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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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wildfire explodes across the sierra. and tonight: evacuees can >> live, from the cbs bay area studios t is kpix5 news. this is kpix5 news. >> another wild fire explodes across the syria and evacuees can only hope their homes are still standing when they get back. i'm juliette goodrich. brian hackney has the night off. the lowell fire has extended across four acres. it is 0% contained tonight. and people are packing up and getting out. >> reporter: as thick white smoke billows over nevada
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county, a fire fight over the rough terrain. it is an area so remote, fire fighting planes and bulldozers are doing most of the work. >> other than that, you have no way getting to the fires. a lot of our time is waiting for the dozer to build us roads in. >> reporter: the fire is near an old mining site making it even harder to access. hundreds of hand crews are trying to cut a line around it to keep the flames from jumping bare river which would put even more communities in danger. >> kind of scary. >> reporter: laura, her dad, and kids are their cars and pets. >> two turtles, a cat, two dogs, and a bearded dragon. >> reporter: as many valuables as they can. >> the first thing i grabbed was my kids' social security cards and birth certificates. >> so much stuff. >> it seems like they are doing a really good job. so we are not too worried about it. and just hope nobody loses too much of their property. >> reporter: in el dorado
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county, the kyburz fire is still burning. firefighters gained ground on the 6900-acre wragg fire. it is now 55% contained. searchers from three counties are combing the el dorado national forrest for a missing bay area teacher. he went for a dirt bike ride along the rock creek trail system a week ago. and no one has seen him since. >> reporter: family members say ed cavanaugh is the last person you would expect to get into any trouble in the woods. he's an outdoors man, a survivalist who teaches students at san francisco downtown high school about the wilderness. >> he is just wonderful. we want him home. >> reporter: it is not clear how long cavanaugh has been missing. the deputy in charge of this search says cavanaugh who has a
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cabin in this area was riding an atd with a friend in heavily wooded terrain on the rock creek trail system. his friend had the lead. cavanaugh kept riding. that was july 17. eight days ago, the last time anyone saw him. family members are especially worried because cavanaugh has diabetes and relies on medication. >> he is such an outdoors man. and he is, you know, he is at home in this land. but, we are worried about his medical state. >> another problem, cavanaugh was not reported missing until thursday night. they started looking for him yesterday. the pilot of this small plane walked away without a scratch after crash landing in a field near the san carlos airport. it is not clear what went wrong. the faa and the san mateo county sheriff's department is investigating right now. also, a major crash has shut down highway 1 in both directions of pacifica tonight.
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the closure stretches from one mile. two cars collided there around 8:30 and investigators are still on the scene. the closure is expected to last for at least another hour. well, a gunman is on the run tonight after a deadly shooting on 880. it happened early this morning in san leandro. christian hartnett tells us officers were already close by when the fatal shots were fired. >> reporter: a san leandro police and chp closed down some of the lanes on 880 after a car accident. then, they heard gunshots just up the highway. flashing lights flood interstate 880 near marina boulevard near san leandro. chp officers spent about an hour investigating an earlier crash on the highway when a startling noise caught their attention. >> the chp officers on the scene heard gunshots coming from a location close by a little north of them. as they looked up, they saw a car pulled to the right hand
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shoulder just past the overcrossing. >> reporter: officers rushed to the car shown in this video. one person was inside with several gunshot wounds. that person died at the scene. >> our ultimate goal right now is to identify the suspect, arrest that person as soon as possible, bring that person to justice. >> reporter: officers say they were not able to catch a glimpse of a get away car. investigators at this point are still looking for a motive into this shooting. in san leandro, christian hartnett, kpix5. and tonight, san leandro is making sure a fallen police officer is never forgotten. a street there now bears the name of dan niemi. his brother was there today to unveil the sign for dan niemi way. >> it makes us feel very warm he has not been forgotten. >> i knew that my brothers and sisters in uniform, though i have never met some of them before, i knew that they would be hurting as much as we hurt
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in san leandro ten years ago. >> san leandro police have been helping their fellow officers in hayward this week after hayward police sergeant scott lunger was killed in the line of duty on wednesday. funeral services for sergeant lunger will be held thursday morning at oracle arena. a memorial service was held tonight for the shooting in louisiana. hundreds of turned out in lafayette, many of them holding candles. the community is also making prayer flags. they will be sown together to make a large quilt. a memorial has grown outside the store owned by one of the victims. jillian johnson. >> i deny know the two victims personally. but, it just breaks my heart that something like this could happen in our town. >> when somebody you love is the person that is in that headline, it is devastating. >> as for the shooter, john houser, investigators say the gun he used was purchased legally last year.
