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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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san leandro a huge fire engulfed a building this morning. lisa chan live at the scene where some were forced to evacuate. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are a lot of people standing around here on the corner this morning here at doolittle and marina. that is because an apartment building directly behind this fire was partially evacuated as a precautionary measure. there are about 16 units. four of them are empty right now. there are other nearby apartment buildings as residents who were up early this morning saw the blaze. firefighters got the call at 2:34 this morning. when they got here there was an explosion in the front windows. they blew out. the fire quickly grew to four alarms and spread to a nearby medical supply company. we spoke to one of the owners of the family business. >> we are praying to god everybody is okay. [inaudible]. >> reporter: 50 firefighters are out here this morning along
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with a lot of concerned people who live nearby. the alameda county fire chief says this fire is under control. however, they are still watching it for hot spots and plan to be out out here for at least a few more hours. lisa chan, kpix 5. >> thanks. gunfire erupted overnight in ferguson, missouri during demonstrations to mark one year since the killing of michael brown. the st. louis post dispatch says an 18-year-old was critically wounded. don champion shows us the scene. >> reporter: witness video shows the chaotic moments following the shooting in ferguson overnight after a protest over the michael brown case. the interim ferguson police chief was being interviewed about the protests when the shots were fired. people in the area could be seen running for safety. investigators say the shooting happened when a man opened fire on four officers. at least one st. louis county officer returned fire, hitting the gunman. photos show the unmarked cars the officers were in were hit
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with bullets. >> we can't afford to have this kind of violence not only on a night like this, but at any point in time. >> it is time for us to not seek justice, but demand justice. >> reporter: the shooting happened hours after hundreds had gathered to remember the life of michael brown who was killed by a white police officer a year ago. led by brown's family, a moment of silence was held in his memory. a march to a nearby church then followed. natasha patton took her three children with her to the day of remembrance. >> it's hard for me because i have like two young sons. and i don't want them to grow up in this kind of environment. >> reporter: before the shooting sunday night crowds had gathered peacefully not far away from where brown was killed. his family had called for all protesters to remain peaceful. don champion, cbs news, ferguson, missouri. >> another massive blaze has broken out in lake county. the jerusalem fire erupted 3:30
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yesterday afternoon. it's a few miles southeast of the rocky fire, which is still burning. the new wildfire spread about -- from about 100 acres to 3,000 in just a matter of hours. it moved so quickly, cal fire pulled crews off the rocky fire. it is zero percent contained as it tears through dry grass and brush in steep and rugged terrain. mandatory evacuations have been ordered for people in the jerusalem valley area. evacuees are being sent to middletown high school. cal fire expects to know more about daybreak about any structures that have burned. and the smoke can be seen for miles. this picture was taken in santa rosa more than 30 miles from middletown. and this is a view 40 miles away. at the same time firefighters are making progress in getting the nearly 70,000-acre rocky fire under control. containment is now at 85%.
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full containment expected in the next few days. 6:03. checking the commute. a rough start? >> yeah, it's getting worse. those delays are building in san jose both directions. chp on scene for an investigation of a fatal car crash that happened before 3:00 this morning. south 101 completely shut down. taking you off the freeway there and rerouting you on capitol expressway. so kind of an early backup there for your morning commute. southbound beyond 280 your alternate is 87, 880/17 and state route 85. other than that a new accident 580 at 680. good morning. time check at 6:04. we have overcast skies from theski city across the bay. temperature-wise in the 50s in santa rosa where we have some
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clear skies and a south wind at three. winds out of the southwest at 13 miles per hour in the concord area. temperatures coming down inland. not so much at the kost. in the 60s. 70s common around the peninsula. becoming mostly sunny. 83 degrees in morgan hill. down are from 86 yesterday. 78 degrees in san jose which is similar to yesterday. but you are going to feel the difference in livermore. yesterday it was 89. today 10 degrees cooler. otherwise, low 80s towards pittsburgh backing through pleasant hill. north bay from 66 with a pretty strong onshore-wind at 20 miles per hour. 82 sonoma. 87 degrees in cloverdale. we are going to top off near 100 degrees. i will pinpoint which day to expect that coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. >> thanks. a police officer knocked out keeled at the outside lands music festival in san francisco. investigators say a man tried to get into the event without a ticket yesterday and ran right through the front gate right into a cop.
