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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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en in on this news conference right now. it's in french with an english translation. >> who he was, the copilot. i have already given it to the victims' families. his name was andreas lubitz. -- loubiz. could a loss of consciousness have led to the altitude maneuver? no. the lever that you turn, you turn several times according to how much altitude you want to lose. it's a deliberately -- it can't be done automatically. so -- well, if his head was to hit it maybe it will move by a quarter of a turn but it won't do anything. it won't turn it 15 times. i would remind you, he went from 10 to 12,000 meters down to 2,000. so he went too much what we
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call 380 to 80 if i'm not mistaken or 90. 380 which is 30,000 feet. to 6,000 feet. so we can conclude that in all circumstances, it's deliberate. at the moment, i consider it to be deliberate. first of all, refusing entry to the cockpit. second, maneuvering the lever for loss of altitude, it is 1,000 meters a minute as if he was landing. we're in the mountains, aren't we? so -- and there's no other airport which could receive an airbus 320 anywhere near. [ question and answer in french ] >> there was nobody else in the cockpit when the captain went out? >> no. the second black box has to do
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with all recordings dealing with the flight, pressure, temperature, and so on, parameters. this will be added information and it may allow to us know that there was no other cause involved. >> having got this information a bit late during the night, yes, that's why i'm a bit angry about it. we're going to -- well my principle, when i'm dealing with a difficult investigation like this one, i focus on the investigation itself. we can subsequently see if there were any leaks. it's not the leaks which interest me. what interests me is to know the causes of this accident. there were 500 gendarmes who were active on this. the asa, the transport gendarmesry were controlling the security of this sight
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which is extremely difficult to access only by cable from a helicopter and it's difficult because each of the investigators has to be on the site with rock climbing shoe gear because the ground is -- tends to disintegrate. it's a very difficult disaster area. >> i'm not in the head of the copilot. i can't answer your question. [ questions are inaudible ] >> i'm simply -- well, i believe we have a duty to be transparent as the transport ministers just said. and those families which were -- receiving -- to try to understand what's going on an subsequently to go and reflect at seyne-les-alpes and at the
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place where in three languages french, german and spanish, was set up yesterday. i think there was a duty to be transparent and i wanted to do it because i believe that the victims deserve the public prosecutor giving them explanation on what has been going on to date. >> the families have been informed with respect to all the information i have given you. it's the same. [ inaudible ] >> how did they react? they asked many questions on international regulations, on was it normal for the captain to leave the cockpit? well, they asked many questions. what legal consequences might
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there be for the airline? well, i'm not at that stage. >> and again, we are listening in on a news conference happening right now in france talking about that plane crash. investigators now believe that crash -- that plane was deliberately crashed. they said that they looked at numerous things inside the plane. one was that the plane dropped from 13,000 feet to 6,000 feet in a short amount of time as if it was going to land. but there was no close airport nearby. so that's why they believe it was deliberate. there was also a lever that had been maneuvered for that loss of altitude. again, they believe that the pilot inside the copilot who has been identified as andreas loubiz deliberately could have possibly deliberately crashed this plane. now, the cockpit voice recorder indicates that one of the pilots left the cockpit before
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the plane's descent and couldn't get back n he started banging on the cockpit door to smash it down. 150 people died in the crash including three americans and we are going to follow this story all morning. we'll have a live report from the crash site in our next half- hour. it is 5:06. we have been telling you for two days now about the search for a vallejo woman whose boyfriend said she was kidnapped and was being held for ransom. it was all a hoax. an elaborate hoax. anne makovec is at vallejo police headquarters where police say she and her boyfriend made it all up. anne, good morning. >> reporter: there are still a lot more questions than answers this morning. and now there could be criminal charges because of all of this. denise huskins' live-in boyfriend called police on monday to report she was kidnapped from their home in vallejo on mare island. yesterday she turned up alive and well in huntington beac
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[ inaudible recording ] >> reporter: that was part of the audio recording to prove she was alive during this supposed abduction as they demanded their $8,500 ransom n all, 40 detectives on the local, state and federal levels were working for three days to find her. >> that is a tremendous amount of resources that, in my opinion, was wasted. i can sit here and apologize for all of us [ indiscernible ] with information but in the grand scheme of things, mr. quinn and miss huskins have plundered valuable resources away from our community while instilling fear amongst our community members so if anything it is mr. quinn and miss huskins who owes this community an apology. >> reporter: mr. quinn that he is referring to is the boyfriend. huskins has since retained a lawyer and we are waiting to hear what if any charges could be filed against her or that
