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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  March 28, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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police computers --- that failed when they were needed live, from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. police computers that failed when they were needed most. the system shortfall that left the police out of touch when an officerrer was down. and was this woman really kidnapped and held for ransom? the evidence that could change the entire case. good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. on a saturday. i am anne. >> and i am mark kelly. yes a little bit of fog out there but it is warmer today than what we saw yesterday. really a beautiful weekend all around the bay area. a live look at the beautiful golden gate bridge. there is some fog out and there are some clouds, they are going
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be clearing. oakland, 53-degrees, san francisco, 52. and 51-degrees in san jose. so once we get rid of the morning fog, we are going to see a warming trend around the bay area this morning. more on the forecast coming up. the woman who lost her gender discrimination suit against a firm is talking to twitter. ellen powell writes if we to not share our stories and shine a light, things will not change. we look at why the verdict went against powell. >> reporter: in the ender, the former capitalist, powell, lost her lawsuit. she try today remain up bait after it was what was said to
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be a test of the progress and challenges for women in the work force. >> i am greatful for my legal team, and to everyone around the world, male and female who have reached out to express support and tell me thiemia story is their story took into consideration. >> reporter: she claims that she was discriminated against where she was denied propositions and ultimately fired to what she believe was a pattern of discrimination. >> it never occurred to me for a second that a careful jury like this would find either discrimination or retaliation. and i am glad to have been proven right about that. >> reporter: after a trial that went for more than a month, there was a complex look, a woman with at times, a difficult personally. but they rejected claims that she was mistreated or fired because she was a woman.
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>> based on testimony that we heard, it probably had more to do with per sales ability and her ability to--with her sales about and her ability to get along with people. >> reporter: kpix5. >> one group side this businesses needs to clearly define how they get promotions. >> a lot of little things can add up to a mat or a culture that appears to be sexist, and it is not always going to be a smoking gun memo or a statement of direct evidence. >> and 20% of the partners are women, compared to the industry average of 6%. and now in light of a shooting death of michael johnson, the department is realizing that they have a major communications problem on their hands. >> so here is an example.
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>> reporter: glenn baldwin was trying to show us his in car computer but it crashed during our interview. he says that happens a lot .e people are shock that had you guys have the system and you cannot do your job. >> i am shocked that i have this system and i can not do my job. >> reporter: baldwin says that officers have struggled with the outdated system for years. but the final straw was last tuesday night in the minutes of officer michael johnson was shot and killed. >> tuesday night, quite frankly, like a lot of nights, the system slowed and then stopped working all together. >> reporter: officers say that the system, which sends and receives information and shares it with units on the street, stayed down city wide until the next morning, forcing officers to use only radios. >> sofa that not working is a big problem. >> reporter: last september, there was a memo saying that the problems need to be fixed
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before one of us becomes a statistic. and today the chief said that the system crashed because of the increase in traffic. >> it was the banal width in- -the bandwidth. >> reporter: the mayor says that it is aging infrastructure. >> our key investment is in our people .e we try to keep people on board. as a result, it an infrastructure suffers. >> reporter: on the same day as the shooting, the mayor asked for money money to replace the police computer system. kpix5. >> well, the mayor has budgeted for 1250 that petrale--for 250 patrol cars to get new devises. and last night, thursdays of people--hundreds oaf people turned out to honor the memory of johnson. chief larry says that the san jose community has rallied
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around the department showing compassion and support. well, parents of a south bay teen who committed suicide got a payout. she took her own life that rumors that naked photos of her were having shared after the attack. both parties are going pay $875,000. and one family is paying $600,000 of that. two other boys face a trial next week. a woman is recovering this morning after she was hit by a caltran vehicle. she was cleaning out a tent yesterday in san show cay. chopper 5 was above the scene. now the crew was using heavy equipment to clear out debris when she was hit. well, if people were hoping to see the e-mails on hillary clinton's personal server, her lawyer says it is too late. the e-mails are all gone. the former secretary of state
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came under fire for using a private e-mail server. clinton says she turned over all e-mails that were important toker work. but---important to her work. clinton's lawyers says that her personal server has been wiped clean. amanda knox is breathing a sigh of relief this morning. her murder conviction was overturned. >> i am very greatful for what has happened, for the justice that i have received. for the support that i have had from everybody, from my family, my friends, to strangers, people like you. >> in a seven and a half year of legal flip-flopping, it was quite an event. knox and her then boyfriend were convicted, then acquitted, and then convicted again of
