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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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with us. it is thursday, august 6. i'm maria medina. almost friday. >> yes, it would be a, what, mini friday? friday eve? or pre-friday? whatever you want to call it, it's thursday. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good to have you on board at this very early hour of 4:30. we got a little traffic and weather. a little bit of yellow and maroon today. >> we'll wake 'em up out there. good morning, everybody. out the door, we have an interesting day in the forecast. right now clear skies looking out towards the bay bridge where our current temperature is in the upper 50s to 64 degrees in concord and in san jose. later today, from the 70s at the beaches, to the 90s inland. full forecast still coming up. >> and we are going to brighten your day from the traffic center no accidents just roadwork especially along 580 eastbound airway told charo and west bond -- to el charro and westbound cleared in the next half-hour. investigators may have found more parts of the missing
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flight 370. the prime minister of malaysia says crews found the plane and other debris on a french island in the indian ocean after a wing was found. plane disappeared back in march of 2014. so far french investigators have not yet confirmed the debris is linked to that mh370. an alleged serial arsonist is in jail suspected of starting more than 30 brush fires in the east bay. the string of fires started in april and continued into the summer sometimes getting close to homes. they have been in at least 8 cities. the hot spots were highway 4, 24 and marsh creek road. anne makovec is in lafayette with more on why investigators believe all the fires are set by the same man. anne. reporter: a lot of these fires set in the east and north bays. most of them between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. which of course made them more challenging for firefighters to fight. so the suspect identified as 29- year-old james wilson, he was arrested at his home in bay
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point yesterday. some of the fires he is accused of setting 20 acres in bay point july 20 and 8 acres in lafayette on the 28th. then two days later a series of smaller fires burned a hillside off of highway 24. he is accused of setting 30 fires since april. >> it is not unusual for serial arsonists to escalate at some point and most do. they will start with small seemingly harmless fires but most of them are not harmless and they will escalate. >> wilson faces eight counts of arson with enhanced bail of a million dollars because these fires were set during statewide drought and wildfire emergencies. he is in jail now in martinez. investigators haven't told us a lot about the evidence against him. but they say they have been watching him for weeks building their case. live in lafayette, anne makevoc, kpix 5. later this morning, governor brown will meet with
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firefighters working on the "rocky fire" near clearlake. he will get a briefing from fire officials on the efforts to contain the blaze. the largest wildfire burning in california, it's burned close to 70,000 acres and is now 30% contained. the fire has destroyed 43 homes and is threatening 7,000 structures. air national guard is helping the fight for the "rocky fire." they are using c-130 cargo planes. the mission for the pilots, fairly straightforward. refuel, drop a big load of retardant and repeat. >> it does get tiring after a while with the heat and everything. but got a lot of folks out here helping us out. >> one of the pilots flew five missions on tuesday alone. they have civilian jobs too by the way but as they put it, this is what they do in their time off. how about that. >> big question, is will they ever get some relief in the weather? >> not today. in fact, we have a chance of thunderstorms by the evening hours and these thunderstorms could contain some dry lightning and this is the worst-
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case scenario for firefighters. today the heat is on. temperatures climbing back into the 90s inland. good morning, everybody. heading out the door, we have some clear skies right now in san jose. and with the clear skies, the winds are pretty much calm. 64 very mild there in the santa clara valley. it's in the mid-50s to the north in santa rosa and the east concord 64. later today numbers from the 70s at the beaches, 70s will be common across the rim of the central bay, 80s around the peninsula, and, yes, all the way up into the low 90s east of the bay, 86 santa rosa and approaching 90 in san jose. increasing cloud cover throughout the day today leading to the potential of thunderstorms tonight. isolated thunderstorms possible tomorrow morning and dry skies this weekend. more on weather later but first, here's gianna. >> good morning. let's check the roadways right now. we have reports of an accident coming in westbound 80 to northbound 101 connector, two cars involved two right lanes
