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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 5, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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he started those 30 fires in contra costa county these most recent one they believe this week. fire marshals say james wilson started this early-morning grass fire on july 20th. it burned about 40 acres next to highway 4 in bay point. they conducted him to another fire in lafayette in late july. july 28. it was burning on a hillside next to 24. fire investigators say wilson first started fires in bay point in april, then moved to brentwood, pittsburg, concord, martinez, walnut creek and other nearby cities. even though fire investigators suspected a serial arsonist, they didn't tell the public until the arrest today. >> we needed to keep that secret so that we could catch this person. the one thing we didn't want was for him to go into hiding and feel we were on to him. reporter: no one was hurt.
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no homes were damaged in those 30 or so fires. but they worry it was only a matter of time before things would escalate. they believe wilson could be connected to even more fires and more arson charges are likely. for now, his bail is set at $1 million. live in concord, i'm da lin, kpix 5. people in antioch were chased out of their homes this morning by a fast-moving fire. smoke filled the air above delta pines apartments. fire started on a balcony quickly spread gutting a roof and engulfing two buildings. it happened just after 8 a.m. on sycamore drive. flames jumped from one building to another through a shared attic space. a lot of people were already awake getting ready for work. some ran door to door warning their neighbors to get out. >> we're told people in 32
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apartments had to be evacuated. they were taken to a safe zone. it took fire crews from two departments with 13 engines and four ladder trucks to put out the fire and protect the other buildings. there's clear strategy for firefighters battling the huge "rocky fire" in lake county. their game plan includes attacking the fire early in the day. it's burned across 68,000 acres and the fire is 20% contained. so far 39 homes and 52 outbuildings have been destroyed. the latest flare-ups have been reported around morgan valley road and road. tonight thousands still have not returned home. kpix 5's andria borba on why neighbors and firefighters are most nervous about this time of of day. >> reporter: firefighters say this fire has been exceptionally unpredictable with one exception between 3 and 5 in the afternoon. it burned with a fury. now, to prevent that cal fire is making nearly continuous water drops on the fire and
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firefighters working 24 hours straight are watching hot spots closely and dousing them before expected winds arrive this afternoon. today knocking down the small plumes of smoke before they can take off and explode in windy dry afternoon weather is the key. >> that means there's hot ash in that area and so if any of those embers get out of our containment lines into the stuff that hasn't burned yet, that's an opportunity for the fire to keep growing. >> reporter: now, cal fire says while the few rain showers and marine layer that came in yesterday were a huge help, it's so hot today that by 1 p.m. grasses, brush and trees had dried out again. coming up new tonight on kpix 5 news at 6:00, we will take a closer look here into the community of spring valley where firefighters are preparing for this thing to burn here if it in fact goes on again. >> thank you, andria borba. let's check with meteorologist paul deanno and paul, the weather over the next
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couple of days could actually be dangerous for this fire. >> there's a good news/bad news scenario. we want the rainfall but not lightning. there is a chance of lightning friday morning. tomorrow, the forecast for the next 24 hours increasing clouds in the afternoon, winds not as much of an issue today. it's only been five to ten miles per hour the same tomorrow. the strongest gusts in the afternoon will be no stronger than 15 miles per hour. that said another hot day with highs 90 to 95 degrees. let's talk about this rain/thunderstorm chance. nothing on kpix 5 hi-def doppler currently. that will change as soon as tomorrow evening see all those clouds to our south a couple showers south and west of monterey bay. low pressure will move over the bay area tomorrow night into friday morning giving us a shower chance for the entire bay area but in the higher elevations of the north bay including lake county there's the chance of lightning perhaps dry lightning strikes. so the fire danger will escalate coming up late tomorrow through friday.
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we'll talk about how much rainfall. that's coming up in a few minutes. new at 5:00, the rainbow crew strikes again. talking about the band of thieves that swarms retail stores, steals stuff and bolts. kpix 5's mike sugerman on the group's latest heist involving thousands of dollars worth of beauty products. mike. reporter: yeah, allen. stop me if you heard this before. the rainbow crew has struck again. this time, at the beauty store al that it's a geary and masonic 9 people two men seven women, walked into the store just before 9:00 in the morning yesterday. they ransacked the place grabbing mostly cologne and perfume and pretty good stuff in just 75 seconds grabbing $11,000 worth of stuff. so many of them, the staff could only watch. this kind of crime swarm has been going on for five years in san francisco. not all with the same people but this is the same style. >> it's not the same crew.
