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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, a state of emergency. this wild fire just keeps growing and growing. and now, a new threat. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. ken and liz have the night off. the rocky fire now covers 18,000 acres in lake county. it is still just 5% contained. the governor declared a state of emergency and called in the national guard. >> it is one of 18 firefighters burning across the state tonight. andria borba says there is a new problem tonight. >> reporter: yep, that problem is both the wind and the spread of this fire. it is a massive fire. 18,000 acres. about two miles east of lower lake out here on morgan valley
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road where this fire is burning. it is very rural up here. the fire burning on both sides of the road and for firefighters, there is only one way out. tonight, the flames from the rocky fire are refusing to relent. climbing up steep hillsides and causing trees to burn from the inside out and leaving firefighters playing whack a mole. the wind has been wreaking c. sparks keep flying and there are flare-ups. >> we will follow it around in a curve and stay ahead of it. >> reporter: the wind haves been changing directions constantly meaning nowhere is safe. in fire speak, it means the containment line's paths are not holding. the fire has jumped both sides of morgan valley road. the priority is protecting
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infrastructure from the flames. these power lines are key. these conditions only mean one thing for the firefighters. a very long night. now, you see that black stuff on the ground. the fine black stuff. that is not rock, or dirt, that is ash. this fire is throwing ash all over lake county at this point. and many points, those embers are hot when they hit the ground on this very, very dry grass. firefighters say spot fires just keep popping up. one firefighter from burbank says it is just going to be one of those nights out here on the fire line. andria borba, kpix5. >> this is what they are facing on the front lines tonight. a wall of flames. a firefighter posted this video. you can hear the fire roaring. this wild fire is so big in fact, nasa is tracking it from space. this is the satellite photo of the smoke cloud. that red area indicates heat from the flames and we just
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heard andria saying the wind has been a major factor here. >> there are a dozen fire reporting stations. not one of them had wind gusts exceeding 40 miles an hour, but now fire is so big, it is creating its own weather and wind and in every different direction the wind is blowing making containment nearly impossible. tomorrow around the fire, the winds will be about 15 miles an hour. but in the fire itself, it will still be dangerous and there will be gusting in many different directions. the state of california is so dry, each one of the fire icons represents a significant fire burning somewhere in the state from just north of san diego to all the way up to crescent city, california. 18 different major wild fires burning in the state right now. it is that dry. we will talk about the seven day forecast and rain chances coming up. >> thanks paul. further north, a firefighter has died fighting a
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fire. the firefighter was from south dakota. he was brought in to help battle that blaze. stay on your side of the bay. that's the message from bart tonight because there will be no bart service in the transbay tube all weekend. it is safe to say the traffic will be worse than usual christin. >> reporter: oh yeah, much worse than usual. the transbay train service actually stops in just about two hours here. meaning that if you are trying to get to or from san francisco, you have to do it on water ore wheels. brace yourself for a bumpy commute this weekend. >> this weekend. oh no. not this weekend. >> yes. >> reporter: yes, this weekend. the transbay tube, the stretch of track under san francisco bay from oakland to san francisco and back is getting repaired. >> it is what helps us get around delays. we are not using the component because we don't think it is in a safe enough condition. >> reporter: but officials say not to worry.
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there are plan bs . a number of them. you can just drive like jacqueline flag told us her mother plans to do tomorrow. >> she is prepared to sit in traffic. close to maybe about two hours. >> reporter: bart says factor in at least an extra hour of travel time. then again, there is always the bus. bart will be running 94 buses every 45 seconds if needed. they will leave from oakland's 19th street station and drop you off at the temporary transbay terminal two blocks from embarcadero bart. if the bus just isn't your thing ... >> the fer i ferry is the best way to go. very relaxing. >> reporter: pam sterling is not canceling her plans in san francisco this weekend and lucky for her, there will be extra ferries running but bart says your best option? >> people should stay at home if they can. >> reporter: now, this is just the first of two big transbay bart closures. the second will be over labor
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day weekend. christin ayers, kpix5. tonight, people all over santa cruz are howling at the blue moon for maddy. the mother of madyson middleton asked them to it in tribute for her daughter who loved wolvesment she was murdered over the weekend. her suspected murder is being charged as an adult. sheriffs deputies allegedly ran a fight club inside a jail. three former inmates filed a complaint saying they were made to fight in gladuater style fights. one was promised a cheese burger. the deputies staged the fights in a room that had a blind spot and no video surveillance. the complaint accuses the department of cruel and unusual
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punishment. the redwood city council will no longer start their meetings for a prayer. for at least a while. mark sayre shows us why. >> we pray for our country and its leaders who have turned from your ways oh god. >> reporter: pastor steven converse was invited to deliver what is usually a noncontroversial invocation at the regular meeting of the redwood city, city council. but it turned out to be anything but. >> we live in a society where the murder of human life in the womb has become common place. and our country is being terrorized not by people from foreign lands but by the very people who are responsible to protect it. lord, we know no human court has the authority to redefine morality. but we live in a country be the supreme court, this human court, has said murder is not murder, marriage is not marriage, and family is not family. >> reporter: converse is the pastor at grace valley church.
