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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 6, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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bs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. and remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: deflate-gate, tonight the final report concludes that it's probable that members of the new england patriots cheated in the a.f.c. championship. what did quarterback tom brady know? also tonight, severe storms, including tornadoes, threaten the plain states. a cbs news investigation-- taxpayers paying hundreds of millions of dollars for dubious drugs for wounded vets. >> reporter: what you're saying is you were doing something wrong? >> uh, i couldn't disagree with that. >> pelley: and they sing like angels after battling their demons. >> as soon as i heard those people, i knew i was connected. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: this is our western edition. edition and we'll begin with breaking news. severe storms fired up across plains late today. tornado had been menacing oklahoma, kansas, and nebraska. mark bettes of the weather channel is track storms for us tonight. >> good evening, scott. itlys severe will cletten for the remainder of the evening we have tornado watches from take to nebraska. we we have had tornadoes touch down. damage in some of the suburbs damage to homes damage to mobile homes sp a lot of damage to trees that have been uproaded, power lines that have been knocked down as well. it looks like the threat will continue well past dark tonight as the storms push north and east across typical tornado alley. may is the prime month for tornadoes in the heartland here and in places like abilene
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texas, or dallas could be impacted. as bad as the storms are right now, a larger storm system comes in by this weekend and a multi-day tornado outbreak could be in the cards. saturday's forecast includes multiple staidz statesthat are being hit today. mike bettes of the weather channel. in another important story tonight, an independent investigation commissioned by the n.f.l. has concluded-- "it is more probable than not that the new england patriots personnel participated in violations of the playing rules, in the a.f.c. championship game, specifically, "a deliberate effort to are release air from the patriots game balls after the balls were examined by the referees." the report names two equipment handlers and it finds it probable that quarterback tom brady was aware. some quarterbacks find a football with less pressure gives them better grip, but the balls examined were below the regulation limit.
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the patriots beat the indianapolis colts 45-7 to advance to the super bowl. here's elaine quijano. >> reporter: it took over 100 days to complete the exhaustive 243-page report that concluded "it is more probable than not that tom brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities involving the release of air from patriots game balls." >> end zone, touchdown! >> reporter: the investigation points the finger at the patriots locker room attendant jim mcnally, and equipment assistant john jastremski. the report alleges mcnally went into a stadium bathroom after the refs inspected the footballs and deflated them in the one minute and 40 seconds he spent there. investigators ran tests, including deflation simulations. the report also concluded it is unlikely that an equipment assistant and a locker room attendant would deflate game balls without brady's knowledge and approval. text messages obtained show that as far back as a year ago, mcnally was referring to himself
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as "deflator." jastremski had an exchange last october, showing brady's high- level attention to the condition of game balls. "tom is acting crazy about balls. he is saying they're not good enough?" the report also says brady gave jastremski cash and various items of value, including this football from the day brady passed the 50,000-milestone in passing yards. jastremski and mcnally seemed to discuss deflating footballs in exchange for gifts. "i have a big needle for you this week." "better be surrounded by cash and new kicks or it's a rugby sunday." on the the rugby refns, an apparent threat to over-inflate the ball. one of jastremski's texts revealed an exchange with the quarterback the day after the championship game. jastremski had just been questioned by a team official. "he's not accusing me or anyone. he knows it's unrealistic you did it yourself." brady replied, "no worries, bud. we are all good."
