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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 4, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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thousands of firefighters. the the largest wildfire california continues to grow despite the efforts of thousands of firefighters. the rocky fire has scorched 65,000 acres and threatens thousands of homes about 100 miles north of san francisco. hi everyone and good afternoon,
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i'm frank mallicoat. maria medina is on assignment this afternoon. the president is asking his aides to stay in close touch with california's governor and local officials in extended gratitude to the men and women that are battling the fire. cbs reporter chris martinez is at the fire in lower lake with the very latest. >> reporter: the rocky wildfire is quickly tearing its way through heavy brush and multiple directions. blackening more than 101 square miles. >> this area has never burned before. so the fire is extremely dense and extremely dry. and so that's really fueling pun intended the fire. >> reporter: the wildfire has destroyed at least 50 homes and other buildings. flames yum -7d this highway that was acting as a vital containment line. despite the fire's advance no other homes burned but the 13,000 residents who were ordered to leave remain on edge. >> it's tough. thinking you know i could come back homeless. but once again, you know as long as i'm okay, life goes on. >> reporter: crews say their biggest challenge is the shifting winds in this area.
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and they say this fire has grown at an unprecedented rate. >> five hours approximately 20,000 acres. that's really something we haven't even before -- seen before. >> reporter: more than 3,000 firefighters are doing everything they can to build buffers between the flames and homes and residents are leaving behind signs of their gratitude. chris martinez, cbs news, lower lake, california. >> cal fire says its crews responded to more than 4200 wildfires which is about 1500 more than their average for this same time period. the weather of course a big part of the fire fight up north. let's check in with roberta and get the conditions. >> from the kpix weather center. good afternoon everyone. i got to tell you this has been a changing situation as far as the weather is concerned minute by minute. with the rocky fire forecast, a 20% chance of thunderstorms but i believe that will be increasing to 30% or 40% chance as the day wears on. right now, it is 77 degrees and
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winds are out of the east northeast at 8. and it looks like this fire is now beginning to generate its own fire storm by the direction of those winds. those winds will increase to 20 miles per hour as the air temperatures about five degrees cooler than yesterday. but this is bad news. we have a plume of subtropical moisture and this plume trails all the way back out to the hawaiian islands. you can see right here the green on your screen? that's the precipitation and it's developing you would think that's good news. but this is the moisture in nature here. so that means we have a good chance of a thunderstorm developing and that would mean dry lightning. all this green you're seeing on your screen according to our hi- def doppler radar, you would think that's rain but it's virga. thunderstorms are still possible and i'll come back with a full report in just minutes. hayward police are investigating an early morning shooting that left a 73-year- old -- 17-year-old boy dead. the teenager's identity hasn't been released yet. he was walking with a female
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companyon around 1:00 -- companion around 1:00 and gunfire broke out after the two were approached by a group of people. no arrests have been made and police don't have a motive for the shooting. the victim was planning to join the u.s. marines. and a quick thinking sheriff's deputy dragged a man out of the path of an on rushing caltrain in sunnyvale. lucky man. this happened last night at the mary avenue crossing. cell phone videos thoughs the deputy pulling that man to safety. seconds later the caltrain smashes into his vehicle. taking a second look you can see how the man fell down but the deputy still grabs him by the arm and helps him get out of danger. a second angle from the opposite side also shows the moment of impact. another deputy ran towards the train to try to slow it down. said he was just doing his job. >> i'm just happy as a result. you know, regardless -- nobody vied and that's -- that'd be the worst outcome of this
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situation. and you know, glad that we were there. >> noble was hurt and it took several hours to repair the railing and investigators say it appears the driver of the car may have been drinking. well, we could hear a decision at any moment in the court battle over frozen embryos. closing arguments were held this morning in san francisco. dr. mimi lee and stephen findley are divorce couple and their dispute. while they were married they had agreed to destroy the embryos if they ever divorced. now lee who was infertile after cancer treatments says she has the fundamental right to procreate and the embryos are her only chance. plea hearing scheduled in san jose today for former 49er ray mcdonald has been postponed. 30-year-old is facing domestic violence charges for allegedly assaulting his fiancee while she held their baby in may. mcdonald is due back in court later this month. and a suspended bay area fire chief will get to keep his job despite an investigation that found he drank while on
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call to supervise fire fighting efforts. hayward fire chief derek countries rash was sis end -- contreras was suspended without pay this summer. if he agrees to certain conditions including not drinking at i city function he can keep his job. a fundraiser is planned today. famous dave's pit barbecue in hayward will donate 35% of all of its proceeds today to the scott lunger family trust. fundraiser will also include door prizes and raffles and a live auction. he was the father to two college age daughters. settlement today between the state and the american civil liberties union has guaranteed voting rights for tens of thousands of former felons. it affects nearly 60,000 people now in the country run programs created by the state's criminal justice realignment law. it does not include people with convictions for violent crimes. and state investigators in
