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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> surveillance cameras are one thing. checking out every person who drives through town is another. tonight, fremont's plan to take surveillance to a whole next level. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida has the night off. betty yu shows us that plan tonight. betty? >> reporter: allen, the city of fremont believes it will be the only one in the bay area with this kind of license plate reader and camera system. it will look very much like what you see behind me already up now on central avenue. now unlike other systems, fremont will get high quality views of the front and back of cars. the city of fremont will have
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one more shot at a bad guy's get away car, face, and license plate. >> it will be a game changer. >> reporter: the city is spending $300,000 online plate readers and cameras at ten major freeway onramps. >> the purpose of the system is to provide investigative information for use during investigations of serious crimes. >> reporter: burglaries are at the top of the that list. data shows 85% of burglars are from outside fremont. tonight, we got a first look at what the cameras and readers will look like and saw some sample images. at the community meeting, some pressed police on big brother type security concerns. >> we are only using that after we have a crime. so what we are trying to use the video for is a tool to solve the crime. it is not like we are going to live monitor these. >> reporter: the license plate data will be stored one year and the video for 30 days.
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>> i have enough engineering technical background to know how the data will be used. it would be used only if a crime is committed. >> reporter: the new system will add to the strong network of personal cameras many fremont residents already have. the city credits them for reducing crime. right now, there are about 350 private cameras registered with the city. and that means that fremont police know where the cameras are and they can contact the owners if there is a crime in the area. the license plate readers are expect today go up this fall and the city council will consider approving the contract with the camera vendor next week. live in fremont, betty yu, kpix5. let's take a live look outside. another weird weather day. it barely rained all winter but of course now that it is july, it is raining. it is coming down pretty hard in san francisco about two hours ago. enough that you needed to put your wipers on.
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and this little guy didn't mind the showers. he went out and did a little rain dance in his warriors t- shirt of course. it is looks more and more like today's rain is a taste of what's to come this winter. the chances of a strong el niño are better than ever. >> we may be doing a lot of rain chances. yes. noaa came out with new information today. the big headline is the likelihood of a strong el niño is increasing. it is pretty much a guarantee we will see some type of el niño, but the intensity of it is critical to the state of california. san francisco annual average rainfall, 23 inches. with a weak el niño, we average below normal rainfall. 19 inches but you get up to a strong el niño, it jumps to 26 inches. and then when you are talking about a very strong el niño which has only happened twice. most recently 97 and 98, we get nearly double our average able. all signs are indicating we are headed to a strong or very
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strong el niño. that would be wonderful news considers the drought we are in. let's talk 98, 97. some video to show you where we saw widespread flooding and received a lot of rainfall. everything looks promising but we are not out of the drought yet. >> while el niño may be a tilt in the odds, let's say the dice are loaded. it doesn't necessarily mean you are always going to win. >> now where are we now? we are 1.4 degrees above average. this is 82, 83. that is 98, 97. we could be cautiously optimistic but right now, nothing is a guarantee. we are not to winter yet. it is raining pit good outside right now including hayward. that's coming up. >> thanks paul. one of the greatest athletes who ever played professional sports in the bay
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area, kenny stabler died. he was 69 years old. he passed away listening to his favorite songs surrounded by family. he made his name playing at the university of alabama. andria, around here, he will be remembered as a raider. >> reporter: that's right. but here in oakland and across the bay area, he will be remembered as a classy guy, a southern gentleman. the silver and black of raider nation seems appropriately somber today with the passing of one of the all-time raider greats. >> every moment he was on the field it was a special moment. he was good, it was together. he had himself together. always a class guy act. >> reporter: kenny was a frequent guest at rickeys in san leandro. >> i hadn't seen him in over a year. it chokes you up to look and see somebody is gone. but, we ...