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four days after the colts game correspondent anna werner pressed brady about the incident. >> reporter: are you comfortable within yourself that nobody on sunday on the patriots side did anything wrong? >> i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing. >> reporter: are you comfortable that nobody did anything wrong? >> yeah, i'm very comfortable saying that. >> reporter: in a statement, patriots owner robert kraft blasted the report. its findings, which do not "to say we are disappointed in its findings, which do not include any incontrovertible or hard evidence of deliberate deflation of footballs at the a.f.c. championship game would be a gross understatement." the report found no wrongdoing by kraft, patriots head coach bill belichick, or any other member of his staff. scott, the nfl's executive vice president for football operations, troy vincent, will. now decide if anyone should be punished. >> pelley: and no word from tom brady this evening yet, either. elaine quijano, thank you very much. chicago's city council voted today to pay $5.5 million to victims of police torture that
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date back from the 1970s into the '90s. the city has already spent more than $100 million after losing some lawsuits and settling others. dean reynolds has more. >> reporter: john burge is an old man now, but he was once one of the most feared cops in chicago, the master of a detective unit that allegedly tortured criminal suspects for decades. operating out of the notorious area 2 headquarters, burge and his men were accused of choking, shocking, burning, and beating people-- most of them african americans-- until they confessed. stanley wrice was recently exonerated after serving 31 years in prison. >> they beat me out throughout my body. they handcuffed me to some bars, kicked my legs apart, and they beat me in my testicles twice. ( applause ) >> reporter: the unanimous city council vote approving the $5.5 million in reparations means as many as 80 torture victims could
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get $100,000 apiece from the city. that's in addition to the more than $100 million already spent in separate legal settlements. chicago mayor rahm emanuel: >> this is another step but an essential step in righting a wrong, removing a stain. >> reporter: as part of the reparations package, victims and their families can have psychological counseling and free tuition at some community colleges. chicago will also direct public schools to teach the children of this city about the scandal. as for john burge, he was fired in 1993 and later convicted of perjury. he served four years in prison and was released from a halfway house in february. but he was never convicted of torture, and despite all the money he's cost this city, scott, john burge still collects a police pension of $4,000 a month. >> pelley: dean reynolds in our chicago newsroom. dean, thanks.
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we learned today the two gunmen who attacked an anti-islamic event on sunday drove 16 hours from phoenix to garland, texas before opening fire on police. the gunmen also left a terror trail on the internet, and here's jeff pegues. >> reporter: since sunday, the isis propaganda machine has been working overtime, praising the failed attack in garland, texas. online, a suspected american isis member proclaimed, "there are more attacks to come. with 71 so-called trained soldiers in 15 states." another isis member from britain wrote, "you ain't seen nothing yet." elton simpson, one of the gunmen killed sunday, had exchanged messages with that man and also mujahid miski, an american from minnesota who is now believed to be a member of the terrorist group al-shabab in somalia. just last month, miski applauded the january attack on a french magazine in paris tweeting "it's time for brothers in the u.s. to do their part."
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simpson tweeted back, "when will they ever learn? they are planning on selecting the best picture drawn of rasulallah in texas," a reference to the contest of cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad. elliot zweig with the middle east media research institute says terrorists are using social media to alert followers to locations for potential attacks. >> for the most part, it's encouragement of attacks. here is a target. here is what the westerners are doing. here is a potential place to focus efforts. >> reporter: the f.b.i. did not consider simpson and soofi high- priority cases. one official said he's concerned about others like them beneath the surface. scott, social media is creating a gray area for law enforcement over whether isis specifically directed an attack. >> pelley: jeff, thank you very much. tonight we have part 2 of a cbs news investigation that we broke right here last night. active duty troops and vets are
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being prescribed dubious drugs at astronomical cost to taxpayers. the medications are concocted by compounding pharmacies which make custom prescriptions. tonight, jim axelrod questions one of the doctors prescribing these drugs. >> they're targeting our troops and they're targeting our taxpayers. >> reporter: major general richard thomas oversees tricare, the military's health benefit system. he says marketers pedaling pain and scar creams directly to american military personnel cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a month. >> they're getting providers doctors, or whom every, who write script, fill in scripts without seeing the patients. >> reporter: the doctors are complicit as well. >> absolutely. >> reporter: to find out who these doctors are, we filled out an online form using a new york address, requesting pain and scar creams from a web site called healing 4 heros. two weeks later, without ever seeing a doctor or even talking
