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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 10, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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cbs evening news is coming up next. >> latest news and weather on >> pelley: a state of emergency is in effect in ferguson after fe anniversary marked by ivolence and another police shooting of a black teen. s dea disaster is declared in e lorado as waste from an e andoned gold mine threatens drinking water. we know where trump stands in the polls after the debate, but where does he stand on the issues? and after a skydive goes terribly wrong-- >> i knew i was going way too fast. >> pelley: --a surgeon pulls a medical ripcord. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. tonight a state of emergency is in effect in ferguson, missouri, the county police are in charge after a night of violence on the
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anniversary of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer. even though that officer was cleared by a grand jury and the u.s. department of justice, the name "ferguson" remains a rallying cry. mark strassmann is there. [chanting]. , reporter: protesters were n ck out again today, this time in downtown st. louis. when they refused to disperse, police started making arrests. with tensions rising again after isaos here last night, county executive steve stenger issued the new emergency order. >> we are trying to do everything that we can to protect life and property, last night it was demonstrated. 50 shots rang out. our community has come too far ard has worked too hard to be set back again. >> reporter: last night's protests started peacefully and grew tense. [gunfire] suddenly, dozens of gunshots.
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even police chief andre anderson looked startled. >> get down. that's gunfire. >> reporter: police say two groups of gunmen fired at each other. undercover officers followed one gunman. they say he turned and shot at them, hitting their unmarked them, hitting their unmarked s.u.v. they fired back, critically wounding 18-year-old tyrone harris. ty. louis county police chief john belmar. >> they were criminals. they weren't protesters. protesters are people out there talking about a way to affect t ange. >> what you see right in front of us is chaos. >> reporter: pastor robert white has tried to diffuse tension here since protests began a year ago. minutes after police shot harris, this is video of white walming another protester, who was threatening police. what were you saying to him? >> i just kept saying the word "tomorrow." if we can make it until tomorrow, there's another chance for both you and me. >> reporter: cops say they're eyiminals. are they criminals or protesters? >> they are hurt souls that a system has failed.
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we have got to have patience. this didn't happen overnight. it's not going to change overnight. >> reporter: since michael brown's death a year ago, ferguson has a new black police chief, a new black city manager , d two new black city council members, and, scott, an investment of almost a half billion dollars has helped create 1,000 new jobs. >> pelley: mark strassmann reporting tonight. mark, thank you. this evening, three million gallons of toxic waste is pushing down two rivers that cross colorado, new mexico and utah. this was the animus river in colorado, but now look at it after a crew working for the e.p.a. last wednesday accidentally breeched a dam holding heavy metals used in gold mining. the governor of colorado has oclared a disaster. mireya villarreal is on the story. >> how far are you? pe reporter: by 7:00 a.m., people were already lined up at this farmington, new mexico, water testing site.
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>> so if ours is dirty, everything downstream is dirty. ir reporter: they brought water by the gallon and the jug. >> at this point until we get any result, we're saying don't use the water. , reporter: residents like carl cliffs also brought a little anger and frustration. >> i think something should be done and the people that are responsible should have to do tomething for it. >> reporter: the e.p.a. says the plume of the spill has traveled more than 100 miles through parts of colorado and new mexico since wednesday and is headed for utah next. but the source of the spill, this abandoned gold mine, hasn't been plugged yet and is spilling out at a rate of 500 gallons per lsnute, carrying high levels of toxic metals. initial e.p.a. estimates say at its peak, the plume carried at least 200 times more arsenic and 3,500 times more lead than is considered safe for drinking. ryan flynn heads up the new whxico environment department, frich is running its own testing center separate from the e.p.a. >> we're really frustrated with the e.p.a.
