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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 13, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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manhunt in ferguson. authorities continue to search for the shooter who wounded two officers outside the embattled police department's headquarters. flooring fallout. following a "60 minutes," lumber lickquidateors agrees to pay for testing for customers who bought chinese flooring from the retailer. disney just won't let it go. they announce a follow-up to its mega hit "frozen." musial mansell, and will ferrell.
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>> and ferrell's baseball odyssey. he gets laughs from the audience as he suits up for ten major leagues in one day. captioning funded by cbs . new mexico captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, march 13th, 2015. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. the latest round of protests in ferguson, missouri ended peacefully last night, but tensions remain high in the st. louis suburb following the shooting of two police officers. the officers were shot early thursday morning as a late-night demonstration seeking forum in the city against racial justice was ending. during an appearance on "jimmy kimmel live", president obama condemned the latest violence in ferguson. >> what has been happening in ferguson was oppressive and objectionable and worthy of protests, but there was no excuse for criminal acts.
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and whoever fired those shots shouldn't detract from the issue. they're criminals. they need to be arrested. >> as craig boswell reports, both the protests and the search for the gunmen continues. >> reporter: police moved concrete barriers in the parking lot of the ferguson police department closer to the street. there's a major difference of opinion here surrounding the shooting of two officers. police say the shots came from a small group of protesters gathered across the street from the police department. demonstrators say they came from far beyond where they were actually gathering and the bullets actually whizzed over their heads. demonstrators gathered for a prayer vigil and marched to ferguson police headquarters for a second night of protest. >> people who are coming out to be the protesters, to be the positive energy out here is not the ones that are doing the bad things. >> reporter: investigators are still looking for the gunmen who opened fire during a
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demonstration just after midnight thursday injuring two police officers. one was shot in the shoulder, the other in the face. both were treated and released. >> by god's grace we didn't lose two officers last night. >> this was not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson. >> reporter: the search for the shooter focused this house just blocks away from the shooting. s.w.a.t. team members broke through the roof several people were questioned, but no one was arrested. the flurry of violence came hours after ferguson's police chief resigned. they had a practice of racial bias against african-americans. community activists say they can't understand violence in the wake of progress. >> action is being taken. now all of a sudden we want to shoot someone? that's absolutely absurd. >> the family of michael brown whose fatal shooting by a white
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police officer last summer also spoke on the violence. i spoke with a number of people who say the resignation of the police chief is not enough. they want to clean house entirely in the ferguson police department. in ferguson, missouri, craig boswell, cbs news. there are more questions this morning about the latest incident involving the secret service. two secret agents are under investigation after allegedly driving into a white house security barrier after drinking. lawmakers want a briefing from the new secret service director next wednesday. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. a government official says the white house captured the entire incident. congressional staffers were briefed on the contents yesterday, and now the president is reacting to the incident. newly appointed secret service director josefowe joseph clancey is on capitol hill involved the latest with his agency.
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two special agents, mark connolly, second in command of president obama's protective detail, and senior field supervisor george ogilvie drove an agency suv through a security barrier near the white house. this is after an investigation of a package left by a whom who said it contained a bomb. they allegedly knocked over a cone protecting evidence and and were allowed to leave the scene. >> whenever a police officer has reason to believe that someone is impaired wire driving, i think they ought to be stopped and given a field sobriety test period. >> democrat elijah cummings and republican jason chaifetz want a briefing on what happened by next week. president obama said the white house is disappointed about the incident but is so far standing by clancey. lawmakers here are divided over what should happen next. >> i believe he is the right
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person for this job at this time. >> the bottom line is the secret service has to be overhauled. >> after a breach of the white house itself last fall, the secret service has replaced much of its senior management. also today omar gonzalez, the original white house fence jumper, the whoun made it inside the executive mansion, has a hearing at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon eastern time. he's expected to enter a plea agreement. anne-marie? >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you, susan. this morning iraqi troops say they're advancing on the city of tikrit from sevlgt fronts. rockets and mortars were fired into the stronghold to create what would be the first major city recapture from the terror group and a step to other territory, but isis fighters still control parts of the city. and testimony in the boston marathon bombing trial resumes on monday. yesterday jurors heard dramatic testimony from a witness who was carjacked by the alleged bombers but managed to escape. kris van cleave reports.