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the officer's head hit the ground briefly knocking him unconscious. he is expected to be okay. the suspect was arrested on a felony charge. >> pretty foolish. you know, entry gates are heavily staffed with outside lands personnel, let alone their security and of course you have a compliment of police officers. >> 2-1 hundred thousand people attended. also in san jose police shot and killed a stabbing suspect after they say he confronted them with a weapon. just after six last night someone was stabbed on the city's east side. later officers found the suspect near east san antonio street and talking place. they say they shot him out of fear for their safety. san jose police were involved in another shooting incident overnight. they are now in a stand-off with the suspect who is holed up in a house on san marcos street. we will have a live report from the scene in a few minutes. new this morning, a southern california pilot was killed
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after crashing his banner towing plane. it happened after the pilot hooked the advertising banner at an airport in compton. no one on the ground was injured. aviation experts say banner towing is dangerous because the planes fly at a low elevation. there have been 25 accidents in california in the last few decades. a man suspected of killing eight people is scheduled to appear in a houston courtroom later today. investigators say david connolly entered a home through an unlocked window saturday fatally shot a woman he had previously dated. her husband, and six kids inside. one of the victims is believed to be connolly's own 13-year- old son. investigators say deputies were met with gunfire when they entered the home leading to a stand-off that lasted searle hours. connolly eventually surrendered. it is now 6:07. donald trump is defending himself against claims he is disrespectful to women as his fellow republican contenders weigh in on the backlash. and a southern california man is alive this morning thanks to a local news crew and a
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whole lot of luck. for the kpix weather center, good morning. our temperatures are going down today. but i'll tell you when they are going to go up to near 100 degrees. and just a couple minutes i will have an update on this ,,,,
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ good monday morning. time check is 6:11 on this monday, the 10th day of the month. a look towards the golden gate bridge where the tip top is obscured by a little bit of fog. we will talk about this return of a deep marine layer and how it will affect your forecast as the news continues. more than 20 people are decide after a typhoon swept across taiwan in mainland china
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bringing heavy rains, floods and powerful wind. mudslides caused three dozen homes to collapse. in taiwan the storm downed trees, traffic lines. hundreds of flights were canceled. california's wildfires claimed the life of another firefighter over the weekend. mike hallenbeck died saturday at the sierra fire. the u.s. forest service says a large tree fell on the 21-year-old who was serving as an on call firefighter. >> he had that desire to contribute. and so if that's any comfort, he lost his life making a real difference for all of us here in the basin. a very close group worked together. and the loss of one person reverberates through my entire office and through this entire agency. >> governor brown ordered flags at the state capitol to be flown at half-staff in honor of helen beck. he is the second u.s. forest service firefighter killed in the line of duty in northern
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california in the past two weeks. people in the world of sports and broadcasting finally remembering frank gifford who died over the weekend. gifford starred for the giants in the '50s and '80s and was inducted in the pro football hall of fame. he was on monday night football and the olympic coverage. in a statement his family said he died suddenly of natural causes at his connecticut home. he is survived by wife kathie lee gifford, five children. frank gifford was 84. talk about the 2016 presidental race is still focused on celebrity billionaire donald trump. the attention has now shifted to trump's comments about women. >> reporter: donald trump took to the sunday shows defending himself against claims he is disrespectful to women. >> i will be phenomenal to the women. i mean, i want to help women. >> reporter: the billionaire
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candidate attacked carly fiorina directly on twitter saying the only female gop candidate had zero chance at winning the nomination after she said this. >> as crazy as this presidental campaign process is, it does, in fact, give voters a window into how people respond under pressure over time. >> reporter: she was referring to marks trump made about megyn kelly who he claims questioned him unfairly during last week's doppler debate. >> blood coming out of her eyes. >> reporter: fellow republican contenders the latest comment could hurt the party's chances with women. today democratic frontrunner hillary clinton will unveil a $350 billion plan making college education more affordable. she calls it the college compact. the proposal aims to reduce the burden of student debt. 6:14.
