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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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is threatening 50 structures, about 150 people have left their homes after a mandatory evacuation was called last night. keep in mind this is only a few miles from the other fire here in lake county. the rocky fire, which started almost two weeks ago is now 85% contained. hundreds of exhausted firefighters had to move tons of equipment over to cover the new fire. >> we were able to get as quickly and aggressively as possible here to mitigate the fire. the firefighters are tired from fighting the rocky fire. but that's what we're trained to do. we're utilizing efforts on the ground and air as well. >> reporter: the two fires could merge, which could be a good thing, that's because the rocky fire would act as a kind of fire break and stop the jerusalem fire from spreading. >> so we've got a lot of people who have been evacuated, some of whom have been evacuated twice as you see the cal fire air
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crews coming in to play here. we're expecting an update at 7:00 and unofficially some of the firefighters tell me they do expect we'll see a larger fire once those new estimates come in. as you can see right now, the wind is really blowing and it's really spreading east. we've watched it come over this ridge here just in the last hour. >> joe, back to those fires merging together, i know that would be a good thing for firefighters if it did but the last thing i heard, it ties in with your little weather update up there is the bigger concern is they won't merge together, that this fire, the jerusalem one is actually moving in the other direction. >> right, if they merge together and the fire were to continue in the path it was going which was north by northeast, that's a good thing, now we're starting to feel some shift of wind, it might be moving a little bit southward. it's hard to know this close to the fire but that would be a major concern. obviously there's a break on the north side. nothing but wild land out here on the south and the east. >> told the winds are moving it
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to the southwest. we'll look for that update from you later. the other fire we mentioned near clear lake, that rocky fire, here's the good news. it's 85% contained tonight. more than 69,000 acres have burned there, 108 square miles. 43 homes were destroyed. that fire expected to be fully surrounded by the end of the week. and this man has been arrested for starting a fire in lower lake. juan silva is booked on arson charges. the fire he's accused of setting is not related to the rocky or the jerusalem fires but the department of forestry says silva is the fifth person arrested on arson charge in the past two weeks. a car fire sparked a grass fire this afternoon in south bay from chopper 5. you can see the burned out car alongside the highway, highway 101 near north mckey road. you can see how close the flames came to some homes. the fire forced highway patrol to close the southbound lanes for a short time. in the end the fire was contained and
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no homes were damaged. another fire this afternoon in san jose sent up a huge plume of thick black smoke, this one at a maintenance yard on mayberry road where pallets, rubber, and garbage caught fire. chopper 5 was overhead when firefighters got the flames under control in about 15 minutes. the developing story right now in san jose. police are swarming an area at east ridge mall. they're looking for two suspects in an attempted carjacking that ended in gunfire. we've seen officers all over going through a field. they brought out k-9s to help with the search. we're told two suspects tried to take a car near the mall at about 1:00 this afternoon. the victim managed to fight them off and says one of the suspects started shooting. nobody was hit by that gunfire but police say the two might have tried to car jack another vehicle before the officers got there. new at 5:00, this mural was a fixture in oakland for almost 30 years. then somebody broke out the paint brushes again.
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now it's nothing but that white wall. today the artist told kpix 5's da lin he's so mad, he's going to court. >> reporter: behind this coat of white paint on the wall was a mural. this is how it looked. artist dan font painted the 98-foot long artwork on 27th street and broadway 28 years ago. he says 18 months of love and labor and the thousands of dollars he spent on the painting all gone. >> heartbreaking. this is my baby. somebody takes your baby out, you're like what are you thinking? >> reporter: he's now suing the owner of this nissan dealership, the current and former building owners for $400,000. >> there was absolutely no excuse for destroying this mural. it was illegal. and they knew how to reach the artist. >> reporter: font's attorney says it's a copyright violation. she says there's a law that
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protects artists, even if their paintings are on private property. she says the building owner should have called font and given him 90 days to remove the painting. >> they have the right to paint their own walls but this is a piece of public art. >> reporter: representatives of the former building owners say apparently vandals repeatedly tagged the wall so the car dealership decided to paint over the whole thing. >> i'm not doing this for the money. i'm doing this for the principle. >> reporter: he says if he wins the lawsuit he'll donate the money to a nonprofit. da lin, kpix 5. >> we contacted the nissan dealership but the owner and general manager declined to comment. a dozen kids in a summer camp were left bloodied and bruised after a multi-car pileup in the east bay. a bus rear ended a car and set off a chain reaction crash.