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blocked to run a traffic break with debris in lanes. westbay bridge clear in san francisco. golden gate bridge quiet. no traffic on that southbound side out of marin into san francisco. today a judge is set to hear uber's case against making its drivers company employees rather than independent contractors. if uber loses, more than 160,000 california drivers could be eligible for paid expenses like cars and gas plus benefits like workers' comp. some drivers say they like the contractor status because it offers more freedom. a manhunt under way in louisiana for a gunman who shot and killed a shreveport police officer. investigators say it started last night when police responded to a call of an armed man in a home threatening a family member. when police arrived, someone opened fire hitting the officer several times. the officer later died at a
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hospital. in contra costa county, a pittsburg police officer recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg. investigators say a man wanted for attempted murder ambushed the officer yesterday morning on east 12th street. the officer returned fire wounded the suspect who was brought to the hospital and later arrested. police released surveillance video of the latest in a rash of takeover robberies in san francisco. it happened july 28th. police say a group of women and men barged in ransacked the store, grabbing expensive perfume and other merchandise. investigators believe the robbers are connected to a group dubbed the rainbow girls, responsible for several takeover robberies in san francisco. >> within 75 seconds they are able to successfully steal over $11,000 worth of merchandise. >> because of high quality surveillance video, take a look, police have a very clear shot of two of the suspects. they have identified three but so far no word of any arrests. and police in nashville shot and killed a man who
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stormed a movie theater yesterday armed with a pellet gun, pepper spray and happen. brian webb reports. reporter: vincente david montano has been arrested once more than a decade ago before his attack on movie-goers in antioch. >> this individual had an arrest in murphy'sboro in 2004 for assaulting and resisting arrest. >> reporter: the 29-year-old had a history of significant psychiatric issues for which he was committed four timesna . missing persons report filed just three days ago, montano's mother told police, her son was a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. [ screaming and gunshots ] >> reporter: on wednesday he turned up here during an afternoon showing of the film mad max fury road armed with a pellet gun and hatchet. police also say montano had on a surgical mask possibly to protect himself from pepper spray that he blasted the people inside the theater with. before he was confronted outside and then shot and
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killed by a s.w.a.t. team. authorities later detonated one of the backpacks he was carrying. >> there were items in there that we think were made to resemble a hoax device. however, after detonating it, it turned out to be harmless. >> reporter: this man sustained a hatchet wound in the attack. he thanked police for their quick response. >> that kind of gives me a little bit more faith in humanity again. >> reporter: so far no motive for the attack. brian webb for cbs news. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton wraps up her bay area fundraising trip this morning at a san francisco home. the cost per person $2,700 just like a similar event in atherton yesterday. clinton is it not making any public appearances during this trip. the first presidential debates of the 2016 campaign happens tonight. all 17 major republican candidates are in cleveland, ohio but only 10 will take part in the main event based on
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their standings in national polls including billionaire donald trump, former florida governor jeb bush and wisconsin governor scott walker, there will be a wide range of topics. >> foreign policy in general, obamacare, hillary clinton, those are the kinds of things that you're going to hear a lot out of the mouths of these guys. >> the 7 other candidates will take part in a separate forum this afternoon. they include former hp executive carly fiorina and returning candidates rick santorum and rick perry. i will be watching. >> i will definitely be watching too. >> ratings will be huge. time now is 4:39. up next, meet the bay area beauty queen who is ready to go to war. why she is trading in her crown and gowns to be a marine. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. >> stay with us. we'll be right back.
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only on five this morning, san francisco mayor ed lee reacts to allegations he was the target of an undercover fbi sting. phil matier asked him about the accusations of tainted campaign cash. >> almost read like a comic book. reporter: that was san francisco mayor ed lee reacting to court filings by attorneys for raymond "shrimp boy" chow that allege that the chinatown tong leader was being prosecuted for racketeering while politicians like mayor ed lee, who are also the target of fbi stings, were given a pass. >> i think it's a little sad that he has to try to smear everybody else that he can get his hands on. >> reporter: at issue an undercover fbi agent who allegedly funneled $10,000 into the mayor's campaign and was rewarded allegedly with a private meeting with lee to discuss business opportunities. what was your reaction to learning that the fbi had used undercover agents to funnel money into your campaign? >> well, again, this is an allegation now. you know, we don't know that for a fact.