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new hampshire are trying to figure out what went wrong during when a -- yesterday when a powerful storm killed two people and injuring more than 30 others. cbs reporter marlie hall has the very latest from lancaster, new hampshire. >> reporter: new hampshire -- inspecting what's left of the circus tent that came down yesterday in a fierce storm. killing a father and his daughter. authorities say a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for the region. just before the show began. >> we don't know why they -- they were going on at that time. and what they knew. >> reporter: about 100 people were attending a late afternoon circus performance when the storm hit. packing 60-mile-per-hour winds. brandon usham was inside the tent with his son. >> the flaps on the side of the tent -- they were open. they weren't tied down with any poles or anything. and they started going crazy. people who were part of the circus just yelled run. >> reporter: investigators will look at how the tent was set up
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and the manufacturer's specificfications about wind and they'll talk to witnesses. the state fire marshal says local fire officials would have inspected the tent after it was set up. if notified about the event. >> to the best of our knowledge. there was no inspection done by any local or state officials. >> reporter: the incident in lancaster comes at a time when dozens of state fairs and other festivals are taking place across the nation. many using tents similar to the one that collapsed in new hampshire. marlie hall, cbs news, lancaster, new hampshire. >> one man died and more than a dozen were injured when a storm uprooted a tent at a festival outside chicago over the weekend as well. today the family of sandra bland filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the state trooper and other authorities. brand died in texas in a jail last month. three days after a confrontation with a state trooper during a traffic stop here. authorities have said bland hanged herself in her cell and her family claims
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inconsistencies in the investigation into her death. and the first gop debate in the presidential campaign kicks off this week. a poll released today by cbs news showing a very tight race and as cbs reporter craig boswell reports, only ten republican candidates leading the national polls will be allowed on stage. >> reporter: donald trump isn't just maintaining his lead on the gop field. he's actually climbing higher in the polls over the other candidates running for president. a cbs news poll tuesday morning shows the billionaire businessman with 24% from republicans polled and jeb bush and scott walker are the only other candidates in double digits. 79% of responsibilities think trump says what he believes. >> the people are so starved for candor from politicians. that they are rushing to him because he appears to say what's on his mind. >> reporter: but while republicans say the more they get to know trump the more they like him. the exact opposite is true for independents and democrats. >> so far donald trump hasn't shown that while -- that he can
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increase his popularity among that larger electorate. >> reporter: he says the rest of the candidates will have the take their -- to take share shots at -- their shots at trump during the presidential debate. >> even though they may worry about you know losing the base in one primary, i think they come off more credibly if they do. >> reporter: only the top ten candidates will take part in the debate. and these eight contenders have strong chances of making it. on the bubble for the final two spots are governors christie, jindal and rick perry and john kasich. the rest of the field will debate each other earlier in the evening, craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> the first debate happens thursday night in cleveland. the market is always inundated with new sodas and sports drinks but one of the most popular is also the oldest. how bolt ld -- bottled water could surpass sales. >> what caused them to crash
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remainmastry. one -- a ministry. one theory behind the accident. >> from the kpix weather center, we're keeping a watchful eye on the changing weather forecast on this tuesday. the changes that you need to know about, the details as the news continues right after this brief time-o
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well, the beverage wars are more competitive than ever with new brands hitting store shelves every day. cbs reporter wee somewhere julian assange on the dweija i can't think reporting. >> reporter: if there's one thing greg and michelle don't agree on, it's what to drink. >> i think about drinking water, but a coke goes down and tastes really good. and i follow it with a glass of water. but coke goes first.
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>> the older i get the more weight i gain. so it is kind of a conscious effort now to kind of cut back on sodas. and drink more water. >> reporter: more americans are ditching soda and buying bottled water instead. the beverage marketing corporation predicts by 2017, water sales in the u.s. will surpass carbonated soft drink sales. >> it's the biggest phenomenon volume wise in the beverage industry in the last 30 years. >> reporter: it's also the most unexpected trend mike ellis says. now it's everywhere. >> it was what is happening here? why would anybody pay for a commodity that's free from the taipan. >> reporter: he says times have changed and all types of water are selling well. from high end sparkling water to enhanced water and cementer. >> people are now also much more concerned with what they put in their bodies. and water is pure. >> reporter: bellus says it's not clear when the popularity of water will peak. cbs news, new york.