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murdering her british roommate. a new e-mail in the story of a woman sis posedly- -supposed by abducted and then release. >> one of the e-mails give evidence that there are other people inned in the kidnapping. >> daniel is the rue sour for- -is the attorney for the woman who reported to be kidnapped. the e-mail sherbet yesterday had a photo attached. a photo of some sort of evidence. >> on it, and attachment to that first e-mail was a piece of evidence they offered a photograph of evidence. >> reporter: wednesday night, the police say they found no ed to support the claims. they say that the woman made it up. >> the entire story is crazy. >> reporter: we asked ricky lee smith to take a look at the case, he says there are just
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too many weird details, the odd $8500 ransom. >> the story as told by the boyfriend did not hold up. some how, the victim got word of this, surfaced, and then realized there was a possible criminal charge against her and him, got an attorney, and or disappeared. >> reporter: but the attorney says that the police now seem to be caking this case more seriously. >> they are seeing it in a different tune now. i think they are trying to find the guys. i think they, you know, they are going to have to do some moon walking. >> the police are not saying much, except that everything is still under investigation and being carefully evalwaited. --evalwait. scott kell is out in space today. >> yes, and today is day one of his yearlong stay. >> the year in space starts
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now. >> kelly and two russians left overnight. they docked last night and scott kell's twin brother, mark, is also an astronaut and the does of former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords. >> and no relation to mark kelly. >> no, i wish they were. and this house may be your next fixer upper. >> yes, it is a four-bedroom on the great highway. but there are boarded up windows and needs a done of tlc. it was listed in a quote de- tiertive state. it is bad. okay, it is bad. and it quote, it is not for the novice. the final sale price is still $1.2 million. >> maybe a summer home. well, march madness is
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going to the elite eight. and gone sac be--gonzaga is now on to the elite eight and that has not happened since 1998. a lot of celebrating there. and a lot of parties happening in durham, north carolina, too. duke shutdown utah last night and that means that duke is playing gonzaga tomorrow. the clues coming to light about why a pilot crashed that german wing flight. the discovery inside his apartment that should have kept him grounded. >> he got more than a date to a dance. why he was suspended, and the horse he road in on.
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there is new information this morning on the mental state of the copie hot of the
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ill fated german wings jet liner that crashed. >> investigators found a torn up doctor's note inside his apartment. he was told not to work on the day of the crash. german's agency says there was a mention of a medical condition in his file. and a local clinic said that he had been a patient but they would not say way. we hook at how the u.s. system keeps tabs on pilots. >> reporter: the nation's airline pilots cannot do their jobs without first being cleared by doctors. they have to have a physical exam and self reporting on this online form, whether they have tried to commit suicide or have mental disorders. a formal psychiatric examination is not required by the federal aviation administration. this is the dean upheavuation program in new york.
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>> -en the dean of the aviation program in new york. he says that the system needs to be more like what the military requires. they have flight physical every year, background checks, and some branches require mental health checks every month, which include interviews with a commander, peers, and medical doctors. since 2010, the faa has actually eased requirements of a way of getting pilots to report medical conditions. case by case, pilots on anti- de-present medications are allowed to fly. pilots are warning against a rush to make changes and the regulations in place go for a enough, and the flight crews are trained to spot pilots going through mental health changes. cbs news. and some of family member
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of the is 1-1 4--members of the 149 victims were at the crash site yesterday. a memorial stone has already been placed near the site. and a new indiana law that lets companies turn away gay and lesbian customers is facing a lot of backlash. the san francisco mayor says that the city will not fund any city employee's trip to indiana. and apple's ceo, tim cook, says she is disappointed. and the march madness final four is in indianapolis next week and they are concerned about the student athletes. all right. now, a look another our saturday morning forecast for today. and it is looking like a beautiful weekend. here is our mountain cam this morning, where we so some high clouds and patchy fog. a beautiful sunrise today. here is what you can expect
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this saturday morning, mostly sunny today, warmer, for the most part, than what we saw yesterday. and then we will have a cooler trend, now, heading into the workweek. but first, let's fly arnold the bay and take a look at temperatures, near 80s in the south bay. 79 in campbell. 77 in santa fe. and now sliding over to the east way, brentwood, winning for the highest temperatures there, it is 80-degrees. and walnut creek, you are at 78- degrees today. san francisco will get to 68- degrees today. 66, a little cooler in daily city. and the knot pay, 73 in--north bay, a lot of 70s. so the next serve days, today,- -next seven days, today is warmer than yesterday. sunday is looking like the nicest day of the weekend. that nice weather is going to linger into monday, the start of the workweek. but tuesday a drastic change