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well, first and foremost, they didn't tell us about it for 24 hours. so that's just unacceptable. >> reporter: james adkinson came d the testing center today because he depends on well water from the river for everyday life. if you don't have your well water, what are you going to do? ve take my chances. r reporter: do you have any other resources for water? >> no. no. >> reporter: the e.p.a. says they will keep the animus river closed for at least another week, and, scott, those residents we spoke with, they won't get test results back for at least 48 hours on their drinking water. >> pelley: mireya villarreal in new mexico for us this evening. mireya, thank you. that typhoon that hit taiwan and china over the weekend also unleashed a powerful tornado. this dashboard camera shows it plowing through a city in southern taiwan that sent that minivan flying. and the woman was thrown to the side of the road. she was badly hurt. at least 20 others are dead or missing.
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the controversial republican debate didn't dent donald trump. a new poll of republican voters shows trump holding his lead at 24%. jeb bush dropped four points to 12%. the biggest gainer was carly fiorina, up five points to 6%. on the issues, trump has been short on specifics, so we asked major garrett to look at where he stands. >> if it weren't for me, you wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration, chris. b reporter: on no issue has donald trump been more outspoken than immigration. he called for building a wall along the entire u.s.-mexico border and said on cnn he would deport all illegal immigrants. g i want to move them out, and we're going to move them back in and let them be legal, but they have to be in here legally. >> reporter: but in 2012, trump faulted g.o.p. nominee mitt romney's anti-immigrant rhetoric, saying romney's crazy policy of self-deportation was
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"maniacal" and cost him the latino vote. trump backed comprehensive immigration reform for "people s nting to be wonderful, productive citizens of this country." what about the fight against isis? trump has said little beyond the need to win, but today advocated sending u.s. ground forces to liberate oil fields under the terror group's control. >> reporter: despite his controversial remarks about fox tobate moderator megyn kelly, heump told cbs's "face the fotion" he would be a champion for women's issues. >> i will be phenomenal to the women. >> reporter: trump criticized former florida governor jeb bush alr saying and then recanting shat the federal government should cut funds for women's health. >> i'm not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women's health issues. >> i just heard jeb bush last week blow 53% of his vote
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talking about, you know, women's health issues like they don't anist. and i'm exactly the opposite. ri reporter: trump has not described any specific policies related to women's issues. scott, 16 years ago trump said in an interview he was very prro-choice" but this year said, again quoting, "i'm pro-life and have been pro-life." >> pelley: major garrett reporting. major garrett, thank you. today hillary clinton weighed in on trump's remarks about megyn kelly she said they're "outrageous." clinton said kelly is a strong woman more than capable of defending herself against trump. clinton also said she is worried about what republican policies would do for the rest of american women. uljudge in wisconsin ruled today that two 13-year-old girls charged with stabbing a classmate in the so-called slender man case will be tried as adults. dean reynolds has the story. >> reporter: the case is as
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bizarre as the online villain which apparently roused morgan geyser and anisa weier to take action. now 13 years old, they were erarged with attempting to murder their friend payton leutner in may of last year in a plot to impress a fictional character known as slender man. leutner was lured into a park, stabbed 19 times and left for dead, but she recovered. the attackers told police they tre afraid slender man would hurt them unless they killed for him. gieir lawyer said these are young girls with serious mental health issues, but waukesha beunty circuit judge michael s hren ordered they be prosecuted as adults. >> they've committed an offense that is serious. as's frankly vicious. it was premeditated attempt to kill someone. there has to be an assurance that doesn't happen again, an assurance to the public that that doesn't happen. >> reporter: had they been tried and convicted in juvenile court, the girls could have faced three
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years behind bars plus supervision. but now, if convicted as adults, they face up to 45 years in prison. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> pelley: the u.s. coast guard says that it has seized nearly 120,000 pounds of cocaine so far this year off the pacific coast of latin america. in san diego today, crews showed off 66,000 pounds of cocaine that had been seized. last month, they intercepted a homemade submarine carrying about $180 million-worth. in iran, the trial of an american journalist is coming to a close. jason rezaian of the "washington post" has been held there for more than a year. ed testified today at what was bpposed to be a final hearing. margaret brennan is following this. re reporter: 39-year-old jason rezaian faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted on multiple charges, including espionage.
