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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  August 1, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. wild fires are burning out of control. firefighters are struggling to get the upper hand. and a pastor gave the opening remarks at a city council meeting. his comments left so people stunnd why now they are putting prayers on hold. and it is going to be tough to get and the bay area this weekend. the trans-bay tube is closed. how to avoid traffic headaches. it is 7:00 a.m. on this saturday morning, august 2nd. >> i am anne. >> and i am mark kelly. now a check of the weather forecast this morning because
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we are sighing good-bye to hot temperatures. now a look at the folden gate bridge, not a lot of traffic, and the temperatures are all around the bay area in the low to mid-60s right now. and so a fairly warm morning at this hour and that is because we have a cloudy start, a lot of the low clouds are keeping the warmth in. this afternoon, we are going to see sunshine away from the coast and cool to mild days ahead. we we have a look at the forecast coming up. well, getting across the bay without bartelsville this weekend--without bartelsville this weekend--without bart this weekend could be a challenge. but we have a few tips on how to get around the transit challenging. >> reporter: good morning, well, delays between san francisco and oakland this weekend because of the ongoing closure. again, that is throughout the weekend. no trans-bay train service. you have buses, ferries, the bridge, or the bay bridge
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options. now--bridge as options. now they are going to offer some bus service two blocks from the embark station. but you can expect at least one to two hour delays if you are going to use bus service, also keep that in mind for oakland airport travel. in san francisco buffier troy get you across the bay could be a good option as well. also, there are changes to the subway service, nile i will closure now from the station to west or toll. that is starting at 9:30 p.m. every evening until regular morning service. bus series is available, though, until january of 2016. now if you are driving between oakland and san francisco this weekend, bay bridge heavily impacted. do expect delays on the bay bridge over the weekend. also, the as are in town this weekend as well, taking on the indians. so busy along 8 # 0, also
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heading out to the come see judgment, plan for the changes and the delays. but the long term closure project at kings street near at&t is boing the wrap up. we have-is going wrap up. we have more at this morning, the san jose police department is investigating a shooting overnight with an officer. it all started when an attempted carjacker led the police on a chase around 1130 p.m. last night. it started at park avenue. one officer fired shots at the suspect, but nobody was hit. that suspect later crashed and was arrested. light rail service in the downtown area was briefly suspended for about half an hour. thousands of train passengers were delayed after train hit and killed a person on the tracks just after 4:00 p.m. they had to run a bus bridge
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between the basher and the san francisco stations. 400 people were on board of the train in the dent. trains were delayed for up to and hour. well, the fast moving rocky fire in lake county has engulfed 18,000-acres forcing hundred os of people to know flee. so far, the fire is just 9% con taped and the governor called in the national guard. now it is one of 18 wild fires burning all across california. and we report from the fire line and tell us that firefighters now have a new problem. >> reporter: the flames from the rocky fire refusing to relent. climbing uphill sides and in some cases causing trees to burn from the inside out and leaving firefighters playing whack a hole. when there is a new flair up,
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they keep flaying. >> it is a matter of following the fire around in a curve and trying to stay ahead of it. >> reporter: the winds have been changing, meaning nowhere is safe. in fire speak, it manes that the containment line, a path that cuts through brush and trees are not old--and trees are not holding. the fire has burned both side of this road. and they want to protect infrastructure from the flame. the firefighters says it means one thing for them. a very long night. kpix5. well, the man who died after fighting the san francisco cop is now connected to a murder. the 57-year-old was a caretaker who beat his 97-year-old client to death. we have details. >> we showered him with hugs and kisses and he loved it. >> reporter: there was not a dry eye in the cafe when the
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waitresses found out their customer died. he was reportedly killed by his long time caretaker. he was a regular at the howard station cafe. >> he was here every day. >> reporter: just three weeks an i boy, they celebrated his 97th birthday here. the table is now full of pictures and messages. >> the shock is not just in how he died but his caretaker was capable of doing that to him and i think that is and added shocker for us. >> reporter: the police say that the caretaker went on a rampage thursday morning, they believe he bet sal to death in his home and then drove to san francisco, rear ended a car, threatened the driver, and then beat up two responding officers. police say after back up officers finally cuffed him, the care tacker stopped breathing and died. >> we keep thinking he must have snapped. something happened. >> reporter: no one knows why. but even hours after the family
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learned of the murder, they seem to have forgiven the caretaker. sal's daughter wrote a message at the shine that reads, phil, a good, kind, gentleman who had a very bad last day. i talked with his family at his home, they are still grieving and didn't want to talk on camera. new details coming out this morning about a fight club run by a group of san francisco deputies inside of the county jail. three former inmates have now filed a complaint. they say that they were forced to participate in fights for the guard's amusement. one deputy promised the winner a cheeseburger. the inmate also claim that the deputies staged the fights in a room with a blind spot and no video. the complaint accuses the department of cruel and unusual punishment. it is possible that a lawsuit is pending.