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there. a little cooler trend settles in. mild and dry for the rest of the week. a high school student was not not horsing and when he pulled a stunt to ask a girl to prom. >> and how the urban cowboy galloped his way into trouble. >> reporter: eddie knight had a horse sidewalk. and this high school student decided to start his with one. >> well, is there a horse at school. you do not see that every day. like wow. >> yes. >> reporter: he came trotting up campus with a propose the, sign and reigns in hand,--and reins in hand, he wanted her to go to prom. >> i looked and i was like wait, what the hell is a horse doing on campus. >> reporter: the school administrators doled out a duo- day suspension for bringing hi-
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-a two-suspension for bringing the horse out. the reason, safety concerns. these two were watching from their spanish class, disagree. >> i didn't really see any harm of it. he did it while there was no one outside so there should not have been any problem with that. >> reporter: but late friday afternoon, he made with the min stressors and we got our- -administrators. class and prom are back on for the boy, the whole thing though, has them rethinking the go or go home nature of this. kpix5. >> so prom pose the. that is a thing now? >> i guess it is. he has just upped the game. >> that is a lot of pressure of kids, come on. a, to come up with it and then
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b, then get a guy to do that. well, the piano in search of a person. >> still ahead, balancing bills with school work, the turning point for one teenage is managing a full-time job along with his classes. we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ you know, one thing i have
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to have v every day is the salads. --i have to have every day, is a salad. >> it is a great thing and you have to have the best of the best somewhere. >> now we start with the tomatoes and the basil and then the cheese. >> yes, it can actually be [ inaudible ] so we are going to build it up. >> let's build it. >> do you have the basil in there? >> two basil. >> a lot of flavor. >> the tomato. perfect. put another one right there. >> a big one. >> one more mozzarella. >> and the garlic oil. >> yes, roasted garlic in the oven. put it in the oil. >> and a generous amount. and that is it. salt and pepper to taste, and there we go. >> we are all done. >> again, you can have this every day. isn't that beautiful? >> i love it. >> thank you, bellah. >> oh, this oil is just great. i like it.
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>> it is not always easy being a teen. combine with that with a lack of support and life can be really hard. >> and we look at one bay area teen who has taken on adult responsibilities as he goes after his education. >> reporter: this 17-year-old is totally on his own financially, no welfare and his parent cannot support him. he has been working at mcdonalds full-time since he was 15. >> it is scary because you know that at the end of the month, you have to have the money to pay the rent, because if you don't, you could be kirked out. >> reporter: and he his sister rent a room, together they scrape by. he and his sister were born here. but his family returned to guatemala. mis-harnetts are farmers and- -mis-parents are farmers and poor. so they sent him back here to live with relatives so he could get an education. that worked for a few years. but then, he and hispaniola
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bahamas sister were--he and his sister were out on the road. >> it is really hard because i always need somebody to give me advise or support, maybe give you a hug, something, to make you feel better, which is what i do not have. >> he has been functioning as an adult since he was 15-years- old. >> reporter: and going to school full-time, his reason for being here. he had a lot of catching up with to do, but the hardest part was the work. >> he would describe waking up at 4:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m. and then going school all day, trying to stay awake and then going directly to mcdonalds after school. >> reporter: get home at # 1:00 p.m., usually too tired to study. >> it was really hard, but i have always tryied my best. >> reporter: for years, two days off, tuesday and thursday,
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were days he could concentrate on home work. >> i don't have a computer. >> reporter: what did you do if. >> i had to stay after school on tuesday and thursday to try to get it all done. >> reporter: and he was selected for students rising above. sra has loaned him a computer and given him some money now no he only works three full days. >> he has really hard circumstances and yet, he is rising above. he is going to school. he is on track to go college. >> reporter: he wants to be able 20 help his participate- -to help his parents. >> this is a great on townty to succeed and be able to help them. >> he hopes to one day go into law enforcement but he has to go to college. if wow want to help, go to to find out how to
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donate. there is some music coming from high atop a mountain. >> yes, look at the piano. an la area film maker and his crew brought it up. it is one mile up, big hills. no word yet when they are going to bring it back down. just leave it. >> i think so. well, the 12 strangers in a rare six way kidney swap reunit for the first time since their bay area surgery. >> and the rocks gave williams, sending a woman falling to her death and this is not the only danger zone. we look at the crumbling coastline around the bay area. we will be right back.