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>> california's drought could wipe out a tiny endangered fish. the delta snout lives in sacramento's san joaquin river delta and a number of farmers believe too much water has been wasted to protect what they call the lowly fish but environmentalists argue it's a key indicator of the delta's use a little bit of that but don't think it's coming right? >> the two sided coin isn't it? hoping for some rain and we have a little bit of light virga out there where the precipitation is actually evaporating before it hits the grounds. let's take a look weather watchers. since i'm in san francisco, we have people in lake and alameda county as well as in san mateo and they are telling me gosh it just feels like rain and almost even smells like rain. it's mostly cloudy in san jose according to mike. 79 degrees. in san ramon brian is saying it's 73 and awfully muggy out there. in fact right now the relative humidity is banking between 49% in san jose to 67% and that's
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in the santa rosa area. so awfully muggy. this is interesting. this is hi-def doppler radar and you say that looks like rain to me right? well, again, this is evaporating before it hits the ground but when you see these cells right here, these pockets of yellow. that's a more -- moderate rain fall. so there's a better chance of that busting through that cloud deck and that dry dry air mass that we've had in place. and actually making it to the ground. however, with all of this, is subtropical moisture. that's why 67% relative humidity in the santa rosa area right there. and when you have that high humidity and that moisture you have a chance of an isolated thunderstorm. so here's the slate of gray the mostly cloudy skies over the city by the bay right now at 66 degrees. otherwise it's 73 degrees in concord. and the wind is still blowing on shore out of the west. some gusts up to 22. this is a live look from lick observatory out to the santa clara valley, this is a scene from sausalito back towards the city of san francisco. and also the port of oakland. so again we have that
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possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon. the best chances would be around alameda, san mateo coast, and as you see wrapping arnold to the north bay. that's that plume of subtropical moisture that has just lifted up and taken a direct aim on the bay area. i wanted to put together a computer model to see what's our best chances of any kind of precipitation. and you see all the way through 7:00 tonight, the clouds are just filtering in. and out. and the rain chances are playing tag with the coast. the san mateo coast. so again, that's why we're only seeing that chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm. meanwhile, everybody is in the 70s right now going up to 84 in sacramento. our sun does set at 8:15 and by the time it comes up we'll be mostly cloudy. from the return of the marine layer. so we have several decks of clouds lining up. 60s, 70s and into the low 80s. pretty much in the 70s inland today. and that's averaging 10 to 12 degrees below normal and then you say we dry out from that air mass that so moist right now on wednesday and our temperature is near 90s for the
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next couple of days. you know what? you're seeing things out there that i'm not. i want to hear from you. become one of the weather watchers. at, so helpful really. >> looking at the doppler we were going to get luged but not -- deluged but not really. >> we would hope without the thunderstorms. downer day on wall street sadly apple is getting crushed down three plus at last check. down 45 at this point. but a number of stocks are not having a good day. well, he fielded the final out in 1989 and tony phillips has a little baseball left in the tank. he hopes anyway -- because he's making a comeback at 56. some pie nothing leer diagnose with -- minor league deal with an independent team. his motivation? his bet with a younger player he could land on a team at his age and he's hoping this is the next step. if nothing more to be a great role model for some young
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players. a great ahas for sure. it's a dangerous sport and proved fatal this past may. world famous wing suit flier potter and hunt jumped after a cliff in yosemite hoping to thread the needle through a notch. the two men didn't make it. the investigation into their fatal flight concluded. it was accidental. no equipment problems whatsoever. they believe that it was perhaps a distraction or a judgment call that may have led to both their deaths. a deadly attack of swarming bees, how a group of construction workers accidentally provoked the insects. that's coming up. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers out there send us your questions about their health and well-being, just e- mail and we'll have dr. jill answer
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well, it is loaded with goodness and so easy to prepare. we are talking about broccoli's little baby brother broccoli rabe. here's tony tantillo on finding the best bunch. >> well, today's tip of the day is going to be broccoli rabe. some stories call this are pee knee but it's truthly broccoli rabe because of the little
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floor its they have in there. when you select them nice and green all the way around. free from any yellowing whatsoever. store them in the fridge right away and open up the bag to the breeze. if you don't do that and that plastic bag is closed in the fridge it will decay on you rather quickly. but just two, three days that's about it. loaded with nutrition. i like to par boil them for a little bit and then put oil in a pan and heat up the olive oil a little bet of garlic and now add your broccoli rabe. let it cook and maybe throw it in pen knee pasta. maybe even some sausage. ooh. that sounds good. as a matter of fact i'm going to make that tonight. broccoli rabe with sausage and penne. i'll stop her, and i'm tony tantillo, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. i love broccoli rabe. >> thank you. a southern california construction worker is dead after being attacked by a swarm
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of bees. a construction crew struck a hive while grading a apartment at a -- parking lot at a wal- mart store in riverside. several were stung multiple times by those angry bees. >> he was on his knees just had his face you know his hand and his face just covered up you know. and the bees were just above him swarming. >> another worker is in serious condition after he had an allergic reaction to all of those bee stings. and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or a simple question, give the hotline a call. 888-5-helps-u. volunteers standing by right now to take your phone calls and we'll
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coming up tonight at 5:00, a 62-year-old divorced man turns to dance and his life, will never be the same. you're going to meet if bay area grandma who reinvented himself as a hip hop video star. that story and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. i'm going to watch that one. >> that does
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