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well, redwood city council tradition is on hold soft some strong words from a local pastor. we look at why the city council will no longer start meetings with a prayer. >> we pray for our country and its leaders who is have clearly turned from our ways, oh god. >> reporter: the pastor was invited to deliver what is usually an invocation at the regular meeting of the redwood city city council but it was a problem. >> we live where the murder of human life in the womb has become common place and our country is being terrorized by the very people who are responsible to protect it. already, we know that the court cannot re-define morality but the supreme court, this human court has said that murder is not murder, marriage is not marriage, and family is not family. >> reporter: converse is the pastor at grace baseball
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church. right after the invocation, the mayor expressed his concern. >> while i do appreciate everyone's viewpoints, i do have to say that the invocation tonight was not something that i appreciated. i do appreciate, please- -just--please, we want to respect everyone's opportunity. >> i am really glad that they are supporting the lgbt community. >> reporter: jason is a member of the lgbt cue commission teal feels that the city--feels that city is doing the right thing. >> ensuring that city council chambers is a place that is safe for everybody. >> a statement, the pastor told us it is unfortunate that one simple prayer offered in good faith and concern for the moral welfare of the nation and community by a local pastor has garnered such heated criticism.
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human beinger is cruising- -uber is cruising into some serious cash. the car hailing start up is valued at about $51 billion. they are the highest valued venture backed company. and uber did it in just five years, faster than it took facebook to reach that same high mark. well, there is now a push in the senate to protect enzianerred and--endangered and require animals, like cecil the lion. it would be illegal to bring back parts of the kill. it would apply to animals listed on the endangered species of october 1973--of 1973. this comes after cecil was killed in zimbabwe. well, a win, win for the 49ers, the annual pasta bowl kicks off training camp for the 9ers, the entire team was on hand as well as some 49er
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greats. they raised more than $300,000 for under served bay area kids. well, surf is up, this next video is something you have got to see to believe. the very talenting surfing couple took part in a competition. the lifts and poses done on slow breaking waves and surfers say it is hard enough just to stand up. these two started out surfing together, and said just for fun they tried something else. pretty cool. well a big event in the east bay today. thousands of people will pack downtown oakland for day one of the art and soul festival. it is a--it is starting today at noon. welcoming up, we could be just a few days away from knowing what really happened to ma lay share airlines flight 370. the work ahead this weekend to test what could be evidence from the plane and what else
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has washed up. >> and still ahead, pitching their ideas to tech experts and they are only in middle school. kids are learning about start ups. >> coming up, a former 49er stands out at raider camp yesterday. and what caused the blood to boil in texas. it was not the heat, that is coming up. >> and now a live look at the city of san francisco, you can see downtown there, some low clouds, we have the ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] choose it. scoop it. pour it. blend it. [ blender whirs ] no matter how you make it, you'll love our endless variety of beverages. baskin-robbins cappuccino blast®. customize yours today.
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good morning, everyone. bruce said that once or twice a year his ace pitcher should start over. well, one of those mull begans came last night. giants fans were hot, ranger bats were hotter. watch bum garner try to go up high in the strike zone. they didn't work so well. that is a 2-1 ranger lead. here is location mistake number two. this is to andrews.