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the kids, ages 5 to 15, were on their way to a field trip in oakland. most of the injuries were minor but some of the children and four adults went to be checked out. two drivers in the cars were also taken to the hospital. the crash left a mess on the freeway. two lanes were shut down for more than an hour. the chp is checking the equipment on the bus to determine if the crash was caused by a mechanical failure. a pair of east bay businesses are out of business after a four-alarm fire. flames lit up the night as they consumed a market and medical supply house on marina boulevard in san leandro. neighbors heard an explosion and then were told to evacuate. one of the businesses has been at the site for 30 years. >> it's devastating. we heard everyone was already. -- was all right. >> cops were telling us to get out. >> fire investigators suspect the fire started inside marina market. the building has been
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red tagged for now. two men are dead in separate clashes with san jose police. happened within six hours just after midnight a woman called police saying her brother showed up drunk with a gun and threatened to hurt himself. police surrounded the house on san marcos avenue and after a confrontation, officers shot at him. the man barricaded himself inside. after five hours police went in and found the man had killed himself. hours earlier, police shot and killed a man waving a knife in east san jose. the man had stabbed someone then took off running. the victim survived. police chased him to a packing place near san antonio street. they confronted the man who confronted the officers with the knife, causing them to open fire. san jose police have shot six suspects this year, three were deadly. developing news out of ferguson, missouri. authorities have declared a state of
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emergency after last night's violence. this afternoon a large group of protesters disrupted things in nearby st. louis. about 50 of them have been arrested for jumping barricades and blocking the federal courthouse. our ken bastida is monitoring the situation for us. >> what started peacefully yesterday ended with a gun battle and police shooting a black teenager. that teen is facing some serious charges tonight and once again ferguson is a community very much on edge. >> reporter: the city of ferguson is now under a state of emergency as tension remains high. several demonstrators including princeton professor cornell west were taken in to custody while staging a sit-in outside the st. louis county courthouse. it comes after a night of violence and destruction. for the second time in a year, delana jones is struggling to clean up her hair salon after looters stormed in overnight. >> i was sad and in tears. now i'm just
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really tired and frustrated. >> reporter: a weekend of peaceful protest was interrupted when a gun fight broke out between two groups on sunday night. hours earlier more than a thousand people marched from the spot where unarmed michael brown, jr. was fatally shot by a white police officer. plain clothes police caught up with one of the alleged gunmen and shots were exchanged. 18-year-old tyrone harris was hit multiple times and faces charges including assault. some community leaders are criticizing the st. louis county police department for deploying plain clothes officers during the protest. >> why you got on plain clothes? how do i know if you're with us or with them? >> reporter: the police chief has not responded to the concerns but insists the problem is not police or protesters but a small group of criminals determined to cause chaos. >> the officers involved in that gun fight were not hurt in the shooting. state of emergency allows the county
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police chief now to take control of the officers on the streets. instagram not just for keeping up with the kardashians. bay area cops now using it to keep up with criminals. >> criminals are evolving to more high tech realms. >> how social media sleuthing is catching the criminals red-handed. >> mother nature has turned on the air conditioning. not much cloud cover for this picture but plenty cloudy anywhere near the bay and about 10 to 15 degrees cooler. we'll talk about how long the chill will continue. that's coming up. >> changing the way we pay for cell phones. say goodbye to those contracts but hello to $600 iphones,,,,,,,,
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new at 5:00, might sound unbelievable but some criminals are showing off their illegal
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activity on social media. >> watch out. kpix 5's cate cauguiran tells us police are watching. >> reporter: san francisco police are catching more bad guys with the click of a button. >> criminals are evolving more to high tech realms. >> reporter: police investigative units are gaining ground against illegal activity by making use of online activity through social media. >> it's not uncommon for officers in law enforcement to turn to social media in the course of their investigation. >> reporter: more officers are being asked to learn the-ins and outs of networking sites. the idea is if you know the trending topics, catching bad guys via the internet can be applied to all sites, facebook, twitter, or vine. >> criminals are posting a lot of their guns, their narcotics, their cash. they kind of glorify on their social media. >> reporter: just recently an sfpd investigator was able to nab a wanted felon after finding a picture of him on instagram with a think.