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boyfriend aaron quinn who is the person who originally called police to report. this live in vallejo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> thank you for that, anne. 5:08. how about a little traffic and weather? and roberta, today is going to be a scorcher, i guess, right? >> yesterday we began the warming trend between 5 to 10 degrees warmer than on tuesday and today we are anticipating near or record warmth. it's live it's our kpix 5 weather camera looking out at the clear skies over the bay bridge. temperatures into the 40s across many locations in the north bay. otherwise, we are into the 50s from the tri-valley through oakland concord and also to the south across the santa clara valley. average high temperatures this time of the year 64 in oakland, instead 80 there. low 80s in union city. across the bay 82 in los altos. 60s and 70s across the beaches today. now with the sunshine a slight breeze out of the northwest up to 85 in danville, 87 degrees in blackhawk, 60s, 70s and 80s common in the north bay. and here we go to lake county with highs today in the mid-
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80s. the seven-day forecast still straight ahead. >> i spoke too soon about mass transit. as soon as we put up the bart map showing everything is on time. a five- to ten-minute delay right now out of the pleasant hill station in the sfo direction. it's due to an equipment problem. so we still don't have an estimated time when they will clear this but if you are trying to catch a flight to sfo we have to hop out of town and make sure you know about that 10-minute delay for bart riders. a live look at the peninsula southbound one looks okay now. there was a stall partially blocking the on-ramp southbound 101 to westbound 102. everything is great crossing the san mateo bridge. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. there is a growing memorial outside the san jose police department to remember officer michael johnson. the flowers honor the man killed in the line of duty on monday. officer johnson was a native of san jose, a graduate of gunderson high school, he
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joined the force in 2001. officer johnson was 38. he is survived by his wife nicole and other family members. yesterday, hundreds of people lined the streets of san jose to pay their respects as his casket was moved from the santa clara coroner's office to a funeral home in los gatos. they included firefighters who gathered on overpasses and stood on fire trucks to salute him. kiet do is at the san jose police department this morning with more. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. just a sad heartbreaking scene out here at police headquarters in downtown san jose. you see this mass of flowers and candles and children's drawings taped to the wall here. from talking with family and neighbors at the scene we are getting a better sense of how it played out yesterday. sources say a 30-.30-caliber rifle was found next to the suspect's body probably used to kill officer johnson. the responding officers knew the suspect might be armed so they began taking out their assault rifles as well but the top floor balcony gave scott
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dunham an advantage over johnson standing behind a patrol car 100 feet away. several neighbors say the suspect dunham was friendly, showed no signs of violence and police say they have not been to his home or had recent run- ins with him. but his family says they knew he needed help. >> you can't force it down somebody's throat to get help. >> reporter: officers blasted a hole through the neighbor's wall to get to the suspect. that's when they found the suspect dead on the balcony. one of the initial responding officers had shot and killed him. and police sources also tell us that the suspect was likely scoping out additional targets and likely would have taken more shots if given chance. live in downtown san jose kiet do, kpix 5. >> flags across san jose are at half-staff now. flags have also been lowered at santa clara county government buildings. in sacramento governor brown has ordered the state capital flags to be flown at half- staff. and we have continuing coverage on air and at
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time now 5:11. coming up, employees at that tesoro refinery in martinez finally going back to work after nearly two months of labor disputes. and that's very good news especially for all of us drivers. >> plus, we are following the breaking news out of france. french investigators now say the copilot of the german airliner purposely crashed the plane into the alps killing 150 people and we'll have continuing coverage including a
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most employees will return to work today at tesoro refinery in martinez. union workers have finally ratified a contract ending a strike that lasted more than 7 weeks. the refinery has been shut down since the work stoppage began. that could help lower gas prices which had already been on the decline. here are the current averages for a gallon of regular unleaded: >> get it below $3 a gallon i would be happy with that. liz has the "kcbs traffic." >> we are doing okay. we had some earlier incidents and a lot of those are cleared. a few hiccups though. first to the richmond/san rafael bridge, everything is so far okay on the approach.
