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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 30, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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will never do it again. >> who posted it? that's the gig we, probably his wife. -- big ques good morning to viewers in the west. it is monday march 30 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." indiana under fire for its new religious freedom law. this morning apple ceo tim cook calms it very dangerous. syria's president reveals how he knows when isis will attack what you didn't see on "60 minutes." and taking you inside the bottle for a half billion dollar emerald. we begin with a look at today's "eye-opener: your world in 90 seconds." this is about protecting religious liberty. we're not going to change the
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law. >> outrage over indiana's religious freedom law. >> protesters gathered to take a stand against the law. >> apple ceo tim cook saying they have the potential to undo deck sadsades of progress. >> and the crash in the french alps treated for suicidal tendencies. >> a recording the captain screaming, for god's sake open the door. ticking for a nuclear arms agreement with iran. secretary kerry hoping to broker a deal before tuesday's deadline. >> falling through the roof of a burning house. >> nearby firefighters frantically tried to reach him. >> took his uniform off, burnt from head to toe. >> slid off the runway. >> more than 20 tweeted for minormine -- treated for minor injuries. michigan state to the final four. >> duke going back to the big dance. >> kentucky has won! >> the wisconsin badgers --
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>> dagger. >> started with 68 games. down to 4. >> incredible. i can't explain it. >> two bodies found underneath the building explosion in new york city. >> authorities believe the explosion was caused by an im improperly placed gas line. >> almost falling off air force once. >> there you go. >> you ready? >> the award goes to. >> taylor swift. >> "shake it off," taylor swift. and all that matters. >> my first opponent was tom kindness. a name that looks like boner running against a name like kindness? businesses turn away gay customers. >> able to tell which stores are supporting the new law. helpful little signs. this morning's "eye-opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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captioning funded by cbs welcome to cbs "this morning." growing troe tests and boycotts across the nation this morning over an indiana law that some say discriminates against gay people. governor mike pence says he stands by the controversial religious freedom legislation. supporters argue it protects religious beliefs of business owners. >> opponents say the law gives business as license to discriminate and apple's ceo tim cook is among the high-profiled names speaking out against it in an opinion piece in the"the washington post" says something dangerous happening in states across the country. at the stayshouse in indianapolis with some of the controversy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the law doesn't go into effect until july but it's already having an impact. tim cook is the latest ceo to take offense. the consumer review website angieslist announced suspension of a planned expansion at its
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indianapolis headquarters that could have added 1,000 jobs. [ chanting ] >> reporter: from indianapolis to silicon valley backlash over indiana's religious freedom restoration act continues to mount. in a new "washington post" op-ed, apple ceo tim cook openly criticized the law and similar legislation across the country that he says goes against the very principles our nation was founded on. on behalf of apple, i'm standing up to oppose this new wave of legislation wherever it emerging, cook wrote. ite writing in hopes many more will join this movement. the open letter came on the same day indiana governor mike pence adamantly defended the legislation. >> we simply stepped forward for the purpose of recognizes the religious liberty rights of all the people of indiana of every faith. >> reporter: at issue, the message behind the law. supporters say it protects a person or business owner from government persecution when following their religious beliefs. but opponents say the measure
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gives business as free pass to refuse gay and lesbian customers on religious grounds. cook, who publicly announced his homosexualitiy last year says he was baptized in a baptist church as a child, i was never taught or believe religion should be used as an excuse to discriminate. over the weekend hundreds of protesters took to the stays house while online the #boycottindiana was share and social media. with the ncaa tournament headed to indianapolis. >> right in with a nifty move. >> reporter: former nba star charles barkley said big events like the final four should be moved out of state. restaurant owner cynthia wilson is worried how the financial fallout could effect future business. >> we want to be known as the inclusion state, not the exclusion state. >> reporter: governor pence told the "indianapolis star" newspaper he's in talks with
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legislative leaders and a second bill could be introduced to clarify the law does not discriminate against gays and lesbians. >> thank you. a short time ago the copilot who crashed a germanwings planes was treated in the past for suicidal tendencies but officials have found no evidence about copilot andreas lubitz. allen pizzey is in montabaur, germany, the copilot's hometown. allen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the german prosecutor's office said today prior to being certified to fly, andreas lubitz had undergone psychotherapy for called suicidal tendencies and they found evidence from doctors he had been declared unfit to fly but no physical reason was given. this video of andreas lubitz learning to fly a glider shows a young man with a dream coming true. the start of a career path even he could never imagine would end
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as it did. why is it so calm today, he asks? unbelievable. the first clues that lubitz had something truly unbelievable in mind during a transcript of the cockpit voice recorder published in the german newspaper "bild." prompting to go over landing procedures for docile doorss dusseldorf uses words like hopefully. we'll see. and when captain patrick sondheimor comes back he finds the cockpit door locked. knocks. bangs harder shouts for god's sake open the door. passengers are screaming. more banging, automatic warning gaez off. terrain, pull up. the captain screams open the damn door. inside the cockpit lubitz can be heard breathing normally. a sound like metal scraping a mountain top. more screams, then -- nothing. the impact flung one engine 400 yards. the road is being built to the crash site so saul terrain
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vehicles can remove debris. so far 700 different dna strands isolated from body parts. victims' family began pilgrimages up the mountain and like everyone ask, asking why. theories proliferating. on depression medicine had a troubled relationship, eye problems, possibly detached retina all could have cost his flying license that was his boyhood dream. the black box flight recorder that could provide clues to what he did still has not been found and until a road is cut to the crash site the biggest pieces of wreckage will have to stay on the mountain. charlie? >> allen pizzey in montabaur, germany, thanks. investiateors going through both flight recorders from another airbus 320 that crash landed in eastern canada. the flight carrying 138 people initially missed the runway in halifax, nova scotia by more than 1,000 feet. survivors say chaos as the