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it's the m.o. it's the way they do it. so you might have 9 people in this particular case or maybe 2 out of the 9 of this case will hit another department store with 2 other friends. so it's the style within itself that dubs them the rainbow crew. >> reporter: they are dubbed the rainbow crew because of the original group. and they are all women. they had rainbow colored hair. over the years, some have been arrested and others have joined in. police have identified three of the suspects because the video has been so clear at least necessary one and police say they tell businesses that the best -- the best attack -- the best what you can do for any good video is what i'm trying to say, the better video, the better it is for them, they can arrest people. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> the rainbow crew has bin linked this year to a june
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robbery at a san francisco forever21 store. they also hit an arthur berins store where they took thousands. during another heist a crew member sprayed a cop with pepper spray. a dramatic end to a high- speed chase through the streets of san francisco. >> taking off and going octavia to goff i got 518, it's going to be a black male or black female driver! >> started early this morning and sped down one-way streets in the wrong direction. police followed the suv through the russian hill, tenderloin and mission neighborhoods reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour. >> going to try to hit the freeway. going the wrong way down otis. >> the chase ended 10 minutes later in so many massachusetts three people in the suv were arrested. -- in soma. three people in the suv were arrested. they had just burglarized a condo complex in pacific heights. it's happened again, mayhem at a movie theater.
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this time tennessee. a man armed with a hatchet and gun killed in a shootout. what he did after storming the theater in a surgical mask. >> new video of a record- breaking drug bust on the high seas. the moment the coast guard swarmed this stealth mixture mission and uncovered tons of cocaine. >> a piece of the wreckage of the missing malaysia happy anniversary to me it's safeway's anniversary... happy anniversary to me but you're the one who's gonna save some serious money. happy anniversary
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to me right now with your club card usda choice ribeye steak is $7.99 a pound 32-ounce gatorade is 69 cents and select quaker cereal is $1.49 happy anniversary to me. safeway's huge anniversary sale! it's just better. horror at the movies once again. a man armed with a gun and hatchet went berserk at a tennessee theater. police got a call of an active shooter at a screening of the movie "mad max" in antioch about 15 miles southeast of nashville. ken bastida tells us the suspect was killed in a shootout as he tried to escape. >> reporter: how many of these have we done? so far people have identified the gunman as a 29-year-old man. he was wearing a surgical mask as he started blasting the
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audience members with pepper spray. police in antioch, tennessee, confronted the gunman inside this movie theater after receiving a call about shots fired. >> an officer entered the theater where mad max was showing. the officer started at the projection room and started clearing down. he encountered the gunman. the gunman opened fire on the south precinct officer, the officer returned fire. >> reporter: police say the s.w.a.t. team arrived moments later and got into a shootout with the suspect as he exited through a back door. >> the gunman is deceased. >> tell us to go. >> reporter: a witness captured the sound of gunfire on camera. this man identified only as steven was inside the theater with his daughter. he had a superficial wound from the hatchet and was pepper sprayed. >> we did nothing to bring this upon ourselves. and i am very, very grateful that no one else got injured
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here today other than the person who perpetrated this. >> reporter: the shooter also wore a backpack and carried another one into the theater. authorities detonated one of the backpacks. hazmat teams determined there was no dangerous item inside either backpack. there was a fake bomb inside one of the backpacks that the suspect was wearing. that's why they were concerned. investigator say three of the eight people in the theater were affected by the pepper spray. they were all treated and released. but you can imagine how lucky they are considering the fact that he had a gun and he fired it. and they didn't get hit. >> yeah. all right. >> scary. >> ken, thank you. today's shooting is the latest incident raising concerns about security in movie theaters. two weeks ago a gunman opened fire 20 seconds into the compromised "trainwreck" in lafayette louisiana. police say 59-year-old john houser killed two people and nine others before killing himself. jurors are preparing to
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decide whether james holmes should be sentenced to death or life in prison for the colorado movie massacre. holmes was convicted of killing 12 people in a batman movie in 2012. family members of the victims delivered more emotional it. today. aviation experts confirm the plane wreckage found last week came from missing malaysia airlines flight 370. the wing fragment washed up on a tropical island off the coast of africa known for collecting debris from the indian ocean. more tests could reveal where that plane crashed and how fast it was going in the flight's final moments. crews are searching using planes and ships for more debris. submarine seizure, a record stash of cocaine captured at sea. how these high-tech homemade boats are designed to slip through undetected. >> queue up your pink floyd record an impressive new look at the dark side of the moon.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing.