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no major delays. a few cars slowing down a bit if the cash lanes but on the western base of the richmond/san rafael bridge we have that closure still at the francisco boulevard east between graining and 580 due to a crash that happened late last night. that closure is still in effect. all green coming up 101 into morgan hill. as you can see it's really all clear through downtown san jose no big issues on the guadalupe parkway, 280 heading into cupertino. westbound 580 probably one of our slowest drive times out the door. you can see within the last 10 minutes or so those red sensors started popping up. hasn't affected the drive time but that will probably change. 17 minutes from the altamont pass and 680. a quick look at highway 4 where we are seeing slowdowns as well between hillcrest and "a" street. that's your latest "kcbs drive to work." we are heating up. here's roberta gonzales with those. good morning to george hughes, one of our weather watcher. he is checking in with us this morning and so far he is
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reporting 53 degrees with a high barometric pressure at 30.12, strong indication that we have high pressure building in and we have near and record warmth. let's take a look at some of the conditions in the area. clear skies, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it is currently 55 degrees in san francisco with calm winds. here comes the fog. it's gathering off the coast impacting our weather forecast on friday until then, huge ridge of high pressure that's encompassing the western states that will cause the near or record warmth today. in fact, tomorrow as it goes east, we reverse the wind flow more to a southwesterly so we have the temperatures come down gently inland, you will see more of an impact along the coast and the bay. today statewide talking about 76 degrees in monterey bay, the high 60s in the greater lake tahoe area with that tahoe report coming up at 5:48 this morning. otherwise, temperatures we are into the 70s and 80s.
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you're looking at 85 degrees in san jose. 86, 87, further south towards morgan hill and gilroy where we anticipate some record heat. also that should be a record across the santa clara valley. 70s and 80s to the north. northwest winds at 5. east of the bay to the mid- and high 80s. 87 degrees pretty much your outside number today. but some backyards could report according to our weather watchers 88, 89 degrees approaching 90 degrees. there you have the dry conditions on friday, as well. cooler over the weekend but still well above average. hey, what's your weekend plans? perhaps you're going to be participating in the rock and roll half marathon? takes place this sunday in san francisco. ideal conditions a little fog in the morning, temperatures start time around 60 degrees. perfect for running. >> perfect. and keep hydrated, right? you always say that. >> hydrate, hydrate, hydrate no matter the temperatures. a little bit of water one, gatorade, water, gatorade. remember that bear that was
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spotted wandering around the neighborhoods in tracy this week? there it is. it's been captured. pretty good sized guy. animal control officers found him in a tree. they tranquilized him. firefighters used a tarp to finally catch him down below. a big crowd watched and cheered as crews made the catch. the bear a little groggy but will be okay. animal control will release him up in the mountains near yosemite. and there is stunning news from france this morning! investigators say the copilot purposely crashed the plane into the alps. the captain had left the cockpit to use the restroom. that's when the copilot lost the cockpit door and intentionally set the plane into its doomed descent. we'll have a live report from the french alps coming up at 5:30. >> and in your bay area job market report, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger says you don't have to be looking for jobs in high- tech to use the latest technology in your job search. >> reporter: are you using all available tools to conduct your job search?
