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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  March 29, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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a uc berkeley student walks out of a party and disappears without a trace. where he told his friends that he was going that has his
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family worried. >> good evening. kpix5 is live at the cal campus tonight, christian? >> reporter: we spoke with the mother over the phone today. yesterday, she made the trip to los angeles after learning that her son was nowhere to be found. now, he is a 19-year-old fresh man at uc berkeley and a member of the men's soccer team. he was with some of his teammates at a party when he suddenly left that party alone. now, according to this, he was at a party friday night at the fraternity house on 28th street near usc. at 1:30 in the morning he told his parents he was going to walk to the beach, his friends lost contact with him around that time. according to his mother she says her son made one last call shortly after that. >> he made one call 2:18 in the morning to a call in berkeley telling her he was lost and in trouble and then she told him
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to call his friends, he said he did and his friends have no record of him calling them. and then she tried to text him back are you okay? and she never heard anything from him and his phone has been dead since. >> reporter: according to the lapd he did not have an id card or any money on him when he left the party. now, cal athletics put out a statement saying our entire family is concerned for his safety and our first priority is to help in any way we can to locate him. we have that everyone keep him and his his family in their thoughts thoughts and pray. they are putting up flyer around the school, hoping they will get more on his whereabouts soon. back to you. >> all right, thank you. school is out this week for
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spring break. police and parents will be on high a letter when students return. take a look at this sketch. the police believe this man could be behind the attempted kidnapping of three teenage girls over the past three weeks. the latest attempts happened on friday. the victim told the police that a man tried to force her into a car at gunpoint near hayward high school. the police say two other girls escaped after they were attacked. no word yet if the school district is planning to boost security on their campuses when students return next week. breaking news out of the south pacific, a powerful earthquake prompted a tsunami warning. a quake struck earlier. no reports of damage or injuries on land. but it is a big place. the tsunami warning was issued for coastal areas within 1,000 km. there is no threat to the california coast. victims of last year's big quake in napa have just two
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days left to apply for aid. they are offering grants up to $25,000. available to property and business owners who's people's loans that did not cover all of their repair bills, victims are waiting to see if their stuff is salvageable. one storage facility was badly damage today it has been red tagged and mark kelly tells us the owners want the renters to come up with the cash to save it. >> reporter: he is launching a campaign. not for city council, not for school boards, but to rescue his belongings and twoothers -- 200 others to get his stuff. >> the quake seven months ago hit napa self-storage hard, unit nine00 that is leaning. hundreds of tenants say they were to foot the bill to fix the building or else it will
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get knocked down and they will not so their belongings ever again. >> hard for me to sit back and watch them bully us around. >> reporter: it is nor than a storage facility for him. it is where he houses his precious memories. >> yeah. >> reporter: this is maya, his other dog, paris, got sick. >> i put my youngest dog down in the year of 2014. >> reporter: and in unit nine00 where pictures, old collars and half chewed up toys are all locked up -- unit 900 where pictures, old collars and half-chewed up toys are all locked up in there saying we need help to reopen the unit 900 and finally reunite people with their memories. >> it has been a long struggle. >> reporter: back to you. >> he launched a go fund me
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page to raise money. we reached out to napa self- storage but have not heard back. the next phase of work on a bike and pedestrian bridge over sir francis bridge should be finished tomorrow. once the county bridge is in cyclists and walkers will have a way to walk across the road to the ferry and beyond. not until late summer and fall when the entire project is finished. the bridge follows the path of that old 1880s railroad track that was made famous when clint eastwood jumped off of it in the movie "dirty harry". it is super bowl day at levi stadium. sort of. wrestle mania, dubbed super bowl of wrestling, is going on. kpix is outside levi stadium where the fans are in a frenzy.