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new this morning gas prices, hey, they are going down all over the nation, including right here in northern california. san jose average price for a gallon of regular unleaded $3.36. that's compared to $3.46 just a week ago. over in oakland 3.39 toll. if you head to the city you are going to pay $3.48. the average price statewide 3-point a $59. there was a helping hand close by. our sister station in l.a. was reporting on the crash. a car plunged off the highway. before leaving the scene a photojournalist paused to take a selfie. >> i heard "help " and then i heard it again. >> because of her ears, she heard the person screaming for help after we left and she got a hold of the 9-1-1 system via her news desk two-way radio system. >> reporter: the driver is in a
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hospital recovering. it is 6:15. traffic and weather. it's all about the traffic right now. you have been busy, right? >> yeah, busy in the south bay. san jose we have this fatal accident southbound 101 shut down at tully. we checked in with chp. we have an update. the tow crews are on scene getting the cars out of lanes. so hopefully they are working on clearing this closure quickly. we will keep you updated. all continues continue to be closed southbound 101 at tully. you are backed up to 280. northbound a hit for all that spectator slowing. beyond that you will see delays north to the typical morning slow-and-go conditions. meantime, until they clear the lanes state 280, 880/17, 5 are good alternates to avoid those delays. westbound highway 4 brake lights. 22 miles per hour off the anitoch bridge. the pittsburgh area clear the
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eastshore freeway. altamonte pass slow-and-go. westbound loaded up this morning. 23 minutes now westbound 580 altamonte pass to 680. an accident at the grant line. also near 680. that's in the clearing stages. extra volume on the roadway. eastbound 580 no december lace. not the case with the bay bridge. metering lights were on. backed up to the maze at this point. still looking good off eastshore freeway. you have slow-and-go continues 880 and 580. 24 sluggish conditions westbound. golden gate bridge looks got. a few more cars on the rod way. no major snags out of marin county. clear all the way into san francisco on that southbound side. and the san mateo bridge loading up just a bit. drive times are looking pretty good. westbound 880 to 10114 minutes. eastbound no delays at all. a live look at 880 northbound into oakland starting to see some red there. so some brake lights.
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southbound delays on 880 near hayward. here we go. good morning, everyone. sfo with no reports of any local airport delays because, check this out, we have a compressed deck of areas of low clouds and fog. it's primarily the marine layer pushing into the bay and tracking due east. no problems at sfo, oakland. it is 54 degrees in santa rosa. 58 in san francisco. and upper 50s in oakland. here is what we need to know as we kickstart a brand-new work week. low clouds and patchy fog. no reports of drizzle. dry, san antonio day today and seasonal for most but cooler in the inland locations. summer returns in earnest by the end of the work week. upper level area of lope that has precipitation associated with it. only some cooler air mass for us that's going to pool down into the northern half of the state and we are going to cool off for the next couple of days before we rebound and see temperatures near 100 degrees. i will show you that seven-day
6:19 am
forecast, when you can expect it. meanwhile, 62. going up to 89 at the state capitol. 46 in the high sierra. a forecast high of 78 in truckee. 70 monterey bay. mid 90s in fresno. this temperature in san francisco is spot on. santa rosa same. san jose with 78 degrees yesterday. same again today. but livermore is going to be 10 degrees cooler today. brisk winds also. southwest. 10 to 15 miles per hour. ramping up to 0 late day. here is your extended forecast. ditto on tuesday. warm-up begins by midweek and then nearly 100 degrees in our hottest spots of the inland areas by saturday. crossing the san francisco bay will likely take longer for the next few weeks. we will have details on the delay. good morning. i'm back! and wait until you see the batch of sports i have got for you this morning. this morning. hold on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. you know, the giants enter the week in the series in chicago with half game lead in the wildcard race. just like that, poof, the largest deficit in the race in a month. bruce bochy helplessly watching this one. the cubs won the first three games before yesterday. bottom first. cubs threatening. and cubs scoring. the ball drops in right field. runner scores. cubs up 1-0. cubs closer hector rondon loaded up the bases. no outs. and took care of the giants. struck out three batters in the game. cubs take a three and a half game lead in the wildcard race.