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this is despite his criminal record and history of mental illness. well, president obama is in kenya tonight. the birthplace of his father. the two countrys are promising to work together to fight terrorism and protect human rights but wendy gillette reports the visit got off to an uncomfortable start. >> reporter: president obama is making history and making waving in his first presidential visit to kenya. he is the first sitting u.s. president to visit the country. his first full day in kenya brought a moment of controversy when he was asked about gay rights. >> when you start treating people differently, that's the path whereby freedoms begin to erode. >> reporter: kenya's president says this is not a view he shares. in kenya, gay sex is punishable by up to 14 years in prison. >> this issue is not really an issue that is in the foremost mind of kenyans. >> reporter: the rest of the visit has been smooth in a country where president obama is considered a native son.
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the two leaders have discussed environmental and economic partnerships and cooperation on count terrorism. kenya faces continued threats from the somalia faced terror group which claimed responsibility for the attacks on a mall in 2013 and at a university in april. >> we have weakened those networks operating here in east africa. that doesn't mean the problem is solved. >> reporter: the president also remembered those lost in the 1998 bombs of the u.s. embassy in nairobi laying a wreath at the site. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> the president also took time out to poke fun at the most famous conspiracy theory of his presidency. >> i suspect some of my critics back home are suggesting that i'm here looking for my birth certificate. [ laughter ]
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that is not the case. >> @ obama was born in hawaii and despite what his critics claim, he has the papers to prove it. well, an international show down in the south bay today. a different kind of football hits center stage. as two of the most famous sports teams in the world took to the field. >> barcelona, baby! >> reporter: these fans came to santa clara from all over the world. >> from manchester. >> came from israel. >> bringing some kids up from san bruno. came out to watch the soccer game. >> reporter: but not just any soccer game. this is the international champion's cup featuring two of the most famous sports franchises in the world. >> a big event for us. barcelona. >> reporter: that is european champion fc barcelona. >> i have been fans of them for years but this is the first timely see them live. lit be awesome. >> reporter: versus manchester
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united. >> looking forward to the game. looking forward to a win. >> a big shot! the goal! >> reporter: the game, a sell- out, more than 68,000 fans in the stands. hard to tell this is just the preseason. both teams still prepares for a league play in europe. >> opening day is the middle play august. we are getting close. we want to make sure we have synergy. >> and manchester united did win. vern has all the highlights coming up in sports. oh my god. this is unbelievable. >> a vegas hotel erupts in flames. the hidden problem with these palm trees that led to disaster. >> and, there is something nasty in the water. the popular beach warning people to stay away tonight. >> headed to san francisco tomorrow? well bring some patience. but forget bringin
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>> this is unbelievable. >> some tourists in las vegas had to rush out of their rooms when a fire erupted at the rooftop pool of the cosmopolitan hotel. the thick cloud of black smoke could be seen for miles. the pool side decor only made things worse. >> well, it made this fire move so fast is all the palm trees
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on the roof are fake palm trees. they are steel tubes with six to eight inches of styrofoam around them that are molded to be decorative. it is like solid gasoline. >> well, two people were treated for smoke inhalation, but there were no serious injuries and the flames never reached the rooms themselves. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a 4.2 earthquake rattled southern california this morning. you can see the shaking on surveillance cameras from inside this convenience store. the quake was centered near fontana in san bernardino county. it struck just before 6:00 a.m. >> there was no warning. rumbling. it was just a drop. >> well, no reports of any significant damage. there is something in the watt tore night that swimmers will want to avoid and it is not a shark. it's e. coli. warnings are posted all over
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cal beach tonight warning swimmers about the dangerous bacteria levels. cal beach is notorious for having some of the dirtiest water on the west coast. it has twice made the beach bummer list. the drought is so bad, salt water from the bay is actually getting into the delta. normally t rivers would push back the saltier water, but because they are so low, the bay water is getting through to the estuary. the salt levels have exceeded federal regulations in two spot. one on the sacramento river and another on the san joaquin river. well uc berkeley is the number one university in the united states according to the center for world university rankings. overall, cal is seventh on the list out of a thousand schools worldwide. the rankings are based on the education cal provides, the quality of the faculty, and how well alumni do in the workplace. thousands of runners will
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hit the streets tomorrow for the san francisco marathon. the 26.2-mile route winds all over the city. and devin fehely says good luck getting around by car. >> reporter: the embarcadero is one of san francisco's most popular and well traveled streets home of an ever changing mix of trolleys, traffic, and tourists. but starting at midnight and stretching until mid afternoon sunday, it will be the start and finish line for the san francisco marathon. >> we are very anxious right now. i feel like we are taking a final we didn't study very well. >> reporter: doug fong will take part in the race. along the embarcadero, the signs are already up that the street will be shut down. organizers are encouraging the public to come out and cheer on the runners. >> our race is the best tour of san francisco you can get. >> reporter: but they are
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advising drivers to avoid the area altogether. >> we shut down all of that area and we are building our finish line and start line. so avoid that area and pay attention to the recommended routes. >> reporter: the marathon snakes its way around the city in a 26-mile loop. many of the runners picked up the registration packets at the fitness expo at fort mason. >> i'm excited. a little nervous. i have never run that long of a distance before. but, i think it will be a good experience. >> reporter: she is hoping for a runner's high to help her cross the finish line. drivers are simply looking for ways to steer clear of a potential traffic headache. in san francisco, devin fehely, kpix5. >> so the marathon is just part of the action. there is also a 5k, two half marathons and an ultra marathon. and the start time for the ultra race is in about 45 minutes from now.