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and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. we have new video of a high- speed drug bust. watch as u.s. coast guard boards a sub that is loaded with tons of cocaine. the drug's estimated to be worth $180 million. it's the biggest and strangest seizure in coast guard history.
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kpix 5's don ford takes us aboard the record-breaking bust. >> reporter: a heavily armed coast guard special operations team swarms aboard this odd craft. inside, four men are trying to smuggle more than 16,000 pounds of cocaine. a dangerous boarding made even more risky because this whole operation is taking place more than 200 miles offshore of central america. >> you're not sure of the integrity of the vessel or what's coming out of the hatch. you have to be prepared for anything. >> reporter: the men inside surrendered peacefully but this odd craft is not a real submarine but designed to sit at the water line almost sinking but not quite. painted blue to blend in. but in this case, the under water hideout not good enough to avoid capture by the new cutter stratton. the second seizure of its kind on the same mission.
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>> two interdictions of these self-propelled submersibles in one patrol is almost unheard of. >> reporter: there may be more than these craft than in the past but they are loaded with the latest most advanced sensors available. all of it classified. in the last ten years the coast guard has actually captured 25 of these little homemade submarines. now equipped are the latest coast guard cutters, they say they will be cappingture a lot more in the future. don ford, kpix 5. >> we haven't heard a lot about it but it's estimated that these narco subs account for about 30% of the drugs smuggled into the united states by sea. >> wow. an oil spill from a ruptured pipeline near santa barbara may have been far larger than thought. the may 19 spill was estimated at about 100,000 gallons but new calculations show up to 143,000 gallons of oil may have been released into the ocean. the oil spill spread goo on beaches as far as 100 miles
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away. president obama made his strongest case yet today for the iran nuclear deal. >> let's not mince words. the choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy or war. >> in a speech at american university, the president defended the international deal to lift some sanctions against iran in exchange for restricting its ability to develop a nuclear weapon. lawmakers are set to vote next month on the deal. a cbs poll shows more americans disapprove of the deal than approve of it. hillary clinton is visiting the bay area for a couple of days. the democratic presidential candidate in town for fundraising. her first stop the home of a former facebook executive. then tomorrow mrs. clinton attends an event that's hosted by san francisco mayor ed lee before heading down to los angeles. she will not be making any public appearances. the first debate for republican presidential candidates is tomorrow and
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california's governor has a point-blank question for the candidates. in a two-page letter governor brown says longer fire season, extreme weather and severe droughts aren't on the horizon. they're all here. and here to stay. what is your plan to deal with the threat of climate change? 10 candidates made the cut for tomorrow's prime time debate. in the first spot, billionaire donald trump. he is joined by jeb bush, scott walker, mike huckabee, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio and rand paul. governor's chris christie and john kasich also made the cut. governor bobby jindal and former governor perry left out along with rick santorum and carly fiorina. they will have a mini debate earlier in the evening. who made the cut and who didn't based on poll numbers. san jose city leaders are counting on new technology and peer pressure to help conserve water. today mayor sam liccardo announced a new program that monitors water usage. residents will get a report showing their consumption and
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their comparisons to similar sized homes. >> and certainly we love to see a little competition and conservation. water smart helps residents understand how they can meet the 30% target we have here for conservation in the city of san jose. >> san jose has adopted several other initiatives to save water during the drought like recycling ground water and drought-tolerant landscapes. so nasa just gave earthlings a view of the moon that they would never have seen from the ground. this image was captured while the moon was moving in front of the sunny side of the earth. and the camera wasn't too close to earth at that time either. perched on a telescope that was one million miles away, the moon's dark side was spotted for the first time since 1959. attention, earthlings! this is your moon! [ laughter ] >> isn't there a song about that? >> take me to your leader. >> good pink floyd albums. >> one of the best selling albums ever.