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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. welcome back. it is just about 7:30 a.m. on this saturday morning. i am mark kelly. >> and i am anne. it is a lovely morning. it is going be warm all around the bay area. and now a live look, you can see plenty of sunshine, a little bit of fog there in the background, temperatures are warm, concord at 51-degrees. san francisco, 52. a little chilly in santa rosa
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at 42-degrees this morning. morning clouds and fog but sunshine for everybody today. and warmer, we have a bit of a warming friend this weekend. funeral arrangements are still being finalized for a san show--for a san jose police officer, michael johnson. >> but people are still coming to honor him. maria is there on the toughest moment yet for the police chief. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> a bright light among us was put out on tuesday night. we have not add an officer involved shooting since 2001 and we always say and hope and think that that is the last one. >> reporter: the police chief was off duty when he says he got the call he will never
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forget, that one of the officers was shot and killed in the line of duty. >> it is probably the hardest call i have had to take. he loved his job. he loved his job. >> reporter: officer michael johnson, he says, was trained for calls like the one he responded to, a suicidal and likely armed man. but johnson was shot before he could talk to scott. >> it is hard for all of us. it is hard for us, myself as a chief, to understand knowing that one of my officers paid the ultimate price. >> reporter: the chief says since fuse, the communities rallied and--rallied around the force. at two memorials on friday, many shook hands, saying thanks, and hugged officers. >> they do so much for us, to protect us. i am just sad. this man just came out here to do his job. you know, and he didn't know he was not going make it pack
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home. >> reporter: a tragedy ha has united a community and the police force. >> they should be very proud of the men and women that work here. , that protect and--here, that protect and serve them. >> the minutes after the officer was shot, sjpd had a major communication break down, the system which sends and receives information from dispatch and shares it with units on the street dayed down, city wide, until the next morning. on the same day as the shooting, the mayor asked for more money to replace the system. well, people were hoping to see the e-mails on hillary clinton's personal server, her attorney is saying it is too late, they are all gone. clinton says she turned over all e-mails that went with her work. but that was not good enough
7:34 am
for republicans. they subpoenaed all of her e- mails but clinton's lawyer says that her personal serve has been wiped clean. ellen powell, the woman who lost her gender discrimination suit is taking to twitter. powell writes if we do not share our stories, brings will not change of the the juries ruled against her, she is still thankful. >> i am grateful for my legal team for get megaa day in court and to everybody around the world, male and female, who have reached out to express support and to tell me that my story their story, too. >> 20% of the investing partners are women, compare to 6%, which is the average. and amanda knox was acquitted for the 2007 murder of knox's roommate. >> experts say it is an unusual
7:35 am
move for the high court to do this for knox and they are then boyfriend. >> i am so grateful. >> reporter: amanda knox made a very brief statement outside of her washington state home. >> i am really grateful for what has happened for the justy i have received and the support that i have had from everyone, my family, from my friends, to strangers, to people like you, you saved my life and i am so grateful. >> reporter: on friday, the highest court in italy declared knox and her then boyfriend did not murder her british roommate in 2007. she was found dead in the apartment they shared. knox and the boy were arrested a few days later and served jail time while awaiting trail. they were convicted edge then acquitted on appeal and then
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convicted a second time after a retrial. >> i am the lucky one. >> reporter: the 27-year-old is living in her home state of washington and is working as a journalist. cbs news, los angeles. >> knox considered meredith to be her friend and said she deserved so much in life. details on a payout for the parents of a south bay teen who committed suicide after being sexually assaulted at a house parly. pots took her own life after rumors ability naked photos being shared on the internet. her parents filed a wrongfulless death. --a wrongful death lawsuit. two boy whose denied involvement face a trial set to start next week. medical history was made at a san francisco hospital,