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we have checked every donation that we have. we do not know of any individual that didn't legitimately give to our campaign. and those that we did uncover we returned them so that, um, they were clean. >> reporter: do you recall a meeting on front street? [ pause ] >> reporter: with these individuals? >> i recall fundraisers. i recall a lot of meetings, a lot of people three years ago. i do not recall any specific, um, meetings of folks. meeting people is one thing. doing something that's inappropriate is a completely different, and we've always been very thorough of that. >> reporter: have the feds ever subsequently contacted you or your campaign? >> no they have not. we have actually been pro- active in trying to say is there something here that we should be paying attention to and it's been silent. >> reporter: still the fbi did try. according to their own filings, they set up an operation aimed at the ed lee campaign. >> and what did they find, phil? they found fog. >> reporter: there's a couple of -- they found nothing. >> reporter: there's a couple
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of follow-up points. no one is charged for this alleged money lawn drilling and two, how much of the money -- money laundering? and two, how much of the money got into his campaign? only one check is reported. three, was the fbi being scammed by some people who were telling tall stories and making promises they never were going to keep and the mayor was never going to know about? in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. whole foods has pulled an item off the shelf after it was criticized and ridiculed. the product was labeled asparagus water at one l.a. store. take a look. it was basically water with three pieces of asparagus in it. >> here's a company trying to promote health and wellness and you stick a couple of asparagus spears in regular tap water, um, and charge 6 bucks for something that really has no nutritional value, no possible conceptual health benefits. >> some people bought it, probably. whole foods says the product was intended to be water with
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the essence of vegetables to be used as broth. nasa is providing a new view of the moon and i think pink floyd would go very impressed. it's the dark side of the moon. nasa camera caught the meanwhile it moved in front of a very sunny section of the earth. how about that? the perfect position made for an illuminated look at the moon's dark side. >> so nice. it looks fake. >> hi, roberta's. i was over there drinking my asparagus water so i missed that one. [ laughter ] >> we have a chance of rain in the forecast tonight. we currently have clear skies heading on out the door according to our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge and very mild temperatures in the 50s and now 65 degrees in livermore. wow! that's not some good sleeping weather, is it? here's what we need to know on this thursday. we have areas of light coastal
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clouds and fog early this morning. showers are certainly possible later on this evening until tomorrow morning and then we'll dry out the atmosphere and we'll have sunny skies from friday afternoon through the weekend. there's plume of moisture to hawaii. that brings us a chance of showers and thunderstorms tonight primarily in the monterey bay and san francisco bay area to the north. that certainly is not good news for the firefighting efforts because thunderstorms can contain dry lightning. 96 in sacramento. 80 high sierra. 72 monterey bay. 60s eureka. our numbers are going up. very mild to warm day. 70s beaches and bay. 80s around the peninsula to the low 90s inland. here's your extended forecast. chance of thunderstorms
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overnight into early friday then seasonal saturday and sunday and through wednesday. we have splash-and-dash it takes place tonight at 6:00. 75 degrees in cupertino. checking the roadways right now let's get an update on this accident in san francisco. westbound 80 right at 101 to northbound 101 connector. we have an accident involving two vehicles stuck in lanes. chp is running a traffic break to clear debris and the vehicles out of labors so you might see some delays as -- out of lanes. so you might see some delays as you approach the scene. past that quiet. bay bridge no delays. everything quiet if you are commuting out of oakland into san francisco. and checking the san mateo bridge, had some early-morning roadwork all of that wrapped up. westbound 92 right before you get to 101 look out for a broken-down vehicle in the right lane. chp is on scene. looks like they are trying to get that out of the road. checking the rest of the bay area looks like a nice ride out of marin county, sausalito through the golden gate bridge, everything is quite. 14 minutes to go 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza
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so everything is nice through that portion. also taking a look at 580 westbound 580 construction now cleared. eastbound we still have some roadwork near hacienda and near greenville so do plan for slight delays but, of course, if you plan to commute out of the altamont pass, brake lights begin out of tracy and stays slow-and-go on the westbound side. antioch seeing a touch of slowing as you come off the antioch bridge but overall it's decent. once you hit pittsburg no delays towards the eastshore freeway. off to a good start through the south bay san jose looks good north- and southbound, 101. 280 looking good, as well. drive times all in the green. back to you guys. >> pretty in yellow, gianna. >> you, too. >> thanks there was a place called paolo's that you could get homemade italian food. betty yu reports. times are changing. >> reporter: they have been
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serving authentic italian long before silicon valley was born in san jose. >> there is a bittersweet tinge to this. >> reporter: carolyn is a second generation owner. she was just 4 when her dad opened the first downtown location in 1958. paolo's has been in the rivermark plaza for 24 years. a week ago she found out the restaurant would lose its lease. >> it is sad. really sad. but sometimes it's time to move on. >> reporter: she says the restaurant will be replaced by a startup-friendly cafeteria and work and play space for techies. she has seen the average age of workers in the office park drop about 20 years in recent years. >> it's unfortunate that the history, though, doesn't carry more value and weight. >> reporter: in all those years customers say the food hasn't changed. >> menu standouts are classics with a personal twist. this is the veal shank from the