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>> ah, college. [ laughter ] >> finals. >> focus. focus. >> all right. right. right. >> it's amazing how much it warmed up so quickly today. we get the sunshine back and bam 20 degrees warmer way from the water. 92 degrees in livermore. you're still sing the pink floyd song, right, allen? [ laughter ] >> 92 in livermore. santa rosa up to 84. san bruno 69. oakland good evening to you sunshine and 75 degrees. very comfortable. not that windy. 68 in san francisco. we will not cool off that much tonight. mid-60s away from the water in the tri-valley. san jose only dropping to 63. san francisco 61. let's get right to it. a few minutes ago i talked about a rain chance. remember the cloud cover we had yesterday and a few sprinkles here and there? those clouds are sitting just to the south and riding along that kind of tropical wave if you will stretching all the way from hawaii is an area of at least will arrive tomorrow night and -- an area of at least will arrive tomorrow night and tomorrow morning -- an area of low pressure that will arrive tomorrow night and tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be warmer by five to seven more degrees compared to today. a lot of 90s away from the
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water. but forget about that ridge. let's say hello to this low which will pass by between midnight tomorrow night and noon or lunchtime on friday. friday morning's commute may be slippery. we're not talking about an all- day warnout. -- not talking about an all-day washout. we'll have a few scattered showers but the more important factor is when you get to the higher elevations which gives additional lift because the moisture is hitting a mountain and rise, we may see the chance of a few thunderstorms especially in the north bay toward the "rocky fire." we want the rainfall. but dry lightning could be a significant problem. so we'll have to watch out the progression of that low as it marches toward us tomorrow and friday. futurecast 3:00 tomorrow. and we are pretty cloudy especially in the south bay. clouds are working from the south to the north. a few spotty showers futurecast is picking up about 5 a.m. on friday. it won't be an all-day washout because by friday afternoon, the low is gone. and the sunshine will return before sunset on friday. but a rain chance tomorrow
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night into friday morning. foggy near the water tonight. kind of par for the course this time of year. a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. it will be warmer with that chance of a few showers and thunderstorms on friday morning. so we are toasty tomorrow despite the cloud cover, palo alto 87, mountain view 87, union city 81. 70s in san francisco tomorrow despite the morning fog. berkeley 78. sonoma 84. cloverdale tomorrow 91 degrees. friday morning could be a slippery morning commute. and we all know people forget how to drive when it rains around here so it could be a very slow morning commute on friday. it all sets the stage for a wonderful weekend. that slow gone. 80s inland, that low is gone, 70s at the bay. >> always good to get rain. >> this time of year when we typically receive nothing here
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we go again with yet another rain chance. >> weird wild stuff. >> thanks, paul. netflix may have started a trend. the latest tech giant to expand its perks for new parents.
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stocks have hit the skids, down as much as 3% for tesla. at the beat revenue expectations but they don't think it will produce quite as many vehicles this year as it had anticipated. this made investors skeptical especially with the model x due to roll out this year. microsoft is adding more time off for both men and women employees after the birth of a baby or an adoption. the company increased paid leave from 8 weeks to 12. mothers can take another eight weeks unpaid. microsoft also letting parents choose if they want to take their leave all at once or split it up. parents will also be able to ease back to work on a part-
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time basis. the company following netflix's lead yesterday the video streaming company announced up to 1 year of paid family leave after a birth or adoption. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news," scott pelley is in new york. scott. >> reporter: hi, allen and veronica, great to be with you in the bay area. here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. our ben tracy is following the largest wildfire in the country, the one burning just north of san francisco. also tonight, it has happened again. this afternoon, a gunman opened fire at a movie theater. how quick action by the police saved lives. and the flavor of youth could spicy food be the secret of living a longer life? dean reynolds gives us a taste tonight on the western edition of the cbs evening knew
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>> pelley: it has happened again this afternoon. a gunman opened fire at a movie theater. how quick action by police saved lives. also tonight, the clinton e- mails. now they're a case for the f.b.i. it's a blockbuster for netflix employees, up to a year of paid leave for new parents. and-- >> mama mia! that's a spicy meat ball! >> pelley: a new study says spice could add years to your life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. one of the witnesses seemed to speak for us all today when he said, "i can't believe it's happening again."


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