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that is a two-run homer. he matched his season high by allowing six runs. but watch this, this is popped out. it is an out. but he flipped his bat and bum garner took offense to that. the benches cleared. the giants lose, only the third time since the all-star break 6- 3 is the final. will jack lead the raiders to their first winning season since 2002? one clue ask neighbor the reserving core. it was looking strong yesterday. highlighted by michael crab tree who impressed his new quarterback, derrick carr. >> you always hear how people finish friendly to the quarterback, he always finishes friendly. it is just easy to throw to him and you know, that is a credit to his route running abilities. that is a credit to you know, the extra work that he puts in.
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catching the ball is boring to him almost. >> that is good news and that is a great start for the raiders at camp. the 49ers are going practice tonight at 7:30 p.m., about 20,000 people will be showing up for that one. one quick note, the as are losers again today, 2-1 to the cleveland indians. see you tonight. a piece of airplane wreckage maybe belonging to a messing jet liner is going arrive in france. investigators are hoping it will shed light on what happened to flight 370. >> reporter: the wing fragment, called a flapper was wrapped and sealed, bound for france in the hope it may unlock the mystery of the missing airliner. france will now take a leading roll in the investigation, joining malaysia and australia. it helps to keep the plane level when it starts to land. it is filled with air pockets which may explain why it was found some 2300 miles away from
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the current search area. individual tips family's have endurham freewayed over a year of agonizing waiting, false leads, and frustrations. and this is the wife of the plane's chief steward. >> i didn't have any body to bury, but at least i know what really happened. >> reporter: aviation experts will begin to look at the flapper next wednesday. they will looking at clues and how this wing flap may have broken off and also, for traces of chemicals and explosives. cbs news, reunion--reunion island. all right, now let's take a look at our weekend forecast. and first a live shot this morning of dublin to start out of our day with some dark, low clouds there on this saturday morning. and now heading out the door today, some of the low clouds
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around the bay area to start things off. it is going to be cool to mild in the next few days ahead. so take a jacket along with you heading out the door. and now flying around the bay, to take a look at temperatures, mid-80s, they are our warmer spots. 80 in santa clara. campbell, 83 today. fremont, 7 #. far east bay, brentwood, 87. walnut creek, 82. con concord,--concord, 83. san francisco is cooler, 67- degrees. in alameda, 69. and the north bay is getting up to 80 today. 65 on the beaches. and here is the seven day forecast, the week is looking mild. tomorrow, very similar to what we are seeing today. as we then head on into workweek, we are going see the cooling trend, partly cloudy if you are around the bay area with temperatures at or below
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average for this time of the year--this time of so the year. but no rain in sight. >> a cool down is sounding nice. we need it. google employees are trying to get high schoolers from minnesota interested in the secretary industry. >> we go to the--interested in the tech industry. >> reporter: in in ally, in the basement of this tech work space a group of middle schoolers are trying to figure out how to save humanity. >> [ inaudible - low volume ] >> reporter: these are the silicon north stars, a group of uber city kid--a group of inner city kids from minnesota that are looking at thinking. >> and you need to be building on one another's ideas. >> reporter: the task today is to use tech in new ways to aid in an ebola outbreak in the u.s. the tools are not high- tech at all, just some post it notes on a wall. some ideas are useful, others not too much. but the real intention is to
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get them thinking big. >> the idea here is to give them a little bit of vision of where they might be if they work really hard. >> reporter: steve and mary are a married couple from minnesota who now work at google. they brought these 6 kids halfway across the country as a way to open up their worlds with the group touring some of the biggest tech firms. >> just entering high school, it is a time to start to think about a future. >> reporter: and it seems to be working. >> it is possible, i can do if i put my mind to it, i can complete it. yes. >> i am starting to rethink everything. like maybe owning my own company. >> reporter: we are always telling kids to follow their dreams, as if they all know what they want to do. but we need to give them a look at what is possible.
