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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  March 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a great team, and we rarely get talked about. but dennis i agree with you this warrior team is no surprise, and -- but i believe they are up for the challenge. i think they thrive on that. i think they like that. >> yeah. and as long as they are unbeatable at home virtually unbeatable at home. home court advantage throughout the western conference finals is going to be huge and to get that record throughout the nba finals would be important too. going back to 74-75. as a warrior team it's a little bit more diversified in terms of superstars i think curry is already there. klay thompson is going to get there. bogut a huge big man. you had clifford ray and george johnson splitting that position. but when you had just barry and i think that's there was a lot of lack of respect for this team because there was only one guy to point to. what kind of rallying cry was he able to give you guys given the fact there was that under the radar lack of respect mentality. >> first of all, if you look
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at al's career, he played 15 years in the nba, primarily as a defensive guy. and so i think he set the tone for our mentality that, you know, the only thing that matters is what you guys in the locker room think. the noise out there doesn't matter. and so plus he played 10 guys. i mean, rick had a super year but he wasn't on every night. so, you know, other guys phil. >> phil smith. >> my rookie myself. >> c. j. was a great player. >> oh, yeah. mitch bared he hasn't got as much credit he should have gotten for running the team. charles dudley would come in fire things up with his defense and i know i'm for getting derrick dickey. so i think those two things helped us balance the lack of respect and yet we had definitely had the desire to
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win. >> you had an outstanding rookie season ran the rookie of the year campaign. what was it like? you couldn't have been in that in awe because you came from the most prestigious program in college basketball to the warriors. still you're headed to the nba finals. what was it like for you as a rookie. >> coming from ucla, one, you know, everyone knows who you are. so it's like everyone wants to test you. and he -- plus i was kind of people questioned whether i could withstand the rigors in the nba. i remember a quote from coach wooden he said you never have to worry about keith getting hurt because he doesn't have any muscles to pull. so that made me do a double take. but i have a lot to prove. i knew that the college game would be different than the pro game. the college game once in a while you play against a team that has a player or players
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that could play in the nba. on the nba level everyone there is there because they are really really really good at something. and so i just came in. i flopped during our rookie camp. we had rookie camp back then and i wasn't prepared. but i really got my mental toffees i took martial arts and i came in to really prove everyone wrong. and i knew that what i lack in strength perhaps for appearance of strength i could compensate with my quickness and the fundamentals. >> last question. rick barry some people feel he should have been the mvp that year. >> he should have been, yeah. >> what kind of teammate was he like and was it his disposition -- was his disposition the reason he did not win the mvp? >> okay. rick barry everyone told me coming out of ucla jamaal
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you'll never play with this guy. you're so different. his tie raids on be ready teammates. when i realized that rick barry was harder on himself than he was on any teammate, or any official, my respect for him grew leaps and bounds and i wanted to soak up as much from him as i could. i also learned that he was a very, in his way he was concerned about the youth in the community and he got some of us involved. and then that kind of -- i started -- i still respected him first as a basketball player because we needed him to play well. but then i started broadening my thinking to say this guy -- i don't care what people say he's a decent guy. >> that's gooden doorsment. >> that's a great story. they should have won it the next year. >> arguably we didn't, and you
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know but arguably we were really good that year. and -- but phoenix. >> phoenix, alvin adams. >> paul westphal. >> it all fell apart. robert parrish gets traded. kevin -- it's a disaster. anyway maybe it all ends right now warriors may be going back. we'll take a commercial break and come back with more on the march madness postgame
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. welcome back everybody conference records 7-0. pack 12 right now. just unbelievable, and of all the shots being talked about for ucla, there was one that really comes to mind. it was against smu and jamal i'm sure you saw this shot.
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it was called -- >> he thought it was great. >> what did you think when you saw this call? >> well, when i first saw it i felt very lucky that we got the call. you really couldn't tell till they showed the replay. they showed three different replays and two of them you couldn't tell and one of them i'll add pit it did look like there was no chance for the shot to go in. and so -- but it's part of the game. they don't have the right to review the advantage of technology. so it was just a call that -- and i'm sure they made it like we were talking earlier because they don't want a shot like that -- >> end of game. >> end of game. yeah. it would have been -- yeah. >> when you go up right at the end of the game and you're under the basket as a defensive player and you go up and hit the ball away, now, it's possible that the wrong official made the call.
