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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  March 22, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. a new era of soccer in the bay area kicks off in the south bay. the first official game of the new earthquake stadium and the first real test for traffic. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm ann notarangelo. we have the story live from san jose where it's a packed house to watch lift. to-- watch history. >> reporter: this was a soldout crowd of 18,000 fans, so that meant 18,000 people filling these streets to get inside. before the san jose earthquake season opener game you could
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feel the tremors at the new stadium caused by thousands of fans. >> today is a big day for us, new stadium, new chapter, big fun today. >> reporter: but before the battle on the field between the earthquake and chicago fire there was a battle off the field to find parking. dave johnson was a solution for the first 30 people who wanted to bypass the long line to get to the stadium parking lot. you own this building. this is a perfect business opportunity for you. >> we thought so. we thought we'd try it out. first game. >> reporter: the first season opener game at the stadium, now it's up to the earthquake to shake it up on the field. give me your best cheer. >> go quakes! >> reporter: he's got to work on his cheer a little bit there. except for the expected long lines of traffic, it's been pretty smooth sailing here. we have buses and shuttles helping fans get to the stadium
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and i'm told the quakes made their first goal in the first 10 minutes of the game. live in san jose maria medina, kpix5. >> you can go to and click on the traffic tab at the top of the page. for the third time in less than 24 hours police in bay area shot a suspect. this time the suspect is dead. it happened 2:00 this morning at a 7-eleven in scott boulevard in santa clara. two officers drove into the parking lot and saw a robbery in progress. the robber fired at the clerk and missed before confronting the cops outside. police say when he did not drop his gun, the officer shot and killed him. richmond police identified the man shot by a sergeant last night. 19-year-old daniel tolosa was shot while being chased through a neighborhood. that started when tolosa drove through a traffic stop leading to a chase by far and foot. police say tolosa has a history
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which includes weapons violations and gang affiliations. his injuries are not life threatening. isis released what appears to be a hit list targeting 100 members of the u.s. military. wendy gillette reports the online post includes addresses and pictures. >> reporter: the new online post is from a group calling itself the islamic state hacking division. it lists 100 members of the american military, their pictures, rank and purported addresses. the group says it's posting the information "so that our brothers in america can deal with you" and because the military members were part of campaigns to defeat isis. the islamic state has increasingly used sophisticated online techniques to gain attention and followers. >> i think this is exactly the kind of tactics that we are starting to see increase, not only here but in other parts of the world where these islamic
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extremist terrorist elements are looking to different so- called soft targets. >> reporter: a u.s. marine corps spokesman released a statement that says, "ncis is conduct in-person notifications to the affected navy and marine personnel regarding this presently unverified threat data before he. it is recommended marines and family members check their online social foot print assuring privacy settings are adjusted to limit the amount of available personal information." the new york times reports officials do not believe the information was hacked from government servers but was obtained from online searches, social media and news reports. >> the group posting the video says it wants lone wolf attackers to go after those on the list and kill them wherever you find them. the efforts to defeat isis are continuing with more american and coalition airstrikes. central command says strikes they're two syrian cities destroyed -- near two sir yap cities destroyed equipment and
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fighting positions. bombing leveled an isis building destroyed weapons and other equipment. an orthodox jewish community is gathered to mourn the death of seven siblings killed yesterday in a house fire. thousands came out to support and attend the funeral of the brooklyn children. their bodies will be flown to israel to be buried. the four brothers and three sisters from ages 5 to 16 were killed when a malfunctioning hot plate sparked the fire. their mother and a sister are hospitalized in critical condition. a bay area hospital chain on the verge of bankruptcy may have a glimmer of hope. catholic nonprofit daughters of charity health system has several potential buyers today. this comes after prime healthcare services gave up its $843 million bid two weeks ago, but prime might still be interested in buying one of the six california locations. the most promising negotiations come from santa clara county. the mercury news reports they're interested in buying
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o'connor in san jose and st. louise in gilroy. one of the largest breast cancer studies is being done in the bay area but is in need of money to move forward. the project has looked at more than 13,000 women primarily in marion county. the doctor is launching a new project hoping to raise the needed money to keep it going. remember the alaska tv reporter who profanely quit on the air in september after admitting to viewers she owned the alaska cannabis club? >> and as for this job, well, [ not that i have a choice, but [ bleep ] i quit. >> now charlene eggby is in trouble with the law. cops found out she was selling recreational marijuana. recreational use of pot is legal in alaska but. to sell it commercially -- but not to sell it commercially. the long road to rebuilding
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napa has taken a big step forward, what just got approved to help fix some of the damage with the earthquake. >> with a less than rosy outlook for en