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in san francisco, kpix5. >> those kids will never forget that. they will put what they have learned to the test. they will give a five minute pitch to try to get funding for their ideas. >> yes, a little shark tank? yes. well a headache for drivers. coming up, the changes make it tougher and tougher to
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[ inaudible ] better known
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as squash. >> mexican squash and it is in season. here is how to pick the perfect one. well today's tip of the day is with mexican squash, i love this. i mix it with other squashes, summer squashes, because they taste great. they have a great texture. when you buy them, they are almost shaped like a pear and you want that color to them, nice and green all the way around. it has to be very, very firm. no give to the touch. when you bring them, in the refrigerator, now, when you cook it, it is much firmer but it cooks very fast. now it absorbs tomatoes. so this is why this squash is great in so many different recipes because what it does, and again, the texture, and the flavor by themselves is great also. and i am tony, your fresh grocer, always remember to eat
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fresh and stay healthy. it looks like a pear. >> it does. all right, now a live look at the mount sac kaitlyn, in the north bay, that where we found sunshine this morning, much of the bay area is still under some cloud cover. it is 7:25 a.m. the county fair is going ton this weekend. nice fair weather. 80-degrees, mostly sunny skies in santa rosa. driving around san francisco has gotten tougher. >> yes, we found out it is not only on purpose, it is the city's long term plan. >> reporter: it is not every day that we get to inaugurate a new line. >> it is rumored to be the end line, i just wanted to say it is the e line. >> reporter: rib upon cutting and a round of applause but the new line is not the only change coming to city votes. >> storm we will starting the paint and the market street
7:26 am
project. we will be restricting access and turns onto market street. >> reporter: and that means fewer cars like these. >> well, well, maybe fewer cars but transit only lanes. >> reporter: it is all part of the plan to be a transit first city. an idea born back in the 1970. 40 years later, the changes have drivers feeling a little squeezed. >> the bike lanes have taken up market street and the bus lanes. there is no good routes left. >> reporter: and then the city's push for pedestrian safety. >> i think it is just way too much space to be taken away. >> reporter: no one is always happy with everything. >> but we can make it as safe as possible. >> reporter: now if you can create a great system, you will lure people out of their cars and that would in turn create more space on the road for everyone. take allis ton this this without from--take a listen to this quote. >> the mark of a great city is
7:27 am
not when more people can drive. it is when rush people take mass transit. >> reporter: it is a nice thought but probably not what the poor people stuck in traffic want to hear right now. >> i do not see people getting out of the cars any time soon. it may not end. >> it may not end. we have more bus lanes. the city has considered removing all cars from market street and that could still happen. yell, flames take over thousands of acres and the fire is not slowing down. >> and you might want to skip the omelet this morning. some stores are causing $6 for a dozen eggs. >> and here is a live shot at san jose this
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because 100% whole grain oats are incredibly good for you. because they're heart healthy because they're good for kids. and granddads and everyone else in the family. everything we do is because of what really matters most. the goodness of oats and the people we love.
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welcome back. it is 7:30 a.m. on this saturday morning. >> yes, mark kelly, back from your honeymoon. >> yes, it feels good to be back. we have a cool day in store, but the temperature is actually warmer than they usually are at this time of morning because of the low clouds you can see there at the
7:31 am
bay bridge. the trans-way tube is closed, so be aware of that. temperatures, as we mentioned, warmer than usual. 64 in oakland. 62 in san francisco. 63 right now in san jose. so a cloudy start for most, afternoon sun away from the coast. cool to mild days ahead. bye bye triple digits. we will have the ex-fended forecast coming up. and--extended forecast coming up. and as anne said, getting across the bay without bart this weekend could be a bit of a challenge and no under ground service at night, we have a few tips on how to get around the transit challenges. good morning, well, delays between san francisco and oakland this weekend because of the ongoing bartelsville closure, again, this is through the weekend. no train service. you have buses, ferries, the bridge, or the bay bridge as
7:32 am
options. now do keep in mind, bart is going to offer lifeline bus service. now is located two blocks from the embark bart station. but at least one to two hour delay ifs you are planning on using bus service, also keep that in mind. ac transit, the ferry, in fact, any san francisco buffier troy get you across the bay is good as well. also, there are changes to the metro subway service. nightly closure now to the west portal at 9:30 p.m. every night until regular morning services. but bus services are available. if you are going to drive this weekend, bay bring heavily impacted, use another bridge. but do expect delays on the bay bridge over the weekend. also, the as are in town this weekend as well. taking on the indians. so you are going to see busy
7:33 am
conditions any way along 880, also heading from and dan san francisco, we have the changes and delays. and the long term closure projects near at&t should wrap up over the weekend. of course, you can get all of the information at our website,, thank you. the fast moving rocky fire in lake county is affecting people and they are having to evacuate. far, the fire is only 5% contained. the governor has declared a state of emergency and called in the national guard. it is one of 18 wild fires turning--burning right now. this morning, of the san jose police department is investigating a shooting overnight. it started when police were led on a chase around 11:30 p.m. last night at park avenue. one officer pyred shots at the suspect but no one was hit.
