotic more commonly flown by the brand name zip pro. chris's ordeal started in october with groin pain. his doctor suspected an infection. >> he prescribed me a medication. >> reporter: he took the generic. two days after starting it chris called the doctor. >> i said i'm having soreness in my legs on the pled cation side effect it says it could cause muscle weakness and pain. he said that only happens to people over 60 who have medical problems, keep taking the medicine. >> reporter: chris then went to a specialist and told him about disturbing side effects he had been seeing online. chris said that new doctor did not believe zip pro was causing his problems. >> he told me to stay off the internet and wrote me another prescription. >> reporter: just a day after starting his third bottle. >> i went on a walk with my dog and it feet like a bomb went off in my body.
7:47 am
>> reporter: from his hips down, excruciating pain. >> hamstrings, knees, and ankles. >> reporter: chris says he hasn't been the same ever since and no one misses the old chris more than his twin brother, jeremy. >> we used to hike together. >> reporter: they even worked together in the same fire station. >> every day we would drive to work together and go home together and now he's not coming home with me any more. after that medication, everything changed. >> reporter: zip pro is one of a class of antibiotics called flora quinolones. other drugs in the class are avalanche lone. they can kill anthrax and they kill a wide variety of bacteria that cause infections. but some experts say the drugs are prescribed too freely. >> doctors are not aware of the
7:48 am
full range. >> reporter: dr. charles bennett is a professor of pharmacy at the university of south carolina. he has filed a citizen's petition asking the fda for broader warnings for flora quinolones. he says chris is far from alone. >> his story is so, to me typical of many of the stories i have read about. >> reporter: drug makers and the fda are open about many of the dangers. tendon damage, nerve damage, they are all on the label. but with up to 23 million prescriptions being filled in a year, chris believes. >> they haven't done a good enough job warning the public about how dangerous this drug is. >> reporter: chris is anxious to pick up his daughter, coach his son again, get back to work at the fire station with his brother. but even the fda acknowledges some side effects could be permanent, so there is no way to predict when any of that might happen. >> the hardest thing is i don't know if i'm going to get better or not and no one can tell me.
7:49 am
>> well the fda has logged more than 4500 reports of these debilitating side effects. >> an exceedingly small percentage of the millions of prescriptions taken, the agency told us it is continuing monitor complaints. good morning everybody. i got conference tournament basketball. i've got the best team in the nba. and we have got a new friend in the studio. check her out. her name is
7:50 am
7:51 am
good morning everybody. clue on this over your toast and eggs and favorite morning beverage. the warriors. 48-12. 22 games left in the regular
7:52 am
season. spike lee, having a look at there pass by curry. harrison barnes, i'm telling you it was show time last night at oracle. and the mavs, oh, did not have a good night. harris son barnes off the turn over. he scored 12. warriors just put this one to bed. 48 wins in back to back seasons. oh the lob. it was a fun time at old oracle last night. from that, go to college basketball for you. that is the space needle. that means it is seattle. that means pac 12 women's tournament. washington and the huskies up 8 after the three pointer. i mean how are you going to stop boyd here. go baseline. cal wins it 69-53. stanford also victorious. onto the men. now the men, west coast
7:53 am
conference style in vegas. against pacific, he scored 14. usf, just hitting all from the outside. chris adams launched a hit. pacific no chance last night. 62-58. the cons home, gonzaga later on. last night, washington excuse me. washington down 15. cut it to 3. but too much of this stuff. oh it is a turn over and the team captain anthony porter made him pay. he scored 21 and mission for the third time in the last four years, vick torres. lot of man love at mid court. 92-88. the final. congratulations to the mission bears. everybody have a great saturday. we'll see you around. so joining us now, patty
7:54 am
stanton from putville with yoko. she has a sister who just had surgery. so she has a cone on. we plucked them out of a bay area shelter and now they are at putville headquarters waiting for their forever home. >> so calm. she takes the food from my hand. >> she comes from manners. somebody loved her. >> today and tomorrow it is love a senior saturday and sunday at putville's headquarters. 255 alabama on the corner of 16th. all the dogs we have are seven and older. most of them come with manners and they are grateful. from tiny to big. >> she has the sign on, adopt me. >> please adopt me. >> you have been with her for a little bit. >> she has been with us for
7:55 am
about two weeks. what we would like is for her not to be separated from her sister. they stay near each other we are hoping someone will have a big enough heart to take them together, a bonded pair. if you would like to adopt her and her sister, we have all the information for you on the website at w pi we will be right back.
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i want to reblind you again today is the chinese new year celebration going on in san francisco. it is a huge parade, the largest outside of asia. look at some of the footage we got as they were putting final preps on some of these floats. it is perfect weather for the chinese new year parade as
7:57 am
well. mark? let's look at some of our weather today. what we can expect as far as high in his san francisco and all around the bay area. 67 degrees in san francisco in the east bay, some low 70s there. so it will be a beautiful weekend all around. today mild, very nice temperatures, tomorrow the same as well. going to be a little cooler as we head on into the week. we have 60s by the time we get to wednesday. of course the big reminder don't forget set your clock ahead one hour. do it before you go to bed tonight. >> i think that is a good idea. give yourself as much time as possible to get used to that. the days getting longer. we are going to be back here tomorrow morning at 7:30, so that is not going to be 6:30. it is going to be 7:30. in the meantime, enjoy your sunny saturday.
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