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doctors they 12--say that 12 people part in a six way medical swap. carter evans was there. >> reporter: strangers just days a go, this group now is more like family, as six people met the people who saved their lives. >> you are my barry bond. >> reporter: the transplant change was started by julie. her kidney saved the father of this 5-year-old. that man standing behind you right now has a piece of you. >> i know. >> reporter: she lost a son and her husband to cancer, it was that feeling of loss that compelled her to give. >> the difference between you an everyone else in this chain is that you didn't have a loved one who was getting a kidney. >> but they did. >> reporter: her get set off a medical chain reaction. her kidney went to a 26-year- old factory worker, his cyster
7:38 am
in law donated, and so an. the result was 12 surgeries and six new kidneys. one struggled with kidney disease, her 28-year-old son keith hope today save her life. >> you know, there is knotting that i can do from here--there is nothing that i can do from here. >> reporter: but there is another option, they were compatible with someone elses. mark got hiss new kidney from a former marine. >> i got a gift that i can not ever repair. >> reporter: it was fast tracked before anyone or anything broke the chain. >> one of the 12 patients got a cold, you know, the light before, then it could--the night before, it could have thrown the whole thing off. >> we make a choice as to what we give. >> reporter: the choice she said saved this man's life. >> she is part of our family now. >> reporter: he will now get to see his daughter grow up, thanks to the kindness of
7:39 am
strangers. cbs news, san francisco. and now according to the national kidney foundation, more than 100,000 people in the u.s. are now waiting for new kidneys. 12 people die every day. if you are looking for an ocean front fixer upper, well, we have the house for you. >> and it is a four bedroom home in the outer sunset, just along the great highway, it has boarded up windows and needs a ton of work. so much that it was listed as quote, not for the novice. and the inside, not much better. the final sale price is $1.2 million. unbelievable. and believe it or not, is actually $400,000 over the asking price. well a great view from an ocean cliff is worth 1000 words but it is a risk that hikers to not always think about. we look at the coastline that is prone to crumbling. >> reporter: the path leading
7:40 am
over the arch walk suddenly collapsed, falling 70 feet to the beach below. two hikers were on top. >> the two individuals that fell, that is rubble. one was unfortunately, pronounced dead here at the seashore before they were flown out. the second one is at a local hospital. >> reporter: they were hiking on a social trail, a trail not being deemed by the park service, but it has been in use for decades. earlier this week, the parkade vis notice crack, they posted a warning sign to stay off. but cracks on the cliffs are common. >> coastal bluffs will crumble. we don't know when, what section, and how much it will crumble. >> reporter: it could happen on any stretch of the coastline at any time. hikers were shaken. >> i generally stay away from the cliffs. >> reporter: they have hiked on
7:41 am
three continents and the cliffs are beautiful, but-- >> you need to talk to the rangers and have a good sense about the safety issues. >> reporter: the scenery will attract hikers from the around the world and pacific will continue to pound the shoreline, and then washing more cliffs into the ocean. >> some of the rocks that are there, you can see from the images, they are, you know, larger than vehicles. >> reporter: now, a large area has been closed wile the investigation continues to fully understand exactly what happened. the national park service says that the next step is to bring in experts to look at the rock to determine what areas, if any, can be reopened to the public. kpix5. and authorities say that the trial leading up to the rock could be closed for at least a month. the bay area needs new housing an office space. but many projects are months behind schedule.
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>> we will right back.
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paper clips, pennys, plastic cups. >> they are tools to teach science in the eyes of this weeks jefferson award winner. here is the story. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: these kindergarten student--kindergarten students are launching marsh mellows, hammering nails, and more. this 5-year-old explains. >> it is a lever. it has to have a pivot so it can move. >> reporter: this session at the elementary in mountain view is the brain child of [ inaudible ]. she founded the no one profit in 2008 to bring science to life for students in low income communities. >> i realized how lacking science an engineering education is in the united states.
7:46 am
>> reporter: sciences elementary provides monthly lessons to 2500 students in five day area elementary schools. they are hands on experiments that some teachers cannot do themselves. and this woman has recruited a specialized group of 250 volunteer instructors. >> when scientists and engineers interact with kids, they become children themselves. it is so much fun. >> reporter: and they all use household items, like this cup and this string. do you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> we want to show children that you can be a scientist with what is around you. >> reporter: and this volunteer, says that he has an outlet to share his passion. >> we want the kids to feel that this is special. >> reporter: just this 6-year- old.