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d day in tehran, his mother said his year behind bars has taken a toll. >> he's very tired. av's very isolated. aney don't have him with other people that he can speak with, the same language. >> rose: rezaian's lawyer expects a verdict within a week, but so far nothing about this case is typical. iran's revolutionary court held just four secret hearings and simply ignored a mandatory july release date. in a statement, "washington post" editor marty baron said rezaian is innocent and called the trial "a sick brew of farce and tragedy." ali rezaian has spent months lobbying for his brother's release. if your brother is convicted, what do you do then? >> i think we move immediately for an appeal. we know that he's innocent and we know there is no evidence toainst him, so we have to believe that the truth's going to win out. o reporter: secretary of state john kerry says that right before they announced that landmark nuclear deal, his final words to his iranian counterpart were a plea to release jason rezaian.
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and, scott, u.s. officials say heey continue to make the case for three other americans imprisoned or missing in iran. >> pelley: margaret brennan at the state department this evening. anrgaret, thank you. today a pair of terrorists opened fire on the u.s. consulate in istanbul. no one was hurt. . police station nearby was ermbed. the attacks came after turkey opened its incirlik air base to t x american f-16 fighter jets and about 300 american troops, who were joining the fight against isis. holly williams is in istanbul. >> reporter: both of the tsailants were women. one of them was cornered by turkish police after the attack. "take your hands off the weapon," shouted this officer, as the woman hid beneath a house. she was eventually captured, apparently after being shot. she's been named as hatice asik, a member of a banned communist group that was also behind the
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suicide bombing of the u.s. embassy in turkey two years ago, which left a security guard dead. ule other woman in today's consulate attack is believed to be still at large. overnight a suicide car bomber also targeted an istanbul police station, injuring ten. as police officers inspected the aftermath, attackers opened fire, sparking a shoot-out. [gunfire] a policeman and three assailants were killed. [explosion] last month, after a suicide bomber killed more than 30 civilians, turkey launched a crackdown on extremists. rounding up over 1,300 suspected militants, some allegedly with links to isis, others tied to communist groups. outside the u.s. consulate here tonight, there's a heavy police presence. and, scott, the communist group
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behind the attack has vowed to continue its fight until turkey is cleared of all u.s. military bases. >> pelley: holly williams iporting from istanbul tonight. holly, thanks. today the body of an american green beret arrived home from afghanistan. army first sergeant peter andrew mckenna of bristol, rhode island, was killed in an attack on friday in kabul. last month the 35-year-old decorated veteran was honored at the fourth of july parade in his hometown. most air traffic controllers confess they have struggled to stay awake, and a family is looking for a new home after this when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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>> pelley: three years ago, nasa studied more than 3,000 air traffic controllers to see how often they fall asleep on the job.
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the controllers wore wrist devices to measure their snoozing. well, the results were eye- opening, which may be why the report has never seen the light of day until now. transportation correspondent kris van cleave has nasa's wake- up call. >> reporter: the 2012 report ofpt secret until now found 61% t air traffic controllers admitted to catching themselves about to doze off on the job. nearly one in five told nasa researchers they'd experienced what amounts to a close call while directing air traffic within the previous 12 months. more than half felt their fatigue was a factor. the report followed a 2006 eocident in lexington, kentucky, where 49 people died when a m mair commuter plane crashed after taking off from the wrong runway. the national transportation fic ty board considered air traffic controller fatigue as a factor. then n.t.s.b. chairman mark rosenker, a cbs aviation analyst, sent a letter to the f.a.a. in 2007 asking them to look at the issue.