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>> reporter: it will be a challenge for some to get in but probably more of a khal throepblg get out. the show will - - more of a challenge getting out. 70,000 plus fans getting out at the same time. >> reporter: wrestle mania is taking over at levi stadium. >> that is how we do it, baby. >> reporter: with more than 70,000 fans expected to watch the wrestling season show ender. >> this is it, man. this is it. this is the big one. >> reporter: they came from all over the world for sunday's event. many like john planned early to be at the stadium to beat the crowds. he parked his car at noon, hours before the big show. >> i figured the earlier the better. >> reporter: can you tell me how the traffic was? >> that is expected. leave here early and plan on it. not too bad. >> reporter: wrestle mania fans wrestled with people
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getting to great america. the amusement park's opening weekend was with the big event. those who waited to get to levi paid the consequences. >> there were shuttles. >> reporter: once inside they say it was all worth the wait. [cheers and applause] . >> reporter: and so, they expected the largest crowd they have seen. 70% of the people inside levi stadium are not local. this is a huge deal for the economy. last year wrestle mania brought in $100,000 million to the new york region. >> a lot of fans spending a lot of money, thank you. san francisco sheriff wants to curve bad behavior behind bars. . >> i want
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memorial for officer johnson continues tonight. the police chief posted this picture on twitter. in is right outside of police
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headquarters. you can see all of the flowers and messages that people are leaving on the wall in memory of officer johnson. johnson was killed in an ambush on tuesday not after reporting to calls of a suicide man. another person shot and killed the suspect. his funeral is set for thursday. he is the 12th police officer to die in the line of dutiy and the first since 2001. tonight, san francisco sheriff's department is trying to find an -- duty and the first since 2001. tonight, san francisco sheriff's department is trying to find an inmate that escaped last week. the sheriff has an idea that will stop things from happening again. he told us sunday morning that he wants his deputies to wear body cameras. >> i want more body cameras in the jails. not just about officers on the street it is about the conduct that happens in the jails and
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the prisons around this country. >> he is running for reelection and he is writing to the mayor to request the cameras. thousands of runners are hitting the streets of san francisco for a rock-in-run. >> a nice day for it. we look live over san francisco. there
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another weekend of waves along the california coast. today the strong surf almost cost a 14-year-old surfer his life. he slammed into the pilings under the manhattan beach pier
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after his board snapped in half. had he was surfing on the south side but the carpenter was so strong. >> we urge people to stay away from the pilings. >> waves can drive them in, right? >> exactly. >> the surfer was pulled unconscious but breathing. no word on his condition tonight. about 10,000 runners hit the streets of san francisco for the third annual transamerica rock 'n' roll marathon. 13.1 mile course in 1 hour, 26 minutes and 26 seconds. a nice day for it. even if you were not running, a beautiful destination this morning. as you can see, alcatraz, a lot of folks out there walking along the waterfront. the beautiful view of the golden gate bridge as well. some places warm, some places cool today. we were all of the way up into the middle 80s inland. livermore got up to 83 degrees
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today. 82 at fairfield, concord, 80. these are all highs, pleasant in san francisco. 71. and santa rosa, 82 degrees. it was right up there at the top of the pack. a live look at san jose. numbers right now, concord, still 81 degrees out there. same for livermore. sanfrancisco, 81. cooler near the shoreline, of course, san jose, 76 degrees, santa rosa still at 77 as we approach 7:00 on sunday evening. tomorrow morning, plenty of sunshine. dry, sunny, readings will begin monday morning. early part of the day not a effecting us. so, mild for the most part on monday, later in the day we will get that moving through, the numbers will come down. that will set a trend as we are going to leave the warm weather behind. maybe but for one day later in
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the week. maybe for good. cooler midweek, wednesday, getting windy, and, you know, cool t it is relatively cool to what we this weekend. the numbers will be above average, but, again, the numbers will come down tuesday and wednesday. after a nice day on monday. future cast bears out. a few clouds coming in. that is 7:00, freezed this to show you aside from patchy clouds tomorrow, it will cool down a little bit. it will be a mostly sunny day. then, here comes the high clouds, eupbdcasion that the trough -- indication that the trough is coming in. tomorrow is nice, not as warm as today. tuesday, wednesday, a cooling, low clouds along the shoreline and then the warm up coming in on friday as the high pressure that has been there like an unwelcomed guest along the coast of california for months now finally, by sunday, moves east. that is going to open the door to maybe a chance of rain on