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ground hit the runway during a snowstorm. hit an electrical line. 25 people hurt this morning only one is still in the hospital. if flying jetblue this morning you may be having trouble and need patience. computer problems caused delays for patternsssengers trying to check in. flights delayed. the computer outage is fixed and the airline trying to get back on schedule as fast as possible. this morning secretary of state john kerry and negotiators from other world powers are making a final push to complete a nuclear deal with iran. talks are deadlocked and they face a deadline of tomorrow. margaret brennan is in lausanne switzerland where a new sticking point emerged. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all the world powers are now here, and they are pressing iran to take this u.s. broker deal. secretary of state john kerry cancelled plans to return to the u.s. for a prior engagement in
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order to continue the marathon negotiations. as u.s. negotiators race towards the finish line a skeptical congress is nipping at their heels. house speaker john boehner threatened new sanctions on iran regardless of the outcome. >> frankly, we should have kept the sanctions in place so that we could have gotten to a real agreement. and the sanctions are going to come and they're going to come quick. >> reporter: boehner's senator counterpart mitch mcconnell was in israel where prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the deal brokered will only embolden iran. >> will this make their move forward more moderate or will it make it more extreme? i think it's a no-brainer, but this is happening before our eyes. and i think the most important thing is to make sure that iran doesn't get a path to the bomb. >> reporter: negotiators in lausanne say any agreement would appreciate iran from getting an atomic weapon for at least 15 years, but major sticking points remain. iran wants the sanctions that
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cut them off from global markets lifted immediately. the u.s. worries that iran will then purchase parts that could - be used to build a weapon and iran is demanding that it be allowed to further enrich u rain yum in the final years of a deal but the u.s. is pushing back. negotiators liken the remaining hurdles to summiting a mountain peak. the final few feet are the toughest. and there appears to be some back-sliding. iran is refusing to ship its stockpile of enriched uranium out of the country, part of an earlier proposal but, charlie, u.s. diplomats tell us that is not a deal-breaker. there are alternatives, but it shows you these decisions are going right down to the wire. >> indeed. thank you so much, margaret brennan in lausanne. isis this morning claims it beheaded eight shiites with the help of children. we won't show you the most graphic parts of this new video. teens seen leading the captives through a field. a boy hands knives to the terror
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group's killers and an isis member calls for the blood of syrian president assad. assad opened up during a "60 minutes" interview. a portion that did not air last night. syrian television shot the interview was the regime's request for security reasons. >> how can you see the united states cooperate with syria regarding isis? >> there's no doubt a cooperation. >> but how to you see the future? >> the future in the future there must be dialogue in order to fight terrorism because the terrorism is on our ground in our, on our soil. they cannot defeat it without our cooperation, without having our formation because really with this, we know the reality and how to defeat them. >> most believe there's cooperation unofficially and it goes through iraq. that somehow syria knows when air strikes are taking place by the united states because they get that information from iraq. >> yeah. from another third party. not only iraq. more than one country told us
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they're going to start this campaign. >> how does that work? >> what do you mean? >> you get information -- >> in the campaign? >> yes. >> how does it work? regarding isis? >> yes. how do you get information? >> about -- >> about an american air strike and so that it can coordinate with what you are doing. >> as i say. >> so they're not bombing -- syrian troops. >> yes. through third party. and it was very clear that they're going, they're aiming to attack isis not the syrian army and that's what happened so far. >> third party meaning iraq and who else. >> another country, russian officials. >> russian officials, iraqi officials? >> iraqi officials. >> communicate to you -- the american intention? >> yes. exactly. and the details that i just mentioned now. >> what's the level of that information? is it just about air strikes? is it about -- other activities on the ground that are taking place? >> no. no details. only the headlines and the
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principles that they are going to attack isis in syria and iraq during the next few days. that's what we heard. nothing else. >> in our next hour another new portion of the conversation president assad shares his view of syria's refugee crisis. you can see then tirp interview on my pbs program. eight people are debt this morning and ten others hurt after a van crashed in florida happened just after midnight in glade county. carrying a haitian church group pt van went through a stop sign rolled down an embankment. investigators still don't know the cause. and presidential candidates former governor martin o'malley o'malley -- >> our country benefits from new leadership and new perspectives. let's be honest here the presidency of the united states is not some crown to be passed between two families.
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it is an awesome and sacred trust to be earned and exercised on behalf of the american people. >> 81% of democrats in our poll says they'd consider voting for clinton who is well ahead of joe biden. her closest rally, with o'malley also behind. and wanting clinton to face a battle for the nomination and the former secretary of state is under new pressure over e-mails this morning. nancy cordes is on capitol hill where an investigative panel complains that clinton delivered no new messages about the deadly benghazi attack. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the committee was asking clinton to do two things. first of all, hand over more of her personal e-mails, or hand over her entire server to a neutral third party for examination. by friday. well, she did neither and in a six-page letter to the committee her lawyer said essentially it would be pointless for her to hand over the server she used exclusively as secretary of state because it has been wiped
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clean. he said no e-mails reside on the server or any backup systems associated with the server and pointed out all of her work-related e-mails as they have long argued have already been turned over to the state department. congressman trey gowdy who chairs that republican-led benghazi panel said he's now going to be consulting with republican leadership on their next steps here. although he has long acknowledged he does not have the power to compel clinton to hand over her server. democrats called all of this a political charade designed to keep clinton in the news in a negative fashion and they said it's beyond time to just schedule a hearing for her to testify about benghazi about her e-mails as she has promised to do. gayle? >> thank you, nancy. have you heard this morning? the final four is all set. three top seeds and a seven seed playing for the ncaa men's basketball title. the surprise team is michigan state, who will play who, charlie?