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right after, the mayor was quick to express his concerns. >> while i appreciate the viewpoints, i have to say the invocation tonight is not something i appreciated. i do appreciate .. please. please, we want to respect everyone's opportunity to share their viewpoints. >> i'm glad they are supporting the lgbt community during this difficult time. >> reporter: jason is a member of san mateo county's lgbtq commission, but speaking for himself, feels the city is doing the right thing by reviewing the invocation process. >> ensuring that the city council chambers remain a place that is safe for everybody. >> reporter: mark sayre, kpix5. >> in a statement, pastor converse told us it is unfortunate that one simple prayer offered in good faith and concern for the moral welfare of our nation and community by a local pastor has garnered such heated criticism from the redwood city council. two scares in washington today. the white house was locked down tonight after a woman jumped
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over a barricade. that happened around 7:00. the woman was quickly arrested. at the capitol, a witness says the driver of this red nissan was going full speed before he crashed into a barricade this morning. he is also under arrest tonight. no one was hurt. we could have answers soon about whether the airplane debris that washed up this week is from the malaysia airlines jet that vanished. jonathan bigliati is on reunion island tonight. >> reporter: the wing fragment called the flaperon is wrapped and sealed bound for france hoping it will unlock the mystery of the missing airliner. france will take a leading role in the investigation with malaysia and australia. the flaperon keeps the plane level when it starts to land. it is buoyant material filled with air pockets which could explain why it was found 23-
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hundred miles away from the search site. >> though i don't have anybody to bury, but at least i know what happened. >> reporter: they will begin examining the flaperon and look for clues about how this wing flap may have broken off and also, for traces of chemicals and explosives. jonathan viglliott, cbs news, reunion island. people in one bay area city say a traffic app is a nightmare, the shortcut that is backfiring. >> tonight, u.s. lawmakers take action to protect animals like cecil the lion from trophy hunters. >> mark zuckerberg and his wife are having a baby.
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>> if you take the muni metro at night, get ready to take the bus. there will be no train service in the market street and twin peaks tunnels at 10:00 every night for the next six months so muni can install new communications equipment and do maintenance work. they have set up special bus lines. we have everything you need to know to get around the muni closure and the weekend bart shutdown on tonight l are new signs up in los gatos telling drivers to stay on the freeway. christian hartnett has the story. >> reporter: well, it is no secret beach goers heading south on highway 17 toward santa cruz are met with bumper to bumper traffic right as they come through los gatos.
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now, that gps app on your phone here might prompt some of you to take a detour off the highway through town here. but the city doesn't want it happening anymore. it is what makes your teeth grind and blood pressure rise. southbound i-17 traffic. we have the google app directing us to santa cruz. sure enough, it tells us to exit camden avenue to cut through los gatos before getting on the highway. an often used shortcut that locals say their small town roads can't handle. >> it can take 10 minutes to 20 minutes or more. >> normally, i can be downtown in three minutes or less, but yeah, it is taking me 20 to 30 minutes. >> reporter: to beat the traffic snarl, the city is testing out four of these signs at highway exits that tell drivers downtown traffic only. beach traffic use 17. >> we want you to have a good time.
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enjoy what we have here. we don't want you to be frustrated in a traffic jam. >> reporter: mayor marsha says they have reached out to google to make a change to the app but hasn't heard back yet. the congestion is causing headaches. >> they cannot get out of the neighborhood. they are trapped. and if we have an emergency, we don't want to have potentially longer response times that are caused by the traffic. >> reporter: we reached tout google to see if anything would or could be done about this situation. and google says there is pretty much nothing it can do. it uses realtime data. if taking a detour through city streets is less efficient, it shouldn't suggest that route in the first place. christian hartnett, kpix5. >> uber is cruising into some serious cash. the wall street journal is reporting the car start-up is valued at $51 billion. that makes uber the highest
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valued venture back country. uber did it in five years, faster than it took facebook to reach the same high mark. this new york firefighter didn't know his own strength apparently. you see what happened when he signaled the closing bell? [ laughter ] poor guy. the head flew off the gavel there. luckily, his fellow firefighters caught it and saved the day. >> call him popeye. >> no kidding. well, mark zuckerberg is going to be a dad. his wife is pregnant. but betty yu says that is not all. betty? >> reporter: that's right. in less than 12 hours, his post has gotten more than 1.2 million likes. mark zuckerberg is usually very private on facebook. but today, he shared his most personal detail that will probably have the biggest impact. what got the attention of his 33 million followers wasn't so
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much he and his wife are expecting a little girl. he shared the two have had three miscarriages along the way. it's a lonely experience. most people don't discuss miscarriages because you worry your problems will distance you or reflect upon you. as if you are defective or did something to cause it. so, you struggle on your own. >> i think there is something very powerful about his being willing to share this very personal difficulty he and his wife have gone through. it seems like the hope people will be more open to talking about the struggles in their life as well as the successes. >> reporter: psychiatrist anita barsman talks to patients dealing with such pregnancy loss in her san francisco office. the healing process may now include social media. >> he is hoping to be helpful to people and start a conversation. make a space for a conversation.