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90s right-handed high 80s left- handed and in the a's are glad to have him! for a pitcher who throws with both arms, though, putting together his workload can be complicated for manager bob melvin. >> when you have to do is put together his workday, you have to put it together for, like, two different pitchers so, you know, throw side session left- handed and then another session go by and all of a sudden he shows up right-handed. i was joking he gave me vertigo the other day and that his number 74 looked like it was 47 from one side and i walked out of here a little bit dizzy. [ laughter ] all right. basketball last night. old dominion n.i.t. quarters. tied at 69 with murray state for the right to face stanford. >> he has a shot! oh!! oh, my gosh! >> freeman the long buzzer beater. old dominion beats murray state
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72-69. stanford is next on tuesday. by the way, the stanford women left yesterday for their ncaa sweet sixteen women's game. that will be friday against notre dame. and i will leave with you this one. normally when i come home, i can just say i hit a buzzer beater to win a game, my boys will just keep playing their controller, play their videogame. but when i told them i was interviewing daniel bryan the wrestler later on today, dad got street cred. see you later. >> got to love the wwe. thank you, vern. play of the day nba. we got the clippers and knicks and. this watch. >> a lot of smiles with the clippers now. oh, whoa! >> not bad. that was deandre jordan with the slam helping the clippers to a 111-80 rout of the hapless knicks. your play of the day. we'll go live to france where investigators now say the copilot of this plane crashed
5:26 am
the plane into the french alps on purpose and the passengers knew something was wrong because there was an audio recording of passengers screaming in terror. >> and the kidnapping that police now say was an elaborate hoax how this wild story unfolded and where things stand
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i'm kiet do. we're live at san jose police headquarters where there is a growing memorial here. we have new details about the fatal officer shooting from yesterday. >> and breaking news from france. investigators say the copilot of the german plane purposely crashed the plane into the
5:30 am
alps. this crash was not an accident. we'll be going live to france in a few minutes with the latest. >> from the kpix 5 weather center good morning, everybody. we'll experience a substantial warmup today we'll show you where and how long it will last. >> unfortunately, these delays for bart riders continue between the east bay and sfo. how it might affect your ride. that's coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, march 26. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. >> we'll have more on that plane crash in just a moment. we have a reporter getting ready for a live report. but we'll start this morning in vallejo where police say a kidnapping and ransom report were all a hoax. denise huskins turned up yesterday more than 400 miles away and was at her parents' home in huntington beach. anne makovec is at police headquarters in vallejo. anne. >> reporter: police now think as you mentioned this is all an elaborate hoax. if that is true, i bet these two had no idea what was going to happen because of it. look at this line of media
5:31 am
right now from the national level here in front of the vallejo police department. now there could be criminal charges because of it. >> that was part of an audio recording the alleged kidnapper sent out as proof that she was alive during this supposed three-day abduction as those kidnappers demanded an $8,500 ransom. in all, 40 detectives on the local, state and federal levels were working since monday to find her. >> i can tell you that our investigation has concluded that none of the claims has been substantiated. if you can imagine devoting all of our resources, 24 hours a day, on what i will classify as a wild goose chase. >> reporter: 29-year-old denise huskins has since retained a
5:32 am
lawyer and we're waiting to hear what if any charges could be filed against her or her boyfriend, aaron quinn, who original lay made the kidnapping report to police. live in vallejo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a check of weather and the heat is on in a big way. >> it is. anywhere between 5 to 10 degrees between most of the bay area and today a huge jump. you will definitely feel the difference today. our air quality may have a little bit of the haze as a result. good morning, everybody. let's look ought site right now taking a look at, boy, the bright lights of burlingame looking out towards sfo. we do have clear skies. currently the winds are pretty much nonexistent. it is 46 degrees in santa rosa. san francisco in the mid-50s. low 50s tri-valley. oakland sits at 55 degrees. it looks like today we'll have a flat northwest wind. so if we have any kind of pollution, it will compromise the air quality because we don't have wind to blow it out. 70 in pacifica, 80 oakland.