7:17 am
>> duke. >> duke. in the semifinals. kentucky still understand defeatfeated and the tournament favorite. jeff glor with a roundup of the weekend action. good weekend. good morning. >> i like the coordination on the reads, guys. good morning. michigan state would seem the surprise though at time a track record maybe not. all four teams know this territory well. setting up a big name, big time final weekend. >> what a pass! what a shot! >> reporter: an overtime instant classic. >> costello fouls him. >> reporter: between michigan state and louisville. >> putback. oh what a beautiful shot. >> reporter: two marquise programs two caliber coaches and two halves. >> michigan state is headed to the final four. >> reporter: in the end, the spartans outduelled rick pitino's cardinals reaching his
7:18 am
seventh final four for izzo. >> hit it every single game. >> reporter: duke the most successful coach of the this generation four-time title winner mike krzyzewski en route to duke's 16th final four trip. >> one and the shot clock expired. >> reporter: on saturday notre dame was ready. keeping pace with unkweeted can't -- undefeated kentucky all the way. the wildcats ended irish green's dreams of an upset. >> reporter: setting up a rematch of last year's final four versus a hungry team knocking off the wildcats and returned to the final four for the second year in a row. >> as is tradition. >> for the record, we did our peeks a week and a half ago. gayle the most successful. >> was i? >> three out of four. charlie and i both had two. >> still rooting for duke.
7:19 am
>> and -- >> gayle had kentucky versus duke in the finals. right? >> you guy gayle and charlie duke winning in the final. i had kentucky. highly unoriginal. so -- it's not over yet, i will never bet against duke. never. >> good. >> a good weekend. >> sometimes. >> jeff, thank. the final four begins saturday with the national semifinals on our partner tbs. championship game begins next monday at 5:30 p.m. pacific right here on cbs. >> and sports reporter too. violence at a popular spring break destination highlighting growing divide between locals and
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by nutella. spread the happy. an epic battle over a giant gem worth hundreds of millions of dollars. >> ahead.
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lifetime tribute. we go i good monday morning everyone, it's 7:56. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening, the family of a missing cal student is offering a # thousand dollars -- $50,000 reward for information about his whereabouts. l. a. police say 19-year-old eloi vasquez from san rafael was last seen at a fraternity party near usc early saturday. no one has been able to reach razz questions on his cell phone since that time. and tomorrow is the deadline for property owners to apply for aid from the napa valley community disaster relief fund. funds are available to people who didn't qualify for disaster loans or people whose loans didn't cover all their expenses for repairs. traffic and weather
7:27 am
good morning, back out to the dublin pleasanton area and we have a new accident now
7:28 am
blocking one lane. southbound 680 and it was jammed up anyway. you can see how brutal it is right now between pleasanton and the sunol grade. that didn't isn't helping the commute as well as the livermore valley. the drive time has actually dropped slightly in the last ten minutes from the altamont pass to 680 but again early morning accidents just kind of messing up that whole corridor. as far as the travel times go. bridge still stacked up -- bay bridge still stacked up east of the maze. just trying to get into san francisco slow mo. that's kcbs traffic. here's roberta. let's get to it this morning because we have changes in our forecast. good morning everyone. take a look at this. it is the marine layer that's beginning to push on shore. that's going to cause a huge dent in our temperatures. right now, 40s and 50s as you're heading on out the door, wow 44 in santa rosa. later today. becoming partly cloudy. temperature-wise 60s beaches through the 70s to the low 80s in our inland areas. breezy northwest winds 10 to 20. much cooler on tuesday. once the fog
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the finale of the hbo series "the jinx" about the serial killer robert durst. the opening credit to the show might glorify the idea of being a serial killer. ♪ sweet baby i need fresh blood ♪ >> so they showed the photo of the real woman who disappeared, a woman he probably murdered. and then the singer goes "whoo." you might as well use this music instead. ♪ this is how we do it ♪ ♪ this is how we do it ♪ >> or, you know if you really want to go for it with this one. ♪ ice, ice baby again ♪
7:31 am
>> if you're the victim's family you're not laughing at that. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this morning prosecutors are getting ready to rest their case. what is the strategy of dzhokhar tsarnaev's lawyers. legal analyst rikki klieman shows us is there any benefit to putting defendant on the stand. plus a gem locked up for years. the
7:32 am
new proposals aimed at attracting and retaining troops. they include modernizing retirement pay by giving troops 401(k) accounts and also allowing them to go to school. "the new york times" says dietary supplement retailer gnc announces stricter testing procedures today. last month the attorney general used gnc and three -- accused gnc, rather and three others of selling supplements that were fraudulent or contaminated. gnc plans to use additional quality control measures including advanced dna testing of plants used for herbal supplements. the "washington post" says stubhub is suing the "washington post" and ticket holders.
7:33 am
it forces fans to buy second-hand tickets through ticketmaster. stubhub said the lack of competition from other scalpers means consumers end up paying higher prices. and the columbus dispatch reports how much alcohol it takes to trigger liver cancer. it takes three or more. the reason for the coffee's protective effect isn't true. >> another reason to get a cup of coffee huh? >> oh yeah. >> sounds very interesting. this morning a popular spring break destination is just fed up with the hordes of partygoers. a beach party
7:34 am
breakers are very important to the economy of a city with just 12,000 people. ♪ >> reporter: wild pool parties, free throwing alcohol, raucous and raunchy behavior. for many college students spring celebrations like these are an annual rite of passage. but for some young people in the spring break mecca of panama city beach, it nearly became deadly. >> we have three patients at this location. one is a trauma alert. gunshot wound to the head. >> it was a chaotic scene and we found seven people had been shot. >> reporter: the alleged shooter david daniels was arrested. police say he was out on bond
7:35 am
for drug possession out of alabama. >> spring break is not just college kids. we now have problems from all walks of life because of spring break. >> reporter: three victims are students at alabama a.m. university. school officials say they were innocent bystanders. a fourth victim shot in the neck and survived posted the photo on her facebook page said she felt lucky and blessed. the bay county sheriff is increasingly worried about spring break's volatile mix of alcohol, guns and drugs. >> when several thousand drunken breakers gather up on the beaches and parking lots because of these special events it gets almost impossible to control them. >> reporter: hours after the shooting city counsel members voted to give more funding to police. but a proposal to ban alcohol on beaches was rejected. >> it's not enough. i can tell by the gauge of my other counselors you know that they don't think we have a problem, and we do. our city's under siege. we need to take it back.
