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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. fastsfasten your seatbelts for a rough ride. >> governor jerry brown paints a bleak future for california's
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wildfire season. good afternoon, i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. anne makovec joins us in the newsroom right now with more go governor brown's washing. >> reporter: the "rocky fire" is 40% contained. but governor brown warned that the fire season is just beginning, made worse by climate change and he says this fire represents the, quote, new normal. >> this is a real wake-up call because of the way this fire performed. it's, um, not the way it usually has been, going lots of different directions, moving fast, even without hot winds. >> reporter: almost 70,000 square miles have burned, portions of highway 16 and 20 are still closed. some evacuations are being lifted today but firefighters are only beginning to assess the damage. on july 20, this 20-acre fire
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flared in bay point, eight days later a smaller fire, then later a hillside scorched off highway 24. at the time, firefighters did not say they believed it was the work of the same serial arsonist. >> we needed to keep that secret so that we could catch this person. the one thing we didn't want was for him to go into hiding and, and, um, you know, feel that we were on to him. so we kept that a secret. >> reporter: until yesterday, when contra costa county fire and cal fire announced this is their man, 29-year-old james wilson. >> this morning, mr. wilson was arrested without incident at his residence in bay point. >> reporter: wilson is in jail and facing eight counts. authorities believe he has started about 30 fires since april, one as recently as this -- >> that was a story about a serial arsonist who accuse -- accused serial arsonist that was arrested yesterday. of course, on the same lines of the wildfire concerns that we do have here in california right now. so that "rocky fire" continues to burn. and governor brown is using
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this all now as a political point. in fact, he is challenging the gop contenders in tonight's debate to answer that question. what are you going to do about it? live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you. lake county has established an information hotline for people affected by the "rocky fire." we have posted the number on our website, and roberta gonzales is tracking the weather up north and its impact on the fire. >> first off we are going to begin with the national weather service. it is official. they have issued a red flag warning for that huge red highlighted area which includes 5 million people at least. and that is the entire bay area. the yellow highlighted area is a fire weather watch. we have a red flag warning in effect because of the plume of moisture back to the hawaiian islands. we have light precipitation off the coast what this does affect is the "rocky fire" forecast.
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we have a chance of thunderstorms developing this afternoon containing dry lightning. that's the worst-case scenario for firefighting efforts. the winds northwest and southwest at five say generally we see the fire generate its own firestorm. the relative humidity is lowest at between 30 to 40% air temperature 8 degrees warmer today. here's our live hi-def doppler radar. it's picking up light transportation around the santa cruz mountains. some light virga around san jose. we are going to continue to monitor this situation because it is developing as of afternoon progresses. >> thank you. firefighters have fully contained the "wragg fire." more than 8,000 acres burned in napa and solano counties. two structures were damaged. one home was damaged by the flames. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. firefighters say they knew who a serial arsonist in the east bay was months ago. but investigators say they needed more evidence to arrest james wilson.
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the 29-year-old is now in jail. the blaze started back in april, more continued into the summer sometimes burning near homes. they happened in at least eight cities. the hot spots were highway 4, 24 and marsh creek road. a motorcyclist was killed after a collision with a dump truck on highway 101 in mountain view. it happened a little after 9 a.m. in the northbound lane near moffett field. chopper 5 showing the backup as traffic was forced to squeeze by in just the one open lane. the driver of the dump truck remained at the scene. chp is investigating the cause of that crash. hillary clinton is in the bay area today for the money. the democratic presidential candidate attended a breakfast fundraiser in san francisco that cost $2,700 a person. last night a former facebook executive held another fundraiser at his home in atherton. republican presidential candidates are going over last- minute debate preparations before taking the stage tonight. cbs reporter craig boswell is in ohio where candidates will center their first chance to
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stand out in front of voters. >> reporter: the ten leading presidential candidates in the gop race will take the stage in cleveland tonight for the first presidential debate of the campaign. >> they are probably a little nervous this is the first debate. so everybody is kind of wondering what the dynamics will be like. >> reporter: this man has prepped several candidates for past debates. he says all eyes are going to be on the front-runner, donald trump. >> you really have to be prepared for donald trump to say or do just about any thing, i suppose. >> reporter: other candidates are prepared to come on strong. >> i like to mix it up. my staff says no, we need to be cautious. i'm like, i like to mix it up. so i plan on getting into it with the other candidates. >> reporter: before the prime time show the other seven candidates who didn't make the cut will have a debate. >> i'm absolutely sure that someone from this happy hour debate is going to be in the top contenders ranks by the time this is all over. >> reporter: the candidates for tonight's debate will all prepare differently. jeb bush plans to attend mass
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with his wife while former arkansas governor huckabee says he will spend the day at the rock and roll hall of fame. craig boswell, cbs news, cleveland. >> the debate begins at 6 p.m. and the campaign swag is already here. candidates are rolling out merchandise for supporters to buy. a few top picks, a hipster like tank top for 20 bucks featuring republican candidate jeb bush in the '70s with huge sideburns and a beverage con taper from the clinton camp called the hillary chillary. and the appropriately named shirt from gop candidate marco rubio, the marco polo starting at $45. gop front-runner donald trump does not have a campaign store. all proceeds will go to the respective campaigns. a protest in livermore today on the 70th anniversary since the bombing hiroshima. dozens of people stood outside the lawrence livermore labs to condemn the use of nuclear
