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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 22, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> the bay area has been shaking all day. >> tonight, the usgs says the next big one on the hayward fault could be any day now. first there was a 4.0 in fremont. 16 aftershocks later, andria borba is at the epicenter. >> reporter: well liz, where i'm standing in fremont right now. the south napa quake, they are unprepared for the possibility of another big shaker. it was the hayward fault
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running through the east bay hills that shook. >> it was a violent shake. not much of a roler but a good shaker. >> reporter: the quake opened eyelids at 2:41 in the morning. >> i went to my parents room and i saw everything shaking and i thought it was just a dream when my mom woke us up and said it was a quake. >> reporter: scientists across the bay agree on one thing. the hayward fault is overdue for a big one. >> it can happen. but will it really? >> reporter: they say any day now. >> 31% chance of having a magnitude 6.7 in the next 30 years. >> it is due for a very large earthquake. it is also, a highly populated region right on top of the fault. >> reporter: the fault tiply erupts with a major shaker every 140 years and it has been 147. >> is there an earthquake kit at your house?
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>> no. >> it just kind of worries me. if i don't have a kit, if it happened at night, i don't know what we would do. >> reporter: as for the theory that the quakes today would lessen the impact of future quakes, that science is unstable. >> it will not weaken the pressure. >> reporter: today's series of earthquakes are thought to be a stand alone event. andria borba, kpix5. a 3.2 magnitude quake hit around heelsburg. people felt it. >> a 21-year-old man showed up at his ex-girlfriend's home in walnut creek. the victim, 19-year-old claire orton. she was home for the summer
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from her first year at san diego state university. police say claire was shot while answering the front door. then, immediately, her ex- boyfriend turned the gun on himself. he has been identified as scott burticks of lafayette. the family of the woman shot and killed on san francisco's pier 14 testified in congress today. they say it is time the country takes a tougher line against illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes. cate caugurian shows us they have a powerful ally. >> reporter: jim steinle spoke in front of u.s. lawmakers emotionally recounting his last moments with his daughter. >> a shot rang out. kate fell. looked at me and said help me dad. those were the last words she ever spoke. >> reporter: die an feinstein called for better cooperation between local state and law enforcement. in kate's case.
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>> a simple phone call would have been enough. >> reporter: that call could have saved kate's life. now the steinle family is backing kate's law giving mandatory jail time to convicted felons if they try to come back to the u.s. illegally after they have been deported. >> we feel if kate's loss saves one daughter, one son, and one mother, a father, kate's death won't be in vain. >> reporter: according to ice, 123 people were killed by people facing deportation between 2010 and 2014. cate caugurian, kpix5. >> mark farrell has proposed several reforms like the sheriff being required to contact ice. after the stunt donald trump has made, lindsay graham may need a new telephone. >> reporter: not only did
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donald trump not tone it down, he ramped it up on lindsay graham in the senate's home state of south carolina. >> then i watch this idiot lindsay graham on television. >> reporter: donald trump unleashing a string of insults on lindsay graham. >> a total lightweight. here's a guy in the private sector, he couldn't get a job. >> reporter: it was after grabbing said this on cbs this morning. >> don't be a jack ass. you don't have to run for president and be the world east biggest jack ass. >> reporter: trump retaliated by giving out graham's newspaper. iowa's biggest newspaper is calling for him to pull the plug. they say he is a feckless blow hard who can generate headlines. trump is doing well for now. just look at his latest poll numbers. he has an 11-point lead over
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his nearest rival. a political reporter called the number trump gave out senator graham answered his response. he said when it comes to the donald, nothing surprises me anymore. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. president obama had something to say about trump tonight during an appearance on the daily show. >> i'm sure the republicans are enjoying mr. trump's dominance. >> anything that makes them look less crazy. [ laughter ] >> this is where the republican field stands tonight. the sweet 16 as they are calling it. ohio governor john kasich, the latest to announce that he is running. pope francis invited governor brown and 60 mayors from around the world including the mayors of san jose and san francisco to the vatican to talk climate change and how to combat it. >> in san francisco, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions 23% below the 1990
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level. we are so proud of this considering our population has groan by 15% an our economy has grown by 49% over the same time. >> governor brown praised the mayors for their actions and criticized skeptics. >> we have fierce opposition and blind inertia. and that opposition is well financed. hundreds of millions of dollars going into propaganda, into falsifying the scientific record. bamboozling people of every country. >> well today, the major signed a declaration stating that "human induced climate change is a scientific reality and its control is a moral imperative for humanity." we are hearing the mayor of oakland talk about morals and the environment tonight. she told christin ayers it is time to take a stand against coal. specifically, the plan to bring tons and tons of coal to the bay area. >> reporter: their message is
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loud and clear. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, coal trains have got to go. >> reporter: no coal in oakland. >> oakland has no more space for environmental injustice. no more space for injustice of any kind. >> reporter: these protesters came here tonight to make noise about a hush hush plan to bring as many as a dozen coal car trains a week from utah through dozens of east bay cities to a destination export terminal on the oakland waterfront. >> we shouldn't use hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds to invest in a fuel of the 20th century. we need to move forward. not back wards. >> reporter: she is leading a national beyond coal campaign with the sierra club. major cities like portland and seattle have shut down coal projects leaving u.s. coal hurting and hunting for new export opportunities in places like oakland. >> we are not using it in the united states as much. california doesn't use coal at
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all for electricity and these coal companies are trying to use us. >> reporter: the man behind the coal plan? phil tagami. >> we are not building a coal description terminal. we are building a multicommodity terminal. >> reporter: but it will have coal coming through. >> that is not determined. >> reporter: but his company kneads to build the new terminal. still needs cash. and the coal deal would bring in $53 million. but oakland's mayor in her first interview about the issue say it is not all about the money. >> as the city, we have to take a moral substantiate. >> reporter: libby schaaf supports a public hearing plan for september. >> it is my preference to work this out amicably. i hope we can find resolution without having to go into direct conflict. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> last summer, the oakland city council passed a nonbinding resolution to keep coal trains out of the city.