7:34 am
the suspect later crashed and was arrested. light rail service in the downtown area was briefly suspended for about 30 minutes. as the summer season is winding down, another season is about to beginnings football season. the 49ers are launching a train, camp practice. the state department released thousands of pages of e-mails from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state, many of which included sense tiff information. here is more from washington. >> reporter: the state department released 2200 e- mails from hillary clinton's personal account when she was the secretary of state after a federal judge slammed the agency this week, saying it has not been any where near aggressive enough. >> now they were mostly goals, and we fell short this month. we need to be fast and make every effort to meet the
7:35 am
deadlines and we need to be accurate. >> reporter: in the newly released documents, more than 607 passages were blocked from being published to protect national security secrettings. in all, clinton turned over some 55,000 pages and has said she never sent classified information. state department staffers also want to look at e-mails from some of clinton's top aidings during her time here. but an attorney told the judge handling the case that the agency has had trouble obtaining them. >> the vast majority of the e- mails that i turned over and that are being turned over by others are already in the state department system. >> reporter: questions about the e-mails are following clinton on the trail an affecting her poll numbers with voters. cbs news, the state department. republicans on the house committee gaiting the attack in benghazi are questioning why
7:36 am
the e-mail are missing from the public record. well, it is a worldwide first for china's capitol. >> beijing [ cheering and applause ] >> that city will host the 2022 winter olympics after hosting the summer games back in 2008. now, several cities have hosted the games more than once but no city has. held both summer and winter games. and now out of rio, the destination for the 2016 summer games, an associated press reveals that the water wren views are full of raw sewage, viruses, and bacteria there. now the officials say it will all be cleaned up by next summer. well, a wrestling star, piper chid. he was a villain in wrestling.
7:37 am
his clashes with hulk hogan were legendary richardson. he is survived by his wife and four kids. well, the cannabis industry runs on cash but now it could be doing business with banks. some groups are trying to put pressure on congress to let banks serve legal medical marijuana businesses. they pay sales taxes by transporting large bags of cash and that can pose a safety risk and encourage crime. >> banks are pretty conservative. they look at the situation and say do not want to be a part of this. and now the businesses have to do everything by cash. that is not safe. that is not safe for communities and it is not safe. the employees. >> colorado and washington legalized marijuana and they have been forced to face the
7:38 am
same issues. well, stores and the bay area can charge $6 for a doesen eggs. we look another why the price is not changing any time soon. >> reporter: the price of eggs at the supermarket has skyrocketed lately and it is for the same reason that i had to meet with the owner of the egg farm at a restaurant. >> if you bring an illness in, you will experience 95% morganton tollty over a six daytime line. that is how devastating is. >> reporter: the virus in the midwest has forced the killing of more than 45 million hens, driving up the price of eggs here to nearly $6 a dozen. and turning egg farms into high security units. >> there is a quarantine about no one--a quarantine about
7:39 am
nobody coming on the property. that is just for ourselves. >> reporter: workers wear bio hazard suits and trucks and equipment are not shared with other ranches. it is believe that had the flu that hit in january may drive some big egg producers into bankruptcy and that means he is getting a good price for his eggs now, he knows it is only temporary. >> farmers are good at doing one thing, they can overproduce just like that. the chickens will all be back. they are all coming home and they will come home to roost. >> reporter: he says in about a year, the price of eggs will go down as the midwest ranches are back at it, flooding the market and once again, leaving california farmers scrambling to make a profit. the farms is spending nearly $2 million to increase secure toy protect the kitchens. a busy street in san
7:40 am
francisco's outer sunset got a make i don't ever. is there now public seating along with crosswalks, landscaping, and art. the concrete slabs in the middle are covered in art. but some see it as a $1 million eyesore. well, tore get waiting in line. if you want to know when your favorite businesses are the busiest, pretty soon you can google it. >> plus, it is up a the's plan to update their ear buds. >> and still ahead, making sure that young people appreciate the arts. >> and here is a live shot in san francisco this morning of ocean beach. some fog to