6:24 am
a's honoring scott lunger yesterday. oakland leading 3-1. yeah. rasmus says, how does that work? three-run shot. they led by one. bottom nine. and here come the a's. patented rally. they rally to win. final 5-4 on a danny valencia walk-off. at the world championships, look that shot from shane lowry. over 50-foot tree. lands in the tree. birdies the hole and wins by two shots in akron, ohio. the bridgestone classic. that is sports at this hour. some of you i will see when i talk sports with the seniors at the redwoods up in marin. the rest of you i'll see later in the day right here. see you later. play of the day. major league baseball. phils and padres. forget the guys. this is matt kemp. watch the ball down the third
6:25 am
base side. a leaping catch and snags it. how sweet is that? i sat on the foul lines three times. i never not anything. this is the highlight reel. great, great catch. and it's your play of the day. nice job. >> she looks cool doing it. after the death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, another deadly police shooting as protesters take to the streets. i am live in san leandro where firefighters are busy battling a four-alarm fire. right now they are worried the building might collapse. building might collapse. we will tell you why ,,,,,,,,,,,
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astronauts. the new exhibit at kentucky
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kennedy space center. that's coming up on cbs this morning. another major wildfire to the north just miles away from the destructive rocky fire. and a suspect who is armed with a shotgun is now dead after a stand-off with san jose police. i am kiet do. we have a live report straight ahead. and from the kpix weather center our temperatures are going down today. but i'll show you when we will hit near 100 degrees. and finally good news to report. south 101 at tully, all lanes open. details coming up. good morning. it's monday. it's august the 10th. i am frank mallicoat. >> i am marie medina. gunfire overnight in ferguson, missouri intended to mark the one year anniversary of a deadly police shooting. after the gunfire, a man lay
6:30 am
critically wounded from police bullets. he is identified as 18-year-old tyrone harris jr. a county police chief says harris opened fire on officers. those protesters were continuing into the night. it is time for us to not seek justice, but demand justice. >> earlier yesterday more than a thousand people gathered where 18-year-old michael brown was killed by a police officer last august. his family led a four and a half minute long moment of silence. each minute for the number of hours brown's body laid on the ground. police commented on the latest unrest. >> we can't afford to have this kind of violence not only on a night like this, but at any point in time if we are really going to move forward in the right direction. >> the st. louis county police department says two of its cars were hit but bill lits. they say a female officer was inside one of those vehicles. she returned fire and may have
6:31 am
been wounded. huge flames hit up the early morning sky in san leandro. a fire forced a number of people to evacuate. lisa chan joins us live from the scene where firefighters have a new concern now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, firefighters aren't going into the building right now. they say it is just too hot. plus, they are worried that the front of the building might collapse. so what they're doing is standing outside and putting out hot spots from the exterior of the building. they are also dealing with a water main break. firefighters got the call at 2:34 this morning. once they got mere there was an explosion. the front windows to mexican market blew out at the corner of marina and doolittle in san leandro. this is an older building with double roofs. when the fire moved to the attic they had problems putting the fire out. residents in an apartment building directly behind the fire had to partially evacuate as a precautionary measure. we spoke it a woman who said she only had five minutes to grab her things and get out.