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to one, i got this package from haoeyou pharmacy in california. inside, the pain and scar creams with my name on them prescribed by a doctor named paul bolger. he runs a weight loss clinic in davenport, iowa. are you dr. bolger? i'm jim axelrod with cbs news. >> i'll come in right there. >> reporter: when we visited dr. bolger's office last week, he agreed to answer a few questions. doctor, how does this square with your training that you would write a prescription for somebody you never met? >> i'm not disagreeing with anything you're saying. i'm not disagreeing with anything you're saying, and this is why -- >> reporter: what i'm saying is you were doing something wrong. >> i couldn't disagree with that. yeah, there-- you know, i'm not going to make excuses for what i was doing. it's not that i had bad intentions. it was that i was under the mistaken impression that these--
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that patients such as yourself were being spoken with by a-- a qualified medical provider someone who's qualified todo screen you, do an-- do a-- do an intake over the phone and make sure that you are safe to have these meds. >> reporter: dr. bolger told us he has sent prescription requests like ours by a service that pays him to review patient files from states where he's licensed. new york is not one of them. >> and i'm only supposed to be sent prescriptions from the states where i'm licensed. and, unfortunately, in this case, one time, i got a prescription from a state where i wasn't supposed to. >> reporter: you're telling me this is the only time that this has ever happened, where you've written a prescription for someone who does not live in a state where you're licensed. >> it's the only time i'm aware of. >> reporter: dr. bolger said he had no idea the u.s. military was billed for prescriptions het writes but that he does know he is not the only one writing them.
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>> you're coming to see me, but i can tell you there are hundreds of physicians doing the same thing right now. i believe that probably almost none of them understand the process. >> reporter: dr. bolger says after we contacted him, he changed his practice, and now only writes prescriptions for patients he calls himself. dr. bolger also said he isn't paid to write the prescriptions, just review the patient files, and he gets less than $50 each. as for the haoeyou pharmacy, management there did not respond to our requests for comments. >> pelley: jim, fascinating report. thank you very much. we now know it was no snap decision when a copilot deliberately crashed a germanwings jet into the french alps in march. 150 people were killed. today, french investigators say andreas lubitz practiced his fatal dive on the same jet during the previous flight. the flight data recorder shows lubitz set the controls back and forth several times, putting it on a crash course while the
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state regulators have ordered the first mandatory cutbacks in municipal water usage. it all gives new meaning to the name governor brown. here's ben tracy. >> that's the way life is, and we've got to deal with that. >> reporter: in sacramento today, governor jerry brown said it's time for californians to face reality-- there isn't enough water. >> we're going to have to adjust, and it will take money. it will take lifestyle changes. >> reporter: as of june 1, cities across the state must drastically cut their water use from 8% to as much as 36%. the state water board suggested taking a shower for no more than two minutes, and letting lawns die or watering them just one time per week. high water use areas, such as beverly hills have to cut the most, a 36% reduction, means 85 fewer gallons per person each day this summer. los angeles is telling its residents to rip out their lawns and install desert plant. the city is also promising to crack down on water wasters.
5:48 pm
the los angeles department of water and power received more than 1,200 complaints in march but issued just 13 penalties. >> do you really need to do that in the middle of a drought? >> reporter: some californians are taking matters into their own hands. >> look at this person. >> reporter: drought-shaming videos are now flooding social media. so you are a drought shamer. >> i am a drought shamer. >> reporter: harriet ells takes pictures of wasteful water use posts it on twitter, and hashtags it droughtshaming. >> it's really just to show, look, this doesn't need to happen. >> reporter: she's cut her own water use in half, even catching runoff while her shower warms up to use to water her plants. now, if cities don't meet these new water cut targets the governor said they could be fined up to $10,000 a day and scott, that's why brown may become the new green in california's front yards. >> pelley: well, there will be a lot less mowing. ben tracy reporting for us tonight. ben, thank you. another oil train has jumped the tracks.