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seems to me that the one needs to make it is the outside official who's got a real good look. not the guy who's inside. i think that's who made the call. i still think that it was a call that had to be made. i really do. whether he was it was going to hit the rim was questionable. if it has a chance to go in opportunity to go in it's still goal tend. >> if the ball doesn't have a chance to go in, it's not golden. >> that's correct. that's the rule. >> that's the rule. >> you seem to feel like the ball did not have a chance to go in. >> when i saw on the remay one of the three replays. in my opinion it clearly did not have a chance to go in. this was -- when they slowed it down and that and the other. i also agree with coach that you can't in the game not calling that. >> ucla, look at it one more time was over, a lot of people
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were upset ucla was invited to this tournament. dan felt differently and he said so last surgeon night on our late night game day shore. what was your honest opinion about that basketball team as selection sunday came out. >> i thought they had improved through the course of the year. they were bad early on, but they were young too. they lost four guys to the draft last year. i didn't know whether or not they would make the tournament. i was hoping they would. i really didn't feel there was a strong argument for them but i felt through the course of the season the team improved. they were playing pretty good ball. >> i was telling dan at this point it's icing on the cake. you get to the 16 you deserved -- >> jamaal what got them in the tournament was the pack 12 championships. they played arizona in the semi- finals really well. >> really well. >> in fact led part of that game and i thought the committee took a look at that
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and they were improving as the year goes on. i was not stunned that they were in. neigh that they were a little in doubt an 11 seed but i thought they deserved to be in. >> looking like a genius. >> i never bring up -- the things you were wrong about i praise you with the things you're right about. >> prof debs, remember that. >> all right. jamaal, as many accolades as you've had well documenting them on this program, now you're coming out with memoirs of the original smooth as silk in my true story of being an athlete athlete. what was the motivation for coming out with this memoir. >> a lot of fans would ask me stories about my shot, how did i develop that the 20-foot layup what was it like playing for coach wooden a myriad of things they encouraged me over the years to write a book. i started in the late 80s a little bit but got a family and life got in the way and i
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picked up a couple of years ago, and it was a struggle for me at first. once i got going i got into it and had the benefit of you know being 20, 25 years removed from it so i raised three children and i tried to incorporate some things that would hopefully encourage and inspire our young people but definitely it's a book about basketball and my life in basketball. so, all these old guys out here, you got to get it and you got to read it. >> it's great stuff. and 20-foot layup story. but the one i like is the shot. you got to admit a little unorthodox. >> am i right here? >> he was not like right here. >> i swear i didn't know i was shooting any different until i got to college. it was just a natural. >> anybody try to change? >> none of my high school coaches. coach wooden i shared this
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story earlier he thought about it my sophomore year he called me over impressed upon me the importance of the reverse spin. i shot for him, and i was petrified. because this is the icon coach wooden so i shot 40, 50 shots i made 90, 95%. he called me over how do you shoot that again? i'm wondering what is this about? does it have good reverse spin. and then he rolled the ball out came back to him. yeah coach. okay you're dismissed. >> the answer is you made 90, 95 cope wood inpretty smartie said i'm not going to change. >> as long as the ball goes in the basket he's fine. >> we left a year later. >> we're going to take a commercial break and we'll be back with
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the pack 12 was looked at as having a down year but no conference fared better the last four days they are a perfect 7-0 so far oregon has a chance to give the pack 12 four teams in the sweet 16. >> we know the brand of basketball that we play, and often times we're judged on how arizona and ucla go. and you know this year arizona's been tremendous maybe ucla a little blip but they have got some things worked out now. and i look at our league and say okay we all kind of other than arizona this year a lot of people took turns beating the crap out of each other. that seems to be acceptable in other leagues, and you know, the strength of schedule and everything just stays elevated. but it valid dates what we're doing. >> 7-0. 3 teams in the sweet 16. can i get a live update what oregon is doing dan? >> thank you dennis.
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>> i want people to know you're up to technology. >> i'm up to technology they are losing but it's early 11-7. >> that's against number one seed wisconsin. if you got four teams in there that probably surpasses people's expectations. you and i were talking about this earlier. sometimes there's east coast bias right? those people go to bed before 3 hour time difference. so don't see a lot of games on the west coast. partially is the reason ucla didn't get the respect it deserves. but what's your impression of the pack 12? >> you said it 7-0, four teams. depending how the oregon game turns out possibly in the sweet 16. i think the whole conference improved as it progressed. and i think they will get better next year. >> i just like to prove naysayers wrong. did he long wright he. >> he played at city college he's a terrific player. >> look at the final win over
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georgetown to appreciate his gain. he was involved in every basket over the last 7 minutes. he has to take on duke. duke was fantastic. >> i will say this, dennis, i really think utah will give duke all they want. i really do. i think hurdle the big center for utah is a very good player. okafor he's a tough guy to stop. utah has a few bigs of their own and i believe utah has got some weapons. let's hope utah shoots the ball well. you got to make those mid range shots jamaal as you know i think the utes have a shot against duke i'm not saying they will beat them but they will give them all they want. >> did he long wright is a very unsell fitch player of it he likes to pass first shoot second his brother dorell wright. he told his brother i think you got a really good game but you have to shoot more. you have to shoot more you have to get your name in the spotlight a little bit more. but it's interesting definitely
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contrast in the two brothers. >> we're going take a commercial break the pack 12 is looking good on the women's side. thanks to stanford and cal. up next how the bears received a little help from the bay area rivals.