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weapons. it's one of two places in the country that designed every warhead in the nuclear stockpile. well known whistle-blower says he showed up today to get arrested. >> this is a day on which as an american, i prefer to be in jail to make very clear that what we're doing in the north korea era is without my consent. >> the mayor of hiroshima is asking president obama and other world leaders to step up efforts towards making the world free of nuclear weapons. malaysia's transport minister says searchers found more wreckage that might be linked to flight 370. cbs' tina kraus explains why families of missing passengers are angry and frustrated. [ screaming ] >> reporter: relatives of missing passengers protested outside malaysia airlines offices in beijing accusing authorizes of hiding the -- authorities of hiding the truth. this person, who lost his daughter and wife on malaysia airlines flight 370, said, we need real evidence to believe our loved ones were on that
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plane. we haven't seen it yet. families say they are confused over conflicting comments about the part of the wing that washed up on the french island of reunion. malaysia's prime minister says wednesday, investigators are certain the wreckage from mh370. but french officials, who are leading the investigation, cautioned more testing must be done to be sure. malaysia's transport minister says, the flaperon which helps keep a plane level and slow it down when landing has a maintenance seal that proves it belongs to flight 370. he says teams searching near reunion island off the coast of africa also found a plane window and some aluminum file that could be from the -- foil that could be from the missing:777. french authorities contradict it saying they are unaware of any new debris. tina kraus, cbs news. >> investigators in france were examining the wing part hoping it can give them clues about
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what happened to flight 370. a hazardous materials team is trying to figure out how blobs of fatty acid wound up on a southern california beach authorities determined it was not unsafe. the santa monica beach is back open to the public. the material is commonly used to make quick drying oils. it's found in beauty projects, vegetable oils. nashville police are trying to figure out the motive of a man who attacked movie-goers in tennessee. three people were hurt during the chaos. david begnaud reports. >> reporter: nashville metro police say vicente montano entered the theater. he pulled out a gun and we ran out. >> reporter: he started clouding the room with pepper spray before swinging with the hatchet. >> they helped us when we were pepper sprayed giving me more
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faith in humanity again. >> he was met boy a s.w.a.t. team. >> there was a noise made by that gun. the officers then fired. >> reporter: a witness captured the loud gunshots heard during the s.w.a.t. team's takedown. the 29-year-old attacker died at the scene. just two days before the attack, his mother denise preuitt filed a missing persons report with murphysboro police. the report says montano was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in april 2006. preuitt told police she hadn't seen her son since 2013. the national association of theater owners said in a statement, quote, people have the right to go about their lives in peace and say. the safety of our guests and employees is and always will be our industry's highest priority. david begnaud, cbs news nashville. >> montano was committed twice in 2004 and two more times in
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2007. it's only august and so far half a million planes have been delayed this year. why some flights take off while others don't. >> and uber goes to court. the lawsuit that could cost the rideshare company millions. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good afternoon, everyone. we do have thunderstorm pockets this afternoon and now the warning that you need to know about as the news continues right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nearly half million planes have been delayed so far this year and more than 50,000 canceled. kris van cleave reveals why some flights are delayed more than others. >> we were a little delayed. but we'll, um, we'll figure it out. we'll get it done. >> reporter: larson jay knows
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what should be a quick flight from chicago's o'hare airport to knoxville, tennessee, often isn't. >> delayed, delayed, delayed. then they changed their mind and then it's delayed again. >> reporter: 44% of flights on that route did not arrive on time last year the worst nationally. here's why. the route flies from a hub airport for two major carriers prone to delays from weather and congestion. 15 of the 20 worst on the list all came to or from o'hare. typically, all flights to knoxville are small regional jets. that's the case for 17 of the 20 worst performing routes. they hold fewer passengers and make several stops during the day increasing the likelihood of delay, especially late in the day. >> if you are making a tight connection over a hub to a regional jet in the afternoon, you need to be very careful in planning your itinerary because odds are you're going to be late. >> reporter: canceling an international flight can run up to $43,000 for an airline while
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impacting hundreds of passengers. a regional flight can cost $1,000 and affect close to 50 people. >> they are trying to prioritize how to complete the max number number of flights they can given the limited resources they have to work with. >> reporter: the airlines say flights that leave early in the morning tend to leave on time. if you can fly nonstop, of course, then no worries about a connection. kris van cleave cbs news, reagan national airport, virginia. >> so here's the advice. if you are connecting check the airport you're going through that's prone to delays. try another route. >> sometimes going to another airport might take a little more time but it might get you there in time in the long run. let's check those skies now with roberta see how we're doing on a thursday. >> i just love my weather watcher because these are people in and around our microclimates it could even be you, that can see things that i can't see so they check in, they give me observations, temperatures, wind speeds, cloud cover, and let's see who is checking in. oh, boy. we got a lot of love out there today. let's take a look at a few of these numbers right now. we have bill in orinda.