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sunday and more. we shall see. in the meantime, mild and dry week ahead. upper 40s and 50s. forecast highs for tomorrow, still a buff average, 80 in san joes a13 degrees above average, oak land, 72, 8 degrees above average. so, getting warm, countless times this year. bay area, south side. campbell, 80 degrees. 75 in hayward, closer to the shoreline, union city, 71, half- moon bay, 62 degrees, over in the east bay, numbers in the upper 70s and low 80s. cooler by the straight. up in the north bay, nice. 74 in santa rosa and 75 for kentfield. far north bay, warm. middle 70s doll it. clover dale, 80 degrees. extended forecast, sun in the week ahead. then we cool it down. tuesday, wednesday, winds pick up, the temperature comes down, come down, still in the low 70s
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for tuesday and wednesday. friday, we are back into the near 80 degree range. then sunday begins to increase the clouds setting the stage for maybe a chance of rain seven-days from now, late in the day. we shall see, stay tuned, ann, dennis? >> just in time for easter. march madness continues to be exciting. >> finally set for the final 4. louisville and michigan go overtime. deciding their spot
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pac-12 team or maybe a west coast conference team. some representation if it is not in the bay area. you know what? 0. nothing. conzaga might be the best school to never gone to the final 4. today, a shot to beat duke and give the program that signature win. former zag star, morris son, remember him? he never got there. first stop, now, getting the bucket inside. 10-point lead. more importantly, picking up the 2nd foul. he had to sit down. only 4 points. now, westly misses it. we have a tied game. tied at 38. blue devils get it going. a kid named matt jones with the lead. suddenly, jones will do it again. they are up 6. the sophomore
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averages under 6 point ace game, he had 16 today. duke wins. they are headed to their 16th final 4. >> look i am not saying this because we won i tuesday the whole year. -- because we won, i have been saying it all year. i love my team. and now they are taking me to indy, that is neat. >> now we can look back and be happy with what we were able to do. we just fell short. >> those guys are going to get tired of saying let's wait until next year. once again in conzaga. now, louisville, 18 losses this season. now, that is one fewer than the other teams combined in the elite 8. spartans, final 4 for the first time since 2010. harold, with the entire second half without making a shot. he got the block on one end. there is the three in the
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corner. by burns, party goes up on top, thanks to a 10-0 run. four of 6 beyond the arc. now, louisville down 1. missing it at the rim. but, the foul on the put back attempt. 50% free throw shooter. hitting the shot. tie off of the back aoeurp. game tied at 65. but he missed the second shot. so, the spartans had a chance to win the game. >> -- tie off of the back return. game tied at 65. but, he missed the second shot so the spartans have a second chance. >> now, the clump. now, this is michigan's 7th trip. >> i am a football fan we are not going to disney but we are going to indy. >> being so close last year, minutes away and not getting
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it, it makes it worth the while. can't put it into words, really. >> i can not sit here. i would like to tell you i thought at different times this year that we were good enough to get to a final 4 but i would be lying to you. i can not even say i did. >> yeah, look at that. look at that. no west coast representation at all. . former warrior chris mulan might be back. now, st. john's offered him the job and he is expected to accept the job of coach. he played there in the '80s before being drafted by golden state. could be the next head coach. final week of cactus league play. dodgers, top of the 1st, now, ground ball, ruled double, right center, off of matt cane, turner comes around to score. allowing 3 runs in four
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innings. now, 7-4. now, buster, ground ruled double. now, 2-4 with 2 runs batted in. giants winning, opening day is next monday. around texas open. featuring two texans, now, trailing walker by 7 shots, 8 holes to play. but he got the birdo 15. he is within 4. there was no drama here, folks. walker, who lives 30 minutes from the course in san antonio held it off. tee shot. 6th victory in 2 seasons, this guy more interested in the cars than the nascars at martinsville. jeff gordon called for speeding on pit row. dropped him to 6 place off of the lead and he finished 9th. final lap, in the 11th,
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fighting brad, bumps hamlin but he stays in control and gets the win. you will not get by without a car but that penalty by jeff gordon cost him the victory there. >> all right, game -- "game day" tonight. >> yes, 11:30. >> thanks for watching "60 minutes" is up next. news and weather always on k see you
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> rose: what circumstances would cause you to give up power? >> when i don't have the public support. when i don't represent the syrian interests and values. >> rose: and how do you determine that? >> i have daily contact with the... with the people. how could any... >> rose: so, you're... you determine whether they support you? >> no, no, no. i don't determine. i sense, i feel. i'm in contact with them. i'm a human. >> pelley: under traditional standard-of-care treatment stephanie should not be standing here next to us today? >> absolutely not. >> pelley: for ten months, we've been following patients flu an experimental therapy at duke university...


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