7:36 am
>> alabama a.m. university says one of the victims improved enough to go home, but two others, one shot in the head, another who had surgery on her leg, remain hospitalized. charlie? >> jericka, thanks. this morning prosecutors are about to rest their case at the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev's lawyers could call their first witness this afternoon. trial watchers are wondering if one of those witnesses will be the defendant himself. cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> so with the prosecutors expected to rest have they achieved what they intended to achieve in front of this jury? >> certainly last week they did. i had gone up there. i thought the testimony was absolutely devastating for this defendant. remember, the defendant is only fighting for life or death. i shouldn't say only. that's a big fight. in the last week what you had were all of the muslim fundamental lists materials on his computer. then you had a terrorism expert
7:37 am
who really showed the nexus to this boy as opposed to his older brother who he says he was under the influence of. but most important is what you found as the way this prosecution is ending last week and today is they're going through the autopsies of the three people who were killed. the jury was moved to tears. people had to look away couldn't look at the photos. the description of the injuries of victim number one was horrific, and i will guarantee you victim number three is going to be that little boy, martin richards. that will be today. >> that ends very strong. what are the chances you think he will take the starngsdnd, dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> he will not take the stand. >> what does he have to lose? >> he may in the penalty class. judy clark began in her opening by saying he did it. it was him. there's no point in prolongs that controversy. she wants to move on and do this
7:38 am
at the penalty phase. when you say what does he have to lose, you ask the normal person's question. you ask the viewers' question. if he says he did it why won't he testify. the reason he won't testify from the lawyer's point of view is he'll get devastated in cross-examination. it's going to be just something that the prosecutors are longing for. beyond that fact what if during the point of cross-examination, whether it's now or whether it's later, at some point he says i'd really like for you to put me to death, i want to join my brother in martyrdom. so if you're the defense lawyers, you do not want him on the witness stand. >> there was a poll last week that showed 27% of bostonians want him to be put to death. so that meaning an overwhelming majority don't want that. do you think that may -- you know that's judy clark's strategy, just to get him life
7:39 am
in prison like she got the unabomber and others. >> i think what you are looking at in 2015 is 57%. it's gone up into the 60th that they don't want him put to death and at that point judy clark only needs one juror for life. >> that's an interesting change though, in how the people feel. >> yeah. well you have to remember life imprisonment for him could be far worse. >> rikki klieman, thank you so much. the season is off to a bumpy start at the coney island amusement park. the roller coaster got stuck on sunday. it stopped near the 85-foot summit. about 85 riders had to be rescued. no one got hurt. they were offered a free ride once it reopens. what do you think? >> i would wait until they get it worked out. a battle over who owns the
7:40 am
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one of the world's largest gems is at the center of a court battle in los angeles. ben tracy shows us how several people are staking a claim on a massive gem, but they're taking on an entire country. >> reporter: it's called the behema emerald. it contains 180,000 karats. it's been estimated to be worth a half a billion dollar. for six years the los angeles sheriff's department has had it locked up in this crate at an undisclosed location trying to determine who owns it. kip morris says it belongses to
7:45 am
him and others. >> i believe we can show we're the bona fide purchaser of the emerald. >> reporter: the emerald was first discovered in the behee ya mines in 2001. it was shipped to sao paolo, california. then bought sold stolen several times in several locations. then in 2008 a man named larry being ler reported it stolen from his california warehouse. police found it in los angeles in the possession of kit morris who said he bought it from larry being ler. >> how much did you pay for it? >> sichb figures. >> how much documentation do you have? >> we have a lot of documentation. >> reporter: the stone story is not that clear. >> it belongs to brazil and we're going to fight for it. >> reporter: marcony reports the illegal emerald was illegally
7:46 am
mine and exported to the united states. >> reporter: if them raleigh-durham wasn't as big as it is, if it wasn't worth as much money would you care? >> yeah. we care that no gem or stone or mineral could be taken out of the country without the correct authorization. >> you view this as an exploitation of your country's resources. >> no doubt about it. >> reporter: in court this morning brazil will ask a judge to disclaim kit morrison's claim to the gem. >> the second it came out of the ground it belonged to brazil and it still does. >> reporter: if it succeeds its new home would be a museum. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> still not clear who owns it but it sure is pretty. >> and big. >> and huge. inspiring words from a hollywood icon and mother of six children angelina jolie's message of empowerment to her
7:47 am
kids and other people. it's her first public comment since her latest preventive surgery against cancer. plus tom brady. what's he doing? he tests his air worthiness. we'll show you the stunt that >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by children's alelegra so children
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a honey of an o. it's honey nut cheerios. the super man theme song. they held their collective breath for tom brady's question from his wife. the super bowl mvp leaps forward and plunges feet first. after a moment he bobs to the surface apparently okay thank you. brady posting the video to his
7:52 am
face boong page along with the #airbraid. never doing that again. fans commenting on it agree. they seem to be concerned. bob kraft called him tommy. i imagine he's saying tommy, call me. >> not a good idea. i'm glad he's okay and it was a good time. now to this story. millions of syrians are leashing their country out of a fear for the army. that's not how president bashar al assad sees it. ahead, the moments from charlie rose's interview. (mmmm) which we pair with fresh spinach (ahhh) mushrooms (yes) and chicken raised without antibiotics. (very nice) then top with a soy-miso broth. that noise! panera broth bowls should be slurped with gusto! (yumm) to explore further order online or visit your neighborhood panera bread. thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. attorneys for the family of robin williams are going to court today in san francisco. susan williams says since her husband died last august the three adult children from his previous marriages have been trying to take things without her permission. parents and students from four catholic schools in san francisco will take part in a peaceful protest this evening. they're upset over the morality clause. the archbishop says teachers should accept moral ideas and condemn such things as homosexuality, contraception, and ordy nation of female priests. a major announcement today in cupertino. the mayor is expected to unveil a new fiber service and partnered with at&t to make
7:57 am
cupertino the first city in california to get ultra fast giga power internet service. stay with us, traffic and
7:58 am
good morning, getting a check of the east bay. if you're traveling through live more this morning -- livermore this morning, pleasanton, you may get hit in some traffic backups. we have a couple of earlier accidents near the dublin interchange including this one still in the clearing stages. southbound 680 just past 580. so major delays this morning out of the altamont pass, a live look at the bay bridge. the toll plaza you notice the metering lights are on. and that drive time from the east shore freeway is about 32 minutes from the carquinez bridge. that's traffic. here's roberta. good morning everyone. we do have the return of the low clouds and the patchy fog. it's been sweeping back on shore. that's the scene right there. boy, it's moving in even a little bit faster than what the computer models suggested. heir becoming breezy today and northwest winds 10 to 20 and cooler 60s to the low 8 #s. much
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west, it's monday, march 30th, 2015 welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including a hometown tribute to ted kennedy. we'll take you to the replica of the chamber. first, here's a look at today's eye opener at 8. >> the law doesn't go into fefbt until july. tim cook is the latest. focusing on what could've destabilized him or driven him to such an act. all the world powers are here and pressing iran to take this. >> the united states cooperate with syria regarding isis. >> there's not any cooperation.