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>> reporter: and it is already happening on facebook. thousands of people have thanked him for his openness. we hope that sharing our experience will give more people the same hope we felt and we hope more people feel comfortable sharing their stories as well. those don't have to be happy ones necessarily. >> it gives people the opportunity to have the experience that their not so perfect lives are normal. that not everyone has a perfect facebook looking life. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg says when they started talking to their friends about the loss, they realized just how frequently miscarriages happen. >> it is crazy. we really live in the age of oversharing but it is not always a bad thing as you can see. >> reporter: yeah, he is helping so many people. i think everybody knows somebody that has had a miscarriage. yeah. >> thank you betty.
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well frank minez jr. , meet the guy who delivered you. jesse lang delivered frank jr. in the back of an ambulance. the firemen tried to get mom to the hospital in time. >> we kept driving. we thought we would be able to make it there in time. but yeah. right about 101 at the sfo off ramp, he came out. >> lange says there was a brief scare in the delivery. the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck but he was able to get him breathing before the hospital. he is healthy now. there are 18 fires burning across the state of california. what will the weather do this weekend? >> lit be dry. this is the peak of the dry season. to expect a widespread rainfall, we are just not going to see it until october. humidity is back. cloud cover is back. this is the time lapse, four hours of the weather history here. a lot of clouds over the city
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of san francisco as viewed from potrero hill. in the south bay, we got to see the blue moon this evening. time lapse to show you from that. there it is. a beautiful shot over the south bay. it is a gorgeous sight, the full moon rising over the bay area tonight. not everybody cloudy tonight. concord, 63. napa, 60. san rafael, 69. where is the rain going to be? one of the wettest spots will be around lake tahoe. widespread thunderstorms on sunday. but, they will be hanging out over the high terrain of the sierra this weekend. wind out of the southeast today. that drew up a lot of tropical moisture. it rained from phoenix and vegas. that is wonderful news. now what happens tomorrow? the wind shifts from a southeast direction to a southwest direction. most places, who cares? around here, it is everything.
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now, all the tropical moisture gets shoved to the east. we bring the low level humidity back and get back to normal. once we get there, we stay there. wind direction will not change starting tomorrow. we will have morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, pretty comfortable weather everyday for the next week. so we are partly cloudy. drizzle along the coast. no more thunderstorms. we have one in the south bay around lunchtime. no more tomorrow. it will be a mild not hot start to august. concord, 83 tomorrow. that is five degrees below average. campbell, 83. los gatos, 84. low 80s , pleasant hill. vallejo, 79. san francisco, morning fog and drizzle. afternoon sunshine, 67. windsor tomorrow. 82 degrees. extended forecast, nice on sunday. nice. nice is just a nice word to use. we will not be hot. we will not be cold. we will get the sunshine. >> and it will be a pretty nice weekend. >> nice. >> that's a nice way to sum it up. yes. >> nice. nice. >> all right. >> have a nice weekend guys. >> we'll be right back. >> that will be nice. [ laughter ]
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>> who would steal a puppy?
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surveillance video shows two teenage girls headed straight for the cages and then stuffs two french poodles in their purses. the owner is asking community members for help identifying the thieves. four u.s. senators will introduce bills to protect animals like cecil the lion. it would make it illegal for trophy hunter to bring back parts of their kill. this comes amid outrage of the hunter who killed cecil in zimbabwe. a bunch of guys served up some food for a good cause. the fundraiser the kickoff event of training camp for the 49ers. the entire team was there. the event raised more than $300,000 for underserved bay area kids. carb loaded tonight. >> and that's a huge day at
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levi stadium. the football classics start at 4:30. and the 49ers first practice, 12,000 expected. the road to the superbowl begins officially tomorrow at levi stadium. a former 49er, we will tell you about that. a what caused the blood to boil in texas today? it wasn't the heat. we are up next.
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>> bruce bochy said once or twice a year, his ace pitcher madyson middleton should get a mulligan and start over. one of those came tonight. watch bumgarner go up high in the zone to adrian beltre. that didn't really work. location mistake number two. elvis andrus. not good. bumgarner with seven innings matched a season high by allowing six runs. in the 4th inning, deshields pops out. see that flip there? apparently bumgarner took offense to that. the bench was cleared but the
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fight would not impress rhonda rousey. they lose 6-3. the final. with half otherwise him traded, bob melvin trying to figure out who is on his roster. as and indians scoreless. matador, no good. oakland up 1-0. 9th inning, score tied at 1-1. ground rule double. the as lose to the indians 2- 1. the as have lost now three straight. they are 21 and 31 at home. will jack del rio lead the raiders to their first victorious season since 2002? it looked strong in napa highlighted by ex-49er michael crabtree who impressed his second year quarterback. >> you always hear how people finish friendly to the
11:31 pm
quarterback. he always finishes friendly. for whatever that means. it is easy to throw to him. and you know, and that's a credit to his route running abilities. that is a credit to the off season. like catching the ball is boreing to him. >> good start for the raiders in day one. we'll be right back.
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