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gas prices are tanking again. the national average has dropped nine days in a row now. in the bay area prices have fallen about a dime since last week. of course, we still have some of the most expensive gas in the nation. in san jose it's 3.24 a gallon, oakland 3.26, in san francisco about 3.39. the reason for the drop? production is up after a strike at a few refineries. napa is about to get some much needed repair work after the big quake this past summer. the city council approved a half million dollars contract to repair walkways, driveways, gutters and curbs. fema and the offices of emergency services are expected to cover most of the repair costs. it's estimated the august quake caused about $360 million in property damage. the arrival of spring means it's time for gardeners to get serious, but the lack of water will prove a big challenge for those trying to keep things green this summer. kpix5's john ramos talked to professionals looking at new
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ways of gardening in our drought plagued state. >> reporter: visitors to today's flower and garden show in san mateo were greeted by the usual lush greenery, but inside the message was a little different. >> some people are coming in with older gardens and going i've got this lawn and turned the water off now and it's brown. perhaps we should think of something else here. >> reporter: nearly every display featured hardscape materials and drought tolerants plants and when water was evident, it was of the recycled variety. 1 display titled living waters captures rain coming off a roof, uses it to wash clothes, sends it through a decorative fountain and waters a garden without a drop coming from the tap. >> we don't have to change our aesthetics or intentions in the garden. we just have to change our practices in the garden. >> reporter: we may soon have no choice in that. this morning governor brown made it clear mandatory
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conservation may be coming. >> i think this almost has to be at the level of a crusade to wake people up and take the steps intelligently, carefully, but nevertheless forcefully from this point going forward. >> reporter: so far the state has not imposed stuff measures, but once it -- tough measures, but once it does and the drought starts hitting people in the pocketbook, attitudes could change and the landscape designers here are eager to prove that conservation doesn't have to look ugly. >> if we can spread the word, i think we can -- a small amount of people can influence the masses. pope francis used his weekly address in st. peter's square to encourage the world to insure its water supplies are protected and available to everybody. he called water the most essential element for life and said the future of mankind depends on our ability to care for it and share it. the pope plans to detail his views on the environment soon
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in a vatican position paper reserved for important matters. you'll need a big sweet tooth to devour this treat, the whopping list of ingredients to make this massive peanut buttercup. >> we've got clouds sticking to the roof of the skies and a few showers are on the way, forecast in a minute. get the cbs weather app. search kpix5 and download the weather app available for both apple and android. ♪ at kaiser permanente
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in england a medieval king gets a proper burial ceremony 530 years after his death. crowds watched as king richard, iii's body was transferred to a cathedral in central england. his coffin was taken past many landmarks including the battlefield where he was killed. archeologists found his remains in 2012 under a parking lot. take a look at this. a north hollywood candy shop is attempting a world record that would satisfy just about anybody's sweet tooth. they're trying to break the record for the largest peanut buttercup. over 400 pounds of ingredients were poured intuited kiddie boole to create -- into a kiddie pool to create the candy. once sold the money will go to charity. the current record is 230 pounds set by a vermont chocolate shop. >> they're using a little plastic swimming pool to put that in? >> yes. >> if that gets you a world record, why not? we've got light rain coming in off the north coast holding
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together long enough to give us a few sprinkles. pretty heavy rain came down around mendocino county, but as it sags south, much of the breath will be knocked out of this cold front. we'll get just a few light showers out of it around midnight in the bay area and a few scattered showers tomorrow morning. that will be about it. this is not a big rainmaker. right now concord 65 degrees, oakland 63, livermore 66, in the city right now 60 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. there's some sun peeking through here and there. as we head out tonight, the numbers are mostly be in the mid-50s under cloudy skies. tomorrow morning widely scattered showers to start monday and temperatures will range from the mid-40s inland to low 50s around the coast. this will be our last relatively cool day for a while. the numbers tomorrow are pretty much average highs for the first time in a long time. we wouldn't stay there long. this is the low pressure that's
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off the pacific northwest. it sinks south and we will get a sprinkle or two tonight and tomorrow morning and then increasing sunshine the rest of the week and boy, increasing temperatures, too. give you an idea what's happening with futurecast. we will freeze this around 6:00 tomorrow morning so that you can see over in the east bay a few showers, by the peninsula a few showers. it will be one of those spring- like systems that come through where you get a little dousing of rain and then it clears up and maybe another few sprinkles and we'll try to pretend we got more than we really got. the rest of the day we're getting plenty of sunshine around the bay area and the rest of the week we'll be in the mid-80s by thursday. so light showers spread south, clearing later in the day monday. by thursday we're in the mid- 80s inland. so a significant warming trend coming for the bay area, but first a few showers to deal with. they will be in eureka and