8:01 am
>> the lawyers said it would be pointless to hand over the server she used because it's been wiped clean. >> what if during the point of cross-examination he says i'd like for you to put me to death. if you're the defense lawyers, you do not want him on the witness stand. >> the second came out of the ground. >> we did our brackets. you got three out of the final four. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. this morning, a controversial
8:02 am
religious freedoms law in indiana faces a nationwide backlash. it allows businesses to discriminate against gay people if owners do not agree with their lifestyle. but they say it protects first amendment rights. >> tim cook condemned the law. he wrote this these bills rationalize injustice by pretending to defend many of us hold dear. they go against the principles our nation was founded on and have the potential to undo decades of progress towards greater equality u. an investigation is going on where one person was shot and another arrested this morning. the incident happened at fort meade, maryland where the nsa is based. julianna goldman is there this morning. >> reporter: the details are still coming together here, but there's been an incident at the gate. a car with two women rammed into an suv and tried to ram into the
8:03 am
check point. the guards responded by shooting the vehicle. one of the women is dead the other is badly injured and has been taken to the hospital. a law enforcement official tells cbs news that cocaine and a weapon were found in or near the car. there's no indication that this incident was terrorism related, but police and the fbi are trying to figure out if it was intentional. fort meade houses the nsa and the third largest army installation in the u.s. more than 51,000 people work there. at this point, officials are saying that this is not terrorism related, but it is an active investigation. >> thanks. in germany this morning, prosecutors say the co-pilot who crashed flight 9525 was treated for suicidal tendencies over several years. but officials say they still don't have evidence of a motive for andreas lubitz. he's seen here flying a glider died in the crash along with 149
8:04 am
other people. other reports say the co-pilot had physical and mental issues. an alleged transcript of the voice recording shows the locked out pilot shouting at andreas lubitz. the plane crashed minutes later. the syrian civil war in its fifth year 4 million people fled the country. many hope for safety in turkey and lebanon. in an interview with bashar al assad, you did not see last night, assad told us why he believes so many are race inging to get out. syrian tv shot the interview at the security regime for security reasons. >> why are people fleeing to go to refugee camps? what are they fleeing from? the syrian army? >> no those camps are being built before having any real conflict in syria. >> but over 3 million people. >> do you as a human to be used
8:05 am
against syria, to be a pretext for military intervention? that's how it started. then later they started giving people to fled there. now the terrorism, during the presidential election, the refugees in lebanon voted for the president. that's a concrete indication. so they don't fled from the syrian army. >> i have interviewed some of them in the refugee camps and they were fearful of the syrian army and repercussions in syria if people knew they were being interviewed, so they were reluctant to give their name and where they were from. but they had fled in fear of the
8:06 am
syrian army. >> you have different kind of people different perceptions. you have that potential. we don't say everybody fled because of the terrorists. some people fled just because of the situation, not from the syrian army or the terrorists. they want to go to safer place. they have different reasons for the refugees. >> you can see the entire interview tonight. a message of strength from angelina jolie in her first public appearance since her latest preventive surgery. the actress took home favorite saturday at the nickelodeon kids choice awards. she revealed on tuesday that her ovaries and tubes were removed to cut her cancer risks. she encouraged young fans to stay true to themselves. >> i was told that i was different, and i felt out of place and too loud too full of fire, never good at sitting still. don't fit in don't sit still,
8:07 am
don't ever try to be less than what you are. when someone tells you you are different, smile and hold your head up high and be proud. >> she also told the kids it's okay to cause a little trouble. parents everywhere are going, no it is okay to be different. a powerful message. spending more time with your kids may not have all the benefits you think. a
8:08 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by prudential. there are no obstacles, only challenges. prudential. bridge your challenges. a new center dedicated to the memory of the lawmaker they call the lion of the senate. how visitors will be able to play the part of senator kennedy, that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
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senator ted kennedy continues to inspire this morning more than five years after his death. president obama is in boston today to dedicate a new institute in kennedy's name. it honors the senator's passion, commitment and ability to bridge political gaps. chip reid received a tour of the center before its official opening. he's in boston to take a look. chip, good morning. >> reporter: well this crowd behind me is full of ted kennedy's family friends, colleagues, staff members, all here to honor a man who was one of the most productive senators in u.s. history. one reason for that is that he reached across the aisle and that is a central theme of this institute that is being dedicated here today. >> here is the chamber. >> wow, it does look like the
8:14 am
senate floor. >> reporter: the new kennedy institute for the u.s. senate is a full-size replica of the senate chamber where institute president jeanne maccormack says they will learn about a body kennedy served in for 45 years. >> so his family all sat at the same desk. >> reporter: in the weeks leading up to the opening, some lucky middle school and high school classes got to see how it works being sworn in as senators and writing, debating and voting on legislation. >> we want this to be active participation. >> are you inspiring future voters or senators? >> we hope we're inspiring both. >> reporter: that's what kennedy had in mind when he started making plans for the institute long before he was diagnosed with brain cancer. he died in 2009 before construction began. across the hall from the senate floor is a replica of kennedy's office. >> this is kind of the patrick
8:15 am
wall here, a lot of pictures of you and your father. >> i was so blessed because my dad allowed me to be part of his public life. >> reporter: kennedy's son told us how his father connected with his colleagues. >> people were intimidated by him, but when they saw he loved dogs, had kids around, when he was around his family it immediately softened them up and allowed my father really to do the business of the nation. there are great pictures of him and orrin hatch and john mccain and all these republicans and you'd say how could that happen? he was a big liberal. it's because people liked working with ted, the man. that's what made him senator kennedy. >> reporter: he could be highly partisan and fiercely passionate. >> we are excluded from having an opportunity to debate this because of the power of the insurance industry. >> we didn't need the sound system for him.