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we have good memories to think about all the time so it makes a big difference. >> reporter: known as the snake, he helped the raiders bring home an nfl title in 1977 and was a legendary member of the team. kcbs radio interviewed him many times and saying his moves outside the coliseum were just as legendary. >> he was just an outgoing guy. a party loving guy. you know. they took care of business on the field. but then off the field, i mean, you know, it was just nonstop partying. >> reporter: john madden had this to say. i have often said if i had one drive to win a game to this day and had a quarterback to pick, i would pick kenny. snake was a lot cooler than i was. he was a perfect quarterback and perfect raider. he once famously was booted from the team by bryant and never given the highest honor which is something they would
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like to change. >> hey, he was a hall of famer to us. and hopefully, you know, the nfl will see that and make that happen. >> reporter: now, in his death, kenny stabler actually donated his brain and spine to the boston university program that studies traumatic brain injury and the effects of the nfl on the human body. andria borba, kpix5. >> so kenny. [ laughter ] so, what do you think, does he belong in the hall of fame? >> he flew 150 touchdowns. he had some amazing guys to throw the ball to like dave casper. all those guys. i definitely think he deserves to be in there. if it wasn't for the steel curtain, the pittsburgh steelers, these guys would have had more rings on their fingers. these two were the two best teams back in the day. it was interesting. but he will be missed.
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he was a great guy. >> all right. thanks. >> uh-huh. well, santa clara county da has gone ahead and charged former 49er ray mcdonald with misdemeanor domestic violence, false imprisonment, and endangerment. he is accused of assaulting his ex-fiance while she was holding their two month old son. he is free on $40,000 bail. tonight, the end of doyle drive as we know it. it is closed to all traffic. on monday, we will have the presidio parkway. but until then, traffic in the city will be a mess. joe vasquez is in the marina tonight. i don't see a car behind you. >> reporter: you don't. except for work crews back in the distance along what is now going to be the former doyle drive. they are hard at work on this project that will take all weekend. now that roads are closed. traffic is being diverted into
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the marina district. they shut it down precisely at 10:00. road crews threw down cones and put down road closed signs. now once cars turn off, they come back here. that is the palace of fine arts behind me. most of the cars are turning right. but as you can see, some are turning left right here. that is going to get trapped on some back streets. >> i'm trying to get across the bridge. >> you will have to wait until 5:00 a.m. monday morning to get across from this direction. >> reporter: that is when they plan to open the second of two major thoroughfares and the new connectors which will allow traffic to flow from the marina district directly to the avenues. >> those were closed in 2010. people have been waiting for them. so come monday morning, there will be new access to the presidio. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge will actually remain open, so if you are on the
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ocean side, you could still take 19th avenue or highway 1. but it is expected to be an awful mess. especially tomorrow, all day friday. you know people will not get the word and they will come out hire and it will be all gummed up. so authorities are suggesting you take the buses or the ferries. reporting live, i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. >> we will help you get around the traffic mess with traffic alerts. just go to a couple of teenagers made a frantic call from the side of a cliff after making a tumble at scenic lookout at land's end. but they couldn't give their exact location so firefighters followed the cell phone signal while they strained to listen to sirens. >> all right listen. they no longer hear the sirens and they can no longer hold their phone with their hands. they are both slipping. can you not turn off your sirens? they need you. you are guiding them.
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>> . >> they spotted the sister at 150 feet up the cliff. firefighters were table haul them to safety over the top. donald trump will be in california tomorrow and veronica, he is not getting a warm welcome. >> reporter: yeah, tonight a group of lawmakers is pushing the state to dump trump. they want him reremanded for calling mexican americans terrorists and rapists. senator hall says california will not stand for this type of racist behavior. this is what will greet trump when he speaks to a group of la conservatives tomorrow night. these are two huge piñatas that look like him. this group of immigrant rights activists is making it clear he is not welcome. they asked the hotel hosting the event to cancel it but they refused. now, the backlash doesn't appear to be hurting.