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>> it's more common than you think. people like to post whatever it is online of anything. >> reporter: this isn't the first time police have turned to social media. earlier this year san francisco police were able to return a stolen cello to a young girl after blasting video of the suspects on facebook and youtube. in 2012 after police posted this picture of a man throwing a police barricade in to a muni bus during the world series celebration he was caught and arrested. >> to make arrests in these cases, officers need probable cause and police tell me in that threshold is higher. this looks like the smashing end to a wild chase, but the driver of this box truck didn't give up here. what it took to finally get him in cuffs. >> another major carrier jumps on the no -contract bandwagon. that means paying full price for your phone. consumer watch on the pros and cons of this new
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plan. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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donald trump's campaign is in damage control mode after his
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controversial comments about women. in typical trump fashion, he's giving no apologizes. today the billionaire businessman refused to back off comments that he made that some say were insulting the women. trump said the comment he made about blood coming out of megyn kelly's wherever was fueled by the pres. >> who would say such a thing? if i would have said that, it would have been inappropriate. >> over the weekend trump's long time political advisor roger stone resigned saying provocative media fights have overwhelmed your core message. i no longer can remain in your campaign. trump remains at the top of the latest polls. a big score today for presidential candidate bernie sanders. national nurses united endorsed sanders during this brunch in oakland. it's the first labor group to throw support by the vermont senator.
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sanders has drawn some of the biggest crowds of any candidate. a big change coming in the way you buy your next cell phone. gone will be the notion of the very latest phones at deeply discounted prices. julie watts is here with what's driving the change. >> verizon is jumping on this no-contract bandwagon. almost everybody else has done it. its new plans come with unlimited text and talk and simplify pricing with just three things to pay for. but one of those things is a new phone and you'll now have to pay full price. >> how much did you pay for your cell phone? >> probably $200. >> $290 out of pocket. >> i'm certainly not going to pay hundreds of dollars. >> reporter: saying goodbye to the $200 smart phone is bittersweet for many. come thursday, the option to buy a $200 galaxy or iphone will disappear. customers will now
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have to pay full price or divide it monthly over two years. >> now you know exactly what you're paying for service every month and device. >> reporter: or divided monthly over two years. in many ways the had change is good. for one thing, verizon's new pricing plan is simplified. unlimitted talk and text with three things to pay for. data, a monthly access fee, and of course the full cost of the phone itself. but dawson says you're likely paying the full price before, you just didn't realize it, because it was incorporated in to your monthly service fees. so in some cases by getting rid of subsidies, you may actually save money. >> you've actually paid off your device or if you bring a device with you, you can pay a lot less per month. >> reporter: buyer beware, no contract doesn't necessarily mean you can easily switch carriers. different phone carriers use different technology and may require you buy a phone from them. >> i'm probably going to stick
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with my phone for a long time. >> at&t was the latest among the four major carriers, or is the last among the four major carriers to still offer those phones with a contract, however, you can no longer get them through third parties like apple. you have to actually go to the at&t store. generally speaking a no-contract option is a better deal if you use a lot of data. generally speaking, you're still going to pay for it at least in this case it's clear what you're paying for. the stock market surged today thanks to a rebound in oil prices and a big acquisition deal for warren buffett. the dow broke its seven-day losing streak. nasdaq finished more than 58. s&p 500 was up more than 26 and a half. it's not the ideal getaway car but a determined driver and a stolen box truck made a serious effort to outrun police
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on an l.a. freeway. the truck took off on i-5 near santa clarita this morning. it weaves in and out of traffic and up to 80 miles per hour coming dangerously close to cars. at one point the truck drives along the shoulder. eventually it runs in to heavy l.a. traffic. the driver swerves on to the dirt shoulder and crashes in to a concrete barrier. at that point he jumps out and runs across lanes. the driver tries to escape through a neighborhood but runs out of steam. he sits down behind a car and takes off his hat, likely to throw off officers. that didn't work. he lay z s down with -- he lays down with his hands up as police mover -- move in and take him in to custody. no one can interpret on to market in san francisco at any of these intersections between third and eighth street. the idea of course, make market street safer. the city wants to reduce the number of collisions between cars and pedestrians and