5:33 am
should see a near or record high temperature in san francisco or in san jose at 85 degrees. 87 to 88 in morgan hill and gilroy. upper 70s around suisun bay through vallejo, benicia and martinez. meanwhile the extended forecast calls for today the warmest day of the warming trend. we'll cool down just a couple of degrees on friday. otherwise we'll increase the cloud cover on saturday but remain dry through wednesday. that's a brief look at your forecast. the tahoe report is coming up in a matter of minutes. here's liz. >> thank you, roberta. we just got an update from san rafael police about that accident that happened last night. still affecting roads on the western base of the richmond/san rafael bridge. francisco boulevard east is closed between grange avenue and the on-ramp to 580 until 6:00 this evening. so it's going to be a long-term closure. it took out a power pole so pg&e will be out there repairing that. they have to close francisco boulevard. bart map, a bart alert still in
5:34 am
effect up to 10-minute delays at the pleasant hill station in the east bay all the way to sfo. so it affects that line if you have a flight to catch. expect slight delays and plan ahead. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet at 5:34 but you can see they are going to be turned on here very shortly. fastrak lanes still clear. that is "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> liz, thanks. now back to the plane crash in france. french investigators say the crash in the alps was deliberate. the copilot crashed the plane. >> tina kraus is live near the crash site this morning and we want to say, there is a bet of a satellite delay with tina but tina, what do we know happened? [ pause ] >> reporter: frank and michelle, i'll tell you what, this has change the scope of this investigation entirely because, of course, investigators before thinking this was an accident. now the french prosecutor is saying the copilot of the "germanwings" jet intended to crash it into the mountainside in the french alps. what we know from the cockpit
5:35 am
voice recording about 30 minutes of the reporting we understand the copilot turned to his captain says, can i take the controls? then the captain apparently goes to the bathroom out of the cockpit door. a few minutes later, we hear knocking on a door that increasingly becomes louder eventually someone is trying to break down the cockpit door to get in. then we know there was a deadly 8-minute drop into the french alps and the plane slammed into the mountainside killing 150 people including three americans. >> are any victims' families nearby? have you gotten reaction from them? they must be devastated. >> reporter: the families are
5:36 am
nearby. they came by bus, some flying out from the airport in barcelona just like this doomed jet did. and they arrived here in france where authorities took them as close as they could so they could see this crash site for themselves just heartbreaking though can't imagine what they're going through. >> it really is heartbreaking, tina. we have heard reports that an audio recording did capture some of the passengers screaming that they may have known what was going on? >> reporter: yes. it's still very unclear at this point. i think that investigators continue to analyze this. yes, there are reports that maybe passengers could have been screaming. of course the victims' families wanting to think the passengers didn't know what was going on when this hit the mountainside so quickly with such a devastating impact. >> this is truly stunning news, very shocking the way this investigation has turned. tina kraus, thank you for that report. it is 5:36 now. we move on to other news.
5:37 am
people across the country are paying tribute today to fallen san jose police officer michael johnson. he was shot and killed on tuesday while responding to a call about a suicidal man at a "senter road" condo. yesterday there was a procession as officer johnson's casket was moved from the santa clara county coroner's office to a funeral home in los gatos. hundreds of people lined the streets along the route including firefighters who gathered on overpasses stood on fire trucks to salute officer johnson. flags across the city are at half-staff and lowered at the santa clara government buildings. in sacramento, governor brown has ordered the state capital flags to be flown at half- staff. he was a native of san jose graduate of gunderson high school joined the force in 2001. officer johnson was 38. he is survived by his wife nicole and other family members. kiet do has more now.
5:38 am
he is at sjpd headquarters. >> reporter: good morning. a somber scene here at san jose police headquarters. as you can see here this memorial continues to grow. there's a mass of candles and flowers and children paintings and drawings taped to the wall here. a heartbreaking scene. more details are coming out about that ambush itself. we have got police sources that tell us that a 30 .30-caliber rifle was found next to the suspect's boat. it was likely the one used to kill officer michael johnson. responding officers knew the suspects scott dunham might be armed so they began taking out their assault rifles, as well. but the top floor balcony gave the suspect an advantage over officer johnson who is standing behind a patrol car 100 feet away. several neighbors say the suspect was friendly no signs of violence and police haven't been to his home or had previous run-ins recently. his family says they knew he needed help. >> you can't force it down somebody's throat to get help. >> what we have learned is that the courageous work of officers there in the scene may well
5:39 am
have saved other lives. >> reporter: and that was mayor sam liccardo echoing the sentiment that we heard from a lot of police officers saying that had that suspect not been stopped, he likely would have taken more shots. we're live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> we have continuing coverage on air and you can always go to today the conflict in yemen is escalating. today saudi arabia carried out air strikes bombing shiite rebels. the rebels have taken over much of yemen and yemen's sunni president has fled the country. the white house says the u.s. is providing logistical and intelligence support. the saudis are also deploying 150,000 ground troops. 5:39 now. a state judge has allowed a lawsuit to go forward that seeks to throw out prop b. that's the measure san francisco voters approved just last year requiring developers to give voter approval for any project on land that exceeds