8:16 am
>> reporter: kennedy's former colleagues from both parties recalled that passion. john mccain said that despite repeated rounds of verbal combat, the two remained friends because they work eded at it, like the time kennedy gave his 6-year-old son the best birthday party ever. >> we took him out to a coast guard cutter. we had a tour of the entire boston harbor for my son jim. three different birthday cakes, three times they song happy birthday to him. >> reporter: president obama served in the senate with ted kennedy and he will be the keynote speaker here in a matter of minutes and this institute will open to the public tomorrow. >> chip, i know you covered him on capitol hill for many years. what a great thing to have that replica of the senate for students to pretend like they are lawmakers. >> we encourage active participation, so important. talk about ted kennedy for the
8:17 am
man. the able he was able to work both sides of aisle was amazing. >> he would make things work in the senate today if he were there. peopling getting high legally are finding new inspiration. >> the next big thing in legal marijuana doesn't come in a jar, it comes in a smart phone. apps for stoners. i'm mark strassmann a story we call "weed: 2.0." i'm mark strassmann. coming up, weed, 2.0. boost® original nutritional drink. each delicious serving provides... 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, and 26 essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support bone health. plus, boost contains 3 grams of fiber which helps support digestive health. try boost original nutritional drink today. what if getting ready was this easy? now teeth whitening is! with the colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. just brush whiten, and go!
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8:21 am
there's a new gold rush in colorado from the state's legal pot industry. instead of growing weed some entrepreneurs are cashing in without getting anywhere near the crop. mark strassmann shows us a new source of money from colorado's billion-dollar marijuana market. >> that's a high percentage of thc. >> reporter: in denver, there are now more pot shops than starbucks. in all, they sold almost 150,000 pounds of marijuana last year. but a stigma lingers for stoners, even here. >> there was a lot of lecturing that would go on and a lot of stiff arm. >> reporter: todd is a 44-year-old divorced dad. he said dates often become debates about why he gets high three times a week. >> it could be a deal breaker. it's legal but not accepted. >> i used to joke it's not like there are weed women falling out
8:22 am
of the sky. >> reporter: mitchum helped create this app called hi there. i think of it as facebook for stoners. in its first five weeks hi there had more than 36,000 downloads. >> we are sort of at the cutting edge of pulling together all those consumers in one place where they can talk to each other, they can date they can give advice on ways to use can bus safely or ways to use it for medical purposes. >> i don't go out. i'm not a bar girl. i don't like to drink. so it's actually hard to make new friends. >> reporter: megan paige is a 29-year-old accounts manager. sam tagget is a 39-year-old musician. both are users of pot and hi there. >> it has people share what they like do when they smoke, if they're energetic or passive or lazy or eat themselves into a coma or whatever. like that. >> you're looking for
8:23 am
girl friends. >> that like to hike or join a kickball league or you know. >> is cannabis necessarily an issue? >> can't necessarily light up noekt anybody who doesn't approve of it. so it makes it a little bit harder. >> reporter: hawaii there may be wourch the newer apps but certainly not the first. we found nearly 250 marijuana related apps. weed maps points you to the nearest marijuana store. weedily just received a multi-million-dollar investment from an earlier backer of facebook. another called bump up is a rewards program for frequent marijuana consumers. >> they have preferences like any other product. >> reporter: chad's company created bump up. he used to grow pot for a living. now he helps others sell it. it helps and the opportunities
8:24 am
continue to grow. >> reporter: these marijuana apps work only in the 23 states where pot is legal. recreationally or medicinally. it's a sizeable and growing market. an estimated 15 million pot consumers. >> we're past the bag of weed scenario. we're like how do you run a company, hire employees, how do you deal with the banking issues. how do you still do that and function and thrive. >> reporter: in colorado marijuana apps are pa rt of this altered state. weed 2.0. for "cbs this morning," mark strassmann, denver. >> got it. now you guys know where to get a discount on your weed, charlie. did you write that down? do you got it norah? >> why do cow -- >> i don't know anything about this. it's a whole other world. >> me neither just throwing it out there. ford's ceo with a new surprise from lincoln. we'll see how the offbeet ads
8:25 am
are making automaker well no one has been able to reach vasquez on his cell phone since that time. some breaking news right now in maryland one person is dead after a car with two people tried to ram a gate at fort mead. officials say fire fight ensued after the car frying to -- tried to crash the gate. it is the home of the national security agency. attorneys for the widow of robin williams are going to
8:26 am
court today in san francisco. they're arguing over bonings -- belongings that williams kept al his home in tiburon. stay with us, traf
8:27 am
good morning. we are waking up to a traffic alert right now. it's in livermore. it's an overturned cement truck brocking two -- blocking to lanes or a lane near northbound
8:28 am
vasco road. atolls vas we are roast. we can't see the delays there and we don't have sensors but if you're traveling on 508 # that's backed up as well. through the livermore area. a traffic alert for vasco road. the high wind advisory has been canceled app awe hog. app -- an hour ago at the san mateo bridge. now traffic is just slow the usual shedowns out of -- slowdowns out of hayward into foster city and once again the drive time is actually improving through the livermore valley. down to 34 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. that's kcbs traffic. here's roberta. we have this area of low pressure just parked off the coast right now. it will be enhancing the marine layer and we can see the leading edge of the clouds now beginning to saturate the city by the bay. currently the numbers are cooler this morning. in the 40s and in the 50s. later today, cooler than yesterday from the 60s through the 70s. few low 80s. winds will become breezy out of the northwest. 10 to 20 miles per hour. deep marine layer early tomorrow morning. and then that mixes out revealing sunny skies but cooler conditions all the way
8:29 am
8:30 am
but you don't buy a lincoln because it makes sense. you do it because you love it or because you're an uber driver. i feel safe in here. i could drive around all night long contemplating the important questions of life. who am i. why am i here. when i'm done rolling up this booger, should i throw it out the window. >> enjoy your cheerios. you can't look at those without getting grossing out. jim carrey there.