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>> reporter: newly released video shows dun meng's daring dash to safety after being carjacknd and helped hostage by the tsarnaev brothers three days after the boston marathon bombings. meng told the jury it's the most terrifying moment, the most difficult decision in my life. his ordeal began 90 minutes earlier when tamerlan got in meng's car and threatened him with a gun. meng told cbs's chip reid what happened next. >> he asked me do you know about the boston marathon bombing. i said, yes. he said, do you know who it is. i said, no, i give up. >> reporter: prosecutors say the brothers had just killed mit officer shaun collier. they hoped to get out of town but they needed a new vehicle, cash and gas. this video shows dzhokhar tsarnaev with drawing money from
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dun meng's account. later dzhokhar is seen shopping for snacks and tamerlan was fiddling with the gps. that was meng's chance. i opened the door, dashed into the street. i could feel he was trying to grab me. meng ran for help and the tsarnaev brothers took off not realizing the suv had a tracking system that the police would use to locate the brothers. kris van cleave, cbs news, boston. another american who contracted ebola while volunteering in africa is expected to arrive in the u.s. today for treatment. the unidentified health worker will be treated at the nih research hospital in bethesda, maryland. the west africa ebola outbreak has killed more than 10,000 people so far. and this morning a large weather system threatens an area from the gulf coast to the ohio valley with heavy rain and possible flooding. there are flash flood warnings stretching from louisiana to west virginia. heavy rain, thunderstorms, and
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strong winds are forecast. >> the power line! the power line guys! the power line! a blocked creek caused this land side thursday. it happened near the runway of a rural airport. no one was hurt but several homes are under evacuation. bad weather in coastal florida delayed the mission to recover the crashed military chopper. the bodies of two servicemen were recovering on thursday. they found the helicopter that crashed in dense fog during a florida training mission tuesday. the bodies of two other soldiers are believed to be still inside the wreckage. seven marines and four soldiers were killed. well, coming up on the "morning news," flooring fallout. after a "60 minutes" report on high levels of formaldehyde in this flooring lumber liquidators takes action. and "frozen" fans can let it go. one of the stars has big news.
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in florida nasa launched an nasa rocket carrying aircraft. they will try to solve the mystery of the give and take of the magnetic fields of the earth and the sun. the satellites will be in a pyramid formation orbit to provide 3-d views of the process that drives the aurora bore aliceailial lis as well as potentially disruptive solar storms. the federal emergency management agency has agreed to reopen and review about 144,000 claims from sandy victims. the announcement comes two weeks after a "60 minutes" on allegations of fraud by insurance companies following sandy. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, lumber liquidators offers testing after a "60 minutes,"
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report, and exciting news for fans of the movie "frozen." jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. lumber liquidators says it will pay for testing of the chinese-made laminate floors. a "60 minutes" found the laminate flooring made in china contained high levels of formaldehyde and fell short of california safety standards. qualified customers will receive indoor air quality test kits. however, the company says it stands by its products. on wall street stocks rallied with their best day in five weeks. financial stocks were among the biggest gainers. the dow gained 259 points, the s&p finished 25 points high eric and the nasdaq climbed 43. next week honda launches an ad campaign urging drivers to bring in cars recalled for defective airbags. honda has recalled about 5 million vehicles in the u.s. since 2008 because the airbags
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can deploy with too much force. the ads will appear in 20 newspapers and on the radio in 110 markets. they tell owners the recalls are free and promise a loaner car if necessary. honda says it has replaced just 14% of the defective airbags. the internal revenue service is warning consumers that a huge nationwide telephone scam. fake irs agents tell taxpayers they owe money that must be paid through a debit card or wire transfer. victims are threatened with arrest, deportation, or suspension of a license. more than 360,000 people have been target and more than 3,000 people have been conned out of about $15 million. and parents, get ready for a new round of "frozen." ♪ let it go let it go can't hold it back anymore ♪ >> disney says it's working on a sequel to its blockbuster animated movie.
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"frozen" made nearly $1.3 billion at the box office. that does not include money made from "frozen" toys and clothing. kristen bell, the voice of the character anna tweeted dreams really do come true. #frozen2 #it's official and here we go again.- >> now i won't be able to get the song out of my head. thank you, jill. still to come the president reads tweets about himself and will ferrell's spring training odyssey. he suits up for nearly a dozen major league teams in one day. you may have a medical condition called overactive bladder ... ...or oab you've got to be kidding me. i've had enough! it's time to talk to the doctor. ask your doctor how myrbetriq may help treat... ...oab symptoms of urgency frequency, and leakage. which may mean fewer trips to the bathroom.
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so why wait to feel comfortable? trust vagisil. the number one wipe for itch. here's a look at today ice forecast in some cit ound the country. here's a look at today ice forecast in some cities around the country. college basketball's conference tournaments are hopefully a preview of what's to come in march madness. iowa state trails texas for the entire game until the final seconds when the game is tied and that's when iowa state gets the ball. >> get away, get away. an incredible iowa save rally with a game-winner.
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>> monte morris's buzzer beater gives iowa state the win, 69-67. and this weekend the only place to find out where all 68 ncaa tournament teams are seeded is right here on cbs. the tournament selection show is sunday at 6:00 p.m. and former pitcher octavio dotel set the major league record by playing for 13 clubs over his 15-year career. comedian will ferrell gave him a run for his money in just one day. ferrell suited up for ten major league teams on thursday in five different ballparks. he started out in oakland a at noon. along the way he was a senate red donning a beard with sunflower seeds. he played all nine positions and made a few plays in the field. he ended his historic day as a san diego padre and he addressed the fans. >> they say nothing's more american than grabbing a hot dog, heading to the ballpark and watching nine guys from the
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dominican republic make magic on the field. but you know what? today i learned they are wrong. make that eight dominicans and one guy from irvine california. >> ferrell's spring training odyssey is part of an hbo special. the uniforms he wore throughout the day are being auctioned off for charity. when we return iron man lends a hand. actor robert downey jr. helps a boy realize a superhero dream. boy ze a superhero dream. like the keurig b40 brewer. find food network accessories calphalon ceramic cookware and a kitchen aid cutlery set. pick up new simply vera vera wang bath towels and experience the comfort of serta memory foam toppers. yes to savings for every room in your home. and yes to picking up kohls cash too this friday through sunday. find your yes. kohls. packing should be simple like new nature valley nut crisp bars. let's see if hikers are keeping it simple too. what's happening here?