6:32 am
>> i heard banging and i looked outside and the cops were just banging on people's doors and telling us to get out. and i grabbed a bag. i grabbed like some important information and like a few clothes and left. >> reporter: most of the damage is in the mexican market. so that's where the fire chief believes it started. but a medical supply company next door is also heavily damaged. there are 50 firefighters out here this morning as well as a couple of investigators. they plan to be here for at least a couple more hours. but the fire is under control. live in san leandro, lisa chan, kpix 5. >> thanks so much. a new fire blew up near the rocky fire. it grew from 100 acres to 3,000 in a matter of hours. cal fire pulled crews off the rocky fire to work on the jerusalem fire instead. the fire is zero percent contained as it ram pages
6:33 am
through dry grass and brush. mandatory evacuations have been ordered for people living in the jerusalem valley area. the wildfire is in lake county. the jerusalem fire erupted around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. it's a few miles southeast of the rocky fire, which is still burning. >> initially, moved north and northeast. fire is currently moving in an eastward direction. we don't have an exact number of the people evacuated. the entire off jerusalem grade road and the subsidiary roads has been ordered evacuated. >> evacuees are being sent to the high school in nearby middletown. at the same time firefighters are making progress in getting the nearly seven think how to acre rocky fire under control, full con statement expected in the next few days. all evacuations have been lifted. okay. it is 6:33. it is time for a little look at our forecast now on a monday. how are we doing? >> i was looking at that fire
6:34 am
forecast. we are saying august 13th they should have full containment. for the rocky. not so much for the jerusalem fire. it's heading towards steep terrain right now. not good news for the firefighting efforts. what is good news is the return of a compressed marine layer. this is the scene at sfo. not so much of the marine layer there. so far no reports of any local airport delays. temperatures 54 in santa rosa, 59 in degrees in oakland. a southwest wind in concord. up to 15. otherwise temperatures are coming down today. not so much at the beaches. and the 60s, 70s, 80s around the peninsula. 83 morgan hill. livermore you will feel the difference. 10 degrees cooler. north bay numbers 60s to 80s. full forecast coming up. thank you. some better news to report for san jose commuters this morning. that accident we had earlier that we have been monitoring is
6:35 am
cleared. all lanes end south 101. it was a fatal overnight accident. two cars involved. so southbound starting to look a lot better right now. northbound though delays started early because of spectator slowing. extra busy conditions out of east san jose. use guadeloupe parkway as an alternate or 85 or 880/17. the bay bridge backed up. metering lines on. slow-and-go to the maze at this point. delays off eastshore freeway. 25 minutes as you work your way carquinez bridge to the maze. >> thanks. golden gate ferry officials say passengers can expect delays in the coming weeks because of construction projects and dredging in the bay. delays should be limited to 10 to 15 minutes. there is a specific alert for the weekend of august 21st, 28th, and september 25th because of retrofit work at the san francisco ferry terminal. a man is dead after a stand
6:36 am
off lasting several hours in north san jose. kiet do is at the scene on san marcos street with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: police sources have confirmed that the suspect is dead. that confirmation happened about 20 minutes ago. still an active crime scene. all the police commanders are getting breached that moment. this began around midnight when a relative showed up armed with a shotgun. when officers arrived they fired several shots at the suspect and the man then retreated back in the house. the s.w.a.t. team tried to coax him out. it took several hours to confirm the man is dead. it is not clear how he died. we don't know if anybody else was injured. looking to get more information this morning as the police spokesperson comes out to give us an update. we are live in north san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. also in san jose police shot and killed a stabbing suspect after they say he confronted them with a weapon just after six. last night someone was stabbed near virginia place and 34th
6:37 am