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apple announced today it made $11 billion in the last quarter. $11billion. a 38% increase in profit, but investors weren't impressed. analysts thought apple would sell 49 million iphones and it only sold 47 million. as for the apple watch? apple is not talking about that. all it would say is that it sold more than it had projected in turn away. >> then with the iphone sales being a little weaker than what analysts also expected, people are worrying about what is happening with iphone momentum. their next device won't be until september most likely so it is important they keep things going until there. >> apple shares tumbled 9% in afterhours trading. tonight, the apple app stores are back up and running. something knocked them off for a few hours. apple is not sure what
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happened. i will light you up. get out. >> she didn't use a blinker and three days later she was dead. what this dash cam video reveals tonight. [ sound of gunfire ] >> there it is. a teenager makes a drone that can fire a handgun. many wonder how is this legal? >> one of the biggest sports teams on the planet played the san jose earthquakes tonight. we will bring you all
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>> tonight, a teenager's 14 second youtube video is grabbing the attention of the feds. [ sound of gunfire ] that's a semiautomatic handgun strapped to a drone. the 18-year-old in connecticut who built it with help from his college professor fired four shots in a private wooded area. though he didn't break any local laws anyone knows of, the faa is checking to see if he violated any regulations dealing with wreckless operation of a model aircraft. well tonight, new police dash cam video shows what happened during the arrest of a woman who was later found dead in her jail cell. a state trooper pulled her over for not using her blinker. then, she refused to put out her cigarette. danielle nottingham shows us it went downhill from there. >> reporter: this dash cam video shows texas trooper brian
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encenia pulling over sandra bland for failing to use a blinker in a lane change. first it is calm. >> you seem irritated. >> i am. >> reporter: then the trooper asked bland to put out her cigarette and she refuses. then he orders her out of the car. >> get out of the car now. >> reporter: why am i being apprehended? >> i said get out of the car. >> reporter: bland left the car when the trooper pointed his tazer at you. >> ly light you up. get out. >> wow. wow. >> get out of the car! >> reporter: bland is put in handcuffs and the argument escalates off camera. >> you are a real man now. you slammed me. knocked my head in the ground. >> reporter: in a sworn affidavit, he says bland kicked him in the right leg and swung her elbows at him. bland was taken to this cell where she died three days later. the medical examiner said she used a trash can line tore hang herself in a partition in the cell. but her family says she would
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not take her own life. >> my sister was so full of life. she had so much to live for. >> reporter: county and state officials promise a thorough investigation of bland's arrest. the district attorney says the case will go before a grand jury. danielle nottingham, cbs news. >> the trooper who made the arrest has been placed on desk duty for violating procedures. if you take the muni meth row at night, get ready to take the bus. the muni metro. they will stop all buses in the market triton fell and they will last for the rest of the year. this is so muni can modernize the communication system. the light rail trains that run on the street and in the west portal tunnel will keep running at night. we have more details at it is case closed tonight for barry bonds. the feds have dropped their case against the former giants star. back in april, an appeals court
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threw out bonds' conviction of obstruction of justice stemming from the steroid investigation. feds could have asked the supreme court to review the ruling but decided enough was enough. barry meanwhile had this response. the finality of today's decision gives me great peace. as i have said before, this outcome is something i have wished for. we know bay area sports fans are fantastic. we love our teams. but a few hours ago, one of the most popular sports teams in the entire world showed up and played in san jose. betty yu was at the stadium tonight. betty, tell me about this team. >> reporter: we are talking about manchester united ken. and their fans are some pretty die-hard fans. they traveled from near and very far to see this power house team in action. i have to say it was really hard to miss all that red
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inside tonight. for the first time tonight, one of the world's oldest and biggest clubs met the san jose earthquakes. >> it is exciting. it is nerve-racking. all of the above. to have a team of this caliber come to san jose and play here is amazing. >> i'm excited! >> it is ridiculous. i mean, it's the first time in maybe, the only timely be able to see united. >> reporter: it was not hard to see. a sea of red filling up the stadium tonight. even from locals like the corpus family. >> they always work hard and they set examples for little kids. >> reporter: dad was a little split. >> i have my earthquakes bag here. i'm a season ticketholder. >> but you are showing your true color to night. >> true man u, yeah. >> reporter: kevin donahue flew in from ireland to see them in action. >> the glory and the history. it was a team founded so long ago. >> and it is game on here in san jose. >> reporter: this is the first