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just a little pack inspection a loofah. a tape measure. claves. seriously? fresh pine. smells exactly like right where we're standing. stick to simple. nuts. seeds. sweetness. new nature valley nut crisp bars. boom. delicious. tries to protect her kids from gunfire. the suspect behind bars this morning. another 49er player arrested on domestic violence charges. the accusations against fullback bruce miller.. and the scene of the alleged crime. don't waste the water! how california's extreme drought, could cost you. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's friday march 13th. i'm michelle griego.
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here's here's look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. iron man gives a young fan a bionic arm. actor robert downey jr. presented 7-year-old alex with a
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breakthrough prosthetic arm that looks like the one iron man has. alex was born with a partially developed right arm. the bionic arm was made with a 3-d printer. >> i think yous is better than mine because -- >> -- the light works. >> the light works, yeah. look at that, man. it's a marriage of robotic technology. bang, nailed it. >> alex's arm cost only $350. and president obama gets some late night laughs appearing on "jimmy kimmel live" last night. the commander in chief read some mean tweets about himself. >> is there any way we can fly obama to a golf course halfway around the world and just leave him there? well, w surfer girl i think that's great idea. a 30 rack of coors light is dollar 23 dollars at sun stop. thanks, obama.
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and during the interview he said he personally doesn't tweet or text. he just sends e-mails from his blackberry. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we will meet one of the rising female stars at google. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." sir, we're going to need you on the runway later. don't let a severe cold hold you back. get theraflu... ...with the power of three medicines to take on your worst pain and fever, cough and nasal congestion. it breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. theraflu. serious power.
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microsoft co-founder paul allen takes a trip to the bottom of the ocean and back through time. an underwater camera shows what is believed to be the wreck of a battleship from world war ii. it was one of the largest warships ever constructed an sunk in october of 1944. allen and his team found the ship near the philippines after an eight-year search. a professor at ucla has come up with a way for young people to think about their retirement. as anthony mason reports, it forces them to face their future. >> reporter: it's not easy to imagine the future. this is you theoretically at what age? >> about 70. >> reporter: hal hirschfield, a
4:26 am
psychologist, is about 35. how did you feel wheen you saw that? >> well, i was amazed at how much hair i still have. >> reporter: a professor at ucla's anderson school of management hirschfield wondered if americans might save more if they literally faced the future. >> we thought is there any way that we can actually have people sit down and have a conversation with their future selves to make that future self more vivid to them. >> reporter: in a study started at stanford university, researchers put people in a virtual reality room where they confronted an older self aged by computer in the mirror. >> the age progression algorithm basically mimics the processes of age. it sags the cheeks a little bit, it adds a little bit more fatty tissue under the eyes. >> reporter: to encourage saving merrill lynch has started using a similar
4:27 am
algorithm on its website because we wanted people to start thinking seriously about saving for tomorrow, to literally face retirement. the conclusion, it works. >> there is an impact. >> there is an impact. in one of the studies we found that people who were exposed to these images of their future selves allocated about twice as much money through a hypothetical savings account. >> reporter: hirschfield believes it could help people think more about their diets and health too. >> it allows people to say, okay, there is this future version of me, and this person is going to benefit from or suffer from the choices i make today. >> that's not some abstract idea anymore. it's me. >> it's not an abstract idea anymore. >> reporter: our choices change, it seems when the future is right in front of us. anthony mason, cbs news, los angeles. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this
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morning," isis partnering with nigeria's boco haram. we'll get reaction from michael morell, former director of the cia. plus the sentencing of former reality show bruce beresford-redman. we'll hear from his attorney. and we'll go to silicon valley to meet one of the rising female stars at google. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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and i'm frank mallicoat time is 4-- here's roberta good morning, everyone. it is friday the 13th. i'm michelle griego. >> that's right.
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and in honor of friday the 13th, we're all in black but we're not in mourning. we're happy because it's friday, right? >> i have to ring the bet today at the winchester mystery house 13 times so i had to don my black. >> it was my next suit in rotation. >> we have no triskaidekaphobia today! we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it is currently 53 degrees in san rafael. later today partly to mostly cloudy skies. numbers will span from 66 to 78 degrees. we'll have the full forecast straight ahead. >> and it's not scary at all heading for bay area roadways. it's wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see the came construction west on the bridge. details in a few minutes. happy friday! oakland police have made an arrest in the death of a woman caught in crossfire. 30-year-old chyemil pierce was the mother of three and she died monday while


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