street on the city's east side and later officers found the suspect near east san antonio street and a packing place this. they say they shot him out of fear for their own safety. a recent rash of smash and gragg burglaries at uc berkeley has police searching for a suspect. they took off with a bunch of computers. the offices are located on the ninth floor. a window was smashed, but still unclear how the burglers got up there. they also say there has been a recent spike in window smashing burglaries on the cal campus. oakland a's honored slain police officer scott lunger before yesterday's game at the coliseum. a jersey with a name and badge number hung in the team's dugout before the game got underway. his family was presented with an a's jersey and three family members got to throw out the first pitch of the game. one of those pitch caught by former oakland outfield ericky henderson. that was sergeant lunger's
6:38 am
favorite a's player. he was killed while conducting a traffic stop on july 22. a funeral this morning in south dakota for a firefighter killed while helping bat al wildfire in northern california. >> putting their heart and soul to give a great tribute. >> hundreds of gathered in rapid city for a tribute to david rule. he died july 30 at the frog fire in maddock national forest. another firefighter was killed, crushed by a falling tree at the sierra fire. the el dorado national forest. a beloved member of a bay area police department is back where he belongs after a frantic search. and donald trump still dominating the political conversation, but does he really have a chance for the republican nomination? kpix 5 political analyst melissa cane is going to ,,,,
6:39 am
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so you can easily master the way you bank. good morning. it's 6:42 on this monday, august 10. look at your tv screen. yes, our temperatures are going to be below average today. 60s at the beaches. 70s and a few low 80s around the peninsula. we will have sunshine in san jose at 78 degrees. good morning union city. in the mid 70s. east bay numbers with a wind out of the west 10 to 15 miles per hour. up to 84 degrees in brentwood. 79 in livermore. down 10 degrees from somebody. north bay 60 degrees. and good morning lake port at 84 degrees. >> thanks for the flyover there. there are reports this morning that twitter co-founder jack dorsey may stand down. >> here is jason brooks.
6:43 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there could be some executive shuffling going on in san francisco with a couple of companies. there are numerous reports saying that twitter, the former ceo will step down as from twitter's board providing that there is a permanent ceo brought on board and bloomington says that could be jack dorsey. if he steps down over at square. the mobile payment firm. he would go back to twitter on a full-time basis where he is currently serve as the interim ceo. a lot of movement around. could be a little bit con using. twitter looking for new direction as it tries to move out of a rut that it's been in. the stock is plunging. struggling to build up the user base. apple stock on the rise this morning. it, too, has been struggling. it has been down. and there are reports that it will unveil its latest iphone the second week of september, probably september 9th. and the things to look for in the updated versions of the 6
6:44 am
and 6 plus are force touch display, a better camera and a faster chip inside. stock market off to a strong start this morning and a lot of that coming because china's main together market had a big day. we are looking good in the early going. a rough week last week. and so far so good. dow up 170 points. nasdaq gaining 53. and the s&p 500 is up by 19. maria and frank, back to you. >> thanks. happy reunion for a four-legged member of the fremont police department. >> a k-9 is back with his handler after being lost. he got away from his handler's home this weekend. three police departments pitched in to find the dog. yesterday a san jose police officer spotted him near the expressway. >> he is one of ours and we are just relieved both that nobody -- everybody is safe and sound, including our dog. >> police say they are looking into how he escaped so it
6:45 am
doesn't happen again. this was the handler's first time working with a k-9. >> he is home. let's check out traffic with guiana on what has been a very busy day. >> it has been a very busy start to our monday morning drive. good news to report. that accident we have had our eye on all among long southbound 101 at tully has been cleared. all lanes are open. you can see on the sensors back up to green. you are up to speed southbound 101. northbound 101 taking a hit this morning. backed up northbound out of east san jose. so try 280. there is no delays on 280 if you need to go northbound to the peninsula. guadeloupe parkway a little sluggish on the northbound side. a heads up. bay bridge, metering lights on. 26 minutes westbound 80. carquinez maze guff yourself a few extra minutes. sluggish at incline as well.