7:47 am
>> life science. >> yes. >> reporter: so for creating fun, educational science classes in low income communities, this week in the bay area goes to [ inaudible ]. >> and you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at all right, now a look at the saturday morning forecast for today. and first, here is a shot of san jose this morning, looking good. is there levi--there is levi stadium. today, becoming mostly sunny and warmer than what we had yesterday. and then a cooler trend heading on into our workweek. but first a look at the high temperatures today. we are going get to near 80 in the south bay. mountain view, 74. 73 in union city and fremont. over in the east bay, brentwood, going to get to 80,
7:48 am
near 80 at walnut creek, 75 in danville. san francisco, 68-degrees today. and in the north bay, 74. cooler, 64-degrees up in the bodaga bay. today is warmer around tomorrow is shaping up to be the nicest day of the weekend. take a look at tuesday, we drop off drastically, slightly cooler on tuesday and wednesday. and then it is going to stay mild and dry for the rest of the week. well, time is money and a lot of it. bay area construction delays are costing developers millions of dollars. as john louis ray shows us, it is all being blamed on a huge shortage of class. >> reporter: san francisco's gleaming skyline is not gleaming as bright as it should be. >> we are trying to get the costs of the projects less so we started to source overseas
7:49 am
curtain wall. >> reporter: it is the temper that had that forms the outside skin of the high-rises. a number of the large projects are having a tough time getting the glass they need. >> it has been delayed, both from the pact they that they wasn't--fact that they went to new vendors and they cannot get the materials. >> reporter: this man got his glass from a trusted supplier. and his building is almost done. but he feels for those. >> the finishes are happening as we go through the building. so we cannot start the ax because there is no--the activities because there is no glass, we recollect not fib niche the building. >> we get the schedules down where there is not an extra day and we care very much about you know, when the materials hit the job site. >> reporter: so when you are
7:50 am
six months behind, it blows everything. some people have been known to sell off the glass to a higher bidder and one building was delayed because government was overthen. for some, it is--overthrown. kpix5. >> and a delay for just one team could cost more than $200,000 per month. well, he is hiding his face because we want to wait for the big reveal. we are going to meet our pet of the week coming up next.
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good morning, everyone. the warriors have beaten 29 of the 30 teams in the nba this season. the one exception, memphis, who just happens to own the second best record in the west and
7:53 am
they hosted golden state last night. thompson's ankle appears to be fine. he had 28 points. after halftime, the warriors exploded. curry hit fife threes, he had 38. in the last three games, they have outscored people 96-32 in the 3rd-quarter. and they tied a franchise record with 59 wins. >> sanford is trying to get to the--get to the ' light eight. he had 24 in the first half alone. second half, here comes sanford. bob by-from deep, the fifth three of the game. it is now 52-47. but here is the board, draws the foul, gets the bucket. free throw made it 59-46 and
7:54 am
notre dame wins 81-60. sanford's season is over. san ramon valley students, jacked out of their mind for the division one state title game. it is 67 and the wolves hits the go ahead three, san ramon vail i will would not give up the lead, they win 79-71 and that is the wolves very first state title. congratulations to them. a tough ending for the stanford women and we will have a the march madness post game show, not today, but tomorrow. have a great weekend, everybody. now, it is time for the pet of the week. and he is in my shot, you can see him here. and he has come here to get a look at him. and now he is a little nervous right now. >> he is a big mix. he is ant 5-years-old. he is kind of a classic of the
7:55 am
main, called dogs of the cat word. >> explain that for us. >> well, they are very companion. social, they like people. they tend to be great companion kit tills. they like to sit next to you in the evening or during the day. they were social. outgoing, this one is quite mellow, though he is a little nervous this morning. >> well, he is in tv studio, i do not blame him. and he is really sweet and he is really soft. and it is a really good situation, he is not needy. >> that is right. >> they are not demanding too much of you. >> okay, and he was found as a stray? >> he was found as a stray in walnut creek. he had been on the street for a while. someone was feeding him but we want today give him a real home. >> all right, well, if you want adopt him, the information is
7:56 am
there on thement of the green- -on the bottom of the screen or
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all right, a lot of sunshine. now a look at the high temperatures for today. south bay, you are going to get to 77. 79 out in fair field. the north bay, 73. 68 in san francisco. so today, a little bit warmer. tomorrow, though, it is going take the cake, monday is going to stay nice as well. but tuesday a small cooling off trend. nice, dry, mild for the rest of the week. all right, we will be here tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. we are going to hear about the proposal that will force
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