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bicyclists. delivery trucks, taxis, shuttles will be the only vehicles allowed on that part of market. back to our live pictures of the jerusalem fire that is burning in lake county. this started yesterday near middletown but it exploded in size overnight. it's now burned 5,000 acres and has probably grown bigger than that. we're expecting an update from cal fire at 7:00. no containment in sight. 150 people have been evacuated as we watch the aerial assault up in lake county. the jerusalem fire, another big fire retardant drop coming from cal fire. we were talking about the winds on this thing earlier. >> the peak wind of the day is right around 4:00, 5:00. the wind is going to be an issue for the next couple days. we had the strong onshore flow coming and the wind is going to be prevalent from now through thursday. so it's going to be tough going for firefighters up
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there who are undoubtedly fatigued. now you're dealing with the wind peaking from 20 to 25 miles per hour. not good. the weather is not going to be a help. >> we're getting a good idea from these pictures how rough the terrain is. we talk about that it's bad terrain. that gives you a good idea exactly how rough it is because they're hitting this thing from everything from the air. >> we're getting to the point where a fire will create its own weather as well. that said, mother nature's air conditioning does help cool temperatures. we will see that for the next couple days. winds on the increase, temperatures on the decrease. livermore, 76 degrees. san francisco, a cloudy 64 degrees. san bruno, 69. tonight we're down around 60. fremont, exactly 60 degrees. concord, 62. napa, 57. a big change over the past couple days. we're now seeing that wind getting cranked up. here is the source of that. big low pressure area spinning off. it's drawing up a southwest wind. not all onshore flows are
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created equal. it's a southwest wind which historically is the coolest and cloudiest flow of air for us. we're seeing that today. we'll see it again tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. cooler, cloudier because that low will sit right off the coastline feeding in that southwest wind. then we turn on a dime and on friday that low high tails it out of here. big ridge of high pressure. virtually eliminating the onshore flow. we'll go from cool er and cloudier to much warmer or hotter and also marketedly sunnier. if you like it hotter, the weekend is going to be a significant change. widespread cloud and fog cover for tomorrow morning. cool side the next couple days but much warmer or hotter beginning friday. we're 70 degrees above average. fremont, 76. 60s right along the beach. pittsburgh, 82. vallejo, 75, a cloudy start for you.
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berkeley, 70. san rafael, 77 degrees. low to mid 80s in lake county. look at the change on friday. we go from the 80s to 90s inland, close to 80 near the bay and the hottest days will likely be saturday and sunday, close to 100 degrees away from the water. that's your kpix 5 forecast. you could say disney stuck its foot in its mouse. the tweet that has disney apologizing to an entire apologizing to an entire country.,,,, life's the food that brings us together.
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and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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disney is having to apologize today for an ill timed tweet. >> its japan park wished follower as very merry unbirthday to you. it's a line from an alice in wonderland movie. translated it said congratulations on a not special day. yesterday was the yesterday was the anniversary of the,,,,,,,,
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hope... hope... hope... not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. children: ♪ sleep train child: ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 news room. new at 6:00 tonight, new trouble for san francisco sheriff. we're learning mirkarimi's driver's license has been suspended for the last few months. the incident that led up to this and what the sheriff still hasn't done since it happened. >> a major overhaul for google and all the companies it operates. what it means for users and shareholders. join us for that at 6:00. >> google is up to it again. thanks for watching us at 5:00.
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cbs evening news is coming up next. >> latest news and weather on >> pelley: a state of emergency is in effect in ferguson after fe anniversary marked by ivolence and another police shooting of a black teen. s dea disaster is declared in e lorado as waste from an e andoned gold mine threatens drinking water. we know where trump stands in the polls after the debate, but where does he stand on the issues? and after a skydive goes terribly wrong-- >> i knew i was going way too fast. >> pelley: --a surgeon pulls a medical ripcord. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. tonight a state of emergency is in effect in ferguson, missouri, the county police are in charge after a ni v


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