8:31 am
those actors so good. >> i had to think for a moment whether it was real or not. >> that's how good the parody is. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ford ceo mark fields is here today. there he is. in studio 57. hi mark. mark fields. okay, deep in conversation. we'll see what he thinks of all the parodies. and he shares his plan to revive a classic ride with a new feel. >> plus how a misspelled name gets a seattle stranger i succeed jon stewart on "the daily show." he's buy racial and speaks six languages. notre dame's women will play
8:32 am
in the final four. notre dame will face south carolina. games tonight will decide the other two finals for qualifiers. >> and the "philadelphia inquirer" says a 4-year-old is safe after leaving in the middle of the night. she left home at 3:00 a.m., got on a busby herself. surveillance video shows her boarding a sep ta bus early friday morning. she was wearing raincoat, pajama pajamas and her little boots. she said she wanted a slushy. the bus driver called the cops. she was safely reunited with her family. she did not get a slushy. good story. she's home and safe. >> thank goodness for the bus driver called the cops. taylor swift at the i heart radio awards. ♪
8:33 am
the duo took the stage sunday night. madonna sang. that ought to boost record sales. cool watching that. >> kept waiting for taylor to sing but she never did. it was great to see the two of them on the stage together. >> all right all right, all right. lincoln and ford are getting momentum heading into the auto show. lincoln sales jumped nearly 16% in 2014. it drew conversation from the new celebrity spokesperson matthew matthew mcconaughey. >> sometimes you've got to go back to actually move forward. i don't mean going back to reminisce or chase ghosts. i mean go back to see where you came from. where you been, how you got here, see where you're going. >> the auto maker this morning
8:34 am
is announcing the new lincoln continental concept car. first on "cbs this morning," ford's ceo mark fields is here to talk about lincoln and much more. talk about this idea of the new lincoln concept car. >> you know as a company, we have a real commitment to lincoln as a luxury brand with experience to match. we laid out a plan. we have a lot of momentum. our sales were up last year more than the industry. they're up again this year. and at that plan we announced four cars in four years back in 2012. and the fourth car is a full-size sedan and we're introducing the lincoln continental concept which really signified for us the future. quiet luxury. it's around elegance effortless power and it's around an environmental that's serene and relaxing. almost a place to chill. >> i thought what was so interesting is luxury cars are a smaller part of your of the
8:35 am
industry profits. so it's really important for us to be there. and we've done i think, a good job growing the ford brand over the last six seven years. so when our customers are ready, if and when they're ready to purchase a luxury car, we want to be there for him. >> she looks very pretty in wanton needs from obviously u.s. consumers and chinese consumers. and interestingly, there's a lot
8:36 am
more similarities than differences. one of the differences, though, is in china, this full-size luxury sedan, most people that own it that is correct i're chauffeured in it. so there we spend a lot of time on the back seat of the vehicle and giving them amenities and this quiet luxury experience. >> let's talk about taking over as ceo of a giant automaker. what's the biggest challenge for you? where do you have to take this company? >> i think our biggest opportunity is to accelerate our one ford plant which we've had in place in the last six, seven years. we've been growing the business. a huge opportunity for us is around innovation and driving innovation in every part of our business and we strongly believe that the industry is at an inflection point with a lot of the technology that's available for us today. >> more than technology than being able to abscess the internet and all that. >> it's much more. for example, we're thinking of ous as a mobility company and auto company because we're looking at trends in the
8:37 am
marketplace and societal trends and you look at the growth of mega cities. cities with ten or more vehicles. you look at the growth of the global middle class, which is expected to double in the next 15 years, and, of course the first thing you want to do is buy a car. so we want to provide mobility issues for consumers, some some of the society problems an also at the same time help complement our business. >> what does that mean mobility solutions. >> what does that mean? >> when you think about that ford's smart mobility is around using innovation and allowing us to take to next level things like autonomous vehicles mobility, card sharing, ride sharing, i thinks around the cold customer experience p. and we're actually conducting 25 experiments around the world to learn because our overall goal is to make mobility and etan muss vehicles and connect theed cars
8:38 am
available to everybody like henry ford. >> it's so fascinating. >> after 15 years hue long will it take before the electric cars are a predominance of the car business? >> well, it will be a percentage. obviously a lot of that is dependent on customer acceptance of the new technology the electrified technology. part of it is based on the cost of a gallon of gas. clearly our approach as a business at ford is to bribe what we call the power of choice. so we have the widest array of whether it's gas engines, hybrids, conventional hybrids, plug-in hybrids, or full battery electrical vehicles. i can't give you an exact figure. it will be part of the landscape but it would depend on a lot of factors. >> i would imagine you get a big kick out of the matt mcconaughey commercials. when you first heard him say it's not about hugging trees, did you think it was hilarious?