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the cal women beach witchita state friday night to advance to the second round for the fourth straight year. the bears will host texas tonight for a spot in the sweet 16. >> the way this program is at cal, the narrative has changed. you know, we expect to win championships. we -- our aim is to go back to a final 4 some day hopefully that's this year. win a national championship. >> how did a promising stanford prospect wind up a crosstown rival cal that's a story of a coach concern is more about the player than the
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rivalry. >> in terms of the recruiting, it's pretty rare. >> cal head coach lindsey gotly was a little stunned when stanford's tara vander veer essentially put new zealand basketball star davidson on a platter. >> i went to my phone and any coach that i knew i text. >> i get a text message and it's from tara. and she's still playing in the tournament. so the fact that she took the time and she said hey lindsey do you have any scholarships left? i'm like i do. what's up. >> davidson was a complete unknown until she came to one of stanford's camps. they wanted her but the school admission office said no. >> it was what were the next option. >> we recruit a lot of kids stanford does not become an option, but they understand the system better and they have a back-up. she didn't understand maybe how it worked and we didn't want to have her get left in the lurch. >> davidson wasn't in the
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lurch for very long after a quick meeting with the staff she became a bear having little knowledge of the rivalry. >> when i went to visit the cowboys were playing the stanford boys and there was a huge rivalry i didn't realize it was cal at the time until i came here i realize i seen that game. wow that's the rival school. i figured out it was actually a big deal. >> to help a rival somebody you're competing for championships with it speaks to the fact tara sees the big picture as a young coach it's a lesson i won't soon forget in terms of how you handle things and how you treat people. >> but how will david son treat stanford the next four years in the basketball court. >> just be nice to stanford. you can beat up on everyone else but be nice to us. >> vander veer class act through and through they play tomorrow night. we're going to take a commercial break wrap it up on th
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. the field of 16 will be finalized later tonight. the opening weekend marathon is capped off with northern iowa and louisville. the panthers hope to continue to hit all the right notes on the court even if they can't agree about them often. >> maybe can you share 2 or 3 songs from your pregame play list. >> i don't listen to music before the game. >> we can tell you everybody on the team listens to marvin's music. >> it's loud enough. >> he likes to play no flex zone before every single game. >> jamaal championship season 1975 and what music did you listen to? >> oh, man. you know what -- >> the number one song was love will keep us together. >> never heard of it. >> oh, yeah i listened to it. yeah. >> how about the bee gees were they around. >> jive talking. i think jive talking was like number 9 of the year.
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>> okay. >> rhinestone cowboy was number 2. anyway. >> it was before my time dennis. >> jamaal, give me your pick to win it all. >> well, i'm hoeing the pack 12 does well. so i'm curious to see what kentucky will do they are the big story undefeated. but i hope arizona is not ucla. will dethrone or not dethrone them because they are not the defending. they are not the defending champions. >> no. but very diplomatic response on ucla. >> uconn. >> well, i pick kentucky from the start. so i'm going to stay with kentucky. i think they are going to pull off that 40-ozone. and i don't think they played the best basketball but i'm really obviously pulling for a pack 12 school fourses hopefully to make a big run. i think ucla will play gonzaga. gonzaga will win and i think the bruins are going to
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surprise everyone. they lost to gonzaga earlier in year. i'm saying if they play them again i think ucla has a good -- >> you rode that wave of popularity it's over. >> thanks for coming in. appreciate it. >> good to have you here. >> the great jamaal wilson. look at that shot. where did it come from? >> perfect rotation right there. looks great to me. >> good night everybody.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. a new era of soccer in the bay area kicks off in the south bay. the first official game of the new earthquake stadium and the first real test for traffic. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm ann notarangelo. we have the story live from san jose where it's a packed house to watch lift. to-- watch history. >> reporter: this was a soldout crowd of 18,000 fans, so that meant 18,000 people filling these streets to get inside. before the san jose earthquake season opener game you