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good evening everybody. this is our satellite radar. and we could clearly see that we have the low clouds t areas of fog as well. penetrating the bay. it will march in land a good 50 miles overnight. so every will wake up gray in the morning. we will experience another day with very comfortable temperatures. very much what we experienced today across the bay area which was actually just slightly below average. but here it comes. this is what you need to know. we have double barrel areas of high pressure. together, they are going to combine to produce temperatures in the triple digits tuesday through thursday. tomorrow, for your sunday, nearly 90 at the state capital through stockton, davis. mid 90s near fresno. upper 60s in monterrey bay. we mr. have some areas of low clouds and fog to kick start the sunday morning. tonight, tomorrow night into the 50s and 60s for overnight
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lows. 59 overnight in concord. here is how i'm planning temperatures sunday. 69 degrees in san francisco. we will have the clearing of the skies along the seashore backing all the way into daly city. 70s and 80s around the peninsula. santa clara valley, 85, 86 degrees. outside, east of the bay, we will have a wind west, 10 to 15 miles an hour late day. numbers stacking up into the 80s but we drop into the upper 70s . we have 77 degrees isolated tomorrow. mill valley. so basically, we will see 60s at the north bay beaches through the 70s into mill valley. and up into the 80s in sonoma, napa, glen, allen, and into the santa rosa area. up the stream we go to 90 degrees in ukiah. low 90s in cloverdale. the extended forecast, here we go. triple digits again. wednesday, the hottest day of all in our inland areas. beaches in the low 70s . then we will call for a cool down by
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next weekend. big doings around the bay area. the third game of battle of the bay. as taking on the giants. maybe they can squeeze one out. 66 degrees. it is the sonoma county fair in the mid 80s . the berkeley kite festival, a nice breeze. sun and clouds mixed in san francisco. this is wherely be tomorrow morning at the san francisco marathon. 64 degrees. i'm running for jeremy affeldt's charity team generation alive. and if you are headed to the gilroy garlic festival, lit be hot at 87 degrees and hot with all the flames and garlic happening. make it a great day everyone. enjoy your evening as well. all right ro, go hard. the final moving pitchers of as and giants. magic of the north side of chicago. and ... you won't believe what alex
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>> baseball up top. as and giants part two. is madison bumgarner the best hitting pitch er in the bigs? made a good argument today. bottom third, action. here is bumgarner. swung on and gone. his third home run for the season. ninth career. it opened the scoring. next half inning, the as got
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it back. josh begley. the as were right in there tied at 1-1. bottom of the 6th inning. one on for matt duffy. a clutch two-out hit. it scored the go-ahead run. duffy advanced to second on the play. it was 2-1. and then, bumgarner said enough. he retired 12 of the last 13 hitters he faced with seven innings, seven strikeouts. raised his record to 11 and 5. especially after santiago. final, 2-1, giants tenth win in their-11 games. they are now within two games of the dodgers in the west. give me cole hamels of the phillies. teams like the giants are confidenting him in trade rumors. chris bryant gave it a ride. odubel hererra made it.
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it was the first time the cubs have been no-hit since sandy coulfax did it in 1965. in minneapolis, alex rodriguez, not my producer kevin kennedy's favorite tonight. he did something not done by the yankees slugger in five years. once, twice, three times. kevin kennedy is a twins fan. the twins lost 8-5. arod accounted for four of those runs. fifth career three-homer game for rodriguez. i'm not done. how does an nba baller make $10 million less for the upcoming year? and while the usa women's soccer soars, the men? going in the opposite
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>> 68,000 packed in levi's stadium in july? for football? yeah. if you love some of the best soccer in the world has to offer. levi stadium. the site, santa clara. european champion barcelona against manchester united. a corner kick. wayne rooney does not disappoint. second half. manchester united again. jesse lingard wide open.
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it is 3-1. panama red taking it to the united states gold cup. third place match. came to penalty kicks. they have the advantage. the u.s. needed one to really go for demarcus beasley. panama held for third place. 3-2 on the pk. uss will settle for fourth. worst showing since 2000. it is the cu british open. round three moving pitchers. the eighth hole, it is tom watson. oh yes. how does he do it? four under 66. tied for 11th. then collin montgomery played only nine holes today, but boy, he made them count. set up a birdie here. he coleads at ten under with marco dawson. round suspended for darkness. all right, josh smith signed with the clipper ins
11:30 pm
week after spending last season in detroit and houston. he got over 5 million due from his old contract with the pistons. so, smith will be making nearly 7 million next season. that is down from the 16 million he made last year. smith will have to make some sacrifices. cancel his cable or something. he told the orlando sentinels, i have a family so it will be harder on me, but i will push through it. that is my little violin playing for josh. >> maybe it is all
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