5:40 am
height limits. the judge dismissed one of the state's claims but allowed portions of the lawsuit to proceed. with markets 1% at all-time highs many people may not have cashed in on the good fortune. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us. why are we such lousy investors, jill? >> reporter: you know, emotions can really lead us astray. we fall prey to fear, greed, doubt, even regret because investors are not inherently rational when it comes to managing their money. you know what? we have significantly underperformed the s&p 500. not just by a little bit. by 4.2 percentage points per year from 1994 to 2013. the reason is easy. you know what what happens? markets are soaring you feel great. when they're plunging you feel horrible and you bail out. one way that you can actually avoid doing this is to stick to your game plan. if you can't, don't worry you
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can get a qualified financial planner to help you and to learn how you can stop being a lousy investor and the 6 simple stems to take better care of your money go to >> that's what we were going to ask. how can we avoid being lousy investors? >> yeah. well, now, this is a game plan that you got to stick to. and i honestly have to say that as much as i'd like to say that all the research in the world and how informed you are, it can all be wonderful but if you can't stop yourself from shooting yourself in the foot, then you have to get help. >> thank you, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. coming up, some students and teachers in san jose will spend time outside the classroom today to learn about the late civil rights leader cesar chavez. kids from the union school district will go from doors sa elementary school school to the mexican-american plaza at 8:30
5:42 am
this morning. >> continuing coverage of a breaking news story from france. the plane crash in the alps was no accidents. the german co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane. >> things are moving along pretty well. we are going to check in on traffic with
5:43 am
5:44 am
tornadoes touched down yesterday in oklahoma. severe weather went through the midwest. we did have one tornado touch about 4 miles just outside of moore oakland. the scene of a devastating tornado just 2.5 years ago killing 24 people.
5:45 am
today sunny skies, calm conditions and 62 degrees. highs today in the 70s and 80s. today the state assembly is expected to vote on the governor's drought plan. it's because of parched ground and depleted reservoirs like you see in these pictures. the money will provide relief from dry conditions and expediate funding for local water projects. central valley farmers are selling water to other farmers. some annual crops can survive a year without water but others like almond orchards and vineyards cannot so water transactions are common in parts of the san jaoaquin valley. and the prices tend to be reasonable. most farmers want to keep neighbors in business. distracted driving is the biggest reason teenagers get into car crashes. aaa says distracted driving causes 58% of all accidents
5:46 am
involving teenagers. that's 4 times what the government estimated. the study looked at video shot inside teenagers' cars to figure out what happened. the biggest problem, teenagers looking at cell phones or sending text messages. >> think we can throw in sleep deprived when we drive too. >> keep the phone in the back seat. >> exactly. liz, how we doing on the roadways? >> we were doing okay and then we saw all this slow traffic coming into san jose. i just checked the chp reports and there is unfortunately an accident causing all those backups so the crash is in the northbound lanes of 101 approaching oakland road. and you can see what i'm talking about. 14 miles per hour. there must be at least one lane blocked. again this accident was just reported in the last few minutes. we have a boating neck from the 280/680 interchange and it's slow before that. everything looks good across the golden gate bridge. we saw the zipper crews earlier. no problems out every sausalit
5:47 am
-- no problems out of sausalito. four lanes open in the commute direction. drive time 14 minutes between 80 and 101. western base of the richmond/san rafael bridge, we have a street closure and the san rafael police have been keeping us updated on this crash that happened late last night a dui crash that took out a power pole so francisco east is closed between grange and the ramp to 580 for a while. most of the day in fact until 6:00. it's going to affect morning and even commutes. bart also still late. there was an equipment issue out there in pleasant hill at the pleasant hill stop so it's affecting traffic or rides heading to sfo. so yeah, if you are catching a flight over at sfo, you should know that bart is about five to 10 minutes delays along that line. metering lights must have just been turned on over at the bay bridge toll plaza. with the forecast, here's roberta. we have been asking you to
5:48 am
join our weather watcher program. let's check in now and see who is up and awake this morning. okay, guys, let's see if photos have been coming in. let's check this right here. george hughes sent this in from yesterday looking at city hall in san jose. beautiful view of city hall there george. i thank you very much. and keep the photos and hey wake up out there weather watchers. we want to see your reports, as well. transitioning from yesterday to this morning, in the santa clara valley, there you have it. clear skies and currently an air temperature standing at 53 degrees. sand rose is in the mid-40s. -- santa rosa in the mid-40s. oakland in the mid-50s. near and record warmth as this richmond/san rafael continues to build in. it goes east. as it does tomorrow, just a modest cooling around our inland areas. you will notice more of a cooling around the coast. statewide, we are in the 50s going up to 83 in sacramento.