8:39 am
>> i thought it was fantastic. we wanted to be differentiating. we realize there are a lot of luxury brands out there. we're one of the smallest ones. >> have they made a big difference in sales? >> there's a new markets metric over how many times your commercial is spoofed. >> they got spoofed a lot which is incredible and fun. great to have you here. >> thank you, mark fields. go further. do you spend enough time with your kids -- that's their slogan -- jennifer is in studio 57. ahead, a new study why working moms can stop feeli
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
working parents alert. a surprising new study this morning shows spending more time with your kids does not always lead to better behavior health or grades. but that is not an endorsement for hands-off parents. >> right. >> jennifer is the author of "all joy and no fun: the paradox of modern parenting." she's also a contributor to "parent" magazine. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> explain think.
8:44 am
why does more time not translate to better behaved kids? >> i can't tell you why, but it does. they found no material differences. not in emotional well being, not in behaviors, not in academic performance. it didn't matter what. only a slight statistical difference in adolescents, meaning if mom spent more time, they wouldn't drink as much. >> so working moms, i think, who feel really guilty about this are having a giant sigh of relief. is one of the reminders that quality is more important than quantity? >> i think that's most certainly a reminder. if you don't read with your kid, watch tv, have dinner with your kid seems to make a material difference. can i point one thing out? i haven't been surprised about this. we only have worried about this question since women started working. since women started working we've been spending more time with our kids not less.
8:45 am
>> why is that? >> i can tell you exactly why. you want to hear why? in the 1960s we spent less time with our children. here's the difference. in the '60s we wanted a perfect impeccable house no more ring around the collar we had to buff our shows to a high shine. we put our kids in playpens and on bikes and not to come back until 6:00. >> and put a key around their neck. >> now none of us can cook our houses are filthy but we all spend all this time with our children. >> my house. >> my house. >> sorry. >> the question for me is what is the most effective parenting when you're spending time with the kids? >> it's going to depend on the child. i can tell you what's bad. don't sit and zone out in front of the television together. parenting in which you are not unduly anxious and stressed out because that actually is correlated most certainly with
8:46 am
negative outcomes. you know reading, dinner outdoor time. >> having conversations, doing things together. >> accessible times are important. if you're in the kitchen washing dishes, not that we do that you can. >> i wish i knew that when i sat through all the little league games that lasted friggin' forever. you say it does make a difference. oh, sometimes i'd go, anybody win, anybody win. >> parents everywhere are giving you a standing ovation. >> this took too long. >> the whole thing. >> thank you, jennifer. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> it was great stuff. >> very interesting. >> we'll have more for everyone. everyone wants to know more online about this. bachelor parties are full of surprises but this one could only happen in the digital age. how one stranger joined the party from more than 2,000 miles away. that's next.
8:47 am
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a seattle area man this morning is continuing a whirlwind sight-seeing tour of the east. it began with some mistakes. new friends and lasting memories a long way from home. michelle, good morning. >> good morning. a misspelled name in an e-mail gets a perfect stranger invited nved a man's closest friend. it's a man's closest friend. it's of bromance born of the digital age. new friends bonding over beers, basketball, and shuffleboard in the city of brotherlily love. it all began in february when groom-to-bejeff e-mailed a group of friends about his upcoming bash batchelor party.
8:51 am
he meant to include jim. when he typed wit an "i" it ended in joey's mooem in seattle, the wrong guy. >> he e-mailed the wrong guy and that's how it started. >> he recognized in mistake but found the e-mail entertaining. for weeks he stayed quiet. when u it came time for a final head count he ended up writing i have no idea who any of you guys are but i enjoyed being a fly on the wall. i thought it would be funny to just show up. they agreed. they extended an invitation. >> one of my friends, he messaged me right away and he said, keith, he's coming he's coming. and i think a lot of us felt that way. >> even his fiancee amy lee was on board. >> i was all for it. anything to make the night
8:52 am
funnier. it absolutely has 100%. >> he's a character. this guy's a character. >> he started a gofundme page to raise money for his trip from seattle to philadelphia. he received an overwhelming response. >> i was shocked that within 20 hours we had already funded the trip and money kept coming in. i thought this was an opportunity to do something fwrap for jeff and his future wife. let's continue to donate and help pay for some of the 00 moon. >> so far it's raised more than $8,000. >> i knew he'd raise the money easily to come. what i didn't know is that perfect strangers would just come through like they did. >> they sure did. well he's been officially invited to the couple ice wedding in may. the bride and groom will spend their honeymoon in italy. but i'm sure he's not invited to that part of it. >> but you know what's so great -- >> are you sure? >> there's an uncanny resemblance. >> for a story that could have
8:53 am
been really creepy it's really hilarious. >> exactly. >> so he got some money to fly
8:54 am
8:55 am
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8:58 am
good morning, back out to our traffic alert in livermore. it's an overturned cement truck blocking the northbound lanes of vasco road. expect some traffic control out there for a while approaching the road. and anyway the main lines of 580 still look okay. but again, vasco road expect some pretty major delays until they're able to clear it. even some cement debris on the southbound side of the roadway. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway. 880 in oakland as you pass the oakland coliseum. obviously seeing the delays as you pass oakland airport into downtown. the southbound ride is also jammed up as you leave san leandro. san leandro into hayward a five car wreck near tenson road. it's cleared to the shoulder but still seeing the backups from just beyond 238.
8:59 am
9:00 am
wayne: old school, new school. jonathan: wayne? wayne: huh? - i'm taking the money! wayne: jonathan, come here girl. i mean... go get your car! - you made my dreams come true! - i'm going for the big deal! jonathan: it's time for let's make a deal. now here's tv's big dealer wayne brady. wayne: hey america. welcome to let's make a deal. i'm wayne brady. thanks for tuning in. let's do it, three people, let's go. boxer in the corner. boxer. yes, you. the card right here. and last but not least janette. come with me. stand over there. where is the... david, stand over there. everybody else have a seat for me.


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