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're a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ [♪♪]
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welcome back. a company known for marketing its products as natural has agree today pay up for misleading customers. the word natural on tom's of main products is a big selling point. and now the company is going to
7:44 am
refund customers as part of a settlement. it is claim that had they misused the word natural and there were highly processed ingredients. google now has a new feature that shows you how busy a business is at any time of the day. it is soon going be available for millions of businesses, those that get a lot of foot traffic. and fitness people will love the new design of the apple ear buds. the tech giant just patented the ear buds that will not fall out of your ears. they are an ear piece with an outer subs that bends. no--section that bends. no word on when they are going to be released. >> i hate when you are running and stay slide it. it is a good fix. all right, now a look at forecast, it is not really good running weather this morning, a
7:45 am
little cloudy and school. here is the trans-america building this morning. some low clouds to start after your sad and it is cool to mild in the next few days ahead. and now a look at some of the high temperatures in the bay, we are seeing a hot of mid-80, they are our warmest spots. 83 in campbell. union city, you are going get to 75 today and fremont, 78- degrees. now to the far east bay, where brentwood, you are getting to 85. walnut creek, 82. danville, both at 81--danville, at 81. now to the central bay, alameda, 69-degrees 72 in oakland. 67 in san francisco. simpsonville ton beach, 65. --simpson beach, 75. so your weekend is looking mild. tomorrow, very similar to the weather we are going to see today. and then in the workweek, we have a cooling trend, make sure
7:46 am
that take the jacket with you, it is partly cloudy around the bay area with temperatures at or below average for this time of the year. it is august 1st, and we are not expecting any rain. well today a new streetcar is going start to run on a new line in san francisco. it is called the e line, for now the open air streetcar will only offer service on the weekends. but the sfmta plans to extend service to weekdays starting next year. it is going to run from at&t park to the cal train station. well a san francisco man is sharing his love of art with young people. >> elizabeth cook met up with this week's jefferson award winner. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: ronald chase has spent his whole life making art. now, at 80-years-old-- >> [ inaudible ] dedicating a good part of the last part of
7:47 am
my life. did you notice-- >> reporter: 23 year ace go he started ff art and anymorement, trips to--film. trips to get people interested in the arts. >> i covers emotions, thinking, so you cover all of these things while you are experiencing a work of art and to talk about them, to exchange things, that is a whole other part of your. >> reporter: it started with just 18 kids but quickly exploded. now between 450 to 600 kids from all walks of life go to ronald's classes. many have gone onto successful careers in the arts. when ronald is not teaching art, he is creating his own art in the form of 39 construction, painting, and photography. and some pieces are in the met
7:48 am
in new york city. lost summer, ronald did something very interesting, he gave away a number of his piecing to students--of pieces to students for free to start their own collection. >> it was more, really, an experiment to see, you know, how you can generate an interest, not in the system, but a part of the system. >> you can just have your hand up here. >> reporter: this boy will be a senior but some day, he wants to be in the muffish business. he is hoping--movie's business. he is hoping that the class will help him. >> i am getting an understanding of art. >> it has made me so much happier and more fulfilled, to realize that you are doing really valuable for them and watch them grow. that is what parents do. i just have 500 kids. >> reporter: for helping kids discover, this week's jefferson award goes to ronald chase. >> and you can nominate your
7:49 am
local hero online at well, great news for bay area fishermen, they just keep reeling them in. why they can thank el el nino. >> and seems--el nino. >> around it seems like a nice day to make a new friend. we have a really cute kitty coming up, and ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] choose it. scoop it. pour it. blend it. [ blender whirs ] no matter how you make it,
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you'll love our endless variety of beverages. baskin-robbins cappuccino blast®. customize yours today.