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owner's recipe. this is the restaurant's most famous dessert, the cannoli recipe brought over from sicily from the owner's grandfather. >> the food is always, um, perfect here. >> reporter: mark parkinson is coming every night for dinner until paolo's closes on saturday. >> the food helps a lot because it's really good. but you really feel like you're part of a family when you come here. >> reporter: in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. >> this may not be the end of the line though for the paolo's legacy. the restaurant's website says it looks with optimism to new projects. >> hope betty got to do some sampling. the reigning miss sonoma is joining the marines next week. athena cain she applied to traditional colleges and had a change of heart. she admits her decision is not typical for a beauty queen. >> a lot of people think they are just kind of pretty little
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models or they sing or they want to be designers and that's not the case for me. i wanted to prove that i could walk around with a crown on my head and be a normal person, be a patriot and be in the military. >> well, good for her. after boot camp she will train as a combat engineer in a base in north carolina. cams are are rolling during a record cocaine bust at sea, cameras are
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good morning. it is thursday, august 6. it is 4:53. and look at those numbers on your tv screen. above average for this time of the year. we'll have the hazy sunshine with increasing clouds at the coast today approaching 70
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degrees. otherwise, 80s around the peninsula. 87 in santa clara. mid-80s in mountain view. east of the bay today, with the cloud cover, increasing during the afternoon, very warm and muggy up to about 94 degrees in brentwood. 69 in stinson beach today. 72 in sausalito. yes, we have a chance of thunderstorms later tonight at 95 degrees in cloverdale. the weekend forecast is coming up in four minutes. >> and chp is still working on clearing an accident westbound 80 to the northbound 101 connector. two right lanes are blocked. they are running traffic breaks though as they clear debris out of the road. it's been there for almost an hour now. we'll have a look at the bay bridge coming up. ceremonies are under way in japan to mark 70 years since the dropping of the atomic bomb on hiroshima that killed 140,000 people and led to japan's surrender in world war ii. today hiroshima's mayor renewed calls for president obama and other world leaders to step up efforts toward making the world free of nuclear weapons. it is 4:54 now. we are getting a closer look at
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one of the coast guard's biggest cocaine busts. the alameda coast guard shot this video as it raided a drug sub. this is off the coast of central america. the four men on board immediately gave up. officers then boarded the sub and popped open the hatch. inside were hundreds of bales of cocaine. they amounted to 16,000 pounds. that's worth $180 million. >> when you board a vessel you're not sure of the integrity of the vessel what's going to come out of the hatch. so they have to be ready and prepare for anything. >> the coast guard says it has raided 25 drug subs over 10 years but this is by far the largest. a power outage made a mess of traffic last night at l.a.x. traffic signals elevators and escalators went down around 8:00. the power came back around 9:30. the backups lasted for hours. unclear what caused the blackout but no flights were affected. microsoft is offering new parents more time for paid leave. the company increased paid
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leave from 8 weeks to 12. mothers can take another 8 weeks unpaid. parents can choose if they want to take their leave all at once or they can split it up, as well. they will also be able to ease back to work on a part-time basis. this comes after netflix announced yesterday the streaming company is offering up to one year paid leave after a birth or adoption. they say it's to keep their employees happy. a big gop debate happens tonight as a crowded field of republican candidates chases donald trump. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. and the man accused of being a serial arsonist is now under arrest. coming up, some of the
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us. it is thursday, august 6. i'm maria medina. >> almost friday! >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is pushing 5:00. an alleged serial arsonist is in jail suspected of igniting brush fires around the east bay. the string of fires started in april continued into the summer sometimes getting close to homes. they happened in at least 8 cities. the hot spots were along highway 4 and highway 24 and marsh creek road. anne makovec is in lafayette with more on how investigators narrowed down the search to one single suspect. anne, good morning. reporter: good morning. this is one of the spots where this man is accused of setting a fire. all of the fires set near highways. right now i'm near highway 24. another similarity all of them set between midnight and 5 a.m. here's a look at the suspect in this case. 29-year-old james wilson. he was arrested in bay point yesterday at his home. some of the fires he is accused of setting, a 20-acre fire in bay point on july 20th. and then 8 acres in lafayette
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on the 28th. then two days later, a series of small fires burned a hillside off highway 24. this guy's accused of setting 30 fires since april. >> it is not unusual for serial arsonists to escalate at some point. most do. they will start with small seemingly harmless fires, but most of them are not harmless. and they will escalate. >> reporter: wilson faces 8 counts of arson with enhanced bail of $1 million. that's because the fires were set during statewide drought and wildfire emergencies. he is in jail right now in martinez. investigators haven't said a lot about the evidence in the case. but they have said they have been watching him for weeks. why they didn't arrest him sooner? well, we'll hear from investigators about that coming up in the next half-hour. right now live in lafayette, anne makevoc, kpix 5. investigators may have found more parts of that missing flight 370. the prime minister of malaysia


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