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mendocino, partly cloudy in sacramento, 72 degrees tomorrow and partly cloudy skies. overnight lows, with increasing clouds temperatures mild for lows, 50 degrees in san rafael, 52 in san francisco, 50 at fairfield and livermore 46 degrees and 48 for san jose. 40 highs tomorrow again for the -- forecast lies tomorrow for the first time in a -- forecast highs tomorrow again for the first time in a long time we're close to average. later in the week we're out the window, 20 degrees above average the latter half of the week. 68 pacifica, 67 at hayward. in the east bay numbers look nice, 67 degrees in walnut creek, 65 vallejo, 63 vanish arks 68 pittsburg -- venetia, 68 pittsburg. in the north bay mid- to upper 60s, 68 petaluma, 64 santa
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rosa, 60 degrees by clearlake. extended forecast, numbers in the upper 60s, mid-60s, add a few scattered showers tomorrow. later in the day looks nice. later in the week it looks really warm, friday mid-80s. even around the bay we'll be in the 80s. coastline remains mild but after tomorrow high and dry as far as the eye can see. you are not playing bracket challenge, but dennis and i are. hey, dennis, how's your bracket going? >> folks in the audience, anne just set it up so she can get a compliment. >> i just know i'm beating now. >> if you missed it, we got the entire wrap on march madness. michigan state, how many times do they keep moving
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michigan state had a chance to knock virginia out of the tournament a second straight year. virginia was one seed last year and they got beat by the spartans in the sweet 16. magic johnson still bleeding the green and white. he had reason to cheer. a pass to travis wright with 13 of their first 15 points. the spartans led by 11. the cavs needed a spark by justin anderson. they shot just 29%, but that cut the lead to two. under three minutes to go,
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spartans up just five, but trice put the game away way deep three, 23 points for the senior. michigan state wins 60-54 and knocks virginia out for the second straight year. >> you got to talk about not wanting this to be your last game. >> it's funny you say that. i got a text this morning saying don't let this with your last game. >> something happened funny last night after the game. we watched a little film and give them a meal and send them up and bring them back down. after the meal they just sat there and laughed and talked. usually you had guys that would run up and grab their phones and text their girl friends and call it a week. these guys just enjoy being around each other. michigan state alum draymond green is at the twitter again, yeah, let's go spartan dogs, yeah. the battle of kansas david
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versus goliath, wichita state has waited 23 years for the chance to face legendary kansas. putting ink on the kansas papers on the game played in omaha, the shocker, comes up short on the dunk attempt but got it to fall. also got the foul. wichita state end the half on a 13-2 run. they open it up in the 2nd half. defensive lapse by the jay hacks and a nine-point -- jayhawks and a nine-point shocker lead. shockers win 78-65. >> now that you've probably screwed up any chance to get a series with ku -- >> you think? >> as a result do you think -- >> that said we haven't called them yet. >> i just assumed with the result today it might be tough. think your fans will be okay with that? >> who knows? they may want to play now.
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i have no idea. i'm not worried about that. i'm fine letting the series lay the way it is now. the series is good with me at this point. >> turn him down, coach. coach k and san diego state steve fisher met in the 1992 national title game when fisher was at michigan. longest gap in tournament history and jahlil okafor, a post move worthy of the next level. justice winslow gets the block, led to a fast break by okafor. duke by 13 at the break are dancing to the sweet 16, 68-49 the final. three seed oklahoma playing 11 seed dayton in columbus, the flyers on a 15-0 run. smith and the wing, down two at the break. the sooners were down one with six minutes to go. jordan woodard gets the layup
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and boomer sooner on top. minute to go, daytona down four. the ball is stolen by darrell davis, but he saves the day with a block at the rim. sooners win 72-66. they'll play michigan state in the sweet 16. how about golf? pga final round in bay hill one day after daniel berger made the first al about is to in tournament history, zach johnson had one of his own when his -- albatross in tournament history, zach johnson had one of his own when his ball made the hole. could henrik stenson match him way birdie of his own? no. winning at bay hill the second year in a row. packed house nascar action auto club 400 in fontana. can anybody stop the dominance of kevin harvick?
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harvick pits under caution with two laps to go. he overruled his crew and took only two tires. on the restart brad keselowski jumps out in front of turn three, holds off kurt busch beaten at the line by guess what, kevin harvick and kevin harvick extends his streak of first or second now to eight races. i think he's in the chase. good to say. you know who is on the show tonight? gameday jamaal wilkes. you know him? >> yeah, yeah. >> he played on the championship team in 1975 and he went to ucla incidentally. >> who i didn't pick in my bracket. >> anne is a bracket challenge leader on >> are you really? >> i don't think so, but i do know you have a 67% average. >> i try and praise you and this is what it's like to do weather. >> did you say
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isis post as "hit list" of 100 u.s. military personnel packers for the hackers release what they say are the names photos and addresses of targeted service service members. also tonight new information amount the man behind the machete attack in new orleans and new concerns about security. a funeral fit for a king in, immortalized by shakespeare. >> and car dealerships redefine full service to include spa treatments. >> have your nails done for the first time instead of just getting a nail out of your tire. >> captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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