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all right, now a live look this morning at the san mateo bridge. it is going to see more traffic because there is no bart service, so so this is the alternate to the crowded bay bridge this weekend. and is there an a's game tonight so maybe leave some ex- too time-out there tonight. 6:05 p.m., partly cloudy skies for that. 65-degrees. well, each in this drought,
7:52 am
bay area fishermen are pulling in the best hauls in years. we look at why the fish are coming to our shores. >> reporter: just off of the pacific ocean the sum you are catch kids are back from a bay of fishing,--from a day of fishing, and yes, they are happy. everyone landed a salmon. ethan landed the biggest. >> 24-pounds. >> reporter: you caught a 24- pound fish? >> yes. >> reporter: he is not the only one. fishing boats are reporting full limit catching, it is believe that had warmer water is attracting a hot of--a lot of fish. and this is in turn, attracting salmon, rock cod, and more. >> this year, it has been off the charts. >> reporter: keith owns, well, the world's greatest bait shop. he says that striped basketball are buntable--bass are bountiful. >> so many more, it is
7:53 am
incredible. >> reporter: this 5-year-old caught a fish today. his dad, not so much. >> it has been kind of dismal. >> reporter: maybe you should be a better fisherman. >> i could. >> reporter: the boats are starting to fill up. as we all know, fishes is fishing so what is good today may not be good tomorrow. but with the warm el nino currents, it is expect today be a good fishing season for the rest of the summer. well, great for fishermen. not great for the fish. warm, low river water makes it hard for baby salmon to reach the ocean. all right, well, we are having a lot of fun playing this saturday morning. joining us now is amber and she brought in cooper this morning. cooper the kitty. >> cooper is a kitten from a sheller in sacramento, he is blind--from a shelter in sacramento.
7:54 am
he is blind. but he is other wise normal and happy. >> he has just been chilling. he is obviously pretty comfortable in the stud owe. he just--studio. he just walked in here and he owns the place. i have never met a blind cat. well, there goes your cord. do you have to do chicago differently? >> we has to be indoor only but he has already matherred the- -mastered the stairs. >> that is so great. >> a lot of people do not believe that blind cats are mind because they get along so well. >> okay, and he is okay to be with other cats? >> yes, other cats, dogs, he has been around dogs in his foster home. >> now your rescue focuses on kittening and special needs animals. do you have a lot coming in? >> yes, we are just flooded over day--flooded every day. and kittens are born this time
7:55 am
of the year. >> okay, it is kitten season and we hope that cooper is anal to find--is able to find his home. if you want to find out more, you can
7:56 am
tomorrow, sunday morning, our political insiders tell us what they would do if they were running for president. >> what would you? >> i am on a stage of him, it would be the two of us verses the house. i would be his wing man. you would just be his wing man? >> i would be his wing man in the debate and he would be my wing man. >> i would love to see that. all right, we are going to hear more from that conservation and
7:57 am
we are interviewing a member of the bart directors about the big project. >> it is going to be a good time. and now a last look at the weekend forecast, the highs for ted, in fremont, going to get to 78-degrees. 72 in oakland. 83 at concord. 67 in san francisco. so this weekend is looking mild. similar weather both today and tomorrow and then it is going come off heading into the--cool off heading into the workweek, monday and tuesday. and then we are at or below average and still, no rain is in sight but we are seeing the wild fires all across the state. >> and before we leave you today a surfer has purged a shark in australia. >> craig was surfing with a friend on the coast when he spotted what looked like a great white. the shark knocked him off his board. he purged the shock--he punc
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