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77 degrees. 80 sonoma according to willie. robert in redwood city mid-70s. and in pacifica, lindsay says hey, we're having a hard time getting rid of the fog today at 63 degrees. check this out. in addition to the cloud cover that's out there along the coast and the partly cloudy conditions inland, the national weather service has now issued a red flag warning until tomorrow morning because of the possibility of lightning. i got to tell you our confidence is high as far as seeing dry lightning. our confidence is low at saying precisely where and when. so we'll just keep a watchful eye. this is the skyline of san francisco. we have a combination of fog at the coast and some partly cloudy conditions from subtropical moisture. air temperatures are anywhere from the 60s to the 80s. hi-def doppler radar this is live data and it's picking up some virga streaming across the santa cruz mountains lifting into san jose. this rain is not hitting the ground because our air mass han about so dry but give it a couple of more hours we may see
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scattered showers as our relative humidity goes up, as well. so we have had the fog and low clouds along the coast and trying to scrub it out. we have had the possibility of thunderstorms isolated into the evening and own night. this is the plume of moisture, the fetch of subtropical moisture reaches back to the hawaiian islands. you can almost smell the pineapple, okay? that's pretty intense. upper level area of low pressure 400 miles off the coast tapping into the subtropical moisture bringing the possibility of thunderstorms in the high sierra tonight. meanwhile we are going up to the 70s, 80s and 90s today. outside number 949 degrees and that will be in the brentwood area. a chance of thunderstorms early tomorrow morning. then we dry out to seasonal conditions through wednesday. splash & dash that's not the weather forecast. that's an event going on tonight partly cloudy 75 degrees. last thing you want to do is be in a reservoir when there's lightning strikes but that's what's going to happen tonight.
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i'm going to be joining 500 people in the water there. >> don't you see her bathing suit, goggles and towel over there? >> if there's lightning we won't go in. >> thank you. let's check wall street on this thursday. boy, a bummer day so far. been a tough week down over 100 points a little more than 45 minutes left in the trading day. a bay area judge is listening to a landmark case involving uber and its drivers today. uber is fighting a through the would classify drivers as company employees rather than independent contractors. now, if uber loses more than 160,000 california drivers could be eligible for paid expenses like cars and gas, plus benefits like workers' comp. but some drivers say they like their contractor status because it offers more freedom. how a california tribe is investing in sustainability and creating its own source of energy. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we'll be right back.
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florida may have cornered the market on juice oranges but california cashes in on the navel orange. here's tony tantillo on finding the best ones. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is
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going to be with navel oranges. not california. not domestic. but imported navel oranges that are coming into the market. they are pretty good. when they started coming a few years ago, they were picking them way too early. and they were bitter inside. they had no juice to 'em. but now, some of the growers are picking some oranges to export to us that are fabulous. and the price a little bit higher of course than california oranges but they are not that bad for this time of the year. and even though it's summertime, refreshing orange full of vitamin c is good. let's talk about selection. when you buy them, orange all the way around. very, very important. make sure right here the navel has a small not thick peel. shiny and heavy for their size, store them on the counter. a little more expensive but i like it. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer, and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy.
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all right. a native american tribe in northern california is going green. the tischnan tribe is integrating the first renewable system of its kind in california. a microgrid will store energy from wind and solar power. the tribe lives on the roanerville rancheria reservation just south of eureka. if you have a consumer problem or question give out hotline a call at 888-5-helps- u. volunteers are there right now. we'll be right back. ,, let's mobile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target,
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coming up tonight at 5:00 it may be the quickest way yet to get an earthquake early warning. the sensors that send an alert to your phone. that and more at 5:00. >> good day for a mile swim. >> and three-mile run. >> there you go, robert
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