6:46 am
austerity a few extra cars working towards the maze also. southbound 880 not the too bad until hayward and san leandro. we are seeing a few brake lights this morning. on the san mateo bridge light now starting to get busy also. 18 minutes now. so an extra four to five minutes to westbound 92. 880/17 no problems. and your peninsula commute. northbound 101 90 to the 80 slit is in the clear. and again northbound 280, 380 all the way into san francisco looks good. 92 eastbound out of half moon bay no delays right now. grant line is cleared. you are stop and go pretty much to the altamont pass to 680 once to the dublin interchange and hop on to 680. south 680 through walnut creek delays. no dallas for mass transit. bart is on name weather watchers are people luke like you and
6:47 am
me can see what i can't see at this hour. let's see what we have going on right now. 5 had degrees for the coolest spot. that was probably peggy in petaluma. 68 degrees. that was probably in brentwood. let's look at the numbers around the microclimates right now. pretty much in the 50s out the door. we have areas of low clouds and fog lining the coast and the bay inland. we have got the sunrise. mount vac a, that is sure pretty. temperatures 50s and 60s. a wind at 15 in the concord area. otherwise, we will be breezy, especially late day. some of those westerlies up to 20 miles per hour. dry and seasonal for most. cooling down in the inland areas. summer returns in earnest by the end of the work week. this is an upward level area of low pressure. it has a little bit of light rain associated with it. it's going to continue to surge in a southerly direction and pulling down some cooler air mass with it. so today most notably in the tri-valley ten degrees cooler but warming up by the end of
6:48 am
the work week. statewide 62. going up to 89 at the state capitol. it is going up to 78 degrees. right now at 46 degrees in truckee. going up to the high 60s in monterey to carmel. 6:21. sun up. tonight smack in between seasonal and the bay and a he shore. 70 in san francisco. across the bay low 70s. 70s and 80s around the peninsula. it's east of the bay, these temperatures relatively cool for this time of the year. 70s and 80s north of the golden gate bridge. this is our extended forecast. notice a repeat performance on tuesday. high pressure builds in with a passage of this trough on wednesday. and then we start to see the gradual warming trend until we top our near 100 inland on saturday. that's your monday forecast. make it a great day. >> thanks. new poll numbers showing donald trump's popularity continues to rise. so the big question, is he becoming a serious candidate? >> melissa cane joins us to
6:49 am
help us answer that question:the trump bump. >> you are loving this? >> this is catnip. i mean, it's so fascinating. an nbc poll taken after that recent republican debate shows support for donald trump has actually grown from 22% before the debate to 23% after the debate. this is among republicans who plan to vote in the primaries. now, the poll also shows that support for jeb bush and scott walker went down from 10% to 7%. trump is now 10 points ahead of his closest rival, ted cruz, who has 1%. we have to ask whether trump is a legitimate candidate. there has been this assumption that at some point he will drop out of the ace rays or people will stop supporting him. people in the media have done analysis on who his supporters will go to once he is out of the race. post-trump analysis. this is under the assumption at some point he makes a big grand
6:50 am
mistake and be forced to leave. what could be wrong. every time he makes an outrageous comment we wonder whether this alienate his supporters? it does does. his numbers often go up. >> it's incredible. >> right. a lot of us are surprised. what is it about trump that gives him so 67 support? >> if you look at the debate, and on the issues he is pretty well in line with other republicans. he says he wants to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. he is not even close to being the first republican to say that. at the debate he said he is pro-life. he wants to repeal obamacare. he wants to reform campaign finance. he is wants to be tough on china about trade. he is against the iran nuclear deal. that's standard from the republicans. what looks like is driving his popularity is the other stuff. his bombastic personality. tweets and comment. those are the things that make people love him or hate him. people who like him will tell you that he tells the truth.
6:51 am
even if they don't agree with him, they like he says what he is thinking. that is so different from the politicians that we are used to. we are that desperate for honesty. >> during the debate, we are too politically correct. >> huge applause. >> so what is going to have to happen for him to go down and some candidate that's got the background in politics to really buoy up? >> it doesn't seem to be like his numbers are changing dramatically. he is going to have to get a lot more votes. the primaries are in january of next year. he has five months to continue being outrageous like his supporters wants. but he needs to one the new voters. that is not going to be easy. also, his recent comments about "fox news" host megyn kelly may have started a war with "fox news." and getting the republican nomination without "fox news" will be difficult, if not impossible. that's a bit of a problem. in fact, one of his long-time political advisors roger stone left trump's campaign after his attacks on megyn kelly.