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trump lead it is republican pack in the latest nationwide poll. 15% of republicans say he is their nominee. jeb bush and rand paul are tied at 11%. the race that matter the race to the bank. jeb bush's supporters have raked in $114 million. that is an unprecedented amount. his superpac raised all of that before he declared his candidacy last month. bush's campaign has raised $11 million. where campaign donations are capped, superpacs can take in as much money as they want. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. not what you want to see out the airplane window. sparks fly and the engine bursts into flames. >> it is a liquid gold for little leaguers. we will show you how one coach can play ball without getting hurt by the drought. >> she said she hates america and then licked
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>> earlier this week it was a flight from hawaii to san francisco where passengers saw sparks in the engine. it happened again in chicago. first the sparks, then the engine burst into flames. this was a southwest flight right before takeoff from chicago's midway airport. pilots managed to bring it to a safe standstill. ambulances and fire crews rushed in. all 148 passengers on board safely evacuated. they were booked on another flight. southwest blames the fire on a mechanical issue. but another day, another bart malfunction. this time, smoke filled a rail car. dozens of people evacuated. several east bay stations shut down this morning making a mess of the commute. the rain was running between
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coliseum and fruitvale when riders saw the flash and heard what sounded like an explosion. they say it was an electrical issue. delays are becoming more and more common though. >> there will a lot of problems happening regularly. that stuff brings the reality of having a system as old as it is today. our cars are from 1972. >> bart says it is replacing the track at about five miles a year right now. riders can look forward to brand new train cars starting in fall of 2016. a naked man went on a driving rampage in santa cruz. it happened early this morning. the driver, 51-year-old richard ducatti may have been on meth when he slammed his suv into three parked cars. police cornered him and took him into custody. he was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital. well magnum pi is paying up tonight for allegedly stealing water during the drought. tom sellick was accused of sending trucks to a public hydrant to irrigate his ventura
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county avocado ranch. the water district sued the actor for the cost of the water and the private investigator it hired to tail the truck. tonight, we learned that sellick's attorneys have reached a tentative settlement. little leaguers played ball on a nice lush field thanks to one guy who figured out how to keep the field green during the drought. christian hartnett shows us how he is doing it. christian? >> reporter: it is not without a lot of effort. i'm here at one of the four fields in the little league. now, the grass here was watered a few hours ago as it is every single night. but the water used was free. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the classic sights and sounds of summer. baseball on a field of green. >> i think we have one of the best fields around. >> reporter: dan fioni keeps the grass looking sharp which has been no small task for the past month. >> it has been really busy. you know, with my regular
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daytime job, and spending time with the family. and by the way, i have to take off a couple of hours and go to dublin. >> reporter: with his pickup truck and a 275-gallon tank, dan makes the 72-mile round trip journey to the recycled water fill station. the water is free, but for dan and the little league, it is liquid gold. >> we have cut back on the infield water and cut back 50%. because we are doing this three times a week. >> so i will run this out. back up to that gate and run the hose out over there. >> reporter: the portable sprinkler system was all built by dan. >> open up the water valve. fire this up, the water comes out. >> reporter: having a nice soft turf. >> it feels good to know that we are doing something good and safe for the kids. >> reporter: dan hopeing to use more recycled water. he has talked with the city about putting in a similar waste water program right here in san jose.
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and that way, he wouldn't have to drive all the way to dublin for his water. live in san jose, christian hartnett, kpix5. an otter mystery in concord tonight. someone spotted these river waters in turtle creek pond and sent these pictures to the clay cord blog. but river otters are not usually in the landlocked ponds so the question is how did they get there in the first place? we will find out and let you know. wild weather in the sierra tonight. >> check out this hailstorm in truckee. it came down so fast it started gushing down the road like a river. and a rare dusting of snow in the summer. it was enough to leave a thin layer on the hills. and check this out. a rare waterspout over lake tahoe over emerald bay. >> wow. some wacky weather everywhere. >> kind of strange. >> what is going on? >> we have been watching this around the country. texas, oklahoma, colorado,
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arizona. it is our turn now. more thunderstorms in the sierra today. rainfall still tonight. the bulls eye currently is hayward. castro valley. dublin. livermore. milpitas still raining tonight t. rain is coming in from the northwest looking to southeast. we look to the northwest and there are more showers there so scattered showers overnight tonight in july. how much rain? another quarter of an inch up toward clear lake. fairfield. windsor. seven one-hundredths of an inch in san francisco. doesn't sound like much. it is not much. this is how little rainfall we get in july. with that seven one-hundredths of an inch of rainfall, it is now the wettest july in san francisco in 40 years. with less than a tenth of an inch of rainfall. by the way, our average rainfall for july is 0. san rafael, 60 tonight. mild, cloudy. scattered showers. oakland, 62. mountain view down to 60. low pressure slow to get in and slow to exit.