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>> i'm curious to know why the f.a.a., after getting a good study by nasa, which offered 17 recommendations to help prevent the fatigue issues they're being plagued with right now, why that ow m't been made public and why they had not told us how many of these 17 recommendations they implemented. >> reporter: this memo dated last year said the f.a.a. did not accept the nasa report thcause the agency questioned the study's approach and findings. s t the memo laid out several steps the f.a.a. had taken to minimize fatigue, especially for air traffic controllers working the overnight shift. in 2011, a controller working around midnight at washington's reagan national airport, fell asleep, forcing two airliners to essentially land themselves. >> reporter: these people have to be fit to do the job that, in fact, they are required to do to
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maintain the safety and integrity of our national air system in the united states. >> reporter: the union llpresenting air traffic controllers says it believes real progress has been made on e e fatigue issue since this report was written. scott, the f.a.a. says it always .aanned to make this reported public, and it too believes progress has been made. >> pelley: kris van cleave for us tonight. kris, thank you. what could be a legend of the deep surfaces. we'll show you next. ,,,,
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>> pelley: a car crashed into a anuse in lansing, michigan, and new video today shows the car ruptured a gas line touching off quite an explosion. the family that lived there escaped. it was quite a sight in australia today. a rare white humpback whale off queensland. some think it's a local legend named migaloo, who for a time was thought to be the only albino humpback, but experts say
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this whale is too small to be migaloo, though it might be his offspring. hen a skydiver got himself into trouble, someone he didn't know was ready with a lifeline. that's next.
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bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. >> pelley: finally tonight, after a skydive went wrong, someone miles away took quick action to save a life. here's john blackstone. >> reporter: iwan van der schoor is a sky diving photographer who often has several cameras strapped to his body to capture photos and videos of others as they fall. on the fourth of july, he
5:57 pm
mecorded two friends jumping aner a lake near sacramento. van der schoor landed safely in the water as planned. but on a second jump... >> i knew i was going way too fast. you know, hitting the water at 40, maybe 50mph is not quite, you know, a brick wall, but it's vetty close. >> reporter: van der schoor was rescued as his chest filled with blood from a tear in his aorta. f the aorta is the main blood vessel out of the heart. it carries all the blood. this is the patient. >> reporter: dr. david dawson, a vascular surgeon was ready at the university of california davis medical center when iwan van der schoor was rushed in, his life on the line. >> we know from historical data that half the people who have an injury like this are dead within 24 hours. >> reporter: but medical advances have changed those odds dramatically. dr. dawson uses a repair device for aortic injuries that came on the market just three years ago. >> that's the device as it's packaged.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: through a tiny incision in the patient's groin, a wire is threaded along blood vessels to the damaged aorta, where the ruptured portion will be sealed off by pulling a ripcord. grlling a ripcord. >> pulling a ripcord. >> reporter: to save the berachutist's life. so your life was saved. i take it you're never going to jump again. >> um... >> reporter: you're going back in the air? you're going to jump again? >> most likely, yeah. >> reporter: perhaps morprisingly, his wife sandra, seven months pregnant, won't stop him. >> he's good at that. >> reporter: with the pull of a ripcord, he's been given the chance to jump again. john blackstone, cbs news, sacramento. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs alening news" for tonight. arr all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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learning about the incident. and how the sheriff failed fix the problem. new at 6:00, the san francisco sheriff driving on a suspended license. how the sheriff failed to fix the problem. >> this may be clinton country but a big bay area endorsement for bernie sanders. the tens of thousands of people now backing the democratic underdog. >> a major overhaul at google. how it will have investors scrambling to relearn the alphabet. good evening. >> turns out mirk reney driver's license has been suspended. >> it has to do with the car crash he was involved in last october while driving a city vehicle. the records obtained by the conical show there was damage to at least one of the cars. but the records don't specify who's at fault. state law says it doesn't matter, both
6:00 pm
parties are obligated to file damage reports if someone is hurt or if the damage exceeds $750. the other driver filed an accident report. mirkarimi, however, did not, nor has he paid the $55. technically he was allowed to drive only to and from work. a half hour ago we got a statement from the sheriff's spokesperson. he said when the accident occurred he contacted his insurance company and was told everything was in order. he's looking in to the error in the paperwork that led to the mistake. the sheriff says the accident was simply a fender bender and that there was no damage to his car, but there was some to the other car. he also traded information with the other driver. democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders was in the bay area to pick up a very big endorsement. sanders has gone from a relative unknown to one of the hottest names on