5:49 am
mid-60s and full-on sunshine in mendocino, mid-70s in pebble beach. meanwhile upper 60s in the greater lake tahoe area, time for your tahoe report: 62 in san francisco is average, instead 74. average high is 64 in oakland but instead 80 degrees. we're talking an outside number of 87 in gilroy today. that should tie a record. friday a little cooldown. we'll have clouds saturday. but we rebound with warmer temperatures on sunday. lots of sunshine through wednesday. if you are heading to the alameda county fairgrounds it's always a fun time when the good guys are in town. 75 degrees over the weekend. wow. great weather for the cars.
5:50 am
>> i'm liking that car in the picture. >> i know. right? >> cool. >> i don't want to brag but you're looking at three of the tomorrow people in cbs -- [ laughter ] >> in ncaa tournament tournament picks! [ laughter ] >> i have been concentrating on my weather. >> i have been for exampling on basketball. [ laughter ] >> i'm focusing on warriors. >> we could focus on this, too. >> you got the shockers and the fighting irish on the kpix 5 and kentucky and west virginia some people think west virginia might give kentucky a run for their money. see it here tonight. >> if you are leaving where's the party tonight? >> at my house! i'm okay with that. [
5:51 am
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good morning. time check, it's 5:53. and before you head on out, perhaps you're heading toward the golden gate bridge, what you need to know for today. near and record warm temperatures. highs from the 70s at the beaches. near 80 bayside and peninsula. and warming all the way to the mid-80s inland. taking a check of the bay bridge the toll plaza, the
5:54 am
metering lights were officially turned on at 5:40. so they have been on for a little while now and you are already stacked up beyond the overcrossing. sure doesn't take long. we'll have a full check of your "kcbs" drive to work coming up. if you are just joining us breaking news from france. french investigators say the copilot of the plane that crashed in the alps intentionally crashed the plane. 150 people were killed. we'll have the latest in another live report from the french alps coming up at 6:00 in 6 minutes. 5:54 now. an american soldier who abandoned his post in afghanistan then became a taliban prisoner could face a lifetime behind bars. army sergeant bowe bergdahl is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. taliban captured him after he walked away from his base. he spent five years as a hostage before being released as part of a prisoner exchange. he faces life in prison or
5:55 am
dishonorable discharge also a possibility. a bay area taxi driver accused of raping an unconscious woman in his cab has been arrested police say the man a checker cab driver picked up a woman who had been drinking on sunnyvale sunday night. at some point, the woman passed out and that's when police say he and his roommate raped her. the president of the cab company says singh has been fired. >> never heard anything like, probably the first time i have heard something like that happen. >> singh's manager said he went through the typical doj background check. a man was scared when a dog ran toward him so he kicked it and dog died. it happened at kensington hilltop elementary school on saturday. dog owner says she was walking with her 14-pound pug off leash when it ran towards that jogger. and he kicked the dog once in the head. >> she was just laying still on the ground with her legs stiff so i ran to her and her eyes were rolled back in her head.
5:56 am
she wasn't moving. and he kept running. he kept running away. so i had to scream for him to stop. i'm devastated. [ crying ] >> police have reason to believe the man was afraid. animal control reports a dog bit him back in 2012. the district attorney will decide whether to file charges. if you thought something was fishy about the story of the woman kidnapped in vallejo, well, you were right! coming up, what police say was an elaborate hoax. >> and san jose mourns the loss of one of its finest. i'm kiet do. we're live in downtown san jose with new details about that offi female announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save hundreds on simmons beautyrest mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train.
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mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people this is kpix 5 breaking news. >> good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we're continuing to follow that breaking fuse in morning about the plane crash in -- breaking news this morning about the
6:00 am
plane crash in accident. the copilot crashed the plane into the apps on purpose. the copilot andreas lubitz visiting the golden gate bridge. tina kraus is live in france. there is a bit of a satellite delay with tina but she is live near the crash site with more on this stunning news. >> reporter: this changes it from an unexplainable accidents to something terrifying and heartbreaking. the copilot knew what he was doing when he crashed the jetliner killing everyone on board. a french prosecutor says the copilot intentionally crashed into the alps.


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