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it is not in a rush to leave. it is firing up unstable air. showers, thunderstorms once again tomorrow in the sierra. but for us, its moves far enough away that we will lose the rain chance after sunrise tomorrow. but clouds will linger so we will see a pretty cloudy day at least until mid afternoon tomorrow when minimal sunshine comes out. we keep the on shore flow. a different area of low pressure off the northwest coastline. the ocean temperature running milder. in the low 60s . the flow from the ocean will keep temperatures downen. keep them in check. anything resembling a heat wave will stay far away from us. we will stay heat wave free. drizzle, showers, a lot of cloud cover tomorrow. a shower or two for your morning commute. san jose, 76. sunnyvale, 76. hayward, 69. 71 san ramon. antioch, 78. 67 in san francisco. san rafael, 74. extended forecast, gradual warming but a really nice weekend. low 70s near the bay. low 80s inland. next week, we are warm, but we
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are not hot. strange weather today. snow, hail, rain here. we will take it. but it is just not typical. >> looks like lit be gorgeous. >> and we will be looking at that winter. >> thanks paul. coming up, the pope goes to burger king and a pop star apologizes for donut gate. >> plus coming up on the
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>> pope francis made an unusual pit stop today as he made his way through bolivia. he stopped at burger king. not to eat, but to change into his vestments for the mass. he is in a week long tour in south america. pop star ariana grande is apologizing for donut gate. >> seeing video of yourself behaving poorly that you didn't know was taken is such a rude awakening you don't know what to do. i was so disgusted with myself.
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i shoved my face into a pillow and wanted to disappear. >> she got caught on video saying i hate america and then licking donuts at a southern california donut shop. police and public health officials are investigating this. grande is saying she has never been more proud to be an american. >> 'r'r'r're a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ [♪♪] ♪ southwest is having a sale because when there's a reunion every cent should go to a killer dress. ♪"never gonna get it" by en vogue ♪ and heels. and a blowout. mani/pedi.
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>> welcome back, we told you earlier in the show about the passing of former raider ken stabler. he earned his nickname the snake by his high school coach. he played under coach bryant in college and then madden in the nfl. he told dennis o'donnell a tough relationship with his father leroy shaped him the most. >> i think he had some demons inside of him that caused him to react in some tough ways and i think i came out of it stronger and tougher and things more in perspective. if you have to deal with your father on those terms, third and 15 ain't that big a deal. [ laughter ] >> he will be missed and a great sense of humor. nba was the first day the players could sign new deals around the league.
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draymond green got the money. $82million from the warriors. his teammates flooded his phone with messages last week when the deal was announced. >> 20 minutes later, my phone crashes. >> you got the next meal, anything like that? are they giving you a hard time? >> definitely. definitely. but we will continue playing credit card roulette. >> a happy man. soon all single digits retired on the wall. new york wins at 6-2. they took two of three from the as . finally tonight, check out argentie soccer goalie. he hooks it into his own goal. needless to say, his team lost the game 5-0. there you go.
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thought you would enjoy that one. >> a little too much sticky stuff on his fingers? >> it was kind of whoa. kind of lost it. >> yep. >> easy to do though. it is heartbreaking to see. but, it is easy to do. >> we'll be right back. [ laughter ]
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>> blue bloods is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. join us because (siren blaring) (crowd chatter) first on the scene? yup. what we got? victim's coming out of the synagogue here. some guy on a motorcycle rode on the sidewalk shot him in the head and rode off. csu and mli just arrived. witnesses? one. the man sitting on the steps. he's the rabbi. son of a gun. (garbled radio transmission) cover him up, okay? sure thing. i think i recognize this guy. (siren blaring) rabbi? yes. detective reagan and baez. you mind if we ask you a few questions? sorry. you know... he was my good friend. herman kleiner? judge herman kleiner, you know? judge kleiner from the bronx, yeah. that's right.


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