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time the earthquakes are playing in the guinness international champions cup. the president says man u only boosts the home team's value. >> united audiotape comes to the u.s. and plays other international clubs. it says how far our league has come. >> reporter: one earthquake fan came to terms with the results before they even hit the field. >> who is going to win tonight? >> man u. [ laughter ] >> you are a quakes fan! how are you saying that? >> i'm a realist. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, he was right, ken. final score tonight, 3-1. >> close game. that's a tough team. the earthquakes are right there. >> reporter: a lot of people thought the score would be not so close. so you know, they did pretty good. >> yeah. absolutely. and a great crowd. thanks betty. something strange in the water in monterrey bay. notice that bright shade of
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blue? well scientists say microscopic plank tin blooms are turning the water turquoise. take a look at the special blooms from space. you can see just how pronounced that blue hue is close to the coastline. that was created using data from the nasa satellite. >> paul, tie that into el niño for you. >> ly tie it right here. >> that a boy. >> we are talking about no longer whetherrer el niño is coming or not. but how strong it will be. the last time we had a very strong el niño was 1997. look at what the temperature scale looked like in the pacific back in 1997. now look at where we are now. it is nearly as warm today than it was at the peak of the 1997- 1998 event. el niño was big, getting stronger and may have a very
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significant impact this winter. not sure about monterrey, but we are looking at a big change. i'll have a full report. i will talk to a few experts coming up thursday night. tonight, it is cloudy. humidity is gone. that means better sleeping weather. it is not going to be in the 60s or 70s overnight. lit be much nicer if you leave the windows open to get back to bed tonight. oakland 61 degrees. san francisco, 58. the reason for the change, all that tropical air is gone. the unstable air is gone. things are calming down in the atmosphere. back to regular programming which would be a strong fetch of air coming in from the ocean. the humidity is gone because of an area of low pressure to the north giving us the on shore flow again. the ocean temperature running warmer than normal, but it is back down to 60 degrees. that is chilly. and the wind is coming from the chilly air. we are talking about mother nature's air-conditioning quite strong the next couple of days. temperatures down and the amount of cloud cover up. but just in time for the weekend, high pressure builds the battle in the skies
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limiting the on shore flow. that means wilder and sunnier weather beginning friday. tonight, a lot of cloud cover, but overnight, temperatures will be normal. good sleeping weather. cloud cover at a maximum. pretty cloudy. breezy, chilly. but we will be sunnier and milder. highs tomorrow running in the upper 70s for concord and san jose. should be in the 80s so we are on the cool side of average. santa clara 76. union city, 75. pittsburgh, 80. foggy, drizzly start in san francisco. san rafael, 76. windsor, 79. extended forecast, the coolest day is thursday. nobody hits 80 but things are shaping up for a very nice and pleasant weekend. mid 70s near the bay. mid 80s inland. should be a gorgeous weekend. >> fantastic. all right. thank you paul. coming up, a new twist on fast food and tonight, bay area diners are eating it up. >> and coming up in the late, late show
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>> when one door closes, another opens. tonight in rohnert park, amy's kitchen made its fast food drive through debut. the vegetarian brand is known for its frozen food. here, customers waited up to 40 minutes for the meat free menu items. >> it is how we want to eat. clean food, vegetarian. >> there is a lot of pentapody command for pent up demand for
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vegetarian food. >> i would take this over in and out. >> the owner says at least two more amy's drive through restaurants are in the works but wouldn't say where. >> i'm hungry for second dinner. >> that's almost fighting words saying it is better than in and out. hey, we have more manchester united picks. why not? hottest football team in the world right? and whoa. what was this all about? giants and padres. can't they
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>> baseball up top. former as now blue jays all- star josh donaldson had a heck of a day. a cab driver obviously did not
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show any respect. >> hey man, i was like i have been driving from san fran to oakland a couple of years. i don't know any shortcuts. two hours later i get here. >> did you give him a good tip? >> no chance. >> reporter: donaldson getting a standing ovation. 19,364 greeted him back in oakland for the first time since he was traded last november. and look, top seven. here is one of his two hits. ripped a double. in toronto's 7-1 win. in san diego, hey look. it is batman? giants starter chris pitched a no hitter. the giants were leading 5-0 when this happened. hector sanchez with a grand slam. made it 9-0. and san diego did not appreciate the back flip.
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shawn kelly exchanges words. the benches clear. the giants win 9-3. they are two back of the dodgers in the west. manchester united at the earthquakes. they just punched them around. man u. the lead increased to 3- 1. the final in this international champions cup chance. check this out. tillman pugh. back, and boom. great grab for the gary southshore rail cat. while up and over, he held on. can't rob a home run better than that. didn't stop them from losing to the kansas city
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>> ncis is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow mo
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