6:52 am
stone says he quit. but of course, trump insists that he was fired. so the campaign conditions. >> he is amazing. it's making it fun, though, isn't it? >> look. here is the thing. for better or worse, so many people watched that debate. they saw trump. but they also saw nine other candidates. and that's a good thing. the more eyeballs you get on the tv, the more informed the public is. >> and you don't want to look away when he is talking, too. >> he is very mesmerizing. >> great stuff. thanks. democratic presidental candidate bernie sanders in oakland today at the nurse's united office. yesterday he spoke to supporters in oregon. >> almost all of the sweat is controlled by a handful of people and together we are going to change that. >> sanders also spoke about sustainable energy. the need for affordable higher education and the environment.
6:53 am
he is running a distant second to hillary clinton in the polls. but he is attracting huge crowds. time now is 6:53. hillary clinton is unveiling a $350 billion plan today to make college more affordable coming your way. i am lisa chan live in san leandro where a four-alarm fire destroyed a market and a medical supply company. coming up we will tell you what ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! five things to know on this monday. gunfire interrupted demonstrations in ferguson, missouri to mark one year after michael brown's death. investigators say a man walked up to an unmarked policeman and opened fire last night. officers returned the fire critically injuring the suspect. a man suspected of killing eight people in a home near
6:57 am
houston will make his first court appearance today. 48-year-old david connolly once lived in the home where six adults and two children were found dead yesterday morning. the victims include his 13-year-old son and his mother. dodd democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is expected to unveil a $350 billion plan to make college more affordable. under the plan federal funding would be available for states that offer low interest loans for students and free tuition at community colleges. volunteers will head to golden gate park this morning to help clean up after outside lands wrapped up last fight. a police officer was knocked unconscious when a man tried to run through an entry gate and collided with the officer, who hit his head on the ground. and another major wildfire burning in lake county up north just a few miles southeast of the rocky fire. the jerusalem fire started yesterday afternoon. it's already scorched 4,000 acres. mandatory evacuations are in effect for parts of the
6:58 am
jerusalem valley. i am lisa chan live in san leandro where firefighters have been busy since 2:30 this morning battling a four-alarm fire. right now they are standing outside of the building putting out hot spots. they don't want to go inside the building right now because they are worried the front of the building might collapse. when firefighters first got here there was an explosion and the front windows of a mexican market blew out. this is an older building with double roofs. so when the fire moved to the attic they had proves. the fire damaged a medical supply company that's next to the market. one of the owners of the family business spoke to us this morning, we are just, you know, praying to god everything is okay. [inaudible]. >> reporter: an apartment building directly behind the fire had to be partially evacuated. out of the 16 units, four units must remain empty. about 50 firefighters
6:59 am
responded. right now there are investigators here on the scene trying to determine what started this blaze. live in san leandro, lisa chan, kpix 5. and let's take you to 101. lots of brake lights. slow conditions recovering from an earlier fatal accident. slowing to 237. 280 taking a hit as well northbound. so pack your patience for your south bay commute. tons of delays guadeloupe parkway northbound. bay bridge metering lights are on. and the san mateo bridge is slow westbound. good morning. take a look live from san francisco towards oakland. we have a compressed deck of low clouds. some areas of patchy fog. we are in the 50s and 60s out the door. it's going to be cooler inland today. approaching 70 in san francisco. mid 70s in san jose. similar to yesterday. but 10 degrees cooler in livermore. your extended forecast. ditto tuesday, but nearly 100 degrees inland by saturday.
7:00 am
happy monday morning. happy monday morning. >> enjoy the week, ever good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, august 10th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." gunfire overnight in ferguson. police shoot one man in violent protests marking one year since michael brown's death. and donald trump causing big headaches for the republican party. he refuses to back down after his controversial comments about women. and an environmental disaster caused by the environmental protection agency. we're along the river now dramatically transformed. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. [ gunfire ]


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