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>> pelley: an important advance today in private space flight. spacex fired an unmanned capsule 4,500 feet in the air. it was a successful test of an escape system for the company's proposed manned spacecraft. there was a terrible explosion today in north dakota when an oil train derailed and as many
5:52 pm
as 10 tanker cars ignited. the tiny town of heimdal was evacuated. it's the fifth oil train derailment this year, and it comes just days after the government called for stronger rail cars. pope francis learned a trick today from the harlem globetrotters. in st. peter's square, one of the players, flight time lag set a spinning red, white, and blue ball on the pope's finger. it dropped a second later, but they still made him an honorary teammate. up next, heavenly music by performers who have been through hell. of your cheeks don't have to. defy gravity. juvéderm voluma® is the only fda-approved injectable gel to instantly add volume to your cheek area. as you age, cheeks can lose volume. voluma adds volume creating contour and lift for a more youthful profile. for up to two years. temporary side effects include tenderness, swelling, firmness lumps, bumps, bruising, pain redness, discoloration and itching.
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kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®... 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. for the adult and kid in all of us. (supergrass' "alright") plays throughout ♪ kellogg's frosted mini wheats® feed your inner kidult. >> pelley: finally tonight, the power of music. it produces smiles through tears. it opens hearts. and as michelle miller found sometimes music changes lives.
5:56 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this is called "the hour of power." a musical renewal for the people in the pews and in the robes. nearly everyone in this acapella choir is a former drug addict. >> my drug of choice was heroin. >> reporter: 64-year-old ira greig started using even before he was eligible to vote. ♪ how can i ever forget you lord, no ♪ >> reporter: what were the repercussions? >> the repercussions was almost losing everything. >> reporter: by age 26, carol grayson was hooked on crack. she remembers the day she hit rock bottom. >> i just kept saying, "i want to kill myself. i want to kill myself." >> reporter: so you were holding on by a thread. >> a thread. >> reporter: they found recovery
5:57 pm
here at the addicts rehabilitation center, but the support from a.r.c.'s gospel choir, they say, would keep them clean. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> as soon as i heard those people, i knew i was connected. >> reporter: staying drug free is the only requirement. it's conducted under the watchful direction of 90-year- old james allen. ♪ save the children ♪ >> reporter: a former addict himself, he started the group 40 years ago to help raise money for treatment programs. how does music help with rehab? >> it's a wonderful way to release whatever frustrations or tension that you find in your body. >> reporter: they performed in japan and france and tourists
5:58 pm
flock to their weekly concerts in harlem. >> when you stop drugs, you have to find something to fill that void, so now i'm hooked on singing. >> reporter: if not for this choir, where would you be now? >> i would be dead. ♪ you saved a wretch, a wicked wretch like me ♪ >> reporter: amazing voices which once were lost but now are found. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: hallelujah. that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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only on "5", the biggest sign yet the raiders may not be leaving the bay area. tonight, a sneak peek at plans for multi-million dollar training facility right here. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. we have been reporting a lot on the raiders eyeing a move to los angeles but now word the team is ready to put down money on a future here in the east bay. only on "5", our da lin with the blueprint that points to the raiders staying put. da. >> reporter: ken, with all the talk with the raiders moving south, finally some good news for bay area raiders fans. they are planning to spend millions to build a new
6:00 pm
training facility right here at their alameda campus and some believe this will be a long-term term investment. they have been planning the training facility already approved by the city of alameda. a brand-new state-of-the-art workouts facility, new maintenance building, and irrigation and turf for the three practice field and repainting the office building. >> the experience of prefab metal buildings could last for some time. >> reporter: the construction should be done by mid-august. the gym is about 20,000 square feet with a hydration bar. contractors believe the entire facility will cost between 10 and $40 million. >> we are excited. if this is a sign that the raiders are choose toking to stay in town, we're very -- choosing to stay in town, we're very excited. >> they are building a football facility